Get Your Collector’s Items (While They Last)

This just in.  Get them while they last!  The National Bank of Ukraine has issued its latest large-size Silver Proof coin to mark the occasion of the autocephalous status of the OCU.    

“On the 11th October 2018, the synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate announced that it would proceed to the granting of independence to the Church of Ukraine, making it independent from the Russian Orthodox Church.  

The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople itself is one of the 14-16 autocephalous churches that together comprise the Eastern Orthodox Church.  The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople heads it, currently Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople.  [Heads it, huh?  Tomayto tomahto, I thought it was Christ who was the Head of the Church!]

The event, which marked the millennial path of the Ukrainian church from creation to eventual independence, was dedicated to the donation of the Tomos (or edict) to the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The Tomos, which was approved by the Bishops’ Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, officially approves the canonical autocephalous status of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine as one of 15 resident Orthodox churches.”  

On a more serious note, and in order to better understand the byzantine intrigues, double-crosses and deceptions that took place in order to legitimize the false “church” headed by Mr Mikhail Dumenko, please take the time to read the following expose by Israel Shamir:

Warning: It’s not a pretty picture.

If however, you want visual evidence who the people in the Ukraine actually support, please see the following video:

I imagine there’s a lot of heartburn over at the Phanar. And I’m really curious how the Archons are going to explain this march, in which tens of thousands of Ukrainians came out in a show of support for His Beatitude Onuphriy. (I imagine it’ll go something like this: “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”.)


  1. I love this Ukrainian priest’s summary of events! And the father of lies and deception is….

    “Filaret, Epiphanius and Poroshenko agreed to deceive Bartholomew in order to get autocephaly to the church where Filaret will reign and Epiphanius be a frontman. Bartholomew, in turn, deceived all three; giving Tomos on such terms that only name had remained from the promised autocephaly. Poroshenko deceived Simeon [the bishop of Moscow Patriarchate], promising him primacy in the new structure. Simeon deceived his own flock, promising not to go anywhere. The mythical ten bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate had deceived Simeon by failing to appear at the church synod in Sofia Cathedral. The Sofia synod had deceived the Greeks by electing a dubious person, not even a proper priest, to the primacy. The civil society deceived the church, shouting at all corners that all Ukrainians would rush into its ranks at once. The new church has deceived the expectations of civil society, showing that even with the support of the state, it’s just not in the same league as the Moscow Patriarchate. Phanar deceived the Ukrainian church, promising it will be recognised by other Churches; other Churches have deceived the hopes of Phanar, not recognizing the Ukrainian church. And now Filaret claims that he has been deceived by Poroshenko and Epiphanius, just when they were planning together to deceive Bartholomew…”

    Thank you for linking this, George. “A spoonful of deception helps the schism go down…”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Anon, the picture that Shamir draws would do George R R Martin proud. In fact, it would blow his mind. Not in a thousand years could one fathom this depth of deception. It’s really mind-boggling.

      To all: In the meantime, I just uploaded a video of the procession yesterday in Kiev for St Vladimir’s Day –the 1031th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus’. It’s magnificent. At least for those of us who don’t buy in to the Phanar’s globalist pretensions.

  2. I envision those coins being tossed to the crowd from a parade float in the near future. Hope the government didn’t spend too much money on them.
    Very insightful article.

    • The first run of 30 pieces was set aside for the Patriarch of Constantinople.

      • George C Michalopulos says

        In reality though, there is a silver lining and that is that Orthodox hierarchs, clergy and laity can (and do) recognize what is “Orthodox” and what is not.  
        What Bartholomew, Philaret and Dumenko have cobbled together in Ukraine is decidedly not Orthodox.   And there is no way that the Archons can put enough lipstick on that pig to make it kissable.

        • A practical  sad fact is that for very many Orthodox greek believers in Europe and uk ( i have news for the english, how to break it gently but they are europeans) .  as my friends in Strasbourg, France,  a Phanar church is their only  local church and as for my friends, the only one in reach for a busy family.  
          It’s the one time when yr multiple jurisdictions in USA  are a helpful fact. 
          I think we should not rush to judge ordinary believers as in Ukraine now, or when unia was forced in 1596, after all many of these uniates came to USA saying they Orthodox.  
          All we can do is, we who know what going on, to act accordingly and to educate.  
          But for such as my friend Andreas with French wife ( lovely lady supporting  Orthodox upbringing of two  fine sons)  it has been a difficult effort in secular France to do this without now having to face this and what to say to the teenage sons re Church? Let alone about the ‘man, Manuelina as known in Greece,  who runs the farce. 

          • Niko,

            I was going to ask you this question and you seem to have answered it, indirectly.  There are people who have no practical alternative.  I do not think it is the Orthodox way to condemn them as schismatics simply because their governing bishop, archbishop, or patriarch is behaving badly.

            Think, for example, of those who live in Crete, or on one of the other islands, that come directly under the Patriarchate of Constantinople.  What practical choice do they really have?

            Anyway, Orthodoxy is not entirely a “top down” institution insofar as people are concerned.  After all, the lay people have the right to say “Άξιος, άξιος,” and I suppose there were times when they said the opposite, “ανάξιος!”

  3. r j klancko says

    if this not a farce, how does one get one — i am an eastern church historian and archivist ad such items are always being sought

  4. 300,000 faithful walked in that procession. Truly a sign that Christ’s only church in Ukraine is that of Metropolitan Onufry. God bless them and keep them!

    SOC hierarch: Jerusalem’s mother of all Churches not Rome or Constantinople

    Metropolitan Amphilochios claims the Church should return to the system that was before Emperor Constantine, and all issues should be resolved by the Ecumenical Council.

    Metropolitan Amphilochios (Radovic) of Montenegro and the Littoral believes that “Jerusalem is the true mother of all Orthodox Churches” because, according to him, “neither Rome nor Constantinople, but Jerusalem gave birth to all churches”. He stated this in an interview with TASS agency.
    In particular, His Eminence Amphilochios stressed that he did not believe in the possibility of repeating the scenario of Orthodox schism in the Balkans, which the Patriarchate of Constantinople had committed in Ukraine.
    He recalled that Dedeich (the leader of the schismatic Montenegrin Orthodox Church – Ed.) was defrocked by the Patriarchate of Constantinople, “so this is out of the question”.
    At the same time, commenting on the situation in Macedonia, Metropolitan Amphilochios stated that he would not like to believe, “that after all the events [in Ukraine] the Patriarchate of Constantinople will declare war on the Serbian Orthodox Church, since this would be the declaration of war to the SOC. After Ukraine, everything can be expected but I still hope that this will not be the case.”
    In addition, the Metropolitan regretted that “the Patriarch of Constantinople is influenced not by the decent figures but by a certain group of young metropolitans, ambitious people, who with their ambitions instigate the patriarch to certain actions”. 
    He noted that “he had talked with serious people from Greece and others” who “are dissatisfied with such an influence on the Patriarch of Constantinople”.
    Metropolitan Amphilochios stressed that Patriarch Bartholomew “is an elderly man and tries to adapt in order to strengthen his primacy, but in fact, he is putting himself in harm’s way, there is no doubt about that”.
    He also recalled that “there were great hierarchs on the patriarchal throne of Constantinople, universally recognized, such as John Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian, yet there were condemned heretic patriarchs, so there aren’t infallible people in the Church.”
    At the same time, His Eminence Amphilochios believes that Constantinople has long since lost its significance for the Orthodox world. In his words, “since 1453 Constantinople has ceased to be the imperial capital, today it is the capital of the Sultan. This quality of the imperial capital was inherited by the Russian kingdom, playing a large role for the whole of Orthodoxy until the royal death in 1918. After the fall of Constantinople and the killing of the tsar in Russia, the empire no longer plays its previous role, therefore, the Church must return to the system that used to be before Emperor Constantine, the Constantine era of ecclesiastic history is over.”
    He emphasized that “the Ecumenical Council is the only one to solve all Orthodox issues”, which should be convened by the Patriarch of Constantinople. However, according to Metropolitan Amphilochios, if Patriarch Bartholomew “continues to behave this way, he will lose that right too”.
    Also, according to one of the most authoritative hierarchs of the Serbian Church, “the only Church – the true mother of all Orthodox Churches – is Jerusalem, because it was neither Rome nor Constantinople, but Jerusalem that gave birth to all other Churches.”
    Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Theophilos III, the Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine, declared that the Jerusalem Church is a Mother of all Churches and a guarantor of pan-Orthodox unity.

    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      I am dubious about all of this Motherism. What does it actually mean? On the other hand, the statement “the Constantine era of ecclesiastic history is over” I sincerely hope proves true.

  6. Tim,
    (1) Motherism means that
    “I am the Mother, you are the daughters, so keep quiet and do as I say!”
    Absolute, “Infallible” “Order” and “Glory” of the “Mother”!

    (2) “the Constantine era of ecclesiastic history is over”:
    Indeed it is proven true: Read Canon 28 (4th Ec.Synod!):

    “…And this is in keeping with the fact that the Fathers naturally enough granted the priorities to the throne of Old Rome on account of her being the imperial capital. And motivated by the same object and aim the one hundred and fifty most God-beloved Bishops have accorded the like priorities to the most holy throne of New Rome, with good reason deeming that the city which is the seat of an empire, and of a senate, and is equal to old imperial Rome in respect of other privileges and priorities…”

    (Rudder or ΠΗΔΑΛΙΟΝ, translated by D.Cummings 1957, page 271)

    Now, please read carefully:

    This was done,
    “on account of her being the imperial capital”

    And why was that necessary? Saint Nicodemos explains that on page 273:

    “the Bishop of Constantinople ought to receive priviledges of authority because various Patriarchs and Prelates used to come to the Emperor to beg for his help in their exigencies and it was necessary for them first to meet the Bishop of Constantinople, …to lend them assistance, and through him they were enabled to approach the Emperor…”

    Nowadays, Constantinople is not the capital of the country where the King or President resides, and indeed that country has practically no more Orthodox christians.

    Just imagine:
    There is an earthquake in a Russian city and the Church buildings are completely level with the ground. The local bishop wants to do things according to Canon 28;
    He flies to Istanbul, visits Bartholomew and asks him to take him to the Head of State so that he gets assistance for the catastrophe:
    Bartholomew finds no Head of State in Istanbul!
    He then goes with the local Bishop to Ankara, to Erdogan for help. (He bye-passes the Bishop of Ankara Area in the process)
    Erdogan, rightly says,
    “Are you joking, go back home, go to Putin!”
    Bartholomew interrupts in fluent Turkish;
    “But Mr. President, I am the Ecumenical Patriarch, I must help this Bishop, otherwise, hm, otherwise, well, you know… Mr. President…”

    It is an understandable human weakness that the Bishop of Constantinople does not want to EVER let go the old Glory of the City (and his Throne) as it was at time of Saint Constantine the Great. (Ok, Cpole is not the Capital now, and Turkey is not the Christian Ecumene anymore, so, we ‘ll just have to change the old logic, and remain ECUMENICAL FOR EVER AND EVER!)

    It is a pity, he will realize the bitter truth eventually. The sooner the better for the Church and for his soul… and a good soul-saving lesson for us Greeks!

  7. The Church of Greece may already be the most offended victim of Phanariotism. New Lands, Athens Fener metochion — and now threats from Metr. Hierotheos V. to take away autocephaly deemed only ‘provisional’, like those of all Local Churches formed since the original Pentarchy.
    Bart Efendi is huffing the fumes his Patriarchate runs on, having emptied their tank of all real purpose and agency a long time ago. His intoxication os leading the Greek churches to perdition. Sooner we all take up Metr. Amfilohi’s clear and sane message the better. If not we make ourselves fools.    

    • Yes the Church of Greece was the first victims of the Phanar and stands in great danger.  Ieronimos is a good man, very, but I do not know how strong. 

      • George C Michalopulos says

        I blame the church of Greece.  They should have been more resolute when they conquered the Northern Lands.  Just as they did when the Greek nation became free in 1830.

    • Claes,
      “Sooner we all take up Metr. Amfilohi’s clear and sane message the better. If not we make ourselves fools.”
      How very true Claas.

  8. rjklancko says

    Is the Turkish orthodox church still functioning?  How about it’s bishop and parish in n j?  Have not heard about them for some time.  

    • rjklancko: “Is the Turkish orthodox church still functioning?”

      Last time I heard, it is still there, but small.
      EP should be careful, because the Sultan and Putin are getting closer to each other. In the last days, there are some ominous signs, it seems that Russia is siding with Turkey against the Greeks on Cyprus, and against Georgians in Adjara (south/west part of Georgia) and possibly gave green light for Turkish invasion of north/east Syria.
      Russian public is very angry about recent treatment of Russian Orthodox parliamentarians and Russian tourism is collapsing, same with imports.

  9. Lenny Merisenas says

    Karloutsos is pushing the pro-choice line against Boston Tournas arguing the GOA is better off pushing the poor breeders into the Catholic church so he can work only with elitist donors that defend the Green Patriarchate.

  10. Jerry Veselin says
  11. Gail Sheppard says

    Guess no one wants them! LOL

  12. So let me know when you see them flying off those parade floats!