Sodom: Russia Resists the Rise of the Homosexual Cult

sodomEvery now and then, things get hot and heavy on Monomakhos when certain topics get brought up, especially those having to do with cultural issues and how they impact society and/or the Church.

Homosexuality is definitely one of those topics.

Personally, I’m a live-and-let-live type of guy. Always have been, always will be. Unfortunately, the growing acceptance of homosexuality has not been reciprocated. For all intents and purposes, we are in the grips of a totalitarian cult that not only threatens our domestic tranquility but international peace.

Certainly we cannot discuss the ramifications of sodomy, feminism or licentiousness in a reasonable fashion in the public square anymore –just ask any politician who has dared to question the modern orthodoxy. Or any academic who has dared to question the immutability of homosexuality. Invariably they are deprived of their livelihoods in a nonce. If this isn’t the spirit of totalitarianism, then nothing is.

Fortunately, such a brown-shirted spirit has not overtaken Christ’s Church. This blog –which operates within the parameters of an authentically liberal mindset and continues to be informed by an Orthodox phronema–will continue to stand against the culture as it continues its slouch towards Gomorrha.

It’s not been easy. Truth be told, if it weren’t for the resurgence of Orthodoxy in the former Soviet bloc, I’d say that it would be well-nigh impossible. I dare say that it’s even possible that the Cretan Robber Council would have already ratified “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” in its pronouncements.

This is not to say that the churches of the former Soviet bloc are perfect. However, you fight with the army you’ve got. In this spirit, I ask you to watch the following movie. It is well-made, well-sourced and entertaining. Whether you agree or disagree with it or not is beside the point. What is parlous for me as an authentic liberal (in the Jeffersonian sense) is that there is no way in hell it could have been made here in America.

I would even go so far as to say that none of the major Orthodox jurisdictions in America would have even thought of producing such a video. I could be wrong. Regardless, it was made and unapologetically so. It’s worth seeing.

It’s disturbing, yes. But the nihilistic spirit behind licentiousness is disturbing as well and we must understand that too.

P.S. I didn’t make it clear, but the new restrictive “three comments/day” format should have been “three comments per topic per day.” In other words, you can write up to three comments per any particular blog posting on any given day. Please forgive me for not making that more explicit.

Source: Russia Insider


  1. Cynthia mae Curran says

    Personality, George there needs to be another happening like the Jesus Movement of the 1960’s and 1970’s which got people back to a more conservative view on homosexuality. In fact this time Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants can do another Jesus Movement like it was in my teens.

    • SleeplessInNY says

      The Jesus Movement? You’re what’s wrong with Orthodoxy. Keep your Protestant baggage; we have enough already.

  2. Focused on the Family says

    Couldn’t have been made in America? These kinds of videos are a dime a dozen among American social conservative groups. “Light Wins: How To Overcome The Criminalization Of Christianity,” came out just last year, and attained some notoriety due to a couple of GOP presidential primary candidates appearing in it. Let’s not go overboard with the hyperbole here.

  3. I tend to avoid the topic if possible. It is a distraction from more important matters for the most part. The Church’s teaching is clear. In Western democracies, the policy regarding homosexuality has become very progressive; i.e., tolerant, liberating, etc. That seems to be the policy promoted by the Davos crowd and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well.

    This will not go over well across large swaths of the earth. Russia and Eastern Europe generally reject this policy as do the Islamic and African worlds. Asians as well seem to have problems with it. In that regard, it simply fuels the fire against the expansion of Western influence and culture – i.e., globalization.

    I suppose this is as it should be. The Western side taking up arms to promote feminism and the normalization of sodomy, the Islamic world taking up the scimitar and many other conventional and, eventually, non-conventional weaponry to fight against it. Shakespearean, operatic . . . I know, a Greek tragedy!

    “And Caesar’s spirit, raging for revenge,
    With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
    Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice

    Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war;
    That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
    With carrion men, groaning for burial.” – Julius Caesar, Act 3, scene 1

    In the immortal words of Tony Soprano:

    “Cunnilingus and psychot’erapy have brought us ta dis’!”

    • Peter Millman says

      Wow! Our dear vainglorious friend, Misha, is the first and only person to quote Shakespeare and Tony Soprano in the same post. Be careful, Misha. ” Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”
      Oh, by the way, Misha, when you quote Shakespeare, you’re not supposed to say you’re quoting Shakespeare. It sounds haughty.
      All the best, my friend.

      • I was prepared to plead guilty to vainglory but I’m not sure it hits the mark, though I see where you’re coming from. It only seems as if I’m taking pride in what I’m doing here. Subjectively, it feels more like contributing. Like a cat bringing home mice, though some of his human cohabitants be not amused.

        I was shooting for contrast, I think, between Shakespeare and Chase. Chase is an existentialist, after all . . .

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    “Couldn’t have been made in America?” Possibly, but it was made FOR America. Unfortunately, they used someone to read the text who wasn’t that good at English! For example, he pronounced debauchery as “debawkery!” Most Americans know the Bible, too, e.g., that the Holy Scriptures make no mention whatsoever of any sexual practices involving children in Sodom, but the narrator’s script claims there are such mentions!
    Interesting that the intro shows a belief that the Dead Sea is the burial place of Sodom & Gomorrah. In Iran, there’s a large desert called the DESERT OF LOT. Who’s right?

    Some American anti-Russian propagandist might want to make a similar show about the dishonesty of the Russian Federation’s establishment in maintaining a news blackout about Russian homosexuality extending from Tschaikowsky through Gumilev, to Vladimir Putin himself, who felt so threatened by Litvinenko’s exposure of Putin’s PAEDOPHILIA, THAT HE HAD HIM BUMPED OFF THROUGH POLONIUM POISONING as the recently concluded official investigation in England has shown!
    A much more intelligent and less sensational condemnation of homosexual practices may be made without involving nationalism and chauvinism! I’m speaking of our Tradition, which is not obviously problematic by this small cog in Putin’s anti-American LOW GEAR!
    TANGENTIALLY, many feel America has been sodomized by Israel and Saudi Arabia from 9/11 until today!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      RE: “. . .Litvinenko’s exposure of Putin’s PAEDOPHILIA”

      All because of this picture. . .

      It’s an odd picture.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Gail, that’s it? That’s the origin of the good bishop’s contention that Putin may be a paedophile? My God! I used to blow on my babies’ tummys all the time when they were little.

        • Reality Checker says

          Why ask Gail? Another example of your poor judgment in selecting sources (not that Gail is a poor source per se but that in asking Gail** you seem to privilege the reliability of a mere assertion about the source for some content in the Bishop’s post — in the process clearly discounting the strong likelihood that she simply misunderstood his post and its sources — over the Bishop’s credibility and that of his sources.

          Ask Bishop Tikhon. Or ask Google. Hint: that picture is not the origin.

          **If you’re asking her semi-rhetorically, then that would be another example of deceptive rhetorical technique in essence — in addition to its being an example of (relatively) poor source selection, when you could have directly consulted the horse’s mouth.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Yes. Unless His Grace has more to add, I think this picture was it. His Grace did not say he agreed with Litvinenko’s assessment; only that this was purportedly the reason Litvinenko was poisoned. There are many articles out there saying the same thing.

      • Does anyone feel uncomfortable with this? I’m not Russian – is this typical? It does seem?!?!?!?!

    • This is the kind of bottom feeding sub-sewer filth wallowing that renders Vladyka Tikhon a disgraced retired bishop, comparable to Lev Puhalo. OCA does seem to be a burial ground for such types.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        Misha, name calling, such as yours here, is no substitute for intelligent discourse. Read the final, recently published concluded investigation by HerMajesty’s government into Litvinenko’s assassination, the conclusions of which I have reported here. I do not consider reading Great Britain’s official documents to be “bottom-feeding sub-sewer filth.”
        Oh, by the way, if I’ve been buried by anybody, what’s this post you’re reading? I retired voluntarily, like my namesake, Our Father among the Saints, Tikhon, Bishop of Voronezh, Wonderworker of Zadonsk, but that Saint put diocesan administration behind himself rather sooner than I. What’s your family name, Misha, or are you ashamed of it? If you are, I won’t push it….

        • Is our Misha a Russian or a faux (or a generation or two or three from Mother) Russian into our western filth and degradation?

        • Pdn Brian Patrick Mitchell says

          Trust the British? You’ve got to be joking. They are masters of deceit and not above political assassination — of Americans, even:

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Ever hear of “Poisoning the Wells”, O Protodeacon? If so, how does it apply to your reference to UNZ.COM? Is UNZ.COM the reliable medium you found amongst the rest of the awful media? There’s such a medium out there for everyone, I would tend to pass on it because of one red flag—fascination with origins of Ashkenazi Jews! Reference to that not-so-burning-question is ALWAYS an indicator. The author of “Darkness at Noon” has a lot to answer for… Why not read the British report for yourself rather than seeking out a media mommy to rely on?

            • Pdn Brian Patrick Mitchell says

              Unz is Jewish, and if you did a little research you’d find out that he’s not some nut you can easily dismiss, unless you really truly want to mislead people.

              And of course, in attacking Unz you are avoiding dealing with the well-documented facts of British deceit applied against Americans to get the U.S. into both World Wars, not to mention our Balkan interventions and invasion of Iraq. No, Her Majesty’s Government is not to be believed.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Dn Mitchell, thank you for beating me to the punch and pointing out that Mr Unz is Jewish.

      • M. Stankovich says

        Wow, Scott, and here I was so confused with this whole having “conquered the passions” and settled into being a “worm under the foot of the Lord” business and all. But wait… Recalculation. I am struck by the words of St. John Climacus, “A good grape picker chooses to eat ripe grapes and does not pluck what is unripe. A charitable and sensible mind takes careful note of the virtues it observes in another, while the fool goes looking for faults and defects. It is of such a one that it was said, “They have searched out iniquity and died in the search.” (Ps. 63:7) You are, in fact, something of a rodent.

        You apparently are struggling with the basic human filter that suggests that every dumbass thought that passes through your apparently “bored” mind is not appropriate for general consumption, and as St. Climacus appropriately concludes, “You can always recognize people who are malicious and slanderous. They are filled with the spirit of hatred.” What a pitiful, lamentable state of life if you actually feel “empowered” speaking in such a fashion to an 84-year old man. no less, and a Hierarch of the Orthodox Church. Feel shame for you? You are a punk-ass internet bully.

        • Pat Reardon says

          You are a punk-ass internet bully.

          Well, Misha does inspire a certain measure of eloquence in his critics.

          • M. Stankovich says

            Might I add that I too very recently enjoyed your Reclaiming the Atonement. Compliments.

          • Yes, I can feel the love in the cyber room.

            All in stride No autopsy, no foul. Just a “frank and open” exchange of views.

        • Vladyka has made a sad spectacle of himself. The entire internet knows it. One has but to “google” his name. And a spectacle with a nasty imagination as well.

          Is it not kind to point this out to him?

          As to dispassion, the printed word does not convey the spirit in which the comment is made. One reads emotion into it. Vladyka Tikhon brings shame on the Church by compromising its teaching on abortion, homosexuality, etc. and by making unfounded allegations of pedophilia against the leader of Russia for political purposes.

          Do I hate him? Not at all. He has little if any power at this point. He harms himself and makes a stain on the fabric of the Orthodox Church. But it will survive. It has survived much worse disgraces.

          • M. Stankovich says

            If I read St. Climacus correctly, Scott – and you know I do – you are also something of a known, predictable quantity. As he says,

            Listen to me, all you accountants of the faults of other people, listen well, for if anything is certain or or true, it is this: “You shall be judged with the judgment you have used yourselves.” (Matt, 7:2), then whatever sin of body or spirit that we ascribe to our neighbor we will surely fall into ourselves… To pass judgment on another is to usurp shamelessly a prerogative of God, and to condemn is to ruin one’s soul.

            And you ask, “Is it not kind to point this out to him?”

            I have rebuked people who were engaged in slander and, in self-defense these evildoers claimed to be acting out of love and concern for the victim of their slander. My answer to that was, “Stop that kind of love, or else you will be making a liar out of him who declared, “I drove away the man who secretly slandered his neighbor.” (Ps. 100:5) If, as you insist, you care for that man, then do not be making a mockery of him, but pray for him in secret, for this is the kind of love that is acceptable to the Lord. And remember – now I say this as something to be pondered, and do not start passing judgment on the offender – Judas was one of the company of Christ’s disciples and the robber was in the company of killers. Yet what a turnabout when the decisive moment arrived!

            I have no idea as to your remedy, Scott, but you are out of control. And Mr. Michalopulos, you do him no service by continuing to post slander – not in terms of this world, but in terms of the Holy Fathers.

            • “And Mr. Michalopulos, you do him no service by continuing to post slander – not in terms of this world, but in terms of the Holy Fathers.”

              “Daddy, daddy!!, Bobby hit Timmy with the yardstick!!”

              What a jagged little pill you are, Stankjoshka!

              • M. Stankovich says

                And what a helpless addict you are, Scott. For as many times as you and your shadow Michael Warren say you will no longer take “the pill,” ah, hook, line, and sinker “da both of yez.’ Vladyka Tikhon’s comment regarding “Russian poseurs led me to imagine “Boris & Natasha” in the old, beloved “Rocky & Bullwinkle” cartoon of my youth: “Get moose & squirrel!” I’ve been laughing for days! And how fascinating that neither of you see that you continuously tangle with people who seem to annoy you more for what they are – intelligent, thoughtful, and accomplished – than what they say. Annoying all the right people, Scott? Turnabout is fair play! Welcome to Freud’s night at the movies… Care for a cigar?

              • You claim to be Russian so you should understand this: You are некультурны.

                • Carl,

                  It’s “некультурный”. You forgot the “i kratkoje” on the end. And I doubt you understand the significance of what you attempted to write. But when you are dealing with those accustomed to abomination, perhaps barbarity is in order.

          • I thought only Donald Dumpster used “google” to validate his profound thoughts.

      • Pat Reardon says

        This is the kind of bottom feeding sub-sewer filth wallowing that renders Vladyka Tikhon a disgraced retired bishop,

        The disgrace clings to the person who publishes such a comment about a bishop of the Church.

        • Father Patrick,

          Said disgraced bishop is spreading unfounded rumors that the President of the Russian Federation is a pedophile, among other nasty filth. I was right to say it and he is beneath contempt in his current proclivities, consecration or no consecration.

          One cannot be defamed with the truth.

          • Thomas Barker says


            The key to keeping His Grace on an even keel is to avoid drawing his mind into that deep well of memories that transport him back through time to his youth. Don’t mention seminary or the Air Force. Nostalgia is crystal meth for the elderly.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Misha, did I say Putin is a paedophile? When, where? As for spreading any rumor, how is quoting an official British government inquiry repeating a rumor? The British government investigated the assassination by polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko by Andrei Lugovoi and provided us the motivation for it If you’d like to be better informed, I recommend you obtain and read Luke Harding’s book, “A VERY EXPENSIVE POISON: The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russia’s War with the West.” Guardian Books, London. 2016. Misha can’t stand any revelation that the Russian Federation under the presidency-for-life of V.V. Putin is more like a Second Babylon than a Third Rome, with an immorality rate exceeding any in the West. The “historical, Holy” Russia is almost as much “in the catacombs” as it was in Warren’s “glory days!”

          • The dislike of Putin is an opinion that is easily formed. He is well known as a thug and by some as a murderer. Polonium is not something usually carried at George’s drug store. It is a state murder weapon, almost unequivocally.

            I very much doubt Bishop Tikhon has ever considered having anyone killed in his internet rants.

            The scales are not tipped in your favor Misha.

            Let it rest.

            • Anonymous,

              Yes they are. Putin is simply not stupid enough to do something so sloppy even if he wanted the man dead. Sounds more like a Vince Foster Arkansas operation to me. If he wanted him gone, he’d just disappear, probably surrounded by a trail of evidence that pointed to some other enemy of Putin. He did head the FSB, you know.

              I’ve always believed that such things are either the work of people either trying to taint Putin or ex-special ops guys with a warm place in their heart for him who think their doing him a favor. In either case, I’m sure Putin is not lamenting the death of Litvenenko or the few most vociferous conspiracy theorist journalists who have been harassed or have disappeared. He has astronomical approval ratings and most Russians consider such activity as traitorous. They’re not Quakers, you know.

              Litvenenko was quite unstable in any case. He converted to Islam after meeting Chechens in Britain. UK investigated Berezovsky’s office in London as well and actually found traces of pollonium there, but Russia was not allowed by the Brits or Berezovsky to pursue it. NSA “leaked” something purported to be FSB communication about an operation to kill Litvenenko but, of course, why would they be interested in defaming Putin?


              FSB might have offed Berezovsky though. An inquest said he hanged himself and there were no signs of struggle but I doubt that that’s what happened.


              This seems to be what all the hubbub that preoccupies Bp. Tikhon is about.


              The boys teacher explained a little. Putin knows the family and thought the boy looked cute like a little kitten. He knelt down and talked to him and joked with him. The boy enjoyed it but was somewhat shy or intimidated by having someone as famous/important/alpha as Putin paying attention to him. The gesture seems to be a way of expressing a fatherly kind of desensitization. Along the same lines as a father putting his mouth on his sons stomach and blowing (thus making a kind of farting noise) to startle/tickle him.

              So the Putin haters Litvenenko and our beloved Vladyka naturally assume Putin to be a ped.

              • George Michalopulos says

                To all who think Putin is a trigger-happy murderer and that we here in the US do not engage in executive action, I want to reply with only two words: Seth Rich. Google him.

                • After googling I must agree: Putin arranging the killing of Seth Rich is certainly an alarming escalation of tensions to levels not seen since the bad old days of the Cold War.

                • Give me a Republican executive action and we’ll discuss further. The DC police stated there had been a lot of robberies in the area.

              • I very much doubt you can be in the Russian KGB for 30 or 40 years and not get involved in anything untoward.

                But I’m not as naïve as the next guy, or the last.

                I am no fan of Putin, but I don’t believe he is a ped. Angry journalists can pull all sorts of stuff.

                I think Russia has a habit of killing journalists and that is why they also like to control the media.

                And it is important to add that the murderer is well known to be Lugovoy.

                Further, there is nothing sloppy about the polonium. It is a way for a murderer to say I killed you and to let you think about it while you die. It is possibly one of the most arrogant ways to murder a human being.

        • Thank you Father – leave the nasty comments to the laymen for the laymen.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Gee, Misha, and I was just beginning to like you. 🙂

        I still like you, but boy, have you got it all wrong. There are NO similarities between Bishop Tikhon & Archbishop Lazar, other than they are both retired bishops in the OCA. Reality Checker may challenge me, but you can take this to the bank.

        What you said was really over the line. You see that, right?

        • No Gail,

          The similarity between them is that they are both off the chain, albeit in different ways. Vladyka Tikhon’s passion is flirting with the homosexuality thing in various ways and blind adherance to leftist politics. I do not know about his personal proclivities but I wouldn’t doubt that he has a personal interest in the lavender movement. Regardless, casting aspersions on Putin as a possible ped, using suggestive language and all the other shooting from the hip he has done is disgraceful for a bishop.


          I said it. I meant it. It’s true. If you can’t see that, then we’d better change the subject. Generally, when challenged, I reiterate and emphasize. This is one of those times.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Just because you meant it, doesn’t make it true, Misha. And who are YOU to judge?

            Bishop Tikhon does not flirt with the homosexuality issue. It is, however, an important topic to George (and others) when it comes to Church authority, hence the articles on the “lavender mafia.” When these same individuals later suggest that Putin is a strong advocate (perhaps to the point of being a leader) for the Church, then it is relevant and necessary to disclose that he was accused of pedophilia, which is far more repugnant than homosexuality.

            I’m guessing you haven’t had enough time on this and other blogs to sufficiently understand Tikhonese. (Yes, Reality Checker, I am speaking as an authority, as I have read Bishop Tikhon for over a decade.) There is truth in most everything he says and he usually has a point, even though the point is often imbedded in a seemingly different narrative. He leaves bread crumbs to uncomfortable truths. In this case, it is uncomfortable to learn that Putin was so threatened by the accusation that he was a pedophile, he had his accuser poisoned, according to an outside investigative agency. Doesn’t mean his accuser was right. It could mean that the accusation was so distasteful to him that he could not/would not tolerate it. It’s hard to tell. The point is that Putin is not without blemish.

            What you did was offensive; not to Bishop Tikhon, particularly, because I doubt he cares what you think, but to the rest of us. When you see a bunch of seasoned and opinionated pros (seasoned in terms of time and experience on these blogs), lining up on the same side, it should give you pause. We don’t do it all that often!

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Gail, thank you for your kind defense of my posting activity. As for these guys who have a “thing” about me, I usually refer myself to an idiom used by Ever-Memorable Archbishop John (Shakhovskoy) in response to similar cases: “Myshynaya vozdnya!” {It’s the} “Rustling of the Mice!”

              When I read one of these emotional slams, I just quietly repeat, “Rustle, rustle!” “Rustle, rustle!” MICE!

            • Gail, dear, I was right.

              Probably no one has gotten in the good bishop’s face in a while like I have. He has been a disgrace, dealing in this filth from the sewer itself, for quite some time. And as to bullying, I have claimed no authority. Vladyka, no doubt, has been abusing his episcopal authority for quite some time and then attempting to cow others, hiding behind his Panagia. Seems to be a pattern.

              No, Gail dear, he deserves every word of it. He is the “bully” if there is one. I call no fouls ever since it is only words and I’m used to body shots. And you have a lot to learn about the real world.

              But, that’s ok. That’s what we’re here for.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                There is NO comparison between me and St John Chrysostom, nor would I want there to be such, but I recall that the reason for his removal from office and exile was that he called the President, oops, the Empress, “a Jezebel!” What could I call Putin so that Misha could realize who his models are? “Paedophile” is out, of course, old stuff,,,,any suggestions?

            • Reality Checker says

              My point was pretty simple: instead of asking you about Bishop Tikhon’s basis for the reference, George should ask the bishop. The most pertinent authority for what Bishop Tikhon was saying was Bishop Tikhon.

              You had clearly claimed that the Bishop’s reference was based “just” on a picture. Then in your later reply to George’s presumptive rhetorical question you repeated that assessment, now qualifying it, however, with words that had the effect of undermining your previous assertion (one you’d just repeated, in the first sentence of this very post): “. . . There are many articles out there saying the same thing,” though exactly what “the same thing” referred to was unclear. Anyway, I was puzzled by all the dissonance. It was evident that the bishop had not cited the photo as the basis for his reference. We see of course that it was you who was the source for that suggestion, due to a misunderstanding, perhaps. The obvious chain of events there only compounded the impropriety of George’s riff on your error. He should know better.

              Mainly I wanted to emphasize the value of giving priority to primary sources whenever possible. Journalism 101. This prevents a lot of unnecessary confusion.

      • George–This is slander. Require him to post his real name and to provide proof. Give him three days and if he does not comply, ban him. You, this blog, and your long-time posters are being dragged into deep filth by this person.

    • “Possibly, but it was made FOR America. ”

      No it was made for Russian TV over a year ago – the English Text was dubbed

  5. M. Stankovich says

    Truly awesome, Mr. Michalopulos. You have gone full circle again to squander the beauty – and I would add my opinion – and responsibility to share the great gift bestowed upon you by God to witness the vesting and re-burial of Archbishop Dmitrii (Royster) – most beloved of this particular forum. He has come home, Mr. Michalopulos. But in your measured opinion, it is more important to begin that special recollection of his final journey home, and repeatedly defer to what will undoubtedly be a festival of insult, disgust, perversion, and filth. Why not call upon someone who actually was moved enough in his heart to respect Vladyka Dmitrii to chronicle this event for you, before any hope of its recollection is lost.

  6. Watching the video, truly nauseating. Literally. How can they possibly escape damnation?

    Only made it to 25 minutes in. Too disgusting.


    I suggest that you may not want to make this your lead story on the blog for too long. Bottomless pit and all that . . .

  7. Michael Kinsey says

    Let us look a little at the Consecration of Jerusalem with Islam, the Jews, and Catholic’s with American liberal churches lending agreement. Where does the gay agenda fit in here? Big doings engineered by a frantic tireless Pope Francis. These claim agreement upon the Peace of Jerusalem, I think? They have a new/old splendid symbol, some kind of boros. A snake eating it’s tail, to guide the Cross, Star and Crescent,, and Star of David, which is rather recent, to the other 3 symbols. Will they seek homosexual agenda co-operation in this false peace farce?. This does fit the Holy Scripture of a false peace before the advent of the antichrist. I refuse to capitalize his name. Plus, a subdued 3 kings, people of the book. Horus/Orisis elevated above the people of the book, ( the Bible. I don’t believe the gays don’t claim a stake at making a peace that affirms their continued spreading of their plague of the great whore, homosexuality. Let this dark star come, because it is written, seeing he cannot be stopped, but then the sooner he will be gone. Glory be to God, Eternally.

  8. Have you seen this, George?

    We will soon have to return to treating “the doors, the doors!” as a command and not an archaic vestige of olden times.

    • Estonian Slovak says

      That’s insane! Whatever happened to diversity? I guess diversity is ok except when it comes to traditional Christian values. You support those and you are a bigot, a fascist, and now even a lawbreaker! I guess we WILL have to go underground soon enough.
      I fear we are headed for another Civil War. I fear it will be more like the Spanish Civil War than our own War of Northern aggression. However, I fear in our case, the left will win and the gay fascists will force us to conform or face exile or imprisonment. The fact that they are unwilling to extend live or let live shows just who their father really is. I’ve said this before, when the Islamists take over and turn on them, there will be no one left to defend them. It will be like Hitler turning on Stalin after their alliance started WW II.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Why does this supreme you? 2 Thess. 2 and Ephesians 6:12 always told us what was coming and what was warring against Christ’s Church. Now is not the time for panic or hand-ringing, but to simply live squarely on the Gospel and pray for the salvation of sinners, to ask God to protect us and our families from the present darkness.

        Live with faith, hope and love because if our Lord does not return soon there will be broken lIves that will need us to mend them and tortured souls that will need relief from the evil one.

        Pray, fast, and give alms. Repay hatred with the love of Christ always. The evil one has already lost all this stuff is just the last deep breath of Maddness before it gives up the ghost so to speak.

        Don’t worry about this. As long as you wear the armor of God and hold fast to the sword, which is the Word of God and the word of God, you will be well. Worry about the unsaved. Those are the ones that must hear the Gospel and heed it’s call, and when done so to be baptized in the Name of the Holy Trinity. That’s all.

        So don’t worry and start working hard to bring the lost in the Kingdom.

        Glory to Jesus Christ!

        Peter A. Papoutsis

      • Fear not, ES, He has overcome the world.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      We knew this was coming.

      • Estonian Slovak says

        I’m not worried so much as saddened by the innocents who will suffer. But God is merciful.


    This was political economist Mikhail Khazin’s take on the situation back in 2014. Bear in mind if you look at this that the man is speaking two years ago. Putin has since greatly consolidated and the US and the EU have since continued on their almost unconscious track.

    This is more recent:

    • Do you live in Russia or just dream that you will in your next life? – Putin and ROC sounds like some sort of heaven to you Misha. Oh, I forgot, you can only find salvation in MR! The rest of us have to settle for prayer, repentance and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. Michael Bauman says

    Why is anyone surprised by this. I have known since the 1970’s that it would likely come to this. The homosexual infiltration of the culture was plain to see even then. Combined with the unbridled hedonistic military of the homosexualists they would not stop until we were brought to heal.

    Then protestant denomination after protestant denomination succumbed it became even more clear. Maybe Kaine is right-The Vatican might be next.