Ukronazis in Azovstal Plant Surrender!

The long-awaited surrender of the last hold-outs at the Azovstal plant in the city of Mariupol has finally arrived.  The situation is fluid so bear with me as I try to make sense of this development.

Yesterday morning, in Mariupol, several Ukrainian soldiers emerged from the Avozstal plant under the white flag of surrender.  (Some say nine combatants, others put the number at fifteen.)

This was the start of negotiations, first for the safe passage of the wounded to receive immediate medical care, then the surrender of the regular combatants.  

As of this morning, 500 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign mercenaries have been processed.  It is believed that there are still another 500 below.  What is unknown is whether any of these men were of the notorious Azov Battalion.  

Rumors, of course, abound.  One which made the rounds yesterday was that should the holdouts at Azovstal surrender, the rest of the Ukrainian army would mass-surrender, as well.  While this is possible (surrenders are happening, daily), it is unlikely, in my opinion, mainly because the Russians have cut off the lines of communication between the Ukrainian armed forces in the field and Kiev.

In an age of mass communication, it’s next to impossible to suppress all news.  This probably explains the tone and tenor of President Zelensky’s words where he acknowledges the stunning defeat but couched it in diplomatic/military legerdemain. 

In other words, Zelensky “ordered” the Azovstal combatants to “cease fighting” because their “mission had been accomplished.”  

In a previous interview with Buck Johnson, I acknowledged the abysmal performance of the Russian army in the public relations sphere and I was not the only one. 

Seemingly at cross purposes in the war itself, the Russians were fighting –and winning–a military conflict, where Zelensky and his Western puppet-masters were more interested in the entertainment value of winning the war through propaganda.    

At the end of the day, it’s the side with boots on the ground that wins.  

Other rumors have been flying, as well, specifically, that among the foreign advisors who were at Avozstal, a Canadian general who had been extricated two weeks ago is being held in close quarters in Moscow, where he is now being debriefed.  If true, this could explain the quiet confidence of the Russian general staff as they go about conducting routine operations. 

Basically, the Russians are masters of keeping their mouths shut and letting the enemy sweat.  

At this point, I would like to comment on the incongruence of the Nazi-inspired ideology of segments of the Ukrainian population.  I would also like to lay to rest the canard that just because Zelensky is Jewish, as are several of the Ukrainian oligarchs, they could not track with these neo-Nazis. 

I don’t want to engage in psychobabble so I’m just going to state my observation that in war, strange things happen, especially given the passage of time. 

Hitler, as we all know, had a special hatred for the Slavs.  In his dream of Lebensraum (living space) for the German people, the majority of Slavs would either be exterminated or driven past the Ural mountains.  This included not just the Russians, but the Ukrainians, the Poles, the Czechs, and whoever else he deemed to be Untermenschen.

The Jews, he wanted to relocate to Madagascar first, then to Palestine, if necessary.  It was only after 1942, that the Wansee Conference decided on “the Final Solution.”

So yes, it is indeed ironic that many Ukrainians, particularly in the western parts of their country, chose to fight for the Wehrmacht in special Einsatzgruppen SS units.  But they did so, enthusiastically. 

In the intervening years, they continued to idolize this part of their history.  There are streets named after Stepan Bandera, the head of the Ukrainian Nazi war effort, everywhere in the western part of Ukraine.  Statues of him abound, as well.  And yes, it shouldn’t make sense, but few things do unless you were there. 

So, too, the incongruous career of the oligarch Ihor Komoloisky, Zelensky’s political godfather.  Like Zelensky, he, too, is Jewish, and yet it is he who bankrolled the Azov Battalion.  Go figure.  

What I am trying to say is that if you’re looking for philosophical consistency over a period of time in this turbulent region of the world, you’re not going to find it here; not in Ukraine.  

In any event, these were some bad dudes and they were taken out.  Let us hope that the rest of them will be defeated.


For a more in-depth analysis of the occultic, neo-pagan religion behind the Azov Battalions, please take the time to read this very eye-opening analysis:  Azov’s Ukraine Solidifies a Bloody Paganism and Hatred of Christianity – Russian Faith (



  1. George Michalopulos says

    Here is some very recent footage of Ukrainian POWs being processed:

    • Panayiotis says

      So what about Russonazis and their influence in Russian society. C’mon man you see Ukronazis but not Russonazis. You’ve got double standards!!!!!

      • Gail Sheppard says

        There are “. . . nazis” in every country but they rarely start wars with world powers or attack the Orthodox Church. Ukraine is “special” in that way.

        • Panayiotis says

          Gail with all my due respect, if you look deeper there are nazis in the Russian Orthodox Church…..please do some research and you’ll see their influence in the matters of the Church and what’s sad is that the Russian Church Hierarchy tolerates them and their activities.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Would it be possible to talk about just Ukraine, without having to compare it to another country? Some day we can talk about just Russia when they’re the ones running all over the world asking for arms and money so they can continue a war with a WORLD POWER who could wipe us off the planet.

            Of course, that day will never come, because they don’t do that.

            When a country wants something from us, like it or not, they’re going to come under additional scrutiny, especially when Hollywood starts tearing up. (Hollywood is like a backward canary. When it starts chirping, we know the air is only fit for them to breathe and danger is everywhere.)

            All the pictures of a drugged-out Zelensky, against fake backdrops, making us think he’s where he’s not, and CGI to make it look like Ukraine is being visited by Pelosi and her gang in the middle of a war zone, just isn’t working for me.

            And I don’t blame any country for wanting NATO and the State Department to stay as far away from their country as possible. Letting them in would be like living with a 40-foot 5G tower in your front yard. You know it’s probably going to kill you; you just don’t know when.

            We can talk about the Russian Hierarchy another day. Today, I want to finish the book I’m reading on Patriarch Kirill entitled, In His Own Words. Great book.

            • Andonis Monaxos says

              Patriarch Kirill in his owns words is a fag*** and gets fu**** right up the a**. That’s more like it!!!!!

              • Gail Sheppard says

                Sometimes comments like this should go through. I, of course, had to heavily edit it to make it barely passable. If you’re his priest or bishop and would like to contact this fine specimen of Orthodoxy, you’ll have no trouble locating him without any help from me.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Panayioti, FWIW, the Russian people, as well as the RF, have an extreme view of the Nazi Party. Russia, like so many other countries in Europe explicitly outlaws parties such as this as well as publications. One cannot even mention Holocaust revisionism and could go to prison for possessing David Irving’s book Hitler’s War.

            As a free-speech absolutist, I can never agree with such absurd positions. Regardless, I only mention this to give all our readers a patent view of what the RF believes about Nazism and the adverse reactions that the Third Reich evokes in the Russian people.

            Would that it was the same for those Ukrainians who praise Stepan Bandera and get the Wolfsangel rune, the Black sun or the swastika tatooed on their skin.

          • I have seen no evidence for this assertion. Are there fascist types in Russia? In small numbers. Do they have any political clout? None, whatsoever. This is in gross contradistinction to the Ukraine, of course, where they make NZ icons and where the CP has created a pseudo-church for them to steal the property of real Orthodox and persecute them.

      • First deal with the Nazis who are shooting at you.
        Then you have time to think upon the others…

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Speaking of . . . Do you know the website

          (WARNING: It’s not for the faint of heart.)

          “No? Well, it was created by Ukrainian government officials in 2015, just a year after the Maidan protest leaders took power in Kyiv, to publish the names and personal details of thousands of people considered “enemies of Ukraine.” This site (whose name literally means “Peacekeeper”) is allegedly managed by the Ukrainian Security Service and officials from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. It is thus a kind of death list for politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and other public figures who have been “cleared for shooting” by Ukrainian patriots.”

          Please tell me if you see my name. I’m too afraid to look.

          • LOL, run from Langley, VA!

          • Baybuga CJ says

            I think Gail you’re far far away from reality and refuse to see the bigger picture. This website is made by fruitcakes for fruitcakes who have nothing good to do with their time.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Fruitcakes who apparently run a hit list operation. I see they have a comment section. Why don’t you tell them they’re “fruitcakes who have nothing good to do with their time.”

              • George Michalopulos says

                Baybuga CJ, now that it’s clear that Twitter is a scam (half of Biden’s 21 million followers are ‘bots), how can we believe that these websites, run as they are from Langley, do not pose a threat?

                Clearly, our gummint is more than willing to spend a lot of moolah to spy on ordinary citizens. Maybe they have goon squads as well?

            • m. Cornelia says

              Bayburga CJ, although it’s not surprising since you probably only read US news sources, but you are the one far from reality. Two well known hits from the Mirotvorets list were: writer Oles Buzina, and politician Oleg Kalashnikov. They were killed within hours of each other. The Right Sector leader Anna Demid was the first to break the news of Buzina’s death–before the doctors or anyone else. Just after the Maidan revolution, Buzina said: “Not even satan could win this war, because this is a war of Ukraine against Ukraine, Slavs against Slavs, Ukrainians against Ukrainians, Ukrainians against Russians–whatever you like… It is a sin to kill, I cannot participate in this war.” “When only thieves are charge of the country, it’s easiest to say that Putin is at fault.” Kalashnikov was against rewriting the history of his country. There were a number of other suspicious “suicides” of politicians who were on the list. You can google translate this article: among others to get their names. They were all considered “not patriots” because they were against the war in Donbass. So, please wake up and smell the coffee. That site did/does exist, and people listed on it have been found dead.

            • m. Cornelia says

              Bayburga CJ, although it’s not surprising since you probably only read US news sources, but you are the one far from reality. Two well known hits from the Mirotvorets list were: writer Oles Buzina, and politician Oleg Kalashnikov. They were killed within hours of each other. The Right Sector leader Anna Demid was the first to break the news of Buzina’s death–before the doctors or anyone else. Just after the Maidan revolution, Buzina said: “Not even satan could win this war, because this is a war of Ukraine against Ukraine, Slavs against Slavs, Ukrainians against Ukrainians, Ukrainians against Russians–whatever you like… It is a sin to kill, I cannot participate in this war.” “When only thieves are charge of the country, it’s easiest to say that Putin is at fault.” Kalashnikov was against rewriting the history of his country. There were a number of other suspicious “suicides” of politicians who were on the list. You can google translate this article: among others to get their names. They were all considered “not patriots” because they were against the war in Donbass. So, please wake up and smell the coffee. That site did/does exist, and people listed on it have been found dead.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                m. Cornelia is correct. It’s no joke. Did you see those babies? Guess babies are now enemies of Ukraine. I don’t know what we expected. They have self-admitted witches devoting all their energies to Ukraine.

  2. Alex/Alexander (and many others) called it. The Russians play the long game and waited out the Azov and IIRC the civilians were freed as well.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    As always, a great video by Jacob Dreizin:

  4. Anonymous II says

    Apparently Zelensky pleaded with musicians to support the globalists in Ukraine, and now he’s offering the opening speech at Cannes to filmmakers. I’m confused… I thought Zelensky is a strong, sovereign military commander?

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy outshone all of the stars at the Cannes Film Festival after he addressed the opening night crowd of actors and filmmakers, delivering an emotional plea on behalf of his war-torn country. Appearing via video, Zelenskyy had festival-goers dabbing their eyes.

    “We continue fighting,” Zelenskyy said. “We have no choice but to continue fighting for our freedom.”

    Zelenskyy’s remarks came shortly before the premiere of “Final Cut,” a wacky zombie comedy that seems far removed from the brutality on display in Ukraine after Russia’s illegal invasion. But even as Cannes returned in glamorous form after two years of a global pandemic, Zelenskyy’s passionate rallying cry served as a reminder of the political turmoil still roiling the world.

    “I’m sure that the dictator will lose,” Zelenskyy said, in a pointed reference to Vladimir Putin.

    “We will win in this war,” he added. “Glory to Ukraine.”

    The war in Ukraine looms large over this year’s Cannes. Several films featured at the festival, such as “The Natural History of Destruction,” the latest documentary from Ukranian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa, are informed by the conflict. Cannes will also screen the final movie from Lithuanian filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius, a Ukraine-set documentary that the director was shooting in the city of Mariupol when he was killed in early April. Cannes has waded into the political situation in other ways, making no secret of its allegiance by banning Russians with ties to Putin’s government from the festival.

    In his remarks, the Ukrainian president spoke about the responsibility of cinema in promoting values of democracy and freedom.

    “Hundreds of people are dying today,” Zelenskyy said. “Is cinema going to stay quiet or is it going to stay out of it?”

    He argued that movies have always played a crucial role in uniting people against authoritarianism and cruelty, reminding the crowd of the power of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator,” a satire of Nazism that debuted before America had even entered World War II.

    “The world needs a new Chaplin who will prove [to] us that cinema isn’t silent,” Zelenskyy said. “We need cinema to show that each time the ending will be on the side of freedom.”

    The opening night crowd included Cannes jury members Deepika Padukone, Rebecca Hall, Asghar Farhadi, Trinca, Ladj Ly, Noomi Rapace, Jeff Nichols and Joachim Trier. There were also several other power players and stars in attendance, including Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences CEO Dawn Hudson, and “American Crime Story: Versace” star Édgar Ramírez.

    Zelenskyy, who came to prominence as an actor on Ukrainian TV show “Servant of the People,” playing — in a bit of life imitating art — a Ukrainian president, understands the power of media. He has also spread his message while appearing at public events such as the Grammy Awards in April.

    At the Grammys, Zelenskyy told the crowd that Ukrainian artists “wear body armor instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded in hospitals, even to those who can’t hear them. But the music will break through anyway.”


  5. Of course many Ukrainians in 1941 supported the Germans. Who were they going to support? Stalin, the Holodomor? And from a militar point of view, the fact that the Russian army needed almost 3 months of fighting in a surrounded city in order to defeat a battalion of some 1.500, that’s not a milestone of any kind. Most of Ukrainians are still waiting to be “liberated” by all migthy Russians.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mike, as I have often written here, had I been a Ukrainian in the opening days of WWII, I myself would have welcomed Hitler as a liberator. I have also written about the Holodomor as well. I am not anti-Ukrainian, not by any stretch of the imagination.

      I have pointed out however that many of the Ukrainians in the previous eight years have persecuted millions of other Ukrainians, all for the sin of wanting to speak Russian. We think that this war began on Feb 24, in reality it began in 2014 in Odessa when 24 people were burned alive in the Trades Union bldg. Their crime? Speaking Russian.

      Since then, 14,000 civilians in the Donbass have been killed. And all because they refused to buckle under the Nazis who hate their language and culture.

      Is this a just thing in your eyes?

      As far as the Azovstal holdouts: they were held up in an impregnable “fortress” (so to speak). The RF was right to wait them out and not waste any blood and treasure, especially when they had time on their side.

      As for Mariupol itself, the Russians conquered it handily, with minimal losses to their side (as opposed to significant losses for the Ukrainians). And the civilians there welcomed them as liberators. As they have been in Kherson, Poposnaya and countless other places.

  6. Oh, George, you’re so “ten minutes ago”! The Ukrainians simply suffered an unconditional evacuation!

  7. As GWB might have said:
    “Mission Accomplished?”

  8. Isidora B says

    I greatly admire the way the Russians have conducted their military operation with mercy instead of efficiency. They would have been more than capable of conducting the operation US-style by obliterating cities in Shock-and-Awe massacres, but their Orthodox values did not permit such hateful behavior towards fellow Orthodox. They have pursued a just cause in a merciful fashion. Shame on NATO for continually breaking promises and belligerently pushing it’s weapons up to Russian borders.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Isidora B, it as you say, a more merciful way to conduct war (to the extent that war can be “merciful”).

      Unlike the US, which for several decades now, engages in “shock and awe,” which preserves the lives of US servicemen but slaughters innocent civilians on the other side, the Russians are engaging in a methodical war of maneuver and not engaging in wanton, reckless killing.

  9. George Michalopulos says
  10. George Michalopulos says

    Looks like Goldman-Sachs and Rothschild Freres are feeling the pinch: their puppets, Draghi PM of Italy and Pres Macron of France have been on the horn to Biden, to tell him “give peach a chance”:

    “The panic of financial disaster in the West has begun to set in. As a result, the French President Macron has told President Zelensky (that is, told Washington) to give up part of Ukraine’s sovereignty and at last start serious negotiations with Russia. Macron is also trying to free French mercenaries from Azovstal in Mariupol, but the problem is much bigger than this, as the whole of Europe is facing economic meltdown. And the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has asked President Biden to contact President Putin and ‘give peace a chance’. Note that Mario Draghi is a former president of the European Central Bank and a Goldman Sachs puppet – just as Macron is a Rothschild puppet.”

  11. George Michalopulos says

    Well, this is interesting:

    It looks like the “top commanders” (read: NATO officials/actual Nazis) are still inside the bowels of the Azovstal plant.

    This might explain why Macron has been in furious negotiations with Putin to try and end this.

    Things will continue to get very intersting.

    • What is likely actually happened is that some critical mass of those inside decided to surrender and told Kiev as much. Kiev tried to get ahead of it by their announcement telling them their mission was over and they should give up “to save lives”, though they were happy to let them rot or be slaughtered up to that point.

      But that does not mean that everyone underground has decided to surrender . . .

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Just think of the lives that could have been saved if Zelensky had capitulated and signed the papers in the beginning. Their country would still be intact.

        If, against ALL odds, they had beat Russia, how would they be better off?

        I almost wonder if Zelensky was working for the other side. He did a marvelous job making the Ukrainians look like idiots. Not that they are idiots but their leadership is every bit the loser, as was Poroshenko before him.

        Zelensky spent his whole life trying to make people laugh or cry and he finally “arrived,” as they say. He got applause and tears from the Cannes Film Festival. Maybe they can give him a participation award or something.

        How sad for the Ukrainian people.

  12. Many have been patient with the SMO up to this point given that it is succeeding on all fronts by any rational measure. However, though I continue to support the SMO, I’m moving more decisively into the category of advocating a full declaration of war by Russia and expanding operations throughout Western Ukraine and even into Finland, etc., if necessary.

    The reason is the element of fear.

    I’ve had a bias against taking over Western Ukraine for the simple reason that the people are anti-Russian and an insurgency would likely develop, a headache Russia does not need. I’m still wary of that, but there are more important considerations at work which militate toward taking Kiev and Lvov and simply imposing a police state, if necessary, to pacify the situation until people can be deprogrammed and denazified.

    The bottom line is that the West no longer fears Russia in the way they feared the USSR, and this is dangerous for Russian security. Fear and respect are closely related. To be particular, respect is based in fear. Now, we would all prefer that the West love Russia if that were in the cards. But it is not. Yet the hatred and contempt are dangerous without fear since they are not tempered by respect. People hated and had contempt for the USSR, but they respected the USSR because they feared it (and with good reason).

    Russia needs to give the West a good reason to fear it, and thus instill respect. Some will protest that respect is not earned that way. This is an ahistorical point of view. Of course it is. Russia is using kid gloves in the East and the South of the Ukraine, and that is appropriate. But the only people paying a price for this incursion so far are the Ukie military and Azov as well as those in the East. But Western Ukraine is the hotbed of Banderism.

    It is folly to speak of denazification if you don’t take Kiev and Lvov. You can surround the lion’s share of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass and decimate it, destroying all its heavy weaponry (or capturing it). You can also destroy weaponry in the West through missile strikes. But you leave the Banderist population largely untouched and they will form a sizeable constituency in whatever remains of the Ukraine, so you are looking at perpetual conflict as long as they are supplied with weapons.

    “If you set out to take Vienna, take Vienna.”

    Russia did not only set out to secure the Donbass and Novorossiya, it set out to demilitarize and denazify the Ukraine. There is no way to do that without occupying the country and providing an object lesson that scares the hell out of the West, thus instilling respect. Give the West time to work up courage and they will. Earlier in the war, there was a hypersonic missile attack in the West of Ukraine near Lvov which took out a base and around 200 Western mercenaries which gave the West cause for pause. Now Finland wants in NATO and the Poles want to march into Western Ukraine.

    Outside the Donbass and Novorossiya, the Russians need to go scorched earth through Kiev all the way to Lvov. They need to fight like they did in Syria and even Chechnya. Hell, put Kadyrov in charge of negotiations so they know there’s no way out but to flee the country. Events may actually escalate so this is inevitable anyway. Tragically, it needs to happen. The West has no respect for self-restraint. Better for Russia to take the initiative, declare war and make it happen.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, an excellent analysis.

      I too, agree that by all rational measures, the SMO has been a success in what the RF wanted to accomplish in the East and the South. (I’ll leave out the economic success that the RF has experienced for now.)

      I agree with you in the main. Having said that, I have no problem with the Poles taking back the West. Let them deal with the Banderites (who slaughtered thousands of Poles and Jews in WWII).

      Now I realize that the West is going to throw scads of money to Kiev in order to prolong the fighting. That’s their ace in the hole, one which the RF can’t possibly compete with. Of course, we all realize that the majority of that money is never going to make it to Kiev and as for the weapons, most will be sold on the black market.

      Despite the blinding hatred that the collective West has for Russia, their other Achilles’ heel is (as James Carville stated), “the economy stupid.” The Western economy is steadily going down the crapper (the stock market plunged today). Inflation is out of control. And our society is fracturing with a racially motivated mass-shooting on a weekly basis.

      The GOP, through no merits on their own are going to wipe out the Democrats in November but even though the present GOP is all in as far as “being at war” with Russia, the signs point to a civil war within the GOP: the MAGA/America-firsters vs the RINO/neocons. This could put the brakes on a war.

      Another Achilles’s heel: NATO expansion has been put on hold. Erdogan of Turkey is hanging tough on Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO. Also, the political situation within those two countries is not settled as to this matter.

      Then again there’s the fact that the German business establishment is buckling (as is France and Italy). The EU economic situation is even worse than ours. And now most of the “unfriendly countries” are paying for Russian commodities in rubles. That was unexpected.

      However, I do believe that Putin should continue to press forward, perhaps even all the way to Lviv, thereby relieving pressure on the Donbass. I’d say that if there were 40,000 Russians in Galicia, holding territory that the Ukrainian army does not possess, it would put a brake on Poland’s entry into the West. They could serve as an encirclement of Odessa and eventually help take it.

      Final analysis? If the RF succeeds in taking Odessa, then Ukraine becomes another Hungary, that is to say a land-locked country. They won’t need a navy. Whether they agree to negotiate won’t matter, in fact if I were advising Putin, I’d say forget about negotiations, forget about the West, they’re never going to like you and look to the East (and the Global South). Just take what you’ve conquered and call it a day.

      The West kicked and screamed when you annexed Crimea eight years ago but nobody did anything.

      Anyway, what do you think?

      P.S. I will add this as a caveat: Russian intel is nothing short of brilliant. It’s possible that the RF has a mole or agent-in-place in Zelensky’s circle who’s feeding them info and/or who could be activated to take him out.

      That may be a consideration that the Kremlin is privy to.

      • Why would they want to take Zelensky out?
        He is fighting a media war instead of a real one.
        If he were to be replaced, his substitute might change that.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Well, if the replacement got a higher score than Zelensky on Dancing with the Stars, he might do OK.

      • George,

        At present, the only way that I can see this ending is for Russia to finish taking Novorossiya and destroying the Ukie army in the Donbass, holding referenda on independence and joining the RF and making the entire Donbass/Novorossiya structure all the way through Transnistria a part of the RF.

        That’s fine, but it definitely will not accomplish the twin aims of denazification and demilitarization. What’s left of the Ukraine will still be infested with NZ’s and armed to the teeth. The West simply will not stop arming an independent Ukraine so long as there is an independent Ukraine.

        Now, once all that territory is incorporated into the RF, the situation will change a bit. There is a reason that the Ukrainians did not attack Russia before the war, only Russians living in the Ukraine. That reason is the certainty of massive retaliation. That deterrent would have to be in place in order to stop the war. Of course, that could be achieved by using hypersonic missiles to take out any large concentrations of Ukrainian forces.

        There may be some spectacles of sufficient ferocity to re-establish the deterrent of fear towards the end of the conflict. God knows what Russia has in store for the Western part of the country. And if the Ukrainian army collapses suddenly (which often happens in these scenarios), then the Russians may choose to march right into Kiev.

        • Μωλον Λαβε says

          I believe that the RF knows that there is a plethora of incriminating evidence including the money trail that will indite many in the globalist hierarchies. There will be no possibility of damage control.
          Smart money would be for the RF to secure the entire Ukraine. The process of being deliberate is to minimize damage to non-combatants and retrieve hard intelligence.
          I believe it is essential that Ukraine is secured in its entirety and foreign media report that there is no genocide or ethnic cleansing and for a chance to report the truth. This will indeed be a major victory for Russia on all fronts.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The reason the collective West is throwing all sorts of money to the Ukraine (some of which might actually get there) is because if they lose Ukraine, they lose their slush fund/base of operations/and God knows what else they’ve used that poor country for.

            I wonder where Hunter is right now?

    • I think, when the Donbass army disintegrates (as it will),
      the tempo of Russian operations will once again increase.
      The political and military collapse of Ukraine will likely accelerate.
      Already there are disputes between the Army and the Politicians.
      The Ukies use more ammo in a day than NATO supplies in a week.
      NATO’s wonder weapons (howitzers) are fast being destroyed or taken.
      A comprehensive victory is ultimately more impressive than a quick one.

    • Alexandr says

      The very far west (Carpatho-Russia) holds no love for their Banderite overlords, having suffered enforced Ukranianization, bans on speaking the Rusyn language and the seizure of their churches by Ukro-schismatics.
      I’m sure that if Russia went full postal on the Banderites, the Carps would love to meet their Russian brothers in the middle, attacking from both sides and sealing off the westward means of escape for the fascists.

      Я Русин был, єсмь, и буду,
      Я родился Русином,
      Честный мой род не забуду,
      Останусь єго сыном;

      Русин был мой отец, мати,
      Русская вся родина,
      Русины сестры, и браты
      И широка дружина;

      Великій мой род, и главный,
      Міру єсть современный,
      Духом и силою славный,
      Всїм народам пріємный.

      Я свїт узрїл под Бескидом,
      Первый воздух русскій ссал,
      И кормился русским хлїбом,
      Русин мене колысал.

      Коль первый раз отворил рот,
      Русскоє слово прорек,
      На аз-буцї первый мой пот
      З молодого чела тек.

      Русским потом я питан был,
      Русским ищол расходом
      В широкій свїт; но не забыл
      С своим знатися родом.

      И теперь, кто питает мя?
      Кто кормит, кто мя держит?
      Самое русское племя
      Мою годность содержит!

      Прото тобї, роде мой,
      Кленуся живым Богом,
      За печальный пот и труд твой
      Повинуюся долгом.

      И отдам ти колько могу,
      Прійми той щирый дарок,
      Прійми вот маленьку книгу,
      И сей писменный рядок;

      Прочеє же не забуду
      Сердца моєго скруху
      Пожертвити; я твой буду,
      Твоим другом и умру.

      English Translation

      I was, am and will remain Rusyn,
      I was born a Rusyn,
      My honorable lineage I will not forget,
      And I shall remain its son;

      My father and mother were Rusyn,
      As are all my relatives,
      My brothers and sisters are Rusyns,
      And my large group of friends;

      My great and mighty people
      Are united in peace,
      And with renewed strength and spirit,
      Are magnanimous to all others.

      I first saw the light of this world under the
      Beskid range,
      The first breath I drew was Russian,
      And I was raised on Russian bread,
      A Rusyn it was who cradled me.

      When I opened my mouth for the first time,
      I spoke Rusyn words,
      And it was over Cyrillic letters
      That sweat ran from my young brow.

      Later I was educated as a Rusyn
      And as such went out into the wide world;
      But I did not forget
      My own distinguished people.

      And now who shows me the way?
      Who nourishes me? Who uplifts me?
      It is the Rusyn nation
      Which upholds my respectability.

      It is for you, my people,
      I bow down to the living God.
      Through sweat and hard work
      I pay back my obligation

      And give to you as much as I can.
      Accept as a gift and with sincerity
      This little book
      And its writer’s words.

      I will not forget to sacrifice this repentance
      From the bottom of my heart
      I will remain your devoted
      Friend until I die.

    • I don’t think that the Russian government really cares about how long it’s taking… as long as they keep grinding down the UAF, and all of their NATO-supplied equipment along with them, they are happy to be patient and suffer minimal losses, while maximizing the enemy’s.

      The UAF’s losses of men are unsustainable at this point and their material losses are almost absolute. NATO equipment is being destroyed or captured almost daily, and we already see reports about the strain being placed on Western MIC. It’s almost as if Russia is fighting a war of attrition, without have any attrition of its own.

  13. George Michalopulos says
  14. Anonymous II says


    The dismantling of monuments connected with Russia and the USSR continues in Ukraine.

    A monument to St. Alexander Nevsky was pulled down in the Saltova District of Kharkov today. A video published by the Ukrainian outlet Strana shows the monument being pulled down by a rope tied around the saint’s neck and connected to a truck.

    Archpriest Peter Kozachkov, rector of the nearby St. Alexander Nevsky church, told the Union of Orthodox Journalists how they managed to pull the statue down: “From the very early morning, 30 minutes after the curfew, men armed with machine guns arrived by car, put soldiers so no one could get near, and very quickly, in just a few minutes, pulled the monument down. No one had any time to do anything to protect the monument.”

    The monument was erected at the priest’s initiative in honor of the city’s 350th anniversary in 2004.

    According to parishioners, the park used to be a dirty place, but once the monument was erected, the square was transformed and became a popular place for locals.

    St. Alexander was Prince of Novgorod (1236–40, 1241–56 and 1258–1259), Grand Prince of Kiev (1236–52), and Grand Prince of Vladimir (1252–63). He is known for a number of military victories that played a significant role in Rus’ history. He ended his days as a monk with the name Alexei.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Well, so much for the obeisance of some “Orthodox” in the Ukraine to Holy Orthodoxy.

      Shame on them.

    • Do they deny St Alexander Nevsky?
      Then they deny being Rus. So what are they?
      Poles? Turnips? (Sorry: Swedes?)

      Whatever they are, it does not seem to be Orthodox.

      • Consider that Nevsky’s most famous victory was against the Teutonic Knights. What do the UkroNZ’s consider themselves?

  15. Unbelivable. What is going on with those people? They have no shame.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    May his memory be eternal:

    And may we be blessed to see in our lifetime the restoration of all Orthodox monarchs.

    • Μωλον Λαβε says

      That’s a very serious thought. Only by the Will and Grace of God could we ever hope for the reemergence of Byzantium and the Czars. Incredible to think of, but with God, all things are possible.

      • @George & Molon Labe,

        Dr. Steve Turley actually just did a video where he touches on this without outright saying it.

        Essentially saying that Russia and Turkey are the heirs of the Byzantine Empire and that their new seemingly friendly relations is the beginning of a new neo-Byzantium

      • George Michalopulos says

        Thank you. Seriously, I do. Especially now that the constitional/republican experiment in America is fraying at the edges.

        Not an absolute monarchy mind you; I would want near-to-absolute democracy on the city/county level with republicanism at the state level.

        • Μωλον Λαβε says

          I agree on the concept of local governance i.e.neighborhood, village, town, county, state or country similar to tribal councils. No more than three representatives to the next higher level chosen by lot. No political parties, no PACs, lobbying prohibited and representative terms at each level for one year only. Just an idea to consider and KISS. A parliamentary form of government presided by a monarch or president ? How would a monarch be chosen ?
          Greek kings motto was “My strength is the love of the people”

  17. This is what Bartholomew created, organization for extortion.