Covfefe! Thoughts on the [Circular Firing] Squad

For those who might not remember, a little over a year ago, The Golden Don tweeted out this word, “covfefe!” We were led to believe that it was an obvious misspelling of “coffee” or “coverage”. (The context seemed to indicate the latter.) Some thought it was a translation of the Arabic word “arise” or some variant thereof. Regardless, it caused quite a media furor.

In my opinion, it was meant to cause said furor but as in all things the President does, it was a strategic ploy. It was specifically designed to show how addicted the Corporate Media is to Trump’s brand of crack cocaine. As always, they took the bait –hook, line, and sinker. It didn’t matter what Trump was trying to insinuate –if anything–it was just another brilliant trolling action.

Well, he did the same thing with his Tweet that suggested the ultra-leftists in the Congress who form “The Squad” should “go back to where they came from”, especially since they “hate America so much” (I’m paraphrasing). And yes, I truly believe that The Squad of Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Dumbelina, are not “real Americans”. And here’s the thing: the vast majority of Americans don’t view them as real Americans either. What’s more, Pelosi knows it as well and she’s been reaching for the liquor cabinet steadily.

Even some Trump supporters think perhaps he shouldn’t have gotten into the middle of this Democrat cat-fight; you know, Napoleon’s maxim that one should step out of the way when your enemy is in the process of committing suicide. Ordinarily, I’d agree. But something told me to hold back, that this was yet another brilliant 4D chess move on Trump’s part that would exacerbate the Democrat civil war.

That being said, in the interests of quasi-adhering to my week-long sabbatical, I will let one of my favorite YouTube sensations explain why this is indeed the case. (That Trump intended to pull off yet another masterful 4D chess move.) Now with yesterday’s extremely foolish press conference, The Squad is the face of the Democratic Party. A brilliant hat-trick if you ask me.

This is also another twofer for me in that I will be highlighting the most controversial YouTubers against the day when that benighted platform de-platforms them. Tarl Warwick, the eponymous “Styx”, is a brilliant political analyst. He’s not to everyone’s tastes and I really wish he’d tone down the four-letter words, but he’s always got an interesting take on things. So you’re forewarned. Regardless, more often than not, he’s usually correct.

Anyway, covfefe! Which in this case means: “Fire!”



  1. The pure entertainment of watching Trump run rings around the self righteous and subveraive Left is best last Harrah I can imagine for our country. I really hope he is reflected. I just don’t want this Netfix binge to end!

  2. At first I thought Trump should have followed Napoleon’s maxim, but after I thought it over Trump did him one better. In one tweet, he tied those 4 Islamo-Marxists around the necks of Pelosi and the Dems at large. He forced them all to defend and be tied together with 4 extreme anti-Americans, who have favorability ratings between 9 and 22 percent. It was a brilliant move. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      And on top of that, Nob Hill Nancy lost all semblance of control last night on the House floor.  
      You know, maybe that “Fireman-prophet” who predicted Trump’s election really was on to something.  You know, Trump’s another Cyrus the Great and that the Hand of the Lord is upon him.  
      I know this sounds insane but think of it:  anybody who’s ever gone against him has eaten his dust.  Think of poor Stormy Daniels:  she has to go all over America and appear in strip joints in order to pay off Trump’s legal bills.  

  3. ‘Not real Americans’ – once more you show your true colors, Mr. M. I can infer that Mr. Trump qualifies among your clique as a true American, while those who decry his personal criminality and the treasonous cleptocracy that emanates from him are no longer welcome in the ‘land of the free’. 
    I have news for you and your aging morally bankrupt cohort: every day you are becoming more of a minority. The only way you can hope to maintain your undeserved privilege is by directly opposing democracy and the rule of law. By blessing (sic) trump and his corruption, you place yourselves firmly amid the fascists and neonazi skinheads, the Saudi oil sheiks and Zionist chauvinists, as well as every tinpot dictator from Ivanishvili to Duterte and Bolsonaro. Your political instinct is inerrantly 180° out of phase with decency – you just got out your favorite strawman and slippery slope arguments to convince yourselves of being Christian. You are the Mike Pence type of Christian – the kind with no heart or soul, who clings to an identity to be perceived as righteous but ‘inside filled with dead men’s bones and every type of corruption’.

    • George C Michalopulos says

      Claes, leaving aside the foreign policy elements of the present Administration (and let us not forget that Obama actually bowed to the Saudi king!) what exactly do you mean by “kleptocracy” and other such calumnies.  

      To go down this path, we must excuse –or see in a more beatific light–the scandals, contretemps, immoralities and so forth of the previous Administrations.  Are you absolutely certain that you want to go down this path? 
      I’m sorry, but I can’t let Libya go.  Gaddafi was willing to become a member of the West and how did we repay him?  By having him anally penetrated by a bayonet?  And if that’s not bad enough, Libya was the most successful, peaceful nation on the African continent.  It’s women were emancipated and attended college.  It’s GDP was among the highest in the Moslem world.  There was a decent highway system and medical care was provided.  
      And now?

      Chaos.  Rule by warlords.  Open air slave-markets.  Isn’t it ironic that a half-Kenyan American president and his wretched SecState made this their premier accomplishment?  One would have to be completely devoid of humility and an appreciation of irony (or just good old-fashioned ignorance) to not be able to see all this. 
      Trump will be judged by history.  Not me.  So far, he has confounded the plans of the Deep State and not plunged us into war.  We should at the very least pray for him, regardless of party affiliation.  (As I did for his predecessor.)

      • Yes, pray for him, but in the meantime I’m thinking of supporting Tulsi Gabbard, whose domestic policies I might agree with but who won’t pick people like John Bolton to advise her.

  4. Count me as one of many Millennials who recently re-registered as a Republican.  It’s entirely possible that Trump is a forerunner to the Antichrist, but what a timeline! when the opposing party works to make Christianity illegal.  That is not Trump’s doing.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michelle, I think it was you who mentioned the Saudi Crown prince in response to something I wrote about him and Jared Kushner being besties.  

      I referenced some huge, top-secret project of the Saudi family which will (in their eyes) overturn centuries of Abrahamic tradition.  It’s a rather long read and I don’t agree with the writer’s theology but overall, it’s rather interesting.  

      Here it is:

  5. Michelle says

     Thank you!