It Came From DC!

From the Lonely Conservative. Oh yes, don’t forget to vote today!


  1. Dear George,

    Could you post this in your Americana section? I found it in as poor taste as these that one of my progeny sent me

    PS. I sincerely hope y’all voted and that one of these days, y’all learn not to confuse secular political manipulators with our Church

  2. One of the greatest lampoons I’ve ever watched! I never thought I’d find Monomakhos parodying tea-baggers and conservatives! It’s well nigh perfect! Did Rahm Emmanuel pay for it? George Soros? George Clooney?
    Jane Fonda?
    I never thought the story of Chicken Little could be improved on… but, live and learn!

    • Uh…Tea Baggers refers to a rather rude college prank. Proboably best to be avoided in polite conversation.

    • The fact that you use the term ‘tea-baggers’ does not speak well of you as a so-called representative of the Church. You are a respectable pillar of the church, are you not?

  3. Oh. Sorry. I missed something. I thought this was a video entitled

    “It Came From Parma.”

    Never mind.

  4. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    As of 11:04 pm (Chicago Time) President Obama just won re-election. House stays Republican and Senate Democratic. I hope we see less fighting and more bipartisanship, but my gut tells me it will be the same old same old. Oh well.


    • George Michalopulos says

      Gridlock would be good. Instead we are watching the slow-motion collapse of these United States.

  5. cynthiacurran says

    Well i’m not a fan of occupy but I do like their guy Fawkes mask.

  6. The Metropolitan’s resignation fax is now 4 months old. Since then, he has kept silence or been unpublished, one or the other or both. He is about to be replaced at a synodal gathering engineered with the express purpose of replacing him. In the OCA, we are about to spend incredible sums to ensure that the blame for replacing him falls upon as many individuals as possible so that we can say that the Holy Spirit is working among all those paying for transportation and a motel and all those whose monasteries or our dues paid to come.

    All of the normal AAC activities will not take place, such as the special resolutions, the filling of empty dioceses, and such. An apology for such irregularities has recently been posted on the OCA official website, which we all are told should be our single source of information along with some other rationales that don’t really compute like their take on whether or not the Metropolitan is still the Archbishop of Washington and suchlike.

    In a third of a year, not one apology has emerged by a single member of the Holy Synod, the Metropolitan Council or the Lesser Synod, or from even one parish priest or one novice or one monk. Even statements from individual parishioners of the OCA and retired bishops, monks and displaced individuals among us have been few and far between and sometimes, like on this forum, like even on this very thread, subjected to being enrobed in a pile of secular, worldly, partisan smelly stuff, including some of my own.

    Some statements on behalf of the Metropolitan seem designed to draw laity away from the OCA to which I’d just say the obvious that voting with your feet may get you to new territory, but that new territory may have its own grave concerns. Those hell bent on insisting that all our OCA bishops have grave sins for which they ought be laicized might want to look into the self legitimizing authorities of the ROCOR during its until recent existence or consider what happened to the bishops of the Antiochian Archdiocese. Since there seem to be few on this forum willing to join the Greek Archdiocese, I won’t go into their issues. Suffice it to say that some of their laity have their own nemeses among their hierarchs, some with websites dedicated to their special actions and activities. It is not so long ago that Archbishop Spiridon fired some of the most respected faculty at Holy Cross.

    For my part, I don’t have much ambition outside maybe being able to attend another service by the Metropolitan, hear one of his sermons like everyone else, and look forward to Holy and Great Friday singing the stases. Why those? Because he brought the practice of everyone singing them, taken for granted in yer local Greek Orthodox Church, to our OCA cathedral in D.C. Copies were passed out. Those of us who knew the Byzantine melodies were planted in the nave. Then everyone sang those powerful words. There are many reasons to love the level of the practice of everyday Orthodoxy that the Metropolitan brought to us, but that is my personal favorite.

    I’ve never had very much to say, but I’ve had my say nonetheless, and now I’m saying goodbye to the only blog upon which I have ever written .


  7. ChristineFevronia says

    I was saddened beyond belief that so many voters approved same-sex marriage, turning America into Sodom & Gomorrah one state at a time. And how can a “Christian” nation vote for the continued slaughter of the innocent unborn? What a sad day.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Nations are not Christian people are Christians. Christ came and died for People NOT governments. America is in the sorry state that it is in because we cared more about changing the laws than leading people to Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to change people’s hearts. Its about people not nations. I still have hope in people as long as we as the Church simply do our job and fulfill the Great Commission as best we can especially here in America.


      • George Michalopulos says

        Peter, nations are made up of people. Demographically one can say that “Mexico is Christian” while “Turkey is Muslim,” even though both polities are agressivly secular.

        • Turkey secular?

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Nation come and go the Church has always endured and always will. Yes nations are made up of people, but only the Church is our true and only nation made up of the Holy Spirit. Byzantium truly was a Christian nation according to our ancestors, but how well did it fair living up to that label? Not very well. America is no where near that self identification and never has been nor should it.


    • Don’t be sad. Realize that we are a Pagan nation and then be grateful for the remarkable number of good Christian friends and neighbors and examples that we have around us despite the fact that we live in a Pagan nation.

      Even most of us that call ourselves Christian worship all kinds of silly gods. You can tell those members of the pantheon by their names which usually end in “ism.” They are all over the place. Especially on the internet.

      Anyway, we really don’t want to rely on this process of voting to get the government to legislate to impose our Christian morality on pagans. If you haven’t noticed, they out number us and are growing. The next thing you know the democratic majority might turn that right around on us and vote to issue a pax deorum and send us right back to the third century – sacrifice to the isms or forfeit your lives – and I’m afraid that many of us wouldn’t be strong enough to stand against that.