The Saturday Evening Post: Feb 24 Edition

I can’t believe we’re at the end of another action packed week!  Where does the time go? So let’s get right to it!  (This one’s a shorty.)   Greece continues to fall (0:27).  What else can I say?  The repercussions will be long lasting.  (The graphic above says it all.) Meanwhile, Russia continues to press ahead […]

The Saturday Evening Post: Feb 17 Edition

And so, another week is put to bed.  Allow me to opine.  One major takeaway:  don’t trust anything our government tells you.  It’s probably a lie, either outright or by structure or omission.   Discuss amongst yourselves.   The Greek government caves to the Globalists (0:28).  Gotta be honest here, there’s no way I can put enough […]

What Do We Mean by “Just War”?

The idea that something as destructive as war can be “just” or “justifiable” has long vexed Christian thinkers.  In fact, it has long perplexed pagans and non-Christians as well.  This is because, in the final analysis, the threat of violence is the raison d’etre of all governments.*  Why?  Because war is serious business –perhaps the […]

Saturday Evening Post: Feb 16 Edition

So now we come to the conclusion of another week!  Anyhoo, did anything momentous happen this week?  I’d say!  For one thing, an actual journalist actually committed journalism!  Kudos to Tucker Carlson, the avatar of Obi-wan Kenobi (“If you strike me down, I’ll become more powerful than ever!”)   How does A Tale of Two Presidents […]

Saturday Evening Post: Feb 3 Edition

More fun, frivolity and frolic from the past week! Where to begin?  How about here:  John Kass, the Sage of Chicago says that the clamor for Mike Obama for President (0:40) is getting louder by the day.  Biden’s sinking like a stone in the polls.  Even Democrats are admitting it.  He should have been […]

Saturday Evening Post: Jan 27th Edition

So here we are, another action packed week under our belt and things are getting out of control.  Regardless, I’ll keep this edition at 20 minutes.   Quick take:  if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that our Deep State hates the American people?  Anything else make sense to you? So, why do we have […]

Saturday Evening Post: Jan 20 Edition

So, another fun-filled week has passed and moi, your humble host takes the time (yet again) to opine on the news. There’s a lot on the plate but I’ll try to keep the entire podcast under 20 minutes.   As always, we encourage your comments, criticisms and your opinions.   A Bishop Apologizes, Will the Liberals in […]

The Saturday Evening Post: January 13th Edition

So hear we are now, at the end of another week.  Allow me to present you with a recap of this week’s news.  I hope you enjoy it. You’re a Better Man than I, Gunga Din! (7:45)  More fallout from the Hindu Temple thing.  Key word:  narcissism. Speaking of Better Men:  Gonzalo Lira, Rest in […]