Ring Out the Old…

The arrogance, narcissism and envy that characterized the outgoing Obama regime never ceases to amaze me. Throw in the unnecessary hazards that follow such Caligulan petulance and we can imagine what the summation the historians will draw about this sorry Administration.

Think of it, in accusing the Russian Federation of “hacking”, these United States are toying with the idea of war. Make no mistake, that’s what these countermeasures imply. Actual hostilities could ensue. Luckily, they won’t.

Why? Because both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump can see right through Obama. They both, in their own way and in their own bailiwicks, took an accurate measure of the effete man that our disgruntled minorities (and hapless Republicans) put into office eight long years ago.

A “community organizer” of no significant accomplishment, he was steered into the highest office in the land by Globalists who believed that through him, they could turn these United States into a useful internationalist puppet. They were right –at least for awhile. Where they erred is in not grasping the reality of ethnos, of tribe, of blood. Obama was for them a symbol of what they wanted the world to be: bi-racial, multicultural and vaguely spiritual. A mulatto whose love for Islam would seep into the broader American narrative.

Or so it was hoped. For me, this picture says it all.

Honorable mention must go to Nigel Farage. Thanks to the success of his United Kingdom Independence Party we saw for the first time cracks in this impossible, new unicorn-and-rainbow utopia that the Globalists had planned for us.

The Brexit presaged a brighter future for ordinary folk everywhere. Trump, to the consternation of the GOP elite saw this and kept on fighting even when Nate Silver, the pollsters and the rest of the Best and the Brightest told us that it was over, that a Madame President was our future. That the jackboot of Political Correctness would forever be pressed against our throats. That our final words would always be “I love Big Brother.”

The Lord was merciful indeed.

That being said, Obama has exactly three weeks to go. He can do a lot of damage in three weeks. This latest demarche against Putin is a case in point. Wars have commenced over less.

Nor is Trump without his own power. To be sure, he has no authority whatsoever as President-elect under the Constitution. And yet, in some platonic way and through a variety of ruses, he is making it known that he is already President.

Think of it: does it not seem strange that former opponents are making the trek to the Trump Tower seeking favor? Is it not interesting that business and banking magnates have announced plans for new initiatives in America? That jobs once scheduled for Mexico are staying in the Rust Belt? Or that on his “Thank You Tour” throughout the swing states, Trump has shown that he can bring tens of thousands of people to an event on moment’s notice? Mark my words: in placing Gen James Mattis –America’s most beloved warrior–as Secretary of Defense, the Armed Forces are quietly falling into line. Through all these measures, Trump has signaled to the Oligarchy that no extra-Constitutional measures against him will be tolerated during the interregnum.

Because of this important back story, neither Putin nor Trump have fallen for Obama’s cheap trick. This trap is so obvious that it appears to me that Obama’s heart isn’t in it. Oh sure, there is no doubt that by doing so, Obama hopes to bolix up Trump’s first one hundred days but that’s a side-effect. The true impetus for this clumsy provocation is that he was forced into taking this step by elites in the Democrat Party who are still operating under the delusion that the election was somehow “stolen” from Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What better way to cement into the body politic the meme that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate? That were it not for the Russians, that he couldn’t have won? Denial is a useful coping mechanism. Unfortunately, unless such denialism is put aside, it blocks the road to repentance. The need for self-reflection is as salutary as it is obvious; that the Democrats will not undertake it is not my problem. Oh well. I can’t say I didn’t try.

In the meantime, let us pause to praise the Lord that He has placed two real men in positions of authority over the two largest nuclear arsenals. Men that have the discernment to see through such threadbare schemes. Let us continue to entreat Him that they will not succumb to the machinations of the Globalist knaves who are still trying to engineer a war between America and Russia. More, that they can both work against ISIS and possibly turn back the orkish hordes that have befouled Christendom.

May He grant us all a happy and prosperous New Year!


  1. George Michalopulos wrote:
    Think of it, in accusing the Russian Federation of “hacking”, these United States are toying with the idea of war.

    No, Russia was the one committing potential “acts of war” when they engaged in their cyber campaign in the first place. The US, if anything, is being very restrained in its response.

    Not that the Kremlin cucks see it that way, of course.

    George Michalopulos wrote:
    orkish hordes that have befouled Christendom

    Nice to know you aren’t going to get any less racist in 2017.

    • George Michalopulos says

      You really believe the government and the corporate media, Nate? Even at this late date? Seriously?

      • Well, let’s consider something.

        Russia did not say we will bring the hackers to justice, did they?

        Case closed.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Because nothing was “hacked” Anon. You’re building a straw house for your straw man.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Also, just what exactly did I write that was “racist”?

    • Pat Teague says

      Nate, the CIA and FBI might be telling the truth. Russia might have hacked and might have tried to influence the election. The CIA and FBI were summoned to Congress to provide their evidence. They took the stance of the present Administration to ignore Congress. In doing that Alphabet Police heaped suspicion upon themselves, their evidence, and their credibility. They may be telling the truth. They may not. We The People do not know. And We The People through our Congress don’t receive the respect The Constitution demands.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Excellent point, Pat! Leaving aside the original Russian “hacking” accusation for the moment, the simple fact that the Congress summoned the CIA to come before them (to put up or shut up) and that they refused, is nothing less than sedition.

        Nothing screams Banana Republic like intelligence agencies being so brazen in their refusal to appear before a duly-constituted legislature. I’m still not able to wrap my head around that one. I can’t think of another time in American history where such a thing happened. The only thing that comes to mind is when Andy Jackson ignored the Supreme Court and ordered the forced removal of the Cherokee from Georgia.

        But that’s not exactly the same thing in that the controversy was between two co-equal branches of government (POTUS and SCOTUS). What happened here was an agency set up by the Congress (the CIA) ignoring the Congress itself.

        • Nate Trost says

          George Michalopulos wrote
          Excellent point, Pat! Leaving aside the original Russian “hacking” accusation for the moment, the simple fact that the Congress summoned the CIA to come before them (to put up or shut up) and that they refused, is nothing less than sedition.

          This assertion is not true, and I already corrected you on this once already. So pants on fire to Mr. Michalopulos. That Nunes played you for a fool doesn’t mean the IC isn’t briefing Congress.

          The first time, you’re merely spreading misinformation, as usual, but when you do it after being corrected, that makes you something else entirely.

        • What Trump should say to the intelligence services is this:

          “Show me proof that a server under the exclusive control of the Kremlin hacked into the DNC.”

          He should take whatever proof they offer and then say, “I don’t see a smoking gun. How do I know beyond a reasonable doubt that the Russian government used a Russian government server to hack into the DNC? Show me the smoking gun.”

          Then, he should take whatever evidence they give him and say, “Alright, you’re doing your jobs. I will have my people take a look at it and see what it looks like. I’ll get back to you after the inauguration.”

          Thank you very much, have a nice day.

          • George Michalopulos says

            He needs to do more than that. The Intel Services are completely compromised and politicized. A total clean-out is necessary, top to bottom.

            • Agreed

            • Nate Trost says

              Completely disagreement. It’s the other way around, the IC as it exists is non-politicized more than people realize. Trump’s aim would be to purge it to create a politicized IC of yes-men.

    • Nate , Don’t you expect both countries spy, and hack on each other, the difference is America would never admit it. I won’t even touch that our country is always spying and hackiing on all countries of interest.
      What is surprising is that Obama is using his lack of cyber defense, to defend another failure to get. Clinton elected. Obama is just another Jimmy Carter. Trump will lead as a leader should, never show weakness. See ya community organizer Obama!

    • Michael Bauman says

      I believe the orkish hordes to which George refers are the demonic jihadists who rape, burn, murder and destroy Christians, our churches and our holy sites.

      How in the name of God is naming them for who they are and who they serve “racist”?

      Whether or not there is an ontological reality of race or not the term racist has ceased to have any meaning. Those that use it are beginning to understand the parable of the boy who cried wolf.

      So either define what you mean by racist use the word with precision or don’t use it at all.

      Maybe spellcheck is racist, it turned orkish into Irish. Ahhhhhhhh. Smash all the phones, send the programmers to sensitivity classes, fine the computer makers for egregious violations of civil rights. Oh, I forgot, Irish are Caucasian therefore it is impossible for them to be victims of racism. They themselves were born racist were they not?

      Lord save us from all ideology and the hardness of our hearts.

    • Islam isn’t a race.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Nate, I am honestly surprised that it is not common knowledge that industrialized nations are hacking each other daily and that includes the U.S. You know that, right? Hillary had the opportunity to safely encrypt her emails, but she chose not to. If they were hacked, whose fault is it? It would be like me leaving a $50 bill on a park bench in a drug-infested neighborhood in South Central LA and expecting it to be there 10 minutes later. If they caught the thief, I wouldn’t have the chutzpah to prosecute him, as I forfeited my right to the money the moment I walked away.

      Hillary forfeited her privacy the moment she chose to bypass the security measures the American people put in place for her. If we found out what she didn’t want us to know, it is *her* fault. The Russians were just being Russian. Can’t blame them for that.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Perceptive analysis Gail. This of course brings up the primary question, which is: why did HRC use an unencrypted, non-governmental server? There’s a lot of terrible things I can say about Hillary but being stupid isn’t one of them (lazy —perhaps).

        My guess is that she wanted to have an “off-site” communications device which allowed her to keep on influence peddling on the side with foreign governments. One which couldn’t be traced to her official government account.

      • Nate Trost says

        Gail Sheppard wrote
        Hillary had the opportunity to safely encrypt her emails, but she chose not to. If they were hacked, whose fault is it?

        1) There does not appear to have been any release of emails from Clintons private email server from hacking. I understand you probably read a lot of confusing misinformation in the giant flood of noise that constituted election coverage. The DNC was not running off that server, nor were a wide swath of presidential and local campaign email accounts that were spearphished or targeted with malware during the election cycle.

        There’s a certain deep irony that for all the controversy over Clinton’s use of a private server, in an age of the OPM breach, the FBI breaches and other hacks on federal government databases, the DNC hack, etc, that the one source we didn’t seem to see leaked emails from hacks was: Clinton’s server.

        2) Encryption does not work that way. It doesn’t matter if data is encrypted on a server if the account credentials are compromised via social engineering attacks like spearphishing or targeted technical attacks like the phone malware.

        Again, the hacking dumps during the election were a completely separate matter from Clinton’s email server. The only commonality is that they both involve, well, email. Also, you clearly have no background or basic understanding of information security principles. Let me gently suggest to you that your reading on the subject has been both woefully inadequate and left you outright malinformed. Don’t live your life like George Michalopulos.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Give it up, Nate. All of the emails that Wikileaks got came from an inside source, probably Seth Rich and not from Russian hacking. The fact that you can’t come to grips with this bodes well for the future of the GOP in that you and the rest of the Dem establishment will continue to believe your own delusions.

          Fine by me.

          • George either you’re racist or not. Do not play Nate’s game. No explanation needed. Simply state you’re not, and if Nate doesn’t believe you, tell him to pound sand! The days of political correctness are over.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Well, Nate, you’re right. It *is* confusing. Her emails came from all over the place. Federal law enforcement officials even found them on Anthony Weiner’s computer. I think she had up to 13 mobile devices; 3 of which were lost. If you know everything the Russians have, where it came from, and how they used it, enlighten me because I don’t think we’re ever going to know.

          I’m not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that I have “no background or basic understanding of information security principles,” as I work in a pretty tightly regulated industry when it comes to privacy. Security is something I deal with every day. We depend heavily on encryption and not just on our servers, but in sending and receiving information, as well. If you thought I was only talking about servers, it is you who doesn’t know much about security.

          Hillary chose to use personal devices (not necessarily even her own) for work related activity. She also compromised herself by the very nature of the emails. There are just some things you DON’T send electronically . . . like anything that would mess up your career. Banks, insurance companies, airlines have all been hacked; even the Pentagon. Our vulnerability is astonishing. Some of the most damning emails were the “ha ha,” levity inducing kind that are just plain unnecessary. Why would you take that risk and if you do, how could you blame anyone but yourself if it makes you look bad?

          • Nate Trost says

            Gail Sheppard wrote
            Well, Nate, you’re right. It *is* confusing.

            See, thing is, you admit this, but then you act like you know what is going on, while saying things that directly prove otherwise.

            Gail Sheppard wrote
            Security is something I deal with every day. We depend heavily on encryption and not just on our servers, but in sending and receiving information, as well. If you thought I was only talking about servers, it is you who doesn’t know much about security.

            You’re just digging yourself a hole here, encryption is not some kind of magic bullet if you have a situation where account credentials are compromised. This was not a situation of compromised endpoint/routing node and unencrypted transmission, or even physical security loss of hardware with unencrypted storage.

            As far as the Russian hacking campaign, there is rather detailed open-source descriptions from the private sector as to the anatomy and attribution of the hacks on the DNC and also the hacks on campaign personnel like Podesta. This is public information, and whatever classified information the IC has that only Congress/POTUS has seen, it’s on top of this.

            There are a lot of facts which can’t be conveniently swept under the rug, a couple quickly distilled ones:

            * The DNC hacking campaign using APT28 command and control servers, which were also used in the Bundestag hack
            * Guccifer2 pretty much hinted at giving Wikileaks the DNC emails beforehand and took credit after
            * Ongoing attribution efforts in similarities between Android malware used in the DNC hack and that targeting an app used on Android devices by Ukrainain artillery personnel (this one isn’t as nailed down, because Ukraine wants to pretend it didn’t happen, although a copy of the compromise is apparently on VirusTotal)
            * The Podesta attackers mistakenly exposed their operational target list (see: https://www.secureworks.com/research/threat-group-4127-targets-google-accounts) the subject matter of which is…enlightening
            * The Podesta attackers didn’t redact the compromise vector from the dump, suggesting operations and distribution were separate operational elements. Which resulted in the previous point.

            Of course, that stuff all makes George Michalopulos throw up his hands and sing “Lalalala, Assange said it wasn’t from Russia! Good enough for me!”, or even more bizarrely, now apparently claim that there was no hacking at all. Which is rather amusing for a variety of reasons, not least of which is Assange used to claim the whole design of Wikileaks was for it to be impossible for him to know where information came from.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Nate, you really believe –at this late date and against all contrary evidence–that there was no collusion between the DNC and the MSM and that this was all because of Russian “hacking”?

              • George, liberals still believe Clinton and Obama still have a chance at the White House if they just whine and riot enough! Reality and reason are not in their vocabulary. The Russians! The popular vote! The Russians! The popular vote! The Russians! The popular vote! But, but, but, the Russians hacked us! We deserve Clinton!!!

                George one thing I have know as a parent, you can’t reason with a two year old or a left wing liberal, during melt down! Better to just walk away.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Nate, when I said it *is* confusing, I said it in the context of Hillary using private devices (many) for work-related activity. – Never said encryption was some kind of “magic bullet.” IMO, it’s like 75mgs of vitamin C, i.e. the *minimum* daily *requirement.*

    • MosestheBlack says

      Wow…the “racist” accusation has even made it to this website. Foolish name calling is the result of those who cannot think up a good argument.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Excellent reply, MtB. I’d like to know what he thinks that I wrote was “racist.”

        • Nate Trost says

          George Michalopulos wrote
          I’d like to know what he thinks that I wrote was “racist.”

          Three things in this essay alone!


          George Michalopulos wrote
          the orkish hordes that have befouled Christendom


          George Michalopulos wrote
          A mulatto whose love for Islam would seep into the broader American narrative.

          George Michalopulos posted:

          Yes, that is a “Dindu Nuffin” meme image of President Obama. Which originates on places like Stormfront. If you think that is appropriate to post, then I’m guessing you have autographed copies of “A. Wyatt Mann” cartoons somewhere in your possession. Attempting to deny the racial implications of that image is ludicrous.

          Here’s a free pro-tip for you: if you don’t want to be viewed as racist, maybe don’t choose humor images for your essays that actual neo-Nazis and actual Klan members create for laughs.

          When you write about non-white people, or things touch on ‘race’, I don’t think most of your readers have any idea how much of the vocabulary and philosophy you use comes straight from the white supremacist and “race realist” crowd. If you know what to look for, it really, really stands out. I mean really:

          George Michalopulos posted
          Obama was for them a symbol of what they wanted the world to be: bi-racial

          Oh no, not race mixing! And then, just in case you might have mistakenly taken that as a value neutral observation, better add the mulatto slur in there to make sure the point is driven home!

          You don’t get to run a blog that will republish Jared Taylor, or give approving nods to vdare and the ilk and then play the ingénue. This is a long running issue, and I think it is only going to be more apparent in the Age of Trump.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Sorry, but “mulatto” is no more “racist” than “Negro” was back in the day (or “Colored”). BTW, did you happen to catch the fact that it’s OK to use the word “People of Color”?

            As for “orkish hordes,” well, what do you call people who publicly shit in the streets, gang-rape women because of “sexual emergencies” and live loutish lives of indolence at the public teat? And who genitally mutilate their females in order to keep them subservient? (Just try doing that with a Greek woman or telling her that she has to share her husband with three other wives.) These are hardly men.

            As for your perusal of racist websites, I’d say that you are doing some projection here. 95% of the memes I get come to me via gmail and/or text from some of my many contributors, friends and acquaintences.

          • Obama is a mullato. He had a white mother and a black father. “Mullato” refers to mixed race. There is no reason for that word to be offensive to anyone. One can take offense at anything, of course . . .

            “Orcish hordes”. There are Arab Muslims, Persian Muslims Asian Muslims, Negro Muslims, Caucasian Muslims, etc. Muslim is not a racial or ethnic identifier.

            As to homeboy being picked up for nuffin’, politics is a contact sport. Obama is black, the police in the picture are white, and that scene occurs every single day in Obama’s America many, many times. It is introspective rather than racist. We have allowed the creation of a subculture of “gangstas”. Insofar as he participated in HRC’s criminal email activity using a pseudonymous account/username, which we now know to be true, he is our Gansta-in-Chief – but only for the next 18 days.

          • Islam isn’t a race, you silly person.

    • Pat Reardon says

      Nice to know you aren’t going to get any less racist in 2017.

      I have been reading George’s blog for years, but I have never discerned even a whiff of racism.

      • Nate Trost says

        Pat Reardon wrote
        I have been reading George’s blog for years, but I have never discerned even a whiff of racism.

        You live in a city with a great diversity in ethnic backgrounds. From this essay alone and the picture Mr. Michalopulos thought to post accompanying it, you could solicit random non-white fellow citizens as to their opinions. I think they would in overwhelming majority express to you that said material is racially problematic and also explain to you why.

        Mr. Michalopulos has made a great number of problematic statements and reposted material from problematic people over the years. Frankly, it is not hard to find, I know I personally commented on a lot of it at the time. If you are really that interested, I’d have no shortage of examples to point you to.

        • George Michalopulos says

          They’re only “problematic” in your mind conditioned as it is by the cultural brainwashing known as government schooling.

        • Michael Bauman says

          They are only problematic if one has the a priori assumption that any ridicule of a black man, especially a black President is racist, that is proceeds form the belief that all black people are inherently inferior and incapable.

          If we are to “judge men on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin” why is it that a white guy cannot make mocking comments about the content of a black politicians character without being called a racist and black politicians can insult white people in general and certain white people specifically because they are white while often using the word nigger toward other blacks and simply cannot be racist-ever

          It is illogical, unjust, absurd and fundamentally tryannical in nature. Shoot even Tyler Perry understands the rot of racism that inflicts his own people.

          Black folk are the ones that suffer the most becoming idelogically eternal victims and eternally offended people. Forever on the plantation of the race hucksters and manipulators.

          God save us from our stupidity.

      • Fr. Pat,

        The hurling of accusations of racism is tactical. Trump is trying to break the link between the feminist/LGBT lobby and the Black and Latino communities. Thus racism is the dessert of the day and it positively must be found everywhere.

        Because if that link is severed, the Fem/Pervs are done.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Sometime last year, I stopped using the word “racism” when I found out its etymology. It was coined by Trotsky during his exile here in these United States when he tried to foment discord between whites and blacks. Best thing Stalin ever did was hire an American to strike a pick-ax through his head.

          • Nate Trost says

            George Michalopulos wrote:
            Sometime last year, I stopped using the word “racism” when I found out its etymology. It was coined by Trotsky during his exile here in these United States when he tried to foment discord between whites and blacks.

            This is historically and factually incorrect. The “Trotsky invented racism” is itself a modern propaganda invention by white supremacists. Where are you learning this stuff from anyway, Mr. Michalopulos?

            • George Michalopulos says

              Done a lot of reading on Trotsky. It seems like you are the one doing a lot of reading of white supremacists.

              • Nate Trost says

                That is because they are the ultimate source material to a depressing number of your assertions.

                “Where on earth did George Michalopulos get that idea? Oh, Them… Again.”

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Nate, I’ve noticed a pattern lately. When I ask you a direct question, one that would expose the paucity of your proglib pieties, you resolutely refuse to answer. Then you go dark for several days, hoping I won’t keep track.

                  One of the questions I asked was whether you believed in evolution. Crickets.

                  Now I’ll ask you this question: is what you see in this video racist?


                  A simple yes or no will suffice.

                  • Nate Trost says

                    George Michalopulos wrote
                    When I ask you a direct question

                    Which you do as an evasion tactic, as the question you end up asking generally is not truly related to the issue I’m pressing you on. Your “evolution” question is a case in point. As is your video question above. It’s a painfully transparent tactic.

                    And you’re trying to do it here to avoid having to acknowledge that your belief that Trotsky coined the term ‘racist’ is false and is easily disproved by historical records and examination of the evolution of language.

                    George Michalopulos wrote
                    Then you go dark for several days, hoping I won’t keep track.

                    No, I merely feel I’ve proven my point, and that your attempt at distraction of dissembling stands on its own as not meriting a response. I’ve long since given up on expecting you to actually acknowledge your errors.

                    It’s just this dance, over and over again:

                    George Michalopulos: Makes false assertion.
                    Me: This is trivially disproven. And I have citations.
                    George Michalopulos: Just what a proglib would say! Look isn’t that the Goodyear Blimp?

                    Let us recap my assertions as to the matter at hand:
                    * Usage took place well before the alleged invention by Trotsky.
                    * When you attempt to find the primary sources to the assertion that it was a Trotsky invention (which is disproven by the historical record), you end up in White Supremacist land

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      There you go, evading the question yet again.

                    • I don’t know about the Trotsky angle but it was a term invented by the left in the early 20th century as far as I can ascertain. It’s a “divide and conquer” tactic on their part. They employed it very well in 20th century America and, though their cause is sick and evil, I give them credit for their ingenuity.

                      A just society would be one that is colorblind regarding employment and opportunity. However, the undercurrent to all of this is that it is perfectly natural for people of the same race or ethnicity or religion to congregate together to form cultures and states and that is not evil or negative in any way.

                      The better way to understand a workable society is as a montage rather than a melting pot. Russian society is like this. The different ethnicities have their home regions and can travel for this and that. In fact, it is a matter of concentration rather than segregation.

                      Multikulti simply doesn’t work. Human beings aren’t hard wired that way. I have nothing against an African American feast of African nationalism for Kwanzaa with ANC flags everywhere, African music and dance, etc. A true ethnic cultural festival. But, obviously, I am a stranger there. I’m sure I would enjoy being a guest, trying the food, listening to the music, maybe buying a few knick knacks – like many people do at our Greek Festivals or Russian Festivals.

                      But the melting pot simply does not work and the statistics only militate against attempting to perpetuate it.

                      More broadly though, the problem isn’t race. That is a chimera. We can discuss that til Kingdom Come and we won’t get any traction. Nothing more can be done for the Black community in terms of racial advantage. They’ve gotten all they can and are still stuck.

                      The problem is not race.

                      The problem is feminism. That is what is holding society back. I don’t know how many times I have to say it.

                      Feminism leads to a matriarchal culture where the power is concentrated in females rather than males. That is what we have now. It is just hard to see it. We think of it as “equality” but there is no such thing. It is binary. One gender has to lead. Unfortunately, directly or indirectly, men have been abdicating their responsibility at the behest of women and enthroned them with power.

                      It’s a disaster.

                      The money that gets redistributed through social services flows to women with children. This is a recipe for disaster. You subsidize something, you get more of it. We subsidize single (female) parenthood.

                      It’s a disaster because males are the source of order and responsibility in a family. We lay down the law. Momma can’t or won’t do it. She just manages as best she can. She might be with this or that man for awhile, until she gets bored or whatever or finds another better one.

                      The children have no stable male role model. Men are tomcats that come and go. When the girls and boys get a certain age, they can’t be controlled anymore. Their hormones are driving them and momma can’t do nothin’ about that.

                      The girls all want to get with alpha and the boys all want to be alpha. But men don’t know how to be alpha other than to be outlaws. The law is matriarchal. It says women are in charge. They are free to do as they please with their bodies no matter what, even if they get pregnant and have babies. They can kill the baby or keep it and receive government funds for support as well as child support from the babydaddy. They hold all the cards.


                      They can work too, if they want. Don’t get me wrong. Both men and women can work. But when women work it interferes with reproduction. Not so with men. Also, men won’t work for a family that is not theirs – that does not belong to them. Why should they? They get nothing out of it but a bill.

                      So that’s what a matriarchy looks like. Congratulations, you’ve created one.

                      Now, to solve the problems of abortion, low fertility rates, drug trafficking and rampant violence, cycles of poverty, etc. – what you need to do is think outside the box. If you don’t, it won’t change. It’s that simple.

                      And it’s not just at the level of the poor and blue collar world. This is true of the middle class as well, and the upper class. Just read the papers and magazines and you can see it on display. How screwed up are our role models in Hollywood and Washington, the board rooms and the basketball courts?

                      Masculinism is the answer. By this I mean a return to the Orthodox Christian job description for men. Men need to be free to be men and this will require a change in the legal regime to allow us to do so, even to encourage us to do so. We simply must restore the patriarchy. That is the only answer to the problem. It is not about race, primarily. Race is interesting. Multikulti doesn’t work and we have to address that somehow. But race is a distraction. Feminism is the problem and the root of most of our social evils.

                      It is also what hampers us in our battle with Islam. Alpha men fight wars to win as quickly as possible. Collateral damage is regrettable but war is hell and that cannot be avoided. War is not an occupation for the squeamish. It is best to avoid war, but when committed, simply win by any means necessary. Orthodoxy has no just war tradition. St. Augustine is recognized as a saint for his piety, certainly not for his theology which contributes nothing whatsoever to the mystical theology of the Orthodox Church. He can be read insofar as he agrees with Tradition, but that is all.

                      We need a revival of coverture. A legal system of male primacy in society like we used to have. The family needs to be centered on the authority of the male. The economics of the family need to be under his control. Children need to remain in their father’s home regardless of where their mother may choose to stray. The government should reinforce these priorities through legislation.

                      Yep, it’s radical. Yep, it’s really the only workable solution. And yep, it is thoroughly Christian. The coverture is the main part. Patronage is a side issue. I assume that will arise, formally or informally. But the main thing is to keep the main thing as the main thing. And the main thing is to restore power to men to run society.

                  • M. Stankovich says

                    This is as disingenuous an argument as you have made in a very long time, Mr. Michalopulos.

                    I asked you to explain to me your comment regarding the clergy’s “excuses” for not upholding the Gospel. Crickets. I outright referred to your comments regarding the nature of women, matriarchy’s affect upon the urban Black community, and so on, as stereotypical racism, and asked you to disprove me with actual research if you were so confident of your conclusions. More a dem crickets. If I may borrow a phrase, “Then you go dark for several days, hoping I won’t keep track.”

                    Whatever the citation provided here to the OED – while indicating that racism = racialism, and racialism ‘s first appearance in a British newspaper at the beginning of the 20th century suggests that your attribution is incorrect, the definition(s) is simple enough: “The theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race.” Racialism, on the other hand, adds the important distinction of “Belief in the superiority of a particular race.” A note to racialism, “Racism, or racialism, or racial discrimination, ‥covers everything from a vile form of monomania to the innocent preference of human beings for association with their own kind.”  I personally would add that it is inappropriate, in fact, inaccurate, to appeal to a judgement of racism when the observation regarding a racial characteristic /ability is true. These comments, however, are basically for the record, because the issue in my mind is not to define and explore the nature of racism/racialism, but disingenuousness.

                    Like your use of the word, “sodomite,” you and I both know you would never openly refer to a customer in your store, a “common, mixed-race” individual, as a “mullato” (e.g. “See if the mullatto woman in aisle 6 needs help”), nor an employee (e.g. “Ask the young mullato man in colds & flu meds to assist you.”) and expect to keep your job. Even if you were actually silly enough to believe that “It is only “problematic” in your mind conditioned as it is by the cultural brainwashing known as government schooling,” you wouldn’t be dumb enough to repeat this within 100-yrd of a boss or supervisor. This word – regardless of whatever else you might rationalize – is “loaded,” offensive, makes you look like an imbecile for using it, and judged as a racist. And you know it.

                    • The only reason that I would not use the word “mullato” in “my store” is because it is politically incorrect. There is no inherent shame in being of mixed race. Who cares? If the mixed race person does not care, and I do not care, what is wrong with using the factually accurate term “mullato”? All people are created in the image and likeness of God.

                      This is all in your head, Stankjoshka. You have been deluded by the political correctness of the LibProgs, the FemPervs. They are the ones who use race as a weapon, not me.

                      I’ll tell you a girl I’d date any day of the week: She was the elder daughter on The Cosby Show and also played in Angel Heart: Lisa Bonet, black father, Jewish mother.

                      I remember I had a poster of her in my dorm room when I was in college. I was Pi Kappa Alpha. We were relaxed good ole boys, but we certainly were not racists.

                • Nate Trost says

                  I think it’s fair to say there is disagreement with that take from American Renaissance:

                  • That is an excellent article. I ran into it yesterday when researching and I’m glad you posted it.

                    Note that NPR calls Pratt a “progressive”. The ones exercising cultural imperialism at this point in history are the ProgLibs. They want to impose Western Secular Humanism upon Islam and traditional Orthodox cultures of Eastern Europe as well as China and India. They are doing it through the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs, attempted regime changes in the Ukraine, Syria and the Muslim world. Their cultural imperialism is secular (or at least non-Christian), feminist and perv friendly. They insist on it. They propagate it as “human rights” at the point of a gun.

                    It will not work.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I’m with Father Pat on this and we don’t find ourselves on the same side all that often. I’m guessing it’s because we’re both right! George is not a racist.

  2. Well said, and happy new year!

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham are up to their old ways again. I sincerely hope Trump is able to swiftly put them in their place so they don’t present obstacles for his agenda that the American people have embraced.

    • Tried to get rid of MCCain in AZ… the other Globalist nimrod, Trent Franks, is just as bad.

    • Pat Reardon says

      John McCain and Lindsey Graham are up to their old ways again.

      Yes, an on-going source of distress.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Are these the two who posed nude together on New Year’s for their fans?

  3. Funny, but I find the countdown to January 20th more exciting than January 1st. Eight years of Obama in the rear view mirror, no Clinton lunacy, and President Trump in our future. Thank God, and Lord have mercy on President Trump!

  4. Obama played the RACE card, Hillary played the WOMEN card,
    and the voters played the TRUMP card! I saw this on a T-shirt.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! frd+

    • Tammy Hilfiger says

      Trump ONLY won the three states important by less than 1% – that is, less than fills a small stadium. Hillary won the popular vote by 3+ MM votes. Trump has NO mandate! Furthermore, he is a traitor. He hasn’t released his tax returns because they would show his millions of $ laundered through his companies via Putin & the Russian Mob. He is not qualified to be POTUS and should be eliminated from serious consideration. HE IS A TRAITOR!

      • Michael Bauman says

        Tammy, no one is qualified to be POTUS. Not now or in the past. But the Clintons are spectacularly unfit. The Clintons sold the favors of their respective offices to the highest bidder without regard to the national interest. Hillary’s uncle sweety, George Soros was a Nazi collaborator and is an international criminal currency manipulator. He has far more experience and expertise in money laundering than Putin.

        Not only that he has campaigned for years to capture the election management structures in many key states concentrating on the state level Secretaries of state to tilt election results in favor of the regressive including drug legalization and the normalization of homoerotic couplings.

        Trump has his legion of billionaires and generals but for the most part his folks seem much more above board.

        Do not forget Hillary seemed intent on putting Christians under the regulatory gun so that we could no longer protest immoral government policies without getting hammered. We would not even be able to abstain from “marrying” couples participating in homoerotic perversion.

        Like the “married” pair up in Minnesota who raped several school boys whom one of the couple taught at school and then committed suicide rather than face justice or repent.

        Trump is greedy, narcissistic and vulgar. Hillary is corrupt, perverted and married to a sociopathic manipulator and serial sexual abuser (how do you as a woman condone that?) supported by truly odious people who want to subvert national government all over the world–especially ours as well as unleash jihad against select Christian targets. Billy boy began it in Serbia, the Bushes (I think/hope unwittingly) in Iraq; Obama in Egypt and Syria. Egypt failed because Muslims of conscience and the indigenous Copts have an alliance of sorts of long standing and the Copts are much stronger in numbers. Still US policy is such that Christians have no recognition or importance. The attack on the Coptic Church went through the US news cycle like a blink.

        Syria, we will see, but the intervention of the Russians may help there. It will never be the same.

        All of this does not include the internal tilt toward radical Islam here. The government schools have begun to teach it or at least allow it surrepticiously while systematically excluding Christianity. Corporations are frequently giving special consideration to Islamic practice and the military is purging Christian expression.

        The examples are too numerous to mention.

        It is the Clinton-Bush-Obama faction who are the traitors. To God, to our country and the folks who they were supposed to serve.

        I will be shocked if Trump actually does anything. Negotiating with ideologs is notoriously difficult plus his own proclivities may adulterate his exercise of political will to push hard enough.

        But you know Tammy, human beings are not really in charge of history nor are we at the mercy of historical inevitability either through the Marxist Dialectic or the equally perverse myth of technological-economic-rationalistic progress that the secularistic elites use to enslave. Not the heretical notion of the Apocalypse powerful Christian Zionists support .

        God is in charge. Our freedom is gained and secured solely in our willing obedience to Him.

        If Hillary had won I would have been unhappy but I would have tried to offer thanks to God and offer prayers for her while working even more diligently to prepare for increased difficulties in the practice of my faith.

        I intend to follow the same course of action now that Trump is elected but with a sense of relief in that we have been given a period where there will be fewer direct governmental challenges.

        Martyrdom may still be the only viable solution since we no longer seem to have any common philosophical ground with the secularists, the naturalists, the atheists and the hedonists who rule in the Nations.

        Still God is with us, so there is always cause for joy, thanksgiving and hope.

      • Tammy,

        1. A win is a win , is a win. Get over it!

        2. 3 mil or 10 mil, Republicans won big.

        3. Trump and Congress will have a mandate

        4. President Trump will pick conservatives to the Supreme Court.

        Trump will not play by the media rules, he knows their games, letting them dissect his returns will help no one but his enemies.

        Don’t know what you mean by eliminating him, but you sound more like a traitor to me!

        • It is amazing to me that Christians refuse to see the hand of God in human affairs. The God of the Old Testament certainly took a hand in the affairs of men, as did the God of the New Testament. Orthodox Christians used to see human history as the working out of the Holy Story, God’s Divine Plan in history for the salvation of mankind.

          Unfortunately, modernity has taken its toll and left some Christians unwilling to look for the acts of God but rather hide in fear and keep religion a matter for their prayer corners and churches.

          No matter, eventually His activity will become undeniable.

          • Usually Christians see the hand of God, in their personal life, and those in their circles. I won’t say God’s hand is not involved in wholesale universal affairs, just not sure how. I will say, you, monks, clergy, or I shouldn’t think we know where God’s hand is involved, in regards to worldly affairs. One example and comparison. Abortion, and Obama’s time in office. Many say God’s hand is trying to turn us away from where Obama has brought us to, with Trump’s unexpected victory. BUT! Where has God’s hand been for 40 odd years of legalized abortion. Why no President or movement to save the most innocent of us? Yet now we say Trump is here to save the day.

            I believe God leaves us to our own devices, to seal our own personal fate, good or bad, up to us. Same collectively as a state, nation, or planet earth. I imagine some day his patience with us will end, and the end will come. We just will never know when that will be, or even the beginning of the end. Why must we assume the world will always get worse, and not get better. How do we not know we are not on a spiritual symbolic roller coaster and the low has past, and now we are climbing to a new high with our Lord. What if the end will not be for another thousand years. Leaders have come and gone for two thousand years, promises, lies, and destruction, come and gone, yet every generation imagines themselves the chosen ones of our Lord’s return. I won’t hold my breathe, just pray for a peaceful repose, in Christ.

      • lexcaritas says

        Tammy, calling someone a traitor without evidence is slander per se; it’s publication is libel. As one who, I assume, professes faith in Christ and loyalty to him, you should be ashamed. To Him we shall give account for every idle word.


  5. Ronda Wintheiser says

    Um, sorry, George, to do this again… but… what picture says it all? 🙁 I don’t see a picture anywhere…

    • George Michalopulos says

      Ronda, is there no photo at the top of the essay? It shows Obama as a street-perp and Trump, Farage and Putin as street-cops hustling him off to jail.

      • Ronda Wintheiser says

        I see it now, George.

        I assume you didn’t do anything to make it show up for me?

        Other times I haven’t been able to see photos you posted at first; they took a long time to load. But this time I kept the page up for 24 hours and nothing ever showed. 🙂

        Maybe it’s on my end somehow.

        Thank you.

  6. Tod Dembowsky says

    FOOLS! Russia & Putin is the enemy of freedom, democracy and anything good. The ROC is the manipulative arm of the KGB Putin. Trump cannot be installed as POTUS; he is a traitor to America. “REMEMBER NEMTSOV – SHOOT PUTIN.” All the Syrian people; thank Assad & Putin for murdering millions of your countrymen!

    • ISIS are the ones killing Syrians and destroying churches and numerous other cultural artifacts. Of course people die in war on every side, but this one was not started by Assad.

      Assad visited an Orthodox monastery and orphanage on Christmas day this year, and he was praised in his Christmas homily by His Beatitude, Patriarch John X of Antioch.

    • lexcaritas says

      Mr. Dembowsky, no person who is in Christ speaks like this. Shameful.


  7. It has been a continual choice between 2 parties, who are both bought and paid for since the Kennedy Assassination. The really bad laws from the Left are passed. Then, the backlash from the conservative gets the right elected. The right in turn now does things like 911, which insures an Obama victory, dispite the fact that Obama followed the PNAC agenda very closely. The agenda under Obama got done with it’s disastrous effects. I have seen no proof, only promises and wishful thinking on the part of the American people concerning actually returning to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. What we have is a government of the insanely corrupt, by the secret societies, for the 1%AND DESTRUCTION FOR DESTRUCTIONS SAKE, THE PURE NATURE OF THE DEMONIC. I hope deeply I am wrong.

  8. “Nice to know you aren’t going to get any less racist in 2017.”

    Nate, you’re like a fly trapped in amber. I have a suggestion: For 2017 try to come up with at least one other reason someone might disagree with you. It can be anything, anything at all. The world of ideas is vast. Be creative.

  9. Nice essay, George. And Happy New Year!

    “Nor is Trump without his own power. To be sure, he has no authority whatsoever as President-elect under the Constitution. And yet, in some platonic way and through a variety of ruses, he is making it known that he is already President.”

    That swirling, magical aura you sense around him is the fact that we are not just witnessing a change of administrations but a change in form of governance. Some on the Left seem to be able to see this but their brains are so scrambled that they can’t make any sense of it. It really hasn’t hit the conservatives yet, but it will after Trump takes office. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock.

    We had a change in our form of government as a result of the American Revolution, the Civil War and the New Deal Administration of FDR. We are about to have another one. I assume Trump will do for America what Putin did for Russia.

    Everyone will be ok with the spending Trump does on the infrastructure and other redistributive spending. Who can really object? He can undercut his own party and cross the aisle to make deals. That is what the Dems see coming and what they fear most. It will happen.

    The focal point of all of this is economic redistribution. It is one thing that the Left got somewhat right and American Conservatism got somewhat wrong. The other failure of American Conservatism was that in the end it acquiesced to the neo-con – “democratize the world by force” – lobby.

    There is no way to hold the Progressive-Democratic coalition together if spending is not an issue. They have nothing else in common. Go sell feminism at a black church or gay rights at a Latino Protestant or Catholic church.

    I dare you.

    American Conservatism’s mistake was to try to strike by withholding funds. Trump will strike by providing funds.

    Feminism and perversion cannot maintain their present political power unless they do so allied with the Black and Latino communities. Trump is about to break that chain. That is why you hear all the cries of racism.

    “Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.”

    Trump has nothing against Blacks. He has nothing against Latinos who are here legally. Nothing he has said has indicated anything else. So why the charges of racism?

    Feminists and perverts absolutely need the Black and Latino communities to maintain their power. Without them, electorally, nationally and in particular societies right down to the grass roots, they cannot continue to shape society’s norms.

    And that day is setting.

  10. This is the nature of the pathological ideologues with whom we are dealing and whom Trump is displacing:


  11. Behold the dying gasps of the Fem/Perv ideology:


    And George Friedman has completely lost it. Usually he is cogent. Behold:


    Some unhappy campers aren’t processing this stuff too well.

    There’s another strange component to this, the Friedman, McCain, Graham, Cold War 2.0 crowd. This deserves a little attention:

    God, America, Western Democracy = good.

    We are operating at a primal level here. Now, God is good, no argument there. America is a mix of good and bad. Must face that. And the bad is not what you might think. The bad that is America is not its history of racism and slavery. The bad that is America is its feminism and its desire to normalize perversion. That’s the bad in America that lives today.

    And Western Democracy? Well, Western Democracy produced a feminist matriarchy hell-bent on normalizing perversion.

    And that is why some of its elites and thinkers fear Russia.

    Any questions?