How Long, O Lord? How Long?

It's things like this which leads one to drink. And it's still morning. I mean, really? Leaving aside the tremendous theological issues with bestowing such an award on Gov Cuomo of New York, the political optics are insane. They're positively fawning over him! Why? What is it that prompts Greek leaders to grovel so obsequiously at the drop of a hat? (I thought that I'd expunged that memory of the Archbishop comparing Obama to Alexander the Great.) All those centuries of supping at the … [Read more...]

Is the Orthodox Church Standing in the Way of the New World Order?

After the failure of the Cretan Council, I'm convinced that this may very well be the case. [Recent emendation --Ed.] Of course, this brings up other interesting questions, primarily, why did the Globalists sink so much time, effort and money into making sure that it take place? Another question: why all the effort to coerce Antioch, Bulgaria, Georgia and Russia to attend after they demurred? And how about this: the incessantly repeated official line that it is binding regardless on all … [Read more...]

USA Prevented Ukraine From Overcoming Schism – UOC Official

This is heartbreaking. The fact that the situation in Ukraine (at least on the Orthodox side) could have been fixed two decades ago is little known. Now we know that thanks to the interference of the then-United States ambassador, Patriarch Bartholomew was prevented from healing the schism. Why? Why would the West want to bollix the healing process? And why did the Ecumenical Patriarch give in so quickly? We've always known that the Phanar has been in the pocket of the State … [Read more...]

GOP: 1854-2016

[Editor's Note: this was originally written two years ago under the title "GOP: 1854-2013?" We can now remove the question mark and update it. I decided to repost it for those who may be new to Monomakhos. The basic take-away is this: the Globalists will do whatever they can to erase our borders, turn us into a Third-World nation and otherwise Islamify us. We never really had a chance. Perhaps in God's mercy a new, Americanist party will arise from the ashes of the GOP. Or not. The … [Read more...]

He Smoked It!

He totally dominated the debate. I'm sure of it. Just look at the picture if you don't believe me. After tonight, I'd say that the race has been rejiggered to back to even. Hillary's only stratagem from this point forward is to run out the clock. I don't think it will work. That's not my point here. It's the Republicucks I can't stand. These little men are disgraceful. Mitt Romney, John McCain, the Bushes...when they all wanted money for their races or their bogus foundations, they … [Read more...]

Tim Kaine: Beta Male

OK, I gotta go with this! Sorry for the lack of commentary on this post but the picture is just too funny. It says it all. The guy has "beta male" written all over him. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with our professional political class. I guess it explains why they all are repulsed by Trump, an alpha-male of the first magnitude. This guy looks like a lost little boy getting ready to cry because he didn't want to get on the school bus. We've forgotten that successful men in … [Read more...]

A Ragtag Devotee of “Arnie’s Army” Mourns the Death of the King of Golf

On Sept 25, we learned about the death of Arnold Palmer in Pittsburgh. In April 1964, at the age of 13, long before I was commissioned as a chaplain in the U.S. Army, I enlisted in another army--the ragtag devotees of "Arnie's Army." Along with millions of others, I suffered as a follower when Arnie lost the PGA Championship by one stroke to Bobby Nichols in 1964, the only one of the "Big Four" major championships that Arnie never won. I suffered when Arnie blew a 7-shot lead in the back … [Read more...]

Met. Hierotheos Vlachos: Texts of “The Holy and Great Council” Distinguished by “Creative Ambiguity” and Other Flaws

[T]he final text is...distinguished by its “creative ambiguity”...imbued with baptismal theology and the branch theory...and moved slightly, but consciously, away from the principle of exclusivity and towards the principle of inclusiveness. [I]t is strange for a Hierarch to invoke former professors and not the Prophets, the Apostles and the Church Fathers, which is what he confessed at his ordination as Bishop. — Met. Hierotheos Source: AOIUSA Original Text in … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Russia: Part V–Nizhni-Novgorod

NIZHNI-NOVGOROD Nizni-Novgorod was out of the way. Most tours go straight from Moscow to St Petersburg, that is to say in a northwest direction. Nizhni-Novgorod is to the east and somewhat south of Moscow. This was necessary because this city was a stopping-off point for Diyeyevo Convent. The name Nizhni-Novgorod means "Lower Novgorod." During the Soviet period it was called Gorky, in honor of Maxim Gorky, one of the founders of the Bolshevik state and who happened to be born there. … [Read more...]

“You’ve Got Mail!”

I'm sorry, but I'm having too good a time with all this. Really, it's so hard for me to wrap my head around all the complexity that all I can do is sit back and laugh. So when I saw this parody over on Instapundit, I had to go with it. I'll fill in the blanks later. (You can too for that matter.) Let's just say for now that it looks like the reason Loretta Lynch didn't indict Hillary is because Hillary's got the goods on Obama. In the meantime, grab the popcorn or whatever … [Read more...]

The “Illiberalism” of Putin’s Russia

For years now, we have heard that Russia is a retrograde state. In my opinion it's mainly because it has not bought into the West's ideas about homosexuality. And of course, there's Vladimir Putin, authoritarian, thug and general all-around bad-ass. Or so we are supposed to believe. Reality however is more complicated. Please take a gander at the map. If you're a progressive and anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism are your primary concerns, you would have to admit that Russia is on … [Read more...]

More Deplorable Stuff

Check out the flag above her right hand. My guess is that she was visiting Bill's dorm room where she subjected him to Alinskyite ravings before allowing him to have his way with her. All I can say is it's sure getting crowded here in our basket. I expect the Crybullies (aka Social Justice Warriors) to go on a rampage any moment now. I mean, let's not be hypocrites now, capiche? It's the least they could do since they took The Dukes of Hazzard out of circulation. To think I'll never … [Read more...]

American Psychological Association Course Correction: Sexual Orientation and ‘Gender Identity’ Not Fixed After All

I just saw this over at AIO and asked for permission to reprint it here. The comments above the essay are by Fr. Hans Jacobse. I endorse what he wrote especially this: Closer to home apologists for retooling the Orthodox moral tradition such as Fr. Robert Arida and Fr. Christopher Calin need to reconsider their positions. Fr. Hans Jacobse writes: In what could be called a stunning reversal, Dr. Lisa Diamond, a top researcher of the American Psychological Association (APA) and … [Read more...]

It’s All So Deplorable

As a card-carrying member of The Deplorables, it's getting rather crowded in our, er, deplorable Basket. But look who else is fixing to join us! I mean, how deplorable is that? Why, it's sexist, racist and xenophobic all in one! It's foreign girls who work in those Haitian sweatshops. Too bad they're not Moslem or lesbian, then she would have hit the trifecta! Really, what more can be said? She has tin ear for politics that's second to none. It's one thing to call your opponent a … [Read more...]

Things Just Got Interesting

In an already interesting political season, things got even more caterwhampus yesterday. Following are some random thoughts: 1. By now, you've all seen the videos of Hillary Clinton stumbling into her SUV. Not good. And this coming on the heels of her "basket of deplorables" speech before a group of elitists. (I was going to comment on that but this story just got pushed off the front pages for the time being.) 2. To my mind, her manhandling by the Secret Service was an apt metaphor … [Read more...]

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September!

On my way to church but I've decided to break a rule and blog something. As you know, today is the fifteenth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. Now in my fifties, I was old enough to remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I'd dropped off the kids to school and came back to whip up a quick breakfast for myself before I went to work. Bored, I turned on the TV, it was ABC and Peter Jennings who had told us that a plane had crashed into one of the two … [Read more...]

Pilgrimage to Russia: Part IV –Departure to Nizhni-Novgorod

DAY FOUR: LAST DAY IN MOSCOW Fr Ilya told us that we needed to pack up our belongings because today would be the last day in Moscow. Among the highlights would be Ss Mary and Martha Convent and the Tretyakov Gallery. Our hotel actually packed us all a sack lunch because we wouldn't have supper (or so they thought). How thoughtful! SS MARY AND MARTHA CONVENT This was a delightful step back into Edwardian times. The convent was founded by Grand Duchess Elizabeth Fyodorovna Romanova, the … [Read more...]

Sodom: Russia Resists the Rise of the Homosexual Cult

Every now and then, things get hot and heavy on Monomakhos when certain topics get brought up, especially those having to do with cultural issues and how they impact society and/or the Church. Homosexuality is definitely one of those topics. Personally, I'm a live-and-let-live type of guy. Always have been, always will be. Unfortunately, the growing acceptance of homosexuality has not been reciprocated. For all intents and purposes, we are in the grips of a totalitarian cult that not … [Read more...]

Time for Another Time-Out

Every so often, Your's Truly has to send in the referee to break up a fracas. Or simply to set a reset. Even chart a new course. This is one of those times. However, it's not because of the intensity of the commentary (I like that) but the volume, the sheer number of comments that is to say. Usually on Monomakhos, I have a manageable number of comments greeting me at the end of a long workday. Not anymore. The number of comments has exploded and a lot of things get lost in the … [Read more...]

I Wonder What This Is all about?

It's rather curious, but there is a whole contingent of people in the Orthodox Church who are rather exercised about Orthodox hierarchs giving their blessing to armies and navies.  They are particularly vexed when they see Serbian priests blessing the weapons of Serbian militias and when it comes to Patriarch Kirill blessing new Russian naval vessels --well, don't get me started. Let's just say that the screaming and caterwauling can be deafening.  Something about "Orthodox jihadism" if … [Read more...]