How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police


The title for this essay comes from a hilarious skit by Chris Rock. As can be expected from his comedic mind, it contains offensive language. With that in mind, you should watch it anyway as it's chock full of common sense. Comedy aside, Rock brings up several interesting points. One wonders however why they are not followed by certain groups of young black males. The dearth of prudence and restraint are clearly the result of generations of young men being raised in houses where there is … [Read more...]

Will Arida’s “Studied Ambiguity” Lead OCA into Schism?


Fr. Robert Arida has been busy. He's penned another manifesto and went after Your Humble Servant. First Monomakhos. Arida claims copyright over his Wonder Blog essay. No problem there. But after republishing his essay here, Arida went after our web host who shut us down for about 25 minutes until the offending essay was removed. Strange. The essay was fine for a 'youth blog' but not okay for adults. It means, I think, that even though Syosset was able to return to its secularist/humanist … [Read more...]

Our “Post-Racial” Future…


...brought to you by our first "post-racial" president. In reality, what we witnessed last week was a made-to-order riot, engineered to take our minds off of Obama's executive amnesty. From this standpoint, it was a success: all of the Sunday morning news shows were consumed with the Ferguson riots. The timing was impeccable. Both Obama and Attorney-general Eric Holder had meetings with "community" leaders and by means direct as well as subtle, got the message out that "protests" … [Read more...]

L’etat? C’est Moi!


I'm at a loss for words to describe what happened to our country last Thursday and have been trying to come to grips with it. Unfortunately, last night's events in Ferguson, MO, are overtaking us and thus am caught on the horns of a dilemma. Therefore, until I collect my thoughts on last night, I will direct you to a more eloquent writer to describe the Constitutional crisis that President Obama caused last Thursday with his Executive Action. Please take the time to read Patrick J Buchanan's … [Read more...]

Preaching Another Gospel


Hitting a Nerve On more than a few occasions, we have used this cliche when it was deemed appropriate. We do a lot of that at Monomakhos. It's not always intentional but we are not shy from proclaiming the truth as we see it. Taking this position will inevitably strike the proverbial nerve. As the Arabs say, "He who speaks the truth must have one foot in the stirrup." Anyway, we've done it again. Rather than blame Your's Truly it would be better to commend the commentariat as a … [Read more...]

Mattingly: Two clashing Orthodox takes on doctrine – past and future

Billy Graham and Met. Hilarion

Source: On Religion By Terry Mattingly When two global religious leaders embrace one another, someone is sure to turn the encounter into a photo opportunity. The photo-op on Nov. 7 was symbolic and, for many, historic. The elder statesman was the Rev. Billy Graham, and rather than an evangelical superstar, the man who met with him at his North Carolina mountain home was Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev. This visit was linked to a Hilarion address to a Charlotte … [Read more...]

Texas Orthodox Clergy Deliver Stinging Rebuke to Fr. Arida and Enablers


Statement of the Brotherhood of the Orthodox Clergy Association of Houston and Southeast Texas on the Comments of Fr. Robert Arida on Homosexuality Source: Orthodox Houston In response to Fr. Robert Arida’s recent article, which was posted on the OCA’s Wonder blog, there have been many eloquent rebuttals. We do not wish to attempt to reproduce those critiques here, but we do wish to underscore some of the more important points that have been made, and to speak out publically on this … [Read more...]

A Thumpin’


Hey Pilgrim, You're Gonna Need A Couple Of Stitches! We here at Monohamakhos have recently struck another nerve with the publication of Fr Hans Jacobse's response to Fr Robert Arida's controversial essay. The blow-back against Arida's questionable remarks still reverberates. This is all to the good and we thank our many readers for their thoughtful comments. We are especially heartened at the number of priests who have spoken in defense of the normative Christian moral tradition. At the … [Read more...]

Fr Robert Arida: Why Don’t You Become Episcopalian?


Recently, Fr Robert Arida wrote a questionable essay which was published on the "OCA Wonder" blog, "Never Changing Gospel; Ever Changing Culture". Sadly, it is no longer a wonder what the upper reaches (as it were) of Syosset believes and where they want to take the OCA. It's rather a pity. Fr Hans Jacobse however has taken up the challenge of taking Arida to task. Jacobse, a priest in the Antiochian jurisdiction, boldly and with great clarity deconstructs Arida's tedious arguments. … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have Liftoff!


Last week,we reported on the egregious directive by Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, in which subpoenas would be issued for the sermons and "other communications" of five specific pastors in that city. Their ostensible crime (for want of a better word) was their exhortation against the new municipal policy regarding so-called transgendered people and the city's accommodation of their bathroom proclivities (again, for want of a better word). The reaction to this original, idiotic ruling was … [Read more...]

Disabusing Another Myth


I had the good fortune (as I'm sure many of you have as well) to read John Sanidopoulos' excellent treatise on Hallowe'en. It was on his blog Mystagogy, one of the best blogs in the Orthosphere bar none. Rather than regurgitate it for you, I'll let you read it for yourselves, as there's no way that I could do it justice. (And I highly encourage you to read it.) It's gratifying on so many levels. The one or two I want to deal with here is the historicity of its origins as laid out by … [Read more...]

We Few, We Happy Few, We Band of Brothers…


Today is the Feast of St Crispin. On this day in 1415, King Henry V of England defeated an overwhelming force of French knights at Agincourt. (One of the high points on my recent trip to England was gazing in awe at the tomb of Henry at Westminster Abbey.) This rousing soliloquy is from Shakespere's Henry V, the 1944 film version with Sir Laurence Olivier. (An oldie but goodie from three years ago. Enjoy!) … [Read more...]

Houston, We Have a Problem!


Actually, with a mayor who looks like this (talk about a face so sharp that it could saw wood), more of an existential threat. Her Excellency, Annise D Parker has recently stepped in it big-time. It seems that her sweet little totalitarian heart wanted to push through an insane ordinance allowing persons of either sex to go into the restrooms of the other sex. Or the transgendered to go into the bathroom they felt more comfortable in. Or --something. It's hard to tell any more thanks to … [Read more...]

A Prophetic Word


Most definitely a call to repentance, from America's greatest Preacher. These are sobering words. Billy Graham prophecies judgment upon America, saying that we are "worse than Sodom and Gomorrha." It's gotten so bad in Graham's estimation that judgment is inevitable. Prayer and repentance will only mitigate the severity of the bowls of wrath that will be overturned … [Read more...]



The article below was written four years ago, yet with the events in the Middle East with ISIS (or ISIL, or whatever we want to call them today), it is still relevant; in fact, probably even more so. Some would say that we should let that part of the world kill itself and not concern ourselves with it. Problem is, the concept of world submission and domination is being exported actively into our back yards. It is impossible to ignore, or be satisfied with them killing each other. If one … [Read more...]

Trivializing Gay “Marriage”


There's an old Japanese saying which Your's Truly picked up from one of my many commentators: if you sit by the river for long enough, you're bound to see the bodies of your enemies float by. File this story under that category. Or supreme irony. Or are Progs that freakin' stupid? Take your pick; one or the other or all three. Anyway, it seems that two straight, New Zealand men, Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick, decided to take a walk down the aisle to get gay-married. The reason … [Read more...]

Speaking Truth to the Powerless


Recently, Sen Ted Cruz of Texas addressed a gathering of Arab and Oriental Christians from the Middle East. Their plight is now well-known. ISIS (aka the Islamic State) has been butchering them with impunity for several months now. The arrival of these bishops to America was motivated in part to garner sympathy for their cause. In many ways, it was a big step forward in inter-Christian relations. In many ways it served as a capstone to the increased awareness among Protestants in America … [Read more...]

Isn’t Diversity Wonderful?


Last Friday a deranged black Muslim convert went all Jihad in Moore, Oklahoma and beheaded one co-worker and stabbed another one near to death. This being Oklahoma however, another employee who happened to have a gun made short work of the evil-doer. This incident is evil on so many levels. The murderer, one Alton Nolen, deserves no mercy. I can make no excuses for him. He needs to suffer to the fullest extent that the law allows. For good measure, his family and friends should be held … [Read more...]

The Inversion Continues


I was going to title this essay "Yet More Russian Corruption," but I received an insight as I woke up this morning and was shaving. The word "Inversion" popped into my mind instead. Let me explain. For months now, I've harbored the deep suspicion that the "free" United States of America and the "totalitarian" Russian Federation have switched sides --that an inversion (if you will) has taken place. It may not be complete, it may in fact reverse itself (if we repent). The open, incessant … [Read more...]

Fr John Peck on the Coming Persecution of Christians


Fr John Peck was recently interviewed TruNews, a program with a large Protestant audience on how believers dealt with persecution. The interviewer was aware of the history of persecution that the Orthodox have endured, and asked Fr John to explain it to his audience. I'm heartened myself by this development. For too long, too many Protestants have drawn an imaginary line through the sand on which one side was Martin Luther=good/Popery=bad --and we got lumped into the Popery part. This … [Read more...]