None Dare Call It “Pederasty”

About a year ago, while mindlessly flipping through the channels (the male prerogative; women get to change their minds), this particular commercial came on. I suppose because of the salacious nature it only appeared late at night. Anyway, I was shocked but I was half-asleep so I wasn’t sure if I saw it right. A few weeks later, it came on again. And before I knew it, it became a mainstay, so I knew I wasn’t imagining things.

Still, I was shocked. After all in America today, homosexuals are like sacred cows in India –you can’t criticize them. (I’m not sure who is at the top of the socio-religious hierarchy at present: I’d say that homosexuals have been trumped by transsexuals.  It’s gonna get messy.)  Anyway, it was so incongruous, so sacrilegious given today’s secular orthodoxy that I just couldn’t bring myself to believe that pederasty existed anymore. You certainly couldn’t say so in public.

So, casting all caution to the winds, and with the usual caveats that we are all sinners (and I really don’t care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, yada, yada, yada), let me get right to the point.  

The utter inviolability of the homosexual movement is now standard orthodoxy. To make this so, we were told for about a million years now that there was no correlation between homosexuality and pederasty.  None at all. No sirree Bob. Nothing to see here, move along now. If you believed that, you were a bigot. Did you hear me? You were a bigot!  And probably a conservative!  (The horrors!)  And don’t you forget it!  Not that you could, as every institution known to man has been harnessed for this propaganda war. 

And if after all this enforced catechism, if you believed that there was a correlation, if you ever thought it for a second, you were unremittingly evil.  And you would get yelled at.  And so, the T-levels that are needed to sustain civilization started plummeting faster than Thelma and Louise’s car going over that cliff.  It just wasn’t worth it to risk disruption at the annual Thanksgiving feast.  

And so common sense, historical knowledge, and gut feelings all flew out the window.  As my dear father told me some five decades ago, once homosexuality becomes accepted, then all other constraints that govern society will be thrown out the window. (He told me that “that’s why Greece and Rome fell”.)  Don’t believe me? Asa Hutchinson, the “conservative” governor of Arkansas recently vetoed a bill that would prevent the mutilation of young children, all because common sense and decency have flown out the window.  How evil is that? A massive, life-altering infusion of hormones followed by sexual mutilation of children (who cannot get tattoos because of their minority) is now a “conservative” value.  Fortunately, the Legislature overrode him.

So, when about 15 years ago, adult homosexuals demanded to be scoutmasters, we hunkered down and said nothing.  Because we got tired of being yelled at.  And anyway, the self-confidence of the average American man was pretty much obliterated by then.  “Maybe, just maybe”, some of us thought, “there’d be no problem with homosexual men sharing tents in the woods with young boys”.  Some of us went so far as to think that what with all the 24/7 gay hoopla going on all around us, that homosexuals, having won the culture wars, were content having sex with men their own age.  I mean, you can’t be for gay “marriage” if you’re not serious about monogamy, can you?

And so, we said nothing. 

But you know what?  The joke was on us.  All of us. Looks like the Boy Scouts of America is now bankrupt.  You know why?  Because as common sense has always told us, a significant amount of adult homosexuals do like having sex with little boys.  It’s called pederasty.  And by the looks of all the commercials on TV, it looks like a lot of pederasty went on.*   For now, that’s still a crime.  So if you’re a lawyer, you might as well get on the gravy train while it’s still running. 

But do it quick: I imagine that pederasty won’t be a crime much longer. In many non-Christian societies, especially in the Third World, pederasty is more or less accepted. Afghanistan is rife with it. So is Thailand.

Who’d a thunk it?  

Certainly, not all those nice upper-middle-class liberals who told all us rednecks, Christians, and assorted Deplorables that all would be well if we would just get over our “homophobia”.  And so like so many other foolish things foisted upon us by our betters, we decided to tug our forelocks and bow and scrape before them.  Even though we knew in our heart-of-hearts that they were full of crap.   

And so here we are: the Boy Scouts, a venerable organization that taught millions of young boys all over the world how to become self-reliant men, is now moribund. The rot that is sodomy strikes again and just as it has demolished the moral witness of the Roman Catholic Church, it continues to degrade another wholesome institution of our culture.

I am a little curious though:  did all those nice, tolerant liberals put their sons in the Boy Scouts?  Inquiring minds want to know.

*And please save me all the blather of adult heterosexuals engaging in more pedophilia than homosexuals. Technically, that’s true.  But that’s because heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a 12 to one margin (basically 97 to three percent).  According to The Journal of Marital Therapy, “…the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be 11:1. [However, T]his suggests the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually [Emphasis added].”  In other words, predation of minors by homosexuals is out of proportion to their share of the population.  (This monograph was written in 1992. I imagine this could not be published today.


  1. Austin Martin says

    All male homoerotic subcultures in all of human history have been pedophilic. It’s searching for fatherly love through sexual means. That’s why they go on vacations to Thailand.

    Supposedly one of the top gay porn genres is boy scouts, but I don’t want to do the research to confirm.

    The “sacred cow” homosexual narrative only exists for the benefit of white girls. If all the white girls died of the vaccine tomorrow, then no one would care about homosexuals.

  2. The scouts problem precedes by far normalization of homosexual identity – the “pervert” files are substantially older. My grandmother (memory eternal) banned my dad from the scouts due to a predator scout master in the 50s; thankfully he was unscathed.

  3. Jane Tzilvelis says

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  4. Several comments come to mind. Homosexual scoutmasters existed long before 15 years ago. The founder of the Boy Scout movement was thought to be a homosexual. Then there’s NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association. True, pederasty exists among heterosexuals and homosexuals. The difference is that homosexuals are almost always, if not always, as pederasts attracted to minors of their sex. However, heterosexual pederasts can be attracted to either sex, theirs or the opposite sex, which should not be surprising given the meaning of the terms hetero or homosexual. And this is true for men and women pederasts (yes there are female pederasts). When I was a boy scout the troop’s scoutmaster was an alcoholic. Of course today things have gotten a bit muddled, what with transgendered, non binary, they them theirs pronoun use, etc. (Did I leave out anyone/anything?) And, the latest is gender fluidity as it applies to clothing, described in today’s New York Times as “gender fluidity enters its next phase as fashion-conscious and fun-loving dressers who identify as male increasingly step out in skirts and frocks.” Nowadays Woodstock doesn’t seem so threatening, does it?

    • George Michalopulos says

      This is all true. Paedophilia, pederasty and all other sexual paraphilias (e.g. voyeurism, troilism, compulsive masturbation, etc.) have existed since time immemorial itself. I didn’t mention it because it was not germane to the topic.

      My point was the explosion of lawsuits since the normalization of homosexual scoutmasters. (Before that, it they were so inclined, they kept to themselves for the most part.) Why, if there were always a few bad apples and a few lawsuits from way back when, did the BSA throw all caution to the winds knowing their own track record?

    • ” However, heterosexual pederasts can be attracted to either sex”

      Then they’re not really “heterosexual.”

      I don’t like the term “heterosexual” anyway, I prefer “normal.” People “attracted” to their own sex, whether adult of child, are not normal. People “attracted” to children are not normal, either; they are sick.

      No surprise that MAP, or Minor Attracted Person, is slowly being normalized in certain areas.

      • Heterosexual and homosexual have specific meanings which is why they are useful. Normal can apply to just about anything. I have yet to meet anyone who can define the word normal. As for MAP that’s just an attempt to give a neutral name to a paraphilia. It will only have meaning and/or impact when and if sexual relations with children become legal.

  5. Abertay University student Lisa Keogh cleared
    after being investigated for saying women have vaginas

    ‘ A LAW student who was investigated by a Scottish university for saying women have vaginas and are not as strong as men has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Lisa Keogh, 29, was investigated by Abertay University after classmates complained she had made “offensive” and “discriminatory” remarks at a lecture.

    She had argued the difference in strength between the sexes meant it was not fair that women should have to compete against trans women in sport.

    She has now received a letter from the Chair of the Student Disciplinary Board informing her all the complaints against her have been dismissed. … ‘

    The result constitutes one small victory for common sense,
    but a major defeat is that the case was heard in the first place.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I was worried for a minute there. The two degrees I have in STEM were close to being irrelevant should Miss Keogh remained exiled from University.

      Seriously, all the libtards owe a HUGE apology to the Inquisition.

      • It is, I think, fortunate that Abertay University
        does not have a Department of Theology – or even Religious Studies.
        If it did, we might expect the following ‘translation’ from Isaiah 7:14
        “..Behold, a young man shall conceive…”
        with the proffered justification that ‘parthenos’ has a masculine ending.

  6. Joseph A. says

    But that’s because heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a 12 to one margin . . .


    I’m appalled by your insensitivity. Hasn’t it yet dawned on you that proportionality — the concept of “per capita” in statistics — is racist?!?! Bigot!

    Clutching my “Tuesday drag” pearls in disgust . . .

  7. Margaret says

    Thank you for broaching a difficult and rather ‘touchy’ subject. I too have noticed the proliferation of rather ‘offensive’ TV advertisements along with other commercialized marketing tactics of private, sensitive matters in nature. Why is that? Is this the ‘new’ ambulance chasing injury attorney or drug manufacturer ad replacement in ‘modern’ times? The new “shock and awe” factor?

    Will these offensive TV commercials such the one for men’s underwear by Hanes called “Ball-lance” further giving exposure to these alternative lifestyles translate into a greater level of “acceptance” among the general public? Equally as offensive, how about the new Schick razor marketed to women which shows a skimpy bikini and pubic hair above the bikini line? When did indecent exposure become “decent”?

    Are these advertisements suggesting we need more inclusiveness pushing the envelope as an acknowledgment of a chosen lifestyle? Where is the decorum and sense of privacy? And when will enough, be ENOUGH to give us the impetus needed to propel those among us quietly sitting on the sidelines watching in horror, ignoring our gut instincts and common sensibilities into action? Or is the advertising intent to tempt and plant a seed in the naively innocently young towards experimental behaviors? Perhaps all the above. Time will again only tell.

    Presidential elections have consequences. By having elected the Clintons and the Obama’s both to (2) 4-year White House terms, morality and ethics 101 went out the window along with our educational system. I’m not saying it didn’t exist before them, just differently. Now that deviant behavior and immorality is “out of the closet” seemingly progressing at warp speed while flagrantly being flaunted before our very eyes as the “new norm”, how will we behave and change as God loving Christians? Will the great divide become even deeper? Or will we continue to pray fervently for the unchurched lost souls to seek and find God’s enlightenment? This is the signature work of Satan: to divide, separate and conquer.

    The bizarre lifestyles of the Clintons and the Obama’s were and are still painfully visible for all to bear witness. Their ethics, egos, hidden agendas, insecurities, narcissism, greed, bias, sexual indiscretions, sexual preferences and proclivities laid the groundwork which seeks to undermine all of humanity.

    How is it that Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, Joe and Hunter “Buyden”, and a member or two on the Supreme Court and others have deep ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, her twins sisters and their husbands to the underground world of sex trafficking and child abduction worldwide and information gathering?

    How is it that many connected with the Clintons have out of the blue, been suspiciously murdered or “dropped dead” unexpectedly? Oh, and please don’t forget yesterday’s news of the investigative reporter who broke the Clinton-Lynch secret tarmac story who was found dead, supposedly by “suicide”. What!

    Sex trafficking, the abduction and physical abuse of minors from third world countries under the premise and promise of a “better future” for use as sex slaves for financial gain-profit is alive and thriving thanks to the above mentioned who have supported and created a vast network worldwide for marketing these illegal, immoral, demonic activities and atrocities. Why even a member of the Supreme Court has “allegedly” adopted children with no legal recording of the adoption process.

    Coincidence or “conspiracy”? When ppl mention conspiracy, I know THEY ARE THE ONES who are drinking the Kool-Aid while trying to pull the wool over the flock of sheep. It’s called Gaslighting.

    The Covid-19 Wuhan lab bio-warfare virus “Pandemic” and “Vaccine” is yet another immoral atrocity and crime of epic proportion which is finally just now coming to light. The current human experimental trial we see playing out in real time is designed to depopulate, sterilize (make infertile) and diminish human population by controlling the growth of population worldwide; create classism by eliminating the working middle class by thus destroying employment opportunities, removing our freedoms and civil liberties granted and endowed to us by our Constitution with continuous fear and lockdown tactics, which are demolishing our livelihoods by creating hyperinflation; and the purging of our precious elders who are more expensive to sustain economically, susceptible to illness and co-morbidities, and as a group, are more conservative and Christian in their beliefs and values then the stupid naive youth today who are indoctrinated with poisonous thoughts by our schools and universities world-wide. Coincidence? Hardly. What a better more impressionable age to infiltrate with lies and filth then our youth.

    Christ cast out Satan from His heavenly realm giving him dominion of the temporal, so that we may have free will in which to choose perfect agape love, following Christ and have eternal salvation, or that of Satan with all the alluring, sexy trappings of the fleshy temptations of the short, brief physical world.

    Along with Satan came 30% of the angelic hosts which are hard at work 24/7 creating constant confusion, fear, depression, anxiety, disease, illnesses and chaos amongst the best of us. Satan has dominion of the temporal world while fortunately, God supremely reigns above Satan and is eternal. A very difficult concept indeed to comprehend and grasp if one isn’t a Believer, is unchurched or is void of any teachings of God, His Written Word and the Bible.

    We live in 3 realms while God lives in 9. Everything first manifests in the spiritual realm before it can manifest in the physical realm. Why wouldn’t everyone gladly trade the alluring trappings, mental and physical illnesses of the temporal in exchange for living an eternity of life’s riches, happiness and perfect health while living side by side with Our Lord and Savior in Heaven?

    It is no surprise therefore, that India, Thailand, Haiti, North Africa and many other spiritually dark countries have a predominantly anti-Christian population who practice Hinduism, Buddhism, worship deities; Muslims who worship Allah. Those of the Eastern Orthodox faith worship icons of Saints. Idolatry is yet another sin God hates. Before I get myself into more trouble, I find the worshipping icons of Saints rather at odds with my Christian beliefs yet, I was raised in the Orthodox church and are 100% of Greek descent.

    They, it, he-she whatever pronouns someone wishes to call themselves generally flock to countries, cities, towns and neighborhoods where other pederasts, pedophiles, homosexuals, LBGT and transgender live in mass, where they are accepted by their peers. Imagine cities such as San Francisco, LA, Key West, New Orleans, Asheville, Santa Fe, and other artsy-fartsy, creative enclaves, etc., and you will understand what I mean. Do you really want to take your young children on vacation to Key West, New Orleans or to San Francisco?

    Why is it that with most homosexual couples, you notice one partner who is significantly much older than the other? The deviant behavior is far from “normal” and yet these advertisements are to make us think, that this is now commonplace and a significant percentage of the population when in fact, it is a small minority. Satan and his angelic hosts are working hard to make the bizarre acceptable forms of “normal” behavior in society today. This is blasphemous. The Bible story about the city of Sodom and Gomorrah is a terribly sad story that reminds us of just how much God hates sin.

    Sin has existed since Eve took the first bite from the forbidden fruit, but it doesn’t mean that we as Christ loving heterosexuals living monogamous relationships walking with Christ as His disciples should allow our churches to be dominated by clergy or hierarchical proclivities of the flesh. Nor should we permit being prohibited, criticized, ostracized or condemned from heading up a new Orthodox Church of America leaving behind the old ways of the brotherhood of men dressed in sheep’s clothing who have infiltrated our Christian Orthodox churches, and hierarchy.

    It is due time to let the old churches die. Let the archdiocese claim steel and stake claim on the land and buildings on which the churches in America currently reside. This is their ultimate goal and desire anyway. So, give them the BAIT! Let them illegally steel and claim as their own and just sit back and watch the demise.

    If we have no faith in God at all for our futures, then fear will overcome us like bandits in the night and Satan will proclaim victory! Letting go means and stepping out of the box, our comfort level is freedom to worship with truth and perfect agape love.

    It’s time for all Americans of Orthodox descent to unify and demand an autocephalous pull out of all Orthodox Churches in America connected to Patriarch Bartholomew and his Turkish regime of foreign-born priests from further infiltration and ruination of our American Eastern Orthodox Churches.

    It’s time to stop giving the Archdiocese of America our money so that the funds can be diverted to Turkey for the sake of propagating the corruption within the rank and file, enabling the lavish lifestyles, prime real estate condominium and residential purchases, fancy automobiles and first class travel the hierarchy and Patriarchate enjoys while taking the oath of “poverty”. It’s time to stop sending our monies back to Turkey where funds are being used under secrecy by the Patriarchate for other nefarious purposes.

    It’s time to revolt against the blasphemous crimes and secrecy shrouding the Greek Orthodox Church which defaces Christ.

    It’s time to create an American Orthodox Church run by American priests which will permit marriage at whatever age and stage so that Ministers, Priests and Pastors may serve at all levels and capacities within the new American Orthodox Church.

    And it’s time to allow both men and women an equal opportunity within the Eastern Orthodox Church to plan seedling for new congregations and churches with new ideas, sermons and traditions.

    Without drastic measures and changes by the faithful few remaining in the pews, the Orthodox church will fall prey to the same afflictions to which the Catholic Church has succumbed. We must start by praying and asking God for His guidance, direction and wisdom. HE will reveal truths by showing the faces of many false prophets who are leading the flock astray within our very own rank and file.

    When the American Orthodox Church Charter is formed, becomes fully aligned with the covenants, commandments and teachings of Christ only then, can we begin healing our houses of worship. Together with faith in Christ, we have the authority to step out of our comfort zone and move mountains. With power in group prayer, we can and will make a difference. We will rise above the demonic influences, defy the deviancy, illness and deception plaguing our universe by banishing them in the name of Jesus and give Glory to God our Savior for Life Eternal and our salvation.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Lot to chew on here, Margaret. Not unsympathetic to your vision for the most part. However, we don’t “worship” icons. The 7th Ecumenical Council solved the theological and philosophical problems with icons once and for all.

      also, not sure what you mean by “marrying people of any age, etc.” In this day and age, that would mean gay “marriages” between adult men and 8 year old children.

      • Thank you for clarifying George re Icons.
        WRT marriage and priests, I meant can marry before or after being ordained and not be restricted to employment or service within the church at any level as marriage is sanctified by the Holy Father.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          I must admit, it’s peculiar to hear a Greek-American raised in the Orthodox Church say, “I find the worshipping icons of Saints rather at odds with my Christian beliefs . . .” Usually, Evangelicals say this. They don’t understand that icons are venerated; not worshipped.

          What do you mean when you say: “It’s time to create an American Orthodox Church run by American priests which will permit marriage at whatever age and stage so that Ministers, Priests, and Pastors may serve at all levels and capacities within the new American Orthodox Church.” Are you talking about marriage within the clergy after ordination?

          When you say: “And it’s time to allow both men and women an equal opportunity within the Eastern Orthodox Church to plan seedling for new congregations and churches with new ideas, sermons, and traditions,” you lost me. The Orthodox Church doesn’t need “new ideas, sermons, and traditions.” We need people to adhere to them. Men and women already have equal opportunity; the roles are different.

          “Without drastic measures and changes by the faithful few remaining in the pews, the Orthodox church will fall prey to the same afflictions to which the Catholic Church has succumbed.” Pews are not entirely absent in the Church but they’re not typical. The “faithful” also stand.

          Finally, you say, ” When the American Orthodox Church Charter is formed, becomes fully aligned with the covenants, commandments and teachings of Christ only then, can we begin healing our houses of worship.” What “Charter” are you talking about? Are you talking about the one the GOA is currently working on? If so, I suspect you may be disappointed.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Your vision for an “American Orthodox Church” sounds like a quasi-Episcopalian nightmare.

    • Hello Margaret,

      Interesting thoughts. Thanks for posting.

      However, on your own knowledge of Christ’s Holy Orthodox Church, despite having been born into an “ethnically-Orthodox family,” it sounds like you don’t know much about the Orthodox faith. This is very common since, for so many decades in the 20th century, catechism/formal education about the faith in many Orthodox parishes in North America was simply nonexistent.

      Orthodox Christians certainly don’t worship icons, any more than a man “worships” a photo if his mom that he might have at home. As a wise priest told me once, if our icons do not draw us closer to God, then they are merely pieces of wood.

      As for creating Orthodox churches that honor and respect American heritage, the Greek Orthodox Church in America is very late to the game.

      St Herman of Alaska and his fellow missionary monks first arrived in Alaska in the late 1700s, as Orthodox missionaries from Russia. The native Alaskan population grew to love them and were the real drivers behind the canonization of the first saint in North America, St Herman of Alaska.

      The Russian Orthodox Church and her daughter churches have been honoring America and its people, working to evangelize this land for centuries. I agree with you to steer completely clear of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America – I do not trust that jurisdiction at all, either. You may find it helpful to check out your local parish of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) or the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) for authentic Orthodox Christianity and people who love America.

    • “We live in 3 realms while God lives in 9.”

      Nine? Why nine?

    • This was pretty much a solid effort post and bang on the money, with the exception of the whole not understanding Orthodoxy thing. Nonetheless, you’re off to a good start, please stick around and learn along with the rest of us.