Part II: Cultural Aspects of Christian Zionism

Last week, we discussed the theological and geostrategic aspects of Zionism, with an equal emphasis on the Protestant Christian heresy as well as the Jewish nationalist ideology. Today, I’d like to discuss more about the cultural aspects, specifically the enthusiastic support that the majority of Americans give to the state of Israel.   Anyway, I hope […]

“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

America’s National Christmas Tree is no more.  A gust of wind brought it to the ground.  This was the second tree this year.  The first developed a fungus. “The Lorax: Which way does a tree fall? The Once-ler: Uh, down? The Lorax: A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.” […]

Memory Eternal: Fr Michael Oleksa

I, together with several of my friends, attended a lecture given by Fr Michael some twenty years ago when he visited St Antony’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Tulsa.  It was a serendipitous event in that several of us who attended were just starting up a mission here in town.  Maybe we could pick up some […]

Criminalizing Abortion: Russian Federation Council Proposes Criminal Charges for Inciting a Woman to Abort a Child

Father Joseph Gleason from Russia sent us this post. *** Patriarch Kirill and Metropolitan Tikhon proposed a federal law that prohibits inciting women to have an abortion. Senator Kovitidi supports the initiative and proposes introducing criminal measures.Photo: Hannes P Albert / Dpa / Global Look Press The Criminal Code must establish liability for inciting a […]

The Historical, Religious, & Political Implications of Zionism

Howdy folks, time for another podcast.  Today, I will discuss Zionism, not only in light of the present conflict in the Middle East but as a historical curiosity.  In particular, I will point out the theological absurdities of the Christian Zionist movement, especially in regards to how it actually predated Jewish Zionism.   In the first […]

Enough is Enough

We received the attached letter from one of our readers. *** Enough is Enough Greetings in Christ, Your Eminences, I am writing to you as a concerned lay person of the Orthodox Church in the United States. There is a disturbing trend in American Orthodoxy that is being pushed by a small, yet vocal, minority […]

Setting Expectations

I don’t know who this guy is.  He pops up with these short videos and in the past he has “called it” 100% of the time.  He looks like someone’s kid (everyone looks like a kid to me).  He’s probably late 20s/early thirties.  Don’t know his name.  His initials are DW.  He’s smart, but when […]

A Place at the Table

People are saying Iran is behind this war between Hamas and Israel. But my question is why. Why would Iran do something like this at this particular juncture when they have everything to lose? The last thing they’d want to be credited with is whipping the Middle East up into a frenzy and starting WWIII.   […]