Ivan Provorov: AXIOS!

Yes, we know a lot of you have published this story and we appreciate it, but we wanted to give our own shout out because the kid deserves it! The other day, Ivan Provorov, a player for the Philadelphia Flyers, was roundly criticized for refusing to bend the knee to the popular culture.   https://orthochristian.com/150569.html When […]

Is Schism Brewing in Cyprus? [Edited]

It would appear so.   As predicted by yours truly, the decision to “recognize” the schismatic sect in Ukraine would not be the last word.  So far, only three local Churches, Athens, Alexandria, and Cyprus, chose to do so.  The process they undertook was far from elegant –or canonical for that matter.  No formal votes were […]

Talk About Bad Optics

For those who believe in the myth of St Zelensky, the glorious Kiev regime, and the heroic foreigners who have gone to fight against those wascally Wussians, the following video’s gonna hurt.  Col Andy Milburn (USMC-Ret), the former head of the Mozart Group, an American-led consortium of foreign mercenaries who are training raw Ukrainian recruits, […]

No Jab, No Gab

If by “gab” you mean missing an audience with His Holy of Holiness, you can put on a happy face.  Patriarch Bartholomew will be here as planned.   I must say, he pulled a fast one. (On Monomakhos anyway.)  Only yesterday, we published a piece about the meeting between Metropolitans Joseph and Hilarion and how it […]

Auld Lang Syne

Well, this is good news. His Eminence, Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian Archdiocese paid a very friendly visit to His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of ROCOR.  I sense an opening here.  I also sense that these two primates sense an opening as well.   What do I mean by that?  Simply this: that the grand unification of America […]

COVID and the Breakdown in the Episcopal Response

Last month,  Orthodox Reflections published an excellent essay.  I highly recommend that you read it for yourself in its entirety.  It’s that good. https://orthodoxreflections.com/orthodoxy-needs-communication-and-repentance/   The crux of this essay is that the American Orthodox episcopate dropped the ball regarding the crisis brought on by the pandemic.  It is an eloquent and precise appraisal of […]

“The Curse of St Nicholas” Strikes Again!

Well, well, well.  How the worm has turned.   I realize that this is a little bit dated but –what the hey?–it always feels good to rub a mass murderer’s face in it, isn’t it? Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, the Great Fredo Hope of the Democrat Party, the Emmy award-winning Savior of Humanity, the […]

Our Suez Moment

So here we are:  helicopters hastily retreating into the skies, with scared civilians desperately clinging to them.  This was Saigon, 1975, and that helicopter taking off from the American embassy was the sorry capstone of our involvement in Vietnam.  It didn’t matter that we never lost a single battle against the North Vietnamese Army of […]

Who is That Masked Man?

In case you didn’t know, Biden, the Commander-in-Chief of the United States is prostrating himself before President Rivlin of Israel.  (That’s even more of a full grovel than what his former boss Obama used to do before Muslim kings.)   I thought we had protocol officers who are supposed to advise American office-holders and their entourages […]

AXIOS! Thoughts on the Recent Episcopal Consecration

As I wrote a few days ago, Gail and I had the pleasure of witnessing the consecration to the episcopate of Abbot Gerasim Eliel, the rector of St Seraphim’s Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, Texas. The proceedings started on Monday, before Vespers, in the nave of that wondrous edifice.  Seated on an elevated throne, His Beatitude […]