Who is That Masked Man?

In case you didn’t know, Biden, the Commander-in-Chief of the United States is prostrating himself before President Rivlin of Israel.  (That’s even more of a full grovel than what his former boss Obama used to do before Muslim kings.)  

I thought we had protocol officers who are supposed to advise American office-holders and their entourages how to behave when they meet foreign dignitaries.

I guess not.

I realize of course that there are many in the alt.right who view this photograph as proof that Biden was merely acknowledging the fact that he’s a puppet of ZOG (the so-called Zionist Occupation Government).   There’s a lot of problems with this argument however.  Not the least of which is that his Party is doing its dead-level best to appease the Palestinians and –get this–Iran.  Both are major no-nos as far as the Israelis are concerned.  Me, I’m just going to chalk this up to advanced senility.  Or perhaps his reflexive lechery got the best of him, seeing Rivlin’s chief-of-staff standing there rather coquettishly.  

Now, there is a thought out there that like everything else with the 2020 election, what we are being subjected to is yet another illusion.  A deep fake by the Deep State, so to speak.  Humor me here for a minute.  We’ve seen Biden appearing as a hologram.  We saw him give a State of the Union speech to an empty House Chamber, standing in front of two masked (gagged?) women.  His inauguration was poorly attended and the entire Capitol complex was locked down with barbed wire, manned by thousands of National Guardsmen. 

Nothing here screams, “Happy Days Are Here Again”, more like banana republicanism.  I almost expected to see Biden dressed as a Latin American caudillo, replete with epaulets and a red sash.

However, we have seen some silver linings, at least on the international stage.  Biden –or more accurately “Biden’s people” –have pretty much thrown the Ukrainians under the bus.  Sanctions against Russia are slowly being lifted.  The Germans are going to get their Nordstream 2 pipeline built come hell or high water and we’re finally pulling out of Afghanistan.

Curiously, all of these are Trumpian promises.

Domestically, he’s stabbed the hard Left in the back: No Medicare for all, no forgiveness of student loan debt, no $15 per hour minimum wage.   No packing of the Supreme Court, no end to the filibuster, and only toothless posturing before defiant Red State governors.  Maybe (just maybe) another lock-down but nothing concrete. 

Why is he doing what one would expect from Trump?

Of course, ordinary soccer moms are still pushing back hard against Critical Race Theory.  The rabid Left is still screaming but as a conservative/traditionalist/libertarian/secessio-regionalist, but I’ll take whatever I can at this point and call it a victory.

And, keep on following me here, when he (or his hologram) does speak, it’s often a full-out laugh-riot.  Red Skelton, the son of a former circus clown, couldn’t do any better.  He can’t walk up the stairs without falling down.  Not once, not twice, but three times!  It’s hilarious!  Even his jibberish is funny. 

If the last six months were merely an illusion, intended to highlight the illegitimacy of the last election, Biden’s manifest incompetence, and/or the massive inability of the Left to govern, then they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest imagination and have had fun doing it. 

Look at the following video for around 3 minutes.  Is that a mask on his face?  And why isn’t he behaving like a blundering fool?  Did someone pull an invisible string on the back of his neck making him respectable all of a sudden?     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQHyqi0fARo

Gail has been encouraging me to keep an “open mind” about all this but this is just too fantastic.  She thinks Biden is an actor who can play it straight or play it silly, on request.  She may be right because the Biden I’m seeing in the video she gave me (above), i.e. someone who can cogently address the issues, is not the same Biden I see taking a knee for Israel or briefing a lady in a bakery about our position with Russia (below).   Whatever happens, he wants us to know he will be using “the full resources of the government”.    –Sure, Joe, stay on top of it.  

Who is this masked man?  Who is running our country?

As for the Left, they’ve proven time and again that they can’t govern.  Jimmy Carter taught us that “liberalism” in its modern, post-JFK iteration (not the classical, Jeffersonian type) is incapable of governing any nation larger than say, Denmark.  In the United States, one can point to a predominantly homogeneous state like Vermont or Minnesota and make that case, but not California, certainly not the other 47 states that make up the Union.   

In other words, the man (Biden) has met the moment (America).  Unfortunately, the man (one of them anyway) is demented and the country has been turned into an insane asylum.  Not the people mind you; I know that there are good people in the Blue States.  But there’s no way anybody can make me believe that the election wasn’t stolen.  For proof of this, all one has to do is look at the wild ravings coming from the Democrat Party because of the recounts taking place in Arizona (and soon in Pennsylvania and Georgia).  Even the wildly liberal senators from Arizona are tacking to the right when it comes to the Border and the filibuster.  The Dems in Georgia know that they’re going to lose one of those senate seats next year.  

These are not the postures of a party confident about its future.  Anyway, please take a look at these brief YouTube clips (before they take them down).  It’s good for a laugh.

Bottom line:  how long before he’s given the 25th Amendment treatment?  In the meantime, who has control of the nuclear codes?


  1. Antiochene Son says

    Who is running our country?

    The same ones who would be running it if Trump had won.

    Joe is a senile buffoon, but that’s just the humiliation ritual. Just like when Netanyahu shows up for a state visit with a suitcase of dirty laundry, or makes your country’s leader eat out of a shoe.

    You know who’s running our country.

    • Anonymous II says

      Boycott Christians and sitting American presidents, boycott Russians and Syrians, and heck, question mask mandates and what-have-you, but even Texas and Florida have a line they won’t cross: https://www.publishedreporter.com/2021/07/23/desantis-on-ben-jerrys-israel-boycott-florida-does-not-tolerate-discrimination-against-israel/

    • Antiochene Son has a point, and it’s worth mulling over. The thing that Trump never seemed to be able to grasp is that unless you replace the current oligarchs with new oligarchs devoted to your vision, you are not going to permanently change anything.

      We need our own Dorseys, Zuckerbergs, Gates, etc. The old crew has to be ruined or imprisoned (like in the RF) and the new crew has to be on a leash. That is regime change, and nothing less than that. And this is why the progressives are talking about a coup against “our democracy”. They are right. That is what would be necessary to accomplish what is being promised to MAGA. They know it already. I just hope MAGA leadership and rank and file has finally realized it.

  2. Seraphim says

    What’s the deal with the German pipeline? I haven’t heard about this. Course I don’t keep up with much of it.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Biden lifted the sanctions against the Russian company that’s building the NS2.

      It’s 95% complete. The Ukrainians are screaming bloody murder since they won’t be able to skim off the top anymore. (transit rights.)

  3. Anonymous II says
  4. George and Gail,

    I think the answer has to do with the way Alzheimer’s and other forms of senility progress. During the campaign, he was not subject to the constant pressures (softened though they are for him) of the presidency. Many presidents go from dark peppered to full on gray in four years with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

    It also matters what time of the day you talk to him. Those suffering from senility are generally not good in the mid to late afternoon when it hits hardest. Over time the daily cycles get worse, but it does cycle during the day as well. So you have two explanations for the first more or less lucid clip as opposed to the latter one. What time of day were each of the interviews/appearances occurring? And how long had he been president before the second appearance (since you assume the actual presidency will take its toll as well)?

    The alternative is to suggest that he is looking like a doddering space cadet on purpose. I don’t see that hypothesis as defensible.

    I think they will find some way to move him out this year before the serious run up to 2022 elections. They simply don’t have a decent hand to play at this point. Kamala is probably as much a disaster with her offensive personality as ChiCom Joe is with the senility. Calling these people communists is really giving them much too much credit. They are the guys who simply can’t shoot straight. There are quite a few more bona fide commies out there in business, academia the MSM and the intelligence services who are ruthless and efficient. But the upper echelons of the Democratic Party are quite incompetent in and of themselves.

    And that’s a saving grace of sorts.

    It is, of course, a bit anxiety provoking that you have these people pursuing the elements of creating a totalitarian police state in order to hang on to power. But the fact that they are doing it is proof positive that they themselves know that they lost the last election handily. Lindell estimates it was 80M – Trump to 68M – Biden based on the raw data he has from the machines. I don’t know about the actual real tally but I’m pretty sure that The Steal was a national project, not just one operated in the swing states. California, for example, likely went far more red than has been reported if you believe military intelligence analysts who have looked at the whole thing.

    So it is probable that the vast majority are with the MAGA train and the Dems are not only not going to do anything to change that, but instead are doubling down ideologically assuming that if they just shout it louder with a straighter face that it will get through and persuade people. Or that they can skew the next elections like the last. Or something.

    But it’s teeing up to be a transformative shock of seismic proportions both in ’22 and ’24, whoever runs. It will be MAGA running against the Keystone Kops and if the KK can’t maintain the capacity to defraud elections, they will lose in a landslide like no one has seen in our lifetimes.

    Assuming it is Trump or DeSantis or Trump/DeSantis in 2024, the wild card is whether Trump or DeSantis have learned to be trigger pullers given the past year of Commiecrat antics. The next president must have the unshakeable conviction that the two party system cannot continue and the Commiecrat Party must die by any means necessary.

  5. Every year we give Israel $3.8 billion, and you claim that the ZOG is a conspiracy theory? Nancy Pelosi has said that even if DC is destroyed, then the support for Israel will still remain. The Senate majority leader has his citizenship there, as does the head of the budget committee (Sanders). Almost all the major executive cabinet positions are held by God’s chosen people.

    Jews hold secretary of state, treasury , homeland security , attorney general, deputy CIA, and director of national intelligence. All the scary cabinet positions are held by the only ethnicity in history to define itself by rejection of Christ.


    In what possible sense is it that both parties are not enslaved by the ZOG? Half of Democratic donations and a quarter of Republican donations come from a demographic making up 2% of the electorate and that has dual citizenship in a country they can easily flee to.

    Someone explain it to me if I’m wrong.

    Plus, you know, Facebook and the entire media monolith.

    If there has ever been a time where Jews have seized power and used it in a compassionate and fair way, someone please show it to me. Cure my anti-Semitism.

    • Jane Tzilvelis says

      “Everything in this life passes away—only God remains, only He is worth struggling towards. We have a choice: to follow the way of this world, of the society that surrounds us, and thereby find ourselves outside of God; or to choose the way of life, to choose God Who calls us and for Whom our heart is searching.” — Fr. Seraphim Rose

      • I agree. I take comfort knowing I won’t have to share eternity with these freaks ruining our country.

        What Satan offered Jesus on the mountain, that he would give him all the kingdoms of the world in exchange for worship, that is the deal the Jews made when they rejected the covenant. Jesus called them the children of Satan, and in exchange for that pact Satan gave them all the wealth and power possible. They will spend eternity with their father.

        Obviously this only refers to those Jews who rejected and still reject the covenant. Many Jews and other Israelites accepted Jesus and were absorbed into the nations. It’s likely that many Arab and Greek Christians have a distant Jewish or Israelite ancestor. Of course evangelical protestants are too stupid to understand that nuance.

        • George Michalopulos says

          We should always welcome all people into the Covenant, Jews especially.

          • Oh I agree. One of my close Orthodox mentor friends has a Jewish ancestor who was an early free love proponent in Hollywood.

            And whatever craziness he may say, I admire Brother Nathaniel for his total dedication.

            The problem isn’t Jews the genetic ethnicity. It’s Jews the culture.

  6. Jane Tzilvelis says

    There is nothing worthy I have to say about the state of our government.