Who Was Responsible for the Optics?

OK, Biden is clearly not in charge.  I’ve been saying for months that he’s basically a figurehead with others (read:  Obama) pulling his strings.  There’s no other way to believe otherwise.  His failures are so manifest that he makes Carter looks positively Reaganesque.  Even non-entities like Pierce and Buchanan look positively statesmanlike.  

I won’t bore you with the details, just try filling up your tank.  Also, take a gander at all the people living under a bridge the next time you’re on your way to work (if you have a job):  they’re  literally everywhere.  Remember Soylent Green?   Or Mad Max: Thunderdome?  (If you’re a millennial, The Hunger Games may be a more accessible cultural reference.)  We may not actually be there yet but I can definitely see it on the horizon.

And don’t get me started on the military humiliation that was our pullout from Kabul.  Seriously, don’t get me started on that.   

I could go on.  And on.  Like that castrati who he made a full admiral.  Things are spinning so out of control that it’s too tempting to take the Black Pill.  (With a chaser of hemlock.)

But enough of that.  Let’s get back to the speech.  What were his handlers thinking?  The optics were a absolutely horrible.  

First of all, from the outset, he could barely speak.  And then what was with the backdrop?  The red lighting were positively demonic.  With Reagan we had “Morning in America.”  Last night, Biden gave us “Midnight in America.”  As for his delivery, it was wooden for the most part.  The poor man thinks that by yelling the last syllable he was being Shakespearian.  Only he wasn’t.  

Then there’s the two Marines standing behind him.  Besides being a violation of the United States Military Code of Justice, it positively screamed fascism.  It reminded me of Emperor Palpatine declaring an Enabling Law before the Galactic Senate.  

This is democracy?  I think not.  This is not even a republic.  Unless you think a medal-bedecked Latin American caudillo dressed in epaulettes and sashes is your idea of republicanism.  As for the whole “uniting the country thing,” does he really believe that half of the population of this country are enemies of the state?  The only thing missing was the FBI rounding up random Republicans and frog-marching them into the nearest gulag.  

It was so mishandled that the only thing that makes sense to me is that Creepy Joe’s handlers have gotten ahold of some terrifying polling data and soiled their pants.  In any event, they made yet another unforced error.  Simply put, by invoking The Golden Don’s name as many times as he did, I suppose he was hoping that this would cleave off just enough “good Republicans” from the MAGA ones and hope that the GOP will only pick up ten or so seats in the House rather than fifty. 

As for the Senate, Cocaine Mitch has deliberately thrown in the towel.  The last thing he wants is to have to deal with MAGA Senators in his conference.  (Mitch:  be looking out for a sternly worded letter from me in the near future with a check for $0.05.) 

If nothing else, it’s crystal clear that the Deep State is terrified of Trump.  Nothing else makes sense.  Right now, I can easily foresee Trump getting forty states in ’24 without breaking a sweat.

I didn’t actually watch the speech (thank God, otherwise I would have pulled an Elvis and shot out the TV), but in the interest of keeping you all up-to-date –and amused at the same time–I’m going to bring you Tim Pool and friends who steeled themselves with hard liquor while they watched it for you.

God bless Tim and his crew:  they haven’t forgotten that one thing tyrants can’t stand is mockery.  Nor should we.

So, here it is!

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  1. The Democrats will come to regret that speech and mark it as the beginning of the end of their reign. But, really, it was just a symptom. There are those among Biden’s handlers who wish to go full fascist on the 80 million or so who rejected them and plan to replace them. But, judging by the popular reaction to the speech and Biden himself back peddling rapidly, they simply do not enjoy the courage of their convictions.

    They feel they can pick on J6 trespassers with impunity. The FBI felt like it could raid Mar a Lago without consequence. They even seized the cell phone of a sitting congressman. These, and Thursday night’s disgrace are all supposed to be telegraphing that the Right better back down or the liberals are going to go full fascist on them. They do not understand that it takes more than such trifles to intimidate a movement like MAGA.

    If they are not willing to shut down FoxNews, Newsmax, and OAN and if they are not willing to silence all opposing social media and arrest large numbers of MAGA Republican office holders and candidates on trumped up charges and/or suspend elections, then they’re going to lose. They’ve lost popular support. That’s how that works.

    I suppose we should be grateful that they are such gutless vermin. We could have a far worse problem on our hands.

    Well, only time will tell for sure. If they allow fair elections this November, I think that will be the point of no return. That will likely result in a Republican controlled Congress with enough MAGA members to ensure that any further coup activity is unworkable.

  2. McConnell is another big problem our nation becoming great again. He is a Communist Chinese asset just as Biden is. He is trying his best to destroy the GOP chances of regaining the Senate. He is behind the scenes working to undermine the MAGA candidates in the general election. He wanted them all to lose their primaries and now he is working to have them defeated by the Dems. He even came out and said he doesn’t think the Republicans will win it. No politician declares defeat even if it looks like their party’s chances are dire, unless they purposely want to depress the base from going out and voting.

    • George Michalopulos says

      100% correct.

      Here’s the dilemma with McConnell: because he kept Scalia’s vacancy open in 2016, this helped pave the way for Trump’s victory. Trump played it smart and assured principled conservatives (who were otherwise horrified by his persona) that he would only choose judges for the Federal judiciary who came from the Federalist Society.

      Not only that, but Trump (with McConnell’s help) shepherded the three wonderful conservatives to SCOTUS and another 300 to the Federal bench.

      It’s kinda like this: we wouldn’t have won WWII without Stalin. Having said that, I won’t be sorry to see the back of Cocaine Mitch when he cashes in his chips.

      • That entire episode is problematic. Merrick Garland must surely harbor ill-will towards Donald Trump. That he does not recuse himself from any action regarding DTJ shows how unethical a man he is.
        And Welcome Back!!!

  3. I have a different take: They just want us to *believe* they are terrified of Trump, and this is in reality part of the plan being rolled out—a set-up to get the masses to embrace the devil masquerading as an “angel of light” in “The Great Awakening” (be it a Putin or a Trump). Both are being cast as heroes opposite the lying villain, Biden. It makes for great political theater.

    I can deeply sympathize with and understand a preference for some of Trump’s policies, but I’m skeptical he’s really an outsider of the elites—the narrative that has been pushed (by mainstream “Mockingbird” media) from the beginning. The central bankers have certainly approved lending him lots of money over the years. Pictures of him happily golfing with Bill Clinton and Jefrey Epstein, photographs of him on the “Lolita express”, his casual reference to Epstein liking women “on the younger side”, his sexual remarks about his own daughter’s attractiveness… I think we ignore these details to our peril (not to mention the chilling Netflix documentary on Roger Stone and his role in developing corporate political lobbying and propelling Trump into politics). I’m not at all comforted by the company Trump has kept over the years, especially when Paula White, “apostle” and member of the “New Apostolic Reformation” demonic signs & wonders fame, was his spiritual advisor in the WH. .

    Biden is being outed as an obvious villain (thesis/problem), Trump is the solution (antithesis/response) and Trump retaking office and ousting the usurpers is the happy synthesis. It’s the same old Hegelian manipulation they’ve been playing on us for decades….Don’t fall for it, friends.

    “Put not your trust in princes, in the sons of men, in whom there is no salvation.”

    • I can understand your cynicism but must pass on it myself. It assumes the liberals are dramatically smarter than they really are and uncommitted to their stated objectives.

      They loved Trump right up to the point that he declared war on the Uniparty. Rewriting American foreign policy, undermining globalist international robber barons by reviving American manufacturing, sealing the border and ending Republican libertarian fiscal policy was a program designed to destroy the two party establishment. Trump’s Republicans were no longer willing to play the role of supporting foils, a mildly noticeable brake on inevitable liberal progress.

      The Trumpistas wanted to win the culture war, restore domestic industry and thus the middle class, end the Pax Americana which meant endless wars, and they were willing to break an already broken bank in order to do it, even reaching across racial lines. In short, they were not going to follow the professional wrestling script anymore.

      That was their grievous sin, and Trump’s.

      It was the right thing to do, of course. Trump could not have been naive enough not to know that if he were successful it would kill the Democratic Party and profoundly transform the Republican Party, ending American world hegemony. Why would you want “America First” when you can have “America Ueber Alles”? That is the question the liberal Deep State faced and their answer was decisive: Trump must be destroyed at all costs. They saw it as existential and, from their ideological perspective, they were right.

      But the fat lady has not even warmed up yet . . .

      Now, I am not MAGA. I am a Christian Nationalist of sorts – honestly, simply and Orthodox monarchist. However, in this age, at this moment, probably a dominant party system is the best we can do. That seems to be the pattern emerging in Russia, India, Poland, Hungary, etc. My main criticism of MAGA is that they are not rightist or ruthless enough. But they may be able to get the job done despite that. If the end result desired is a one-party state, steeped in tradition and nationalism, then perhaps MAGA is the first step in that direction.

      • Excellent points, Misha!
        What are your opinions on a monarchy that is not Orthodox? In Canada, I am a “loyal subject” of the British Crown. Our Prime Ministers are compelled to travel to Westminster, kneel and take an oath of loyalty to the Crown that overrides all other oaths, including those taken to Canada, marriages vows, etc. Like most Canadians, I had a great affection for HRH Elizabeth II. Every Sunday in the liturgy, I heard her named invoked and we prayed for her as our rightful ruler.
        I have to admit, though, that I thoroughly enjoyed watching President Trump ignore some of the protocols when he walked in front of her, asserting that Americans bow to no foreign power.

      • I certainly hope you are right, and I could be wrong of course, but I believe the Hegelian game is being played quite a bit higher up the political food chain than the Democratic party and ultimately perhaps more by principalities and powers than the human puppets they are manipulating (here and abroad). One psyop video series I have seen being spun for Q enthusiasts and heterodox conspiracy theorists, casting Trump as the “5D chess player” hero leading the way by invocation of the Insurrection Act to court martial of the traitors, reset of our banking system on the gold standard, return of all the trillions in stolen funds to “we the people” and then on to the next spiritual “Great Awakening” (a big theme in “New Apostolic Reformation” false prophecy and Christian patriot circles), is narrated by a Dutch woman.

        Things are beyond weird and creepy. I was well and truly freaked out by all the insanity well before Biden’s recent strident and threatening address with the ominous militarized backdrop.

        To me it portends something beyond merely human evil and intelligence at work in all this. Biden’s administration is something that truly evokes shades of C.S.Lewis’ vision in, That Hideous Strength.

        The only monarchy I see ever working out on this earth is the one we will have at the Lord’s Great Appearing. Current narratives, geopolitics, and political dynamics seem more poised to bring in another antichrist gov’t after one huge economic reshuffling (and depopulation) of the world, and if principalities and powers get their way, under a global Totalitarian gov’t. King Charles III is the human spearheader for this vision as articulated in a recent speech.

        I’m glad to know recent Saints in our Church seem to have foreseen a lot of what we are living through and at least one has said the Lord will intervene to strike this globalist effort down. May the Lord make it so!

    • As long as Trump does not come out against the vaccines, he will prove himself to be just part of the elite playing a big acting role, and taking all honest and good-natured MAGA folks for a ride. It was never liberals vs. conservatives. It’s globalists vs nationalists, and most of the Republicans were just playing the straight man to the Democrats while the wheels continue to move forward for the elites. We are bring played, people.

  4. Nelas Mariakis says

    Biden’s paternal grandmother, Robinette, was French. Blinken grew up in France. Their perspective is definitely Napoleonic, like Harvard’s John leDonne, Brzezinki’s doctoral student orchestrating European policy. But you need to be careful about our side. When I supported Reagan on Pershing Missiles against a “Freeze” and when I supported the Serbs in the 1990s, I met extremists on both sides. There were Greek communists on bicycles supporting the Freeze and American communists supporting the Serbs. But there were also nazi ratlines on our side, like Sotirhos Captive Nations Heritage Council henchman Radi Slavov. And when Molinari’s neighbor Sacirby got Giuliani foaming at the mouth against the Serbs, the nazi ratlines were everywhere with their Fatimas. Nazi ratlines were especially strong in around Werner Von Braun’s Huntsville Alabama NASA headquarters, and played a major role in reviving the KKK in the 1950s. They never forgave Jesse Owens. So, is either party infiltrated by these extremists? No. The extremist come in stealth. But the extremists also influence by stealth, spreading little lies until they avalance. I got no problem being anti-fascist and anti-communist at the same time, just like I do think Black lives matter, and so does every other life. I’ve seen cops beat up black kids. And when I came back from Greece all tanned, my dirty blond hair didn’t protect me from bigots. So, don’t give in to the nut jobs on either side.

    • Wow. What a blast from the past. Names I haven’t heard in forty years. Has there been a more demonized and persecuted group of Europeans that the Serbs? It is a peculiar thing that I found myself defending Milosevic, the communist atheist. When discussing the Holocaust, it is vital to stress Jasenovac and how this atrocity shaped the Serbs.

  5. Anonymous II says

    Leaked Documents Expose Ukrainian Attempts to Destabilize Russia, Draw NATO into Full-Scale War with Moscow

    The best defense is a good offense. So goes one of the oldest principles of international relations.

    And as Ukrainian documents now at the disposal of the media show, Moscow apparently had something to defend itself from when it launched its offensive in Ukraine. Over the past eight years, Kiev’s military and special services have been preparing numerous operations aimed at undermining Russia’s international ties, and internal peace itself.

    In June, a hacker Telegram channel dubbed ‘Beregini’ published the action plan of the Information and Psychological Operations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO).

    According to official information, the tasks of this unit include working with the population of foreign countries, creating agent networks, and infiltrating special services and military organizations to conduct espionage and destroy people who pose a threat to the Ukrainian government (including in other countries), as well as preparing coups and the overthrow of regimes.

    The SSO plan was prepared back in 2017, and this is just one of many similar secret documents created by Ukrainian spooks. It was just one that became public. But the presence of these plans and the real political and military steps taken by Ukraine, which coincide with SSO programs to a surprising extent, indicate that KI’ve has been actively carrying out anti-Russian activities since at least 2014, when a Western-backed coup took place in the country.

    Sowers of Unrest
    When studying the Ukrainian plan from 2017, the first thing that catches the eye is the variety of operations aimed at creating a split in Russian society.

    Operation ‘Zaslon’ describes a scheme to influence the family members of Donbass soldiers and militiamen, as well as Russian army personnel. The operation’s main goals include blocking military units and encouraging desertion and resignations in the militaries of ‘Eastern,’ the document’s code word for Russia and the Donbass republics.

    In the event of an outbreak of hostilities, a transition to Operation ‘Bolotnaya Square’ was planned. This consists of cultivating distrust of Russia’s military and political leadership among the country’s population, as well as fomenting dissent “against the aggressive policy of the ‘Eastern’ president and his entourage,” in order to incite mass protests.

    Ukraine’s actual actions confirm the authenticity of these plans. Even after Crimea’s reunification with Russia, Russian citizens could be found who sided with Kiev.

    It is noteworthy that in 2018, a fake news story claiming that 300 people had died in a fire at Kemerovo’s Winter Cherry shopping center originated in Ukraine. No less revealing is the story of a Ukrainian Special Forces employee who called on Russians to protest against “pension genocide,” but forgot to change his Ukrainian IP address.

    Goal: Undermine Morale
    The number of Ukrainian sympathizers in Russia is unlikely to have increased this year. Sociological studies indicate that citizens’ support for the Russian government has only been growing. By the beginning of the summer, 72 percent of Russians supported the military campaign, while Russian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity rating had risen, settling at 82 percent.

    But if Ukraine has failed in killing support for the offensive, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t tried. For example, the command of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces has been implementing the ‘Smuta’ project since January of 2022. The documentation contains a detailed report on materials published in the Russian media and social networks aimed at destabilizing the country, provoking discontent among its population, and discrediting the authorities.

    After the outbreak of hostilities, Operation ‘Steppe Wind’ was activated. As stated in the SSO documents, its task is to demoralize the enemy and create tension between the Russian military and DPR and LPR fighters. According to Oleg Matveichev, a professor at the Higher School of Economics, “in fact, there are about 80,000 accounts maintained by Ukrainian students [on the Russian-language internet], but they pretend to be locals: ‘ordinary residents’ of Penza, Kurgan, Chita, and Khabarovsk.”

    Relatives of Russian servicemen have been terrorized by telephone scammers who report the death of their loved ones in Ukraine or demand money for their “release from captivity.” As reported by ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova, relatives of Russian soldiers have also received videos showing prisoners being abused.

    The Ukrainian special services have created several Telegram channels, where unverified data on Russian casualties and prisoners is published. The Ombudsman also said she has received more than 100 appeals concerning prisoners of war, of which about half have been confirmed.

    ‘Gentle Dew’ of Grads
    Operation ‘Gentle Dew’, which is aimed at residents of territories not controlled by Ukraine, deserves special mention. Its mission is to “form pro-Ukrainian sentiment among the population of the occupied territories and encourage protest movements directed against the ‘Eastern’ and the occupation authorities.”

    However, there has been no success in implementing this plan. The main reason for this lies in the difference between Kiev’s and the Donbass republics’ views on and approaches to the possible reintegration of the regions with Ukraine. In March 2021, President Vladimir Zelensky signed a decree approving a ‘Strategy for De-occupation and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol.’ The document, which consists of 158 paragraphs, will give you an idea of how the authorities in Kiev intend to treat the residents of the regions that have left Ukraine.

    The document proposes to exclude persons who “were part of or collaborated with the occupation administrations” from holding any position in government or civil service. This is a very wide range of people, ranging from members of the 2014 referendum commissions to teachers and doctors working in municipal schools and hospitals.

    ‘De-occupation’ also involves extending the statute of limitations on criminal cases that were conducted by Ukrainian police before the referendum on the return of Crimea to Russia, as well as pursuing criminal cases within the competence of the Security Service of Ukraine.

    Translated from legal to layman’s language, this means purposeful persecution of all officials who worked in Crimea in February 2014, as well as participants in mass rallies supporting the reunification of Crimea with Russia, volunteers who helped DPR and LPR residents during the civil war, and so on.

    While opening opportunities for the residents of Crimea and Donbass to study at Ukrainian universities, Kiev refuses to recognize any educational documents obtained on the peninsula. The question of whether these conditions will make residents of Crimea and Donbass want to return to Ukraine is purely rhetorical.

    While it is unknown whether the SSO intends to continue implementing its plan to foster pro-Ukrainian sentiment among the residents of Crimea and Donbass, we do know for sure that the Ukrainian side sharply increased its attacks on cities in these regions after the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation. So far, this ‘Gentle Dew’ has only fallen on the region in the form of MLRS Grad shells and Tochka U missiles.

    On the Hills of Manchuria
    Ukraine’s SSO has also carried out several special operations in the foreign policy field. One of them is operation ‘Caspian’, whose purpose is to sow and deepen disagreements between the Russian Federation and certain ‘Fawn,’ which are presumably countries in the Caspian region. The operation is to be considered successful if it leads to “actions indicating the refusal of ‘Fawn’ from interacting with ‘Eastern’.”

    In general, it is difficult to assess where the line lies between Ukraine’s efforts to disrupt Russia’s relations with its partners and the natural difficulties that arise in the dialogue between any countries. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that during the riots that took place in Kazakhstan in January this year, at least some of the protesters’ actions were coordinated with Ukraine, where Kazakh oppositionists found refuge.

    Operation ‘Manchurian Hills’ aims to worsen Russia’s diplomatic relations with the countries of the Far East. This Ukrainian special services’ plan has been designed to persuade Moscow that its eastern neighbors are potential threats, thereby provoking Russia to increase its military presence in the region.

    If we analyze the content of the ‘Strategy of Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Activity’ adopted in July 2021, we can see not the defensive, but the aggressively offensive nature of Kiev’s foreign policy actions. For example, to offer experience “acquired over years of countering Russian aggression” to NATO countries and the Baltic-Black Sea region.

    Or to assist in fighting Russian “disinformation” in neighboring countries, to support the “people of Belarus,” to “democratize” Russia itself, and to strengthen “pressure on and deterrence of the Russian Federation on the basis of a broad international coalition.” This, by the way, is also included in SSO plans called ‘The Voice of Reason’.

    Even in bilateral relations, where Ukraine should seemingly focus on developing trade, industrial cooperation, and cultural exchanges, the Foreign Ministry is tasked with “ensuring support from African and Middle Eastern states in countering the aggression of the Russian Federation.”

    Since the outbreak of hostilities, Ukraine has been trying to present Russia’s actions to the ‘international community’ as an attack by a great power on a small state that is unable to defeat the huge Russian army because it has never had aggressive intentions either against the Russian Federation or any other country. This statement is refuted by ‘Ukraine’s Military Security Strategy’, which states in black and white, for example, that KI’ve may enter into a war with the Russian Federation if Russia tries to “keep the Republic of Belarus in its sphere of political influence.”

    The goal of Ukraine’s accession to NATO is also clearly outlined. Of course, as a sovereign state, Ukraine has the right to join any international organization. But the issue is that Kiev sees the goal of NATO membership as the US-led bloc’s participation in a war against Russia.

    This has been confirmed by an adviser to the president of Ukraine, Alexey Arestovich, who, in explaining the purpose of the DEFENDER Europe 2021 exercises, stated that “in the waters from the Baltic to the Black Sea, we are working out – let’s not beat around the bush – how to carry out an armed conflict with Russia, a war with Russia.”

    Although, back in 2017, the SSO created a ‘Voice of Reason’ plan, which included a task to ensure that “statements confirming readiness to negotiate a peaceful settlement of the situation” appeared in the West. In fact, the West never rejected this idea.

    After the outbreak of hostilities, it was Kiev that refused peace talks, preferring to wage war with Russia. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky repeated this policy line in Paris, stressing that the conditions for negotiating with Russia hadn’t yet “matured,” as he wanted to take a “stronger position.”

  6. George Michalopulos says

    This really doesn’t belong here, but at least some Greek monks are standing up against the covidian religion:


  7. George Michalopulos says

    Y’all GOTTA watch (or read) this excellent speech by our good friend Jim Jatras:


    • Jatras has a way with words and he certainly is aware of the pathologies and dangers. I saw the wave of nationalism coming long before February 24th. Russia, Poland, Hungary, AfD in Germany, Brexit, Swedish Democrats, Le Pen, etc. – and MAGA. The world is increasingly interconnected. The Right is no exception. Countries like Russia, China and India can emanate propaganda without the danger of being internally undermined by external forces. The West cannot. It is belatedly attempting some limited censorship but to little avail. Nationalist regimes, united in purpose, emanating a common message and impervious to internal subversion due to govt control of internal media, have a permanent advantage in the world marketplace of ideas.