Dysfunction Junction: Greek American Style

Well, well, well. If there was any question about which way the Greek-American “elite” want things to go next Tuesday, doubt no further.

The far-Left has long been fond of saying that the “political is personal”. OK, I’ll play that game. In the picture to the left are members of the Biden family at The Blue Dream Gala, hosted by our old friend, Fr Alex Karloutsos.

The event in question was to honor Beau Biden’s “legacy” but in reality it’s just another excuse for all the swells in the GOA to get together to prove to everybody else in the Orthodox world how wonderful they are. In case you don’t get it, his parish’s official name is “Holy Dormition Church of the Hamptons“. (So there! all you peons!)

As for the pretty ladies in red, they are Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie and his daughter Natalie (left to right). Both mother and daughter have been (how shall I put this delicately?) “comforted” by Hunter Biden. If you click on the picture, neither mother nor daughter seem to be particularly happy. As for Hunter, I imagine he’s trying to find a way to extricate himself from the entire situation.

See link:  https://dormitionhamptons.org/vice-president-biden-attends-blue-dream-gala-honoring-son-beaus-legacy/

Our friend Nick Stammatakis over at Helleniscope, has been doing yeoman’s work exposing the corruption and rot that afflicts the East Coast Greek-American elite. Please check it out.

In any event, I can just imagine an updated Lerner-and-Lowesque production of the Biden Administration called A Trailer Park Named Camelot should things go horribly wrong next week. (For what it’s worth, I read that “How can I change my vote” started trending hugely on Google after the last debate.)

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  1. I would love to think that prosecutions & justice will be dealt to the Biden family and their ties with China (not to mention the disgusting details of their family life), but, lets be honest, we all expected Hilary to be in jail right now and yet she walks free. These people are apparently immune when it comes to getting in any sort of trouble. Hopefully Trump follows through with this in his second term (God Willing he wins). If I did even .2% of what the Biden’s and Clinton’s have done, I would spend the rest of my life in Guantanamo, yet they walk free….and that is precisely why Trump got elected the first time, as Dr. Steve Turley sums it up nicely, we are tired of the political elite. 
    As for the elite Greeks (and I’ll go ahead and assume Abp. Elpidophoros) voting Democrat, according to Nick Stamatakis, they are sorely out of touch with the average Greek America who votes Republican at something like 80% (or so I think the article said). I’m sure Greek Americans are also getting tired of their “ruling political class,” clergy included 

  2. Jane Tzilvelis says

    HB and the Spy Chief
    Today:  The National Pulse

    • “I get calls from my father to tell me that The New York Times is calling but my old partner Eric, who literally has done me harm for I don’t know how long, is the one taking the calls because my father will not stop sending the calls to Eric. I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of Patrick Ho – the ******* spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing. The richest man in the world is missing who was my partner. He was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment inside a $4 billion deal to build the ******* largest ******* LNG port in the world. And I am receiving calls from the Southern District of New York from the U.S. Attorney himself. My best friend in business Devon has named me as a witness without telling me in a criminal case and my father without telling me.”

      1. Joe Biden is sending calls to Hunter’s business partner Eric (yet Joe supposedly knows nothing about his son Hunter’s business dealings), and Hunter seemingly can’t get him to stop, perhaps because Joe is so senile that he keeps forgetting there has been a falling out between Eric and Hunter.

      2. Hunter is alarmed that a NYT reporter is looking into his business connections to the “spy chief of China.”

      3. The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York informed Hunter about criminal investigation involving both him and Joe; because Devon, yet another former business partner, has flipped on him.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Here’s the deal:  if Biden wins (shudder) he’ll be crippled from the get-go.  

        I know that many believe that the MSM will continue to run interference for him but it won’t be possible to keep the charade going.  There’s simply too many wheels moving horribly awry.  As Yeats said “the center cannot hold“.

        On top of the fact that the world’s institutions are fundamentally broken and have lost all legitimacy, Trump was and is the chaos candidate and has set too many things in motion.

        The rioting that we saw over the summer is just a prelude to what’s coming down the pike, even with a Biden victory.  Why?  Because the power these miscreants felt was exhilarating.  It’s going to be the modus operandi of the Democrat Party for the foreseeable future.   

        That is until a Napoleon rises. 

        • George,

          I’m hoping Trump is our Francisco Franco.  If Biden wins, and I very much doubt he will, there will be a civil war.  They will double down on the lockdowns and all the other bs and these rallies full of people that have gone out to see Trump are all NRA type folks and I don’t even want to think about it.  Sooner rather than later they will realize that the longer they wait, the more time the Borg has to consolidate power and boom, and I don’t want to be around to see it unless it is quick, dirty and decisive.

          But if Trump wins there will still be insurrection, just not the principled last stand against Big Brother variety.  I assume it will be a lot like the summer except amped up and more widespread.  However, once it is clear that Trump has won the election, I believe he will come down on the rioters like a ton of bricks as opposed to what he did over the summer.  He couldn’t let them bait him into a Kent State so he just blamed it all on the Democratic governors and mayors and only sent in the troops when asked for.  Not having to face re-election, I’d bet dollars to donuts that he will put hair on the wall – nothing too gaudy or cruel, but decisive enough to telegraph his intentions are serious.

          And then he can continue cleaning out the Augean stables of the MSM, Deep State, Tammany Hall, etc.  I see a number of new conservative news outlets springing up.  That gives me occasion for hope.

  3. Gus Langis says

    Isn’t it against american law on tax exempt institutions to host political candidates during campaign season(well except if your a black church) ??? 

  4. Some of these “Hamptonites” may be closet Trump voters…they left the locked-down City and may not be voting Biden for their pocketbooks’ sake— most are jaded.. and will look to their $$ on this one– not dem’ party loyalty…

  5. FYI…August 2019.

  6. This is an old story that dates back to AB Demetrios’ tenure.

  7. Just a thought. When immigrants arrive in a new country they bring an awful lot of baggage with them,  aside from clothing and stuff.  It takes a generation or two to adapt to the new way of looking at life.  

  8. Biden and Trump were campaigning in Minnesota today.  

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    Because Republicans haven’t won Minnesota since Nixon defeated McGovern there in 1972.

    And it’s five days before the election . . .

    . . . it’s possible Biden won’t carry a single state.

    • Misha,
      If Biden is really worried about Minnesota from whatever inside info he has.  Then minus any voter fraud this will be an electoral landslide again.
      Mark my words, if Trump is successful in his second term, and economy works under his controls, states like  California might turn, down the road, with a good candidate.  Blacks and Hispanics will wake to the fact that jobs, and security, are more important than welfare, and PC lip service. All colors under the sun want the same thing ;well paying jobs and security. Everything else is bullshit, for rich elites to debate, and negotiate how to  steal crumbs from, and control the masses.
      Trump/we ,must vote/weed out RINOs, or create a new party. Don’t want back to usual screwing, by both parties,  once Trump is gone. Demoncrats are too evil and crafty. Republicans like Bush, McCain, Romney, etc, are no better, maybe worse, all talk, while middle class shrinks to nil, and the war machine, and their pockets grow. 
      The left/RINOs accuse Trump of murder with the Chinese virus, yet many more killed by two Bushes, and Obama with foreign wars, and worse no action ever on abortion. Old Republicans will not save this nation, only new strict minded Constitutional patterned politicians, really of any party, period.
      Removing old fears, and now even new ones, will save us from tyranny. Leftist tyranny is so close, the fascist can taste it, and the true reason(not cop shootings) their dogs are out in force.  Murder,  and their  spiritual imprisonment veil is nearly fully pulled back.  Once fully exposed, there may be hope for our nation.

      • Dino,

        California may be in play.  As of 3PM today, Trump was leading by several points in Miami/Dade Co. FL.  Hillary won that by 30pts in 2016.

        Dems are concerned Biden could lose Minnesota.  They’re saying it openly now.

        I saw several articles today broaching the possibility of a California win.  Big signs TRUMP in LA.  Road hazard.
        All bets are off. 

        Red tsunami
        This changes everything. That still, haunting sound we’re hearing is the sound of the Pendulum changing direction and beginning its descent. Glad I lived to see it.

        • “…California may be in play…”
          I REALLY REALLY REALLY want what you are smoking.  Oh that Californians would wake up to their insanity.  But then again the Pope has condoned idolatry and sodomy so who knows?

          • Yes Cali is not happening now, but the future holds promise if illegals are kept out. Meanwhile  established Hispanics, and blacks citizens/legal immigrants begin  enjoying freedoms that good paying jobs, security, and hopefully strong families. 
            After all most black Americans believe in God, and of course would rather have a father and mother, instead of just just mother. Hispanics are very tight knit family units, and of course most are Catholics.  Conservative values.
            It all may back fire on the Democrats, so long as illegals are kept out, and wages for blacks and Hispanics already here keep their wages at livable levels, without the illegal alien lowering them. Same goes if mass legal immigration from India are slowed to a trickle, so that American citizens can have Silicon Valley, med, and tech jobs.
            RINOs and Demoncrats have rigged our nation at barely livable levels, such as two parents working, so that schools, tv, internet raise our children. Meanwhile, keeping the masses enslaved like working ants, and then every election wave the fake flags their party pretends to represent. Trump  has at least reversed course on that ship.
            I have great hope in black and Hispanic Americans. They are very patriotic, because America is all they have. 

            • The number and size of the Trump rallies in California, especially the boat rallies, is an indicator.  I’m not predicting he will win it, but it’s possible.

              Here’s what I think is really actually happening:
              Due to the baseless impeachment, the Russia hoax, the Beige Plague (color being an indicator of seriousness) and the consequent lockdowns and totalitarianism, the riots and, finally (and especially in the black community), the Biden corruption revelations, I think that the Democratic share of the voting electorate has been whittled down to that 25-30% die hard ideologue element and little else.  That’s a popular vote 70-30 split.  That would explain Miami-Dade and Minnesota and what’s coming in from the battleground states.

              You can fool some people about part of the above litany of crap, but not the whole left on every issue. There’s just too much of it. At some point it acquires critical mass and causes even liberals to react.

              The Demsheviks have alienated everybody other than the 25-30% commie base that constitutes the core of their party.


              People just aren’t being vocal about it due to political considerations.  I don’t even believe that Hollywood actors or liberal music stars are as crazy as they are letting on.  They are simply playing to the party line of their industry elites.  And the industry elites are afraid of each other.  It’s just like in the Soviet Union at the end, except a “softer” version.  Everyone is saying what they’re supposed to say but when it comes time to vote only the true believers will cast their ballots for the commie swine.

              Anyway, that’s my two cents.  If that is true, this is a monumental political realignment like no one has ever seen in their lifetimes.

              • To clarify, I don’t mean that I think Trump will get 70% of the electorate to vote for him.  That’s just the percentage that won’t vote for the Democrats.  If only half (35%) vote for Trump and 30% stay home, he still wins in a landslide.
                I’m going to sign off til election night.  We have a word in Russian for men like Trump:  Изгоняющий (демонов)
                I will devote the next 3 days to prayer and fasting and encourage you all to do the same.

              • If Trump does pull out a win tomorrow, it will be the greatest middle finger that the electorate could give to the secular leftist elite who run our culture.

                Question is, will the leftist elite care? Or will they simply double down on their insistence that most of the country is made up of terrible/irredeemable idiots who somehow still need to be squashed and put in their place?
                There was no introspection among the leftist elite after HRC lost 4 years ago. Absolutely none of “how did we get this wrong?  What forces in the American electorate did we ignore?  Why did we ignore them?”  
                Indeed, much of the American electorate is invisible to them, and that’s how they like it.  
                The leftist media simply don’t want to understand the America that they report on. They want most of us to remain invisible.  In response, how much longer will we give them platforms?  How much longer will we patronize Facebook or Twitter?  How much longer will we allow CNN to blare unchallenged in American airports?

        • Perhaps it is the sound of one [left] hand…flapping.

  9. Michael Bauman says

    The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim.  If I lived by it, I suspect a great deal of what I post on the internet would not exist.  
    May the passions of mind, soul snd flesh flee from us by the grace of God and may we not run after them.

  10. Nate Trost says

    Election prediction time! The top-level:
    GV: Biden 53% Trump 44%
    EV: Biden 357 Trump 181Map: https://www.270towin.com/maps/vlwXY
    Senate: 53D-47R
    House: 238D-196R-1O
    I don’t give Trump more than about a 20% chance to win. I think it highly unlikely we have a clear winner by midnight on Election Night. The main plausible scenario for that would be Biden winning FL and NC by enough that the states are callable. I think it far more probable both those states will be too close to call.
    If it is close in general, hopefully it won’t come down to PA, because that count is going to take a while. Some of PA isn’t even going to start counting mail-ins until the day after the election. It’s not inconceivable that PA could be Trump 10 at the end of election night and be Biden 5 72 hours later!
    The people telling you to expect red-to-blue shifts in PA, WI, MI, MN and blue-to-red shifts in FL, NC, TX, OH, IA are probably right. I think OH and TX will stay red, but it’s going to be close.
    Put up your predictions folks, now is the time!

    • I would love to see Nate’s 2016 election prediction.

      My prediction? I see it exactly like 2016.

      Even if Trump loses one state from 2016 he will still win. Of course he may gain a state, and then super landslide.

      Why 20 percent for Trump if so many states will be too close to call? Nate

      Seems more like a 50% chance, even by your prediction and we all know which way momentum is swinging, not to mention sitting Presidents always have the advantage, granted Trump has the whole media, and swamp against him. I would reverse your 20 percent to Biden.

      • People are being deluded by the polls that have been published.  The way you can tell that they are fake is by looking at how particular people are actually behaving on the record, on camera and in early voting.  

        The Miami/Dade thing is a canary in the mine.  Hillary won there by 30 points.  Solid Democratic, like Utah is solid Republican.  Trump was ahead in early voting there by several points yesterday afternoon according to Turley.  I haven’t checked today. Normally, Democrats turn out much more heavily in early voting than Republicans. The fact that Trump and Biden were both in Minnesota is another indicator.  Minnesota hasn’t swung red since ’72. Democrats are on record worrying about losing the state.

        Whatever the outcome, just from those two data points, you can safely surmise that the polls published having it neck and neck are not accurate, but rather disinformation designed to suppress Republican turnout and encourage Democratic turnout.  The latest Monmouth poll had Biden up by 6 points in Miami/Dade on Thursday.  See article titled:  We’ve got to stop the bleeding!:


        • Forget the polls! Anyone notice many urban cities boarding up their windows, as if a hurricane was coming?
          we all know looting and rioting will not happen if Biden is elected, so a run on plywood across America, tells me Trump will win.

    • Yesterday, early voting had Trump ahead by several points in Miami/Dade County, FL. Demsheviks are openly worried about losing Minnesota and there is serious talk about California being in play.

      I know it is difficult to believe, but on top of the incumbent advantage, you have a deeply traumatized American public who have never experienced a spurious pandemic lockdown nor the widespread riots we saw over the summer. This was more traumatic than 1968 and more Orwellian for most. On top of that, you have a Democratic party further to the left than McGovern in 1972. Open borders and Medicare for all while shutting down the oil industry.

      Nixon broke 500 electoral votes in 1972 and I would be surprised if Trump got less than 400.

    • It did, Tanya! I’m in the process of putting together my own cinematic curriculum of a well-rounded education in Americana and our history. Things like Gods and Generals, Dances with Wolves, The John Adams miniseries (produced by Tom Hanks, Lincoln (Spielberg), Apollo 13. Things like that.

      We have got to reclaim our history from the orcs who are destroying it.

      In the final analysis, as far as I’m concerned, the last, best reason to vote for the Golden Don.