One of the Greatest Crossroads in Political History

This comment was published on Roosh’s Twitter feed by someone named “scorpion”.( We don’t know who he is but we were told by the owner of the site that he wouldn’t mind if we republished this.  It really says it all, doesn’t it?

It’s strange to realize that Trump is currently standing at not only one of the greatest crossroads in political history, but in all of human history. Strange because such things are usually only evident in hindsight, with the passage of many years and the knowledge of how subsequent events played out. But in this case the stakes are quite clear with only our current knowledge. And these stakes are higher than any before. Trump is not only fighting for his life and the lives of his family. He’s not just fighting for his legacy. He’s not even fighting for the survival of the Republic of the United States. Trump is literally fighting for the continued existence of humanity as we know it.

It is obvious at this point, after almost 9 months of coronavirus hysteria (which is now ramping up again) and with globalist elites openly promoting their “Great Reset” plan, that the long-talked about NWO “conspiracy theory” is now being implemented across the world. Everyone here knows what they have in store for us and for our children. It is a future where the concepts of freedom, privacy, tradition and private property do not exist. A future where you will be microchipped and forcefully vaccinated with DNA-altering poisons at the whim of the government, where all of your movements will be tracked and monitored, where Christianity will be heavily persecuted if not outlawed entirely, where the ownership of assets will be limited to the elite. In short, they have in mind the creation of a permanent slave underclass. The total domination of humanity, physically, psychologically and spiritually. If this sounds like a vision of Hell, that’s because it is literally Satanic. This is the world system of Antichrist made manifest.

Donald Trump is the only major world leader who stands against this agenda. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are 100% on board with it, and if Biden assumes the Presidency he (or more accurately, the puppets pulling the doddering old fool’s strings) will immediately begin working on the Great Reset/NWO agenda. Further, if Biden becomes President after “winning” an election that was so blatantly rigged, the United States of America will essentially no longer exist. Arguably, we are at that point already, even if Trump should prevail. If the citizens believe they can no longer have faith in the democratic process, then there is no longer the pretext of democracy in America. We have entered a new era. The only thing that matters at that point is power, and who is able to wield it. The means by which one attains that power are irrelevant. It is a game of victory or death. Thus the only rule is: “by any means necessary”.

And so knowing the stakes, we return to Trump, standing at the crossroads. He will soon be faced with a monumental choice. He can submit to Biden’s fraudulent victory and willingly vacate the Presidency, or he can refuse to do so and maintain control by any means necessary. The former will result not only in Trump’s personal ruination (likely including imprisonment), but the ruination of his family, and the destruction of the United States discussed above. The latter would almost assuredly kick off an outright civil war, and even if Trump’s faction should prevail, would embark the U.S. down an uncertain and uncharted path of American Caesarism. And yet, however grim these two possibilities are, Trump must indeed choose one of them over the coming weeks. His hand has been forced. The die must be cast.

I hope and pray that Trump can rise to this moment, and that not only is God not done using him as a cudgel of divine punishment against the wicked powers of the world, but has in fact preserved and prepared him for precisely this opportunity, when all the cards are on the table and every player has gone all-in. Now is the time Trump must act decisively. He must be prepared to use the full power of the Presidency and his authority as Commander in Chief to crush his enemies, who are the servants of the evil one and who work to bring America fully under their Satanic one-world system. After he has fully exposed the attempt to steal the election, he must use his authority under the Insurrection Act to arrest and/or kill everyone who participated in this plot. He must arrest the leadership of the Democrat Party, everyone of significance in the mainstream media, the major players in big tech, and the numerous other globalist string pullers and heavyweights behind the scenes who are mostly unknown to us (i.e. Soros and his ilk). These people have outed themselves as enemies of America and must be treated as such.

Trump won the election in a landslide. He has the loyalty of the American people. He has the loyalty of the police and the military. It is within his power to take this fight and to win it. If he submits to the forces of the NWO, we are doomed as free people and must spend the rest of our lives seeking only spiritual solace (if this is God’s plan, so be it, we will endure until the end). But perhaps there is yet hope, and the final hour of America has not yet come. Perhaps Trump will cross the Rubicon and take the fight to the forces of darkness, beating back the globalists and giving the United States another chance to turn things around.

Whatever the outcome, we must remember that things are in God’s hands now. If Trump succeeds, he will be regarded by history as the greatest President since George Washington, and a leader of world-historical significance. If he fails he will be vilified by all sides, his Presidency marking the destruction of the country. And so our fortunes rise and fall with him. We must pray for our President. We must pray for the strength to endure the trials to come, which will be severe either way things go. We must pray. We must pray. We must pray. For the great mass of humanity who sit breathlessly, watching Trump stand at the crossroads of history, there is naught else to be done.


  1. If Trump doesn’t win this election in the courts, then the best case scenario is if he applies a scorched-earth policy.  Biden-Harris can’t be allowed the spoils of his presidency.

    • what would trump’s scorched earth policy look like?

      • Doug, our President Donald Trump has truly made America a great country again.  Even with all the unnecessary commotion about covid, the stock markets are at all time highs.  The U.S. has commanded respect from countries all over the world, and peace, justice, and order reigns.  If our president doesn’t win this election in the courts, then probably the best thing he can do is pull the rug out from under the Democrats.  Otherwise, they will take credit for all of Trump’s accomplishments.  We can see that in these last few weeks, Trump is withdrawing U.S. military presence from countries all over the world.  He’s a smart man.  I predict now that if Biden-Harris take over, the Democrats will be blamed for world-wide chaos, depression, wars, possibly even civil war, joblessness, mass economic destruction, and a hopelessly crippled stock market.  That’s the scorched-earth policy, and the Democratic party will be utterly destroyed by this.  The Republicans won’t be so much affected by this, however, because of their conservative bias.

  2. Philhellene says

    Gods & Generals: Chamberlain’s Caesar Speech – Crossing the Rubicon

  3. Who would have thought that the guy from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York would lead us through the apocalypse.

  4. Try reading chapter 5 of Isaiah

  5. Ronda Wintheiser says

    For Joe Biden, et al


  6. Jane Tzilvelis says

    More tools to help us!  It’s one big global takeover which will fail!  We are being attacked from every angle.   Fraud PCR tests.

  7. “Justice Alito Moves up Supreme Court Deadline
    in Key Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case”

    Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito asked officials in Pennsylvania to file briefs by Tuesday at 9 a.m. in response to a lawsuit filed by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) in a bid to overturn the state’s election results.
    Tuesday, notably, is the “safe harbor” deadline that requires controversies surrounding elections to be ended so states can choose their electors before the Dec. 14 meeting of the Electoral College. Alito initially called for response arguments by 4 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, before it was changed.”
    Looks like Trump will have his (first?) day in (Supreme) Court.

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  9. Propaganda outfits are predictably ignoring it.  I live in Florida and we have largely been back to normal since July.  AND our hospitals are not overrun and people are not dropping dead in the streets.  This needs to be shouted from the rooftops!
    Florida keeps being maligned as a failure but it’s really a success.

  10. Michael Bauman says
  11. Michael Bauman says
  12. Michael Bauman says
  13. “Experts: Halt CV19 Vaccines Over ‘Infertility’
    & Other Health Concerns”
    “The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.”
    What did Bill say about vaccinations reducing populations?

  14. Wayne M Syvinski says

    Dishonest scales are an abomination to the LORD, But a just weight is His delight. (Proverbs 11:1)

  15. This is quite possibly one of the most extraordinarily paranoid and delusional statements I have come across in more than 30 years working in the mental health/illness field. And I have come across just about everything. Lord have mercy!

    • To which statement are you referring?
      And why?

    • Nah, this is quite tame by Monomakhos standards. If you are surprised that Trump is quite literally the only thing separating humanity from extinction, or that killing our political opponents is perhaps the “least-bad” option in the current quagmire, well then you haven’t been paying attention – Yannaro. Maybe wait for another Kissinger/JFK/Soros post, or one about how Hillary will come out from behind the curtains at the last moment and assume the presidency in lieu of Joe, to see what I mean. It’s all in good fun, among friends, and the bandar-log must be fed.

  16. This post is hysterically delusional.  Trump is not the messiah, and his re-election would at best only mildly delay the tide of secularism besetting us.  This puerile politician-worship is sacrilegious.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Read Dreher much? You should at least give him credit for “Trump is not the messiah.”

    • Johann Sebastian says

      What’s the alternative? A regression to the Neocon likes of Bush and McCain? He’s not the messiah, but he’s blown the cover off the smoke-and-mirrors charade this country has been playing for the last 60 years–whose trademark is the promulgation and exportation of hedonistic filth to every corner of the globe, cloaked with a veneer of sanctimonious goodwill, and an approach to foreign policy that is designed to appeal to the eschatological fantasies of pseudochristian sectarians. Even he succumbs to these elements of lowest-common-denominator pandering that the contemporary American psyche craves (regardless of political orientation, I might add) but he comes the closest to upending it.

      If we need to tear America down, so be it. This is a civilizational matter. Are we conservatives or are we really constitutionalist libertarians? Which are we first, Orthodox or Americans? Do we worship Christ or the Constitution?

      • George Michalopulos says

        JS, for me it’s not “either/or”, as in “are we conservatives or…constitutional libertarians”.  
        The Constitution, republicanism, and limited government can comport quite well with traditional religiosity.  All of our Founding Fathers believed that, even the Deists.  
        That said, our religiosity (or lack of) is what has brought us to this precipice.  

        It was clever, yet wicked men (I’m looking at the likes of you ACLU), who suborned the Constitution for their own nefarious purposes.

        • Johann Sebastian says

          I don’t disagree with you, but I’m afraid that all these appeals to constitutionality don’t put us in a very good place when it comes to refuting those who use it to justify all of the depraved “novelties” we’re seeing.
          To me, it might make more sense to let it go if it means gaining the upper hand when it comes to these culture wars. Once the collective mentality has been purified some generations hence, maybe we can reinstate what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

          • George Michalopulos says

            JS, wise words. BTW, I completely agree with your assessment of the GOP/RINO leadership of McCain/Jeb!/Twit Romney/etc.

            Conservatives were taken for fools all these decades. Trump blew the top off the charade, hence the hatred for him.

            • Johann Sebastian says

              Right on. There’s plenty I’m not happy about with him, but flaws and all, probably the closest thing to an “effective” representative we’ve had in contemporary times.
              Had he not surrounded himself with the wrong crowd, learned not to “have an answer for everything,” and eaten an occasional (and strategically timed) slice of humble pie, I think we’d have had a home run. But one wonders, had that been the case, would he have made it this far or would something have done him in?

        • Michael Bauman says

          Unfortunately, the problem with the Constitution are those nasty “rights”.  It is tailor made for nasty men & women to interpret that any way they want, evil or not.  The U.S. Revolution and every one since in its image has been most interested in tearing down rather than building.  The bitching and moaning has not really changed.  Its all about taxes, choice and autonomy.  
          Our heritage is exactly as it should be.  No Law or Constitution is worth spit without community virtue.  None of us can exist outside of community.  As Jordan Petersen has pointed out it is all a modern day version of tribalism which we also have in spades in the Orthodox Church.  
          2 Chronicles 7:14 is the only way back to some form of sanity.  But before one can do that, one has to acknowledge Jesus Christ for whom He is: God Incarnate.   
          Frankly nothing else matters and we are debating each other, even killing each other over the nothing really.  “The Tree of Liberty must be renewed by the blood of tyrants.” 
          Anybody can preach death, mayhem and destruction against anyone they view as a tyrant and there is nothing to stop them. 
          I am beginning to think that our Constitution is insanity codified.   It has allowed “under rule of Law” every sort of depravity the mind of man can conceive.  All in the name of freedom and rights.  
          I have no rights.  My very life is a gift from God that I have trampled in the mud for the most part.  Only His mercy sustains me.  For some reason, He keeps giving to me, pressed down, running over has He poured into me.   
          So, the US government can legally and Constitutionally do anything to me it wants “in the name of the People”  — the greatest tyranny ever invented.   
          That is what His mercy looks like in a land that has turned its back on Him and all the is Holy and virtuous.  Me, especially.  
          Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.  Especially since I am totally unworthy.   

          • Johann Sebastian says

            A benign and just autocracy is the way to go. Democracy works only as far as the people are of a common worldview.
            I’m going to go out on a limb here and even suggest that perhaps the dreaded socialism might be able to work in a homogeneous society. One where people have a traditional outlook and mores, where “playing the system for handouts” would be unthinkable.

            • Socialism doesn’t work, period.  I can’t think of a cohort more homogeneous, possessed of a traditional outlook and mores, and adhering to strict Christian values than the Plymouth Colony.  


              • Johann Sebastian says

                Were the Puritans really Christian, though?
                Look at their legacy—what is New England today? What do the institutions they left behind stand for and advocate?

                • George Michalopulos says

                  I see your point.  They were “Christian” in the sense of being a heterodox but homogeneous sect.  Given the exigencies of life in the pre-industrial age, there was only so much nonsense that any sect could impose upon the world. 

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Our institutions are based on Judeo-Christian principals.

                  • Michael Bauman says

                    Actually Gail you repeat an old myth.  Our institutions are based on Enlightenment and Deist principals:  The Enlightenment, first emerging in France and then spreading throughout much of western Europe including England, Scotland, The Netherlands, and Germany was the beginning of modern society. Suddenly God was not the only authority and source of knowledge. Thinkers like Voltaire, Hume, Locke, and Kant were looking to Democracy, science, reason, and secularism for answers and casting aside the chains of the church and theology. Franklin, along with Thomas Jefferson in American, was instrumental in bringing these ideas to what is now the United States.  
                    From the ‘Hollowverse’ article on Benjamin Franklin.  
                    The Enlightenment principals assumed that human beings could govern themselves solely by benefit of reason, not needing God.  Thus when revolution, racism, abrogation of our “inalienable” rights, and simple morality seem ‘reasonable’, we reap the whirlwind.  
                    Those are the principals upon which we were founded.  These are the principals which have decimated the faith of Protestants and Catholics alike and impacts in a negative way we Orthodox.  

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      Well, that, too, perhaps. I don’t know. However, the current American use of “Judeo-Christian” refer to a value system common to Jews and Christians and appeared in print in a book review by the English writer George Orwell in 1939, with the phrase “the Judaeo-Christian scheme of morals.”

                    • “Judeo-Christianity” is a myth. We don’t share the same values system. Compare the New Testament with the Talmud.

                      From Michael Hoffman:
                      “THE WEIRD cult of “Judeo-Christianity,” is an oxymoron found on the lips of many Christians including even conservative ones.

                      This abominable “Judeo-Christianity” contrivance is of a piece with the cloning of human and animal genes or any of the other alchemical mixtures of two mutually contradictory substances which we have witnessed these last few decades in the modern cauldron.

                      The near-universal approbation and currency exerted by this cockamamie term exposes at one glance the level of abysmal historical ignorance which obtains today.

                      The Church Fathers knew of no “Judeo-Christian” tradition, since Judaism did not exist before Christ.

                      Before Him, there was the faith of the Israelites as it gradually decayed and was subverted by corrupt teachings such as were transmitted by the Pharisees and Sadducees.

                      This corruption was greatly escalated when a portion of the Israelites rejected the Messiah, Yashua (Joshua, i.e. Jesus), after which their leaders eventually made their way to Babylon, where the corrupt and reprobate, oral (cult tradition of the elders was committed to writing and compiled as the Mishnah, comprising the first portion of the Talmud. At that juncture, the religion of Judaism was born.

                      It is the Talmud, not the Bible, which is the hermeneutic system of orthodox Judaism.

                      According to Robert Goldenberg, Professor of Judaic studies at the State University of New York:

                      “The Talmud was Torah. In a paradox that determined the history of Judaism, the Talmud was Oral Torah in written form, and as such it became the clearest statement the Jew could hear of God’s very word.

                      “…The Talmud provided the means of determining how God wanted all Jews to live, in all places, at all time. Even if the details of the law had to be altered to suit newly arisen conditions. the proper way to perform such adaptation could itself be learned from the Talmud and its commentaries …The Talmud revealed God speaking to Israel, and so the Talmud became Israel’s way to God.”

                      The religion of Judaism as it has been known since it was concocted after the crucifixion of Christ is what is called “Orthodox” Judaism today.

                      The early Church recognized Christianity as having been founded by Israelites and representing the only true religion of the Bible. It is Christians who are “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation…” (I Peter 2:9).

                      Judaism was not viewed as the repository of the spiritual truths or knowledge of the Old Testament, but as a post-Biblical, Babylonian cult totally at variance with Biblical Christianity.”

                    • @ Basil
                      I think the Mishnah was first compiled in the Galilee. Certainly, that was where Rabbinic Judaism was systematised in the traumatic years after Titus tramped the Temple and its cult into the dust in 70 AD. It was there that the Hebrew Talmud (or Jerusalem Talmud) was composed around it.

                  • Johann Sebastian says

                    “Christian” is definitive and more than sufficient.
                    “Judaeo-” is superfluous and is often palpably emphasized (I suppose) in an attempt to appease those who have a less-than-favorable opinion of truly Christian principles. Might as well throw “Muslim” into that hot ecumenist mess.

                    • Johann Sebastian says

                      Just saw your clarification of the term “Judaeo-Christian” and, as I suspected, it appears to be a neologism invented by Christians who somehow felt that they needed validation from the Jewish community.
                      All part of evangelical eschatological fantasy.

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      I did a paper in high school on it.

                • I expect they identified as Christian…

          • Hi Michael,
            “No Law or Constitution is worth spit without community virtue.”
            Love it! Bravo!
            And I like Jordan Peterson for the most part, which would get me hung/canceled in certain quarters.
            And Voltaire, Hume and Kant, wow. I still recall my college days in moral philosophy classes. I just loved the thrust and parry between Hume and Kant. I still like to ponder from time to time there is a Hierarchy of Morals. There’s something very right about it. Hume and Bentham, they were tough customers to debate. Sharp as sabres, and they slashed like them.
            Kant, that fine old tower of power! Straight and tall like a mast at sea.
            Two tough men of the Isles versus a tough old German. Gotta love it!
            Thanks Michael, you’ve made my day recalling these fine men to my memory.
            “The Enlightenment principals assumed that human beings could govern themselves solely by benefit of reason, not needing God.”
            Ah, well, now, I dunno. I think the intent in foundational America was to attempt to govern themselves by reason under God.

            • Michael Bauman says

              Hans perhaps but not an Incarnate God.  The devil in the pudding has always been “rights”.  As we have seen in my lifetime that is a pretty odious as flexible and meaningless as a contortionist. With no moral compass except outrage.  
              Plus they were revolutionaries and a faith that has since St. Stephen has held martyrdom as a high virtue revolutionaries hardly fit. Our Puritan forebears not withstanding.  
              Revolution is a pernicious thing except in the worst circumstances.  The colonies objections were simply did not reach that level by any stretch.  
              Of course by Enlightenment standards the only criteria is that they strictures have to be “unreasonable”.  Whatever that means with an appeal to a distant God not that much different than a pagan one. 
              A god as insubstantial as the Puritan code of moral outrage.  Which, by the way the Declaration resembles. High minded rhetoric that we have never given more than lip service.  
              Is Antifa seriously any different- just more crude.

              • Hi Michael,
                I’ve seen you hold up the value of rights to question in another post or two of yours, and to be honest I’m just not able to completely get my head around what you’re saying. It could be clear as day, but I’m just not connecting the dots to make a picture yet.
                Yes, I’ve seen the law be pretty malleable and inconsistent myself sometimes, and certainly lately we’ve seen outrage on the streets bend the idea of ‘rights’ backward upon itself. I think most people are catching on to the idea that ‘rights’ are being regarded more like ‘privileges’ more and more. But I don’t think that’s where you’ve been going.
                Are you saying the American revolutionaries blew their reasons for revolting out of proportion, exaggerated them, and just feigned outrage? And then just paid lip service to high principles while they did whatever they wanted behind the scenes/after victory? Isn’t that sorta along the same lines as BLM and the 1619 Project theories, that the American founders were actually just ambitious old white fahts wanting to keep the slave girls and the riches of the continent all to themselves?
                I’m pretty sure Antifa are just anarchists. They’re obviously confused about what fascism is. BLM are Marxists with a new racism. They’ve both gone way beyond the pale of the original meaning of civil disobedience.
                But I’m really looking to understand you here.

                • Johann Sebastian says

                  “Liberty” works when a people follow God (the Church, a traditional worldview, etc., etc.).
                  When that goes, “liberty” becomes libertinism, and “liberation” becomes the justification.

                • Michael Bauman says

                  Hans, forgive me for being unclear. The Founders believed what they wrote and were honestly aggreived.  The Crown did not even follow its own rules and was capricious.  Not good governmental practice.
                  My argument is with their premise which was NOT Christian.  Deism was more akin to paganism than to Christian.  The philosophers you mention created the ground for Nihilism.  The doctrine of natural rights does much the same.
                  The tyranny of individual autonomy is what comes from the doctrine of natural rights.  In Nietzsche speak–the will to power. The Three Metamorphosis of the Spirit.
                  The period in US history where the leaders really try to govern by the Constitution ended with Andrew Jackson and the expansion of the country.  
                  Jackson’s toast: “Liberty and Union, one and inseparable” was the death knell for Constitutional government.  The Civil War and the technological advances its mercy shot.
                  Henry Adams laid it out well in his book of essays: “The Degradation of the Democratic Dogma”. Particularly the essay, ‘The Law of Phase as Applied to History.’
                  We are called to be slaves of God AND friends.  We have no rights except to repent.

                  • Hi Michael,
                    I sent you a response about nine hours ago, but was kicked off and lost due to some problem with my email. I’ll recreate it if I see this post gets through with no problems.

                    Hmm. And now there’s a timer clicking down. That’s new…

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      BTW, if anyone ever needs to get a hold of me, this is my email address: I need to get it on our website. George’s is on there.

                      We’re off the the March! Pray for our safety if you feel so inclined. 🙂

  17. George Michalopulos says

    tradbro, nobody in their right minds believes that Trump is the messiah. What foolishness! He is infinitely better than Biden however.

    It all boils down to this: which candidate is a nationalist/populist? Which one wants to strengthen our borders? Which one pursues economic policies that would help the working class? Pro-life? pro-2A?

    When put in those terms, the answer is beyond easy. At least for those who are America-firsters.

    • You’re right sir, but the decision happened in the election and we lost. This sore loser business is frankly unbecoming, and a routine US election is not a nigh-apocalyptic event.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Yeah, well, I’m good with that. Unbecoming is under rated. – You have so missed the point, my friend. This is NOT a routine election. Not by a long shot.

        • Michael Bauman says

          No Gail it is in no way a routine election.  Even judged by the contentious and corrupted elections of 1824, 1876 and 1960 it stands alone.  
          Also this is the first time a popular incumbent has been ousted by corruption.  The decades long work of George Soros in getting county clerks and other local and state election officials under his sway paid off it seems. 

      • You may have lost, Trump hasn’t. Not yet.
        The USA is not a democracy. It is a constitutional republic
        and there are legal and constitutional hurdles still to be cleared.
        But don’t take my word for it. Take Hillary’s. What did she say?
        “[He] must not concede under any circumstances.”

      • Michael Bauman says

        tradbro, your statement that this election was routine is the most amazingly wrong statement I have ever run across on this blog.  Even if everything were above board the COVID intervention totally natural, it was not routine.
        I really do not understand how you can call it routine. 

  18. Egypt Steve says

    Psalm 146:3-5: Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

    • It’s definitely good to be reminded of this in such times as these, Steve. Thanks for that. This very verse had been gnawing at me lately.

  19. Texas to the Rescue?  Patriot Post on TEXAS AG Paxton’s filing with the Supreme Court
    Another reason elections and our votes for the platform/policy matter

    • Popping in, again, but only for good cause:

      This Texas thing has legs.  SCOTUS has been waiting for a suit that encompasses as much as possible so as to be outcome determinative.  They’re willing to sort it all out, they just need enough on the table so it gets done in one fell swoop.  Now they have it.

      The Pennsylvania thing that got turned down yesterday was only a rejection of the motion for emergency action in that case, not a disposition on the merits.  Some were baffled at why Alito segregated ballots and took such interest even speculating that it had merit and then turned it down.  Well, he didn’t “turn it down”, only the emergency appeal part of it.  And he did so after the Texas case was filed.  The underlying Pennsylvania case can still receive certiorari (permission to be heard).  It would then merge with this case probably since it’s all one big putrid soup.

      This Texas thing is the one to watch.  It was docketed almost immediately meaning that it will be heard, that cert is done, being a case between states.  Trump is saying he will join in the suit.  To date, eight other states have joined in as well.

      In the end, if 5 of 9 agree, it will likely find all results as certified so far based on the fraudulent counts to be illegitimate and bump the cases back to the individual states for the state legislators to appoint electors (hopefully with some reassurance that they have “plenary” authority to do whatever the hell they want to do).

      That could move over 60 electors from Biden to Trump OR, displace enough electors from Biden to send it to the House, in which case, after the new House is seated, Republicans will still enjoy a 27-22 majority of state delegations (each delegation getting a single vote).

      The Texas case’s allegations seem confined to unconstitutional changes in voting procedures by these states which in each state resulted in far more votes going to Biden than his alleged margin of victory. These were changes made by governmental actors other than the respective state legislatures in disregard of the US Constitution’s granting full power in these matters to those legislatures.

      Though some call it a Hail Mary, they can’t say exactly why.

      Too good to be true?

      Case law is pretty solid and these appear well grounded. Even standing has been upheld recently in similar circumstances, though if Trump joins it would make it more difficult to dismiss on that ground.

      This way, you avoid getting into statistical anomalies and ballot dumps and crass instances of massive ballot stuffing over several states and concentrate on a cleaner path to victory, simple allegations of unconstitutional actions by the state governments, well grounded in case law, that disregard the Constitution’s vesting of electoral power in the state legislatures and violate the citizens of the several states’ right to equal protection under the law.

  20. wow, this is so crazy and delusional. This website is advocating a coup d’etat. This is pure evil.

    • “wow, this is so crazy and delusional. This website is advocating a coup d’etat. This is pure evil.”

      The coup already happened. Not sure how you’ve managed to live through the impeachment, the lockdowns over a hoax virus that began immediately after the impeachment failed, the violent insurrection in cities across the country for months, and openly rigged election and not manage to see it.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Yes, well, he (or she) then came back and said I was evil and the Orthodox Church was evil so we’re done with whoever that was.

      • The coup is still happening.
        The fat lady (SCOTUS?) has yet to sing.

      • Solitary Priest says

        Myst, I agree with everything you said, except I don’t think the virus is a hoax. I think it does provide a good excuse to control people. I was listening to Limbaugh yesterday. Some guest said all these controls are being used to stop people from getting together with family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then it hit me; a bishop once told me the reason why Greeks have a tendency to arrive late for services. The occupying Turks hated to see large gatherings of Greeks; so the people learned to come to and leave church in small groups, at different intervals. No doubt those that stole the election fear large gatherings of their opponents.

        • I had to laugh at that bishop’s little tale. It sounds like some way of adding solemnity and meaning to the chronically bad timekeeping of Mediterreaneans.

  21. Michael Bauman says

    Gail, the fact that the term was coined in 1939 means that our country could not have any such foundation.  I surmise that perhaps Orwell coined the phrase as a way to get folks on board against the Nazi’s

  22. MatthewPanchisin says

    I just read a news headline;

    “Pelosi says she was told Chinese spy infiltrated Democrat’s office after she put him on Intel Cmte”

    Isn’t the FBI supposed to do a raid on Pelosi’s and Swalwell’s homes arrest and interrogate them like they did to Roger Stone?

    I think Trump should direct the Secret Service or the military if the FBI is so politized that it can’t defend the country. It seems like treasonous and threatening behavior to the U.S. and the President to many of us. If fact the entire Democratic party should be investigated at this point, I think it’s going to have to be done with the military. The republicans sure do seem weak or content with their ineptitude even in the middle of a massive election fraud.

  23. George Michalopulos says

    Matthew, the FBI I believe is horribly corrupted, an agency of political correctness.  Think of it this way:  when Bubba Wallace reported a “hate crime” (which was clearly a hoax), the FBI sent a 15-man team to investigate.  Nothing was found and Wallace was not brought up on charges.  
    On the other hand, an old man and his even older wife were subjected to a mini-Omaha Beach-like invasion at 5:00am.
    Sad, but the FBI and the CIA are corrupted.  
    One little bit of good news:
    “In a surprise move, the Pentagon has told the CIA that it plans to end the majority of the military support it provides to the agency’s counterterrorism missions by Jan. 5, according to a former senior administration intelligence official.”
    File that under “may it be splintered into 1000 pieces and scattered to the winds” (as JFK wanted).

    • Looks like that twitter page has been dematerialised…

    • George Michalopulos says

      Jesuitical, Saunca.  Wallace is the head of his crew. He knew it was a hoax even if his crewman didn’t. He needs to reimburse the govt for time & resources wasted.  

      I can assure you that as a practicing pharmacist if I called the police (or DEA) on a hoax there’d be he’ll to pay.


      • George Michalopulos says

        The point Saunca is that the FBI mobilized its forces to investigate something which has time and again been proven to be a hoax.  In the meantime, they look the other way when real crimes are perpetrated and/or excuse malefactors within their ranks who committed sedition against the duly elected POTUS.  

  24. You know why all these conspiracy theories are always wrong? Because they start from the flawed assumption that elites are revolutionary, that they want to change the world in some big (and evil) way.
    That has never been the case in the entire history of the human race. Elites are always pro-status-quo – they always want to keep things as they are. After all, why rock the boat when you’re already on top? People who are in power always want things to stay the same.
    Change is risky. You don’t know how it will turn out. It may not work out the way you intended. When you’re already in the elite, that is an unnecessary risk. If things remain as they are, you get to stay on top, risk-free.

    •  “…the love of money is the root of all evil.” [1 Tim 6:10 – KJV]
      “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
      [Letter: Lord Acton to Bishop Creighton; 5th April 1887].
      The rich always want more wealth.
      The powerful always want more power.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      The status quo is predictably subversive and evil.
      The change has been going on for much of the past century. Little by little, slowly but surely.

    • Read Revolution From Above by Kerry Bolton for a correction to your view. There are dark forces in the high places that seek to destroy the rest of the world and re-create it according to their own plans.

    • “People who are in power always want things to stay the same.”
      Not necessarily. Brecht understood that, which is why he offered:
      After the uprising of the 17th June
      The Secretary of the Writers Union
      Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
      Stating that the people
      Had forfeited the confidence of the government
      And could win it back only
      By redoubled efforts.
      Would it not be easier
      In that case for the government
      To dissolve the people
      And elect another?

      • PS: And what do Biden and Harris’s immigration proposals
        amount to, if not an attempt to dissolve the people and elect another?

  25. ‘ The Greek Church in America shows “courageous moral leadership,”
    [Ambassador Pyatt] said, pointing to Archbishop Elpidophoros’
    participation in a Black Lives Matter protest in the spring.’
    If I was Trump. I would recall Pyatt.

  26. So here’s my question:
    When it’s 2022, Biden is president, Trump and his family are fine and getting ready for the 2024 campaign, the pandemic is over, churches are open, no one is wearing masks any more, and our lives are pretty much the same as they’ve been for the past 10 years (except for the lingering effects of the deep economic recession of 2020-21), then…
    …will you admit that you were wrong and that all this apocalyptic-conspirationist hysteria was nonsense?

  27. Michael Bauman says

    Put out a T-Shirt:  Reset the Reset. 

    • The partisan deadlock in American politics is destroying our country. It makes a strong argument for a more monarchical system of government. Sure, monarchies don’t always act the way we want, but they are a lot more functional than the partisan deadlock. Now if the Dems get the Georgia senate seats in January, then we’ll basically have a monarchy in America: King Joe. Perhaps not the monarch we wanted, but there’s a lot of Orthodox authors that support the monarchical form of government as the best solution regardless. If we want government as close as possible to a monarchy for America, then the Dems winning senate seats in January is probably the best chance we have right now.

      • King Joe? King Log, more like.
        The Heron waits in the wings.

      • Michael Bauman says

        Rufus, there is a big difference between a monarchical government and a tyranny.   The unhappy history of all human government is that they all tend to degenerate into some form of tryanny.   

      • Michael Bauman says

        Rufus, I think it is in error to think that ideological politics is something foreign to out country. Such politics has long defined our politics and who we are as a people. Since at least Andrew Jackson the opposing political ideology and the people holding it have been looked upon as the enemy.

        Nothing new. Just more outwardly violent. Even profession of Christ has been futile to stop it. We put “God” in service to our politics rather than putting ourselves in service to Him.
        The Salem Witch Trials of 1692-93 perhaps the earliest example.

      • Rufus,

        A totalitarian state is not a monarchy. Contrast the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union for clarification. Progressivism is totalitarian. The state becomes a god and the Church inevitably becomes an enemy of the state.

        You are confused.

        • Misha, of course I’m joking. However, I believe you yourself suggested that if Donald Trump stayed in power for another four years with a Republican controlled Senate and House, then he would resemble a monarch.

          I think any ideology can lead to totalitarianism if it’s given enough rope. For Adolph Hitler it was racism. How do totalitarian regimes come into power?

          “Totalitarianism appeals to the very dangerous emotional needs of people who live in complete isolation and in fear of one another.” – Hannah Arendt

          I wouldn’t describe the main danger to be progressivism per se, but rather that people are becoming more isolated and fearful of each other. Progressivism can be tolerated and moderated, just like any ideology, by a healthy populace and with checks and balances.

  28. Here is a prophetical comment from the late Malcolm Muggeridge:
    Vintage Muggeridge: Religion and Society

    “So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense. Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over—a weary, battered old brontosaurus—and became extinct.”