Recent Interviews with Yours Truly

Recently, yours truly had the honor of being interviewed for the Counterflow and Dissident Mama podcasts.  Videos are posted below. BTW, if you look above, you will notice a few changes to Monomakhos.  We’ve added several tabs which are some of our favorite Orthoblogosphere websites and podcasts.  All you have to do is click on […]

My Interview with Brother Augustine

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with Michael Witcoff, aka Brother Augustine, one of the Orthodox wunderkinder who are making names for themselves as podcasters (you should check him out).   Michael has had an interesting journey into the Faith.  Raised in a secular (non-believing) Jewish home, he was at various times an atheist, occultist, […]

The Great Debate That Never Was

Over the last few years, yours truly has been subjected to a barrage of emails from a certain fairly renowned  iconographer who fancies himself an ardent apologist for Istanbul.  (Now, I’m being charitable.)  What’s been heaped on my plate by this fellow who calls himself Hagiographos [Iconographer] Elias Damianakis Archon Maestor of the Great Church […]

Russia, Ukraine, etc: Interview with Jim Jatras

Recently, I interviewed our old friend Jim Jatras.  This is the second time Jim has agreed to be interviewed by yours truly and for that, I can’t thank him enough. Jim, in case you didn’t know, has been around the block many times, working for the State Department, the Senate, and is a regular interviewee […]

The Webinar

Here it is, folks!   I heartily recommend it.

Rogan/Malone Interview: We’ve Got the Goods!

Well, it looks like Gail was right again.  (Well, she is my Muse after all!) Below, we are reprinting an article she wrote back in July of last year, about a report that Dr, Malone released on LinkedIn.  It was controversial then; but today, it’s all anybody is talking about.  (Please feel free to download […]

Was the Date for Christmas Based on the Mithraic Mysteries?

Short answer:  No. Long answer:  No. The idea that the date of Jesus’ birth was based on the birthday of Mithras is false.  According to Manfred Clauss (an authority on the mystery religions), the “the festival of Natalis Invicti, held on December 25, was a general festival of the sun and by no means [was] […]

Contra Fordham(ites)

Well, our good buddies over at Fordham, champions of the Alphabet People (and other Jesuit-approved intersectionalities), have taken the Philip Ludwell III Orthodox Fellowship to task. One of their partisans, a certain Dr Aram G Sarkisian, recently wrote something scathing in Public Orthodoxy about Orthodoxy in the South entitled “Orthodox America Has a Lost Cause […]