“Because Hitler”

The phrase “because Hitler” has become the new argument for many conservatives. It is trotted out at time (myself included) to those who presently want to provoke the Russian bear (as well as other things). As in “Putin is just as bad as Hitler”, etc.

This is an inverse of Godwin’s Law, towit if you give a line of debate enough time, Hitler’s name will be invoked. It’s also an a great rejoinder to Leo Strauss’s reductio ad Hitlerum. In other words, just because Hitler believed in something doesn’t make it evil. Strauss was Jewish and wise. He saw that if this was true, then vegetarianism and abstaining from alcohol and tobacco would also be evil –among other things. Clearly they are not.

Not so our Neocons. God bless their little hearts. Because they have found no place in the Trump Administration, they have become unhinged. It’s now all Putin=Hitler –all Hitler all the time. And if we can’t get in a war with Russia, then we should do whatever we can to provoke them. Because Hitler. Because “muh prinsipuls” or whatever.

Well, Tucker Carlson has had enough. He brilliantly took down a couple of these Neocons over the past few days. Even better, he showed the paucity of their arguments. If there was ever any doubt how specious their talking points are, there isn’t any now.

Please take the time to watch Tuck’s brilliant take-down of these buffoons. And for those of you who may not remember, two years ago, the Russians staged a massive parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of their victory of Adolf Hitler.

Everybody who was part of the alliance against Hitler was there. Everybody that is except for us.

You can’t cuck the Tuck!



  1. Joseph Lipper says
  2. Billy Jack Sunday says

    You can say what you want about Hitler,
    but at least Hitler killed Hitler

  3. George would I be mistaken to say that you agree with Pat Buchanan’s take on neocons?

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’m not sure about the minutiae of Buchanan’s take on the Neocons. For me, it’s being hit upside the head by their fantasies about how wonderful it is to destroy countries in order to make them democratic. I’m at a stage in my life where I can’t believe in non-real ideologies any more.

      • Their love for “nation-building” and obsession with democracy is straight out of the Left’s handbook.

      • That’s a good stage to be in George. The last stage is to realize, WE HERE, have no true Democracy as well. No matter how much effort and destruction we true patriots would apply to reverse course, here, not much will change, in fact most likely it would get worse. We must except the state of the world, and not attempt large battles but chose small individual battles for conversion to Christ, one soul at a time. The Devil will get his due, not in our time, but in Christ’s time. Something grand will happen in the next generation, or two, most likely long after we are just bones in the dirt, awaiting that grand day of resurrection my brother in Christ. Do not fret much with the demonic minions declaring wars of righteousness. They’re not of Christ, but of The Evil One seeking to enlist and enlarge his kingdom here on earth, and at the same time lining their pockets, but also sealing their fate! Enjoy these days of the last stage of your life, and bring as many as you can,with you, to our Lord and Savior’s path to salvation! Our lips of truth are better than the bullets of evil.

  4. Monk James says

    I don’t do politics, ‘Godwin’s Law’ notwithstanding.

    But were I to find myself in Germany in the 1930s and to know –certainly and by divine inspiration — the immense evil which Hitler would do once he came to power. I would kill him in a heartbeat if I could, or at least work toward his being killed before he did any more damage to the world.

    Then, I would not appeal to any sort of human justice for my act of murder, but throw myself on the mercy of God Who gave me such an understanding of things, and take my lumps here on Earth.

    Ah, who was the Irish politician a couple of centuries ago who said ‘The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.’

    Let us do SOMETHING!

    • anonymus per Scorilo says

      One of my history professors explained once that the correct way to view history is an an ocean with three layers: water currents, waves, and the foam. Most of the people just see the foam, and imagine that by removing the foam everything will change. Nothing could be further from truth. Removing Hitler or Stalin would have only brought up a Himmler or a Trotsky, which for all we know could have been much worse.

      The next thing one may want to do is to “go for the waves,” but that is also tricky. If the communists had triumphed in Germany instead of the nazis, or if the anarchists had triumphed in Russia instead of the bolsheviks, can one be sure there would be have been less deaths ?

      The “water current” underlying all the waves and the foam we are talking about is the propensity of political systems to slide towards extremes. This has many economical and political causes, but it is clear that in recent times this propensity has only been increasing.

      And if one is to do SOMETHING, there is no “fast-food” solution: shoot Hitler and all problems go away. One has to labor to help those in need, those who feel there is nothing left for them to achieve, those who suffer. This is how Christianity became the dominant religion through the times of trouble of the Roman empire. Not by killing Hitlers or Neros, but by helping those nobody else would.

      • Estonian Slovak says

        Yes, Stephen King recently wrote a book where a man in Maine is able to go back in time and stop Kennedy’s assassination. He succeeds , but comes back to find out that he set in motion a chain of events which made the world even worse. Atomic wars had destroyed much of the planet. Hillary was US President! Maine, however, had become a province of Canada and was spared her rule!
        On another note, if we went back in time and eliminated everyone who got slapped around by drunken abusive fathers, like Hitler and Stalin, ( thereby “saving” the world), we would have to eliminate Beethoven as well! He did not turn out to be a bloodthirsty tyrant like the other two. He was not a very pleasant person to be around at times, he could be disgustingly rude, even to friends. He drove his own nephew to attempt suicide. It’s probably just as well that he never married; one can only imagine what his behavior would have done to a wife and children. Yet, would we really want to be without his music?

        • Michael Bauman says

          We are not in control of history and that is a good thing. We cannot even know who to kill when we know things.

    • Now I’ve seen it all! A monk wants to go back in time and kill Hitler‽‽

      This show just how brainwashed we’ve (almost) all been made.

      Would you kill Stalin too? How about Mao or Pol Pot?

      Nah, you’re good with them eh? It’s HITLER who was the EVILEST right?

      LOL …

      • Monk James says

        This is a complete distortion of my theoreticals and can’t be taken seriously.

        LOL, indeed.

        • How is it a distortion? I asked you a question… You did not answer. Telling perhaps.

          “I would go back in time and kill Hitler” = Self serving & vacuous virtue signalling; the result of decades of black propaganda.

          Seek ye the truth monk! Hitler was not the worst… not even close actually.

          The fact is: Europe would almost surely have been completely overrun by Communism if not for the preemptive attack on the Soviets by the Germans in 1941.

          • Facts followed by almost? Sounds like Hitler did some good for Europe? Hmmm! Now I have heard it all. I must be in Wally World!

          • Wally is right. Operation Thunder was planned to commence only a few weeks after Barbarossa was launched.

            Without justifying some of the violent excesses of the Third Reich, a little digging under the surface shows a completely different picture to the one found in classrooms and ‘approved’ history textbooks. Only the winners get to write the after action reports.

            This documentary applies a little corrective and should be viewed with an open mind: http://thegreateststorynevertold.tv/

    • Joseph Lipper says

      Monk James,

      I am heartened by Our Lord’s words regarding wars and rumors of wars: “see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass“.

      Personally, I am convinced that because of the fallen nature of mankind, the Second World War had to be, and the Third World War will have to come to pass also. St. Paul’s words are also heartening when he writes: “I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus Our Lord.” What else can we really do but repent and seek first the Kingdom of God.