What Exactly Does “Arming” Ukraine Mean?

For many months now, several in the MAGA, paleoconservative, libertarian and traditionalist communities have been speaking out against intervention in the Ukrainian conflict.  Some of us do so from America-first principles.  Others because we are unabashedly pro-Russian.  Yet others because we are tired of America’s endless involvement in foreign misadventures.  Not a few of us check all of the above boxes.  (Yours truly being one of them.) 

No doubt there are other reasons as well.  But I imagine that the phrase “blood and treasure” mean a lot to most of us, even if they don’t to our execrable Establishment.  As for deranged lunatics like Max Boot who think that Ukraine is “fighting our war,” may I suggest that they suit up and go join the Ukrainians?  Regardless, it’s pretty clear that many of the talking heads on TV, are more than willing to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.  

From a realpolitik point, sensible people know that the Russian invasion could have been avoided had we had sane leaders.  All the Russians wanted was the assurance that Ukraine would remain neutral.  We would expect our leaders to do nothing less had the Russians staged missiles in Tijuana or the Chinese in Niagara.  In fact, we’d be landing Marines in Vera Cruz or the 101st Airborne in Ottawa within 72 hours were either that scenario to happen.

So, let’s lay off the moral posturing.  Putin has no intention of conquering the whole of Ukraine and no Russian leader before him (or following him) has any such desires.  All they want is for Ukraine to remain neutral.  Let me spell that out for those who have trouble reading:  N-E-U-T-R-A-L.  (I took the liberty of typing those letters real slow.)

As for NATO, I guess the mask of it being a “defensive” treaty has finally been ripped off.  Ike warned JFK back in 1961 that if NATO were still in existence in 10 years, we would have failed.  Newsflash to the neocons:  we won, they lost.  That was back in 1991.  We should have pulled up stakes back then.  In case you didn’t know, we have a whole lotta problems stateside.  

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, sending billions of dollars of munitions to Ukraine.  Or should I say maybe sending billions of dollars worth of munitions to that poor, benighted country?  Because according to CBS News (a mainstream media outlet; one not known for being an alt.right/pro-Putin site) the Ukrainians are not getting their –scratch that, our–money’s worth.  You can see for yourself right here:  Arming Ukraine (2022) [Documentary]… A NATO & Western Perspective (bitchute.com)

What’s happening is that maybe Ukraine is getting 30 percent of the munitions we’re sending.

Now, I realize that this news report is largely sympathetic to Ukraine.  Nevertheless, it lets the cat out of the bag regarding what is actually happening to the armaments that the collective West is sending to that country.  For this reason, CBS admits that the U S government told them to remove the piece because it got a few things “wrong.”  Got that?  CBS kowtowed to the government when the government didn’t like what they were reporting.  Even though the report itself was sympathetic to the Ukrainians. 

So, if the Ukrainian military isn’t getting most of the weapons, who is?  Here are some ideas:

  1.  The European black market (e.g. right-wing gangs and paramilitaries in Europe).
  2.  The Middle Eastern black market (e.g. jihadis such as ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Taliban).
  3.  The Russian Army.  (Believe it or not, Ukrainian front-line commanders are selling American-supplied weapons to their Russian counterparts.) 
  4.  Mexican cartels.  (Now that our southern border is wide open, doesn’t that make you feel better?)
  5. The Russian Army.  Again.  (This time via military action:  they’re blowing up transports on a daily basis.)
  6. Ukrainian Oligarchs.  (For resale or for personal use.)

In case you didn’t hear, about three weeks ago, a Ukrainian Antonov cargo plane took off from Serbia and exploded over Greek skies, killing all eight of the crew on board.  No Greek civilians were allowed near the wreckage.  It had 11.5 tons of munitions on board, headed to Kabul with a possible layover in Jordan.  (For more information, please go to:  https://www.helleniscope.com/2022/08/20/the-cover-up-of-the-ukrainian-plane-that-crashed-in-greece/)

Was it shot down?  If so, by whom?  The Greek military?  A Russian sleeper-cell?  A disgruntled arms-dealer who wasn’t satisfied with his share of the sale?  Maybe NATO shot it down, as a warning to the Ukrainians to stop selling their arms on the black market?  Who knows?  Regardless, we’ll never know since it got memory-holed pretty darn quick.  

What’s interesting about the CBS report, is that once it was put up, it was taken down within 24 hours.  (As stated above, because the government wanted it taken down.)  The reason of course is because we don’t live in a country that has a “free” press anymore.  As anyone with half a brain knows, the collective West has been subjected to a barrage of propaganda that would embarrass Kim Jong-un.

Frankly, I’m surprised that CBS even put it out there in the first place as it goes against the prevailing St Zelinsky/Holy Ukraine narrative, at least when it comes down to the nitty-gritty.  Clearly, some mid-level flunkie at CBS didn’t get the memo.  He probably thought he was being paid to be an actual journalist.  Well, once somebody further up the food chain got wind of this video, it was yanked. 

Putting on my tinfoil hat here people:  is it possible that this another indication that the West is getting tired of Zelinsky?  Earlier this week, we saw reports from Amnesty International that accused the Ukrainians of war crimes.  Zelinsky has also fired several top intelligence chiefs and has stripped the Ukrainian citizenship of three Jewish oligarchs (all three of whom held both Ukrainian and Israeli passports).  It also looks like the Pelosi Airlift to Taiwan is an obvious ploy to distract the West’s attention from what looks to be an inevitable Ukrainian defeat. 

Luckily for us, some enterprising alt. journalist was able to save it.  So, to make his hard work worth it, please take the time to watch it.  That’s why we have journalists in the first place.  And a First Amendment to give them protection.  That’s the official story anyway.



  1. Fascinating that this was saved and is viewable, though obviously to a WAY more limited audience than intended. These days once something is posted online it is virtually impossible to delete it.

    The conclusion in the end (not really a spoiler) is that if the war is lost, then arming Ukraine was a huge mistake. So it’s an all-in situation, as the British US Marine says. As the frontline maps make clear, it isn’t looking too good for the Ukrainian government to this day, with 20% of the country being outside of their control and Nikolaev being within artillery range.

    Sadly I believe that once the major military objectives are reached by the Russians, the NATO machinery will continue to pump materiel and manpower into the area for the purposes of conducting sabotage activity, targeting both names and groups. If all of Ukraine is militarily occupied this will be a greater risk, than if western Ukraine is isolated by some buffer zone (I believe the latter is the likelier scenario).

    • We seem to think “winning” means Russian military defeat. That’s not winning for our elites. Winning is making tons of money by selling arms to Europe, Europe (and the world) buying our expensive gas, and controlling the money flow. This war in Ukraine is about controlling our allies in Europe. Trump wanted them to pay for NATO and now NATO controls them. Ukraine is just another Iraq or Libya destroying a region for personal profit and demonic control. NeoCon. Neolib. It’s all about the rich getting richer. It has nothing to do with sovereignty or ideology. Reading Michael Hudson helped me to really understand this.

      • Thank you for the reference to Michael Hudson.
        It all looks very interesting: https://michael-hudson.com/

      • It’s possible there is more than one motive. For someone like Max Boot, and the late Brzezinsky and Albright, it’s very personal. And I’ll say that for many in the foreign policy establishment, especially it’s ideological arm (including the press), this is extremely personal. It goes beyond any form of pragmatism or even rational strategy that is bent upon a result. It’s all about “how dare you?” In other words, it’s best to scorch Ukraine to the last ear of wheat than to let Russia succeed in this operation. All because they know that in the end, they can’t win.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I agree with some (Max Boot, brzezinski) it’s personal. Familial even. As such, they can’t think rationally, hence in their delusion, they act out of desperation.

          These men are immigrants. They have no right to bring their ancient hatreds into the decision-making sphere, to the detriment of their host nation.

          I say this as the son (and grandson) of immigrants.

  2. This too, by Srdja Trifkovic, is quite good.

  3. Love the Trifkovic article. I’m about as far from being a foreign policy person as you can get, but being extremely untrusting of our news, I’ve been reading widely outside of western outlets for perspective, including Eastern and Eurasian.

    If what I’m reading is true, then I’d say this is not about the Ukraine at all, that is just the presenting locale where a growing behind the scenes conflict has broken out into the open. It appears to be a clash between world orders, worldviews, concentrated in the Ukraine but increasingly involving more and more non-Western countries as they wake up to the real stakes involved – and liking what they’re seeing in the non-Western side of the conflict. Especially the attempt to set up a new monetary system, or systems, that respect national sovereignty, are not dependent on the dollar and thus are free of US conditions and demands for participation in the dollar-based system (like accepting wokism, etc). So really it boils down to who gets to control the globe, especially the global financial system. And that is huge.

    Where it will all lead, I don’t know. But the stakes are massively high, maybe higher than we’ve ever seen, and the leaders of the Western hegemony with their globalist plans are showing signs of increasing desperation. Which if true is very dangerous.

    For me, I’m reading, waiting and watching, and working to keep my faith very strong regardless of which way things go. While praying good men everywhere, regardless of “side,” will prevail.

  4. It’s religious/ideological as well as good business – a twofer. The business aspect makes the futility of it much more palatable. There is of course a serious sociopathic hatred of Russia and a desire to kill and wound as many Russian soldiers as possible.

    If they knew how to win they would. They know they will lose. Better to take as many Russians with the dead Ukrainians as possible, fight it to the last Ukrainian, and make as much money off the obscene mess as possible before Russia establishes its final zone of control, deters further resistance and ceases attrition. Once they establish new borders, the Russians can make it so costly for the Ukrainians to continue fighting that they will de facto accept the new reality.

    It doesn’t make any difference what NATO or Ukraine do at this point. They know it. They just want to virtue signal and rake it in. Alas, their position is deteriorating not only from the military losses but from the blowback from the sanctions. It will be a long tough winter for Europe and governments will continue to fall.

    Yes, I’m enjoying the schadenfreude.

    • Solidarity Priest says

      Forgive me, but how is enjoying someone else’s misfortune Christian? Years ago, the bishop who ordained me wound up with egg on his face. Being young and stupid, I laughed at his being bawled out by the Metropolitan. I have lived to regret it. Both have long since reposed as well as most of the people involved. I pray for them daily…

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I think those for whom you are praying, Father, the Christians, are not the group to whom Misha is referring when he used that word.

        Schadenfreude is a complex term. Used in this context it means feeling joyful over the troubles of others who are evil. I suspect God is confounding their plans.

        Unfortunately, in Ukraine, like in the United States, we Christians are surrounded by some very, very bad human beings some of whom are IN OUR OWN CHURCH. Not because they’re are Christian as they are anything but. But because of money.

        You can’t have two masters and they have chosen theirs.

        Christianity is being raped in Ukraine right in front of our eyes. It has been overtaken by greedy politicians, schismatics, and a shameless patriarch in the East. It is the antithesis of Christian. If this hadn’t happened, just think where they would be in 5 years. There would be no pretense of Christianity. They would be hunted down and murdered.

        Yes, it’s sad to see their country torn to the ground, as are we sad to see ours crumble to the ground in an entirely different way here. . . so far. But whatever comes is necessary.

        We can rebuild and as hard as it is and will continue to be, if we don’t, evil will permeant every aspect of our civilization and life won’t be worth living.

      • Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
        The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,
        Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.
        He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

        • I love Psalm 2. Here is the quote in Scots:

          Whatfor fey the far-off folk, an’ the frem folk trew ane ydil thing?
          Kings o’ the yirth stan’ up, an’ righters tak thought thegither;
          again the LORD, an again his Chrystit ane, sayan:
          Lat’s rive their thirlbans syndry, an fling atowre their tows frae us!
          Wha sits in the lift sal laugh; the Laird o’ the lan’ sal lightlie them a’…

          It has, I think, a certain ring to it…

  5. George Michalopulos says

    A very perceptive analysis by Dr Jeffrey Sachs, on the creeping totalitarianism of American foreign policy :


  6. Looks like Serbia is ready to Protect and Serb against the MonkeyPox Festival. Didn’t Archbishop Kyrill say the Orthodox Church was holding this agenda back from invading Christian lands like Russia? Could this be part of the reason for the Kiev regime promoting gay marriage?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Interesting observation, John.

    • Did you see the Serbian procession in Belgrade? Tens of thousands of Orthodox people marching with Priests, monks, nuns and people young and old chanting and praising God. Icons, banners, crosses everywhere and the beautiful Orthodox people quietly walking with decorum. It was glorious. Glory to God.
      All this instead of a sodomite degenerate parade.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    BTW, this is a complete list of Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages that have been taken by the Russians during the first six months:


    The Russians and their allies control 20% of Ukrainian territory (more if you include the Crimea) and at least 50& of their GDP. Yeah, it looks like what we’ve been told in the West is 100% spot on.

  8. George Michalopulos says
  9. George Michalopulos says

    It should be obvious by now that the hogwash we’re being force-fed here in the West by the Mockingbird Media is just that: hogwash.

    That’s mainly because the intel agencies have been politicized to an extent not seen since the Vietnam War and more recently, in the run-up to the second Gulf War.

    Please take the time to read this brief analysis by Larry Johnson, a former CIA analysist, a man who knows how this game is being played.