Died Suddenly

Edward Dowd, a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, became curious about a rise in news anecdotes about sudden deaths among very fit athletes and other seemingly healthy young people across the country.  

So he amassed evidence from the insurance industry, funeral home industry, and government databases to prove there were, in fact, a rash of such deaths, not only among athletes, but among working-age Americans, which dramatically increased beginning in 2021. 

He published his results in a book entitled, Cause Unknownhttps://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1510776397

Died Suddenly is a professionally done documentary about what morticians and embalmers are finding in the veins and arteries of these victims.  They are clots, but not the blood clots normally associated with victims of heart attack or stoke.  These clots are something they’ve never seen before and they are showing up with alarming frequency, not only in the dead, but in the living, in thermal scans used in cases where they suspect deep venous thrombosis. 

This in one of those documentaries that probably won’t be available for free much longer.   It’s about an hour long.



  1. Thank you! Sharing this ASAP

  2. Austin Martin says

    This implies that we are supposed to have sympathy for people who took the vaccine. You even call them victims. However, this thesis has not been demonstrated. Aside from children who had it forced on them, why should I have any sympathy for those who “die suddenly”?

    They chose money, cowardice and the world, but the wages of sin is death. Of course the mark of the beast is going to kill you.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Posting this implies nothing. It is intended to wake people up so they will be able to resist the fear porn coming down the road.

      Why have sympathy? Because we are bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

      There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. Proverbs 6:16-19

      Taking what you believe is a “vaccine” is not on this list. -It’s not the ones who were lied to who will suffer the consequences.

      There are two parts to the warning about the mark of the beast and those who were deceived are not guilty of the first:

      And another angel, a third, followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand. . . Revelations 14:9

    • “God help us!” said Holmes after a long silence.
      “Why does fate play such tricks with poor, helpless worms?
      I never hear of such a case as this that I do not think of Baxter’s words,
      and say, ‘There, but for the grace of God, goes Sherlock Holmes.’ ”

      If we have no sympathy for others,
      for the stupidities which they may commit,
      why should our Lord have any sympathy for us,
      when we fall (as we will) and commit our stupidities?

      • Michael Bauman says

        Brendan, and the only person for whom I can repent is me. I have to be willing to take up my Cross, which includes not only my sins but the sins of others as well. The only one blameless on the Cross ever is our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ. He took all of the sins of every human being. We only take our own and a piece of everybody else whose sins tempt us, or are similar to us. The more I am willing and able to do that without regard to consequence, the more like Christ I become.

        The greatest saints are the ones who take on sins that are not in their natural sphere.
        May His mercy endure forever.

        Forgive me, a sinner.

    • “why should I have any sympathy for those who “die suddenly”?”
      One reason is that some people who took the vaccine were not aware of the risks.
      Another reason is that they weren’t acting maliciously. The person might have over-estimated the risk of the vaccine and under-estimated the risk of harm from side effect. Even if their estimations were drastically mistaken, they probably typically did not do this out of ill-will.

      Probably there is a certain small percent of people who understand the real risk vs. harm balance and give the vaccine anyway out of financial incentives. I think that some dentists are like this. Dentists as a profession have a reputation for this. Mine recommended “Deep Cleaning” to me, saying that my gums were 5/10. But when his staff brought me papers to sign for X-Rays, I got reluctant, because X-Rays can be harmful. That reluctance was a good thing because I talked it over a parent who was in medicine and was told that it’s not essential for me to get it. Then I found out that Deep Cleaning involves cutting away gums so that there is a permanent gap between your teeth and gums that needs to be cleaned every 6 months for the rest of your life, if I recall correctly. It’s been about 6-9 years since I’ve been to a dentist, I’m happy to say.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I don’t think what we’re seeing are “side effects.” If it was a matter of underestimating or being mistaken about the potential harm in the beginning, why haven’t they pulled it?

    • “This implies that we are supposed to have sympathy for people who took the vaccine.”

      I just find this statement amazingly cold and heartless.

      Many people cannot control their fears, many people are overpowered by the emotions of others, many people don’t know how to do boundaries.

      Women are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon. It’s well known that only about 10-20% of people will ever be able to withstand a “craze” phenomenon, will ever be able to go against the grain and not be swept up in the hysteria of the moment.

      I don’t think that Christ calls us to stand in judgment of those who were swept up in the hysteria of the moment. No, I think Christ calls us to love and support everyone, including those with whom we disagree.

      I never got any jibby-jab, but I’m in medicine and am able to discern the data far better than others. From your cold statement, I’m supposed to stand in judgment of those who in their fear did what they were told to do by the authorities?

      To paraphrase our demented president, “Come on, man.” Have some compassion, brother. It’s what Christ calls us to do. He doesn’t call use to be judgmental. Let God do that.

      A blessed Thanksgiving to all — “the most Christian of the American secular holidays” !!

      • Austin Martin says

        My mother has the IQ of, well, a public school teacher. She taught kindergarten because they’re at her level. I saw a lot of doctors, dentists and neurologists as a child, and she uncritically believed everything they ever told her. I was one of those heavily medicated kids and then one of those heavily medicated young adults. I rode the tiger of SNRIs.

        But even someone as simple-minded and gullible as my mother knows that COVID is a kid and the Vaccine is dangerous. If my mother can figure this out, it can’t be hard. Hellen Keller could see what a scam this is. There aren’t stacks of bodies outside.

        People believe the lies they wish were true. COVID is a social and psychological phenomenon, not a medical or ideological phenomenon. People took their magical mystery drugs out of social conformity and fear of death, not because of gullibility.

      • In re: ” It’s well known that only about 10-20% of people will ever be able to withstand a “craze” phenomenon, will ever be able to go against the grain and not be swept up in the hysteria of the moment.”

        That is a true statement. Among those 15-20% are people (like me) who are on the autism spectrum (I have Asperger’s Syndrome).

        As anyone who has Asperger’s (or who has worked around those tho do) know, this condition is quite debilitating, in that people like me tend to miss non-verbal social cues which are obvious to everyone else. We lack the “hardware” in the brain for the natural syntonic responses that most normal people have.

        To understand the idea of “syntonic response,” think of what happens when you have several musical strings close to one another. If you pluck or bow on one string, many other strings vibrate sympathetically to that one string.

        “Aspies” don’t “vibrate” in this way with other people. The same condition that makes it difficult for us to relate to people also protects us against mass hysteria. I, for one, have always been resistant to “moral panics” and “witch hunt” hysterias since I was a child, and I was often criticized for this.

        Likewise, those on the margins of society, in general, can often see these things more clearly than many others. For example, I have observed that “Getto Boyz” in the “Hood,” with an average IQ of 85, often see through these “big lies” more quickly than most Ph.D’s with IQ’s of 110+. Why? Because the latter are too wrapped up inside the System to see lies the System produces.

        • Michael, back in the day that was called “having street smarts.”

          • George Michalopulos says

            Michael, you’re quite right. Gimme some based man with street smarts over any intellectual any day.

            I believe it was Orwell who said something disparaging about one having to be an intellectual to fall for some absurdity.

    • OK, Austin. Here is my story – make of it what you will.

      I took the first two Pfizer jabs back in August of 2021. This was back before there were any mandates or compulsion of any kind.

      At the time, I reviewed my own medical history (which included severe hospitalizations for respiratory illnesses in the past). I had my concerns about a vaccine which had been rushed into production without the usual thorough testing. I had to do a “risk analysis”, weighing the risk of getting COVID (given my previous medical history), versus the risk from the vaccine itself. Thus, I took the first two jabs.

      So far, I have had no serious side effects (thank God!).

      Since I took the jabs, I have learned about the problems highlighted in the video cites. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have taken the jabs!

      As it is, I have not taken any “boosters” nor do I intend to.

      In addition, my church (and our Bishop, His Grace Siluan) have stood tall resisting mandates. We have steadfastly refused to discriminate between v@xxed and un-v@xxed. We also refused to enforce masking mandates in our church as well, despite being threatened with legal sanctions for doing so. So there!

      You are welcome to denounce me as a fool if you wish, but I can assure you that cowardice and comfort had nothing to do with my decision a year and a half ago.

      So please get off of your Pharisaical, self-righteous high-horse, and learn to evaluate others’ decisions based on their merits.

      Thank you!

      • Well said. I too got both the Pfizer and the Sputnik Lite jabs. Eventually I came down with covid anyway (and it wasn’t fun). Did I do the right thing? To be honest all I can say is I used the information available at the time to make my decision. In life we’re often forced to make decisions with imperfect information. I felt I was doing the right thing by a) preventing members of my family from suffering and b) stopping myself from going down which would have hurt them.

        As for what “the science” said, I have zero medical background. Practiced and learned people in medicine and even immunology were divided on the subject. How was I to tell apart who was right?

        The only thing left to go by is political bias, and since I’m quite on the right, that should have in theory put me in the anti-vaxx camp. But since when is a political bias (excepting things such as abortion which concern our Christian beliefs) supposed to guide my medical decision making? If I take the jab I’m with the Green New Deal, if I don’t take the jab I’m with Alex Jones. That’s no way to think…

        In Russia it was oddly enough the opposite: if you hated Putin you didn’t get the vaccine, just to show it to him. Many of those who are ‘opposition minded’ in Russia are ideologically close to Biden and Co, so they had a bit of a dilemma. To that end some went through tremendous efforts to get Pfizer ($500 a jab at an Israeli clinic in Moscow) or Astrazenica (going to Turkey) to get it.

        I’ve always said it: we need to remove all politics from medical decision making. It has no place there. We also need to understand that making decisions with imperfect information, which happens during war all the time (and this was a war – against a strain of illness) is normal and people will make mistakes.

        Different story if we’re talking about vaccine POLICY, lockdown POLICY – the word POLICY concerns POLITICS. That’s another story.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Michael, GeorgeS, wise words indeed.

          Personally, I have a sincere belief (based on my own speculation) that those who suffered under the mandates and the subsequent St George Floyd riots, that it will be the world’s leaders who will suffer worse on Judgment Day than those who in good faith, accepted their orders.

          As for the BLM/antifa riots, many innocents were killed. One particular fellow, chose to commit suicide rather than submit to the mob. I pray that the Lord will have mercy on his soul. As for those ogres who drove that fellow to such an end, well, may the Lord have mercy on their souls.

  3. Excellent!

  4. The Goebbels School of Public Health Propaganda

    Global Health and the Art of Really Big Lies

    Prologue: The art of Really Big Lies
    In a former role I had a boss who lied a lot. The lies were pure fantasy, but massive in scope and delivered with sincerity. They were very successful. This success was based on the reluctance of most people to consider that someone in a position of authority in a humanitarian organization would completely ignore all semblance of reality. People assumed the claims must be true as fabricating information to that extent in those circumstances seemed to defy logic.

    The principle of Really Big Lies is based on the lies being so divorced from reality that the listener will assume their own perception must be flawed, rather than doubt the claims of the person telling the lies. Only an insane or ridiculous person would make such outlandish claims, and a credible institution would not employ such a person. Therefore, given that the institution is apparently credible, the statements must also be credible, and the listener’s prior perception of reality was therefore flawed. Lesser lies, by contrast, are likely to be perceived as sufficiently close to known reality to be demonstrably wrong. Inventing truth can be more effective than bending it.

    Early on, my colleagues would ask me to “do something about it”, as they still thought the organization should not lie to our funding sources, to partners, or to the audiences in scientific meetings. Over time, many of these same colleagues learned that integrity was a poor career choice, whilst good team players supported false narratives. Though I had always been aware of the fragility of integrity, this place taught me a lot about human behavior. In the end, only a minority refused to participate. It was excellent preparation for Covid-19 and the evolving credibility crisis of global public health.

    A template for deception

    People working in the global health industry want a decent income, they want their children to have reliable healthcare and a good education. They have important holidays to enjoy, bosses to impress, and subordinates to support. Some time ago, when global health was concerned with supporting a human rights and pro-community narrative, success meant advocating loudly and sincerely for community control, informed consent, and the importance of patient-centered care. As the Declaration of Alma Ata stated in 1978, and the WHO attempted to reiterate in 2018: “The people have the right and duty to participate individually and collectively in the planning and implementation of their health care”. Unequivocal, clear, but a poor way to realise rapid financial returns on a funder’s investment.

    COVID-19 paved the way for a much sought-after pandemic future. The new public health response that was trialed during this outbreak is far more attractive to investors with its centralization and commoditisation creating vast opportunities for future growth. The excellent COVID-19 wealth shifts from the masses to the few have justified decades of patient investment in public-private partnerships that have finally removed the arms-length approach global health once took to conflicted corporate interests.

    Truth was the only persistent obstacle to corporatising and monetising global public health. However, COVID-19 proved that even this impediment to progress can be expunged through consistent lying and the vilification of truth-tellers, backed by a well-managed behavioral psychology campaign. This pandemic response provided a template not only for vastly-increased corporate income, but for job certainty and expansion of opportunity for the army of mostly-Western bureaucrats and health professionals filling the offices, meeting rooms and business-class seats of its implementing organisations. COVID-19 made corporate colonialism respectable again.

    COVID-19 and its alternate reality
    Superficially, COVID-19 appears a poor disease choice to facilitate a fundamental societal reset. Death is heavily concentrated in old age, over 75 years in Western countries. Severe cases are generally confined to those with life expectancies already shortened by metabolic diseases and obesity. Countries that failed to implement measures to restrict and impoverish their people, such as Sweden and Tanzania, had COVID-19 outcomes similar to those that opted for lockdowns and other trappings of medical fascism.

    Average hospital admissions in the UK and USA declined during the pandemic, not what the public expects when a pathogen wreaks havoc. Lockdowns devastated economies, increased infectious disease burdens and promoted widespread malnutrition. Covid vaccines have also been unhelpful as high vaccination rates failed to noticeably impact infection and transmission. The reported mortality and adverse events associated with these vaccines are higher than all other vaccines combined over 30 years.

    Thus, COVID-19 provided a hard bucket of facts to deal with, but this is just the situation in which Really Big Lies can work. These were needed both to fool the public, and to provide a structure within which health professionals could implement the policy.

    A short list of Really Big Lies
    Largely by playing on fear, divorcing data from context, and disseminating false information widely and incessantly, a whole new belief system has been constructed in public health to replace the evidence-based orthodoxy of former years. Reality has been replaced with dogma so divorced from any basis in fact that it is easier to go with the propaganda than deal with the dissonance that would otherwise result. The public is told, broadly, that the response to COVID-19 has been orthodox, that the harms of the past two years are due to a virus and not lockdowns, and that far more money must now be purloined for mass-testing and vaccines to stop this happening again. For healthcare workers to keep this consistent line, it has been necessary to introduce an array of new dogmas, equally divorced from reality and contradictory to what they were taught, and what their organizations proclaimed, prior to 2020. They must now believe:

    Disease burden should be measured in raw mortality, and not include metrics such as life-years lost. Hence an 85-year-old dying of a respiratory virus is equivalent to a 5-year-old dying of malaria in terms of burden and urgency;
    Medium and long-term harms due to poverty and reduced healthcare access should not be considered when assessing the value of an intervention. A modelled effect on the target pathogen is the only relevant metric;
    It is appropriate to mis-inform the public on age-related risk and relative disease burden and better to instill fear in order to achieve compliance with public-health directives;
    Growth of viral transmission in a community follows an exponential curve, rather than a steady deceleration (e.g. Gompertz curve) as the proportion of recovered (immune) people accumulate;.
    Banning students from school for a year protects the elderly, while not locking in generational poverty;
    Cloth and surgical masks stop aerosolized virus transmission, and all meta-analyses of randomised control trials (that show minimal or no effect) should be ignored;
    Post-infection immunity to respiratory viruses is expected to be poor and short-lived, whilst vaccines to a single viral protein will somehow produce much stronger immunity;
    Immunity to viruses is best measured by antibody concentrations rather than T-cell response or clinical outcomes;
    Informed consent for vaccination should not include information on demonstrated risks, as this could promote ‘vaccine hesitancy’;.
    It is appropriate to give a new gene-based pharmaceutical class in pregnancy that crosses the placenta without any pregnancy trial data, toxicology studies, or long-term outcomes data (in anyone);.
    Irrespective of the Convention on the Rights of the Child “In all actions concerning children… the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration” _ it is appropriate to inject children with drugs lacking long-term safety data in order to protect the elderly;.
    Pandemics are becoming more frequent and more deadly, despite the historical record, and the progress of modern medicine, indicating quite the opposite.

    All of the above is either unethical or clear nonsense, contradicted by prior public health orthodoxy. If these positions were only slightly wrong, they would promote internal argument and debate. However, they are so far beyond the pale that to question them means questioning a whole system of authority and learning, the entire current hierarchy of public health. This would risk employment and the support of colleagues, and cause avoidable stress. Holding to the new dogma enables a positive career path and financial security, as did siding with the Inquisition centuries ago. Success requires loyalty, loyalty must be demonstrated by repeating dogma so that the outside world can see only consensus.

    Abandoning ship
    Standing on 2019 principles and practice, refuting the above falsehoods, has been sufficient for health practitioners to be denigrated and forced out of employment in many Western countries. This is the clear mark of fascism and is making the international public health field a specific threat to the health and welfare of others. It is, unfortunately, a return of public health to the fascist realm, not a novel phenomenon. It is spreading malnutrition, driving young girls into forced marriage and sexual slavery, increasing malaria and tuberculosis, and wrecking the credibility of legitimate health programs such as routine childhood vaccination in low-income countries.

    Whilst growing their industry’s finances, public health professionals are degrading themselves and betraying society. The betrayal, based on incessant lying, is something for which they will inevitably face consequences. In our lying, we have betrayed our constituency, as we did previously over eugenics and forced sterilization. It is a poor record and one to be ashamed of. Eventually, even the most dedicated followers will begin to question the sense of putting on a mask at a restaurant door only to remove it 10 steps later, or vaccinating vast populations against a disease to which they are already immune whilst they die of other readily preventable diseases.

    The way out of this is simply to refuse to lie, or cover for the lies of others. This may seem self-evident, but clearly it is not. The relatively high salaries and public esteem that health professions have experienced may make it harder to step away, but the truth will catch up, one day, with those who don’t. Cults eventually decay as leaders become drunk on power and the most dedicated devotees struggle to remain obsequious. It is far better to leave early and live with dignity.


    The teller of very Big Lies from my former workplace was only respected by those who also lied, and those who remained fooled. It’s a poor substitute for dignity. Those working to promote the current spate of lies in public health, or keeping their heads down while these lies harm others, will have to decide whose respect is worth holding. One can fool many, and sometimes even oneself, but in the long run one can never escape the truth.

    Dr David Bell is a clinical and public health physician with a PhD in population health and background in internal medicine, modelling and epidemiology of infectious disease. Previously, he was Director of the Global Health Technologies at Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund in the USA, Programme Head for Malaria and Acute Febrile Disease at FIND in Geneva, and coordinating malaria diagnostics strategy with the World Health Organization. David maintains that accurate data and balanced evidence is available to the public, and other decision-makers, in order to make decisions that are in everyone’s best interests. He is a member of PANDA and the Brownstone Institute.

  5. I suppose I have Covid fatigue and just want the whole issue to go away until the class actions commence.

  6. Am I mistaken, or did the CEO of Pfizer receiver the Athenagoras human rights award? Who selects the recipients, and why?

  7. About 40 minutes in it goes from disturbing to terrifying as we are shown several different people all dying in the same way, and to me it looks like they are hounded by demons just before they die.

    Then, after seeing the video, I went over to Orthodox Refkections and read about “covenant” and the shots, and it makes it more plausible that this may be what’s happening.

    • I thought the same thing Arsenios. That was honestly the most terrifying thing about the whole documentary.

      • George Michalopulos says

        I was truly sickened by the constant views of those fibrous structures. What in God’s holy name are those and what caused them to form in the first place?

        I hope that this documentary gets more attention.

  8. The underlying truth behind all the Covid madness, as far as I can distill it, is about as follows:

    The Chinese engineered Covid as a test of a delivery vehicle, a bioweapon without a particularly lethal warhead. They wanted to see how far and wide it would spread and what the ramifications might be. Due to the fact that the Dems wanted Trump out of office, they played up this virus dramatically, wildly exaggerating its lethality (only about 1/16th of the deaths attributed to it were caused by it, it is comparable to the flu in actual lethality). The more anxious and depressed an electorate is, the less enthused they are with the incumbent. But it was all – 100% – show. Nothing more noteworthy than a flu variant – except that the same virus could be reengineered to deliver any pathogen desired by the designer/releaser.

    So it turns into a massive boondoggle for Big Pharma. Trump just has to ride it out because the entire MSM is blaring it 24/7, masks, lockdowns, etc. Vaccines are developed without any serious clinical trials or mid-long term studies to see what the vaccine would actually do. Speed was the main consideration, not safety.

    Now, as a side note, there is some rationality in this from a sort of Stalinist/realpolitik approach. Assume the Elites knew the Chinese created it as a bioweapon and were testing its transmissibility. You would want to demonstrate that you could develop a vaccine at “warp speed” and disseminate it asap regardless of minor gliches. That would let the Chinese know that you could defend against such an attack if there were a serious pathogen attached to it as a “warhead”.

    Yet the vaccine actually didn’t work or do anything particularly helpful. However, it did cause complications, sometimes fatal, in an alarming number of recipients (see the VAERS statistics, to the extent they are available and accurate). So the test failed in that aspect. However, it succeeded in that once you had the juice, whatever it did, it was disseminated pretty effectively and you can now predict the percentages of people who would be open to receiving it and how effective it might be on that cross section if you had a viable vaccine.

    That’s all good information for the US/West to have, as well as for the Chinese to have, for different purposes. We, being the guinea pigs.

    I took the vaccine under the assumption that if they wanted us dead it was a done deal and that the development started under Trump so likely it wasn’t that bad. As matters progressed, I backed away from that initial impression and ascribed it all to morally indifferent incompetence based on the reactions and stats reported. I have suffered no ill effects of which I am aware. I would avoid it if I had it to do over again. And I will be glad to cash in on any class action suit that emerges once the truth comes out and enabling statutes are passed allowing liability to flow from those responsible. I mean, my insurance company paid me to take it. There will be litigation.

    I am skeptical of the whole “They want to significantly cull the herd.” argument. It does not take into consideration the loss of GDP and productivity that would result. Nor does it take into account the fact that Western white populations are already falling and that immigrant populations that replace us also trend toward comparatively lower birth rates.

    Make no mistake, I’m sure the liberals, Fauci, Biden, Schwab, etc., are monsters. No argument here. But ascribing that particular modus operandi to them does not square with the evidence. I doubt they even wished to cull the herd of older people with respiratory problems. The evidence points to their actions being due to ideological compulsion rather than actual intent to decimate the nursing home population, for instance.

    In any case, the whole insane, sad spectacle is regrettable in every aspect. Especially the Church’s credulous, faithless reaction to the government and media pablum. It is a testament to how much of the Church has been coopted by the evil one.

    God is gracious in that He has recently given us some litmus tests. Attitude toward Trump is an indicator of whether you reject the Uniparty Borg. Even Chomsky understands that. Attitude toward Covid and the vaccines is a similar indicator. An ever-larger number of people are being red-pilled as a result of all this drama.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      RE” “The Chinese engineered Covid. . .”

      That’s not actually true.

      On Dec 19, 2017, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that they would resume funding gain-of-function experiments involving influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.

      The scientific community worried about doing the research here. “Statistics on the number of breaches in the 1500 or so high containment laboratories in the USA are hard to come by. . . Nonetheless, the incidents that occurred in 2014 all involved material emerging from high-containment laboratories; dangerous live pathogens were accidentally sent to laboratories that were neither expecting them nor equipped to deal with them. One cannot legislate for every accident or human error; all manner of things can go wrong, and if an outbreak spreads to the community the consequences could be horrendous.”

      So they wrestled with whether of not it would be “OK for one nation to impose risks on citizens of another nation.”

      The NIH argued they were “really committed to leadership on this; other countries see our system as a potential model. And if we are pursuing this research in an active way, we will be much better positioned to develop protection and countermeasures should something bad happen in another country.”

      So the NIH began funding EcoHealth Alliance, the New York-based nonprofit organization, who “partnered with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the biomedical lab . . .”

      When Trump realized we were funding this effort, he pulled the plug, “And the group expressed regret at the decision by the National Institutes of Health to terminate funding, saying its work has helped in “designing vaccines and drugs to protect us from COVID-19 and other coronavirus threats” and pointing out the Wuhan Institute’s participation had been approved by the NIH for years. . .”

      The Chinese didn’t engineer COVID. We did. We just used their people and their facility to do it.


      • The precise origin of the virus is still fuzzy. I don’t dispute at all that the NIH funded Wuhan. Whose actual idea was it? I don’t know. But I do know that some of our people are on record/video advocating it years ago. I’m not inclined to absolve either the Chinese or the US.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Yup. As much as we want to point the finger at China –and I was one of those who did so almost from the start–it’s clear by now that the research that led to the weaponization of COVID was funded by malevolent actors within the United States.

    • Ralph Baric created it.
      The patent trail goes back a long way

      Dr David Martin – The History of Coronaviruses and Their Vaccines


      [Video – 49:49]


      “First patent sought was by Pfizer for the S-spike protein was Jan. 28, 2000
      Jan 28, 2000 – US Patent #6372224 spike protein virus vaccine canine coronavirus patent”

  9. Here’s my point. The variant, Covid-19, which was released out of Wuhan sometime in late 2019 (?) is the one in question. It was produced by the Chinese, albeit with American funding. This was back when the DNC and the CPC were best buddies.

    But, regardless of who invented this particular strain, it is engineered to be a delivery vehicle for whatever more lethal or more targeted strain one might engineer it into. They were so little concerned about the actual mortality of this release that they completely skewed the numbers so that it appears drastically more lethal than it actually is. Lethality was not the preoccupation; transmissibility was the focus. They wanted to know how fast it could spread despite knowledge of its existence and precautions taken.

    So now they know that they can attack with and/or defend against a virus with this kind of transmissibility with X degree of effectiveness. They know the capability of the delivery system.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I would argue that COVID was a ruse. It was always about the vaccines. None of the strains produced from the coronavirus in the past killed enough people that it warranted a vaccine. MERs seemed to have some legs, but like the slow burning embers of a fire, it burned died out on it’s own. Same with N1H1. They actually created a vaccine for that, but it was never needed. So they had to create something more lethal and more transmittable (coincidentally, the very definition of the “gain of function” the NIH announced it was going to resurrect) to sustain the need for a vaccine.

    • Misha, they wanted to know whether they could
      shut down the economy at will and frighten people
      into taking their experimental shot with no safety data.
      The ‘vaccines’ are the weapon. Not the virus…

      • Brendan,

        If the vaccine was a weapon, it was highly ineffective. Liberals, as I have belabored here, have morphed into fascists. But I agree with you that the whole vaccine thing was about control. Fortunately, it appears that the vaccine was ineffective at anything other than creating negative side effects, at that only marginally. I’m doubtful on this “It’s ruined your body forever.” No doubt it has caused myocarditis and an uptick in deaths and other negative side effects. But the human body is extraordinarily resilient and will adapt over time. Not to mention that God has told us that He will offer some protection from such things.

        Now, if I had it to do over, I wouldn’t take the shot. But as far as I can tell it has not affected me adversely and I will be happy to share in any class action based on aggregate odds of negative effects in recipients. I didn’t do it out of any fear but out of the fact that I thought it would be harmless and Aetna said they would pay me $50/per shot (but they only paid me for one of the two). I made sure that the type of shot I would receive had not been developed using fetal stem cells and that was about all the thought I gave it.

        Again, the main effect is red-pilling evermore Americans to the dangers of totalitarianism through example. Liberals really don’t know how to operate a police state. I think their own ideology works against them. They should have gradually shut down alternative media after 1/20/21, relentlessly censored social media and strengthened the reach of federal, state and local law enforcement. They have suped up the feds to some extent but state and local law enforcement have, in many areas, taken an adversarial stance.

        They are allowing way too much dissent and adverse organization for this to work. Moreover, they allowed free elections in a large swath of the country (red America). They are playing with their food, like a housecat (never having learned to hunt from its mother) toying with a mouse, rather than making the kill.

        The effect of this is to build up the strength of the Resistance with each new ham-handed measure. Now The Steal 2.0 has patriots openly planning ballot harvesting and defensive election fraud. They shouldn’t have allowed any remotely accurate polls or reports about electoral shenanigans.

        They’re idiots. They are training their enemies on how to defeat them.

  10. George Michalopulos says

    They need to make this man Pope ASAP.

    • I think there has to be a death first,
      or at least a resignation;
      though they did have three Popes once…

  11. I just talked to embalmer Richard Hirschman about
    the reaction from Died Suddenly | Steve Kirsch


    No interest from the fact checkers or mainstream
    media on what was presented. What a surprise 🙂

    ‘ I just got off the phone with embalmer Richard Hirschman who is featured in the film, Died Suddenly:

    If you haven’t seen the whole film, please take just 14 minutes and watch between minutes 6 and 20.

    Richard told me that:

    Nobody from the mainstream media is interested in covering the story. No calls. He’s lonelier than the Maytag repairman.

    No fact checker has contacted him about the movie.

    He’s been attacked. The doctors, who have no evidence whatsoever, have determined that these are just regular blood clots and the hundreds of embalmers that say they’ve never seen anything like these clots before are all lying.

    There is no motivation for the embalmers to lie. The vaccine is good for their business. By speaking out, they will reduce their business and run the risk of having their licenses revoked. So why are they lying?

    Richard related the story of people in a hospital talking about the movie. One of the doctors said, “This is just a conspiracy theory.” Another doctor said, “No it isn’t. I know one of the embalmers and I’ve seen this first hand. It’s legit.” The response was, “We aren’t allowed to talk about that” and then they changed the topic.

    I’m going to shift my ad campaign to focusing on the clots.

    Hundreds of embalmers are seeing these clots in over half the patients who die. If the clots are not due to the vaccine, then what is causing them?

    That will be the question we’ll ask in our ads in local newspapers, TV, radio, and billboards.

    Maybe someone will enlighten us. ‘

  12. “These things are not vaccines, they are countermeasures”


    Myself personally when CNN started doing their “covid death meter” I understood right there and then everything was a lie.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      It’s interesting that they knew the numbers up to the day and time, basing them all on the PCR tests that weren’t accurate by the CDC’s own admission. In hospitals, they didn’t even have to test the patients. They just had to ‘think’ they had COVID and that was sufficient to be a case. Even people who weren’t sick were cases. Super spreaders even!

      But after reporting all those numbers, they can’t come up with a definitive number of deaths and injuries for 2021 and 2022. We have to get them from funeral homes, insurance agencies and mortuaries.

      Remember when we were counting down the days when 2020 would be over? The hits just keep on coming.

      • Very interesting very fascinating how there is virtually no quality control no Good Manufacturing Practices standards for the vaxxes. It’s a “soup.” The drug fact sheet is a blank. So the mRNA in large batches warp speed stir them up with nano-lipids and PEGS 100 liter batches and mix them down no residue on the bottom into intermediate size vessels then stir not shake they get into the vials and five, or, six can share, MRNA Spike protein soup. And if demon spares you active mRNA pseudo uridine molecule worm that never dies spike protein you can be sure placebo should have some aborted parts so you don’t get off so easy, for consenting.

  13. Are we still counting the mail-ins ?


  14. Father Alban says

    Incredibly important video.

    I wonder if recent world events, including Ukraine, are nothing more than planned distractions to take people’s focus off what took place during the alleged pandemic and the unfolding health consequences of the anti-human vaccines that were deployed to purportedly deal with this pandemic? Vaccines supported by so many different leaders – including the pope, various Orthodox Christian hierarchs (God forgive us), Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, and every leader in the western world? Do not forget this.

    Threat of nuclear war, energy crisis, economic hardships: very effective ways of stopping people from seeing what the real threat is, where the real threat comes from, and who poses that threat.

    Hidden in the middle of this video was a very important piece of information: in 4 to 5 years, due to the vaccine, the United States (and by implication the UK) will no longer have a standing army. Very easy for China, Russia or any other anti-human state to then move to swift military conquest of the fatally weakened West, as the armies of the Western ‘democracies’ will by that point be utterly and totally decimated by political correctness, and the covid vaccines meant to protect them.

    Covid, not war in Ukraine, is the defining event of our century. Beware of those who promoted, played along with the covid pandemic theatre piece and endorsed or allowed these inhuman vaccines, because they are, in essence, the same ones who now seek to shift the narrative to the war in the Ukraine – whether from the Ukrainian perspective or the Russian perspective.

    Perhaps its time we stopped looking to Trump or Putin simply because they seem to offer an alternative to Biden and the liberal left, and rather ask ourselves who among the world’s leaders, right or left, stood out and continues to stand out in opposition to the covid pandemic and the vaccines.

    Last word on this: we need to be careful of whom we chose as our allies in seeking truth. A recent interview on this site featured an interview with a retired US military person who expressed his staunch support for the state of Israel – a state that established itself in the midst of an already existing state, through systematically destroying the people of that existing state. Sound familiar?

    Ask yourself this question: should American and European patriots triumph, and the sons and daughters of darkness who have waged war on democracy be vanquished – to which nation(s) will those sons and daughters of darkness flee for refuge? If you can name them, then you can name the enemies of democracy.

    Just a thought.

    Last, last word. In case anyone is tempted to jump in with the accusation that I am anti American, anti British or anti Israel – nothing could be further from the truth. All three countries suffer from the same malady – corrupt leadership, leadership which does not seek to serve and/or protect, but rather to control and exploit.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Interesting point: “To which nation(s) will those sons and daughters of darkness flee for refuge? If you can name them, then you can name the enemies of democracy.”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Valid points all, Fr.

      Having said that, outside of Trump or Putin, I see no leader on the world’s stage who can stand up to the global cabal.

      Mind you, I’d love for the world’s political elite to be MAGAesque patriots but outside of Georgia Meloni, Reccep Erdogan and Viktor Orban, I see no one on the horizon. (Crown Prince Mohammed bin-Salman deserves an honorary mention as does Pres Cyril Ramophosa of South Africa, but in all cases above, we’re talking regional powers at best.)

      Sure, there’s deSantis but given the fact that he met with Paul Ryan and a gaggle of Deep-staters the night after the midterms, I have to withthold judgment. Even if I take him at his word, the fact that he did so (and is not mega-wealthy like Trump) means that despite his best intentions (which I grant to him), he’ll always be on a tight leash.

      As for Israel, I’d say that they had better start cutting their ties with American neocons pretty darn quick, otherwise they’re going to use up whatever reservoir of goodwill they have in the West.*

      *Netanyahu, the eternal “bad penny” that keeps on showing up in the Israeli PM’s office seems to be signaling something along these lines. FWIW, he and Putin see eye-to-eye on international things, hence the shifting of the Israeli winds to a more Muscovite direction.

    • Flee?

      Your entire construct is confused, Fr. First of all, Russia is not “anti-human”. Russia is the good guy in all of this, to the extent that there is a good guy rather than simply states and leaders vying according to their perceived interests.

      But the focus of evil in the modern world is not abroad. It is not the CPC (Communist Part of China, their preferred nomenclature). It is certainly not Russia. Nor is it Iran or any other Muslim nation (though we Christians will have to deal with them sooner or later). No, the evil emanates from the DNC. It is Satan’s nest. Now, the “sons and daughters of darkness” have their choice of refuges in those places they have colonized and exploited, or which they have coopted (or been coopted by) – namely Western Europe and Australia. China as well might be a preferred destination inasmuch as the leadership of China and that of the DNC are both fascists/totalitarians.

      But the 20% are surrounded by the 80% and they are not even certain they can overcome their internal enemies due to their ideological weakness. I doubt they will flee but rather adapt and/or maintain their own counterculture once they are deposed from power.