“And the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against It”

When Jesus spoke these words (Matt 16:18), I imagine that His disciples did not grasp the full import of its meaning.  After all, what was this “Church” which Jesus was speaking of?  They were just a dozen random Galileans wandering around Judea, listening to Him preach and perform an occasional miracle.  They had no idea […]

Pfizer Exploring Mutating Virus to Sell Vaccines

Project Veritas has caught the Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations, Jordon Trishton Walker, on camera, admitting Pfizer is exploring mutating the Covid-19 via directed evolution so the company can continue to profit from their vaccines. Directed evolution expedites the natural evolution process of biological molecules and systems in a test tube through iterative […]

Explosive! Benedict XVI Publishes a Posthumous Book

Someone named “V” tweeted the following:  “Yesterday an absolute bombshell was released, something completely unprecedented in the history of the Catholic Church. No English speaking news outlets have discussed it, and I believe we are witnessing mass media censorship. Benedict XVI published a posthumous book!”  https://twitter.com/pope_head/status/1617590556028190720?s=20&t=SUxiLC_yJrJX4dUhjGuZQw It’s a 190-page volume featuring of 16 essays.  Most […]

Bishop Tikhon, Memory Eternal

It is with a sad heart that I tell you Bishop Tikhon has passed. I met His Grace back in 2003 on the Forum and later we connected on the Indiana List.  Over the years,  I became proficient in understanding “Tikhonese”, because he’d always leave bread crumbs when he’d say something in passing.  After a […]

Sunday of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia

At church today, during his homily, our priest spoke about the martyrdom of Christians during the first three centuries of the Christian Era and how in the previous century alone –and in one country–more Christians died and suffered for the faith than those first three centuries.  Personally, I can foresee a time when in America, […]

Ivan Provorov: AXIOS!

Yes, we know a lot of you have published this story and we appreciate it, but we wanted to give our own shout out because the kid deserves it! The other day, Ivan Provorov, a player for the Philadelphia Flyers, was roundly criticized for refusing to bend the knee to the popular culture.   https://orthochristian.com/150569.html When […]

The King’s Funeral

Today, His Royal Majesty, Constantine II, King of the Hellenes, was laid to rest at Tatoi, the former royal estate of his dynasty. The funeral was attended by royalty and performed at the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation, in Athens.  You can view these historic events below. Rather than comment further, and at a loss […]

Will Fort Sill Be Another Fort Sumter?

For those who may not know, the Pentagon announced the other day that up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are going to be sent to Ft Sill, which is near Lawton, Oklahoma, for training on the Patriot missile system.   Needless to say, this isn’t setting well with many in the Sooner state.  If a stray missile […]

GOA: Last IRS 900-T Form & Group Tax Exempt Letter

As a follow-up, we thought you might like to see the 900-T form filed by the GOA in 2019.  I’m not understanding how the total payments to the archdiocese (line 52) in 2019 could be $10,000.  Maybe someone can explain it.   131632516_201912_990T_2021043018045528 Form filed in 2018 (same situation only the amount is just under $10,000): […]

Deserving of a Second Look

How would you like to wake up one day and find your bishop is now part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate?    I’m not saying that’s what’s happening and everyone else who is reading the same poor translation below thinks it’s about the GOA charter, but some of the terms being use may deserve a second […]