Tim Kaine: Beta Male


OK, I gotta go with this! Sorry for the lack of commentary on this post but the picture is just too funny. It says it all. The guy has “beta male” written all over him. It encapsulates everything that is wrong with our professional political class.

I guess it explains why they all are repulsed by Trump, an alpha-male of the first magnitude. This guy looks like a lost little boy getting ready to cry because he didn’t want to get on the school bus. We’ve forgotten that successful men in America used to be exude masculinity –think of George Washington or Andrew Jackson. Heck, even short men like Teddy Roosevelt and Harry S Truman dominated a room with their presence.

Now it’s all George Stephanopoulos and Lester Holt and the castrati who Megyn Kelly surrounds herself with on FOX.

Case in point: I read the other day that a doctor somewhere back East is offering free blood tests to men who are Hillary supporters. He believes that they have lower than ususal testosterone levels. I have to agree. Watching her scream at a union in Las Vegas last week –you remember: “why AREN’T I fifty points ahead?” I could feel the vigor leave from my body.

She’s not called America’s ex-wife for nothing (at least by me).

Discuss amongst yourselves.


  1. Yes, it is an election about feminism and about whether men still feel worthy of being men – the birthright thing of patriarchal societies.

    Most men don’t feel worthy of it. Feminists have cowed too many. The deal that patriarchal males had in ages past seems too good, too “Neanderthal”, too much in our self interest to be true or desirable. It’s the indoctrination. We’d better get over it though.

    Because the only other phronema on earth that has legs at this point besides traditional, patriarchal Orthodox Christianity . . . is Islam. That’s right, it’s come down to a choice between two patriarchal systems.

    Now neither Trump nor Hillary are particularly conscious of the details of all of this. It’s far above their pay grades. However, the main job of the next President of the United States, whoever it may be, will be to keep us out of war with Russia and China and to defeat Sunni Islam as a world conquering phronema. Progressive liberalism with its beta males, low rates of reproduction, destabilized or absent families, exaltation of birth control and abortion, insistence on toleration of perversion and enforced feminism has no chance whatsoever against Sunni Islam.

    Moreover, the progressives won’t even take on Sunni Islam and fiercely seek to remain beholden to it. It’s actually sick if you think about it. They support and enable people who would enslave and behead them for their progressive ideology or religion or gender. Talk about dhimmitude!

    Wonders never cease. I do think it will be marginally better for the US if Trump is elected. That could not move me to actually vote since I’m not a small “d” democrat. But Hillary will be a board certified hot mess vis a vis Russia and China and completely incompetent to defeat the Sunni Muslims. With Trump there is at least a possibility of mitigating the suffering which the United States and its residents, citizens, legals and illegals will endure in the coming years.

    But just tune it out, wait it out and see where we are the morning after election day. We’ll have a better idea of how to plan then.

  2. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    George Michalopulos has moved from posting fake Photoshops of Hillary Clinton with a Confederate Flag to Photoshops of Tim Kaine created for satirical Onion articles! Maybe George Michalopulos will start photoshopping poll numbers to help himself feel better! Sad!

    • It doesn’t matter, you can stick a fork in a candidate when his veep distances himself.

      • Check Twitter, Pence is firmly onboard.

        Since when does a President and VP have to agree eye-to-eye on every issue? Trump has always been one who depends on trusted advisors, and I have no doubt that he will nominate a strong, diverse cabinet that will advise him. (Unlike Obama’s cabinet, which is reduced to playing solitaire all day because he prefers to do everything himself.)

    • George Michalopulos says

      OK, instead of photoshopping, how do you explain HRC’s cynicism in wanting Obamacare to fail?


      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        It’s easy to explain! Clinton wanting to scrap the Cadillac Tax provision (and replace the funding via another mechanism) is not some kind of secret, or even recent news. It was outlined as a preference over a year ago:


        Your ignorance is wearying. With the broader context, that tiny little snippet of email from a larger conversation makes perfect sense and, no, does not mean Hillary “wants Obamacare to fail”.

        That’s the catch with these Wikileaks gotcha stories. The tiny little bits that seem salacious and end up as right-wing clickbait turn out to be a lot more boring taken in greater context.

        Not that you seem to care about greater context, or accuracy, as we’ve seen demonstrated on this web site again and again.

        The two parties have a fundamental disagreement when it comes to Obamacare. Rather than engage in bipartisan work to address any issues or shortcomings, the GOP has made it religious dogma to repeal root and branch, without any real plan for replacement.

        The Democrat side of the aisle basically has their hands tied on making adjustments to the ACA. It’s not that there isn’t interest, or things perceived as needing adjustment, but it isn’t a wholesale replacement or wanting it to ‘fail’. But any incremental changes aren’t going to happen while the GOP controls Congress.

        The Cadillac Tax was kind of a special case which might have been an exception to the rule, due to the tax nature of it. But that still broke down due to absolutism. The GOP House is so dysfunctional at this point they can’t even pass a budget resolution despite the fact the GOP holds both chambers! Sad!

  3. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    George! I couldn’t even imagine you’d strip yourself down in front of us so easily!

  4. Peter Millman says

    Hi George,
    Excellent, brilliant commentary, my friend. I particularly like the ex- wife analogy. Tim Kaine acts like an effeminate coward. Speaking of alpha males, I’ve been listening to some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches. Now , there was an alpha male of the first order. His I Have Been To The Mountaintop speech is truly sublime. He wanted to live a long life, but he knew his time was short. Courage!

  5. He’s not a man, he’s a person. He said so himself. Hillary’s “right-hand person.”

    Sadly his soul is in danger of hellfire for his neutered stance on child-murder.

    • Thank you Ages for bringing that important issue to this discussion on masculinity, manhood. The protection of the male toward the female and the vulnerable is important and soul-affirming. I am greatly saddened when the definition of an Orthodox ideal male does not seem to include doing whatever can be done in God’s ways to prevent destruction of women, children, the elderly. That would include voting for Trump, not sitting home on that day. Yes I will vote for Trump with difficulty and strong reservations about his maturity, but he is not dead-set on inflicting death on infants in the womb, on the essence of femininity, on men involved with abortion, and on families for generations to come. I hope Orthodox males will not sit this one out given the physical, psychological and spiritual effects on more than half the population and on the souls of the males who accede to or conspire to promote abortion in their pregnant wives, daughters, or girlfriends. I am hoping there is a truly protective aspect to Orthodox manhood which becomes manifest. A patriarchal society is only godly if there is the respect given to all women and their concerns and their very being. ~ not just toward one’s own wife and children. Please consider being protective to all women and the vulnerable as best you can this election…even if you have to sacrifice to do so.

      • Thank you, Nicole.

        I agree, I have many reservations about Trump. But he does not present any threat to the Church—my first concern—which cannot be said of Clinton. He has a more peaceable foreign policy than Clinton, who is dead-set on war with Russia at this stage. He is committed to a constitutionalist Supreme Court, which will protect human life. He is opposed to abortion, which is America’s squeaky-clean form of genocide.

        Trump isn’t my ideal, but there are no Orthodox Christians running for president. Trump is good enough, he may at least stop the bleeding, which is a good start.

        • Thank you, Ages. Agree with you on every point. In case you have not seen this wonderful 20-minute video by a Catholic priest quoting his bishop re the election (sent to me by an Orthodox priest who wishes all priests and bishops would speak so courageously), please take a look. On “intrinsic evil” versus lesser concerns in this election:


  6. Kaine is slayed by the Able says

    This guy is such an up-front stooge for the Democrats, it’s beyond crazy. He’s a self-proclaimed faithful Roman Catholic who’s pro-life and who’s also in favor of legalized abortion on demand. Yes, that. Whatever. This dude’s inner life seems in such disarray he has no business running a lemonade stand, let alone being 2nd in command of the United States.

    Anyone who’d willingly tie his success to Hillary’s coat tails has some screws loose. Kaine is struggling for relevancy, and he ain’t finding it.

  7. I think that Hillary’s choice of Kaine for her “running mate” tells us a lot more about her!
    I wonder what her cabinet choices will look like.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Castrati. And a Pentagon which will be bullied into war with Russia.

      • George, as much as I dislike The Clintons, and pray that Trump wins. There is no way we will ever go to war with Russia, no matter who the President is. There is no benefit going to war with Russia. Putin knows it, and powers that be here know it. It’s a lose lose for all. Same with China. The big three, U.S., Russia, and China do not want war, with each other, other than fighting each other through other countries, that’s where the money is. Destroying each other is not profitable. Sorry George I just don’t see scenario for war, even with corrupt Hillary, and full of pride Putin.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Dino, I wish I could be as optimistic as you. Unfortunately, things have a way of spiraling out of control. Have you ever read Barbara Tuchman’s The Guns of August? It was about the lead-up to the Great War.

          I’d heard that Pres John Kennedy, to his credit, gave copies of this book to all officers during the Cuban Missile Crisis because he wanted them to understand how quickly things can get out of hand despite the best of intentions.

          In a previous response to Vesta (I believe) I hyperlinked this breaking news item. I do so again because it shows us where we’re at: http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/putins-ultimatum/ri16851.

          If you don’t mind, please take the time to read it as I would love to hear your comments.

          • Mike Myers says

            Russia Insider! How droll.

            Hey George — how soon do you think before Trump fires Kellyanne and takes Alex Jones on board for the final putsch! Or maybe even VP! I seriously doubt Pence will stomach this guy much longer. Surely he isn’t that clueless. You heard it here first.

            I pity you people who’ve publicly supported Donald Trump for President of the United States. Sad!

          • Never read the book, but I will. So far as nuclear war with us and Russia, let’s just say I’m more a cynical optimist. Just too much to lose on both sides. Nuclear war is never a option, just a deterrent to never bomb each other.

            I did read the linked article, and even though it’s a pro-Russian read, and some is lost in translation. I don’t think 1861 relates to us. So far as demands, we have been demanding things from each other since WW2, nothing new. Nuclear war over Syria? Beyond stupid. The United States stating that we are ready for any preventive nuclear strike? Well shouldn’t we always be? Is Obama weak? Yes of course but not suicidal. Russia says it ready for a U.S. nuclear strike. Ok, so what? BUT the most humorous statement from the writer was stating that: “The US must either choose to implement it’s threats and LAUNCH NUCLEAR WAR, or put up with the fact that this no longer a unipolar world, and begin to behave accordingly”. REALLY! Why do we have to do anything, what will Russia do if we don’t do anything. The answer is nothing, and neither will we. Remember the bombs are deterrents, not for actual use. George thanks for the book recommend, but I hope you did not waste money on a bomb shelter.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Dino, you’re thinking rationally. The Oligarchy revels in chaos. It’s how they make their money and keep their position.

              • George, so true in regards to the Oligarchy. The propaganda of fear is what keeps most leaders in power, and fuels their riches. Us Greeks are guilty the most of this. Think of how we team up to fight the outsiders when attacked. Even Winston Churchill said: Hence , we will not say Greeks fought like heroes, but that, Heroes fight like Greeks”. Sadly though when there are no foreigners to fight, we kill from with in. America is just as Guilty of this as any other country. Worse is even with all the enemies abroad , we are still fighting each other from within. Most likely we will destroy ourselves before any other country finishes us off. God Bless.

              • Hey George, I was just looking at that photo of Tim Kaine, and thinking what a joke. Then a horrible thought, what if that joke becomes our next president in two years after Clinton is impeached. What with all the Wiki leaks something finally sticks, and stinks so bad that Clinton, and her cronies can’t slither out of it. Well then that little man with his face pressed against the window, drooling over horses , will be the leader of the not so free world. Truly another reason to vote Trump!

    • Breaking news tonight about a new tape with Trumpf talking about how women can be “groped” by any man in power, plus other misogynistic comments and also objectifying his own daughter as a sexual object!. Paul Ryan is in an uproar plus other Republicsns. He’s digging his hole out of the Oval Office very nicely. Hillary may not be perfect, but compared to the racist liar, inexperienced Trumpf, she is our best choice.

  8. Michael Kinsey says

    Alpha male, beta male, your still talking about pack of wolves. The righteous are never called that. Alpha apostle, beta prophet, gamma teacher, phi healer, or maybe a beta apostle. Enough, this Greek alphabet concept concerning human beings with Christian civilized souls being labeled is absurd.What animals do is instinct, what human do is free choice to act like subhuman animals. This, obviously includes all so called alpha males.

  9. An “alpha male” does not find it necessary to lie repeatedly and then deny making those lying statements.
    An “alpha male” does not declare bankruptcy six times, deny his employees their wages *and* their jobs, and refuse to pay vendors to whom he owes money.
    An “alpha male” does not tell “whoppers” which others are expected to believe (“I’m the only one who understands the Middle East”).
    So…what *does* an “alpha male” do?
    He leads by the strength of his ethical actions and personality. There are all too few of these leaders around us right now, but a few can be found in business (e.g., Marc Benioff, philanthropist extraordinaire and founder of Salesforce; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Benioff), the military (see a list of successful commanders for any branch of the armed forces), and the law (see a list of successful trial attorneys, esp. those for the defense, and exceptional judges).
    These men do not find it necessary to degrade others when exercising their leadership. They simply have “it”–the charisma to inspire others to follow, admire, and/or obey them.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Interesting perspective but I must disagree. Trump, a man of many faults, is most definitely an alpha-male –whether that is good, bad or indifferent is beside the point.

      At the end of the day all the faults that can be laid at his feet pale in comparison to the blood on Hillary Clinton’s hands during her world-destroying tenure at State. Thanks to the chaos that was sown during her stewardship, we are now actually closer to nuclear exchange than at any times since the Cuban Missile Crisis. (In case you don’t know, Putin just issued a humiliating ultimatum to the US. http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/putins-ultimatus/ri16851 )

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        The Main Stream Media and the Clinton criminal cabal aRe pulling out all the stops to stop the People via Trump. God how the elites hate us and fear us all at the same time.

        We are not electing a choir boy, but a President. Wake up people! Don’t let yourselves be manipulated. Hold the line and vote for Trump. Otherwise is Hillary “Evil Incarnate ” Clinton wins we the common man lose and lose big time.

        Go Trump go!


        • Trump is essentially out of this contest and Hillary will be our next President. His arrogance,misogyny, rudeness, and inexperience have cast a shadow on this election and the GOP is also suffering. Dozens of Republicans are no longer endorsing him; that is not the mainstream media or Clinton Cabal.

  10. An alpha male apparently just grabs women by the p***y. Right George?

    • George Michalopulos says

      As opposed to another alpha male former president who is an accused rapist?

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        George, from your Christian point of view, what does it mean to point to anyone as being accused of anything?

  11. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    George is starting to sound more like a member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard than ever;

    I especially savored the Ayatollah-like “her WORLD-DESTROYING TENURE AT state!”

    I see Putin has now unilaterally decided to abolish Russia’s agreement on plutonium as retaliation for this and that brake being put on his expansionism!

    I bet George and his soul brothers of the “Duck Dynasty” (oh, this is what people like Fr Webster et al call ‘ad hominem” as if they’d never taken elementary deductive logic) are invigorated by Trump’s latest Alpha Male references to gross sexuality!

    Mrs Fitzgerald’s son thinks Trump is a blabbermouth-blowhard who just can’t help himself. Why, he’d vote for George W. Bush or Richard Nixon or Senator McCarthy before he’d vote for that puerile poison toad, Trump! Grabbing women’s crotches and bragging about it!

    • On my only other political post on this site, months ago, I stated that the race was already long over, and that Hillary was going to win in an Electoral College victory somewhere between Clinton’s trouncing of Dole in 1996 and Bush the Elder’s lopsided victory in 1988 when he was riding Reagan’s coattails.

      The reason I felt confident in that was that Trump was running an amateurish and disorganized campaign in an era when even the strongest Republican would have to thread the needle with a flawless campaign.

      It wasn’t that I was blind to the fact that someone like Trump could win, the problem was that the candidate was Trump. And Trump showed himself, very early on, to be incapable of learning what he needed to learn in order to win.

      Everyone knows that he is a crass and low-class man — the problem was that an October surprise like this was always coming, and the Donald — a raw amateur who makes more amateur mistakes than Sara Palin ever thought of making — hadn’t laid the groundwork to give his supporters cover for when it inevitably broke. It has broken, and there is no cover — certainly not in public, and now not even in the privacy of the voting booth where one is alone with one’s conscience.

      Quite the opposite — with his handling of the Miss Universe situation, he can’t claim that he used to be vile and shallow but no longer is.

      This race continues to be over. The only question is whether he will cost the GOP the Senate as well. I would earlier have thought that unlikely, but I think it now more likely than not.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Trump will win in a landslide against Hillary. Case closed.

        • Estonian Slovak says

          I hope you’re right, Peter!

          • For the record, I hope Peter is right and I am wrong — but I feel quite confident that he is dreaming and that I am looking at the world as it is with a clear eye.

            With Trump there is a chance for religious traditionalists not to be consigned to dhimmitude, with Hillary there is none. But there is no point in lying to ourselves about what an alley cat Trump is, and no point in lying to ourselves about what a horrible campaign he has run.

            My indictment of Trump above was directed purely at his ineffectiveness at winning the general election — which is the irreducible minimum job that someone has to accomplish if they want to save the country, as Trump claims he does..

            • Peter A. Papoutsis says

              Trump will win in a landslide and that is not a fantasy that is a fact. And just for the record my eyes are clear and wide open and that’s why I’m telling you and everybody who can hear Trump will win in a landslide come November.

              Also the last time I checked Alley Cats are tremendous Fighters and nobody wants to mess with them. That’s not making excuses for the man because we’re not electing a pope or a saint we’re electing a president in this given time needs to just fight and fight hard for the American people. If this was 1992 before NAFTA before any of these globalist trade deals then yes I would not have supported Trump but now the world is different now is the eleventh hour of the eleventh hour and we don’t need a choir boy we need a fighter. Therefore I’m voting for Trump.

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Edward, when D. Trump says he wants to make America great again, who doesn’t understand that to be code for “Let’s Make America as White as it used to be!”

              • Actually, Vladyka, I don’t. But as a conservative, I am quite used to slurs and slogans from the left masquerading as arguments. I’m just genuinely disappointed that you would use them.

                I was recently told to my face that the only reason anyone could oppose Obama and his policies was racism. There’s not much to say in response to prejudice like that.

                But not to worry — Trump is going to lose for the reasons I have outlined. I just hope the left will try not to gloat too much.

                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  Peter Millman! I’m not sure why you bring up Mr Clinton and not any of Trump’s women?

                  This is not important. Mrs Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate. She’s a hawk, and I’m afraid she’ll destroy all the progress President Obama made in U.S,-Iran relations and in other areas. Yes, she’s been caught lying over and over–like a re-incarnation of this or that Bush administration figure. I DON’T LIKE HER, PETER. However, i think Trump is a knee-jerk idiot who’s not done ANYTHING good or evil for our country, and who thinks the only thing keeping America from being great “again” is that the negroes don’t know their place any more! He dreams of an America that is once more WHITE, and doesn’t KNOW what makes America the great, great country it is now! You have no idea what I wrote about Nancy Reagan’s husband or if I ever commented on “states’ rights! You’re just making this stuff up. How lazt can you get upstairs?

                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  EDWARD. The only sampling of “slurs and slogans” I have done came up with one real howler: “Make America Great Again!” It’s my CONVICTION, Edward, that this idea, that America has became (when?) “less” great, means to most of its users that they are angry that non-whites have advanced while they have not. They don’t really hope to succeed, but they want to SHOW how much they resent the sharing of power with all sorts, but especially Afro-Americans.

                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  Edward, even if Evil Incarnate wins, which she won’t, she will still lose. She will not be able to govern when she is installed. I honestly believe that the elites of this country will not install such a damaged and evil candidate. Yet, you never know.

                  Anyway we will see on Nov. 8. Regardless Jesus Christ already won the victory so the rest of this stuff although important pales in comparison to what Jesus Christ did and continues to do for us. I bid you peace, and I ask for your prayers for myself and my family.


                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Peter, my feeling is that the Elites really have no choice but to install HRC, as damaged as she is. And that should she win, things will fall apart in due season. (That after all is the inevitable consequence of Nihilism (which is what Abortion + Feminism + Sodomy equals.)

                    I used to think that she was a puppet of the Oligarchy but after the fiasco of her siezure on Sept 11, I’m now of the opinion that she and Bill are very high up in the Oligarchy itself. If not the pinnacle, then very near the top of that pinnacle with enormous power and prestige within the Oligarchy. Were she merely a factotum for them, they would have excised her then and replaced her with Biden.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Peter, I just ran across this newsstory:


                      To my mind, this explains exactly what I mean about the Clinton’s being untouchable within Elite circles. I mean, can you imagine any politician telling this anti-Semitic joke in public before a crowd of people he barely knows?

                      For those who don’t want to read the entire story the joke goes like this:

                      Two elderly Jewish men are walking past a Catholic church. On the marquee is a sign saying “$100 for converting.” Abe, one of the men said, “I’ll convert, get the $100 and give you $50. What do you think?” He goes inside, meets with the priest for several hours, learns the Catechism, then is baptized. He gets the money and walks out onto the street. His friend says, “Did you get the money? Gimme $50 like you promised.” Abe turns to him and says: “You f***ing Jews, it’s always about the money, isn’t it?”

                      Seriously, can you imagine any politician saying this joke in public?

                  • http://buchanan.org/blog/system-rigged-betcha-125844

                    Pat remarks on the rigged system.

                    Really, after this, most thinking Americans are going to be confronted with the fact that they are ruled by an illegitimate government. I.e., that which represents itself as the United States of America is actually ruled by an off the radar clique that fix it all through the media, the courts and election fraud.

                    As for me, that is why I’m a political anarchist. If there were a Christian emperor, I would owe him allegiance so long as he ruled according to the Law of God. I do acknowledge the Church’s authority but the US has no legitimate authority, merely raw power, indistinguishable from a schoolyard bully.

                    Which is fine. That’s the way it was under Rome in the beginning when the Apostles spread the word. It’s just good to know where you stand. Now we know for certain. The pseudo-American “illuminati” have let the veils fall.

                    For those who have not already done so, I suggest that now is the time to start forming alliances to establish, connect with and expand some type of normative underground.


                    • Misha, sadly I must agree. This is why I always tell those I care for to never let their children sign up for military service. I can never see a noble cause in this country to fight for again. The corruption runs too wide, and too deep. I apologize if I offended you in previous post about Stalin, but I really wanted you, and others to understand this on a personal level, and this post of yours plays into the question:”What did Stalin save Russia from?” You see, even though they beat back Hitler, they were still stuck with Stalin. The Russian people have no reason to be thankful towards Stalin, then or now. Just like we have been stuck in this rigged system for decades with no hope of change. This rigged system gives me little hope for a Trump victory. Even if victorious , Trump would be our Sisyphus, until the next rigged election.

              • Peter Millman says

                Your “Grace,”
                Do you even think before you write? You and your ilk said the same thing about President Ronald Reagan when he talked about “states’ rights” as a candidate. I have yet to see you utter one critical remark about Hillary Clinton or her lecherous husband. Please pardon the rather crude expression, but you talk out of rear end.

                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  Peter Millman, why would you need me to show my dislike of Mr or Mrs Clinton? I’m not sure why you bring up Mr Clinton and not any of Trump’s women? I hope it doesn’t disappoint you that I have to make mincemeat out of your prejudice about ME:

                  Mrs Clinton is a deeply flawed woman and candidate. She’s a lying hawk, and I’m afraid she’ll destroy all the progress President Obama made in U.S,-Iran relations and in other areas. Yes, she’s been caught lying over and over–like a re-incarnation of this or that Bush administration figure. I DON’T LIKE HER, PETER. However, i think Trump is a knee-jerk idiot who’s not done ANYTHING for our country, and who thinks the only thing keeping America from being great “again” is that the negroes don’t know their place any more! He dreams of an America that is once more WHITE, and doesn’t KNOW what makes America the great, great country it is NOW! You have no idea what I wrote about Nancy Reagan’s husband or if I ever commented on “states’ rights! You’re just making this stuff up. How lazy can you get upstairs? I’d rather have that proven liar, Hillary Clinton, as my president than Donald Trump, who, rather than improving the United States, would put the U.S. in the toilet within a couple of months after being inaugurated! He’s a spoiled incompetent bungler. Oh well, Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas are great house niggers, right? We need to pack the Court with men who know how to copy documents, not understand them! Right? I hope der Trump doesn’t get hurt in his downwards “landslide” back into oblivion!

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            I know 100% I am. Look at the Media exposing itself for the Hillary/Globalist supporters that they are. Look on this blog and see/feel the sheer fear in Mike Myer, Bishop Tikhon, Edward, and others that cannot imaging that our Republic is actually going to start being a Republic of the People, for the People, and by the People. This threatens fascists and neo-facists (i.e. Globalists) to their core.

            The time has come where the average American has put down his beer, stopped watching mindless t.v. (which is nothing more than mind control and propaganda) and 24 hour sport programs (enjoy a game, but don’t obsess over sports), and has woken up and have realized that their country is NOT their country anymore.

            As the control mechanisms in our society (drugs, alcohol, sex, mindless T.V., sports and media manipulation/conditioning) are all failing and have failed, come election day in November a vote for Trump will be a declaration of people’s freedom from the MSM programing and control and we will finally start to take our county back and place it back on its proper constitutional footing. IT IS A START, so after Trump gets elected president of the United States of America there will be ALOT of work that will need to be done by him and US. No more fascism and no more socialism, but pure unadulterated Constitutional Republicanism. This is what needs to be done:

            Federal and State representatives must be contacted and told what we like and don’t like about the various trade deals.

            What we like and don’t like about Obamacare, which I actually like, but it needs massive reform

            That the War in Syria needs to stop immediately and a full on attack on ISIS needs to happen, without America backing them and supporting them by supporting the so-called “rebels” who are really ISIS.

            The flood of Illegals from Mexico, Syria, et. al., needs to stop immediately to allow these populations to assimilate and become part of the American mosaic, and not just used as cheap labor and democratic votes.

            Corporations need to be incentivized to come back to America and give good paying middle class job back to the middle class that has been decimated first under Bush then under Obama.

            The Federal Reserve needs to be terminated immediately and its authority given back to the Treasury Department and Congress and take our economy out of the hands of private bankers and corporations. Sound monetary policy must be adhered to and only if the Fed is terminated and the power of the purse returned to the Congress and Treasury (i.e. constitutional control placed in the hands of the people and their representatives). Sen. Ron Paul is correct on this point.

            Finally, on the social issues the people for the last 50 years have spoken. Contraception, Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage must be put on the constitutional chopping block and gotten rid of. None of these “Rights” exist in nature and by the very construct of the Constitution they do not exist and must be done away with.

            The Constitution only “recognizes” inalienable rights people are born with. People are not born with the Right of Contraception (Chemical man-made), Abortion (Mechanical man-made) or Same-Sex marriage (Abomination Court created).

            This is the game plan. This is what Trump will start to give us the American people. This is how you start to make America Great Again. Unlike Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton that demands we stand with her, Trump has asked if he can stand with US.

            That’s the difference and that is why Trump will win in November and win in a landslide.

            There is a lot of work that all of us need to do after Trump is elected and I do mean a lot of work, but first we need to get Donald Trump elected. So with that said…Go Trump go!


            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Peter just laid about a dozen eggs. Too bad there’s no candidate who would try to encourage our educational specialists to find a way to insure more of our high school graduates could think, speak, and write clearly and logically so there’s less production of windy, slogan-filled nonsense like that!
              Trump is patently deluded about most everything, especially himself. I see no reason to think our voters have just lost it!

              • Bishop Tikhon, Simply by the fact that we will have less murdered babies, paid out by our tax dollars, and at least couple new Supreme Court Justices, not picked by Clinton, by voting for Trump, is that not enough for any God fearing Christian, Your Grace?

                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  Dino, what makes you think we would have fewer murdered babies if der Trump were president? I don’t want to see any more Clarence Thomases on the Supreme Court. I fear, love, and trust God, but I’m never thankful enough, which is the WORST!

                  • Bishop Tikhon, We all know their will be not only be more abortions, but more late term abortions, more morning after pills, and more of all this paid for by our Government, if the Clinton’s have their way. I know your an educated man ,so please Your Grace ,don’t pretend you don’t understand. If you prefer liberal judges over conservative, which is exactly what the Clintons will appoint, well then I don’t know what else to say to you, I thought Bishops would stand for conservative issues in our courts, your Grace. You must be the exception.

                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  Dino I wouldn’t put the Good Bishop and the phrase God fearing Christian in the same sentence. That would create an oxymoron of a sentence.


                  • Peter, I’m starting to realize that, or perhaps the Bishop likes to play devil’s advocate, just to get under our skins.

                    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                      Oh yeah. I picked up on that from day one. However he should learn to quit when he is ahead, but does not. Oh well, he’s harmless, most of the time.


              • Michael Bauman says

                The public school system is the propaganda arm of the secular fascists and has always been. They ddo not want students to think.

                Peter, I for one, do not believe in a gradual revolution as you seem to think. Too much slogging up hill against ignorance, apathy and entropy.

                The historical record is quite clear: cultures never reflower. They die as the central faith which gave the culture life and energy dies.

                So, your attention is in the wrong place. Pray, fast, give alms, repent, forgive and prepare for martyrdom. We are not of this world.

            • Peter Millman says

              Hi Peter,
              As Wikileaks clearly shows, the Hildabeast wants to end America as the country the Founders created. If she is elected with the aid of the corrupt Mainstream Media, it will be the end of America. This rat wants to start a war with Russia. A poll of the Russian people was conducted, and the Russian people favor Trump by a landslide. Trump is correct: why shouldn’t we work with Russia? In my opinion, this is an invalid election; as we know, James Comey is a bad cop, and Hillary should be under federal indictment right now. You are absolutely, 100% correct, this ugly, old harridan is evil incarnate. I couldn’t stand her husband, and she’s worse than he was, if that’s possible. America needs Donald Trump, the world needs Donald Trump, and we all must vote him into the office of President of the United States, otherwise there will be no United States of America. Yes, go Donald J. Trump.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Spot on! If I may add one thing: the Establishment GOP (Ryan, Chaffetz, RedState, NRO, etc.) are part of this evil cabal; some of them perhaps unwittingly. Personally I think Ryan is clueless about his de facto involvement with the NWO, most brown-nosers usually are.

                Regardless, when the collapse and/or revolution comes, these traitors, Neocons and all such cuckservatives should not be forgotten.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                Thanks Peter. Keep fighting the good fight.


            • Michael Bauman says

              Peter, there is no way to reform Obamacare. It is filled with poison pills that prevent simple reforms from happening. It was designed quite well to accomplish what it is accomplishing ,I.e. the destruction of the private health insurance system.

              With average premium increases of 45% nationwide with some states nearing 70% combined with ever increasing out of pocket responsibility(30% increase since it began), increasingly restrictive networks decreasing access, even if folks can afford the extra house and car payment in their budget, they cannot afford the out of pocket when they require care. The only political answer is more of the same.

              The only good thing that it did, allow uninsurable people access, was done in a manner that is illogical, unnecessarily burdensome and unsustainable.

              I see how it negatively impacts people’s lives every day. A pipe dream with a hydrogen bomb in the middle.

              BTW, you arguing with me on this is like me arguing with you about the law.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                I unfortunately agree with your assessment. I do not know if Trump or our so-called leaders in Washington can reform this monstrosity, but I hope they either do or replace it with something that simply gives people access to affordable health insurance. That is all I ever wanted. No free rides, no subsidies, just access. You have to still give people an incentive to work.

                BTW no argument with you here Michael. I’m disgusted with Washington on this and many, MANY other things.

                God Bless you brother.


              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                I agree with this: “It was designed quite well to accomplish what it is accomplishing ,I.e. the destruction of the private health insurance INDUSTRY!

                • Your Grace do not think for a minute that I do not see the problems with private health insurance. But to lie so egregiously to get a bill passed that is nothing like what was promised and has and will continue to impoverish people simply to gain political control is evil.

                  BTW, the only attempt at an alternative comes from Christian based cost sharing plans. They are not insurance, but somehow do qualify under the ACA mandate. They require a minimal statement if faith a couple if lifestyle questions and a willingness to support others health care costs. They are not right for people with chronic health issues but they do fit some .

                  • Peter A. Papoutsis says


                    Did you see this email from Wikileaks on HRC the ACA (Obamacare)?
                    Re: Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC

                    To: aoleary@hillaryclinton.com
                    Date: 2015-09-26 21:17
                    Subject: Re: Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC

                    Given the politics now w bipartisan support including Schumer, I’ll support repeal w “sense of the Senate” that revenues would have to be found. I’d be open to a range of options to do that. But we have to be careful that the R version passes which begins the unraveling of the ACA.

                    On Sep 26, 2015, at 6:10 PM, Ann O’Leary <aoleary@hillaryclinton.com> wrote:

                    Madam Secretary –

                    I wanted to be sure you saw this memo on the Cadillac Tax.

                    In short, we are recommending that you call for repeal but go back to your 2008 position that workers over $250K not be exempt from paying taxes on their health care. This will allow us to take in some revenue and show a consistency of your position without harming middle class workers. It would do little, however, to control health care consumption and costs. (emphasis added).

                    There remains a divide among your advisors with the economic team interested in you offering a “fix it” approach (Option 3) in the memo and your political team very interested in you coming out for full repeal because of the union implications (Option 1). Several of your advisors – Neera and Chris, chief among them – offered this middle ground that Jake and I thought could work (Option 2).

                    Subsequently, I’ve talked to Randi Weingarten who has been taking the pulse of the unions in it. While she thinks they can live with the $250K position, she thinks you don’t gain much from it and feels the most important thing is that you get out there not only offering empathy for workers and the cost-shifting they are experiencing but you make clear that this tax would mean health savings on the backs of workers and you won’t do it that way.

                    If you did come out for repeal, we would recommend coupling it with strong delivery system reforms and making clear that Congress find a way to pay fir it (we don’t recommend having you offer the pay-for since they are actively working on it I the Senate).

                    Because you are going on Meet the Press tomorrow, we wanted to check in on whether you wanted to make your position clear on the show. Comms team feels that only straight up repeal would make news.

                    Jake and John can weigh in further and we are happy to discuss.


                    Ann O’Leary
                    Sent from my iPhone
                    (510) 717-5518 (cell)

                    Begin forwarded message:

                    From: “Ann O’Leary” <aoleary@hillaryclinton.com>
                    Date: September 25, 2015 at 9:24:16 AM PDT
                    To: Dan Stein <dstein@hillaryclinton.com>, Robert Russo <rrusso@hillaryclinton.com>
                    Cc: Jake Sullivan <jsullivan@hillaryclinton.com>, Michael Shapiro <mshapiro@hillaryclinton.com>
                    Subject: Memo on Cadillac Tax for HRC

                    Dan & Rob –

                    Could you please get this memo to HRC today?

                    Thanks very much,

                    Ann O’Leary
                    Senior Policy Advisor
                    Hillary for America
                    Cell: 510-717-5518

                    She and her staff new there were problems with it, especially cost problems and yet kept up the lie that it was going to bring down the cost of healthcare.

                    Just like the other lie that is you like you plan you can keep it. Opps!


                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    “lie to get political control” of what, exactly?

                    • This is the age old fallacy that the Democrats always give away shit to get votes.

                      How did Obamacare pass friends?

                      Easy, the right signed onto it because it helped their big buddies in the insurance industry.

                      Obama probably knew then the costs would soar, resulting in no choice but Medicare for all.

                    • Healthcare so that they can say who gets it and who does not. To advance their agenda of euthanasia and abortion. All for the highest utilitarian goals of course.

      • Edward,

        Honestly, though I hope he wins, you may well be right that America will reject him and favor Hillary over him.

        That, however, is a scathing indictment of America and would signal to me again – as if it had to be signaled again – that America has become too evil to enjoy any protection from God but rather is simply inviting His wrath.

        Yet even if Trump were to win, I hold out little hope for the United States First of all, Trump has some good ideas and some bad ideas. But he has to build some consensus even to get his good ideas enacted. Americans of both parties are too corrupt, disingenuous and shallow to acknowledge when someone is telling the God’s honest truth. It scares them to death. The whole system and its motivating ideology being a Great Lie (Progressive Liberalism), the Truth is its mortal enemy – as is Trump.

        We do really deserve HIllary and we may very well get her. Trump simply told the truth about the nature of female human beings when it comes to relatively attractive, confident, monied alpha males. They fall all over themselves and each other to haunch for such men, by and large. At least the attractive ones often do. So he gets berated for saying the sky is blue. True, he expressed it in a crude way, but that does not make it any less true.

        Regardless, it is high time God judged America. He will be doing so shortly, I’m sure. It will be harsher, due to the geopolitical situation, if Hillary is elected. She would likely lead us into serious conflicts not only with ISIS and the rest of the Sunni world, but with Russia and China as well. Basically, we will have the whole world gunning for us for as long as she is in office. It would be easier under Trump.

        But rave on, folks. At some point you all sound like Baghdad Bob, in utter ostrich like denial about what is happening to Progressive Liberalism and Western culture.

        It’s dying folks. Hanging on to a lost cause just makes the landing a crash instead of one you might be able to walk away from.

      • Months ago, he had a slim chance, even with his discriminatory remarks against Mexicans in one of his very first speeches. Since then,it’s gone downhill. Now that the GOP is essentially disowning him, he will never see the Oval Office.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Trump will win in a landslide. Go Trump, go American people. Go vote for our country and not for evil incarnate Hillary Clinton.

          Peter A. Papoutsis

          • Hillary is now double digit lead over him from various polls. Surprising thing, too, is that even Arizona, a Republican stronghold, is in play! Ohio, a must-win for Trump, is at even odds, too. Hillary is only a few points down. Even his astute campaign manager says they are behind and have some work to do. His Gettysburg address outlining his plans for the first 100 days was great, but it’s too late to really catch fire, plus he opened the address lambasting the women accusers, which took away from the importance of the address. Does not look like a landslide to me or a lot of other folks.

    • http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/the_republican_white_togas_at_work_for_the_queen_of_sleaze.html

      I used to be a Democrat so nothing shocks me, but Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and others quickly virtue-signaled, in effect playing for Hillary. Mitt’s response was the most perfervid. He claimed the taped words “demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world”. I cannot improve upon the responses of my online friends “daddy” and James D” to this nonsense.

      James d:

      The premier arts center in the nation’s capital is named for a man who would have sex with anything that had breasts and a pulse, including a mobster’s daughter and an East German spy, whose brother probably had Marilyn Monroe murdered, and whose other brother got an employee drunk, drove her into a river and left her to drown.

      The former “conscience of the Senate” was a former klansman, and pretty much every public building in his state is named for him.

      The husband of the current Democrat candidate for President (and a former President himself) settled a lawsuit for sexual harassment against a former employee, sodomized an intern in the Oval Office, and had about a million other sordid affairs, while his wife the current candidate used her taxpayer-paid staff to shred the reputations of her husband’s victims.

      All of those things happened while the criminals in question actually held high office.

      How about you criticize THAT before going on about something Trump said during a private conversation a decade ago while he was a private citizen, you sanctimonious loser jackass.

      Daddy could not contain himself on Romney’s claim that this corrupted “America’s face to the world”.

      Correct. It must make Putin and his mistress awful upset, and France’s Hollande and his current mistress awful upset, and Italy’s Berlusconi and all his former babes terribly upset, and Prince Charlie’s (“I want to be your tampon Camilla”) awful upset, and Mexico’s president and his second Soap Opera Babe awful upset, and Canada’s Trudeau (first or second doesn’t matter even if she’s banging Mick Jagger) and their babes on the side awful upset, and the head of the UN Climate Council, Pachori, who had to resign for banging underage whatevers awful upset, and whoever Hu in China was banging before he started banging his current TV show squeeze awful upset, and all the Middle Eastern potentates with multiple wives and dozens of concubines awful upset, and ISIS and their Yazidi Christian women sex slaves awful upset, and Kim Jung crazy Norkorea who puts his used chicks naked into cages to be devoured by ravenous dogs, it must make him awful upset too.

      Yep. Trump saying “Grab her by the p**sy” 11 years ago must make them all awful upset. Hopefully they’ll give us some ice to put on it.

      • George Michalopulos says

        We are seeing Lenin’s dictum of “who? whom?” being played out. A libertine former president is defended at all costs while a libertine challenger is derided for what he said in a private conversation. Likewise Hillary, another libertine is upheld as a moral exemplar while Trump is not.

        This is why we are destined as a nation for the continuation of the judgment that began under Obama. It will end in our continued degradation into Third-world status.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        That was simply awsome. Great job!

        Go Trump, go American people. Vote for yourselves by voting for Trump, and do not vote for the Devil, evil incarnate Hillary Clinton. My kids and everybody’s kids need a future.

        HRC, the Dems and the GOPe cuckservatives will take us to war with Russia and China, and that cannot happen. Vote Trump. Done.


      • Centurion, Great post! Truly we are surrounded by hypocrites! Your post screams to me. YOU WANT THE TRUTH!YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!

  12. Can you please stop with this political bullshit and get back to posting the only reason i visit your wretched little site; gossip. You are the tmz of your stupid little faith and I would appreciate it if you would get back to work.

  13. I have not voted in quite a long time, in fact I don’t even remember the last time I pulled the lever for anyone. But I heard the Trump quote from 2005 and the reaction to it and, even though I do not believe in democracy and don’t really care who wins deep down, I’m actually going to pull the lever for Trump.

    That was the most honest thing I’ve heard a politician say since the Reagan quip about outlawing the Soviet Union and beginning bombing in 5 minutes. The thing you really need to understand is the context of what he was saying. He had just been “caught” hitting on some pretty lady by the show that was filming him. He admitted that he took his best shot and failed, she turned out to be married. Then he stated the frank, honest to God truth – – not about how elite men behave, but about how women behave and react to relatively attractive, monied elite men. All of that is simply true. The Confidence/Alpha thing is a fierce aphrodisiac for women. The thing that liberated women hate about it is how easy the female of the species is.

    It’s like Tertullian: “A woman is a temple, built over a sewer.”

    If for no other reason than America needs to have a frank, open discussion about gender roles – the real unPC truth – I hope he stays in and wins. But, God’s will be done.

    • M. Stankovich says

      Dearest Gail,

      Can it get worse? Apparently so. This is what you find when you lift a few a few rocks. Adultress, whore, sewer, quelles que differénce? This, indeed is the frank, honest to God truth, for once, and why you should be considering the option of confessing to a pious woman – an abbess of a monastery comes to mind – and then going to a priest for the prayers of reconciliation only. It is a fine, ancient tradition and easily justified. I also recommend you get a prescription for Odansetron for the nausea – wonderful stuff. I got your back.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        M/Stankovich: “Can it get worse?” Well, when one starts citing Tertullian, favorite of Mormons, your question is seen to be justified!

    • saunca,

      Like most feminists you left out that part of St. Paul ordering women to obey their husbands. And the part where he says that he never puts women in authority over men.

      So if you admit that the consensus of the Fathers finds that women are the weaker sex and essentially as Tertullian described, then you ought to admit that you are not really in any sense a faithful Orthodox Christian and simply don’t hold the Orthodox faith.

      The rest of your post is rationalization of your non-Christian beliefs. Which is fine. But it is more honorable to be honest and consistent about the whole thing. As I’ve written elsewhere: Neither I nor Christ want feminists in His Church unless they can abandon their feminism and accept the Orthodox Faith. Feminists should feel very, very unwelcome and rejected in any Orthodox community worthy of the name. They should be told that they will simply not be allowed to spread their bile and cause trouble and, if they fear God, that they should repent immediately. In that case, they should be taught the faith and accepted as “sisters, daughters, mothers, etc.”.

      Neither Christ nor any of the prophets spared us from laying out the evil that is in mankind. Why should women be some sort of exception?

      Only the twisted, evil mind of a feminist could come up with such utter sewage. But, again:

      Woman is a temple, built over a sewer.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Vote for Trump as this is NOT about women except if you vote for Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton you are voting for the continued “REAL” denigration of women. Look past Trump and look to the movement that is behind him and supporting him. As the father of a daughter I can tell you she is NOT a sewer and never will be, especially after her Baptism, Misha tends to forget things like that.

      Saunca, please understand this is not about Trump or defending the vile and horrible things he said in the past, but about the here and now. Don’t get manipulated by our jailers and prison guards into keeping the prison door locked. Please fight past it and vote for Trump.

      If you Truly want women to be respected and valued then vote for Trump who will start to destroy the current system we are in. Even if he loses, which I do not believe will happen, the People have woken up. Don’t be fooled by the Main Stream Media into staying in your jail cell. Please. Vote Trump and let’s all get out of jail.

      You may not like Alex Jones, but he said it right: “There is a war on for your mind.” You give them your mind, heart and soul, and you will never be free of them. Please think about this and come election day vote your conscience, vote for your freedom. That’s how important this election right now truly is.


    • He only has one demographic left to upset.

      I expect tomorrow he’ll say all you white guys are a bunch of p-ss–s and he’ll be done.

      But for God’s sake, not sitting to hear the Garland appointment is enough reason to pull the lever for anti-stonewalling alone.

      If you are voting for the ability to let shit flow from you mouth, so be it man.

      • Actually, Anon, Lavrov beat him to it several days ago. And as a matter of fact, far too many “white guys” on both sides of the aisle are <> . Somebody had to say it. It caused Christiane Amanpour to crack up. Trump is just behaving like a man. And truthfully, the fact that some Americans can’t stand it says more about the sick ideology that has infected both the Dems and Repubs than about the rest of the world outside of the US and Western Europe where manhood is still respected.

        The great experiment known as Progressive Liberalism is coming to a close, sooner rather than later, regardless of who “wins” this election.

  14. Gail A Sheppard says

    Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the information. 🙂

  15. Carl Kraeff says

    No matter who wins, we must proceed with the proposed Convention of the States to amend the Constitution for we have evolved into at least two separate polities. We should insist on term limits in the Executive Branch and age/tenure limits in the Judicial. We must restore the 10th Amendment and forbid the SCOTUS to delve into matters that belong to the states. Finally, we should start thinking about a new polity, something like Switzerland, with each constituent element having its own legislative, executive and judicial branches, with few functions run at the national level (perhaps national defense, foreign affairs and monetary policy).