Putin Denounces Soviet Founder Lenin

Vladimir Putin

By Jove! I really like the cut of this fellow Putin's jib! I imagine the heartache and despondency at Drezhlovistan must be horrendous right about now. Vladimir Putin just hammered the final nail in the coffin of Leninolatry. Now all that needs to be done is remove his carcass from Red Square (hopefully before we visit in late July). Source: Washington Post By Vladimir Isachenkov MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday criticized Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, … [Read more...]

Caught Selling Baby Parts Planned Parenthood Doubles Down on the Lie [VIDEO]

Cecille RIchards

Source: Pravoslavie By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse If a man is merely a biological machine, his sole value is determined by where he fits into the larger machine. He becomes a commodity, a thing to be used in ways that bring gain to other people. We call this a utilitarian world view. Planned Parenthood ‘aborts’ (kills) unborn babies and sells their parts. It’s a bloody but lucrative business, and the profits increase when Planned Parenthood can provide more intact baby … [Read more...]

Anglican Communion Suspends the Episcopal Church

Anglican Bishoprettes

Long is the night and the day is short. Many believe (as do I) that it may very well be late in the day when it comes to standing up to the homosexual juggernaut. Certainly no one would expect anything serious from the likes of the clownettes shown in the photo above. Thus, I was stunned when I read that the Anglican Communion suspended the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA) over the issue of sodomy. After all, it's rather late in the day all things being equal. … [Read more...]

The Curious Council


I believe it was FDR who said "there are no coincidences in politics." The older I get, the more inclined I am to believe it. A few months ago, Vice President Joe Biden was awarded a humanitarian award by the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. "Hmmm..." I thought. That's curious. Even for the leadership of an ethnic group that is obsequious as the GOA, this was a bridge too far, given the fact that the Obama regime is the most pro-abortion/pro-sodomy in memory. "There must be … [Read more...]

How The Christmas Truce Of 1914 Shows The World Has Become Less Civil

How The Christmas Truce Of 1914 Shows The World Has Become Less Civil

Source: Return of Kings By Michael Sebastian It was the first Christmas of World War I. German and British troops had already been dug into the trenches of the Western Front for five months when something of a miracle occurred. Men on both sides spontaneously stopped fighting and ventured out to the middle of the battlefield to greet each other as brothers. That event, which we now call the Christmas Truce of 1914, gives us a glimpse into what Western civilization was like … [Read more...]

Do the Jews Need Jesus? A Guest Editorial

The Fractured Christ of Renovation

Peter Papoutsis, one of our frequent commentators, sent Monomakhos this essay. Like me, he's concerned about the implications regarding the recent Vatican statement regarding the validity of the New Covenant. Specifically, whether Jews need to adhere to it in order to be saved or whether they're exempt from it. The implications of this new understanding (to my mind) are startling. At the very least, they point to racialist distinctions between Jews and gentiles that are antithetical to … [Read more...]

Season’s Greetings: “Palestinian Christmas Tree Of Terror”


We here at Monomakhos have long recognized that the Middle East is a smoldering cauldron of intense hate. Truthfully, it's a sticky wicket trying to figure out who the bad guys are. As a non-interventionist (and budding America-Firster), all I know is that we should steer clear of that entire region. If we don't, we'll have to turn the sand there into glass and I don't want to do that. Personally, I've been accused of being a Zionist, a Zio-Christian, an anti-Zionist and even worse. … [Read more...]

Just Sayin’

Jimmy Carter

It's been rather comical watching the Ruling Class have a collective nervous breakdown over The Donald's recent recommendations regarding the banning of all Moslems from entering the country. It's especially delicious to see the Republicans trip up all over themselves trying to be the first to condemn their front-runner. To take collective action against an entire group of people can't be done. It's unconstitutional we are told. Except that it has. And when a Democrat does it, it's … [Read more...]

Je Suis Charles Martel: Part 2

Charles Martel

We here at Monomakhos first used this title back in January, after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity. It was an affront to all those who were proclaiming their solidarity with the murdered "artists" and "journalists" employed there. While we condemned the tragic loss of life at the hands of "home-grown" (note the word) jihadists in France, we thought that the outrage displayed after the fact was beside the point. Charlie Hebdo was not in any way, shape or form a paragon of satire --much less … [Read more...]

Another Narrative Fail

san bernadino

Seriously, things are getting too easy for me lately. The collapse of the Liberal/Progressive Narrative is almost now totally complete. One has to be either mentally challenged or extremely delusional to not see how that Narrative has lost all moral credibility. Let us just consider the recent atrocity in San Bernadino. The Elite media sprang into action even before the bullets stopped flying. A "reporter" for CNN cautiously informed the public that this latest outrage had "all the … [Read more...]

Archbishop Demetrios of America Receives the High Title of “Geron”

Archbishop Demetrios (GOA)

This seems like a deserved honor for a fine hierarch. Regardless, I don't know what the implications of this honor are. Does anyone know what this really means? I've asked several well-read people if they've heard of this title but so far, nobody has given me an answer. Anyway, "Axios!" to His Eminence. Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America NEW YORK – The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America announces with great joy and gratitude to His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch … [Read more...]

The End Result of “Liberalism”

crazy chick

It's never easy to look at a dying religion. Even in its death-throws the collateral damage can be devastating. This is even true of those who never believed in it in the first place. Or for those (like me) who left it long ago. And so it is with the religion of Liberalism. Or Progressivism, Democracy or any other "Enlightenment" philosophy. Don't get me wrong, we had a good run, in these United States from about 1789 until 1913 but it's been downhill ever since. The true, liberal … [Read more...]

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words


Well, I hope y'all survived Black Friday. Seriously, does anyone think that God won't visit judgment upon our nation because of crap like this? America used to be more than fist-fights the day after Thanksgiving. More than clerks getting trampled to death simply because the sales are spectacular. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would get up at four in the morning and camp out in front of the Wal-Mart on a cold and dreary day. Lord have mercy. … [Read more...]

Trifkovic. Russian Jet Down: Erdogan’s Reckless Gamble

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet

I woke up to this news this morning. The preliminary take was that Turkey was well within its rights as the Russian jet had violated its airspace. The news since then has become less clear. Lt Gen McInerney (ret, USAF), a hawk, stated just an hour ago on Gretchen Carlson's show on FOX, that Turkey clearly overreacted as the jet couldn't have been more than 20-40 seconds over Turkish airspace. More, he said that Turkey was pursuing its own agenda, hoping to force NATO's hand against … [Read more...]

Who’s Smiling Now?

all smiles

Some friends and I were talking at Coffee Hour yesterday at Church about the Paris bombing. One of my friends, a conservative but no Trump supporter said: "Trump is either very smart or he's the luckiest man alive." The statement was in regards to Trump's ungracious statements regarding Dr Ben Carson. It seems that he couldn't understand how redemption could transform an angry, poor young black teenager into a mild-mannered, sober professional who was top in his field. It caused a brief … [Read more...]

Moscow: The Geostrategic Picture — A Guest Editorial

Flag of Russia

One of the pleasures of this blog is that I get a lot of informed opinion. The give-and-take is simply phenomenal. Daily, one of our erudite correspondents (dang near the lot of you) writes something most edifying. There's a lot of moral clarity, something we find only rarely from our respective American Orthodox hierarchies. And for that I appreciate it very much. Every now and then, some commentator writes something that deserves to stand alone. This morning, Misha wrote something … [Read more...]

Met Tikhon Explains Why Fr Gerasim Not Elected


To the consternation of many of our readers, Monomakhos has so far restrained from commenting on the continued vacancy of the Diocese of the South. Personally, I'm bewildered. Like the perennial Peanuts comic strip, Lucy continues to pull out the football just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it. I'm sorry, like much in the rest of Orthodoxy, it's just too much changing the goal posts. Abbott Gerasim has done an exemplary job as Administrator of the South these last six months. There … [Read more...]

Patriarch Kyrill: Americans for Natural Marriage are “Confessors of the Faith”


Every now and then events lead us into a "perfect storm." We are engaging one at present with our present moral crisis. Simply put, the tortuous redefinition of marriage, the hijacking of the Federal apparatus, and the unleashing of American military might in order to create a New World Disorder are coming together rather nicely. Among the side effects of this perfect storm are the extinction of the indigenous Christian peoples of the Middle East, the creation of Jihadi-mafia states in … [Read more...]

More Pithy Thoughts From the Protodeacon


There is something unseemly about men who claim authority for their specious arguments because they studied under great teachers. They believe that because they were dutiful students that their ideas carry a weight that in fact they do not have. It's self-indulgent, rooted in the belief that pedigree elevates them as spokesmen and as leaders. Call it the Paris Hilton Syndrome. It's narcissism on steroids. Below, The Protodeacon Eric Wheeler spills out his disdain at Metropolitan Joseph's … [Read more...]

Met. Joseph: Archpastoral Directive On So-Called Same-Sex Marriage

Metropolitan Joseph

With this Archpastoral Directive on same-sex marriage, Met. Joseph has revealed himself to be as strong on the pastoral issues in his Archdiocese as Met. Philip was on the administrative side. The Antiochian Archdiocese is emerging as one of the stronger jurisdictions in America and along with ROCOR may be the place where people who look for serious and consistent moral teaching and practice -- especially within the leadership -- will seek out. The directive lays it out clearly: Natural … [Read more...]