New: Avatars

So you all are going to notice that some people have what are called avatars by their comments.  Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.  Monomakhos realizes they’re not for everyone but because WordPress offers it, we’re happy to offer it to you.   

To create one, you’ll need to go to a website called Gravatar and create a profile with your picture.   

The image you create will follow you from site to site and appear beside your name when you comment or post on a blog.  However, it is not a requirement here at Monomakhos.  Nothing will change for those who choose not to use them.  


  1. Hi George,
    My curiosity about avatars led me to open your avatar image for Google search and your image was labeled “gurdwara” which is a Sikh temple. Apparently the structure in the background of your photo is the source of this identification. Thought you would like to know.