A Great Warrior for Christ

It seems to me fitting that these are the first words that come into mind when one considers the life and legacy of Rev Billy Graham. (I certainly wasn’t the only one for what it’s worth.) As you all may know by now, Billy Graham fell asleep in the Lord yesterday. He was perhaps the […]

A Tale of Two Massacres

Last Wednesday (Ash Wednesday in the Western calendar), a young man murdered seventeen students in cold blood in Parkland, Florida. This was an atrocity of the first water and our prayers should go out to the victims and their grieving relatives. Unfortunately, those who are grief-stricken will not be allowed to mourn. No sooner were […]

Metropolitan Joseph is Raising the Bar

It appears that His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph al-Zahlaoui of the Antiochian Archdiocese is raising the bar (so to speak). According to one of my sources, at the most recent clergy retreats on the West Coast, His Eminence made it plain that “he wants reception into the church to be by baptism across the board and […]

As We Approach the Great Fast

…I would like to beg each and every one of you to forgive me. For any hurtful word or thought or any action or inaction on my part and for any acknowledgment of bad actions as well as unacknowledgment of good actions on anyone else’s part. For all this and more, I bow down before […]

Has the GOA Turned the Corner?

One would think so by reading the following interview (which I publish in its entirety). I’ll leave it for you, the readers to decide if this indicates a new, above-board strategy of transparency or if it’s the same-old/same-old. In the spirit of Christian charity (and the impending Great Fast), I’ll withhold comment. You all however are free to parse it, analyze it, and comment to your heart’s content.

Christian Zionism and Its Socio-Political Implications

There’s been a lively debate recently about Christian Zionism on this blog. I’d like to address the highlights in this section and go into a little more detail in the vlog below. First, let’s get the caveats out of the way. Zionism as a political movement is as legitimate as any other nationalist ideology. That […]

Moral Panics and the #metoo Movement

[Editor’s note: OK folks, this is a long one so I ask for your forbearance. It’s not religious or political but it is cultural. And timely. It’s going to be a little graphic in places so I ask for your forgiveness as well.] It’s obvious by now that the whole #metoo movement was a political […]

More News on the GOA Front

First the good (or at least not bad) news: Archimandrite Nathanael Symeonides was “elected” GOA Metropolitan of Chicago. A fine man by most accounts, he appears to be (as St Paul) said “a man of good report”. As for the recent Leadership 100 meeting in Miami, reviews are still coming in. Word on the street […]

Final Thoughts on Kaepernick, His Antics and the NFL

I believe it was Robert Conquest who in tongue-in-cheek fashion proposed several laws about politics. His third law said something to this effect: “in order to understand an institution assume that it has been taken over by a cabal of its enemies”. I’m afraid that this is precisely what has happened to the NFL. Some […]

Blessed Are the Peacemakers(?)

According to a Turkish newspaper, the Ecumenical Patriarch just blessed “Operation Olive Branch”, an attack on Kurdish forces on Syrian soil. https://ahvalnews.com/afrin/greek-orthodox-church-supports-turkeys-syria-offensive Ironies abound. Truth be told, I’m still trying to wrap my head around this entire, bizarre story. For one thing, Erdogan’s stated mission is a direct slap in the face of the United […]

A Sumptuous Feast for the Eyes

We hear at Casa Monomakhos have pretty much sworn off of broadcast television. Hopefully, the “plug will be pulled” on cable TV as well. Between the Kardashians and some Bachelor spin-off, it’s so boring that watching paint dry is more exhilarating. However, there is Netflix. A lot of good stuff there, most especially, The Crown. […]

President Trump Will Accept Your Apologies Now

Remember back in February of last year, when the newly-elected President of these United States put out a tweet that blamed Obama for spying on him? Remember the obloquy that rained down upon him for even suggesting such a thing? Yeah, I do. And I said then (to immense ridicule) that always take the totality […]

Another Home Run

Well, the Trumpster did it again. He swatted another one right out of the park. It was (as I predicted) another bravura performance. He hit all the right notes. And worse for the Democrats, he boxed them into a corner. Not that he didn’t leave them a way out, unpalatable though it may be. In […]

The Ball Is in Leadership 100’s Court

One of my correspondents just informed me that Leadership 100, the money-men of the GOA are meeting this moment at the Ritz in Miami, Fla. According to him, the letter which Yours Truly recited yesterday (right after Church and in the process of changing my clothes, forgive me) has caused quite a stir among several […]

The GOA: the Same Old Same Old

As I explain below, this is not a video I wanted to make. Being the goodhearted naif that I am, I always hold out hope for redemption, most probably because I’m in desperate need of it myself. I however, am just one solitary soul. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese on the other hand, is an ecclesial […]

“Fake News”, or How to Know You’re Winning an Argument

The other day, Dr S gave a reasoned, well-thought out response to my criticisms of the Society of Jesus. While there are excellent academics among the Jesuits, there’s a lot more to that order that many of us don’t know about. In the video below, I will take a few moments make mention of their […]

Is Orthodoxy in America Hitting its Stride?

Lately, Yours Truly has been pondering some interesting thoughts and coming to (hopefully) valid conclusions. A lot of this is due to this blog and the very thoughtful (while often contentious) discussion on various topics. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to everybody of late who has stood up in and made his […]

Some Thoughts on the Wall

Forgive the almost daily intrusions into your privacy, but the Muse is definitely upon me as of late. (I am most grateful to her for bestowing her favors upon me.) Regardless, there is so much going on that I feel compelled to offer some commentary. Hopefully it will stimulate some conversation and/or provoke your thoughts. […]

What Do Our Friends at Fordham Have to Say About This?

Recently, the group known as Public Orthodoxy, which is safely ensconced within the arms of the Jesuits at Fordham University, received a significant sum of money in order to continue their “work”. Part of this work includes going hither and yon to discuss sodomy and why the Church needs to “get with the program”. I’m […]

Why Pick on the Greeks?

Recently, things have gotten a little contentious here at Monomakhos. It started with a back-and-forth over something and then it progressed to something else. As unpleasant as this was to me personally (as well as to those directly involved), the discussion was, I believe overall, providential. The recent dust-up led to an insight which I […]