Drawing More Trump Cards

Most influential man in the world?

You gotta hand it to old Vlad. He's a master strategist. Not only is he defanging the Neocon warmongers in the Ukraine, he's cleverly severing the EU from the US. It's a long game but he's in it for the long haul. Time is on his side and he knows it. [Editor's note: I have refrained so far from writing about the downed Malaysian airliner because things have been really hectic what with the move and all. More to follow in due time.] And now he's added another salient on the front … [Read more...]

Head of Southern Command Says Border Security an “Existential” Threat to the U.S. Main Stream Media Yawns


Source: VDARE | Thomas Martel | July 22, 2014 The longer I live, the more convinced I am that the United States is governed by a hostile elite who are only in it for themselves. Once they're done plundering this country, they'll go somewhere else and work their magic. Perhaps "traitors" is too strong a word for such people --at the present. But there can no longer be any doubt that the Border Crisis to our south will make us a Third World nation in due time. Don't believe me? Then heed … [Read more...]

A False Flag or Fog of War over Ukraine?

Srdja Trifkovic

Source: Chronicles A Magazine of American of Culture | Srdja Trifkovic | July 18, 2014 A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam was shot down in eastern Ukraine Thursday afternoon, killing all 298 passengers and crew. It was hit as it cruised at 33,000 feet above the war-ravaged Donetsk Oblast, 35 miles west from the Russian border. The airliner’s demise has the potential to escalate the Ukrainian crisis to an entirely new … [Read more...]

Fr Touma Bitar on the Situation in the Patriarchate of Jerusalem


The other day, I received the following plea from a group of concerned Arab Orthodox in the Middle East. They asked me to publish it as is. The gravamen of their concern should concern all Orthodox, even those of us here in America. To my mind, it's stunts like the ones they're describing which make jurisdictional unity a near-impossibility. The fact that certain Greeks feel that they can get away with stuff like this is shameful and only makes it harder for the other jurisdictions to … [Read more...]

Greece: 1, Germany 0: An Oldie but Goodie in Honor of the World Cup


Well, that was something! Germany did not let me down. Just a little walk down memory lane until we get caught up here, courtesy of Monty Python's Flying Circus. … [Read more...]

Dokos charged with a felony: Accused of improperly spending funds from trust account


Source: FOX6Now.com MILWAUKEE/GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS (WITI) — A Greek Orthodox priest, who used to serve in Milwaukee, accused of improperly spending more than $110,000 from a private trust has now been criminally charged. 62-year-old James Dokos — who currently lives in Chicago, was a longtime pastor at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee. He was transferred to the Saints Peter and Paul Church in Glenview, Illinois in 2012 — where he most recently served. Last … [Read more...]

OCA: Sentence announced in Archbishop Seraphim case


Source: OCA SYOSSET, NY [OCA]The Orthodox Church of America has learned that the retired Archbishop Seraphim (Storheim) was sentenced today—Wednesday, July 9, 2014—to eight months in prison following his January 24, 2014 conviction for one count of sexual assault. Speaking on behalf of the Holy Synod of Bishops, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, said, “We ask, first and foremost, that everyone keep the victims and their family members in … [Read more...]

Playing with Fire: What Previous Popes Had to Say about Socialism


Recently, Pope Francis seemed to indicate that there was nothing wrong with socialism. This was of a piece with confusing things he has previously said about economic affairs in general. Last week, he did hid himself even better when he said that "Communists had stolen the Christian flag." The implication was that we Christians had allowed the Communists to steal our rhetorical thunder. I guess. This is most unfortunate. What His Holiness doesn't understand is that that in using … [Read more...]

Archbishop Joseph Elected Metropolitan of All North America


Source: Antiochian Archdiocese His Eminence Archbishop Joseph has been elected Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All North America by the Holy Synod of Antioch, led by His Beatitude Patriarch John X, meeting in Balamand, Lebanon on Thursday, July 3, 2014. Axios! His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph was consecrated to the Holy Episcopacy on June 30, 1991 at the St. Mary Cathedral in Damascus, after many years of serving as a deacon and a priest. His Eminence was born in Damascus, … [Read more...]

Helm’s Deep

Iraqi families have sought refuge inside St Matthew's Monastery  Photo: Angus McDowall Iraqi families have sought refuge inside St Matthew's Monastery  Photo: Angus McDowall

In a saner world, the Neocons, Neoliberals, Wilsonians and other assorted Trotskyites would be brought up on charges of treason. At the very least, they would be forced to answer before the Congress whence their utopian fantasies of a new millennium came from. (Short answer: from Hell.) In the meantime, the collateral damage continues unabated. At this point, one can reasonably ask whether it was by design or by accident. Speaking for myself, I never ascribe to evil that which can be … [Read more...]

“Preach to Us the Smooth Things”


In this present age of darkness, the counter-argument offered by those who wish to change the moral of the story is often to scream "Fundamentalist!" or "You don't understand the context!" Usually some variation, anything to change the subject. Of course, error exists on all sides of an argument. In our present fallen state, it's impossible to avoid agendas. Nobody's perfect. That being said, some things are so stark, so glaringly obvious, that even an ignoramus who defends the … [Read more...]

Twisting in the Wind


If you've ever wondered what it looks like, this is it. As you can read from the interview in The National Herald, it's clear that Fr James Dokos doesn't stand a chance at least as far as the GOA hierarchy is concerned. His ministry is over for all practical purposes, even if he's found not guilty. At least that's the tenor of the remarks by the interviewee, Bishop Demetrios Kantzavalllas. The moral of the story? For one thing, when the sheriff comes knocking, the lower-level guys are … [Read more...]

Dokos to Face Charges


[Editor's note: yesterday, Monomakhos published a post the title of which was factually incorrect. We regret that error. In the meantime, we hope that this affair comes to a just and merciful resolution for all concerned, Fr Dokos and his family especially. Perhaps we can hope that the exposure of such financial schemes and the giving of honoraria to bishops to curry favorwill come to an end.] Source: Chicago Tribune Glenview priest to be charged with stealing from trust fund By … [Read more...]

The Ruling Class Takes One on the Chin


Hurry up! I want to get my copy of The Federalist Papers! If there was any doubt that we are now ruled by hostile elites, these photos should lay it to rest. What we are witnessing is nothing less than an illegal invasion. There is no moral justification for this. None. Neither the ghost of Martin Luther King or Cesar Chavez can be conjured up to sanctify this outrage. This is Che Guevara territory. It is evil pure and simple. To believe otherwise is to hate this nation. Is it … [Read more...]

The Pappas Paradigm


SCORCHING THE EARTH Well, I guess Yours' Truly was right, wasn't I? What I said specifically was that Metropolitan Savas Zembillas of Pittsburgh would back down in the face of a well-heeled Greek-American's defiance, that the priest in question would be thrown under the bus, and that the accommodation of the GOA to the Zeitgeist would proceed apace. Truth be told, I thought that that would be it. Once having made his point, Mr Pappas would chalk up a win, then go along his merry way. … [Read more...]



Morality Inverted It's hard to break through the intellectual barriers that envelop the mind like a steel casket when the language of the moral tradition is mixed into the politics of personal identity. It causes all sorts of confusion because what used to be wrong sounds like it is right, and what used to be right sounds like it is wrong. Sin is righteousness and righteousness is sin. Homosexual behavior is a sin. Even Gregory Pappas, the author of this present controversy agrees that … [Read more...]

The Hens Come Home to Roost in the GOA


One of the marvels to behold in the culture wars is the outright defiance of the homosexual contingent. Previously, they couched their jihad in cautious, flowery words. Things like "inclusion," "tolerance," "non-judgmentalism" and the like. No longer. They are an unstoppable juggernaut. And now they are preparing to lay waste to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. But first, a word and an apology: Monomakhos has been reluctant to believe that the Orthodox Church would be the venue for … [Read more...]

More from the Sons of Job: the Case of Fr Zacchaeus Wood


Monomakhos has not taken an issue pro or con on the case of Fr Zacchaeus Wood except on this point: like so many other cases involving the OCA, there is a real fear that due process is not been followed, nor will be followed. We'll know if Syosset is serious if they allow a vigorous cross-examination. My guess is they won't. The reader will see why in the petition put out by Wood's supporters and the serious allegations they bring up (which I have highlighted and you can read for yourself). … [Read more...]

The Mission is a Disaster


Recently, President Obama exchanged five Taliban leaders for an American POW, Bowe Bergdahl. One prisoner for five is an iffy trade to begin with — but even moreso when it was revealed that Bergdahl had deserted his post. So, Obama got his man, but there was a lot of collateral damage — it kind of reminds us of a movie we once saw. . . … [Read more...]

Fountain of Immortality – A Spiritual Meditation from the Holy Fathers on the Divine Liturgy


Your's Truly just returned from a pilgrimage at St Antony's in the Desert. Very spiritually uplifting as well as some much needed R&R. Attending liturgy in the wee hours of the morning was a transcendent experience. Simple meals in the Refectory tasted heavenly. Just walking around the verdant grounds and going into each of the other churches was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I think anybody who is serious of their faith (and who needs confession) should go to monastery such as … [Read more...]