Breaking: The Romanians Play Hardball

Abp. Nathaniel Popp

- Several days ago, I suspended commentary on the upcoming Romanian Convocare, pending any further developments. Last night, I received word that ORSMA (i.e. the Sex Czar) has been tasked with investigating allegations against Bishop Irineu Devlea, the Bishop of Dearborn Heights and currently the only auxiliary bishop in the Romanian Episcopate of the OCA. As such, I am reopening the issue of the upcoming Convocare and its various irregularities. Like all ORSMA investigations this was … [Read more...]

Who Says We Can’t Deport Anchor Babies?


Her Exaltedness stepped into it the other day when she said that we can't deport Anchor Babies and/or break up families of "immigrants." Why, it's just not done. Unless you're a Democrat and then --load up the boxcars! To paraphrase Mel Brooks: "it's good to be the Queen." … [Read more...]

Time Out


It's time now for one of Monomakos' infrequent "Time Outs." The issue this time is regarding discussion of the upcoming Romanian Convocare and the irregular nomination of two auxiliary bishops. (Irregular at least in the sense that no biographies for the candidates are forthcoming.) To be honest, the intramural debate is a little too "inside baseball" for Yours' Truly. Not speaking Romanian and being almost completely unaware of the intricacies of Romania and its diaspora, I'm at a … [Read more...]

The Purpose of the State

Byzantine Double Headed Eagle

In the previous blog posting on the Fourteenth Amendment, we informed our readers that we would further develop the concept of the State. I can think of no better introductory to this lesson than this recent essay by Dn Patrick Mitchell. Dn Mitchell as you may know, is a frequent contributor to Monomakhos. Please take the time to read it, it's quite good and very enlightening. Byzantine Empire—or Republic? The Byzantine Republic: People and Power in New Rome, Anthony Kaldellis, … [Read more...]

The 14th Amendment: Napolitano Embarrasses Himself

Judge Andrew Napolitano

When it comes to news, those of us who are in the Conservative camp are caught between a rock and a hard place. One the one hand we have the Mainstream Media which is --and has been--hostile to tradition, Christianity, and of course the Republican Party for about as long as I have been alive. On the other hand, FOX News, which has been right-of-center since its inception is no bed of roses either. Sure, the graphics, the sets, the intro music, the anchors and the anchorettes are easy on the … [Read more...]

Stacking the Deck?


Many have hoped that with the relatively quiescent tenure of Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard that the OCA had started to turn the corner. In the colorful parlance of Chancellor Jillions, we are constantly being told that "the OCA's Time of Troubles" is over. This comparison though is absurd. Any person who believes this has no sense of proportion. To compare the supposed maladministration of Metropolitan Jonah with the strife and trauma of the original Time of Troubles that obtained in Russia … [Read more...]

Transfigure or Die Trying

Fr. Alexander F.C. Webster

Orthodoxy in the American Public Square Source: AOI by Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster The prevailing political and cultural elites in America are succeeding, steadily and surely, in plunging our society into a post-Christian vortex that bears a striking resemblance in many ways to the formative centuries of the ancient Church. Faithful early Christians had to endure an inhospitable culture and a decadent ethos, as well as a hostile state. America is arguably at the mercy of militant … [Read more...]

No More Politics as Usual?

I am growing stronger...

I gotta admit, the GOP debate the other night was entertaining. Like most modern debates, it was more of a gang-press conference. Such have our standards fallen that no one could accuse it of being Lincoln-Douglass redux. Given that it was the most watched event on cable television ever, one could say that FOX news was the only clear winner. There was another winner however. The Donald. He delivered a one-two punch. He not only sucked up all the oxygen in the room but he exposed FOX … [Read more...]

Gays of Rage and Other Deep Thoughts

George Takei -- Hollywood Intellectual

In my earlier post on the recent Obergefel ruling, I went out on a limb and made a dire prediction. Namely that rather than being gratified by the hallucinatory redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court, the Brownshirted vanguard of Gay, Inc. would not be mollified. I said this because my gut instinct is that the consciences of people in general cannot be salved after a sexual sin has occurred --irregardless of what that sin is. My specific charge was that sins involving homoerotic … [Read more...]

More Mengele: Human Capital Episode 1


Well, the hits just keep on coming. At this point, someone who's pro-abortion will have to actively turn away from these grim realities which keep on popping up, anywhere and everywhere, thanks to Breitbart and the guerilla media. (I can see Breitbart's shade doing his best Obi-Wan Kenobi imitation: "if you strike me down, I will only become stronger!") A piece of advice for the pro-abortion crowd: come clean, admit it. Go the full eugenicist and openly state that "of course we're … [Read more...]

Blessing a Business with Aplomb


In the past, we've talked here about "street evangelism" and the "ecumenism of the trenches." This video, courtesy of Byzantine, Texas, shows us just such an example. In it, we see Fr Hans Jacobse of St Peter's Antiochian Orthodox Church (Bonita Springs, Florida), blessing a restaurant and all of its patrons at the behest of its owner. I've heard through the grapevine that this is becoming more and more frequent throughout the US; that priests of whatever jurisdiction are going unafraid and … [Read more...]

Dr Mengele: Call Your Office!


Source: AOI By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse Selling the organs of aborted babies is big business and Planned Parenthood can deliver most organs intact chirped Dr. Deborah Nucatola between mouthfuls of food a few days ago. Nucatola, a high placed executive at Planned Parenthood, unwittingly exposed the grisly work of her organization in an undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress, a pro-life group. The video is disturbing. Nucatola's demeanor, her perfunctory manner about … [Read more...]

Kate Who?


If there was any doubt in my mind that our overlords are dead-set on turning the American people against each other, it was disabused by several events over the last few weeks. A few days ago, Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security appeared before Congress. The issue at hand was the Sanctuary City policy and the recent murder of Kathryn Steinle by an illegal alien in San Francisco. Kate had been murdered by one Francisco Sanchez, a dangerous felon who had been deported no less … [Read more...]

ROCOR Statement on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

Russian Pro-Family Flag

Not a few of our readers were concerned by the lack of certitude in many of the episcopal statements regarding the recent SCOTUS decision. Few reached the level of defiance that characterized the earlier SCOBA encyclical which was released in 2003. And of course, we are still waiting for the opinions of some bishops who are strangely silent. It is an interesting question as to how their respective dioceses will be --or if they will be--properly disciplined. I am happy to report however … [Read more...]

Omar Sharif: RIP


I just learned that Omar Sharif passed away. A larger-than-life figure, he hearkened back to a day when all real movie stars were people you could look up to, mainly because their talents made up for their other, less-than-admirable qualities. Sharif was such a man. For all his faults, his credits made up for them --in spades. He was most definitely a man for all seasons: bon vivant, raconteur, gambler extraordinaire, and renowned ladies' man, he had a presence, one that is all-too-often … [Read more...]

Pithy Thoughts from the Protodeacon


When it comes to the Syosset Apparat and its brain-trust, we have an embarrassment of riches in The Protodeacon Eric Wheeler. A public intellectual, he has shown us the casuistry that is needed in order for the OCA to swallow the camel of sodomy while choking on the gnat of conservatism. For this we can be grateful. His eloquence sometimes needs visual assistance. We therefore provide you, Dear Reader, with his graphic sermon. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

The Reardon Option or the Chicago Veto?

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

In a previous posting on the atrocious Obergefell ruling of the Supreme Court, I closed with an outline of some possible options available to us. The first was the Reardon Option, which I named in honor of Patrick Henry Reardon, a priest in the Antiochian jurisdiction. Fr Patrick informed us about a month ago that he had stopped acting as an agent for the State of Illinois by refusing to sign marriage licences. He would continue of course in his capacity as an Orthodox priest to preside … [Read more...]

Happy Fourth!

july 4

Even if we don't really have a Constitutional Republic anymore, we can at least wax nostalgic about what once was. I have a feeling that, looking into this this little girl's eyes that there will be hell to pay for all our sins. Lord have mercy. In the meantime, Your's Truly will be en famille, enjoying a great BBQ at my dad's today. Fireworks tonight --the whole shebang. I hope your's is as enjoyable! … [Read more...]

To the Catacombs, Go!

white house

Introduction: The Freedom that comes from Losing One of the silver linings that come from being vanquished is that it makes it easier to speak the truth. It doesn't matter how alarmist your words may be, once your side has lost there's no reason for the victors to fear your arguments, no matter how truthful they are. "Yeah, you were right that once we got gay marriage enacted we'd look to legalizing polygamy. So what? You lost." That's basically where we're at. Christians and conservatives … [Read more...]

We Ask You Not to Force Us to Choose


We Live in the Age of Dostoevsky Source: AOI By Fr. Johannes L. Jacobse The SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage reveals that the corruption of American cultural gatekeepers and institutions is nearly complete. This ruling legitimates the homosexual agenda which at bottom is not about civil rights but the inversion of the moral bedrock of Christian civilization. Religion is the ground of culture wrote philosopher Russell Kirk and when religion changes so does the culture. The … [Read more...]