Recent Interviews with Yours Truly

Recently, yours truly had the honor of being interviewed for the Counterflow and Dissident Mama podcasts.  Videos are posted below.

BTW, if you look above, you will notice a few changes to Monomakhos.  We’ve added several tabs which are some of our favorite Orthoblogosphere websites and podcasts.  All you have to do is click on any one of them and you’ll go right to the one that may strike your fancy.  They’re excellent sites and we highly recommend them.  (We’ll probably add a few more in the future.)


From Counterflow:



From Dissident Mama:

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  1. Joshia Watkins says

    The Orthodox church is the antithesis of American conservatism. The orthodox do not believe in original sin, passion and reason like the west. Orthodox, like liberals, believe humans can be perfected, the way Mary perfected herself, med herself immaculate. But the conservatism of Edmunde Burke and Russel Kirk holds the human condition immutable.