Veteran’s Day

I’ve been very remiss lately to honor our veterans, mainly because of work and other things.

I hope that this YouTube will make up for it. It’s very moving and the musical score is by the incomparable John Williams, perhaps the greatest living composer today.

I hope that you all enjoy it and if you haven’t had the chance to do it, please thank a veteran for their service. Likewise, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the veterans who read this blog for all they have done.

May God bless you, one and all.

Also, a video clip from Veteran’s Day 2005, in which our own Fr Alexander F C Webster gives the Invocation:


  1. Sean Richardson says

    This is a very beautiful piece of music, and we owe all of those who served honorably our most heartfelt thanks. “Thank you for your service”.

    Two points: First, let’s not confuse Veteran’s Day with Memorial Day. There’s a different motivation behind each.

    Secondly, I was challenged recently, as to why the USA seems to want a monopoly on “Freedom” when so many other nations share an equal level of freedom. My response was two fold: One: Many countries that appear to be equally free are not (example: neither Canada nor Great Britain have the same level of the freedom of the press as the USA has – as annoying as that can be, at times); and two … one would be hard-pressed to find a country that is so totally committed to its own freedom AND to the freedom of other people in foreign lands. The USA seeks freedom for all and is willing to send its young people into harm’s way, to obtain the freedom of others. I pray that we always uphold this Christian virtue.

    • I think this proves that Canada (22) and the UK (40) have more press freedom than the US (43) so I don’t believe your comment is necessary justified. And in any case, having been exposed to both UK and US press (both written and televised), despite not being perfect, I prefer the UK coverage.

      And as for committed to bringing freedom to other parts of the world…it seems to be one thing to win wars but another to deal with the aftermaths – I don’t think anyone can refute that the US and its allies did not even plan what they were going to do with Iraq after Hussain was ousted out which, of course, led to other events happening…

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