It’s the Same Old Story

The National Herald recently came out with a story entitled, “Patriarch Bartholomew Apologized for Mishandling Issues in America.” This story first appeared in the Orthodox Times back in 2020 with the same picture and caption.  As you can imagine, it caused quite a stir. Later, the OT caption was changed to read something along the […]

The Thucydides Trap, Part II: the Military Situation

Introduction In Part I, we described a scenario called “The Thucydides Trap” and posited that we are well on our way to war with China.  This is because historically speaking, there arise certain inexorable forces at work which make conflict between a rising power and an established one inevitable.  In the original Thucydides Trap, Athens […]

About the Unvaccinated

Imagine being on the other side of this: Day in and day out, ostracized by strangers, friends, and even family.    Of course, we knew it wasn’t true but knowing people thought it was true was very, very difficult.  Knowing one of our bishops thought we were guilty of attempted murder was beyond the […]

“Gay Pride” Month, a Brief Retrospective

It is not my intention to go on an anti-gay crusade nor to critique that subculture.  It is however my intention to “live not by lies”.  For too long, Western culture has been gripped in a moralistic frenzy that was propagated by dishonest academic elites. My only concern is to set the record straight, nothing […]

WHO Czar

We’ve previously written about the World Health Organization (see and what would happen if the global pandemic treaty is signed.  This explains it better than we can. . .

Has Bartholomew Joined Us to the Catholic Church?

Everyone is currently abuzz because the OCU announced a joint liturgy with Lutherans at European Trinity where people will be able to “confess and receive Holy Communion.”  However, this is really the third time this has happened.  It began December 25, 2022 when members of the former UOC-KP community said the liturgy with the Lutherans […]

Thank You Bud Light

And I mean that sincerely. If it weren’t for Bud Light we may not have found our ticket out of this mess.  Anheuser-Busch may not have been the very first to tank themselves, but they were definitely the most successful at launching a truly unsuccessful campaign that involved the pairing their American brew with the […]

Are We Caught in a Thucydides Trap? Part I

Introduction. There has been much discussion on this blog about the recent war in the Ukraine, most of it thoughtful and balanced if I may say so myself.   However, there is much more to consider; namely, how did we get here? and what can we expect?  Are we in fact, missing the point? And so, […]