Turkey, the US, the Deep State and the Police State

Denzel Washington recently said something profound: “If you don’t read the newspapers, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspapers, you’re misinformed.” (He also refused to reveal who he voted for.) I’d say he hit the nail right on the head.

That’s something we need to bear in mind. I’d add a corollary: “Today’s villain was yesterday’s hero.”

These pithy thoughts are worth considering because at the end of the day, truth doesn’t really matter, not as far as the American Oligarchy is concerned. Soviet Russia was the greatest thing since sliced bread according to the intelligentsia not all that long ago. Holy Russia on the other hand is a murderous horde bent on gassing homosexuals and stealing elections. George Orwell said it best: “We are are at war with Eastasia and have always been at war with Eastasia.”

Don’t believe me? It was just last October when President Obama assured us that there was no way Russia could hack our elections. Now, it’s gospel truth that Boris and Natasha mass-hypnotized millions of Americans into voting for Orange Hitler. If that isn’t Orwellian, nothing is.

These precepts are best understood if we accept the fact that the Deep State exists. That’s actually a better phrase than Oligarchy. A true Oligarchy is apparent –think of the ephors of ancient Sparta or the Senate in Rome. Those men had real power and nobody begrudged them that. It was baked into the political cake. Moreover, there was a transparency to them in that they were known to one and all. If they passed a law, the people said “Oh well, the Senate ruled on such-and-such a matter”.

Ditto the House of Lords. No doubt it must have chafed some low-born fish-monger that the Fourth Viscount of Devonshire was an inbred ninny who only got that position because he was born on the right side of the bed sheets but at least you knew who he was. If you lived in Devonshire you could petition him for some grievance you had. You knew where he lived and who his family was. And being lords of the manor for generations, at least they cared for Devonshire. They, like the lowly fishmonger, his ancestors as well as the Lord’s ancestors, the rolling hills, forest and rivers were all part of the landscape. An oligarchy was a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. It made a certain amount of sense.

Don’t get me wrong, we Americans have Representatives in the Congress whom we could petition but thanks to the election of Donald Trump it’s becoming obvious that unelected bureaucrats really run the show. They’re actually quite brazen about it. Their mouthpieces are openly talking about doing whatever is necessary to remove the legitimately elected President of the United States. This is not an Oligarchy which is responsible to the people but a Deep State, one hidden within the bowels of the government.

This begs the question: why don’t we just end the charade, go ahead and tear up the Constitution and acknowledge the faceless horde that really rules us? Why not? More ominously, if these people aren’t going to play by the rules why should anybody else? Why should President Trump? Does anybody other than me see the problem with this? As our anointed President-in-waiting said in another venue: “what difference does it make?”

That’s a problem. Because if they don’t play by the rules, then we don’t have to either.

An Oligarchy is a product of an organic, hierarchical and tradition-based culture. The Deep State on the other hand is the concession to Enlightenment principles such as democracy and pluralism. The former is open, acknowledged and accepted. The latter is hidden, nefarious and thus more dangerous. Peerages and Senates are organic; Deep States on the other hand are artificial constructs and thus, ideological. Because we have been brainwashed by centuries of Enlightenment propaganda, we have to pretend that they don’t exist.

Think about it. No one really knows who these unelected people are; we just know who does their bidding. The flunkies we’re talking about are all compromised men. Think of certain well-placed Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham or ex-presidents like Bush the Elder and Bill Clinton. Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger spring to mind as well. Men always ready to hop on a jet and go hither and yon for some reason or another, ready to drop their pearls of wisdom to the cognoscenti at Davos or Munich or the City of London.

Now thanks to some clumsy acts of espionage, we know that the Deep State exists. Even the Corporate Media acknowledges as much. Thanks to the election of Donald Trump, the blinders are off and the mental filters that keep political discourse within the bounds of decency have all but disappeared. That’s a danger if you ask me.

First of all, what is the term “Deep State”? It’s origins are to be found in post-Kemalic Turkey. Mustafa Kemal (aka Kemal Ataturk) created the modern Turkish republic in the aftermath of the Great War. Most probably an atheist, he had no use for Islam and destroyed the Caliphate. His program was to create a Western-oriented Turkish society and to this end, he inaugurated massive reforms, among them removing the Arabic script and replacing it with the Latin alphabet. Turkey in his mind, would be an aggressively secular republic as well.

If you ask me, a Greek-American who was fed on Turkophobia with my mother’s milk, I’d of said that that was a tall order. Nay, an impossible task. Once Islam penetrates a nation’s consciousness and obtains majority status, it’s there to stay. That’s this poor little Greek boy’s interpretation anyway. My own biases aside, this was also Ataturk’s fear as well.

Admittedly, the reformist program which Kemal instituted was a relatively easy thing to do given the tumult of post-Great War Turkey. The Ottoman dynasty and its empire lay in ruins; its people were defeated and demoralized. As one of the few victorious Turkish generals, he had legitimacy in the eyes of the people and as long as he was alive, the Westernization process proceeded apace. Hence his cult of personality which was instituted by him and continues to this day.

The question however is: how does it go on? For all his megalomania, Ataturk knew he would not live forever. Enter therefore the derin devlet, or “the deep state”.

I first came across the concept of the Deep State when reading Steven Sailer. It intrigued me. The upshot is that Ataturk instituted this apparatus during his lifetime. It’s sole purpose was to guarantee the continuance of secularism after he was gone. The ultimate guarantor of Turkish secularism was to be the Army. Its officers were only to pay lip service to Islam.

The Army was not enough however. To survive, the Deep State was to be drawn from as many sectors of society as possible. Unfortunately, Islam is very much rooted in Turkish culture. Pluralism and Islam don’t really mix. In his day, only a select number of people actively believed in Kemal’s vision. Today, things are only marginally better in that regard.

That being said, rumors in Turkey have long abounded that the majority of those who make up the Deep State are the interrelated descendants of a pseudo-messianic cult that was founded by Shabbtai Z’vi, a Romaniote (Greek Jew) who in 1666 (or thereabouts) declared himself to be the long-awaited Messiah.

I’ll get into the particulars of Z’vi’s life some other time but for now it can be said that his cult was so popular that hundreds of thousands of Jews from all over Europe and Asia as well as a significant slice of Christians and Moslems joined his movement. His teaching, which today is known as Sabbateanism, was an amalgamation of Kabbalism and Islam with some Christian liturgical practices thrown in for good measure (including a eucharistic rite).

This of course was too much for Sultan Mehmet IV Avci, so he was summoned to Constantinople for a personal “interview”. The sultan gave him a choice: you can prove to me that you’re the Messiah by letting me cut off your head and then come back to life or you can renounce your messianic claims and become a Moslem.

Z’vi opted to keep his head. Immediately, he donned the turban and began traveling the length and breadth of the Ottoman Empire preaching pure, unadulterated Islam. This of course demoralized the overwhelming majority of his Jewish followers, most of whom migrated from the Pale of Settlement all the way to Palestine and who fervently believed his messianic claims. To this day, observant Jews calumniate his name.

A remnant however felt that this was part of God’s grand plan. They likewise decided to go into hiding as well and adopted Islam, just like their “messiah”. They chose to view Z’vi’s accommodation to Islam as a type of death and resurrection. According to most sources, some three hundred families remained loyal to Z’vi and began to officially practice Islam while secretly holding fast to some of the kabbalistic practices which he had taught. Such acts of crypsis were not unknown. The Jews and Moors of Spain who chose to accept Christianity in order to remain after the Order of Expulsion in 1492 for example, became known as Marranos and Moriscos respectively.

The majority of these continuing adherents were concentrated in Thessalonica (now northern Greece) and in time they lost the knowledge of their ethnic origins and became more normative in their Islamic observances. In the nineteenth century Masonic lodges were set up in Thessalonica and Istanbul and Enlightenment ideas infected them as well. It’s not coincidental that the significant part of those revolutionaries who made up the Young Turks came from this demographic. Some even claimed that Mustafa Kemal (who was born in Thessalonica) was himself descended from these crypto-Jews.

There are of course reasons why a secular society would need a Deep State to function. Oligarchies don’t really have an ideology whereas Deep States do. In the Anglosphere, Freemasonry served as the theistic ideology for the Establishment, minimizing religious differences and rounding out the rough edges of political discourse. It’s been said that the success of the British Empire was made possible because of the establishment of Masonic lodges in which native elites were welcomed with open arms.

As far as America is concerned, going all the way back to the George Washington, the vast majority of our civil magistrates have been Freemasons. Following the War Between the States, Masonic luminaries such as the Confederate general Albert Pike, helped institute a rapproachement between the North and the South. (I’ll bet you dollars to donuts his prominently displayed statue in Washington, DC won’t be taken down anytime soon.)

One of the hallmarks of a Deep State is the ease with which politicians who are officially at odds with each other are privately very congenial. We can take the aforementioned General Pike as an example. Despite being involved in the Secession (and thus subject to court-martial and execution), his access to the White House following the War was frequent and unremarkable. It’s worth to interject at this point that one of his grand schemes during the War was to raise a division of American Indians from the Five Civilized Tribes (in what is now Oklahoma) with him at their head and to go on a rampage on the Western Front, laying waste to the Union’s infrastructure and massacring civilians. Think about that for a minute and then wonder why he was never brought up on charges.

Ever since the War Between the States, the Establishment did what it could to embed themselves into the culture, if for no other reason than to ensure that such a violent occurrence would never happen again. That’s not a bad thing all things being equal. Given that the Constitution prohibited the creation of a hereditary peerage, a Deep State became inevitable. Thus secret societies served as the conduit for grooming the best men for this shadow government.

The problem however was that in time, the progressive Northeastern Establishment of the early twentieth century was overtaken by globalists who thought American nationalism to be passe. Cultural Marxist ideas also started infiltrating the body politic. The Deep State was not immune to these changes.

In addition, sometime after World War II, new international banking systems were put into place. Also, at the behest of multinational corporations, American military adventurism became more pronounced and frequent. But it couldn’t be described in such naked terms. “Democracy” and “human rights” –the ideals of the Constitution– became the watchwords of the new imperialism.

Today, that transnational system prevails.

In the ordinary, mundane run of things, the eradication of the nation-state and the loss of sovereignty makes no sense. A normal Establishment, one which cares about the stability of its culture, would not hesitate for an instant at expelling foreign agitators, much less considering importing foreign peons. Such a thought would be preposterous. The fear of being called xenophobic is not part of the mental calculus of Christian elites. Moreover, true nationalists do not seek to impose their nationality on others. Unlike our present elites, they actually do believe in diversity –for other nations.

Clearly we no longer live with an Establishment that looks out for the benefit of all its people. Why? because we live under a different Establishment, a Deep State that is unanswerable to anybody but itself. Thus, if viewed through this prism, the eradication of the American nationality, European traditions and Christian normality makes perfect sense.

If capital travels freely across borders to the benefit of the One Percent, then there’s no real reason for borders to exist at all. And if borders don’t exist, then people should move just as freely across them as does capital. After all, it’s a human “right” for people to go hither and yon, wherever their feet take them. It would be “racist” or “xenophobic” to hold to such quaint beliefs as defensible borders or giving the natives a say in the matter. Since it’s not answerable to the majority, why would these elites care about their concerns, the loss of their wages, the degradation of their public institutions and the increase in crime? This is a small price to pay avoid the stigma of being called a racist or a xenophobe.

This makes sense in a neo-liberal sort of way. To those who are already wealthy, the free movement of impoverished peoples is a boon. Besides the easy access to gardeners, landscapers and nannies, it allows profits to be maximized while costs are socialized. Hence the increase in wealth among the top quintile and the erosion of the middle class. In addition, the driving down of wages makes upward mobility more difficult.

Trumpism, populism, economic nationalism –whatever we deign to call it–threatens the entire neo-liberal world order. Thus we should not be surprised that everything and the kitchen sink is being thrown at the President. After all, we are witnessing the death-throes of the old order and they aren’t going to give in just because of some technicality like an election.

For the Deep State to work, it requires an ideology, one that is above the polity itself. Both America and Turkey have an ideology: in the US it’s multiculturalism; in Turkey, it’s Kemalism. As far as the elites are concerned, they both work just fine–for them.

Our concern here is with the United States. The Constitution, natural law and tradition are obstacles to the fruition of true multiculturalism. Thus the erosion of tradition, the contempt for natural law and the questioning of the motives of the Founding Fathers (“they were all racists”) have been a necessary prelude to the establishment of the internationalist world order. Throw in a little “white privilege” in order to keep the white folks thinking that they’ve have it too good for too long and there you go.

The election of Trump by the red states has thrown all that into a tailspin however. Unfortunately, rogue elements of the Deep State have exposed themselves too early in the game. The latest misstep was the release of classified phone calls between Lt Gen Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador. While it may have been impolitic of Flynn to discuss whatever it is that he discussed it was not illegal. What was illegal was the spying that took place and the release of that classified information to the press. Edward Snowden stands vindicated.

No doubt, the operatives who did so were acting in a misguided fashion based on their anti-Trumpist “principles”. To them, Trump is an existential threat to the United States as they understand it. Even “conservatives” such as Bill Kristol and Evan McMillan have come out and stated their contempt for the constitutional order of things. The law doesn’t matter, not for Banana Republicans. Think of how brazen that sounds, how Third World.

That being said, the repercussions of the sabotage of Flynn were not thought out. It not only alerted the new President to the fact that his phones are bugged but it alerted the Russians that their’s are as well. In both instances, the parties in question will do whatever they can to harden their lines of communication. I can see the Russians giving false information as well. Worse, it gave another injection of courage to the Republicans in Congress who are now actively calling for a full investigation into this matter by the FBI. The same FBI mind you which sabotaged Hillary Clinton’s chances for election. (See what I mean when I state that they didn’t think this thing through?)

It has not only taken incipient talk of impeachment off the table, but Section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment as well. Admittedly, talk of impeachment and Trump’s supposed mental instability have come from clowns such as Maxine Waters and Al Franken and Banana Republicans such as David Brooks and David “Axis of Evil” Frum. Unless Trump imitates Caligula and makes his racehorse a Senator, I’d say he’s insulated from their armchair psychiatry. Regardless, thanks to the criminality of elements within the Intelligence Community both of those options are off the table.

One option of course remains. In any event, it’s clear that we now live in a police state.

It’s been hilarious to watch prominent people openly calling for the military to execute a coup d’etat. Even unserious people from the field of what passes for entertainment such as Rosie O’Donnell and Sarah Silverman are calling for such actions. Others (such as Madonna) are calling for outright violence.

The unbridled glee by many on the left which erupted after the firing of Lt Gen Flynn is apparent to all. Unfortunately, their blinding hatred for Trump and his lieutenants has caused them to fall into a horrible trap from which they will not be able to extricate themselves when the time comes.

The defenestration of a civil magistrate by the police state is a terrible thing to contemplate, especially when criminal actions are used to do it. At least it is for those among us who are sane. Those of a more sober mien understand that after a time, police states exist for their own sakes. Our Founding Fathers knew that and that’s why they gave us a Constitution. That’s eighth-grade civics. Secret police on the other hand are a bulwark of the Deep State, it’s how they keep the masses in check. And Police States have a way of turning on the Elites. (See: Stalin, Joseph.)

What the liberals today don’t understand is that even Deep States evolve over time. I saw this firsthand myself when I visited Turkey several years ago.

Allow me a little reminiscence. My family and I made a pilgrimage to the Phanar back in 1999. Our host was an archdeacon whose mother was good friends with my mother-in-law. We had a wonderful time. If you ever get the chance to travel to Istanbul, I heartily recommend it.

Curiosity got the better of me. Being an American I sensed a latent “otherness” that went both ways. One that I never experienced in Greece or any other European city for that matter. True, the average Frenchman would just as soon spit on an American as easy as he would look at him but I never felt out of place in Paris, or London, or Athens or Rome. It was all part of something called “the West”. If push came to shove, I could relocate to one of those cities. I didn’t get that feeling in Istanbul even though it was Greek throughout most of its history.

Don’t get me wrong, the Turkish people were civil and the cuisine was outstanding. The architecture was something to behold. But everything was alien. There was a disconnect. Sure, I could read the signs, written as they were in Latin letters, but I couldn’t understand the words. I heard the Moslem call to prayer daily and yes, it was beautiful, but I knew that I was not in the West.

“What will happen when the Islamists take over?” I asked our host. “Won’t happen,” we were assured. “The Army is the guarantor of secularism. It’s in their constitution.” “Even if the people vote in an Islamist government?” “Even so.”

Being only a tourist, I let the matter drop. But something told me that the secularist vision of Ataturk wouldn’t stand for long. Mind you, I was still in my neocon phase. I believed Francis Fukuyama’s thesis that we were at the end-stage of history, in which pluralism and secularism would replace authoritarianism and dictatorship and that peace and prosperity would ensue.

But here’s the thing: for many cultures, constitutions are merely pieces of paper. Consider if you will France. During the same time that the United States of America has existed as a constitutional republic with the regular transference of power every four years or eight years, the French have had a restored monarchy, a commune, two empires, a Vichy government and five republics. And they’re not some savages living in mud huts.

The moral of the story? The Turks have voted in an Islamist government. Overwhelmingly and many times. Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman Islamicism is quite popular. Now, I’m not going to say that Erdogan has overturned the Kemalist reforms lock, stock and barrel but I will say that they’ve gone “back to blood”. We’ve seen the same thing in Russia, where three new churches a day are being built and the Bolshevik experiment is being viewed as a horrible nightmare, foisted upon it by greedy foreign bankers.

The reversion to tribe, ethnos and culture is going on pretty much everywhere. Given the impossibility of the multicultural experiment and the normal animosity that exists between peoples, it could not be otherwise.

So what’s a Deep State to do? Therein lies the rub: the ideologies that drive Deep States are not permanent. Our own East Coast Establishment went from being the racist, xenophobic, Americanist jingoism of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to open-borders, post-Christian multiculturalism in about three generations. Imagine if you will somebody going to Woodrow Wilson and saying something along these lines: “Thanks to you, women will have abortions on demand and homosexuals will distort the concept of marriage.” I imagine he’d bludgeon that person over the head with the nearest blunt instrument at his disposal.

I believe Turkey’s Derin Devlet has evolved from the Kemalic secularist vision as well. In other words, in Turkey, the evolution has been in the opposite direction, from Kemal’s secularism to Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman Islamicism.

In both the Turkish and American instances though, the police state apparat remains intact. Flynn was taken down because his portfolio was deemed incompatible with the designs of the War Party. Still, it was clumsy and exposed some serious fault lines. I believe fissures have opened up and that is why Trump has felt emboldened to go forward with his reforms. I’ve suspected something for a long time now, and that is that Trump is not a lone ranger, that he has some big players behind the scenes. And that these men are not averse to his brand of nationalistic Americanism. Think about it: he’s written close to twenty Executive Orders, all of them having significant economic and political repercussions. Only one has been challenged.

A confident Establishment does not behave in the reactive fashion that it has. The taking down of Flynn, the overreaction to Trump’s election, the open discussion of impeachment and/or Trump’s mental fitness this early in the game and the generalized daily conniption fits are not sane oppositional tactics. The rabid violence shown to Betsy DeVos and Milo Yiannopoulos makes it impossible for anyone in the moderate middle to remain there, much less join forces with the anti-Trump left.

A sane Democratic Party would have gone along with Trump; Congressional Democrats would have taken home pork to their districts thereby ensuring their reelection and then, after a year or so, started to question the legality of Trump’s actions or the stability of his mind. Instead, they’ve exposed for all the world to see a violent sense of entitlement that is repulsive to ordinary people. By coming out of the gate in such an unhinged manner, all they have done is harden his resolve and that of his partisans.

In short, the Deep State not only overreacted but overreached. We saw a similar thing happen in Turkey last summer, when a military coup against Erdogan was aborted. Immediately, neocons such as Ralph Peters were on TV heralding the dawn of a new era. Unfortunately, it all came to naught. Erdogan prevailed. In fact, it may have been staged by Erdogan to smoke out hostile elements in the Army. If so, it worked. Is it possible that Trump staged Flynn’s phone call to find out who the saboteurs in his administration were?

Here in America, self-important clowns like Evan McMillan and Bill Kristol tipped their hands the other day when they openly praised the espionage against Flynn. Kristol, ever the Trotskyist, openly stated that he preferred the normal, constitutional way of doing things if at all possible but would prefer governance “by the Deep State as opposed to the Trump State” any day of the week.

With that statement, the veil has been pulled back. He’s advocating sedition. That’s a crime. We’ve gone beyond laws being for the little people to why not just go ahead and close down the whole kabuki theater and be done with it? We’re almost at the “we’re your masters, deal with it” stage of things. And the Democrats and the neocons are OK with it.

The question for us however is, will the Deep State fail as it did in Turkey or will it prevail against the elected President of the United States? It can go either way.

Remember what I said earlier? That if one party doesn’t play by the rules that it absolves the other party from doing so? Somebody better get a grip and fast.

Trump for his part sees what’s at stake, or so I believe. Remember the day before the Inauguration? He staged a huge concert at the Lincoln Memorial. (Personally I wished he had gone to the Jefferson Memorial but that’s a story for another day.) At the climax, he led his family up the steps to the statue of Lincoln and gazed upon his visage. It was a dramatic moment. I believe he was telegraphing to his enemies that he knows what they want to do to him. I also believe he was telling them that like Lincoln, he won’t be afraid to rain destruction upon those who would divide the country with a coup.

Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m reading too much into that moment. Regardless, somebody better get a grip because if they don’t, it’s not going to be pretty.


  1. Peter Millman says

    From Pat Buchanan’s lips to your ears, George. It would be nice if you gave Pat some credit for your ideas along with VDare. Perhaps, there is even some plagiarism on your part.

    As far as the President in waiting, that would be Mike Pence- not Hillary Clinton. Also, your post is too full of conspiracy theories for my taste. Your allusion to a coup against the President is Conspiracy 101. Along with the other conspiracy theorists, I’m sure you believe the CIA killed President Kennedy. Any unbiased, logical, sane, rational thinking person who has studied the Kennedy assassination objectively will come to the inevitable conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. There is no conspiracy to ” take out the President.”

    President Trump is own worst enemy,and has given his opponents truckloads of ammunition to use against him. The state of Trump’s mental health is a legitimate question along with the question, ” Does he have the temperament and intellectual capacity to serve as US President?”

  2. Alas, I think that it’s just not going to be pretty.

    You see, everything is connected. The prospect of a Trump success is terrifying to the entire crit establishment. He has started with immigration and a few trade matters, but many, many people can see the natural consequence of his centrist economic policy – the infrastructure programs and the acceptance, even encouragement, of government redistribution so long as it is managed.

    The natural consequence of that is the demise of race baiting, feminism and perv rights. They have no sufficient base from which to derive power unless they are “suped up” by being on the side of the “redistributionist” party. But now, both parties are redistributionist. They will no longer be able to piggy back on class warfare. That’s the terrifying thing for them and for even most moderates.

    What this means is that a Trump success, even if it does not appear so very clearly at this point, inevitably leads to the end of feminism. It’s not that Trump has to take on feminism openly. It’s that he is cutting off its legs on the way to building a permanent Republican dominant party majority. The death of feminism is a bi-product.

    That is one reason why he is being so fiercely opposed by women and beta males. For them – even though many other folks can’t quite see it because they haven’t done the math – for those who have, Trumpism is apocalyptic. Imagine an absence of a constituency for feminism, only the tired old 20 percent, if that. That’s what you’ll have once the money starts flowing. You simply can’t get people to move or march for the Fem/Perv garbage unless there is money on the table, and the money factor will be neutralized under Trumpism.

    He has no opposition to redistribution from haves to have nots. He just won’t allow it to be contingent on gender, race or perversion.

    That’s the genius of it.

    Divide and conquer. They have no other way to unite, to gain power, other than to base it on their status as economic have nots. Take that away from them, make redistribution solely on the basis of economic status, and each of these groups has no natural allies in the other – unless you’re dealing with poor black lesbians, and there just ain’t that many of ’em (and if they’re no longer poor, who gives a sh*t about the rest of it?).


    Trump wasn’t just battling John Kerry, he was battling Theresa Heinz-Kerry. He’s not just battling John McCain, he’s battling Cindy McCain.

    Is that Deep State enough for you?



    Do you think those two betas could’ve gotten anywhere without their wives?

    Now, if you’re telling me that some of you are in the same situation, so be it. Alas, that age is coming to an end.

  3. Here is a more conventional explanation of the phenomenon:


    It’s seems pretty close to the mark if you allow for the limited perspective of the author. He can’t really be expected to wrestle with the dynamics of sovereign democracy and so the whole thing seems more fragile to him than is probably the case.

    Roger Cohen is more explicit and alarmist and, from his perspective, also fairly accurate:


    It is an exhilarating time to be alive, no?

    My nomination for Trump re-election theme song:


    • George Michalopulos says

      BTW, “Cowboy” is one of my ringtones!

      • George Michalopulos says

        BTW, thanks for linking those articles. And yes, Bildt is a fool. This is what happened “last night in Sweden”:


        What? It didn’t happen last night? Oh sorry: I guess Trump should have said “the night before” or “two weeks ago”.

        If that’s the proglib talking point, then we are seeing the implosion of the left in real time.

        • Yeah, it’s getting stranger by the day because they (the MSM) themselves can see that Fox and the rest of the conservative media are providing background so that people can understand what Trump is referring to without having to rely on MSM twists. It’s as if they just don’t care anymore, are preaching to the choir, and will simply turn up their false narrative to drown out all else.

          But they can only do that for themselves. They no longer have the power to occupy the field.

          Really, it’s over for them. They just can’t face it. Another American “demagogue” or someone sponsored by Russian state and nationalist media could do the same thing again if Trump got himself whacked. In going ballistic, they have sacrificed all credibility as to their objectivity. No one anywhere can kid themselves that the MSM is objective anymore. They’re not even claiming it, really.

          It’s just too beautiful for words and my heart is overcome with joy. When Trump “misses the mark” with respect to factual claims, we can look into it. We’re grown men and women. We know when something sounds a bit over the top. The important thing is that he gets the policy stuff right and he seems to be persisting in doing what he said he was going to do.

          He really should mess with McCain. Here is my suggestion. The next time McCain addresses him in the same location, Trump should inter-relate with him in the following fashion:

          John McCain (M): Mr. President, I . . .

          President Trump (T): Hi, John. Ok, what is Cindy concerned about now?

          M: Sir, I beg your pardon . . .

          T: John, turn up your hearing aid. I was asking what Cindy wants now. Obviously you’re here for a reason. She sent you over here for something. Spit it out.

          M: With all due respect, Mr. President, how dare . . .

          T: John, John, calm down. It’s just that I’m used to talking with the real person in charge, the one who writes the checks. I mean, seriously, all you’ve managed to do is get shot down and tortured. She made you. She owns you. So tell me, John, what does Cindy want?

          M: [apoplectic, red, fishing in his pocket for medicine], you, you, what the hell . . . I never . . .

          T: Hell, let’s get her on the phone. [Turns around and gives order to contact Cindy McCain]. Her boy can’t speak, we’ll take care of it . . .

          M: {in the midst of a stroke/aneurism] Argghhhh . . .

          T: Somebody get John a doctor . . . is Cindy on the line yet? Cindy, this is President Trump. Sorry about your husband, listen honey, what were you wanting for Arizona in the infrastructure bill . . .?

        • Apparently that never happened in Sweden at all:

          If moving goalposts were a sport, Mr. Michalopulos would be a perrennial All-Star.

  4. I still haven’t decided if the leftist dissecting every word coming out of President Trump is so bad. Annoying yes, but while the media, and the leftist debate, and protest, all Trump, all the time. Trump can go about his business in the big picture, while throwing out sound bites, to throw the left off, in things that really don’t matter, big picture. He did the same to them during the campaign, just scattering the press in a million directions, while he trucked on to take the presidency, and now hopefully take our country back from the loonies.

    Similar to father bull, and son bull on the hill staring at cows analogy. One of my favs is: Don’t step over a dollar, to pick up a nickel!

    The leftist are still a step behind, and a dollar short.

  5. The deep state has no power over acts of God, nor will it ever. It acts as if the Great Creator does not, in any of their considerations, consider God. Bad move for all. The 50 giga -ton methane burps will stupefy their mindset. Kissinger doesn’t have a clue about what to do about it, no anyone else. We have advanced notice, the bible prophesy’s. Live the Vision, it is the only Way to keep life.

  6. Joseph Lipper says

    Big election is scheduled for Pascha this year, April 16, for Erdogan’s referendum to redefine Turkish government and create a fascist presidency. One wonders what stunts he will pull to try to sway the election in his favour.

    Erdogan’s neo-ottomanism at work:


  7. George Michalopulos says

    These people (the Deep State and their media mouthpieces) can’t help themselves:


    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a coup actually did take place and the Constitution was torn up. Nor would I be surprised if a new state religion was proclaimed complete with a Curia and Grand Inquisitor.

    • “At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a coup actually did take place, and the Constitution was torn up.” NOW, NOW, George. Here we go again. Surely your joking, and I know your not Shirley, just acting like one. Look at the source, and the mouth pieces. Remember the Tea Party, with Obama’s victory, and all the home grown armed militias during Bill Clinton presidency? Of course you do, Oklahoma City was forever scared by Timothy McVeigh. Far left, far right, not much difference. Been there, done, that. Constitution will be fine.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Dino, if anything, the left’s gone even more unhinged;


        Just wait to see what’s gonna happen when their main opposition party (CNN) is taken down by O’Keefe. They’re going to be even more unhinged.

        Not good. (Still, I pray you’re right.)

        • I truly hope O’Keefe has got the beef on CNN. More exposure to their twisted propaganda, and drop in ratings, might change their tune. Then again they might just go full bore MSNBCism.

          Everything is playing out as planned. Don’t you think Trump expected a fight, when on day one he called out all politicians liars, and crooks at the first Republican debate? Did you think the left was going to let Trump slide with his comments about criminal aliens, walls, bans, leaked tapes and now as President the gloves are really off, no time for whining just counter punch baby.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Dino, this video is priceless. Not only does it prove that the only “Russian spies” in the US were HRC and John Podesta but if you go to 2 m 33 sec you’ll see that our old buddy Johnny “Songbird” Mack was cozying up to Vlad the Bad back in 2008:


            • Animal Farm is alive and well indeed. D.C. is den of liars, and extortionists. The D.C. club which includes the media, has been exposed. Love or hate Trump, and the internet, they have opened pandora’s box. What is truly frightening is we still know very little how the club really operates. I’m told they speak a different language in D.C. similar to mafia speak, but much more dignified.

              The gloves are off, in D.C. but so far no one is willing to expose, or break their Golden Goose, so long as she lays those golden eggs that they worship.

              One of my favorite lines in the Bible, “What is truth?”-John 18:38 Spoken by another ill fated politician.

    • Steady, George.

      “Deep State” is a term usually referring to the “permanent government” of intelligence service types that has more info than anyone else in the government (at least theoretically) and therefore knows “what’s really going on”, so to speak.

      Except, at this juncture, because it is such a momentous change in phronema, they are baffled and defensive. They are witnessing the United States move, by popular will, to a dominant party system because the two party system has not served American needs well at all lately. The Dems were going to let the oligarchs bleed the middle and lower class dry at the same time they were seeking a war in Syria with a nuclear power – Russia.

      They had no idea what to do. That’s how bad the crisis was, and is, and everyone is just getting their sea legs again. If they are smart, they will let Trump proceed and let the Constitutional process play out. That’s what a sane person would do if they looked themselves in the mirror and said, “I don’t know what the f**k this is but it’s momentous.”

      And if not, well, we don’t want to go there.

  8. George Michalopulos says

    Oh shoot! President Trump (that poor dear), he can’t help himself what with all his “alternative facts”. What did he say about election fraud in New Hampshire? Misspeaking again. NOT.


  9. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to just see how the money is flowing and how the people who manage money are viewing the unfolding situation. I mean, if anybody can get good intel, its the people with the gold.


  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/trump-administration-rolls-back-protections-for-transgender-students/2017/02/22/550a83b4-f913-11e6-bf01-d47f8cf9b643_story.html?utm_term=.ad10b2ce03ba

    It’s probably time to forthrightly address something which tends to come up in discussions with opponents of the current administration: How can a traditional Christian support Trump who is on his third marriage, open to gay rights, less than “respectful” at times to women, etc.?

    A politician is simply an embodiment of a policy – he is what he does. I neither suffer nor benefit from former President Clinton’s amorous adventures. Clinton to me is what his policies were and did. It was a mixed bag. Same with Bush, Jr. He may be a devout evangelical recovered alcoholic, who knows? But his policies are his legacy. The tree is known by its fruit.

    Trump, whatever his personal misadventures, utter arrogance, indelicacy, etc., has a list of policy prescriptions. The most important policy prescriptions for me, as a Christian, have to do with defeating the abortion culture, obviously. As Pope John Paul II so quaintly put it, a society which aborts its unborn children has no faith or hope in the future.

    Trump seems to be in line on that priority. He also displays no hostility whatsoever that I can discern to economic redistribution (welfare). In fact, he has gone out of his way to promise to protect certain safety nets as well as fund a massive infrastructure make work program to create jobs.

    In addition to that, he seems to be inclined to place tariffs on imports that are produced by MNC’s using low paid labor in third world countries. Outsourcing jobs has been a major blow to the economic security of the American middle and working classes. This is no small matter. What American elites have been advocating is that US and European based MNC facilitate Third World development by outsourcing production at the expense of the American middle and working class. Americans rejected that policy in the last election.

    Americans are generous people. However, charity begins at home. Wealthy Americans and Europeans could fund economic development in the Third World with their own money, producing products there to be marketed there. But that is not what they have been doing. What they have been doing is producing products there at low cost and marketing them here. And that is what China and other countries have done as well.

    That bleeds the American worker and harms the American economy, all to the benefit of Third World countries, China, Mexico, etc. So the question is what is the moral position here?

    The moral position becomes clear when you frame it that way. American and European elites were robbing “their own” people, profiting off of their misery, and using their misery to develop in the Third World – all the while patting themselves on the back. They were robbing them by outsourcing production.

    Close the circle and all boats rise. If the “circle”, the area where minimum wages apply, is defined as America, all boats within it will rise in accord with the production accomplished there. If the circle is defined as the world, the same thing happens, but on a global scale, much more slowly, and to the detriment of those workers in countries where the government imposes a high minimum wage.

    In my view, we really should take care of our neighbor before taking care of someone thousands of miles away. But, of course, I don’t profit from foreign production.

  11. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/reince-priebus-fbi-contact-trump-235351


    The thing that gets glossed over, of course, is that the FBI was telling Priebus that a NYT story about Trump’s people being connected with the Russian gov’t was just MSM propaganda. Instead the MSM tries to twist it into a story about Priebus exceeding executive authority in his discussion with the FBI.

    How stupid do these vermin think the American people are?

    This is just open warfare between the MSM and the Trump Administration and I love it. They are devolving into caricatures of themselves. They twisted things before but now they are openly lying and twisting so ferociously that any semblance of dispassion has disappeared.

    Great theater.

  12. George Michalopulos says
  13. George Michalopulos says