Some Recent Podcasts

Here, for your edification, are some podcasts that have come our way recently.

Two of them come from the Ecclesioclasm website and hosted by Fr John Peck.  For those who don’t know, Fr John encouraged me some thirteen years ago to “take up blogging.”   And so, you can consider him to be the godfather of this blog. 

Fr John hosts a weekly podcast on his Ecclesioclasm website in which he interviews different interesting people.  Over the past few weeks, Gail, Fr Hans Jacobse, and myself were honored to be invited to participate. 

You can access all of Fr John’s Ecclesioclasm podcasts by going to his website and subscribing (just click on the tab above).  They’re well worth your time!

So without further ado, here are two of the most recent podcasts:


In addition, we present to you an episode from the Saving Elephants podcast.  The guest is Christopher Chesney, a fine young man who I knew growing up in my parish.  Christopher is a devout Orthodox Christian, conservative activist, and all-around good guy.  He presently lives in the Beltway and is involved in right-to-work issues.    

Please take the time to listen to this one as well.





  1. Austin Martin says

    Wait, explain this photo. A priest baptizing in what looks like a swimming pool, which I assume is not holy water. What’s the story behind this? And doesn’t water ruin vestments?

    • Fr. John A. Peck says

      Firstly, no explanation is required, but I’m offering to answer your questions. Yes, the mass baptism took place in a swimming pool in Buckeye, Arizona. Yes, it took place in holy water, as per the service of Holy Baptism. Even if we baptize in the ocean, we still bless it first. No, water doesn’t ruin vestments, but does wear them out faster.

      If you have other questions, please direct them to me via PM.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Fr, as far as I’m concerned, you did right fully immersing the catechumen in whatever body of water was handy at the time (and could accommodate an adult).

        At this stage in my life, I recommend to any priest I know to take adults (even entire families) to the nearest pond, creek or river to do the baptism “right.” I also recommend that all future churches erect an exonarthex and place a full-size baptistry in it.

        I first got the idea from St George’s Cathedral in Wichita (Bishop Basil’s cathedral) and have been enamored of this concept ever since. When I was in Russia (the first time), I saw that some of the newer churches were building them as well. One was sunken if memory serves while the other one was semi-sunken. Both were marble and quite beautiful.

        I also like the idea of the priest getting in the baptistry with the catechumen. Perhaps if this idea catches on perhaps a market will be created for special water-resistant vestments?

        BTW, Gail and I were both privileged to stand as godparents for a couple recently (their eight children each had another godparent). As per my dreams, they were all baptized in a pond. My only regret was that I did not get into the pond myself to help with my new godson’s immersion. So you see, when I recommend that the priest get in as well, I mean that the godparent should as well.

        If we are serious about evangelism here in America, this idea will take off. Of this, I’m absolutely convinced. (I think that this is almost as crucial of necessity as not having pews in churches btw.)