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It seems the NIH is concerned about the serious side effects of one of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Notice how they refer to the dissemination of COVID vaccines to the global population as a “study” or a “trial.”  

And what does Fauci, the “go-to” person at the NIH, have to say about this?  “You never know what will happen once you get into large-scale human trials.”

Mrs. M

NIH ‘Very Concerned’ About Serious Side Effect in Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

The Food and Drug Administration is weighing whether to follow British regulators in resuming a coronavirus vaccine trial that was halted when a participant suffered spinal cord damage, even as the National Institutes of Health has launched an investigation of the case.

“The highest levels of NIH are very concerned,” said Dr. Avindra Nath, intramural clinical director and a leader of viral research at the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, an NIH division. “Everyone’s hopes are on a vaccine, and if you have a major complication the whole thing could get derailed.”

A great deal of uncertainty remains about what happened to the unnamed patient, to the frustration of those avidly following the progress of vaccine testing. AstraZeneca, which is running the global trial of the vaccine it produced with Oxford University, said the trial volunteer recovered from a severe inflammation of the spinal cord and is no longer hospitalized.

AstraZeneca “need[s] to be more forthcoming with a potential complication of a vaccine which will eventually be given to millions of people,” said Nath. “We would like to see how we can help, but the lack of information makes it difficult to do so.”

Any decision about whether to continue the trial is complex because it’s difficult to assess the cause of a rare injury that occurs during a vaccine trial — and because scientists and authorities have to weigh the risk of uncommon side effects against a vaccine that might curb the pandemic.

“So many factors go into these decisions,” Nath said. “I’m sure everything is on the table. The last thing you want to do is hurt healthy people.”

The NIH has yet to get tissue or blood samples from the British patient, and its investigation is “in the planning stages,” Nath said. U.S. scientists could look at samples from other vaccinated patients to see whether any of the antibodies they generated in response to the coronavirus also attack brain or spinal cord tissue.

Such studies might take a month or two, he said. The FDA declined to comment on how long it would take before it decides whether to move forward.

Dr. Jesse Goodman, a Georgetown University professor and physician who was chief scientist and lead vaccine regulator at the FDA during the Obama administration, said the agency will review the data and possibly consult with British regulators before allowing resumption of the U.S. study, which had just begun when the injury was reported. Two other coronavirus vaccines are also in late-stage trials in the U.S.

If it determines the injury in the British trial was caused by the vaccine, the FDA could pause the trial. If it allows it to resume, regulators and scientists surely will be on the watch for similar symptoms in other trial participants.

A volunteer in an earlier phase of the AstraZeneca trial experienced a similar side effect, but investigators discovered she had multiple sclerosis that was unrelated to the vaccination, according to Dr. Elliot Frohman, director of the Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunology Center at the University of Texas.

Neurologists who study illnesses like transverse myelitis say they are rare — occurring at a rate of perhaps 1 in 250,000 people — and strike most often as a result of the body’s immune response to a virus. Less frequently, such episodes have also been linked to vaccines.

The precise cause of the disease is key to the decision by authorities whether to resume the trial. Sometimes an underlying medical condition is “unmasked” by a person’s immune response to the vaccine, leading to illness, as happened with the MS patient. In that case, the trial might be continued without fear, because the illness was not specific to the vaccine.

More worrisome is a phenomenon called “molecular mimicry.” In such cases, some small piece of the vaccine may be similar to tissue in the brain or spinal cord, resulting in an immune attack on that tissue in response to a vaccine component. Should that be the case, another occurrence of transverse myelitis would be likely if the trial resumed, said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. A second case would shut down the trial, he said.

In 1976, a massive swine flu vaccination program was halted when doctors began diagnosing a similar disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, in people who received the vaccine. At the time no one knew how common GBS was, so it was difficult to tell whether the episodes were related to the vaccine.

Eventually, scientists found that the vaccine increased the risk of the disorder by an additional one case among every 100,000 vaccinated patients. Typical seasonal flu vaccination raises the risk of GBS in about one additional case in every 1 million people.

“It’s very, very hard” to determine if one rare event was caused by a vaccine, Schaffner said. “How do you attribute an increased risk for something that occurs in one in a million people?”

Before allowing U.S. trials to restart, the FDA will want to see why the company and an independent data and safety monitoring board (DSMB) in the U.K. felt it was safe to continue, Goodman said. The AstraZeneca trial in the United States has a separate safety board.

FDA officials will need to review full details of the case and may request more information about the affected study volunteer before deciding whether to allow the U.S. trial to continue, Goodman said. They may also require AstraZeneca to update the safety information it provides to study participants.

It’s possible that the volunteer’s health problem was a coincidence unrelated to the vaccine, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Studies aren’t usually stopped over a single health problem, even if it’s serious.

Yet many health leaders have expressed frustration that AstraZeneca hasn’t released more information about the health problem that led it to halt its U.K. trial.

“There is just so little information about this that it’s impossible to understand what the diagnosis was or why the DSMB and sponsor were reassured” that it was safe to continue, Goodman said.

AstraZeneca has said it’s unable to provide more information about the health problem, saying this would violate patient privacy, although it didn’t say how.

But there’s an exceptional need for transparency in a political climate rife with vaccine hesitancy and mistrust of the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 response, leading scientists say.

“While I respect the critical need for patient confidentiality, I think it would be really helpful to know what their assessment of these issues was,” Goodman said. “What was the diagnosis? If there wasn’t a clear diagnosis, what is it that led them to feel the trial could be restarted? There is so much interest and potential concern about a COVID-19 vaccine that the more information that can be provided, the more reassuring that would be.”

The FDA will need to balance any possible risks from an experimental vaccine with the danger posed by COVID-19, which has killed nearly 200,000 Americans.

“There are also potential consequences if you stop a study,” Goodman said.

If the AstraZeneca vaccine fails, the U.S. government is supporting six other COVID vaccines in the hope at least one will succeed. The potential problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine show this to be a wise investment, Adalja said.

“This is part of the idea of not having just one vaccine candidate going forward,” he said. “It gives you a little more insurance. [In other words, it’s a crapshoot.  No one knows what’s going to work or if it will be pulled to adverse consequences.]

Schaffner said researchers need to remember that vaccine research is unpredictable.

“The investigators have inadvisedly been hyping their own vaccine,” Schaffner said. “The Oxford investigators were out there this summer saying, ‘We’re going to get there first.’ But this is exactly the sort of reason … Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and the rest of us have been saying, ‘You never know what will happen once you get into large-scale human trials.’”

This story was produced by KHN, which publishes California Healthline, an editorially independent service of the California Health Care Foundation.




  1. Two things stood out to me in reading this.

    1. “Everyone’s hopes are on a vaccine.” There’s a key problem. There has been little to no talk about the multitude of treatments and supplements and dietary changes that can have huge implications in battling this disease. It’s all 3 things: lockdowns, masks, and vaccines. And no wonder. If real, effective treatments are available, they can’t vet a vaccine. So they ignored them. They will be held accountable for this.

    2. “The FDA will need to balance any possible risks from an experimental vaccine with the danger posed by COVID-19.” I find it interesting that they can make a risk assessment on whether it’s more beneficial to take one’s chances with the vaccine vs. covid, yet we citizens have not been afforded that same opportunity. Lockdowns and masks have been imposed on us, largely taking our choices away. We have not been allowed to make our own risk assessments viz living our daily lives, making our own choices whether to stay home or go out, mask or not mask, etc.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Plus to quote my ex- doctor: “There is no approved FDA out patient protocol for COVID”. Which means many doctors, likey ex simply will not do it. If you get COVID, too bad.

      • George Michalopulos says

        And yet there are drug treatments that are efficacious and inexpensive to boot.

        • That’s the problem. Big Pharma makes no big money
          from inexpensive and efficacious treatments…

          • George Michalopulos says

            Brendan, hate to say it, being as I’m a cog in the wheel of Big Pharma, but you’re spot on.

            What really pisses me off is whenever I punch up the internet on my smart phone, I am bombarded with horrendously propagandistic click bait. One of the most recent “controversies” had to do with Dr Mehmet Oz and how he was to be a guest-host on Jeopardy! If you chose to click on that story, you would be told by the “journalist” that Dr Oz made baseless claims about hydroxychloroquine therapy for COVID.” (I paraphrase.)

            Does anybody see the error? This was not a news story but an editorial disguised as a news story. Yahoo News is nothing but editorializing. The only time they lapse into professionalism (and I’m being snarky here) is when they talk about the latest “controversy” about what some starlet (whom you never heard of) did, wore or said at some red-carpet affair.

        • Simone Gold of AmericasFrontlineDoctors points out that the seminal hit piece published by the very highly prestigious British medical journal Lancet and I believe New England Journal of Medicine on Hydroxychloroquine was retracted. I “googled” “Lancet Hydroxychloroquine study” and sure enough it comes up right away in large bold caps “RETRACTED.” Such a disgrace for such prestigious journals to publish medical literature fully and entirely refuted and debunked and exposed for fraudulence. Thus now it is available for treatment of Covid 19 in the US both prophylactically and as active treatment of infection. She also points out that in Africa apart from South Africa well over a billion population HCQ is commonly used like how in Western Nations aspirin is used, it is called “Sunday Sundays” taken on Sundays. She points out that this demographic Africa sans South Africa only has “1%” rate of Covid as Europe and the US, that is incredible! So MSM now instead of always bashing HCQ they just pretty much do a “blackout” and the other known safe effective inexpensive drug Ivermectin same thing.

  2. Hey everyone, remember when the OCA Synod publicly pre-judged, convicted, and condemned the police of essentially murder, in broad daylight?


    “We, the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, mourn the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd on May 25, 2020. We too have looked with horror at the footage of this episode, and condemn the brutal actions that caused his violent death. We look to the civil authorities to bring to justice those who participated in this senseless tragedy.”

    Might be time to get together and write up a letter of contrition.


    Joe Z
    1 day ago
    Defense Attorney: “Would you agree that Chauvin had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s shoulder blade”?
    Chief: “Umm….Yes”
    Everybody: ?

    Alice D
    1 day ago
    Look at how rapidly the chief blinks after he answered, “yes”. He needed another question to help him divert his attention from having been shown, and admitting to, the truth. But there wasn’t another question, and his blinking went into high speed. “No, no, no (blink, blink, blink), don’t make me see the truth.” At least he answered truthfully.

    Doc BBC
    21 hours ago
    It’s as if the police chief NEVER watched the arresting officers’ bodycam video before?!? WTF?!?

    Deep N Meaningful
    1 day ago
    The Autopsy is all that was needed.
    No bruises around the neck, no haemorrhaging of the eyes, the amounted drugs in the blood, etc, etc.
    Just set the cop free and let BLM burn the place down already.
    Then President D J Trump can then buy the area pennies to the dollar, and make the area great again.
    BTW this is NOT sarcasm.

  3. Anonymous II says

    Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’

    March 25, 2021 | Comments Offon Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’
    by Mordechai Sones

    America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) spoke to former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon about his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the regulatory authorities, and more.

    At the outset, Dr. Yeadon said “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population.

    “I feel great fear, but I’m not deterred from giving expert testimony to multiple groups of able lawyers like Rocco Galati in Canada and Reiner Fuellmich in Germany.

    “I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.

    “In the U.K., it’s abundantly clear that the authorities are bent on a course which will result in administering ‘vaccines’ to as many of the population as they can. This is madness, because even if these agents were legitimate, protection is needed only by those at notably elevated risk of death from the virus. In those people, there might even be an argument that the risks are worth bearing. And there definitely are risks which are what I call ‘mechanistic’: inbuilt in the way they work.

    “But all the other people, those in good health and younger than 60 years, perhaps a little older, they don’t perish from the virus. In this large group, it’s wholly unethical to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects after a few months is completely uncharacterized.

    “In no other era would it be wise to do what is stated as the intention.

    “Since I know this with certainty, and I know those driving it know this too, we have to enquire: What is their motive?

    “While I don’t know, I have strong theoretical answers, only one of which relates to money and that motive doesn’t work, because the same quantum can be arrived at by doubling the unit cost and giving the agent to half as many people. Dilemma solved. So it’s something else.
    Appreciating that, by entire population, it is also intended that minor children and eventually babies are to be included in the net, and that’s what I interpret to be an evil act.

    “There is no medical rationale for it. Knowing as I do that the design of these ‘vaccines’ results, in the expression in the bodies of recipients, expression of the spike protein, which has adverse biological effects of its own which, in some people, are harmful (initiating blood coagulation and activating the immune ‘complement system’), I’m determined to point out that those not at risk from this virus should not be exposed to the risk of unwanted effects from these agents.”

    AFLDS: The Israel Supreme Court decision last week cancelling COVID flight restrictions said: “In the future, any new restrictions on travel into or out of Israel need, in legal terms, a comprehensive, factual, data-based foundation.”

    In a talk you gave four months ago, you said

    “The most likely duration of immunity to a respiratory virus like SARS CoV-2 is multiple years. Why do I say that? We actually have the data for a virus that swept through parts of the world seventeen years ago called SARS, and remember SARS CoV-2 is 80% similar to SARS, so I think that’s the best comparison that anyone can provide.

    “The evidence is clear: These very clever cellular immunologists studied all the people they could get hold of who had survived SARS 17 years ago. They took a blood sample, and they tested whether they responded or not to the original SARS and they all did; they all had perfectly normal, robust T cell memory. They were actually also protected against SARS CoV-2, because they’re so similar; it’s cross immunity.

    “So, I would say the best data that exists is that immunity should be robust for at least 17 years. I think it’s entirely possible that it is lifelong. The style of the responses of these people’s T cells were the same as if you’ve been vaccinated and then you come back years later to see if that immunity has been retained. So I think the evidence is really strong that the duration of immunity will be multiple years, and possibly lifelong.”

    In other words, previous exposure to SARS – that is, a variant similar to SARS CoV-2 – bestowed SARS CoV-2 immunity.

    The Israel government cites new variants to justify lockdowns, flight closures, restrictions, and Green Passport issuance. Given the Supreme Court verdict, do you think it may be possible to preempt future government measures with accurate information about variants, immunity, herd immunity, etc. that could be provided to the lawyers who will be challenging those future measures?

    Yeadon: “What I outlined in relation to immunity to SARS is precisely what we’re seeing with SARS-CoV-2.
    The study is from one of the best labs in their field.

    “So, theoretically, people could test their T-cell immunity by measuring the responses of cells in a small sample of their blood. There are such tests, they are not “high throughput” and they are likely to cost a few hundred USD each on scale. But not thousands. The test I’m aware of is not yet commercially available, but research only in U.K.

    “However, I expect the company could be induced to provide test kits “for research” on scale, subject to an agreement. If you were to arrange to test a few thousand non-vaccinated Israelis, it may be a double-edged sword. Based on other countries’ experiences, 30-50% of people had prior immunity & additionally around 25% have been infected & are now immune.

    “Personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with the authorities on their own terms: that you’re suspected as a source of infection until proven otherwise. You shouldn’t need to be proving you’re not a health risk to others. Those without symptoms are never a health threat to others. And in any case, once those who are concerned about the virus are vaccinated, there is just no argument for anyone else needing to be vaccinated.”

    My understanding of a “leaky vaccine” is that it only lessens symptoms in the vaccinated, but does not stop transmission; it, therefore, allows the spread of what then becomes a more deadly virus.

    For example, in China they deliberately use leaky Avian Flu vaccines to quickly cull flocks of chicken, because the unvaccinated die within three days. In Marek’s Disease, from which they needed to save all the chickens, the only solution was to vaccinate 100% of the flock, because all unvaccinated were at high risk of death. So how a leaky vax is utilized is intention-driven, that is, it is possible that the intent can be to cause great harm to the unvaccinated.

    Stronger strains usually would not propagate through a population because they kill the host too rapidly, but if the vaccinated experience only less serious disease, then they spread these strains to the unvaccinated who contract serious disease and die.

    Do you agree with this assessment? Furthermore, do you agree that if the unvaccinated become the susceptible ones, the only way forward is HCQ prophylaxis for those who haven’t already had COVID-19?

    Would the Zelenko Protocol work against these stronger strains if this is the case?

    And if many already have the aforementioned previous “17-year SARS immunity”, would that then not protect from any super-variant?

    “I think the Gerrt Vanden Bossche story is highly suspect. There is no evidence at all that vaccination is leading or will lead to ‘dangerous variants’. I am worried that it’s some kind of trick.

    “As a general rule, variants form very often, routinely, and tend to become less dangerous & more infectious over time, as it comes into equilibrium with its human host. Variants generally don’t become more dangerous.

    “No variant differs from the original sequence by more than 0.3%. In other words, all variants are at least 99.7% identical to the Wuhan sequence.

    “It’s a fiction, and an evil one at that, that variants are likely to “escape immunity”.

    “Not only is it intrinsically unlikely – because this degree of similarity of variants means zero chance that an immune person (whether from natural infection or from vaccination) will be made ill by a variant – but it’s empirically supported by high-quality research.

    “The research I refer to shows that people recovering from infection or who have been vaccinated ALL have a wide range of immune cells which recognize ALL the variants.

    “This paper shows WHY the extensive molecular recognition by the immune system makes the tiny changes in variants irrelevant.

    “I cannot say strongly enough: The stories around variants and need for top-up vaccines are FALSE. I am concerned there is a very malign reason behind all this. It is certainly not backed by the best ways to look at immunity. The claims always lack substance when examined, and utilize various tricks, like manipulating conditions for testing the effectiveness of antibodies. Antibodies are probably rather unimportant in host protection against this virus. There have been a few ‘natural experiments’, people who unfortunately cannot make antibodies, yet are able quite successfully to repel this virus. They definitely are better off with antibodies than without. I mention these rare patients because they show that antibodies are not essential to host immunity, so some contrived test in a lab of antibodies and engineered variant viruses do NOT justify need for top-up vaccines.

    “The only people who might remain vulnerable and need prophylaxis or treatment are those who are elderly and/or ill and do not wish to receive a vaccine (as is their right).

    “The good news is that there are multiple choices available: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide (inhaled steroid used in asthmatics), and of course oral Vitamin D, zinc, azithromycin etc. These reduce the severity to such an extent that this virus did not need to become a public health crisis.”

    Do you feel the FDA does a good job regulating big pharma? In what ways does big pharma get around the regulator? Do you feel they did so for the mRNA injection?

    “Until recently, I had high regard for global medicines regulators. When I was in Pfizer, and later CEO of a biotech I founded (Ziarco, later acquired by Novartis), we interacted respectfully with FDA, EMA, and the U.K. MHRA.
    Always good quality interactions.

    “Recently, I noticed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) had made a grant to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)! Can that ever be appropriate? They’re funded by public money. They should never accept money from a private body.

    “So here is an example where the U.K. regulator has a conflict of interest.

    “The European Medicines Agency failed to require certain things as disclosed in the ‘hack’ of their files while reviewing the Pfizer vaccine.

    “You can find examples on Reiner Fuellmich’s “Corona Committee” online.

    “So I no longer believe the regulators are capable of protecting us. ‘Approval’ is therefore meaningless.

    “Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and I petitioned the EMA Dec 1, 2020 on the genetic vaccines. They ignored us.

    “Recently, we wrote privately to them, warning of blood clots, they ignored us. When we went public with our letter, we were completely censored. Days later, more than ten countries paused use of a vaccine citing blood clots.

    “I think the big money of pharma plus cash from BMGF creates the environment where saying no just isn’t an option for the regulator.

    “I must return to the issue of ‘top up vaccines’ (booster shots) and it is this whole narrative which I fear will he exploited and used to gain unparalleled power over us.

    “PLEASE warn every person not to go near top up vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them.

    “As there’s no need for them, yet they’re being made in pharma, and regulators have stood aside (no safety testing), I can only deduce they will be used for nefarious purposes.

    “For example, if someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the worlds population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it.

    “It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”

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  4. Jane Tzilvelis says
  5. Gail, sorry to hijack the post! But, wanted to provide the below email, GOARCH is asking for the opinions/suggestions of the laity for the new charter being written, it would be good for everyone to input:


    • Gail Sheppard says

      Where did you find out about this!? Did they give a date when it ould be done?

      • Saw it OrthoChristian and Helleniscope! I sent them a looong email lol.


        Didn’t see a date for when it would be done.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          “They’ll listen very nicely and go out and do precisely what they want.”

          • George Michalopulos says

            Absolutely. A complete waste of time.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Not entirely correct. “They’ll listen very nicely and go out and do precisely what Bartholomew wants”.

            Even Elpidophoros is not a free agent. If he pursued actual unity with the other jurisdictions without any strings attached, he’d get his wings clipped within 48 hours.

            I will never forget when Met Nicholas of Detroit came out and openly expressed misgivings of the St Nicholas Shrine to the people in Church, he walked it back so fast that heads spun.

        • I think you mean ‘total in-dependance’.

      • Gail, I think my previous email might have gone to “spam” but I got the info from OrthoChristian ??

        • Gail Sheppard says

          They say: “…the process envisions the establishment of a broader Committee, in which all the organizations and bodies of the Church and of the Omogoneia will be represented, plus four representatives from each Holy Metropolis chosen by the respective hierarch. Every member of the faithful will be given the opportunity to send their opinions to a designated email address: charter@goarch.org.”

          What does Omogoneia mean? Are they inviting comments from the “faithful” from other “bodies of the Church” who may not be Greek?!

          • “What does Omogoneia mean? Are they inviting comments from the “faithful” from other “bodies of the Church” who may not be Greek?!”

            I believe so! I actually received an email back from Metropolitan Gerasimos thanking me for providing my input, which is very generous.

          • Websters says

            Omogoneia (n)
            1.The transliterated Greek word for homogeneity, meaning those who look and think like Greeks
            2.Those whom God has destined to rule
            3. Strong advocates of the useful properties of Windex

    • Ha! Believing that the Greek Archdiocese actually cares about faithful’s opinions on this matter (or any matter) is tantamount to believing that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden actually care about you as a person.

      It’s delusional. Their request for input is most consistent with a P.R. tactic. Though I’d love to read what folks write in to them.

    • How about photocopying and highlighting select portions of the New Testament and sending it to them. Seems like that should be all they need.

  6. Jane Tzilvelis says

    Vital resource link!!!
    Read all categories carefully!

  7. Gail Sheppard says

    The backdrop to all of this is the NIH’s sudden concern over AstaZenica’s data.

    AstraZeneca’s Phase I / II only used 30 cases to detect vaccine efficacy. They then went right into human trials. They’re projecting they will be done February 14, 2023, although they hoped to get EUA this month. Now, that’s in doubt.

    The point is, the ones getting jabbed are a study with a vaccine that doesn’t have FDA approval. It doesn’t even have emergency use authorization (EUA).

    Maybe we shouldn’t be allowing companies to just jab anyone they want unless the person understands they are in a study with an unproven drug and/or platform.


    • Phase I/II/III are all human trials. Each needs FDA approval and the FDA isn’t going to approve an EUA without promising efficacy and safety data from Phase III. You don’t get to participate in a trial without providing informed consent.

      Why are you quoting six month old articles as “sudden” concerns? Those have nothing to do with the current AstraZeneca concerns.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        That’s the question for Fauci. Why the sudden concern? – Actually, it has everything to do with 6 months ago.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Absolutely. Plus the fact that several people are dying from the AZ vaccine. The situation so so dire that several countries have now banned the AZ vaccine.

      • Same question – what’s the bottom line – what’s the point of this post? What significance is behind holding every instance of the world “trial”, when at that time every vaccine was undergoing trials?

      • Same question – what’s the bottom line – what’s the point of this post? What significance is there behind bolding every instance of the world “trial”, when at that time every vaccine was undergoing trials?

        • Gail Sheppard says

          I was responding to Sanca who was under the impression that the AstaZenica clinical trials were adhering to the standard formula of clinical testing where you typically see small-scale, (Phase 1) studies to late-stage, large-scale, (Phase 3) studies. People are generally not brought into a study unless they know a vaccine is safe and that it works.

          AstraZeneca did not follow the normal pattern. They started with 30 participants. Based on that, they moved forward with 30,000+ other recipients and stopped looking at the data collected after February 17, 2021. Why? Because it wasn’t lining up with what they previously reported regarding the efficacy of the vaccine and they were running into safety issues.

          Last week, European doctors raised safety concerns after some people experienced unusual clotting disorders. A “medicine regulator” for the UK reported: “at least 30 people in the country have experienced rare types of blood clots after receiving the vaccine, but warned it was too early to know whether the shot itself triggered the clots.”

          MHRA received 22 reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), where clotting forms in the sinuses that drain blood from the brain, and eight other reports of thrombosis among a total of 15.8 million people who had been given at least one dose of the vaccine by March 21.” https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/06/uk/oxford-astrazeneca-pediatric-trial-intl-gbr/index.html

          Everyone knew about the issues and if they reported it, it wasn’t taken seriously enough to stop the trial.

          My point was to show you evidence that the NIH knew about the problems 6 months ago and kept quiet so the trial could continue. Fauci justified it by saying you don’t find out these things (serious problems) until a lot of people have been inoculated but, frankly, he may be happy if AstaZenica is squeezed out, as he and Gates backed Pfizer and Moderna.

          In summary, AstraZeneca doesn’t know if their vaccine is safe or if it even works. They’re finding more recent data is showing a different story than what they initially reported and tried to hide it. In the meantime, tens of thousands are getting the vaccine assuming the vaccine had gone through the necessary trials, that it’s safe, and that it works 79% of the time.

          What people don’t know is whether any of these assumptions are true. They also don’t know there is evidence to suggest researchers are withholding information in an effort to keep the study going. https://khn.org/news/nih-and-fda-examine-serious-side-effect-that-surfaced-in-covid-vaccine-trial/

          Maybe we shouldn’t be allowing companies to just jab anyone they want unless the participants understand they are in a study with an unproven drug and/or platform.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Re the blood clots: an NCAA basketball ref who was relatively young and supremely fit collapsed while refing a game recently. The cause was a blood clot in one lung. The news report said he had tested positive for COVID earlier in the year and suggested the COVID might be the cause. Nothing on the vaccine he almost assuredly had received.

            The fix is in.

          • I made a reply to this but it seems to have disappeared into the aether.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              You have to support your assertions with proof.

              • Happy to provide. I’ll try to reconstruct my previous post from memory, but I think I recall the gist of it.

                I believe I stated that the AZ vaccine followed a normal clinical trial process, that were were multiple studies and the combined phase I/II studies involved far more than 30 people. Here is a document on the AZ vaccine you might not have seen

                Of particular interest is the AZD Clinical Development Plan slide on page 7. That gives an overview of the global clinical trials of the AZ vaccine.

                I believe I also said that trial participants are made very clear that it is a test. If you are wondering what the Informed Consent Form for being a clinical trial participant for the AZ vaccine looks like

                I would further note that these forms are approved by an Independent Review Board, it isn’t like the drug company can write whatever they want and keep it secret.

                As far as other things in my post, I think I had asked you for proof of your own assertion that ‘everybody knew’ about clotting issues, especially in the context of the issue you pointed to from the Phase III study being a singular case of another medical issue entirely.

                Finally, I think I gave something that wasn’t an assertion but more of an opinion. Vaccine safety protocols are working pretty well if they can detect concerns that may only happen in 1 in 500,000 or 1 in 1,000,000 cases! This transparency to the public is good. If only the public were as good at objectively assessing risk.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Tom A,

                  What you have provided is a slide with timelines AstaZenika hoped to meet at the beginning of their project.

                  From the start, Oxford scientists expressed great confidence. In April [2020], Dr. Gilbert told a British newspaper that she was 80 percent sure the vaccine would work, even though it had not been tested in humans. By then, Moderna had already started testing its vaccine candidate on people. The Oxford team’s claims encountered skepticism from some scientists who expressed doubts about the approach and the ambitious timeline.

                  AstraZeneca planned for its U.S. trial to include 30,000 people. But that trial was weeks away from even starting. AstraZeneca, would not begin testing its vaccine in the United States until August [2020].

                  A British participant in the Phase 2/3 trial developed neurological symptoms consistent with transverse myelitis, an inflammatory syndrome that affects the spinal cord [where there can be a blockage of a blood vessel that supplies blood to the spinal cord], according to a notice given to participants dated July 12. That trial was briefly paused.

                  Neither AstraZeneca nor Oxford announced the pause. Ms. Meixell, the AstraZeneca spokeswoman, said the company informed the F.D.A. about the illness on July 15 [2020] “in order to be as transparent as possible.” But some top F.D.A. officials didn’t learn about it, according to the people with knowledge of the discussions between AstraZeneca and the F.D.A.

                  Later in the summer, another participant in the same trial fell ill with similar symptoms. They both suffered from transverse myelitis which you believed had nothing to do with blood clots. It’s scary because I could see a scenario where this could impact every vaccine. If someone who already had COVID were injected with a vaccine that used pieces of the virus, previous antibodies the person might generate could recognize it and amp up the immune response.

                  This is not how clinical studies normally go.

                  6 months ago, on Sept. 6, AstraZeneca paused its global trials to investigate the second case of blood clotting. So, they knew.

                  The news became public two days later, blind sighting the F.D.A. officials. Further, AstraZeneca did not demonstrate their claims of efficacy with the planned two doses. It went from 90% (one dose) to 62% (for the planned two doses). [Weird, I know.] They took other wrong turns during the process, as well.

                  Nothing about these trials was normal. Instead of being ready when they planned, they’re, now, looking at January.


          • George Michalopulos says

            Interestingly, two retired black athletes –Hank Aaron and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler–died within two weeks of taking the vaccine.

            Whether this is a case of causation or correlation is immaterial at this point as far as the African-American population is concerned.

            Just sayin’.

  8. StephenD says

    I’m getting the vaccine on Saturday April 17th. Cleveland Clinic Florida.
    They finally messaged me and said I could make an appointment. This should be interesting.

    • Oh no… Is there anything I can say to you to get you to change your mind? I’m trying to understand the mindset of someone that wants to get one of these shots. Have you researched this topic? Are you concerned that these are experimental drugs, you are effectively being used as a guinea pig, and that these vaccines have been produced with or tested on aborted fetal cells? Please look at the information in the following article – “VAERS data released today showed 56,869 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines, including 2,342 deaths and 7,971 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and April 1, 2021.” These are only the reported cases – in reality, there are far more unreported. All of the statistics show that you are far, far safer and have a better chance of remaining alive and healthy if you do NOT receive one of these experimental genetic therapy drugs. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaers-data-vaccine-injury-trends-continue/?itm_term=home

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Stephen, please don’t do it. The real “ah-ha” moment isn’t the reactions you’re hearing about with respect to the injection itself (like anaphylactic shock, for example).

      No, the real “ah-ha” moment is going to come months after the better part of the population has been vaccinated with a synthetic protein designed to kick into high gear when confronted with the spike protein in the environment. It could be from any of the 7 coronaviruses that impact humans. For many, it will cause their immune system to go into overdrive, causing their organs to shut down.

      The animal studies that have been published to date have warned about this.

      Why would you risk that? I know the military is promoting this but you can say, “no.”

      • Not only that, there is also the spectre of prions to consider.

        ‘ Analysis of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 identified two potential risk factors for inducing prion disease is humans. The RNA sequence in the vaccine contains sequences believed to induce TDP-43 and FUS to aggregate in their prion based conformation leading to the development of common neurodegerative diseases. …

        The spike protein encoded by the vaccine binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), an enzyme which contains zinc molecules. The binding of spike protein to ACE2 has the potential to release the zinc molecule, an ion that causes TDP-43 to assume its pathologic prion transformation. ‘

        I agree with Gail and Herman.
        But you’re a big boy. It’s your choice.

    • “I’m getting the vaccine on Saturday April 17th. Cleveland Clinic Florida.
      They finally messaged me and said I could make an appointment. This should be interesting.”

      The swine flu fraud of 1976, on 60 Minutes:


      Back when media was less controlled and people were less dumbed down.

    • I got my second shot a month ago. I feel fine, except this strange unexplainable urge to eat human brains. ?

      Otherwise, the only side effects I had was a sore arm for a couple of days, and I also felt pretty tired the next day. This was my experience after both shots. Some people I know had a slight fever for about 24 hours, but I didn’t. I was given the Moderna vaccine. It wasn’t a bad experience but not exactly pleasant the next day either. My doctor recommended that I get the vaccine, and I have absolutely no regrets about getting it.

      If myself getting the vaccine prevents even one other person from getting sick, then I believe it was well worth it.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Let’s hope you continue to feel fine, Steve. In previous studies with animals, the problems did not begin right away. In other words, how you felt when you got the injection, e.g. arm pain, fever, chills, is NOT what we’re talking about.

      • “My doctor recommended that I get the vaccine, and I have absolutely no regrets about getting it. If myself getting the vaccine prevents even one other person from getting sick, then I believe it was well worth it.”

        Make sure you document that you were vaxxed on social media, and report any adverse reactions, so people can witness Facebook/Twitter/etc “fact check” you, shortly before you expire. That way your potential death can save many more lives, and do a lot more good, than merely preventing one person from getting sick, with a mild flu.


  9. WATCH: Absolute Slavery – Zero Carbon Agenda Deconstructed

    [Video 54:06]

    ‘ What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state.

    In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Christian breaks The “Absolute Zero” plan and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day to meet these dystopian goals for Travel, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Food.

    We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language: Absolute Slavery.

    Since it’s a long video, here are some useful timecodes:

    Intro to Net Zero: (0:00)
    Road Vehicles: (3:54)
    Rail: (8:25)
    Flight: (14:15)
    Shipping: (17:56)
    Heating & Appliances: (22:42)
    Food & Waste: (26:34)
    Materials, Construction, Recycling: (35:32)
    Electricity & Fossil Fuels (43:22)
    Water (45:00)
    Perfect Surveillance/Enforcement (46:46)
    Closing (49:58)

    The report IAF is commenting on is entitled “Absolute Zero” and is available for download here:
    It’s a publication of the UK FIRES think-tank, a government/corporate-sponsored “research group” based across a handful of the UK’s major university campuses. ‘

    They are openly telling us what they have in store for us.
    That is the measure of the contempt in which they hold us.

    • A week or two ago I read of Bill Gates’ funding of calcium powder to cover the stratosphere to “dim out” the sun. I remember MIT assisting with an experiment, a small-scale version of this geoengineering project, in the desert in 2017. Anyway, Gates plans to make this large-scale within my lifetime, apparently.
      I shared the news with a deacon and his wife with whom I’m close. Without blinking his eyes, the deacon said something to the effect of “I wish they would stop trying to make prophecy come true.”
      Vaccine passports are coming. I wish I had access to an underground network of medical professionals that were willing to “administer” the vaccine to me without actually administering it, so that my medical records were “in proper order” for me to continue to be employed and to move freely around society, etc. We need to start organizing. We won’t have the option to “opt out” where I live. A large summer camp released plans (either approved by or required by the state where I live) that 12 year olds must be vaccinated in order to participate. The mandate will be for children, too, by the fall.

      • That deacon’s comment made me snort with laughter, and then feel sad. This kind of craziness is just normal for people at this point. Try and tell them how screwed up it is and you’ll get an ear full of abuse.

  10. LonelyDn says

    Looks like something is brewing between NATO, Ukraine and their globalist handers, and Russia…something big

    • Here’s Pepe Escobar’s take on it from Asia Times

      Ukraine Redux: War, Russophobia and Pipelineistan
      The deep state/NATO combo’s using Kiev to start a war to bury Nord Stream 2 and German-Russian relations


      ‘ Ukraine and Russia may be on the brink of war – with dire consequences for the whole of Eurasia. Let’s cut to the chase, and plunge head-on into the fog of war. ‘

      • The article is a bit incendiary, but largely accurate on the facts. The ukaz in question speaks of the “deoccupation” of the Crimea but it is unclear to what extent the Ukrainians are willing to go in that regard. The RF now considers the Crimea part of Russia and it is heavily defended at Sevastpol. That is one reason the Ukies haven’t attacked it in force so far.

        There is a joke: A journalist asks a Ukrainian soldier, “Why are you fighting in the Donbass? He replies enthusiastically, “Because the Russians are there!” Then the reporter asks him, “Why aren’t you fighting in the Crimea?” And he replies, a bit reserved, even spooked, “Because the Russians are there.”

        A couple of points:
        1. Germany asked for Nordstream 2, it was their idea. The Europeans need it more than the Russians who could sell to the “stans” and China.
        2. Russia will overwhelmingly defend any attack on the Crimea; however, that likely will not sway the Europeans away from NS2 since that is simply preserving the status quo. The Crimea was gifted from Khrushchev to the Ukraine when both Russia and the Ukraine were Soviet Socialist Republics and no one was imagining the dissolution of the USSR. The Crimea is integral to the defense of the Russian Federation and it will go to war to retain it.
        3. An actual Russian invasion of Ukraine proper might imperil the pipeline if there is actual footage of the Russian Army openly in force in the Donbass or threatening the seat of government in Kiev.
        4. But Putin is not interested in invading the Ukraine. You break it, you own it. It’s an economic disaster and a political nightmare which he doesn’t need and he has demonstrated he can accomplish his strategic goals with a frozen conflict (a buffer zone, of sorts).

        It reminds one of Georgia in 2008. McCain gave the greenlight to Saakashvili to retake South Ossetia and Abkhazia which were autonomous and under Russian protection at that point. The Georgians invaded and the propaganda machine tried to turn it into Russian aggression. That was the modus operandi then, and now.

        But McCain is dead. Saakashvili is no longer welcome in Georgia and was deported from the Ukraine (then returned under Zelensky). South Ossetia and Abkhazia are now independent and still allied with Russia. And Georgia damn near lost its sovereignty when the US had to air drop Condi Rice into Tblisi to prevent the Russian Army from taking it.

        If you attack Putin, he will just expand.

        It may get hairy over there but I don’t see whose interest a real war serves. But, as Obama observed, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up.”

        The problem is that the Donbass is intractable. Both sides are committed to fighting to the last Ukrainian, not the last American or Russian. Russo-Ukrainian forces in the East can always retreat into Russia if need be and the Ukrainian nationalist forces wouldn’t dare pursue them fearing massive retaliation and occupation.

        • Excellent analysis.

          In 2008 I had to explain to a young Georgian boy that, when Saakashvili cried “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of war, he was on his own; that the USA was not going to send troops into the Caucasus to bail him out – and neither were the Brits, the French or the Germans.
          It was a terrible lesson on the unwisdom of trusting the honeyed promises of powerful ‘friends’, who turn out not to be friends after all.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Brendan, several years ago, I told a very dear Ukrainian friend of mine that his hatred of Putin and Russia was perhaps understandable but most definitely misplaced.

            He wanted to “cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war” and he was certain that the right was on his side and that the world would see it. I told him this: “I understand your hatred of Russia given the Holodomyr, but don’t think for one moment that the EU/NATO will come to your country’s aid. They will not.”

            He pressed me: certainly the freedom-loving people of the US will come to our aid? (This was during Iraq War II, when we went into Iraq and Afghanistan to spread the wonders of democracy.) I told him this: “the US will fight to the last Ukrainian”.

            Then, if memory serves, I told him about April 1975, when the last American helicopter took off from the roof of the US embassy in Saigon with three of four Vietnamese desperately clinging to the chopper’s landing gear. What I didn’t say was anything about the 250,000 Boat People who braved the Pacific Ocean to get the hell out of dodge. Or the hundreds of thousands who couldn’t leave but who were subjected to “re-education” camps.

            The Neocons have a visceral hatred of both the Ukrainians as well as the Russians. If they can use the Ukrainians as cannon fodder to give Russia a bloody nose, so be it. If they get slaughtered in return, too bad. For them, it’s a win-win.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Brilliant analysis, Misha. As usual.

          I was watching the boys over at The Duran a few days ago. Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron had a “come-to-Jesus” meeting with Putin via video conference a few days before that. He basically told them how the cow at the cabbage.

          Something tells me that Putin is five moves ahead of the American Deep State.

          Also, President Xi just signed a massive trade deal with Iran in which all trade will be denominated in Iranian and Chinese currency. Look for Putin to play this card if he feels it can be used to avoid actual military conflict. Also, Saudi Arabia and Iran have come to an agreement with an informal non-aggression pact. This further defangs the State Department’s anti-Russian/Iranian alliance.

          The day of the petrodollar is coming to an end.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Also, I forgot to mention, that the Germans are already on the hoof for tens of billions of dollars for the Nordstream 2 pipeline (which is not completed as of yet).

          Another point re Nordstream 2: it’s cheaper to get LNG from Russia via NS2 than it is to buy it from the US, especially now that oil extraction has gone up thanks to Biden. And this doesn’t even taken into account the shipping costs, time, etc.

          Germany is the pre-eminent industrial/manufacturing power in Europe and it needs abundant, inexpensive and reliable LNG to operate at full capacity. The US –even under Trump–could not promise that.

    • Perhaps this is what Elder Ephraim was speaking of, or the Cypriot Metropolitan that said people would forget about Covid come May and something worse would follow. There’s also the war prophesied by the saints that is to take place…interesting times in which we live

  11. Pregnant Mother Threatened to be Arrested during Mass

    [Video 26:25]

    ‘ A pregnant mother holding her one-year-old baby was threatened by her [RC] pastor who called the cops to have her arrested. The police said that she was “trespassing on a business” that “didn’t want her there.” Deirdre Hairston tells the story and shows the video clip of what happened in an interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall. ‘

    I think the Temple needs cleansed again,
    but not of pregnant mothers…

  12. Euro Court of Human Rights rules
    Mandatory Vaccination is Legal


    ‘ In another blow to those fighting for freedom the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that mandatory vaccinations are legal and may be necessary in democratic societies.

    The ruling has come in response to a complaint made to the court by families in the Czech Republic in regards to compulsory vaccination of children. The ECHR said “the measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society’”. ‘

    Another betrayal from the judiciary…’

  13. Asking for input from the Laity regarding a new charter for the GOA is pure Greek theatre, both comedy and tragedy—take your pick. The document has already been written and is
    gathering dust in the Phanar according to a well placed person I know, who claims it will be delivered by Bartholomew when he arrives in the Fall. Σωθεικαμαι

  14. Ivermectin came to court seeking approval

    ‘ At the end of last year, the renowned lawyer from Mar del Plata and president of the Fundación Investigación Ciudadana Julio Razona filed an appeal in relation to the approval of ivermectin for the treatment of coronavirus.

    The collective action, the main purpose of which is to compel health organizations to authorize the implementation of preventive and therapeutic protocols with ivermectin in the Buenos Aires territory, was filed before Labor Court No. 2 of Mar del Plata , in the Autos ” Razona , Julio c / Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires s / Amparo “.

    In this context, on Friday, doctors Héctor Eduardo Carvallo, former director and scientific coordinator of the Ezeiza Hospital, gave a testimonial statement; Carlos Lanusse, researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and director of the Tandil Veterinary Research Center (CIVETAN); Daniel Alonso, CONICET researcher at the Center for Molecular and Transnational Oncology (COMTra) of the National University of Quilmes; Alejandro Krolewiecki, CONICET researcher; as well as the Licentiate in Nursing Patricia Fortina; among others.

    “During these months of research I was able to accompany all the documentation that certifies that ivermectin is absolutely efficient, to be used preventively as well as curatively. A meta-analysis was also carried out in Gihon where it was certified that it does not produce any type of ordinary side effect and that neither overmedication is dangerous,” said Razona in dialogue with El Marplatense .

    The lawyer explained that in the amparo they ask the Province “to distribute ivermectin to the population but with strict medical control, not to have self-medication.”

    “Ivermectin is not a vaccine, but a protector, a bulletproof vest so as not to get infected until there are safe vaccines. It is certified that ivermectin cures Covid in a very high proportion,” said Razona.

    Finally, Razona synthesized: “We are asking that doctors be authorized to prescribe ivermectin for covid. That it be distributed with due medical control among the population. So that people can have this treatment.” ‘

    Ivermectin works. They know it works.
    Why are they withholding it?

    • Because, if there is an effective treatment for a disease you can’t vet a vaccine. No treatments or measures were ever on the table for this. It was only “mask up and stay home until we get a vaccine.” Not to mention, ivermectin is cheap. You can get a full round of treatment for $30. How much do you think big pharma will make off vaccines? Billions. To say nothing of what they will make if they find boosters are needed.

      • Dr Pierre Kory (to the US Senate):
        ‘If you take ivermectin you won’t get sick.
        If you get sick and take ivermectin you won’t die.’

        But what does he know? He’s just a doctor who cures people of COVID.
        Facebook and Twitter need no evidence to know better…

  15. Covid Madness: People Fleeing a Volcanic Eruption
    Can’t Board the Rescue Vessels Until Vaccinated


    ‘ The volcano on the Caribbean Island of St Vincent has erupted. Cruise liners and Ferries are rushing to the scene to evacuate people caught by the eruption – but people are not allowed to board the cruise liners until they receive a Covid vaccination. ‘

    “The quality of mercy is [now] strained.”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Our love has grown cold. As predicted in the Book of Revelation.

    • Anonymous II says

      Post-vaccine rashes – on hands and feet, even inside someone’s MOUTH – are being argued as a good thing??

      See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/covid-vaccine-rash-side-effect/2021/04/09/7517bad0-97bd-11eb-962b-78c1d8228819_story.html

      And communists are burning federal buildings in Portland without a word from Biden and his globalist puppeteers: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9459183/Antifa-protesters-set-fire-ICE-building-Portland.html

      • “Post-vaccine rashes – on hands and feet, even inside someone’s MOUTH – are being argued as a good thing?? ”

        Revelation 16:2?

        Apr 12, 2021:


        The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a COVID vaccine that will work on all variants and has developed an implantable microchip that it says will continuously monitor the human body for signs of the virus.


        Pentagon scientist Dr Kayvon Modjarrad also highlighted that the military is developing a one size fits all vaccine for COVID, commenting “This is not science fiction, this is science fact.”

        “We have the tools, we have the technology, to do this all right now,” he said explaining that the goal is to inoculate people against potentially deadly viruses that have not even appeared yet.

        Killer viruses that we haven’t seen or even imagined, we’ll be protected against [“You will not surely die,” the serpent told her. “For God knows that in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God”],” Modjarrad declared.

        It was recently revealed that a third of active duty service members opted out of taking the COVID vaccine, with sources claiming the actual figure is probably closer to half.

        The finding prompted the likes of TIME to declare that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is threatening national security, and that while “These troops may not be co-opted by domestic terrorists, but they are clearly influenced by conspiracy theorists online and they just don’t trust basic science.”

        The DARPA announcement of implantable microchip technology tied to the virus and a vaccine will likely only serve to enforce concerns the media continually describes as ‘conspiracy theories.’

      • 1) The rashes prove the infection (sorry: vaccine) works,

        2) The Daily Mail story is accredited to one Megan Sheets.
        I wonder, is there some score-settling going on here?

  16. Fauci Doesn’t Put Much Stock in the Vaccine

    Lawrence M Vance: ‘ Assuming that he actually did get it like he said. Fauci says that he still won’t eat indoors at a restaurant or go to a movie theater. He still avoids “indoor, crowded places where people are not wearing masks.” He says “his day-to-day life remains essentially unchanged from the way it was before he got his shots.” So what he is afraid of? I thought the vaccine protected him? ‘

    Well, perhaps he didn’t actually get it…?

  17. Today our elder priest sat everyone down for a serious talk about the hatred and division being caused by the vaccine. He said that there were summer camps, schools, and even parishes (on the east coast?) that had been shut down due to the controversy. Does anyone have more information on which ones those are? I knew it was getting bad out there but I didn’t realize how far things had already gone.

    • While I haven’t seen any tensions in my own parish, or heard about any in other places, I can see that it’s those who don’t want to get the vaccination who are more inclined to live and let live, while those who are pro-vaccine have shown themselves to be quite intolerant. I won’t be surprised to hear of unvaccinated kids getting banned from summer camps. Sad!

      • Yes, I have actually heard healthy young couples bragging that they are vaccinated and now will go out and socialize with people, but only if they too are vaccinated. It strikes me as…I probably shouldn’t say how it strikes me. The first time I heard such a conversation at church, I couldn’t sleep that night. I’m relieved that a priest everyone adores so much no one will question him has put his foot down and made it taboo to engage in that segregationist behavior in our parish, at least.

    • Maybe the OCA? That would explain the recent letter that was sent out by one of the OCA bishops up there regarding the vaccine and how no one should be asked whether or not they took it.

  18. Many in my parish have opted for the vaccine but some are adament. I am very open about my descision to forgo it as I know this helps those who are standing firm. I say go ahead, play your stupid discrimination game. As for me I will look to the Saints and Scriptures for affirmation.

    Maybe I am wrong and will be killed by the next super bug or maybe those who opted for the vaccine will drop dead from it. No one knows but outside of my family I will not push someone one way or the other. The choice for the vaccine is deeply personal because of the implications for and against. No one should be forcing people to get it.

    On the other hand those who try to force it on others are either living in fear of the virus or fear they made the wrong descision and want affirmation from others taking the same step.

    In any case I am done with COVID fear, I am done with masks, I am done with social distancing, I am done with closed Churches. Christ is Risen! The World can stuff it.

  19. Michael Bauman says

    It finally dawned on me that the primary reason that the COVID measures are wrong is that there is no mercy. Without mercy, there is no truth

  20. Why I Won’t Take the Johnson & Johnson
    Vaccine — a Scientist’s Perspective


    ‘ Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D., explains why he believes Johnson & Johnson
    cannot guarantee its COVID vaccine won’t alter your genetic code. ‘

    He also explains why Moderna and Pfizer cannot give guarantees
    that their mRNA COVID vaccines won’t alter your genetic code.

    • Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA?
      Recent Science Suggests They Might.


      ‘ According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and most mRNA vaccine scientists, the buck then stops there — mRNA vaccines “do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way,” the CDC says. The CDC asserts first, that the mRNA cannot enter the cell’s nucleus (where DNA resides), and second, that the cell — Mission-Impossible-style — “gets rid of the mRNA soon after it is finished using the instructions.”

      A December preprint about SARS-CoV-2, by scientists at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), produced findings about wild coronavirus that raise questions about how viral RNA operates.

      The scientists conducted the analysis because they were “puzzled by the fact that there is a respectable number of people who are testing positive for COVID-19 by PCR long after the infection was gone.”

      Their key findings were as follows: SARS-CoV-2 RNAs “can be reverse transcribed in human cells,” “these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed” (a phenomenon called “retro-integration”) — and there are viable cellular pathways to explain how this happens.

      According to Ph.D. biochemist and molecular biologist Dr. Doug Corrigan, these important findings (which run contrary to “current biological dogma”) belong to the category of “Things We Were Absolutely and Unequivocally Certain Couldn’t Happen Which Actually Happened.” …

      As the phrase “reverse transcription” implies, the DNA-to-mRNA pathway is not always a one-way street. Enzymes called reverse transcriptases can also convert RNA into DNA, allowing the latter to be integrated into the DNA in the cell nucleus. …

      Ordinarily, RNA is a “notoriously fragile” and unstable molecule. According to scientists, “this fragility is true of the mRNA of any living thing, whether it belongs to a plant, bacteria, virus or human.”

      But the synthetic mRNA in the COVID vaccines is a different story. In fact, the step that ultimately allowed scientists and vaccine manufacturers to resolve their decades-long mRNA vaccine impasse was when they figured out how to chemically modify mRNA to increase its stability and longevity — in other words, produce RNA “that hangs around in the cell much longer than viral RNA, or even RNA that our cell normally produces for normal protein production.”

      It is anyone’s guess what the synthetic mRNA is doing while it is “hanging around,” but Corrigan speculates that its enhanced longevity raises the probability of it “being converted over into DNA.” ‘ …

      Corrigan acknowledges that some people may dismiss his warnings, saying “If the virus is able to accomplish this, then why should I care if the vaccine does the same thing?”

      He has a ready and compelling response:

      “[T]here’s a big difference between the scenario where people randomly, and unwittingly, have their genetics monkeyed with because they were exposed to the coronavirus, and the scenario where we willfully vaccinate billions of people while telling them this isn’t happening.” ‘

      Don’t be too sure Saunca.
      We were told many things could not happen which then happened.
      We were told no one could get cancer from the polio vaccine.
      We were told no one could get polio from the polio vaccine.
      Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

      • saunca: ‘ Corrigan speculates….. uses the words guess and speculates. ‘

        Richard Feynman: “In general we look for a new law by the following process: First we guess it… Then we compute the consequences of the guess…to see what it would imply, then we compare the computation result to nature or we say compare to experiment or experience, compare it directly with observation to see if it works.
        If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. That’s all there is to it.”

        Corrigan is thinking as a scientist, saunca.

        • Gail Sheppard says


          Try to leave out the chiding part of your messages. It isn’t necessary and it’s against our guidelines.

          You: “RNA, no matter what the source, cannot reprogram RNA or DNA.”

          Truth: The mRNA vaccines use a process known as transcription, where an RNA copy of a DNA sequence for creating a given protein is made. This is a change.

          You: “The mRNA uses your body’s machinery to produce the coronavirus spike protein so your body can develop antibodies.”

          Truth: Not just antibodies, T cells, too.

          You: “The only way this differs from a traditional vaccine is that instead of injecting part or all of the virus, you inject the mRNA of the virus so only one key viral protein is introduced into the body.”

          Truth: I think what you meant to say is that instead of injecting part or all of the virus, you inject a single “protein.” Using a single, synthetic protein created to mirror the spike protein differs in every respect from the use of the attenuated (weakened) or inactivated (dead) viruses we currently use.

        • saunca: “RNA, no matter what the source,
          cannot reprogram RNA or DNA”

          Prior to ‘vaccination’ with mRNA for COVID spike proteins,
          human DNA does not produce COVID spike proteins.
          Therefore mRNA can clearly reprogram human DNA.

          If it were not so, Moderna would hardly have claimed that:
          “Recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.”

          The question Corrigan tries to address is whether or not this reprogramming is temporary, persistent or permanent.
          On that, the jury is still out…

          • The mRNA is not changing the program, it is the program being run.

            Put another way, the suggestion it is reprogramming human DNA is roughly like suggesting that if I put a poem by Keats in a Xerox machine at the library, it has reprogrammed the machine. The machine didn’t produce a Keats poem before!

            It isn’t really accurate to call the mRNA output a synthetic protein. Generally speaking, if your body is actually physically capable of producing it, it isn’t a synthetic protein. Synthetic proteins are absolutely a thing, but not what we are talking about in the context of mRNA vaccines. Structures that don’t occur in nature, getting funky with new amino acids, now we’re talking synthetic proteins.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              “Both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines are made up of synthetic mRNA [synthetic] that carries the code [new code] for the spike protein.

              The mRNA is enveloped inside a fatty nanoparticle that acts as a Trojan horse, infiltrating human cells and delivering the spike-building instructions [new programming] without awakening the immune system.

              Once cells have gotten hold of the mRNA, they create the spike protein, which in turn triggers [new process] the immune system to produce an arsenal of cells to fight the spike protein and thus protect the body against SARS-CoV-2.”


              • As an onlooker, this particular line of discussion, which I’m interested in, seems to have devolved into semantics and being “right” rather than a discussion of risks and harms. I’m not really swayed by the links posted about the guy who worked on this in the 70s and cites his own research mainly, from the 70s. Can someone remind me what the criticism of the vaccine as a changer of DNA (pardon the paraphrase) in fact is and evidence for that concern? God bless.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Question: “Can someone remind me what the criticism of the vaccine as a changer of DNA (pardon the paraphrase) in fact is and evidence for that concern?”

                  It’s called CRISPR. They use RNA with scissors-like enzymes to cut out specific sequences of DNA to eliminate or edit a gene. To “slice and dice” your DNA obviously alters it.

                  This discussion isn’t really about semantics. It’s about presenting complex material in an accurate way. Many people mistakenly believe because the vaccines are available they are safe and effective. They don’t know this. That’s why they have trials.

                  Many people also believe that because they didn’t experience any side effects with the injection they won’t have an adverse event down the road that could kill them. This isn’t true either. In previous animal studies, ALL the animals died, even though the vaccines appeared to work initially.

                  These conversations will hopefully bring clarity to those considering the vaccine.

              • Exactement.

              • It’s not just semantics, Jess
                It’s an attempt to command language to prevent discussion,
                to prevent consideration of alternative strategies.
                It’s a Humpty Dumpty power-play…

                “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.”

                “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

                “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master-that’s all.”

              • It is correct to say the vaccine uses a synthetic mRNA sequence. It is also correct to refer to what it instructs the cells to do as protein synthesis. But it is not correct to say that the protein generated bythe cells is a synthetic protein. That may sound pedantic, but it really is not! At least if your goal is to present complex (or not so complex) material in an accurate way.

                Saying the mRNA vaccine instructs the body to create proteins it didn’t know how to make before is accurate. Saying the created protein is causing the body to develop a new immune response in reaction to said protein is also accurate. But it is simply not accurate to say that DNA is changed or reprogrammed anywhere in this process.

                CRISPR is completely irrelevant to the subject of mRNA protein synthesis. Imagine if Jess were asking about concerns about electric car safety, bringing up nuclear fission would be equally irrelevant.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  Proteins are the key working molecules and building blocks in all cells. They are produced in a similar two-step process in all organisms – DNA is first transcribed into RNA, then RNA is translated into protein.

                  What would you call a protein that’s made by synthetic RNA? (Rhetorical question.)

                  Jess asked, ” Can someone remind me what the criticism of the vaccine as a changer of DNA (pardon the paraphrase) in fact is and evidence for that concern?” She did not specify mRNA vaccines. I assumed she meant all COVID vaccines where it’s relevant.

                  They use CRISPR with the adenoviral vector vaccines (J&J, Oxford/AstraZeneca, CanSino, Gamaleya, et al.). They insert DNA encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein into the vectors. The modified viruses are then grown, isolated, and packaged into vaccines. Once injected, the vectors slip into our cells and trick our bodies into producing coronavirus spike proteins, which trigger the immune system to develop antibodies and T cells to target the coronavirus.

                  Two people can not teach different things and help people to better understand a process. So we’re going to stop this back and forth.


      • Michael Bauman says

        Just like the CDC “statistics”. I restate my three prime reasons for not taking the vaccine: The whole program is coercive and driven by ideology and fear which truth does not need; Bill Gates who wants to actively reduce the “surplus population” is spending boat loads of money on it — it cannot be for our health; the vaccines are derived from aborted babies.
        None of these reasons require sophisticated medical knowledge to arrive at and the information supporting them is widely known or is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.
        The more arcane the arguments for it become the less likely to be true–like the epicycle theories in support of a flat earth.

      • Michael Bauman says

        “Conspiracy driven nonsense.” The last vestige of a person who refuses to consider anything other than one’s own opinion and is hell bent on coercive action. Or has no real faith in the truth of their own position.

        It is a form of the ad hominem fallacy in logic.

        Weak at best.

        Define ‘conspiracy’ because the definition I know seems in line with the actions of the feds and corporate partners to me. Thus a ‘conspiracy theory’ is quite rational.

        BTW the kind of concerted action we are seeing by large corporations and one ideological faction in government seems rather to fit the definition of fascism to me, historically speaking. Especially when combined with a degenerate ‘press’ and a perverse entertainment industry and education establishment.

        So many reasons not to get stuck, so little time.
        Unfortunately I can see the whole mess leading to schism in the Church.

        Let us remember the widely condemn sentiment: “The joys of the State are the joys of the Church; sorrows of the State are the sorrows of the Church” and weep in repentance.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Michael, you yanked the words –on everything–right out of my mouth!

          I especially appreciate your explanation on what we are experiencing as “fascism”. It is. Most definitely.

          • Michael Bauman says

            George, I hope your mouth does not hurt. Even a very cursory survey of the elements of pre-World War II shows the intimate relationship between the Nazi Party and corporate industrialists like Krupp is what both allowed Hitler to gain power and use it in the manner he did. One would have to be blind not to see the parallels. The slavery, torture and medical experimentation were all part of the package.

            It is equally obvious that the political situation that existed prior to our US Civil War have close analogs in today’s situation. But those analogs are not as close as the fascism correlations.

            I still find it sad that our bishops have not called for a time of prayer and repentance because of COVID.

  21. Is it possible that the current halt placed on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is because the FDA is in cahoots with Pfizer?

    “The Biden Administration did a terrible disservice to people throughout the world by allowing the FDA and CDC to call a ‘pause’ in the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine,” Trump said.

    “The results of this vaccine have been extraordinary but now it’s [sic] reputation will be permanently challenged. The people who have already taken the vaccine will be up in arms, and perhaps all of this was done for politics or perhaps it’s the FDA’s love for Pfizer. “


    Perhaps the FDA doesn’t want the public to have access to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, because it’s actually a superior product. Hmmm.

    • Whether or not the FDA is ‘in cahoots with Pfizer’,
      the Johnson and Johnson ‘vaccine’ is also dangerous.
      For a clear explanation of why this is so, read Ken Biegeleisen’s article:

      All these vaccines are also unnecessary.
      The virus itself is less risky.

      • Sorry, Brendan, but the so-called “Children’s Health Defense Organization” is a blatantly Democrat-led political conspiracy think tank a la Robert F. Kennedy Jr. They have the unstated political goal of making sure that Donald Trump doesn’t get re-elected.

        It’s probably not hard for them to find scientists to come up with pseudo-scientific theories, and it’s also probably not hard for them to find recipients of the J & J vaccine who also incidentally had blood clots. Come on, that’s easy, and especially with Democrats in power.

        Donald Trump seems to know which way the wind is blowing on this. Being that he was closely involved with the J & J vaccine and helped it pass regulatory hurdles, he knows that the attacks are really aimed at him. Let’s face it, the Democrats don’t really want the Republicans to get the vaccine. Even by putting a ‘pause’ on it’s access, they are purposefully trying to put both the J&J vaccine and Donald Trump into doubt.

        • Steve, I read your post with interest.
          Nowhere, however, could I find any reference to Ken Biegeleisen’s argument.
          All I found was completely irrelevant ad hominems ignoring the point.
          Still, just in case I missed something, I read your post again.
          Sadly, I found it just as empty as on my first reading.

    • Perhaps it is because the Johnson&Johnson drug is causing bizarre blood clots and immediate side effects requiring hospitalization, forcing numerous vaccine centers to suspend their operations. Last week this happened not far from where I live in CO.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        It’s because they’re using the spike protein.

        So what happens is this: You’re exposed to COVID and your system builds up some antibodies. You may not have known you were sick. Then you are vaccinated with one of the vaccines where a piece of the spike protein is injected. (They all use it.) The antibodies in your body recognize the piece (RNA or DNA of the spike protein) as being COVID and launches an attack. The “phenomenon is called “molecular mimicry.” In such cases, some small piece of the vaccine may be similar to tissue in the brain or spinal cord, resulting in an immune attack on that tissue in response to a vaccine component causing an occurrence of transverse myelitis. It can impact the brain and spine. The blood vessels to the spinal cord can close up with blood clots or atherosclerosis or burst and bleed. This is essentially a “stroke” of the spinal cord.

        • ‘ Children’s Health Defense queried the VAERS data for a series of adverse events associated with the formation of clotting disorders and other related conditions. VAERS yielded a total of 795 reports for all three vaccines from Dec. 14, 2020, through April 8.

          Of the 795 cases reported, there were 400 reports attributed to Pfizer, 337 reports with Moderna and 56 reports with J&J — far more than the eight J&J cases under investigation, including the two additional cases added Wednesday.

          As The Defender reported today, although the J&J and AstraZeneca COVID vaccines have been under the microscope for their potential to cause blood clots, mounting evidence suggests the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines also cause clots and related blood disorders. U.S. regulatory officials were alerted to the problem as far back as December 2020. ‘

          Given that ‘fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported‘ the actual numbers may be expected to be considerably higher than these.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          This type of blood clotting is rare. They have linked it with both J & J and AstraZenica and it causes your platelets to drop which is not typical of other kinds of blood clots. It happens 2 to 4 weeks after the injection, perhaps longer. The vaccines have only been out a few weeks. Give it time.

          Frankly, to me, there is nothing “logical” about taking an experimental vaccine when you have a 99.7% chance of surviving the virus if you get it and an 80% chance of not even becoming sick.

          This rare blood clot is only one of many adverse events.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Gail, it seems to me that when all of the arguments for taking the jab come down to “because I am afraid”. I can understand the fear and have empathy for those who are fearful. After all that is what all of the propaganda is creating and selling.

            Living in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection tends to alleviate the fear for me.

            • Just tell everybody you are in the control group.

              As per the video of Gilad Aztmon and Piero San Georgio.

    • It sounds like Donald Trump has the inside scoop on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. It may just be that Biden is ‘pausing’ it so that Trump won’t get re-elected.

    • Steve I think this is close to the truth. My sense is that “they” want to preserve the reputation of mRNA technologies because they have something else planned for them. (Likely nothing good.) They know that all the vaccines are causing bad reactions but they need to pin it on the one that doesn’t use mRNA. I also think that J&J may be the only one that does not have a deleterious effect on fertility. And Gates et al desire that sterilizing effect.

  22. Michael Bauman says

    Steve. Unlikely

  23. Mother of 5...no 6 ;) says

    Just yesterday Fr. Peter Heers posted an excerpt from a recent interview…about 12 minutes long…talking about the vaccines from a great perspective. I highly recommend watching/listening to it as it states the situation at hand well in the context of things to come.

  24. Johns Hopkins: You can be vaccinated
    with a PCR test without knowing


    ‘ Inspired by a parasitic worm that digs its sharp teeth into the intestines of its host, Johns Hopkins researchers have developed tiny, star-shaped micro-devices that attach to the intestinal mucosa and can deliver drugs into the body.

    These tiny devices, known as “Theragrippers,” are made of metal and a thin film that changes shape. They are covered with heat-sensitive kerosene wax and each no larger than a dust particle. (See Figure 1)

    When the kerosene coating on the Theragripper reaches body temperature, the devices close autonomously and clamp onto the wall of the colon. Because of the sealing action, the tiny, six-pointed devices burrow into the mucosa and attach to the colon, where they are held and gradually release their drug load to the body. Eventually, the Theragripper lose their grip on the tissue and are removed from the colon through normal gastrointestinal muscle function.

    Note: According to Johns Hopkins University, Theragrippers are actually administered with a cotton swab. (see Figure 2) … ‘

    I would have thought that vaccination without knowledge or consent
    would constitute criminal assault by whoever administers the vaccine
    and not just by whoever authorised it.

  25. All of the “vaccines” continue to be in phases of “trials” whether this stage or that stage does not matter, non are FDA “approved”, not Pfizer, Moderna, J&J or AstraZeneca. They are all in fact “unapproved” which is how they are all referred to in the insert fact sheet, “unapproved” Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only, which means by definition they are all “experimental” and all the millions who receive any of these “vaccines” are all “trial subjects.”

    Back in 2002 when there was the original outbreak of SARS COV 1 there were animal experiments conducted on cats utilizing mRNA “vaccine” technology, when the cats initially received this “vaccine” they were o.k., month later they were exposed to Corona virus to test and see how well it works and they all either died or became gravely ill, one would have to assume the gravely ill would have to of been euthanized meaning essentially “they all died.” In 2005 with MERS outbreak again same animal study but instead of cats ferrets and same result. Essentially, what did in all these poor creatures is what they have come to term “ADE” which is “Antibody or Antigen Dependent Enhancement” also “Immune Enhancement” and or “Pathological Priming” and all of these are basically “Auto-Immune Disorder” the antibodies instead of fighting off the invading virus does the opposite and revs it up and attacks various organs of the body. NK (Natural Killer) cells also play a role in this and go awry attacking the wrong thing. So, with this already a known factor what happens to the animals why test again, right? Just skip that part, go straight to people testing, of course by doing this the “vaccine” which is not a vaccine but a genetic experiment with a cloned and coded synthetic agent the artificial “mRNA” cannot be “approved” without animal tests and therefore is only “Emergency Use Authorized (EUA)” also interestingly, Moderna (mode RNA) began in 2010 as a chemo company and has never had one single drug approved to go to market. Their first drug to make it to market is this current EUA mRNA “vaccine.” Pfizer meanwhile has had many patents, approvals and many drugs come to market but also many billions in fines I guess for them that’s just the cost of doing business. At any rate, it is all a “trial” and “experimental” and all those receiving all these “vaccines” are all “test subjects.” That is where we stand today.

  26. Italy’s Senate overwhelmingly approves
    early COVID treatment options


    ‘ The issue is to treat COVID, not to wait (until) it’s already reached a situation of cytokine storms where you cannot save the patient without hospitals, without ICU. ‘

    The globalists have not won yet…

  27. Denmark ditches Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

    ‘ “Based on the scientific findings, our overall assessment is there is a real risk of severe side effects associated with using the Covid-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,” Soren Brostrom, 55, director-general of the Danish health authority, said. “We have, therefore, decided to remove the vaccine from our vaccination programme.” ‘

    First one down…

  28. Vaccine passports are the gateway to the most radical
    slavery the world has ever seen: What is needed in the
    meantime is urgently to unwind the cycle of compliance


    ‘ Vaccine passports are the gateway to the most radical slavery the world has ever seen. It now seems likely that creating a psychological and social climate in which to impose them was always the aim behind the engineered pandemic. The pandemic was needed to impose the vaccinations, and the vaccinations are needed to impose the passport.

    This transformation of one part of the population into the vaccinated simultaneously invents the unvaccinated, a problem which could eventually be resolved through liquidation, but meanwhile offering opportunity for politically profitable stigmatisation. The vaccinated (via vaccine passports) are granted ‘privileges’ that the unvaccinated are denied in order to compel compliance. …

    Anyone who supposes the vaccine passport could lead to discrimination fails to grasp that this is the whole purpose of this document. The entire point is to divide society, to rule it. By creating checkpoints everywhere, power flows to the authority controlling access, in this case Johnson and his faction: a criminal cartel.

    Accepting vaccination does not automatically imply a happy ending. The privilege to resume the semblance of a normal life (a ’new normal’ life) is linked to vaccination status now, but the reasoning behind this privilege is contingent on the existence of the non-vaccinated. Once non-vaxxers vanish, the reason for continuing to offer privileges is also gone. At this point a new status category can be introduced, and the same selective sequence played again. In this way, it would be possible progressively to eliminate a significant percentage of the population. … ‘

    The frog is in the water. The pan is on the stove.
    And the heat is now on…

  29. Pray for Archbishop Benjamin. This may explain why he has been flighty lately- he has had grave concerns for his own health.


    • Gail Sheppard says

      George and I, of course, are sad to hear the news about Archbishop Benjamin. May God hold him firmly within His grasp as he faces the challenges ahead.

  30. Shock Video: Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs
    Girls In Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program


    Good cop, bad cop?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I am flashing back to the aftermath of 911 when this giant thing called the Patriot Act (when did they find the time???) was produced. All of Congress jumped on board which was suspicious in and of itself. Then I realized why. They planned this. To get us to give away our rights. I remember seeing the Sudafed legislation in there about how people like me with sinus problems now have to give them a photo ID and sign a log so I don’t get so much Sudafed I can fuel my own meth lab. How much would that be, exactly? More than the 30 tablets I usually get a month?

      The first time I gave a pharmacy my driver’s license and credit card, my identity was stolen. Go figure.

      Note to the government: Please don’t keep me safe; don’t protect me. I’m good.

    • How predictable. No data; only the promise/hope of more profits. He sounds very much like the “oil industry experts” (read speculators) who often warn of gasoline prices in excess of $5.00 per gallon.


      $In Vaccine We trust$.

  31. Reiner Fuellmich: ‘We Have the Evidence’

    ‘ Dr Reiner Fuellmich is one of the international lawyers who won the lawsuit against Volkswagon for their fraudulent diesel emissions test. He’s now leading an international class action lawsuit against the greatest crime against humanity – the COVID19 pandemic hoax.

    In this video he affirms that his team has all the evidence to bring wholesale convictions against the lead perpetrators of this crime – the Big Pharma executives, complicit politicians, corrupt medics, etc. Watch this video and see how this nightmare is headed.

    This man has courage. God bless him.

  32. Coronavirus: Scottish health boards preparing to fight Covid cases

    ‘ HEALTH boards are preparing to fight legal claims for hospital-acquired cases of Covid-19.

    At least 2,133 Scots are thought to have contracted the virus while in hospital, figures show.

    The Herald revealed in May last year how the virus ‘spread like a cruise ship’ after elderly patients were transferred from Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to Gartnavel [Hospital].

    A whistleblower claimed the decision led to 25 deaths and 81 cases in a matter of weeks. Infection control was revised following the rise in cases. ‘

    Glasgow often imagines itself as like New York.
    Here is another similarity…

  33. Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb?

    ‘ Will a vaccine to SARS-CoV-2 actually make the problem worse? Although not a certainty, all of the current data says that this prospect is a real possibility that needs to be paid careful attention to. If you stay with me, I’ll explain why.

    First, let’s set aside the debate surrounding the topic of whether vaccines work and the negative health consequences due to the components of the vaccine. No matter where you stand on the vaccine issue, I’m not asking anyone to capitulate on this point. I’m just asking that this issue be set aside, because in this instance this argument is completely irrelevant. Even without bringing any other issue into the vaccine debate, a coronavirus vaccine is a highly dangerous undertaking due to a peculiar trojan horse mechanism known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Regardless of someone’s conviction about vaccines, this point needs to be acknowledged. In the remaining portion of this article, I’m going to explain how ADE works and the future perils it may bring. …

    These types of vaccines will only elicit antibodies that recognize the portion of the virus which is present in the vaccine. The other portions of the virus are not represented in the antibody pool. In this scenario, it is much more likely that the vaccine-induced antibodies can be rendered as non-neutralizing antibodies, because the entire virus is not coated in antibodies, only the portion that was used to develop the vaccine.

    In a real infection, our immune system is exposed to every nook and cranny of the entire virus, and as such, our immune system develops a panacea of antibodies that recognize different portions of the virus and, therefore, coat more of the virus and neutralize it. In addition, our immune system develops T-Cell responses to hundreds of different peptide epitopes across the virus; whereas in the vaccine the plethora of these T-Cell responses are absent. Researchers are already aware that the T-Cell response plays a cooperative role in either the development of, or absence of, the ADE response….

    Right now, the fatality rate of the virus is estimated to be approximately 0.26%, and this number seems to be dropping as the virus is naturally attenuating itself through the population. It would be a great shame to vaccinate the entire population against a virus with this low of a fatality rate, especially considering the considerable risk presented by ADE. I believe this risk of developing ADE in a vaccinated individual will be much greater than 0.26%, and, therefore, the vaccine stands to make the problem worse, not better. It would be the biggest blunder of the century to see the fatality rate of this virus increase in the years to come because of our sloppy, haphazard, rushed efforts to develop a vaccine with such a low threshold of safety testing and the prospect of ADE lurking in the shadows. I would hope (and this is a big hope), that this vaccine WILL NOT BE MANDATORY. ‘

    Primum non nocere (First do no harm).
    PS: Please read the full article online.

  34. Nate Trost says

    Vaccines are working: charts that show the Covid endgame

    Decent analysis of how things are unfolding across the globe:
    An FT analysis of data from five countries — each facing very different scenarios — finds that rates of infections, hospitalisation and death have traced a lower path among the older, most vaccinated age groups than among younger cohorts, who are least likely to have received the jab.

    This is regardless of the viral caseload — whether infections are rising or falling, or if a country is grappling with one of the new variants.

    The results are in stark contrast to the patterns seen during earlier viral waves, before the vaccines were introduced, when older age groups consistently saw rates of illness decline more slowly than the young.”

  35. Brendan says

    W.H.O. and C.D.C. – The New Nuremberg Trials 2021
    [Crimes against humanity] – Please Share this info!


    The New Nuremberg Trials 2021

    A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts lead by Dr. Reiner Fullmich have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, WHO, the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. Fullmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests issued by the CDC are rated at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any test over 28 cycles are not admissible for any positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid infections tracked by the use of this faulty test.

    In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

    The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremburg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

    The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

    Provides immunity to the virus

    This is a “leaky” gene-therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.

    Protects recipients from getting the virus

    This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

    Reduces deaths from the virus infection

    This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.

    Reduces circulation of the virus
    This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

    Reduces transmission of the virus
    This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

    The following violations of the Nuremberg Code is as follows

    Nuremburg Code #1: Voluntary Consent is Essential

    No person should be forced to take a medical experiment without informed consent. Many media, political and non-medical persons are telling people to take the shot, it’s safe and offer no information as to the adverse effects or dangers of this gene-therapy. Countries are using lockdowns, duress and threats to force people to take this vaccine or be prohibited to participate in free society under the mandate of a Vaccine Passport or Green Pass. During the Nuremberg trail, even the media was prosecuted and members were put to death for lying to the public amongst many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    Nuremburg Code #2: Yield Fruitful Results Unprocurable By Other Means

    As listed above, the gene-therapy does not meet the criteria of a vaccine and does not offer immunity to the virus. There are other medical treatments that yield fruitful results against Covid such as Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and boosted immune systems for flu and colds.

    Nuremburg Code #3: Base Experiments on Results of
    Animal Experimentation and Natural History of Disease

    This gene-therapy skipped Animal testing and went straight to human trials. In mRNA research that Phizer used a candidate study on mRNA with rhesus macaques monkeys using BNT162b2 mRNA and in that study all the monkeys developed pulmonary inflammation but the researchers considered the risk low as these were young healthy monkeys from the age of 2-4. Israel has used Phizer and the International Court of Law has accepted a claim for 80% of the recipients having pulmonary inflammation from being injected with this gene-therapy. Despite this alarming development Phizer proceeded to develop their mRNA for Covid without animal testing.

    Nuremburg Code #4: Avoid All Unnecessary Suffering and Injury

    Since the rollout of the experiment and listed under the CDC VAERS reporting system over 4,000 deaths and 50,000 vaccine injuries have been reported in America. In the EU over 7,000 deaths and 365,000 vaccine injuries have been reported. This is a grievous violation of this code.

    Nuremburg Code #5: No Experiment to be Conducted if
    There’s Reason to Think Injury or Death Will Occur

    See #4, based on fact-based medical data this gene-therapy is causing death and injury. Past research on mRNA also shows several risks that have been ignored for this current trial gene-experiment. A 2002 study on Sars-Cov spike proteins showed they cause inflammation, immunopathology, blood clots and impede Angiotensin 2 expression. This experiment forces the body to produce this spike-protein inheriting all these risks.

    Nuremburg Code #6: Risk Should Never Exceed the Benefit

    Covid-19 has a 98-99% recover rate. The vaccine injuries, deaths and adverse side-effects of mRNA gene-therapy far exceed this risk. The use of “leaky” vaccines were banned for agriculture use by the US and EU due to the Marek Chicken study that shows ‘hot-viruses’ and variants emerge making the disease even more deadly. Yet, this has been ignored for human use by the CDC knowing fully the risk of new deadlier variants emerge from leaky vaccinations.

    Nuremburg Code #7: Preparation Must Be Made Against
    Even Remote Possibility of Injury, Disability or Death

    There were no preparations made. This gene-therapy was approved under an Emergency Use only act, skipped animal and human trials and forced on a misinformed public.

    Nuremburg Code #8: Experiment Must Be Conducted by Scientifically Qualified Persons

    Politicians, media and actors claiming that this is a safe and effective vaccine are not qualified. Propaganda is not medical science. Many retail outlets such as Walmart, drive-through vaccine centers are not qualified to administer experimental medical gene-therapies to the uninformed public.

    Nuremburg Code #9: Anyone Must Have the Freedom
    to Bring the Experiment to an End At Any Time

    Despite the outcry of over 85,000 doctors, nurses, virologists, epidemiologist the experiment is not being ended. In fact, more attempts to change laws to force vaccine compliance, mandatory and forced vaccinations are being pushed through, and experimental ‘update’ shots are planned for every 6 months without any recourse to the surmountable amount of deaths and injuries already caused by this experiment. Hopefully this new Nuremberg Trial will put an end to this crime against humanity.

    Nuremburg Code #10: The Scientist Must Bring the Experiment to an End
    At Any Time if There’s Probable Cause of it Resulting in Injury or Death

    It is clear in the statistical reporting data that this experiment is resulting in death and injury yet all the politicians, drug companies and so called experts are not making any attempt to stop this gene-therapy experiment from inflicting harm on a misinformed public.

    What can you do to help put an end to this crime against humanity? Share this information. Make your politicians, media, doctors, nurses informed that if they are complicit in this crime against humanity they too are subject to the laws set forth in the Geneva Convention and Nuremburg code and can be tried, found guilty and put to death. Legal proceedings are moving forward, evidence has been collected and a large growing body of experts are sounding the alarm.

    Visit the Covid Committee website at: [link to corona-ausschuss.de and if you have been affected by this crime, report the event, persons involved, and as much detail to the following website:

    [ link to http://www.securewhistleblower.com ]

    Crimes against humanity affect us all. They are a crime against you, your children, your parents, your grandparents, your community and your country and your future.