Podcast: The Sound of Freedom, Go See It!

Folks, there’s a lot to say about this movie, so instead of writing about it, I decided to make a podcast.  It was just too intense and I was too angry to sit down and write about it.   There’s much to be angry about:  the sabotaging of the movie theaters, the fact that it took […]

Podcast: The Meaning of “Ecumenical” in the Context of the EP

There has been considerable back-and-forth on the blog with respect to the propriety of the Ecumenical Patriarch entering Ukraine.    At the bottom of this essay, I will expand on the issue via podcast.  However, I’d like to begin with the exchange between two of our esteemed commentators, Brendan and  Ioannis, and then follow up […]

Counterflow Part II: Internet Orthodoxy or Orthodoxy on the Internet?

And now we present you with Part II of Counterflow podcast, hosted by Buck Johnson with Fr Turbo Qualls, Alex Brazsko and yours truly. Enjoy!

Internet Orthodoxy or Orthodoxy on the Internet?

Recently, Buck Johnson, host of Counterflow, assembled a panel to discuss the recent hub-bub about Orthodoxy on the internet.  As you may know, this blog, among others, was caught in the crosshairs.  As for Gail and myself, we were caught completely unawares. Here’s the thing:  Orthodoxy has positively exploded on the Internet.  All of a […]

Ecclesioclasm, Episode #75: The Depopulation Agenda

Greetings Campers! (as Fr John Peck would say).  Here is Episode #75 of his weekly Ecclesioclasm podcast. For this week’s episode, Fr John interviews Leo Hohmann, an author and investigative journalist about the Depopulation Agenda.  As the world continues to spiral out of control, whether by design or by random events beyond our control  is […]

Ecclesioclasm: Class #71

And the hits just keep on coming! Please take the time to watch the latest Ecclesioclasm podcast (#71) from Fr John Peck.  Tonight’s guest is Lt Col (Retired) Alexander Braszko and he and Fr John will be  discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital currency (among other things). It’s quite enlightening. https://arizonaorthodox.com/ecclesioclasm-archives/ecclesioclasm-the-church-the-virus-and-the-vaccine-lesson-71/

Ecclesioclasm, Lesson #70: Ukraine, Derailments & More on the Charter

The virus is only the beginning. . . Fr John and I touch on a lot in today’s lesson, including the spate of derailments, the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Project Plowshare, the Ukrainian situation, and the latest on the GOA Charter. I know these can be longish but you may learn a few things.  […]

“Missing Saints, Missing Miracles”: An Interview with James Perloff

It is with great pleasure that we present to you this interview with James Perloff, the author of Missing Saints, Missing Miracles.   This is his latest book and we can’t thank him enough for agreeing to meet with us.  This was a great undertaking on his behalf:  Mr Perloff devoted a great deal of research […]