Part II: What’s Wrong with the GOA?

Last week, we posted Part I of an Ecclesioclasm podcast/interview which Fr John Peck hosted.  Needless to say, it generated a fair amount of commentary, not all of it positive.  Despite the fact that there was a negative tenor to the assessments given by Nick Stamatakis, Jim Jatras and myself, hope is not lost.  Gathering […]

Ecclesioclasm Interview: What’s Wrong with the GOA? –Part I

Recently, Fr John Peck, the host of the Ecclesioclasm podcast, asked a rhetorical question; specifically, what was wrong with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America? Rather than rehash the latest scandal du jour, it seemed that a roundtable of prominent Greek-Americans would be better inclined to offer their insights into the problems which plague the […]

Some Recent Podcasts

Here, for your edification, are some podcasts that have come our way recently. Two of them come from the Ecclesioclasm website and hosted by Fr John Peck.  For those who don’t know, Fr John encouraged me some thirteen years ago to “take up blogging.”   And so, you can consider him to be the godfather of […]

Pastoring Young Men into Manhood with Fr Hans Jacobse

In the interest of full disclosure, George and I began talking with Father Hans about this project a few years ago.  That is to say, young men were coming out of the woodwork asking for his help and there were simply too many to give each the individual attention they needed.  Eventually, Father realized this […]

Interview with Peter Papoutsis

For those of you who have followed Monomakhos for some time, the name Peter Papoutsis may ring a bell.  Peter’s been a long-time contributor to the blog and over the years, we’ve developed a long-distance friendship.  He’s also part of the “brain trust,” an unofficial, semi-comedic bull-session between me, him and several kinfolk.  (Needless to […]

Counterflow Podcast: The Fordhamites, Russophobia & More!

Last week, Gail and I had the extreme honor to join Fr John Whiteford, Dissident Mama, and the esteemed Jim Jatras on Buck Johnson’s Counterflow. The topics of discussion were our friends the Fordhamites and their various minions.  It seems that their critique of American Orthodoxy and ours don’t mesh. Not for the first time, […]

Jim Jatras on Ukraine: What We’re Not Being Told

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing our old friend, Jim Jatras.   The reason of course is because of the situation in Ukraine.  Another reason is because the level of propaganda is positively staggering.  To say that there has been a news blackout would be the understatement of the century. Jim’s an old hand, one […]

Recent Interviews with Yours Truly

Recently, yours truly had the honor of being interviewed for the Counterflow and Dissident Mama podcasts.  Videos are posted below. BTW, if you look above, you will notice a few changes to Monomakhos.  We’ve added several tabs which are some of our favorite Orthoblogosphere websites and podcasts.  All you have to do is click on […]