How to Rig the System

One of then candidate Trump’s assertions during the election was that the “system was rigged”. All the right-thinkers of course came out and castigated him en masse, as if he were some lunatic conspiracy-theorist.

The people however agreed with Trump. They still do.

One reason I imagine is that most people have built-in bullshit detectors that operate at different levels of accuracy and whenever it’s important. It’s intuitive in other words. Not wrong but mostly right. It’s just very hard to quantify it.

Well, allow me to allow Black Pigeon Speaks the chance to quantify just how rigged the system really is.

Marvel if you will at the audacity of how truly open the “manufactured consent” of the Corporate Media is. It’s no longer a hidden conspiracy, it’s in plain sight.

I mean think about it: BPS found several random newscasts from all over and they not only concentrated on the same story but were clearly given talking points with the same hackneyed cliches to speak. This is so much slicker than what transpired behind the Iron Curtain and because it’s slicker, more effective.

Up to a point however. And I think we’ve reached that point.

A lot of this is thanks to the internet and the so-called Alternative Media. There’s no way Trump would have been elected were it not for these fairly recent phenomena.

Having said that, it’s clear that the Deep State is fighting back. Comment sections on liberal blogs are being shut down. YouTube is demonetizing sites it deems “offensive” and entire blogs are being suspended because of “hate speech”. Worse, rackets like the Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are being brought in to “police” the internet.

It’s gotten so bad that it’s come to the attention of people that the algorithms used by Google and Facebook are jerry-rigged. People are being steered away from conservative/libertarian topics and towards the approved Establishment ones.

The question is, for how long will this keep up? My guess is that we are experiencing the high point of Corporate Media power. Despite their best attempts to manipulate the media and search engines, they will ultimately fail.

Trump’s election was but a symptom of their eminent demise. His election was like the volcano which emitted all the pollutants that made the dinosaurs extinct (not the asteroid which caused the volcano to erupt in the first place). And like the millions of years it took the dinosaurs to actually go extinct, we’ll still be dealing with a Corporate Media that still hasn’t gotten the message.

My advice is to be patient. And continue taking everything you see and hear from them with kilograms of salt.


  1. George,
    I’m surprised you haven’t wound up on the SPLC as a “hate site.” After all, everyone else has. Why not you? (just playing with you)

  2. Hate, and fear have done a 360! As we have run out of a common nationalistic boogieman(Communists, Nazis, cold War) to fear, we now have turned our fear and enemies inwards to our own nation, and people. Of course if we allow this to continue must longer, there will be no defense against it, and our nation will be destroyed from within. This is the goal of the leftist progressive. Tear it all down so they may build it back up to their ideology. The Constitution is their target. Discredit its authors with cries of racism, is the second step. The first step was flood our country with third world immigrants, that have no appreciation for our Constitution, and the traditions that made our nation different and greater than any other nation. Step one is complete. California is no longer a white majority state, just as planned, and their politicians cater only to the dirt poor, and super elite rich, just like the third world countries these poor immigrants came from. California is the canary in the mine, for the rest of the nation. This is our future, if allowed.

    White lower to upper middle class, and rich, but not elite rich Americans are not racist who voted for Trump. White Supremacist are a very small percentage of us, yet we are now stuck with this label. Nothing to do with race. It just so happens that what has happened to our black and brown Americans, and illegals, was coming our way as well. The left wants monetary slaves and brainwashed minds, whom can only look to big Gov. for all needs. White America knows it’s not all the vile labels it has been given, and most remember what America used to be like and want nothing to do with the new social order the left has prescribed. Pandora’s box is now open. The leftist Progresives had us in their sights, and most of us thought game over, but then the most unmaginable happened. They got TRUMPED! The shrill heard around the world, has yet to subside, by our leftist friends, and the claws are out to kill. Again Pandora’s box is open, no more excuses, for us, unless one enjoys a South American lifestyle.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Dino whines: “California is no longer a white majority state.”
      When was this formerly Mexican territory ‘white majority?”
      And, why would “white majority” have any value?”
      Who’s brainwashed?

      • Bishop Tikhon, A simple Google search would show that California was a non-Hispanic white majority state all of the 20th century. Don’t get me wrong, a white American citizen is of no greater value than a Hispanic American citizen. My concern is the flood of illegal Mexican, Central, and South American aliens turning California, Texas, and most large urban cities, into the place from where they fled from. I was born, raised, and worked in San Francisco, up until 1997 and have seen what cheap labor has done, to the once Golden State, and I am not speaking of produce pickers. I’m talking about jobs that used to pay well, like construction. You see my father was a carpenter, from 1965-85, back then most were U.S. citizens, and were paid a livable wage. Well now all that work has gone largely to illegals who are paid half as much. You as well have spent much of your life in California, Your Grace. Do you not see that cheap labor, from south of the border, has killed the once affordable lifestyle, that middle-class Californians used to enjoy? No matter what race American citizens are, illegally importing third world immigrants has hurt all Americans, especially the majority of our black brothers and sisters who for some reason were forgotten by our politicians, and gave these jobs to foreigners.

        • M. Stankovich says

          I was walking with Archbishop Benjamin Down Van Ness Ave, away from Holy Trinity Cathedral, to catch the bus to take him to the doctor. A block or so away, in front of an empty lot (fenced in with signs announcing a new condo building), a group of young people noticeably “dressed down” (e.g. worn dungarees with holes and slits, untucked shirts, hoodies, etc.) were gathered, drinking coffee, chatting. The Abp. drew my attention to the fact that a very nice “coach-style” bus was approaching them, and when I looked, it was marked, “Google.” These young people are transported daily, gratis, to the “Googleplex” in Santa Clara County south of Palo Alto. They are also paid a ton of money and enjoy ridiculous benefits which, in the end, are the only reasons they can even imagine living in the City of San Francisco, which has an occupancy rate which is second-lowest to NYC. This is a point made especially poignant to me because, on that particular visit, I was invited by the California Dept. of Corrections to discuss the possibility of working with them in some capacity, the perk being the salary incentive over San Diego and Los Angeles counties. The unspoken reality, however, was that the “perk” also meant it was unlikely that housing could be secured in San Francisco, and perhaps not even in nearby Oakland. And this has what to do with “importing third world immigrants?”

          You can propose whatever “analysis” you wish, theories of socioeconomic change, immigration patterns, and the like in CA, but I will tell you this: there are approximately 14,000 homeless individuals in San Diego County, a county with an estimated population of 1.8 million people (these estimations are necessary because of the unknown & uncounted illegals). Less than 25% of the homeless are Hispanic. 62% of the homeless in San Diego County are white males between the ages of 24-52. Further, as I have pointed out here any number of times, come here and I will take anyone on a morning tour of the locations just in my neighborhood (e.g. Lowes, Home Depot, WalMart, etc. parking lots) where illegal workers begin to gather as early as 0400, and for the next 3-4 hour hours contractors and everyday homeowners pull up to hire day laborers with promise of cash and lunch; and with contractors, if you are reliable and a good worker, it can mean a permanent “off-the-books” job, and sometimes assistance in seeking a “green card.” Why? Contractors tell me that they simply cannot find reliable people who are legal who want to work, even with incentives and promises of advancement. I have mentioned that in my program, we work hard to return parolees to recovery and to work, and we have employers who are eager to have our “graduates” because they are motivated and legal.

          From my vantage, I see illegals taking jobs that other people could easily compete for by arriving at 0400 and getting in line to accept a wage – albeit a reduced wage – in order to advance. Contractors tell me they simply are not motivated, are unreliable, and not willing to work. Why blame those who are willing?

          • M. Stankovich, point well taken, but you are only right in that San Francisco housing is near impossible for most. But, San Francisco housing has been sky high for along as I can remember. Difference was that before the 1970’s California imported its blue collar workers from other states, not third world countries, and before the P/C internet migration explosion, it was very rich immigrants flooding San Francisco, and paying cash for homes, and commercial properties. Perhaps some of the Bishops, or priests that you know in S.F. have told you the large influx of not so rich Soviet Russian Jews, and later very wealthy post Soviet, Orthodox Russians buying up property. Of course before that the main culprit was the elite rich Asian explosion, first Japanese, and then Chinese, this combo gave us sky high housing, not to mention California is a naturally beautiful state. The PC boom the hair that broke the housing camel’s back. My father had befriended many of the middle class, Russian Jews in the eighties. My dad, a Soviet Georgian born Greek, never missed an opportunity to keep up on his Russian, and many friendships grew out from the large population of them in the Richmond/Sunset district. They all lived fairly well, despite the housing crunch, but then wages never kept up, in fact they lowered, for blue collar workers. The influx of south of the border illegal aliens, are largely the reason why.

            Ask yourself this. Why in New York City, a city more expensive than S.F., construction workers are still white, black, and Hispanic, and racially, proportionately represented in the construction trades? Simple answer, only documented workers hired with livable wages, benefits, and pensions. Californian politicians, turned a blind eye on illegal immigration, and greedy construction companies took in more, and more, for generally half the pay, not to mention for most ,off the books, FICA, health insurance, or basic labor rules for that matter, do not apply. In some cases many fired, and never paid. What legal recourse do illegal aliens have? None. Corps put more money in their pockets, politicians more future votes. I don’t blame the immigrants taking the work. I blame politicians not protecting our borders, or preventing construction companies, from hiring undocumented workers. New York has protected it’s workers, by promoting Unions that protect, and increase the wages of US citizens, and legal residents. Americans will line up for hard labored work, all they ask is a livable wage. Third world aliens might have no problem living in a one bedroom apartments with 4 families, and work for peanuts. Americans will not, and just go on welfare. This foreign reality that invaded our country is not what I want for America’s future. I could be wrong, but the small Hispanic percentage that you state are homeless, might be found in our prisons. Again I may be wrong, but for some illegals, living in our prisons, is a step up from the conditions in their native countries. I’m not even touching state and federal costs that illegals drain from our citizens, prisons, education, welfare, and medical. Can’t print money forever, but another subject for another day.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            “Van Ness” always brings back memories. I may have participated in the abstraction of a sand-filled lobby ashtray from the Jack Tar Hotel on Van Ness, during a frat initiation scavenger hunt while at Cal in 1966, but I am not confessing the same here.
            I’ve had the privilege of attending services at Holy Trinity twice, in Bp. Basil’s time; a fair amount of time ago now…..

  3. All very interesting. And the connection to Orthodoxy here in the United States is?

    • George Michalopulos says

      No connection other than the fact that we all imbibe the same information and tailor our opinions accordingly.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        George wrote: “we all imbibe the same information and tailor our opinions accordingly.”
        It’s not true that we all receive (“imbibe?” ROFLMAO) the “same” information!


    This article, though poorly edited, makes a similar point. Had Hillary won it would have been truly Orwellian, at least for a while.

    Was it God or Fate that saved us? Who knows? But the reprieve was temporary. The Media is still into him, tooth and nail, though the hurricanes have tempered it slightly. Yet, once more also Hillary is out and about contending onward.

    Ideally, he would just come out one day and say it plainly:

    “Up until now, despite the fact that Mr. Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States, America has had a “soft” white supremacist paradigm. We could never call it that, but elite whites ran everything and raised up to status whomever was deemed worthy to be raised up. How could it have been any other way?

    Yet now, the game gets truly dicey. America is now entering a phase where whitey is simply another minority interest group – the most historically powerful interest group to be sure – but demographically outnumbered in a representative system. So ‘white supremacy’ is not the question. We’ve had that already.”

    What is now necessary is that whites develop an identity politics of their own as whites – white identity/interest politics. If you asked the most influential leaders of BLM whether they would be happy with black supremacy in America, they would, if they were being candid, reply, “Hell, yes!!!”

    If you asked the most influential leaders of La Raza whether they would be happy with latino supremacy in the United States, if they answered honestly, they would reply, “Madre de Dios, si!!!”

    The problem is how to talk about “white interests” as one legitimate interest among many interest groups. That is what hamstrings the neo-Nazi’s, KKK members and alt-Right types. The nomenclature. Srdja Trifkovic fielded an idea about a Northern Alliance of those racially, ethnically and culturally aligned with Northern Eurasian (including white America and from Ireland all the way across Northern Europe to Russia) interests.

    This is just another interest group. But it would be newly self-aware. Heretofore, we have been kidding ourselves that “American” means a melting pot, multi-culti, etc.; i.e., that we can simply all identify as Americans and let the chips fall where they may.

    It doesn’t work.

    It doesn’t work for at least two reasons:

    1. The guiding impetus that created America as it is was white directors using black slave or black (and white) lower class labor (as well as labor from other minority groups). This arrangement has been so maligned and deplored that it no longer drives our politics, especially not as the relative percentage of blacks and latinos in America rises to overtake what was once a white majority. Something else must. Since the overarching interests of self loathing liberal whites no longer serve as a basis for national drive, something else must. That something is identity/tribal/interest group politics – but unbridled, lacking a liberal white overlord, where whitey is just another dog in the pit fighting for meat.

    2. The second reason is that it is utterly natural for people to congregate with those of their own ethnicity, race, culture and to see themselves as having common interests with these people. It is no sin. That is why La Raza isn’t “racist” and the NAACP is not “racist”.

    So let the vanities burn.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Speaking of rigging the system, it seems like voting machines can be hacked:

  6. Michael Bauman says

    The connection to Orthodoxy is immediate and vital. The destructive ideology is a fruit of the nihilist mind of the world that is a ravening beast. It will destroy it’s proponents too eventually but not before it sucks their souls of all humanity.

    It is the life of sin.

    Of course the antidote is not a slightly different flavor of the same poison, but Christ and Him crucified.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    I lost the thread about Jesuits and the fact that the EP studied at a Jesuit university but here’s an interesting history about the Society of Jesus:

    • I read this article, and I feel contaminated by it.

      Among its other weaknesses, I thought it odd that the author provided no link to a text of the Rules.

      Especially since it took the opportunity to compare the Jews and the Jesuits unfavorably, I half expected the article to include references to the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, which is on a conceptual par with these purported ‘Rules’.

      In general, it struck me as no different from any other anti-Catholic screed, and unworthy of the attention of Orthodox Christians.

    • M. Stankovich says

      O Madonna Mia! And you read the contemporaneous accounts of several Rectors of prominent seminaries in Moscow, Metropolitans of the Church, prior to the Russian revolution, who said the corruption had so invaded the institutions, the faculty, and the students that the only sane recourse was to tear down the buildings and start over from scratch. We all have “unsavory” history.

      I am a proud graduate of Fordham University, – THE Jesuit University of New York – at a time when no one – certainly not the Orthodox – was addressing bioethics, and certainly not in the context of classic moral philosophy and natural law, which is on the very lips of Sts. Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Maximus the Confessor, Symeon the New Theologian, John of Damascus, and Gregory Palamas. This program was led by Fr. Andrew Varga, SJ, a world-recognized scholar in the area bioethics at the time and pioneer and leader when the pressing “issues” of the day were limited to IVF, the beginning of the “right-to-life” movement, and physician-assisted suicide. Frequently, I was the only non-catholic priest, let alone non-catholic in these courses, but I was always treated with respect and never “challenged” or put upon because of my faith. That the EP studied at a Jesuit institution per se is an ignorant and unfair presumption they are all “diabolical.” The Holy Spirit goes where He wishes.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Dr S, I respect good scholarship and theological acumen just as much as the next guy it’s just that the Jesuits have been (how can I say this?) Jesuitical in too many instances in too many times and too too many places with the net effect being a substantial undermining of the Faith when it should have been upheld unquestioningly.

        If memory serves, the late Fr Robert J Drinan was a Jesuit and the harm he did to the pro-life movement when he was a Congressman was incalculable.

        At the end of the day, I’m a simple man. As Jesus said: “let your yea be yea and your nay be nay; of anything else cometh evil”.

        • George,
          Please read what Dr. Stankovich has written with an open mind. Just ponder, meditate, and think about his wise words. I marvel at his brilliance- and you should too. You may leave your biases, prejudices, and preconceived notions at the door.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Cyp, I truly appreciate Dr S’s insights. Regarding the ministry of the Jesuits however, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. They’ve done some excellent scholarship over the centuries, of this there can be no doubt. At the same time, their ministry has done much to undermine Catholicism. I view them as the vanguard of modernism within that Confession.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says


            I highly recommend the Book “The Jesuits” by Malachi Martin. This tells you what is truly going on and wrong with the Jesuits in the modern era.

            Further, check out the new video by Michael Voris from Church Militant about a Gay Civil War the Catholics are undergoing and how the Jesuits bare at the center of this war and again on the wrong side of this war. This is not Catholic Bashing as I want the Jesuits to clean up their act. Further I was educated by Jesuits, or at least their learning institutions and regard there educational systems very highly. However they took a left turn away from Jesus Christ and this must be pointed out.

            nuff said.


            • Thank you Peter. I will read the book; it’s available at the local library. I’ll check out Michael Voris’ video as well.

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              These polemic religious writers seem always to be a very mixed bag. Much of what they say makes sense, but they always seem to wander down strange paths, too. Voris certainly does this.

              Malachi Martin wrote a lot of interesting books, but one of his biggest hobby horses was the Catholic Church’s failure to implement the third Fatima vision, which would have consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and thus resulted in the conversion of Russia to Roman Catholicism and the ushering in of an era of world peace.

              I paint with a broad brush, perhaps, but these types always seem to have some odd manias. Of course, they don’t see them that way at all…

              • George Michalopulos says

                Malachi was a strange bird but his insights into the inner workings of the Vatican I believe are largely true. Check out The Windswept House and what it says about sodomy within the clerical ranks.

                Regarding the third Fatima vision, the TradCatholic view that in consecrating Russia “to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and that this will usher in the unification of the ROC and the RC is quirky. But that’s where they seem to be. I remember reading in The Orthodox Church by Kallistos Ware (I think it was) that when Czar Nicholas II abdicated, icons of the Pantokrator on many domes and icons of the Virgin Mary started radiating light, as if to say that she was now the Protectress of the ROC in place of the Romanov dynasty.

                That’s an interesting parallel between what the Fatima instructions were to the Popes and what appears to have happened regardless. In other words, the RCs are correct after a fashion but if any unification is to proceed, it is to be the RCs jettisoning some of their heterodox beliefs.

                Since I’m on a stream-of-consciousness roll here, I think it’d be easier for Catholics to join the Orthodox Church than the other way around. One reason I believe is that RC worship and architecture has undergone an uglification since Vatican II. As much as they think we’re heretics, it gnaws at them that our liturgies are still steadfast and beautiful. Hence their fascination with the Uniates and the Uniate emphasis on trying to be more Orthodox and the Orthodox.

                And now that Pope Francis O has given the various national assemblies full autonomy with regards to the Mass, expect to see mre clown masses and the like. If you’re a serious Catholic, what option do you have?

                • Tim R. Mortiss says

                  You have to be getting up there now to have been a personal witness to the destruction of the Catholic liturgy and the mass exodus from the RC church.
                  I witnessed it after a fashion. I was a 16-year-old in 1964 when I met the girl I eventually married. I was a Presby, she a Catholic. Back then, most of the Catholics were in parochial school, so we didn’t meet many until high school. I remember first going into Catholic homes then; a crucifix, paintings (often the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart); you knew you were in a Catholic household. Fish on Fridays defined US restaurant menus.
                  Through those things and others, Catholics were always professing their faith, daily and weekly. So different than the Protestantism I knew.
                  I think I’ve probably said this all before here. Anyway, all gone with the wind, within just a few years of Vatican II…..
                  My in-laws never missed Mass back then. After sometime in the ’70s, they never went again.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Tim, as Greek Orthodox youngster in he 60s, I never attended the Tridentine Mass, but we knew it was there (if you know what I mean). It permeated the culture, even predominantly low-church Oklahoma with its Methodists and Freewill Baptists, Independent Baptists, Southern Baptists, etc.

                    Then when I became a teen in the 70s we heard horror stories from our Catholic friends. It was like the went to Church one Sunday in March of 1969 and then the next Sunday they went to Church and thought they had accidentally wandered into a circus.

                    This hit particularly close to home because it was soon after (I think 1972) when Abp Iakovos Coucouzis wanted to Anglify the liturgy. The push-back was so horrendous that the poor fellow almost lost his life. And even those GOAs who were only nominal attendees always talked about how horrible the vernacular experiment had been for our RC friends and neighbors.

                    • Tim R. Mortiss says

                      George, it was the worst possible time for the “vernacular experiment” in the RC church. I never saw any problem when I started to go to Orthodox services in the late ’70s. I don’t know the history, but what I saw in both the OCA and the Greeks was, essentially, the Revised Standard Version, a beautiful translation, and so there was nothing like what I had seen in Catholic churches; terrible contemporary translations. But it was more than that. With the Orthodox, it was simply translation. With the Catholics, much more was gone; above all the solemnity and dignity.

                      I would be interested in the history of the translation process among the American Orthodox, about which I know nothing. But, of great importance, they got the tone and language right. The Catholics failed utterly at this.

                      The problem, of course, is not “Anglifying”, it was uglifying.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Tim, I couldn’t agree with you more. On every aspect of what you state.

                      Instead, uou must look at this from the perspective of Greek immigrants and the 1st generation to follow them and how desperately they were trying to hold on to their Hellenism. What you saw during this time as opposed to what they heard are two different things. And for them, the exaggerated claims coming from disaffected Catholic immigrants was nothing but horrifying.