The Newer, Prettier Face of Anti-semitism

OK, it’s getting really hard to figure out the victimology sweepstakes that we in America are forced to live under. It has been for quite awhile; in fact for almost as long as most of us have been alive.

Now mind you, the whole purpose of tokenism, victimology, #metoo, whatever, is (and always has been) to keep the white, Christian majority down. It’s main weapon has been political correctness and it’s been quite effective in preventing people from questioning whatever new ridiculous paradigm we are forced to swallow on any given day.

But like all paradigms not rooted in human nature, it is bound to fail –eventually. Don’t believe me? Repeat these three words: President. Donald. Trump.

Sorry folks, but there is no way in hell that a gaudy, philandering, billionaire reality-TV star who called “…some Mexicans, rapists” at his inaugural campaign rally could become president of these United States. No way, unless tens of millions of voters agreed with him. America was well on its way to becoming a Third-world oligarchy. For the ordinary, rule-abiding working stiffs, Trump was viewed as the last chance to salvage what was left.

Trump’s election in November of 2016 was a collective “Enough!” from ordinary people who couldn’t take the propaganda anymore. It’s impossible. Orwell’s 1984 was not meant to be a how-to book but a jeremiad, a warning.

Unfortunately, our ruling elites are able to engage in the cognitive dissonance that is necessary to believe that which is unreal. They are after all, largely insulated from the grim realities of their policy prescriptions. But now (as they say), the chickens are coming home to roost.

That is what we are witnessing right now in the Democratic Party. Ilhan Omar, a Democratic Representative from MogadMinnesota, just normalized liberal antisemitism. I won’t go into the words she used but let’s just say that David Duke was more than pleased, calling her “the most courageous member of Congress”.

(As of this writing, no one has rebuked Duke’s enconium. That’s too bad. We really shouldn’t be surprised however, given the long and storied relationahip between the Klan and the Democrats.)

What’s even worse for the Democrats is that the attempts to censure her came to naught. Indeed, the steely glare of Alexandria Occasional-Cortex sent shivers down the spines of the entire Democratic Party, proving that she’s the leader, not Nob Hill Nancy. Pelosi, the corporatist shill who leads the Party of Jefferson and Jackson as Speaker of the House, was reduced to looking at her shoes while the new kids on the block came to Omar’s defense. She has so totally lost control of the House that it’s hard for me to see how she survives in her present post. If she does, then she’ll be a figurehead only.

Now, I realize that I should obey Napoleon’s dictum to not interfere when your enemy is in the process of destroying himself, but really, I can’t help myself. Watching the Democratic Party (a.k.a. the Evil Party) implode is for me, one of life’s guiltier pleasures. Especially when we were assured by all the talking heads on TV that it was the Republican Party (a.k.a. the Stupid Party) which was not long for this world.

So why am I commenting? Why not just shut up and watch as the left continues to eat it’s own? It’s not because I can’t help myself. It’s more complicated than that. For one thing, I want to get it out now that antisemitism is the new norm among the left. It is over in Great Britain where Jeremy Corbyn has taken over the Labour Party.

The fact that Omar was able to take a victory lap is proof of this. It’s also proof that Omar’s careful denunciations of Israel, AIPAC and Zionism was carefully crafted behind the scenes. Of this I’m absolutely sure.

Secondly, I want to impress upon you, Dear Reader, that any regime that is not based on identity politics is bound to fail. Grievance groups that have nothing in common other than resentment of Western Civilization may –barely–constitute a majority at any given election cycle but they cannot sustain themselves as a ruling class. It’s impossible given the propensity of said grievance groups to devour each other.

Really, what did the liberals (many of whom are Jewish) expect when they opened up the floodgates to non-Europeans? Clannish Somalis and violent jihadists breaking out in one giant group hug with old-line WASPS and Unitarians singing kumbaya?

At present, the top of the victimology heap are transsexuals. And many homosexuals are not at all happy being replaced as the bright new, shiny object of the Democratic Party. Of course, blacks weren’t happy to be supplanted by homosexuals, and then Hispanics but that’s the nature of identity politics, isn’t it?

Liberalism, in its present, unreality-dependent configuration is based on nihilism, hence, it must by necessity be opposed to truth. And truth manifests itself in reality. They’re two sides of the same coin. As Ben Shapiro likes to say “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

So now here we are, at the end-stage of modern liberalism. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people if you ask me.

(At this point, I wish to inform you that I’m going to take the first week of Great Lent off. As such, I bow down before each and every one of you and say: “Forgive me brother/sister, God forgives and I forgive.” Your comments will continue to be posted.)


  1. GL Farmer says

    The Demokkkrats keep progressing.

  2. You’ve seen it all, hey, when the left jumps into bed with Islam. 
    You wanted rights for women, gays, animals, blacks and the environment? No. Just Christianity dead (along with the whole flippin’ planet)

  3. …Because I’ll tell you one thing: once the hammer well and truly falls  – if it well and truly falls – a person would want to be a whole lot more than just a woman, gay or black to avoid being a statistic. 
    Useful idiots I believe is the expression. 

    • Johann Sebastian says

      I’ve always viewed Muslims, with their social outlook, as being something of cousins to us.
      They jumped into bed with the Left because of the handouts promised them and so many others–on our dime. They will be disposed of conveniently once their purpose has been served.

      • George Michalopulos says

        While I do agree with you for the most part, I wouldn’t bet on that last clause.   The Romano-Celts (i.e. the Welsh) thought that once the Anglo-Saxons (whom they hired) were done driving the Picts out of England that they’d go back to Germany.   The Saxons thought otherwise.

        • I’m thinking that just as in Nazi Germany it wasn’t enough to be German, but you also had to not sympathise with the Jews, so it will be for women, gays, non-whites etc. If they can at least sit back and not interfere in Christian prison camps etc., they’ll be OK. But as soon as they become horrified at what’s going on, and start to harbour Christians or protest against their mistreatment or whatever, it’ll be lights out – the argument of being gay or whatever being useless to them.
          Put another way, I don’t think Christians will be alone in the prison camps etc. Nor do I think those keeping them (us?) company will be there solely because of Christian sympathies.

        • The angle shown half way through the short youtube clip linked below is one I haven’t thought of. And neither had I heard of this Linda Sarsour. Perhaps she’s no revelation to people who live in America.

  4. An accurate take from one of the most responsible commentators out there:
    As it happens Larison is also Orthodox.

  5. “Really, what did the liberals (many of whom are Jewish) expect when they opened up the floodgates to non-Europeans? Clannish Somalis and violent jihadists breaking out in one giant group hug with old-line WASPS and Unitarians singing kumbaya?”
    Bingo! It is exactly what they expect. Although I think that regular Muslims or Somalis are not so bad.

  6. Daniel DeLorenzo says

    I heard her speech, and heard nothing anti-semitic about it. She stated facts.

    • George Michalopulos says

      True enough.  However when taken as a whole, they play into traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes.  The point is that because she’s a Third-worlder, female and Muslim, she’s at the top of the victimology heap.  And she’s immune from secular, leftist criticism.  Make no mistake, had a white, Republican conservative said these exact same words and in the exact same sequence, he would have been hounded from office or the public square in a New York minute.

      And that is the point.

      And because she’s suffered no consequences, she has pushed the Overton Window way to the left so that these hurtful stereotypes can be discussed without repercussion.  As I said earlier, there is no doubt in my mind that she was carefully chosen to make these assertions and was coached behind the scenes.

      • George Michalopulos: “And because she’s suffered no consequences, she has pushed the Overton Window way to the left”

        Are you saying that criticizing Israel and defending Palestinians is leftist and antisemitic?

        • George Michalopulos says

          Not at all. I am of the opinion that no nation, institution, or person is above criticism. Israel and the Israeli lobby included. What I am saying is that Rep Omar has been given a pass. Her critiques are not without merit, however they do veer dangerously close to anti-Jewish tropes (“all about the Benjamins”, dual loyalty, etc.) When a white man (such as David Duke or Kevin MacDonald says them, they are condemned. When Rep Stephen King was accused of upholding white nationalism, he was stripped of all his committee assignments.

          Rep Omar has not suffered any consequences and in fact, has become (along with Occasional-Cortex), the moral arbiter of the Democrat Party.

          • Occasional-Cortex=Green is the new Red says

            Michael Savage is no Weiner. Best that radio has to offer.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      But I think that’s the point, Daniel.  Why is it some people can state facts and others can’t?  

  7. Monk James Silver says

    This post teaches ideas about the Bible, particularly in the theological areas of eschatology and soteriology, which are completely contrary to the authentically Orthodox Catholic Christian Tradition.

    Its contents should be ignored, and its author should meet with an Orthodox Christian priest as soon as possible in order to learn the meaning of the errors which he is spreading, and correct them in sincere repentance..

  8. cynthia m curran says

    Just read David Horowitz, Dark Agenda on the left attacking Christianity. Horowitz is an agnostic jew.

  9. A thought just occurred to me after listening to a talk about Islamic migration as Jihad. As we know, once upon a time, and for a long time, the Muslims just hacked their way into other people’s homes with the use of the sword.

    However, they basically stopped doing this and the reason given was that the West became too technologically advanced for the Muslims to compete. Makes sense.

    Enter the more civilised form of migration of the Mecca Koran and all that ‘you have your religion, I have mine’ kind of jazz; not to mention the need for passports, in most cases.

    However, with the coming threat of de-industrialisation (For the West), on the back of this climate change kaka, one wonders how much longer the West’s military superiority would be a deterrent to the Medina Koran.

    I’m not saying that climate change has been developed to disable Western military power, for the benefit of violent Islamic invasion, but I’m beginning to suspect that the latter could and bloody well would take advantage of it.

    After all, we’ve all but been disarmed in a verbal and written sense – thought crimes will come later – so why not militarily as well?

    To be fair, there’d need to be some serious scaling back before Western military started looking like a push over, but then again, those who want to see this happen are of course nothing short of radical. The ferocity with which climate change is forced down our throats, and the proportionate changes in policy it would surely bring, should be noted here.

    Gun control laws of course come under this de-militarization of the West, but i’d never have placed it in this context before now.

  10. George Michalopulos says