A Word About Remembrance and Statues

I trust you all had a pleasant Memorial Day. For those of you who have served our country in battle, an especial thanks.

Below are some quick thoughts I have about remembrance of things past, of “the mystic chords of memory” which bind us together as a nation. And that once they are broken, they cannot be reconnected. And why immigration, unless it is carefully monitored will lead to balkanization.

I fear that the current spate of cultural Marxism that is undermining our civil culture at a more rapid pace than I previously thought. Last year, there was a spate of removal of Confederate symbols and statues, mainly because of “muh racism”.

It was all hogwash of course. Paula Deen, a liberal Democrat who twice voted for Barack Obama had her entire mercantile enterprise of Southern cooking (which was very profitable) stripped from her. The reason was not that she had used the “N-word” when describing the criminal who held her up at gunpoint 30 years ago but because the popularity of her line of Dixieana was an affront to the Visigoths who make up our ruling class.

I warned then that this would not stop with the removal of “offensive” statues. Since then, a statue of Abraham Lincoln has been defaced, a statue of William McKinley (who fought on the side of the Union) has been removed and now, St Buttigieg has suggested that displays of Thomas Jefferson –the founder of his Party–should likewise be removed.

For this reason, I will use the video below to call out Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, for refusing to stand up to these forces of darkness which caused her to remove the flag of the Army of North Virginia from the State Capitol grounds. For refusing to stand up for the cultural heritage of her adopted country.

Clearly, the forces of darkness are not going to go away. My hope, however, is that the progressives will overplay their hand and the Revolution will eat its own.

In the meantime, if you see a veteran, thank him for his service.



  1. Even in Russia they keep some statues of Lenin because you cannot take back the past. He is part of Russian history and what better way to get kids to understand than to see the statue and ask questions. I am amused thst the Tsarist eagle is above the mauseleum now.
    I noticed the main street of For Hamiltonn,Bay Ridge new York where i stayed with military friend and family is Robert E Lee.
    It’s the same madness at apology for the past so u can jgnore the present.

  2. Michael Bauman says

    The so-called progressives have been trying to wipe out any knowledge of our past for decades. It is part and parcel to the agenda to strip any human connections and allow everybody to “invent themselves” any way they want, ala Justice Kennedy’s crazy idea: “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life…”

    Remembrance of anything is therefore not a good thing. We have to be “free” of our history. What could be more Orwellian. What could be more an expression of the Nietzchean dream expressed succinctly in Zarathrustra, The Three Metamorphosis of the Spirit. “He must destroy the dragon of thou shalt…”

    The core of Kennedy’s idea and all such iconoclastic nihilism is the destruction of community, culture and a common humanity. It is also the core of modern Libertarianism.

    Of course the tyrannical power seekers want to use that to dictate to us what it means to be human and how we must act. Just the opposite of what they claim.

    Lord have mercy. Come Lord Jesus.

    • the contradictions of the regressives are endless, aren’t they?

      “At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life…”

      If this is right, then we’re all free to imagine that the guy who said this not only said nothing, but doesn’t even exist. His isn’t a sound basis.

      “He must destroy the dragon of thou shalt…”

      So what, we can sharpen our own will to perfection? The very one that when not tempered by love and life has nothing to stop it willing the destruction of itself? Brilliant!

      “The core of Kennedy’s idea and all such iconoclastic nihilism is the destruction of community..”

      And yet they do talk a lot about community, don’t they? While at the same time doing everything in their power to destroy the family – the first commune – where if genuine self-sacrifice isn’t possible there, you can forget about it manifesting elsewhere. But no, encourage the poor womans, for instance, to abort their poor children for their careers, their social lives, their bank accounts, their whatevers, and then have them jump up and down out of ‘concern’ for the oppressed.

      Lord have mercy, indeed

      • Michael Bauman says

        Regressives. How apt. The existential playwright Samuel Beckett famously wrote shorter and shorter plays because he found less and less meaning in humanity. His last “play” was 30 seconds of heavy breathing on a dark stage.

        It makes the movie, “The Never Ending Story” almost prophetic…we are all being eaten by The Nothing.

        Come Lord Jesus!

  3. Deep Steak says

    since nikki haley was born in south carolina when gm says she is refusing to stand up for the cultural heritage of her adopted country he is of course meaning the confederate states of america

  4. George Michalopulos says
  5. George Michalopulos says

    This is what I mean when I speak about the “mystic chords of memory”:


    John Cleese, a renowned leftist is now leaving England for the Caribbean because London “is no longer an English city”.

    Regardless, he’s being eaten alive by other leftists because “muh racism”.

  6. George,
    I must give you credit you opened my eyes, and slowly changed my position on Confederate statue removal, in previous posts. Then when the mobs began pushing for the removal of our nation’s founding fathers, I knew 100% you were right. It’s all three card
    Monty with leftist, just to push their agenda and redefine our nation.

    I am still on the fence with Tsar Nicholas, and sainthood. Not that in matters.

    And I will never agree that the Greek Orthodox Church is not truly Orthodox, simply because our current leader is in the wrong. He is only one man, and all men will leave this earth until the second coming. New blood will follow, and new paths will begin. I have full faith in God, and his Church. The Greek Orthodox will always be The Church, regardless of the corruption, that has plague us far into our history. You especially must that, as our roots, and family history goes back many centuries under Muslim control, direction, and corruption. Never give up on your proud heritage. The pure of heart will prevail.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you Dino. I too have faith that God will set His ship aright. We must always remember though that just because one church/jurisdiction is historically Orthodox doesn’t mean that it will always remain so. The Church of Rome was the bulwark of Orthodoxy in the first Millennium (at least until AD 800). It’s now been over 1,000 years and I don’t see them coming back into the fold.

      • George,
        Islam and the Ottoman Empire did not destroy us, only wounded, and we are still trying to correct course after so much affliction, century after century. The mindset is hard to break. Nor the Soviet Union destroy Russian Orthodoxy, which has had it own skeletons, then and now. One man and a handful of cronies in Istanbul does not stand a chance. Corruption will always infect us but never destroy The Church. I don’t know why? But I feel you know that too.

        • Dino,
          if we are really Orthodox Christians then we fully believe Christ.
          He said:
          “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.
          But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
          Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.” (Matth.10,29-31)

          Then why did God allow Constantinople to fall in 1453?
          Historians say that the people had left God. All churches except Agia Sofia were shut because there was no congregation.

          If we Greeks want to survive, we must become humble and put our hope to Christ, not to Bartholomew, not to the Americans, not to the Russians etc.
          In other words, go back to General Kolokotronis and fight,
          “first of all for the Faith” as he said.

          • Ioannis,
            I largely agree with you, except upon why God allows this or that to happen. Why so many atrocities, etc, etc. To have a healthy relationship with God, one should not always believe they know His will, but submit to it. I do know He allows free will, to which many atrocities will occur. He does not punish us, we punish ourselves. Why did Orthodox Russia fall to Communism? Did it not because of actions of people, not God? Has Putin brought Orthodoxy back to Russia, or God? Quite the paradox, no?

            The trouble with men like General Kolokotronis, Patriarchs, and all warriors, whether right or wrong, they always believe they have God on their side, and if God is not on your side, then Lord have mercy upon you, indeed! Are both the MP and EP trusting in the will of God, or their own. I don’t know, only time will tell. Are not both puppets held hostage to governments of this fallen world, to which they live in? Where is their first allegiance? Always God before country? Do they forget who runs this fallen world, and who will overcome it? Thank God neither one of us are in their position, to which much will be asked of them.

            I have little faith in this or that Patriarch, nor nation. Jesus Christ is my salvation. My parish, is what I “fight” for that it might flourish and spread the Truth of Jesus Christ, The Theotokos, and the example of the Saints. Yes my parish is under the EP, but what those under leadership positions do, I cannot control, nor wish to believe I understand God’s will to fight against them, or leave my church, because some, in the “know” are asking others to take sides. Lead/fight by Godly example, and trust in God’s will, not our own. All jurisdictions have corruption on the top, not to admit that is foolish. So fight the good fight with number one, and watch what happens around your circle, your parish, your bishop and on up.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Yes, Dino. We need to experience some persecution even if it comes from hireling bishops. St Maximus the Confessor went through worse in his day.

          • Agreed George,
            Not much motivates us more than persecution. How we react to persecution truly reveals our soul, and faith.

            • Dino I see a little of result of that persecution here in Bulgaria.. Are we embarrassed to say in public we are believers or when jokes made about Christ in deliberate bad taste, do we keep silent or object.

              • Nikos,
                Considering that more Christians are being persecuted, and murdered, than in any other time in history, outside of the United States and Europe, we really are not persecuted at all. To hide our faith, or not defend our faith in spite  of  the bad taste others is a shameful sin indeed. The rebuke must be made wisely, as to attract one to the faith.
                George’s angle I believe was one of persecution from within the faith, which when reacted with humble forgiveness towards your accuser, is a virtue, and blessing, especially if the persecution is from a corrupt sinful bishop. I have suffered no such persecution.

          • Constantinos says

            Dear George,
            In my humble opinion, I think the Ecumenical Patriarch is single handedly destroying Orthodoxy throughout the world. With the perverted priests in the Catholic Church, the parishioners are leaving it in droves. They’re not going to come into the Orthodox Church because of the shenanigans of the Ecumenical Patriarch. They have had enough of papism.
            George Karcazes, at OCL stated in response to my post that all the bishops in America must band together, and declare our country to be an autocephalous church. He said the mother churches will eventually have to recognize it as a fait accompli.
            In my opinion, there is no option other than to depose the Ecumenical Patriarch. Because of his claims to Orthodoxy supremacy, he is obviously a heretic, and, in this day and age, Canon 28 is null and void. I think Constantinople should be dismantled since it no longer exists, and the archons should also be demolished.
            I’m sick of this parasite from Turkey leeching off of our country. He serves no useful purpose whatsoever. It’s time to go, Bart. Save Orthodoxy! Destroy the Ecumenical “throne.” Besides, St. Andrew never founded this See. It has no apostolic foundation.

            • George Michalopulos says


              My only quibble with your assessment is that he is able to “destroy” the Orthodox Church. According to Christ Himself that can’t happen. However he can (and is) doing great damage. There simply is no way for the moment for me to tell honest seekers that we don’ have a pope (big sticking point for many). When they ask “well what about the EP?” all I can do is mumble something along the lines that he’s going against settled ecclesiology.

              • Michael Bauman says

                Cannot destroy the Church, but it is quite possible to destroy the faith of people in the Church and that is the worst thing any so-called pastor can do. If people are driven out of the Church because of the venality/hard heartedness of her people, I am sure Jesus will find a way for them anyway.

                If the Orthodox Church in the U.S. goes up in flames because of us…..

            • Dino. Can i come over and pack their carpet bagging bags?  

              • Nikos,
                Please do not insult “Constantinos”, by addressing him as Dino. While my name is really my name, I doubt “Constantinos” is really his name, as before he used Constaninos, as a joke.