Another Home Run

Well, the Trumpster did it again. He swatted another one right out of the park.

It was (as I predicted) another bravura performance. He hit all the right notes. And worse for the Democrats, he boxed them into a corner.

Not that he didn’t leave them a way out, unpalatable though it may be. In the video below, I explain their conundrum. (For those who are concerned, I plan on doing a vlog only once a week and I explain my reasons therein.)

Anyway, the Democrats made several huge errors. Most of them were unforced but some which are (I believe) based on their neo-marxist convictions. Not standing up and applauding the victims of illegal alien violence being one of them. Not standing up and applauding when Trump talked about Mom, Apple Pie and America were others.

Serious, serious, mistakes. Worse, they didn’t know whether to stand or applaud and were looking nervously at each other looking for permission. This is not a bold party brimming with great ideas. That’s why I don’t believe that there’s going to be a coming Blue Wave. (In fact, the generic Congressional ballot favoring the Democrats has collapsed. And that was the day before the State of the Union.)

Their snarling faces and their furtive looks, were all unnecessary. Trump’s speech was conciliatory and bipartisan, in the normal Americanist sense of the word. Democrats used to be the party of the working man, the Middle American, and nothing that Trump spoke about was antagonistic to the plight of the American working class. Far from it.

And that’s what’s so amazing: Trump gave a speech that was FDR 2.0 regarding infrastructure spending. The Democrats should have been all over that. If anything, it was anathema to the normal, Taftian way of doing things as far as the GOP was concerned. Instead, he came into the Presidency and stole the Democrats’ clothes. At first, the Republicans didn’t know what to do with them but it seems to me that they’re rather liking their fit.

Make no mistake: what we are probably watching (for better or worse) is the transformation of the Republic before our very eyes. We are certainly watching the transformation of the two major political parties and the very ideas of what constitutes liberalism and conservatism.

And there’s no going back.


  1. Greatly Saddened says

    Even better than a home run, it was a grand slam!

    I believe President Trump gave one of the best State of the Union addresses in my lifetime.

    When President Obama was elected, it was reported Senator Mitch McConnell was quoted as saying he would not work with President Obama.

    The Democrats didn’t like that then and now that the tide has changed, they are doing the exact same thing. How quickly do we forget!

    The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for not only not standing up during various times of the State of the Union address, but to refuse to applaud even the most nonpartisan themes. It is obvious it is all about party and not about their constituents. Give credit when and where credit is do and not because it wasn’t your party that was being credited. Rise to the top. Remember, you profess to be for the American public, regardless of party affiliation!

    When they are in control they say and act one way and when they aren’t in control, they say and act differently. It’s the old double standard.

    BTW … so glad to see the props coming back!

  2. Constaninos says

    Trump didn’t hit any homeruns. Like all politicians, lying is second nature to him. This man is going to blast the deficit into outer space. Tax cuts, spending on infrastructure, increased spending for the military, foreign aid, updating the nuclear arsenal. and his stupid border wall are going to cost billions of dollars we don’t have because the US is broke.
    Every day I read the obituaries and I’m horrified. Why have we still not cured cancer???? Of course, the AMA is corrupt. At this point in time, a person should be able to take a pill and be completely cured of cancer. Actually, cancer should be extinct by now. Of course, the government doesn’t want people living too long. The actually life span should be well over 110 years old by now. The powers that be would rather spend our money on more efficient ways of killing people.
    I have zero hope for our country and zero hope for humanity. Things are bad and getting worse by the day. Our only hope is in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Do not put your hopes in men or the sons of men. That’s my rant. Oh, then you have all these gun nuts! Nitwits! All of them!! I haven’t got the faintest idea what you are celebrating, brother.

    • Kayemigart says

      Might I suggest just a tad more protein, fats and fruit, in your diet? With prayer, of course 🙂

  3. Ah, it has been my experience and that of history, that when life is bad we turn to
    God. When life is hunky-dory we go our own way. Strange how that works.

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Does this mean Trump is finished?

  5. The last half was a veil of lies and fear-mongering for the MIC/Bankers .Do you every listen to Orthodox Christian perspectives like Jay Dyer ? Or the Vineyard Saker (at ?
    Here’s a good one:

  6. Awaiting response.