Houston, We Have a Problem!


Actually, with a mayor who looks like this (talk about a face so sharp that it could saw wood), more of an existential threat. Her Excellency, Annise D Parker has recently stepped in it big-time. It seems that her sweet little totalitarian heart wanted to push through an insane ordinance allowing persons of either sex to go into the restrooms of the other sex. Or the transgendered to go into the bathroom they felt more comfortable in. Or --something. It's hard to tell any more thanks to … [Read more...]

A Prophetic Word


Most definitely a call to repentance, from America's greatest Preacher. These are sobering words. Billy Graham prophecies judgment upon America, saying that we are "worse than Sodom and Gomorrha." http://www.cnsnews.com/mrctv-blog/michael-w-chapman/rev-billy-graham-america-just-wicked-sodom-and-gomorrah-ever-were11 It's gotten so bad in Graham's estimation that judgment is inevitable. Prayer and repentance will only mitigate the severity of the bowls of wrath that will be overturned … [Read more...]



The article below was written four years ago, yet with the events in the Middle East with ISIS (or ISIL, or whatever we want to call them today), it is still relevant; in fact, probably even more so. Some would say that we should let that part of the world kill itself and not concern ourselves with it. Problem is, the concept of world submission and domination is being exported actively into our back yards. It is impossible to ignore, or be satisfied with them killing each other. If one … [Read more...]

Trivializing Gay “Marriage”


There's an old Japanese saying which Your's Truly picked up from one of my many commentators: if you sit by the river for long enough, you're bound to see the bodies of your enemies float by. File this story under that category. Or supreme irony. Or are Progs that freakin' stupid? Take your pick; one or the other or all three. Anyway, it seems that two straight, New Zealand men, Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick, decided to take a walk down the aisle to get gay-married. The reason … [Read more...]

Speaking Truth to the Powerless


Recently, Sen Ted Cruz of Texas addressed a gathering of Arab and Oriental Christians from the Middle East. Their plight is now well-known. ISIS (aka the Islamic State) has been butchering them with impunity for several months now. The arrival of these bishops to America was motivated in part to garner sympathy for their cause. In many ways, it was a big step forward in inter-Christian relations. In many ways it served as a capstone to the increased awareness among Protestants in America … [Read more...]

Isn’t Diversity Wonderful?


Last Friday a deranged black Muslim convert went all Jihad in Moore, Oklahoma and beheaded one co-worker and stabbed another one near to death. This being Oklahoma however, another employee who happened to have a gun made short work of the evil-doer. This incident is evil on so many levels. The murderer, one Alton Nolen, deserves no mercy. I can make no excuses for him. He needs to suffer to the fullest extent that the law allows. For good measure, his family and friends should be held … [Read more...]

The Inversion Continues


I was going to title this essay "Yet More Russian Corruption," but I received an insight as I woke up this morning and was shaving. The word "Inversion" popped into my mind instead. Let me explain. For months now, I've harbored the deep suspicion that the "free" United States of America and the "totalitarian" Russian Federation have switched sides --that an inversion (if you will) has taken place. It may not be complete, it may in fact reverse itself (if we repent). The open, incessant … [Read more...]

Fr John Peck on the Coming Persecution of Christians


Fr John Peck was recently interviewed TruNews, a program with a large Protestant audience on how believers dealt with persecution. The interviewer was aware of the history of persecution that the Orthodox have endured, and asked Fr John to explain it to his audience. I'm heartened myself by this development. For too long, too many Protestants have drawn an imaginary line through the sand on which one side was Martin Luther=good/Popery=bad --and we got lumped into the Popery part. This … [Read more...]

Cracks in the Coalition?


Well, it looks like the Episcopal Assembly's high point was the first year it met seems to me. Sixty-five bishops attended if memory servers. Every year since it has gotten fewer and fewer attendees. True, the Central American and Canadian bishops went off and formed their own Assemblies (as was logical). But even then we're talking nine or ten bishops at most subtracted from the initial sixty-five. Also, the OCA has three vacancies, so that leaves at least fifty who should have been … [Read more...]

Scotland the Brave


On Thursday, the people of Scotland will go to the polls to vote on seceding from the United Kingdom. It will be a historic vote if they succeed. Now, being an Anglophile, I'm going to say something paradoxical. I think the Scots should have their independence. Both England and Scotland are ancient countries with their own traditions, dynasties and folkways. The only reason that Scotland was brought into union in 1707 was because several Scottish lords (mostly of Anglo-Norman descent) … [Read more...]

Enoch Powell: Vindicated!


Perfect storms rarely happen but when they do --well, then you know why they're called perfect storms. (Forgive the tautology.) There's one brewing in England right now. It's so big that it even skipped the Pond and made waves here in the States. In England itself, it's as big a news story as Edward VIII's abdication. Recently, in Rotherham, England, the sun, moon and stars all seemed to align to create a perfect sociocultural firestorm of controversy. Over the last fifteen years or so, … [Read more...]

Festivals Uber Alles


An editorial by a member of the Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) was published recently. It's a very well-crafted, thoughtful essay by George Matsoukos, the long-time Executive Director of that fine organization. (Full disclosure: I have been a member of the OCL for many years and they have published several of my articles.) You can read it for yourself on the OCL website. It offers much food for thought on the current state of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (GOA). I don't agree … [Read more...]

The Surveillance Engine: How the NSA Built Its Own Secret Google


For those who are conflicted about the career of Edward Snowden (and I count myself as one), the fact remains that whether good, bad or indifferent, he did us a favor. Thanks to his espionage, we are now aware of several things. Among them: 1) that the Federal Government spies on its own citizens and 2) that it does so with impunity. Those of us who remember the Cold War remembered what it meant for a nation to be a police state. Those of us who actually lived behind the Iron Curtain … [Read more...]

More Thoughts on Ferguson: Crimestats


We here at Monomakhos have kicked up yet another firestorm recently. Specifically with the story about the horrible shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed, African-American teenage by a white policeman in Ferguson, MO. As in all things racial, the temperatures rise. I think its an evolutionary thing if you ask me. Regardless, it's not a Christian thing. Anyway, the official narrative of young black men being gunned down by white, racist cops was quickly derailed by facts which came out … [Read more...]

Black Cop Shoots Unarmed White Teenager in Utah: Mormons Riot!


Nah, just kidding. About the last part. The first part however is real. These are the facts as we know them presently: Last week, an African-American policeman in Salt Lake City, shot an unarmed white youth named Dillon Taylor. The details are sketchy, but it seems that Taylor was walking out of a 7-11 with his brother and his cousin when a police cruiser came speeding onto the parking lot. The policemen ordered the three youths to immediately lay on the ground, face down. For some … [Read more...]



Things have been hectic on the personal front so Your's Truly hasn't been keeping up with things as much as he'd like. Still, things are popping up all over. Looks like we got a Trayvon Martin redux in the works in the Show Me State. Then the great Semitic Squabble of Gaza seems like it's never going to end. Fret not: Monomakhos is endeavoring to write something magisterial about both issues in due time. There is some good news however. The Neocons who are forever banging the war … [Read more...]

Magna Carta: Houston, 2014


Recently, Your Humble Correspondent took a few days off to visit Houston. The occasion was my father-in-law's third year memorial. While there, we noticed that the Magna Carta was on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It was almost three years ago that me and my two sons took a trip to Great Britain. We had intended to go to Salisbury Cathedral to see the Great Charter but time constraints forbade us. Imagine our glee when we saw that it was on display in Houston. Anyway, … [Read more...]

Yet Another Indication that the Tomos is a Dead Letter?


This is gratifying on many levels. I particularly like the close cooperation between the Catholic Church in Mexico and the Russian Orthodox Church. This is a display of Christian charity and fellowship that we would do well to encourage in other lands. It's a good type of ecumenism, what I call an ecumenism of the trenches. I'm especially gladdened to see that Bishop Alejo of Mexico City participated in the service. From what I gather, His Grace "gets it" regarding evangelism. I was … [Read more...]

Finally, Some Good News


Yours' Truly has often been taken to task for not reporting good news on the Orthodox front. Invariably I reply that "I would if there was any to report." Though there's a grain of truth to my riposte, I must admit that more often than not I say it in a flippant manner. For too long I've taken the tack that because the official publications and websites of institutional Orthodoxy put out tedious propaganda, our job was to hold their feet to the fire. I still stand by that but truth be … [Read more...]

Nothing to See Here, Move Along Now…


Or: "I thought all you right-wingers were nuts about the government interfering in religious matters." It's getting rather tiresome at this point to mention the obvious. That the modern libertine movement and all its subsidiaries -- especially Gay, Inc -- would be used by the Federal government to suppress the free exercise of religion. But here's the proof. Oh, I realize that the IRS will only "monitor" sermons for "hate speech," not actually do something, like arrest preachers. But … [Read more...]