Time for Another Time-Out

Folks, please forgive me but it’s time for another of our periodic (and blessedly infrequent) time-outs.

Several things occasion it. First, work has been unbelievable brutal. Second, my spam folder has been growing logarithmically. That’s why some of your comments have not appeared. Certain words and/or phrases cause them to be automatically be put there and it’ll take the better part of a day to read them and restore them (as well as to remove all the “steel metal building” that pop up there.

Third, and most importantly, I would like to put to rest the stories surrounding the death of the young Scott Nevins to rest. I simply do not wish to reopen old wounds. For every recitation of facts regarding his tragic death that some of you may proffer there are alternative explanations that can counter those facts. And I simply don’t wish to be the arbiter.

So, unless there’s a major announcement from the secular authorities regarding this unfortunate tragedy, beginning today, I’m not going to allow any more commentary on this subject. I hope you understand.


  1. M. Stankovich says

    Noblesse oblige.

  2. Billy Jack Sunday says

    It is good that the subject of that tragic death is off the table here

    I would appreciate it if the overall discussions of the monasteries as well as their relationship to the GOA would be able to continue, however