It’s Called “Arkancide”

There’s a curious malady associated with a specific group of men and women who have come into contact with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In some political circles it’s called “Arkancide”, that is suicide under specific (and peculiar) circumstances.

At present, there is no cure for this disease, nor is there any specific cause other than close contact with the Clintons. This is curious however, as thousands of people have come into contact with Mr and Mrs Clinton over the years and suffered no ill-effects. Medical authorities as such are baffled as to why this particular cohort suffers such a high rate of mortality.

Worse, it does not adhere to normal physical principles. Sometimes, the victim shoots himself (or herself) in the back of the head. Other times, two shots are fired. The suspension of normal physical laws adds another twist to this phenomenon, one which continues to baffle even the best forensic pathologists.

The latest victim of Arkancide was a poor soul from Haiti, one Klaus Eberwein, who was caught in the grips of this depression right before he was to testify against alleged corruption associated with the Clinton Foundation.

So far, there are thirty-three confirmed cases of Arkancide. For a list please go to

In the spirit of community health, Monomakhos is asking our list of readers if they might have any insights into this pathology. Public health demands an answer so that the list does not grow any longer. Perhaps a non-profit foundation can be set up which will raise monies for a cure; something like the March of Dimes? We could call it the March of Crimes or something catchy like that.

In the meantime it might be best for those who are concerned to avoid contact with the Clintons. I don’t mean to disparage their good name but until we know more, I’d say it’s all for the best.

This has been a public service announcement from Your Friendly Neighborhood Monomakhos.

Thank you and good day.


  1. Ever seen “The Clinton Chronicles”video, back in the nineties? Bill was quite the good fellow. Makes Trump look like a high school hustler.

  2. Joseph Lipper says

    It’s the same old, same old. Is there anything new under the sun?

    I suppose there’s a similar parallel with the deaths of Vladimir Putin’s critics. Most of these deaths are blatant assassinations, but some are staged to look like suicides like Boris Berezovsky’s.

    Can we ever really know if Bill and/or Hillary Clinton are actually responsible for these “Arkancide” deaths anymore than we can know if Vladimir Putin is responsible for the deaths of his critics?

    The Clintons and Putin, both have such staunch supporters. It could be just like in the Italian mafia, when the Godfather tells the Underboss, “I have a problem”, and there’s just no questions asked.

    • The Ossetian says

      why Joe did you have to bring Mr. Putin into this?
      that was really gay

      • Joseph Lipper says

        The Ossetian,

        You have a problem with what I posted? Please go ahead and explain why.

      • Tinkle, tinkle, little Tsar. Putin put you where you are. Hope Putin is pleased with Trump. Hopefully PEE-GATE doesn’t become breaking news on CNN. Don’t you know Putin put Trump into office, controls Trump and our voting stations. By the way stating something is “so gay” is so 1980’s Merika, and so present Russia, The Ossetian. Aren’t you with the program? Might need to send some Deep State PC police to your home or our on blog Doctor S can re-program your thought processes, via Monomakhos.

        • Estonian Slovak says

          Easy on the word,”Tsar”,αδελφέ μου. That might play with Ukrainian fanatics, especially Uniates, but we are supposed to be Orthodox Christians here. I’m not in love with everything Putin does nor the MP. I guess I’m sensitive because my leftist relatives think the Tsar Martyr got what was coming to him. Actually, he DID get what was coming to him, a Martyr’s Crown!
          You want to go after someone, start with Louis Farrakhan. Here’s a guy who praises Hitler, wants Jews killed, thinks women should be in the kitchen, and wants gays killed. You hear little, if any, outrage about him. If Martin Luther King were still around, I think he would be shocked that Farrakhan has so much support. King refused to team up with Malcolm X, who was far less radical than Farrakhan.

          • Estonian, my brother,

            Just in case you did not catch it “little Tsar” would be Trump. No disrespect to the last Tsar. Most likely a devout Orthodox Christian, and Martyr, but a failure for sure as the leader of the Russian Empire. Please spare me all the excuses,for the beloved Tsar, I’ve heard all them before. Bottom line, his failure nearly destroyed Orthodoxy in Russia, and millions perished under The Soviet Union.

            • George Michalopulos says

              No real argument. Nicholas II was inept but he wasn’t evil or corrupt –like the Bolsheviks who took over.

              • Agree 100 percent, pure heart like my friend George. By the way don’t let Bonnie posts work you up. Just feeding the fire.

              • Wrong wrong .. not the Tsar who was inept however competent in not capitulating to the liberalism, and internationalism. Tsar Nicholas ll was not going to do a central bank that would be under control of the Rothschild’s. Of course Alexander lll would not put Lenin under arrest and allow him hunting privileges while in jail.

                “Congresses were held at the Hague.11 THEY WERE CALLED BY TSAR NICHOLAS II of … the legal groundwork for both the League of Nations and the United Nations … 7 Chapter I: The Establishment of the United Nations:”

                Whole narrative that Tsar was “weak and incompetent” ..
                FAKE HISTORY.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Cy, you may be more correct. The Rothschilds had it in for the Romanovs from the time of the Congress of Vienna, when Tsar Alexander I screwed them over (God bless him). My criticism of Nicholas II is two-fold: he should’ve made a separate peace with Germany and he was unable to delegate authority to trusted advisors. Maybe because there weren’t any, I dunno.

                  He may felt forced into reading every document, writing every response, etc. because as he said “I don’t rule the Russian Empire, ten thousand bureaucrats do”.

                  • The assassination of Pyotr Stolypin was a monumental Blow to the Monarchy. Actually there were spates of assassinations going on around those times. Tsar was losing key backers. History knows and even the opposition admits that he was a brilliant minister, Stolypin, his reforms were solid policy bridging the divides of the classes and nixing the class warfare agenda of the Bolshevik radicals. So they assassinated him at that Opera House. In response to the the assassination and some many other ones there were a few “pogroms.” Later, you had the “false flag” pogroms, people breaking some windows burning down their huts and informing the press beforehand when and where with the camera crews already there to tell the story. Obviously Tsar Nichols ll was not Boris Godunov or Ivan the Awesome or Alexander lll. His opposition was able also to lie and distort a lot of things about Rasputin that was detrimental and while St. John of Kronstadt was at the bedside of Alexander lll in in his final hours Rasputin with his ability to care and curtail the hemophilia episodes with the Tsarevich Aleksei Tsarina Alexandra sought his counsel mostly and welcomed him in gave him pass to the Kremlin palace. Rasputin mainly recognized that there was a toxic talcum powder utilized by one of the nurses and he put the stop to that.

                    Russia 19th Century was already following all the modernisms of French avant-garde fashions all the German philosophers and Orthodoxy was backward the old primitive church fathers not bestowing blessings, probably shaking hands like the current Pope does with everyone.

                    So for people saying OH, the Tsar was of some weak personal political character no, the opposite, he was a benevolent Father. He was not going to do mass hangings in the Red Square like Ivan the Awesome (Terrible) just like Trump is not going to order the electric chair for Mueller and Comey.

                    The Tsar was virtually abandoned by all the Russian officials who were supposed to be loyal to him. There was Anton Denikin and there was Admiral Kolchak who maintained loyalty. My Grandfather in Omsk was Kolchak’s right hand man. Mobilized citizenry to sew uniforms for the White Russian Army. Kolchak actually was second in line to Tsar Nicholas as Sovereign of Russia according to succession protocol. My grand aunt was Kolchak’s personal secretary. My dad told me thousands of executive accomplishments of the Tsar. But he did say he was a little too soft, instead of letting Lenin hunt when incarcerated should have done the more Roman gladiatorial thing, give him a hammer and a sicle and nice bright red shirt the predator could see. That’s fair.

                    • Yeah, why haven’t the Social Marxist Communists ever depicted
                      Lenin wielding a Sicle , couldn’t all he could do Lenin ….
                      He was a fast talker and connected his propaganda selling points
                      was adroit at avoiding questions of his anarchy.

                      Lenin was worse than Stalin.

                    • Estonian Slovak says

                      Look, I appreciate your defense of the Tsar Martyr and the fact that you had family who fought for the Whites. However, I find your calling Tsar Ivan “awesome” to be offensive. Don’t you know that this Tsar was the one Tsar Stalin admired precisely because of his brutality? Don’t care for the title awesome for him. You are right about the Tsar Martyr being betrayed by those around him, however.

                • Cy, never said weak and incompetent. Just plain and simple a failure, as King of the Russian Empire. So The Tsar and The Russian Empire were no match for against the Rothschilds? Again excuses.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Very simplistic Dino. The Great War destroyed the Belle Epoque and several Christian dynasties with it. It paved the way for the Bolshies and the Nazis, indeed, most blood-soaked century in history.

                    The only reason America was allowed to escape the carnage was because of our insular geography, between the Atlantic and the Pacific, we’re essentially an impregnable island, immune to any naval invasion. Having said that, the US wisely implemented a moratorium on immigration from 1924-1965 which allowed our forebears to assimilate peacefully into American culture. Still, there were many Red Scares which put the fear of God into those Americans who were Commie sympathizers. In short, it wasn’t pleasant.

                    Russia, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Finland, Mexico weren’t so lucky. In the Interwar period, all of these countries either fell to the Red Terror or were plunged into brutal civil wars and/or invasions by Trotsky’s legions. After the Second World War, the list included Greece, Italy, Central America, etc.

                    We were damn lucky.

                    • George was it so beautiful for the majority of ordinary Russians during said Belle Époque? Rose tinted glasses my friend. My first inclination is to feel sorry for Tsar and family, but then I think of thousands of babies and children suffering starvation and death during his rule, and the great carnage to follow during the communist period. What a waste, think what Russia could have been. Not to mention Orthodoxy on the world stage.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Dino, I myself bought into the line that “millions of ordinary Russians were starving” for so long that I was genuinely shocked to find out that Russia was one of the most prosperous countries on earth at that time. Sure, there was a disgruntled and suffering urban proletariat in St Petersburg and Moscow but so too was there a suffering urban proletariat in Manchester, Birmingham, Detroit and Pittsburgh. All the nonsense about Russia being an illiberal autocracy ruled by an absolute monarch is quite literally, nonsense.

                      Now don’t get me wrong. I do believe that Nicholas was inept and ineffective. But he was no brutalist tyrant starving his people into submission. Indeed, he was quite liberal; one of the reasons that the nobility resented him was that he was raising taxes on them in order to redistribute their monies to the peasantry.

                      True, the Great War devastated Russia but so too did it devastate post-war Germany, with all the horrors of the Weimar republic that almost caused Germany to become communist. Instead, Hitler won. One poison was traded for another. Likewise Italy with Mussolini. America was lucky because the GOP controlled the Congress and Warren G Harding staved off a depression.

                    • Thank you George. Your point, Russia was one of the most prosperous countries on earth pre-revolutionary. Were there poor people, well Jesus Himself had said “the poor shall always be with you.” There were poor people in Russia. Oliver Twist’s the “slums of London” not sure, Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters” the coal miners in France working 6 day weeks 12 hour days eating potatoes, Chicago factories turn of century, so forth. Well look at present day USA. All the urban areas and all the people living under the freeways. Also the milieu the great authors, Dostoevsky for example, as brilliant of an intellectual mind as he was his backdrop was always that of “doom and gloom” and that was literary art form of the day, there is a French term for it, Degas Absinthe drinker, that kind of stylish doom and gloom. Russia was famously known as the “breadbasket” of Europe and the detractors would say, oh yeah, they sold their bread to Europe and left themselves starving such complete total idiotic nonsense. There was a surplus obviously or why railroad it all to Europe potato eaters aren’t going to pay you any extra buck that a Russia couldn’t plus no Tsar would let that happen anyway. Arts, sciences, literature, industry all those things were flourishing pre-revolutionary but were there some poor people, there were. Folks who drank a lot of vodka and liked to gamble, you always have those. Admiral Kolchak only lost by a small smidgeon that war against the Reds anyway, all 20th Century history would have been different to some extent had he won. Then the Russian Nationalists Monarchists would have rallied and taken Russia back from the Lenin’s and the Kerensky’s but alas, that was not to be. My previous post below after re-reading a little off focus up a little late.

                  • Kuhn and Loeb. The Jacob Schiffs. Rockefellers. Armand Hammers. Pierpont Morgan. Carnegie. One of the guys who drowned on the Titanic, maybe a couple, Astore Woolworths Penny’s guy, all these guys, deep pockets, they bankrolled the Russian Bolshevik Revolution. All the well known Jekyll Island guys. Morgan though did give some money to the Whites, just in case, he was a hedge fund guy. Its no secret, easy to find on the NET, virtually all the Bolshevik high command was Jewish taking on Russian last names we all know Trotsky – Bronstein, Stalins propaganda minister
                    he was Ilya Ehrinberg, STALINS PROPAGANDA MINISTER, this is the
                    first guy to claim, no one before him, not just a propaganda minister but Stalin’s so we he had American Constitutional free rights speech under !st amendment principles under Stalin, but this is .. the very first guy .. to claim the 6 million count that the Germans killed Jews. Kaganovich Molotov and then there was Lazar guy at Lubyanka, Felix Dzerzhinsky
                    he torture people in incredible ways, get tied to the trees have mosquitos eat you alive, worse. But Russian people became jaded. St. Seraphim
                    Sarov said the big sin was people stopped doing fast.

        • Bonhoeffer says

          I imagine Putin was as surprised as anyone about the (Pyrrhic) success of his multi-faceted GRU op. Peegate, however, is the least of Trump and Gang’s fears, as you’re about to learn. Either here, or on the Last Day, when it may be too late for some. I couldn’t say which.

          One of the stupidest and most diabolical delusions out there — frequently showcased in this murky pit of derp known as Monomakhos — can be seen in those who slander honorable citizens & their respect for 1) the truth, 2) basic political decency & norms, 3) expert, competent public service, 4) an independent judiciary, 5) a free & rationally accountable press, 6) peace-keeping alliances, 7) the rule of law, and ~) lots of other precious and evidently fragile things — as comprising the nefarious minions of the “Deep State.”

          And if you ask me, a pretty good case could be made to consider disenfranchising anyone so grotesquely clueless about the most elementary & foundational facts about how civil society functions, as those alluded to above. At least until such time as they can demonstrate some limited capacity to perceive a thing or two about reality.

          • George Michalopulos says

            “Peegate”? Really? That was so obviously fake that when FusionGPS peddled it to various and sundry news orgs they laughed outright.

            Here’s an interesting thought: if the Dems had any actual, real, oppo research on Trump that was related in some way to Putin/FSB, they would have dropped it before the election. Especially after the Comey Letter, which was dropped on St Wiener’s Day (Oct 28th).

            You’re gonna be shocked when it’s finally revealed that the entire Russian Hacking Narrative was memed into existence on Nov 9th, in order to explain Clinton’s stunning (and unexpected) defeat.

            Now mind you, as a meme, it’s not bad all things being equal but for a meme to really be effective it has to be grounded in truth. The RHN fails on several fronts, the foremost one being that Putin expected Hillary to win (as did everybody else). The second point is that the Russians crave stability. With Hillary they had the continued stability of the Obama administration –Trump was/is a wild card. The Russians don’t like that. Third, Hillary gave the Russians a lot. There was every indication that she would give them more. (Reasonable assumption anyway.)

            So there. No doubt there are more layers to this onion.

            • Anonymouse says

              Let the Dems keep trying. The more time they spend on this nonsense, the more likely they are to repeat their stunning defeat.

              Real Americans don’t care about this stuff. Real Americans have rejected the Dem platform and that won’t change until the Dems change. I can’t wait to see them lose more House and Senate seats in 2018. Imagine the existential confusion!

          • George Michalopulos says
  3. P. Antonio Arganda says

    How does a killing involving a footprint on the back of the victim and a bullet entry point also in the back of the head get a killing classified as “suicide”? Sounds like arkancide to me.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I know, let’s blame Putin!

      Seriously, isn’t it ironic that our Neocon media blames Putin every time some criminal Russian oligarch is killed (like Nemstov) while studiously overlooking the rash of “suicides” of people who ran afoul of the Clintons? Or “botched robberies” like what happened to Seth Rich?

      Curious indeed.

      • Bonhoeffer says

        . . . some criminal Russian oligarch is killed (like Nemstov)

        Fecal specimen noted.
        Bottled, labeled and frozen for future analysis.

        Here’s a very incomplete, partial list of other “criminal Russian oligarchs” murdered under Putin. Just some highlights:

        Yuri Shchekochikhin, 2003
        Sergei Yushenkov, 2003
        Paul Khlebnikov, 2004
        Anna Politkovskaya, 2006
        Alexander Litvinenko, 2006
        Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova, 2009
        Sergei Magnitsky, 2009
        Natalia Estemirova, 2009
        Denis Voronenkov, 2017

        • Bonhoeffer says

          Aside from the infamous polonium tea murder of Litvenenko, and Magnitsky’s deeply suspicious death in custody, all were murdered by gunshot.

          • You missed the exotic flower one!

            Alexander Peripillichny (sp).

            After his death, all the rest of the unknowns in Russia amd Ukraine are rather known.

            But when your man love crush is a murderer; obsfucate and point at another guy who has never been charged either.

        • George Michalopulos says

          So? This list doesn’t approach the numbers of people who have suffered Arkancide.

          Pot, kettle.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        In Russia the Rich are called “Oligarchs. ”

        In The USA THE Rich are just called “Rich.”

        Ever notice that little bit of Propaganda?

        • Bonhoeffer says

          The difference is that here, many of the rich actually earned their money lawfully through astute development and competent management of a vast array of enterprises that produce goods and services, or by investment in same.
          In Russia, all the “oligarchs” got their pile by kissing Putin’s ass. Their reward for that had generally been stolen from others who wouldn’t pucker up. (These tend to wind up in jail, exile — or the grave.)

          Hope this helps!

          • George Michalopulos says

            Actually, it doesn’t. Clearly you know very little about recent Russian history. The oligarchs came into being during the Yeltsin era, when they were aided and abetted by American neocons. Putin is hated because he put a stop to the original crew of oligarchs (Berezovsky, Nemtsov, Khodorovsky, etc). These men were criminal in ways that would make our own Robber Barons blush.

            Putin is respected by the ordinary Russians because he brought these bastards to heel. And because in doing so he pissed off the American neocons.

            • Bonhoeffer says

              Real curious to hear more about the definition of “oligarch” that could fit Nemtsov, George. Let’s hear that, and tell us more about his “crimes” too while you’re at it. (This should be good.)

              I was referring to the current crop, obviously. Putin “put a stop to the original crew” for one reason: so he and his cronies could pocket and/or control disbursements of the remaining wealth themselves. His very short-sighted stewardship of the (tiny & still undiversified) economy had been covered up by a decade+ of rising oil and gas prices, but those days are over. The money runs out next year.

              And since you know so much about this, maybe you can tell us who originally created the businesses and wealth-producing assets, such as they are, still productive in today’s RF? Anyone currently benefiting from it, financially, family or stockholders? This, too, should be good …

              • George Michalopulos says

                Easy, he was very wealthy, lived like a playboy, committed crimes, was well connected with the American neocons, etc. When he was Deputy Prime Minister under Yeltsin (who was so totally blotto drunk most days he didn’t know what day it was), he at least kept his wits about him he totally greased the skids for the Harvard Boys to come in and plunder Russia –to the tune of one trillion dollars.

                If that ain’t the definition of an oligarch or an oligarch wannabe, then nobody is.

                • Bonhoeffer says

                  Do they pay you for this crap?

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    No crap, no money. My heart is pure. I do this for free.

                    • Bonhoeffer says

                      My heart is pure.

                      Easily the most perilous of all your many, many delusions, George. Unless . . .

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Not really, I do have a pure heart in the sense that I have no hidden agendas. I’m for Christ, His Church, evangelizing America, American autocephaly and the end of Globalism. What you see is what you get.

                    • M. Stankovich says

                      May you live forever, Mr. Michalopulos. OK, not “forever” in this world (and I do, in all sincerity, pray for you and your family), but at least one day longer than me. I, for one, have always been grateful for your effort.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      As you as well, Dr S. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you someday.

              • Thomas Sm says

                Nemtsov was an oligarchs’ servant, not an oligarch himself. Nemtsov was a megacriminal, creating various cronyist “privatisation” schemes, much of which, as GM already noted, offshored Russia’s wealth. He was also a disgusting human being – he had as many baby mommas as children and I know from a friend that he even had the gall to show up to a function in DC as an invited speaker in the late 90s (being the darling of American think tanks) drunk with a hooker.


                —What Putin did was to expel the oligarchs who were too big for their britches and would not even submit to any laws or taxation. The other oligarchs were permitted to retain their positions so long as they paid (relatively minimal) taxes and did not get super-political. You can criticise that all you want for cronyism but the fact remains that pensions and state sector wages went largely unpaid for the second half of the 1990s and Putin brought that into order within months.

                In other words, even if your worst imaginations about Putin’s motives were true, and I don’t think they are but say they were, there is still the issue that the oligarchy was so predatory under Yel’tsin due to functional anarchy within the State that the whole government and society were not even functioning, something that was ultimately a threat to the average oligarch himself.

                “And since you know so much about this, maybe you can tell us who originally created the businesses and wealth-producing assets, such as they are, still productive in today’s RF?”

                —The main assets in the Russian economy, those things which the current and former oligarchs acquired, are largely mining/extraction of Russia’s rich natural resources and industrial production which was established by the Soviets. The neoliberal bandits only plundered the economy.

                Also most of the current oligarchs were established before Putin appeared on the scene. Some solidified their position via political loyalty but few gained their position because of a relationship with V.V. Putin.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  I believe it was Chrysostom who asked: “who is worse, the demons or those who serve them?” Nemtsov was certainly a servant of the Oligarchs. His share of punishment will be greater in that he was a Russian who worked for the Harvard Boys (who were Americans).

                  • Bonhoeffer says

                    Does it ever cross your mind that maybe you serve demons yourself?

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I pray every night that I don’t fall into delusion. And at Church I pray for a Christian ending to my life.

                    • Bonhoeffer says

                      I take it you know that those prayers not to fall into delusion aren’t magical incantations. You have to cooperate, by actively seeking the truth and actively avoiding the dissemination of falsehood. I’d like to suggest that it seems you need to work a lot harder on your end of the deal.

                • Bonhoeffer says

                  ” … much of which, as GM already noted, offshored Russia’s wealth.”

                  No sensible person would take seriously anything “GM notes”. His credibility in general is just north of zero, FYI.

                  So, it sounds like you agree with his claim above that 1 $trillion was plundered from Russia via offshore accounts. Or some other number, maybe? And by whom? And based on what evidence and on whose investigative watch? Says who?

                  If Nemtsov was a “mega-criminal,” I wonder why he was never charged with and tried for anything. Did I miss something? I mean, it’s not like Putin’s been shy about putting anyone in jail, even the innocent. He’s incessantly trumping up charges against A. Navalny for just one well-known example. Is Gary Kasparov another mega-criminal? (Incidentally: In Thomas Sm’s judgement, do any “mega-criminals” happen not to be Jewish? It smells like almost all of George’s are, for some odd reason. Do you concur with him there, too?)

                • Bonhoeffer says

                  In other words, even if your worst imaginations about Putin’s motives were true, and I don’t think they are but say they were, there is still the issue that the oligarchy was so predatory under Yel’tsin due to functional anarchy within the State that the whole government and society were not even functioning, something that was ultimately a threat to the average oligarch himself.

                  A mere truism, obviously. And anyway, who’s touting or even defending Yeltsin?

                  Although Putin certainly did, obviously. And note that not a single one of The Family have ever suffered a thing under Putin.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Here’s the problem Bon: when you criticize Putin you axiomatically defend Yeltsin. It’s not an option in that a successor has to deal with the problems of his predecessor. There’s no way around it.

                    If you’re lucky, you get a Reagan to follow LBJ/Nixon/Ford/Carter. If you’re not, then you have a Maduro follow a Chavez, or a Castro following a Castro.

                    In light of this, Russia is 100 times better off under Putin than it was under Yeltsin, in much the same way that China went gangbusters when Deng Xiaping followed Mao Tse-tung.

                    It’s really that simple.

                    • Bonhoeffer says

                      Wut? Yeltsin picked Putin to be PM in 1999; then, these two went to desperate lengths to be sure Putin got elected President in 2000.

                      Since I certainly do not think Yeltsin’s hand-picked successor reflects well on him, it’s hardly axiomatic that to be appalled by Putin is to defend Yeltsin. I can seldom follow your logic.

                      Anyway, there was little pre-destined about Putin’s willful turn away from the possibility of overseeing the budding democracy to a retrograde thuggish authoritarianism. Every European and anglophone nation has overcome the inertia of history to transfigure themselves into a constitutional monarchy, republic or democracy. The atavism we’re seeing now in some places is little else than political corruption and entropy — fueled by more than a little Putinist/GRU subversion.

                      If Russia’s first nine years under Putin was far better than those under Yeltsin, a lot of credit is due to oil prices. What has the autocrat Putin done in his 17 years in power to circulate that wealth and diversify the economy? California’s economy alone is twice the size of Russia’s.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      True, Yeltsin did work overtime to put Putin in power. Why? Maybe because he had pangs of conscience at how he allowed his country to be raped? Who knows? Who cares? Woodrow Wilson at the end of his presidency was remorseful at how he had been used by the Globalists of his time to create the national income tax, create the Federal Reserve and get us involved in the useless Great War.

                      Yeltsin did the right thing by his country and that’s all that matters.

                • Bonhoeffer says

                  You can criticise that all you want for cronyism but the fact remains that pensions and state sector wages went largely unpaid for the second half of the 1990s and Putin brought that into order within months.

                  No criticism from me of any sensible policies due to enlightened self-interest. But that was then, and now, seventeen years later, here’s another little fact: poverty in rural Russia is as bad as it’s been in 100 years. Crime, divorces, abortions, murders, etc., etc., all worse than ever. Funny, though, how all of those indices of social pathology have been falling throughout the Evil, non-Orthodox West during the same period. Wonder what’s up with that?

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Please see my response to Nate above. Long story short: bad economic (Neoliberal) policies can have devastating and long-term consequences.

            • Bonhoeffer says

              Two numbers for you, George:

              A) $871
              B) 110

              A) Median wealth in Russia (Source: Credit Suisse, 2014). Meaning half of Russians possess even less wealth/net worth than that.

              B) Number of individuals who hold 35% of Russian Federation wealth.

              Median wealth in India is $1000. Income inequality in Russia today is far greater than that of any other country on Earth, aside possibly from China, for which reliable statistics aren’t available.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Well, these numbers are the fruits of your buddies (1) the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Belle Epoque that obtained in Russia under the later Romanovs and the rapine of (2) the Harvard Boys who denuded Russia during the Yeltsin era. What about our growing inequality in wealth thanks to the same neoliberal policies that hollowed out our own middle class?

                • Bonhoeffer says

                  My buddies? You’re a very presumptuous little man.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    “Little man”? Projecting?

                    • Bonhoeffer says

                      Way out of line to refer to the Bolsheviks as my buddies,
                      to libel me or anyone like that on no evidence whatsoever.

                      On another level of bogus, it’s a really malignant false accusation to claim the “Harvard Boys” “denuded” or raped Russia. Your “$trillion” fantasy is pulled right out of your you know where. This is just more spreading of straight-up crazy lies, something you do a lot of, looks like.

                      This kind of stuff is well into presumptuous little man territory.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Not true. Best estimates are that close to one trillion dollars was looted from Russia.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I was wrong to call the Bolshies your buddies. But at the end of the day, when it comes to history, nuance doesn’t really exist, does it? Dorm-room bull sessions are fine for popping beers into the wee hours of the morning but life doesn’t work like that.

                      Don’t want war with Russia? Don’t provoke them. Want peace in the Middle East? Restrain Israel. Don’t want a Hitler to rise? Give Germany more equitable terms. Are things marginal but otherwise peaceful and prosperous in Europe? Don’t go to war over an assassinated Archduke.

                      In other words, it’s best to sometimes leave things alone.

                • Nate Trost says

                  While the “Harvard Boys” and other Western opportunists (plus the well intentioned but naive) were a thing and certainly didn’t help with the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, George Michalopulos greatly overstates their impact. Throwing around figures like a trillion dollars is a sign he is, as usual, not to be taking seriously. Of course, their fable continues to be exaggerated more with each passing year, as scapegoats are needed for the dismal state of the Russian economy circa 2017.

                  Putin’s Russia is country of single party rule with the ultimate power controlled by the security services running in a manner essentially indistinguishable from an organized crime family. The 1990’s were so bad, that this system was in fact, initially an improvement.

                  I think history will end up showing that this stopped being an improvement, and the underlying systemic issues started grinding things to a halt and dragging Russia backwards again around 2008.

                  George Michalopulos wrote
                  What about our growing inequality in wealth

                  You voted to turbocharge this process. You made your bed, now lie in it.

                  And no, the Clintons don’t have people killed. Monomakhos is just going to get loopier and loopier.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Nate, you greatly underestimate the power of bad economic policies. Japan, one of the most gifted and talented and diligent nations on earth suffered a “lost decade” because of wrong-headed (and self-inflicted) economic policies. Even though they are crawling out of their stagnation, things are so bad that marriage has been put off for millions of young people and the population is declining.

                    I’m old enough to remember when Israel was a wholly socialist state and tens of thousands of Sabras migrated to the United States. There were so many of them that they came to be called Yordim. Things were so dire that they had to import Ethiopian and Russian Jews to replenish their ranks. It was only with the classically liberal policies instituted by Netanyahu in the 90s that Israel became an economic powerhouse.

                    I imagine that you don’t work in the private sector. Well I do and I can tell you that the economic devastation that has afflicted the white working class has been gruesome. Just as the 90s saw Russian life expectancy decline, so too have we experienced the same during the past decade or so. Being in the health care field, I am on the front lines of the opioid epidemic and I see first-hand the despair that leads to family break-up. Things are so bad for millennials that family formation has come to a virtual halt.

                    The problem with economic statistics is that they don’t tell the full story. When you hear of “productivity increases” that usually means that two people are now doing the work of four. Etc.

                    • lexcaritas says

                      I’m wondering, George, if the people hear who claim that the Russian economy is in shambles have been there? It doesn’t look so bad to those of who have or friends who are there now, does it? Or friends here who have family there . . .

                      As for the Credit Suisse report, I wonder how they measure “wealth”? What about elements that can’t be measure in dollars and in terms of ability to consume using money? How would a farmer, say, who had land in a remote rural area be rated since his land might be worth little in monetary terms, but he might be “wealthy” indeed. If the Russians are so poor how is that they are able to repair, rebuild and build anew so many churches and monasteries–some as we saw by the parishioners themselves with their own hands because, we were told, they don’t own much in the way of homes themselves, but pour their efforts into the parish church as their common property that will last for 800 years with proper maintenance should the Lord tarry in his return and barring disasters like earthquake or war. Is this not immeasurable form of wealth that our financial gurus and bean counters frankly overlook? I’ll take that over much of what we see around us in the so-called wealthy west that is in the throes of sheer insanity and suicide in view of the coming demographic winter, the vacuum of faith, untrammeled immigration without a means of conversion, many of the seven deadly sins lauded and glorified—from murder to lust to avarice, gluttony, pride and envy. Where florist and bakers and photographers are fined $135,000 unless they will offer their artistic services to participate in sin and where an English infant whose parents have the funds to try a treatment that might save his life are denied that right by the health care and legal bureaucracy with nary a peep from the royal house, the Prime Minister or anyone in authority. Our rulers resemble robots speaking mindless words to justify their loss of humanity and common sense–because we have rejected the Logos, Christ, the Word of God. How I weep and mourn for my country and the England, France and other European lands whence my forbears came: [Hebrews 10:26-29 For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, 27 But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. 28 He that despised Moses’ law died without mercy under two or three witnesses: 29 Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?]
                      Lord, have mercy. Lord Jesus Christ, save us.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Beautiful Lex! Perhaps I see things thru my parish council/bldg comm member’s eyes, but if Russia is so “poor” how are they building 3 churches a day? How have they rebuilt and restored hundreds of churches in Moscow, st Petersburg, ekaterinburg, etc alone?

                      It astonishes. And let’s not forget that the U.S. sanctions and the drop in oil prices since 2014.

                      How Indeed? When we in America, where all was good and wonderful under Obama the Great have to have good festivals to just pay the bills? And this in the GOA, the jewel in the crown of American Orthodoxy?

                    • “how are they building 3 churches a day”

                      Seriously? 1000 new churches every year? 10000 in the last decade? Somehow I doubt it.

                    • Nate Trost says

                      George Michalopulos wrote
                      but if Russia is so “poor” how are they building 3 churches a day?

                      Easily. It looks like the source of that “3 per day” figure is +HILARION speaking of the average over the past ~30 years. “Today we have 35,000 churches. That means that we have opened 29,000 churches over twenty-eight years, opening more than 1,000 churches per year or three per day… Earlier we had three theological seminaries or academies, and today there are over fifty,”

                      A couple notes:
                      * This is not a terribly surprising number when put in the context of recovering from, you know, the USSR. Russia is a huge country with a lot of people.
                      * They have not built 29,000 copies of St. Basil’s Cathedral. I would suspect some of the most expensive churches constructed in Russia in the past 30 years are equal in cost to say, the combined total of a couple hundred of the least expensive.
                      * The need to take into account the lower labor cost of construction in Russia, especially in the 90s and early 2000s and especially once you get away from Moscow and a couple other major urban centers.
                      * If you were going to spitball the cost of construction over the 30 years, in 2017 dollars what would you end up with? $10 billion? $20 billion? $30 billion? Spread out over three decades? That isn’t a blip in the context of Russian oil and gas export revenues over that time period.
                      * If only were a bit of a cynic about the future, one could speculate it would be in the interest of the Russian government to funnel some cash into continuing to build churches to shore up a slumping construction sector. The Russian central bank had to prop up a bank run by the Russian Church this year, in part to cover expected losses from high risk lending to the construction sector which was experiencing a downturn.

                • The hollowing out of the middle class,monetary enslavement. Forget taxing and insuraning us to death. Their new weapon is now health care. Between all taxes, insurance, costs of goods, and medical expenses, the middle class is pushed into poverty. They realized when they removed the mother out of the home and into the work force, their plan was sealed for good, decades ago. That wasn’t enough now they want to enslave us in our golden years as well.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    True that. The destruction of the family, the drafting of Mestizo helots to undercut the working man’s wages and the destruction of the public schools all played a heavy role in the hollowing out of the working classes.

                    • George my father was a carpenter and did well, in California of all places, from 1960-1985. Now nearly all carpenters are from Mexico and trust me their wages do not make for a good livelihood. Now perhaps with all the free government giveaways and no worries about health care cost or food cost it might be great for a Mexican coming from dirt floors and no plumbing.

                      PS If our political parties truly cared for Americans, why not give those jobs to African Americans instead of cheap labor to big business?

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Good question, Dino. Answer? Probably because they don’t want to. The game plan of the Oligarchy is to drive black people into further degradation and near-extinction, keeping just a few million around to be used as pawns for whatever reason.

                      If you’ll permit me to riff a bit further on this. The Democrat Party on the national level is ccaught on the horns of a dilemma as it is totally dependent upon the Congressional Black Caucus to keep its numbers in the Congress at near parity with the GOP. However thanks to a disastrous 8 years under Obama, the possibility of another liberal black person on a national ticket is all but done for. As a nation, whether black or white, we’re exhausted because the racial healing that an Obama presidency promised turned out to be nothing but a lie. That’s why Hillary chose a plain vanilla non-entity as her running mate instead of Sen Cory Booker. (On the Republican side, that’s another story.)

                      Here’s where it gets especially delicious: word on the street was that Hillary wanted to choose Xavier Becerra, a Mexican-American from California as her running mate. This would have been a wise move but it would have angered blacks. Blacks are growing resentful of Latinos as they have displaced blacks as the premier minority in the US.

                      I plan on writing something soon about this. Long story short: the Dems have a choice to make, either go with Hispanics or blacks. And whichever one they choose, it will anger the other.

                    • George the question was more rhetorical, so yes agreed. On a good note I will visiting my old hood, and plan on visiting, Holy Virgin Cathedral, in San Francisco. I will be sure to light a candle for you, and for all here who frequent Monomakhos. May Saint John Maximovitch intercede all our prayers!

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Thank you Dino! Could definitely use some intercessory prayer right about now!

  4. So anyone working on the cure for Arkancide contracts the disease? Must be some powerful stuff, or underfunded containment equipment. This makes me wonder how Danny Williams. He may in fact not be Bill’s son, or even if he was it would surprise no one to hear Bill has an illegitimate child.

    • George Michalopulos says

      He kinda does look like Bubba though, doesn’t he? As for Chelsea, she’s got Webb’s features, don’t you think?

      • Oh The nose knows, and surgery won’t change that. Despite my dislike of cosmetic surgery, I will give her credit for no longer looking like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

  5. Yadayadayada says

    The Clinton Foundation is an international crime syndicate. The latest victim of arkancide had already stated publicly that, of the billions that went to Haiti for disaster recovery from the Clinton Foundation, only approximately 6% went to the people, 10% went to the Haitian government and the rest blew away like fart in the wind. The Haitian disasters we’re nothing more than money laundering opportunities for them.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Let’s not forget that Bush 41 was a willing accomplice to Bill in raising monies for Haiti. The tip-off should have been “send anything, even small bills” because the disaster was “so great” that there was no time for checks or money orders. Likewise I’m sure credit card donations could have been tracked.

      Just sayin’.

  6. I have a public service announcement, which, of course, the Clinton’s have had a hand in doing, but not just them alone. The idea that nature even with God’s hand could uniformly create hail weighting near the weight of a talent( 75-100 lbs) in the atmosphere, that people cursed God for it, because it was so severe: always seemed very very odd to me. I concluded in my own mind, that the uniformity denoted the industry of man, not God.As I have stated before, the bowls of the wrath of God are the Holy God allowing us to destroy ourselves. I have seem ice balls all near the exact same size that appear large enough to weigh a talent each, for the first time today on the Geo-engennering .org. web site. The government is claiming these are naturally formed. The government can make it snow in 50 degree temperature and it does not melt anywhere near as quickly as natural snow. Since our government is hell bent on using weather as a weapon of mass destruction is seems likely to me that they would love having a weapon like this. This seems more likely to me than the revenge of a beneficent Holy God who loves mankind for destroying the ecosystem of the whole planet. Our God is Absolute Perfection who never has, and never will make a mistake. Our government’s big mistake is killing off the corral reefs and loosing the frozen methane into the ocean and the atmosphere, the amount of which rivals or exceeds oil, natural gas and coal global deposits.Hurt not the oil or the trees apparently the people don’t count. Enjoy your summer weather, I am,

    • cynthia curran says

      Actually, I think global warming is exaggerated. For example, the Paris accord didn’t make India and China changed their ways until 2030. I do think there is a problem. A better solution would be to developed carbon capture systems to deal with the carbon emissions. A position that neither the left or right supports. I think that Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant will moved to a middle position away from the left and right. There are some positions that I’m left on and may that I’m right on. The left and right today were born out of the world of the 1960’s and are both dated.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    Put every living ex-President in jail and their propagandists too. Void all laws in violation of the 10th Amendment (90% of Federal laws and regulations in force). Rescind the 16th and 17th Amendments. Kick every congressman out, excuse everyone in the Trump administration and fire all government workers. Fill all essential positions through a lottery organized by the states of all qualified US citizens.

    Be at least as good as what we have now.

  8. Bonhoeffer says

    Not true. Best estimates are that close to one trillion dollars was looted from Russia.

    Looted by whom? “The Harvard Boys” themselves? You’re ridiculous.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Ever heard of Goldman-Sachs? Lehman Bros? Chase Manhattan? Harvard University’s endowment jumped exponentially after the work of the Harvard Boys.

      • Nate Trost says

        This is not correct. You need remedial math lessons, and a refresher in economic statistics from the 90s.

      • Bonhoeffer says

        Don’t want to be put into a position of defending banksters, God knows, but the numbers you’re hurling at your wall are ridiculous. No doubt millions from Russia ended up in Western banks, and in Western citizens’ or institutions’ hands via some money laundering and other, semi-legal, skullduggery. Maybe more. But my understanding is the looting was overwhelmingly perpetrated by Russian nationals for their own corrupt benefit.

        I’m open-minded about this to a certain extent, though sure your numbers are loony. I admit to having next to no confidence in the intellectual or moral integrity of classical economists — much less banksters in general.

        On a closely related note: Another interesting milestone coming up is whether your Trump will be brazen enough to veto sanctions legislation that’s certain of overwhelming support in both Houses of Congress, meant to punish Putin and cronies for blatantly aggressing upon our 2016 election? We can’t wait to see how that one goes. Gonna be a rough few months for your boy. I think the jig is about up on his con.

      • Bonhoeffer says

        btw, 1) a source demonstrating this shocking assertion about the Harvard MC endowment, please. 2) Proffer some evidence that even if there’s anything to the exponential[sic] enlargement you allege, your charge isn’t just an example of post hoc fallacy.

  9. Bonhoeffer says

    I was wrong to call the Bolshies your buddies.

    Apology accepted.

    The other points in that post are less comprehensible to me. RE: Russia, it’s ethically smelly for you to warn against so-called “provocations.” This is appeasement talk, after Donbass, MH-17, dezinformatsiya campaigns vs. elections in Western liberal democracies, Syrian war crimes and weapons testing, hostile mischief making subverting decades of marvelously successful, peace-keeping alliances. I recommend you talk to any one of their western neighbors who’ve begged for admission to NATO about these so-called “provocations”. It’s hard to believe you can even be serious.

    No one who isn’t thoroughly evil wants a war with Russia. But Russia has an ugly historical track record. It’s sleazy to pretend otherwise.

  10. Bonhoeffer says

    True, Yeltsin did work overtime to put Putin in power. Why? Maybe because he had pangs of conscience at how he allowed his country to be raped? Who knows? Who cares?

    I think we all know very well exactly why Putin was put in power by Yeltsin. You Putinista/Trumpistas all share very similar modes of fallacious rhetorical and goal post-shifting tactics in deceit. With respect to your Who cares?, you’re the one who brought up Yeltsin, George. To divert attention from Putin, and his biatch. Try to follow a thread less disingenuously.

  11. Bonhoeffer says

    For the This Should be Good file …

    However thanks to a disastrous 8 years under Obama, the possibility of another liberal black person on a national ticket is all but done for.

    Real eager to hear more about this “disastrous 8 years under Obama.” Not that I’m an entirely uncritical fanboy or anything. Since this slur comes from a shameless and unrepentant Trumpista, I’m pretty confident we can look forward to cyberfarting good for loads of laughs!
    Let’s hear it, Mr. Michalopulos! I think this, too, should be on the record, for future analysis and accountability purposes …

    And focus on the domestic ‘disasters’ if you would, please. Because let’s be fair: I doubt God Himself could salvage much from the Middle East debacle that President Obama inherited.

  12. Bonhoeffer says

    The game plan of the Oligarchy is to drive black people into further degradation and near-extinction, keeping just a few million around to be used as pawns for whatever reason.

    How fascinating that Michalopulos is somehow privy to these evil, monstrous plans, and in such detail, too! I wonder how that works. Could this be a divine revelation mediated by your oracle, Alex Jones? Tell us more about your sources, please!

    Have you heard of psychological projection? Do you ever worry that insane public rants like this make you sound like a deeply disturbed head case and damage the church you claim to serve and speak for?

    Not really, I do have a pure heart in the sense that I have no hidden agendas. I’m for Christ, His Church, evangelizing America, American autocephaly and the end of Globalism. What you see is what you get.

    M. Stankovich, “for one,” may be “always grateful for your effort” as he claims. I’d love to hear more about why that is — though maybe he’s just being ironic. But what I see is a mess, and a scandal. That’s what I get.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Then riddle me this, Batman: why are all the planned parenthood clinics erected in predominantly black areas? Coincidence?

      • Nate Trost says

        You could have looked at a map of the ~650 PP clinics nationwide to make sure you weren’t going to make another ridiculous statement. But if you had, I guess you wouldn’t be George Michalopulos.

      • Anonymouse says

        None dare call it genocide.

      • George,
        Right on. Go watch Mike Wallace’s interview with Planned Parenthood’s founder Margarete Sanger form 1957. There’s enough information on the subject. The trick is to dig deeper, you’ll understand, all the information is there.

      • Simple. PP is designed to help poor people. The reality is that lots of poor people live in the inner city and happen to be black.

        But George, you are a bit of am enigma. For a man dedicated to Orthodox evangelism; you need to realize Bonhoeffer has a point. You can be damaging if you persist in showing the church in negative light.

        I hate to troll. It would be good if some of your stories were about new churches instead of the Clintons, the highly debatable Putin man-love, and gay issues.

        You can post, edit, or delete my comment, but I’m sure you’ll read it.

    • M. Stankovich says

      It seems to me that, as one who has freely stood as a guest in a mans’s house for six years, as I have stood in the house of Mr. Michalopulos, for which he has never asked for contribution, subscription, or membership, gratitude hardly strikes me as outlandish, extravagant, or remarkable enough to draw anyone’s “value added” attention. The truth of the matter is that I don’t agree with much that that has been been published here over the years, but some moments have been truly inspirational. On the day those moments no longer exist, I will be gone. What could be easier? In the end, it takes humility to admit that possibly for a few weeks – a month or so at best – and you too will be forgotten. Bear it all in mind…

      • Bonhoeffer says

        Well, I think he’s more in need of your prayers than seriously questionable expressions of gratitude for what is after all little more than a vehicle for his vanity and pride, and his mischief. Far fewer moments of inspiration than harm and scandal from this blog, if you ask me. That and endless lies. What could be more obvious?

        A truer and more faithful brother might consider being less of an enabler. Something for you to bear in mind.

        • M. Stankovich says

          Let’s not kid one another, Bonhoeffer. One only remains in an “intolerable” venue for the payoff. Even “righteous indignation” in the wrong hands can be self-righteous and soul-destroying. You seem to be wearing a familiar cologne. Meyers

          • Mike Myers says

            I never occurred to me that my “payoff” was any great mystery: it can be sorta fun to expose lies, charlatanry, treason and poseurship. (More than a little nausea, too, though, which isn’t so much fun. But what can you do about that.) I like to think most of the incensive quality of it is directed toward the evil therein, ethereally. An expression of tough love, arguably. Public service even. Pro bono.

            You appear to disagree. Please try to be more direct and specific about what you find objectionable. I hope you aren’t claiming something so nihilistic as that it’s soul-destroying, for me or anyone else, to confront the lies and Putinist deza and nauseating bigotry here with some facts and home truths? Certainly I can be self-righteous, and I’ve never claimed any differently. I take it you realize you are less than immune yourself.

            George barred me in early February. I think I had hit one too many nerves; plus, he was in a triumphalistic and somewhat megalomaniacal mode after the [Pyrrhic] victory of his candidate. We spoke recently by email. I have to admit that his stated reasons for having 86ed me were unconvincing, but that’s George for ya. Anyway, I asked for and have received his permission to post again sans masque.

            So here I am. (It never occurred to me that my persona was likely to prove opaque. And speaking of scents, forgive me, but these occasional whiffs of crass cynicism and just a bit of hypocrisy from you are familiar, too. But not essential, I hope. I doubt it.)

          • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

            Dr. S., I share your hunch that the anonymous “Bonhoeffer” troll on this website is none other than “Meyers.” Moreover, I think I have him pegged as a non-Orthodox wiseacre and Roman Catholic lawyer living in or near Los Angeles, California, a dubious resume that does not entitle him to appear now and then on this website and talk down to our host and other committed Orthodox Christians who are struggling to live their (our) faith in a deeply troubled, increasingly secularized society.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            My, oh my. “One only remains in an “intolerable” venue for the payoff.” Somebody got stung….and reacted like a Trumpist/Monomakhosite!

            • Bishop: You’ve been conspicuous in your absence—and I mean that in a good way.

              George, clean-up in aisle 3!

            • Peter A. Papoutsis says

              My good Bishop!!! Where have you been? Good to see you back.

              Peter A Papoutsis

            • Bishop Tikon

              I love your tasty unsavory comments. Glad to see you come back on the scene! It’s like Dr. Evil come back after having camped out and plotting his return. I’ve only read your old stuff I think so its good to see you show up.
              Give ’em hell!

              By the way, why do you come here? Whats your “payoff?” Blowing off steam?

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                My very dear and esteemed Monomakhosite, “Billy Jack Sunday!” The most honest answer to your question is that I subscribe to that old saw, which I first read on the wall behind the desk in my company commander’s office in the Japan Signal Battalion, back in 1956: “Illegitimi non carborundum” (Don’t let the b….rds grind you down!) . Today I thought of frightening the inhabitants of the chicken coop by asking them how many of them know that the current Prime Minister of Serbia is a declared Lesbian! OK?

                • Bishop Tikon

                  If the Pope and Tom Cruise came out of the closet together holding hands, it would make news , but wouldnt be at all shocking

                  So many gay people out now, no one cares

                  The Prime Minister of Serbia would have to come out as a declared reptilian and have to eat mice at a news confereence for this generation to become unnerved.

                  Are you a supporter of the lgbtq lifestyle and/or movement?

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    I’ll try to answer for this “Tikon.” “So many gay people out now, no one cares?” Billy! Not even Orthodox Serbia and Orthodox Russia, so esteemed for relative moral superiority by denizens of this blog, CARE? Please explain what “the lgbtq lifestyle and/or movement” (SIC) is! As far as I know there is no such single movement or lifestyle. This “Bishop Tikon” is, however, if you are interested, unalterably opposed to abortion, divorce, covetousness, scorn for his neighbors, unholy saturdays and calling on God’s name vainly, while recognizing that Christ appointed two Chief Commandments which mentioned no humanly omnisexual behavior whatsoever, for what that’s worth to you.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Wondering how long it will take to compose a reply marked by “fine writing” so that my post of August 9, 5:26 pm could be posted…

                • Careful with Billy, Your Grace. He might assume you enjoy lemon drops, and leather!

                  • Careful with your words, Dino, because you are the one being presumptuous here. I did not inquire about or presume to know anything about the Bishop’s personal life. I was asking him about his moral teachings and views regarding gay movement issues – since he brought up the subject in a political context – and I found his statement on the matter to be confusing

                    • I guess you forgot about your, Bishops in bars,wearing leather, and enjoying lemon drops with those of alternative life styles comment?

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Billy! What part of ” unalterably opposed to abortion, divorce, covetousness, scorn for his neighbors, unholy saturdays and calling on God’s name vainly, while recognizing that Christ appointed two Chief Commandments which mentioned no humanly omnisexual behavior whatsoever, for what that’s worth to you” confused you?
                      And you still couldn’t explain what your “lgbtq lifestyle and/or movement”: IS?

                    • V. Rev. Andrei Alexiev says

                      To Bishop Tikhon: Master, Bless! Greetings on your upcoming Namesday! Since I’m now servicing an OCA parish, I’m now on the New Style. I will try to remember to intone the Many Years at the end of the Liturgy.
                      To Dino: we can focus on the corrupt priests and bishops and lose sight of the big picture. Yes, there were such types in Old Russia and Byzantium, too. Fancy that! I had lunch today with an 84 year old Ukrainian Orthodox priest, who puts me to shame and many other younger clergy, I imagine. Not only does he still serve two parishes, but like Dr. Stankovich, he ministers to ” the least of these.” He is still active in a center that detoxes people with drug and alcohol afflictions. He took me on the rounds with him . As for those unfortunate clerics, we should pray for them. I shudder to think how many people I may have driven away by my sins. I’ve said it before, in my case, staying as a deacon might have been a smart move. Pray for me.

                    • V. Rev. Andrei Alexiev says

                      Dino, I misread your response to BJS. So forgive me, I thought for a moment you were talking about leather and lemon drops. BTW, being a Scotch drinker, I don’t know what a lemon drop is. If its not a drink, I probably need not know.

                    • Yes Father Andrei I believe Lemon drops to be a cocktail, never heard of them myself, and I’m no prude. I always make a effort to pray and light a candle for my brothers and sisters here on Monomakhos at my local church, regardless if we agree or disagree. If fact last week, while on vacation, I lit a candle at the relics of Saint John Maximovitch strictly for all here on this blog. My wife thinks I’m crazy, lighting candles all over the church that day for friends and family, but that ok, Holy Virgin Cathedral-Joy Of All Who Sorrow is a special church. Many prayers answered for me there! Please pray for me as well Father.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Personally, I thank you Dino.

  13. Pathetic performance, George. Go move to the Great Mother Russia, I’m sure they’d love you there. You’d be a great mouthpiece for your buddy Vlad, who (like your bosom buddy Trump) you can’t stop praising. He’d use you just like the Soviets used American defectors during the Cold War and Great Depression. Why, you’d probably get set up with a fancy Moscow apartment. Just make sure they don’t get too much kompromat on you and you’ll be set to go.

    The Clintons are history. Any further talk about them is a distraction. But Trump supporters’ obsession with Hillary and their continued willingness to bend over for Putin’s Russia speaks volumes.

    • Bonhoeffer says

      Matt, one small correction of a nearly universal mistake: Vova or Volodya are the affectionate diminutives for Vladimir; Vlad is for Vladislav.

      Otherwise I think you’re spot on. Some of these people are useful idiots at best, elements of a fifth column, somewhere in between in terms of guilt, and conscious & determined traitors at worst (like Trump & Gang). Imagining the world would be better off under some Pax Sinaica or Russica is moral insanity — but it’s getting more and more evident that is exactly how lots of American Orthodox and “Christian” Rightists see things. God help them.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        In ENGLISH “Vlad” is a popular diminutive of Vladimir: examples “St Vlad’s (Seminary)”; also, I’m pretty sure as many people call Vladimir Morosan “Vlad” as call him “Vova!”

  14. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. I’m sure the vast majority of readers are familiar with this.

    If anyone wants to say that there is no lgbtq movement, I could sum up a lot of things as an illusion, but it’s a poor way to argue one’s point

    Yes, a lemon drop is a fru fru cocktail. Just be careful, because if you go have dinner with your clergyman, you might not realize the fact that you are actually on a date.

    Dino – I do remember my statement, and I stand by it. However, I am not accusing any specific person of being a closet case. If it is directed towards a specific person, the facts better be tbere. Again, I was asking about his views, not about his personal life, so stfu! There’s some special letters for ya, Betty!

  15. Billy, Go eat a Snickers Bar. It may help!