In Wartime, It’s Shop Till You Drop

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What’s a busy and beleaguered First Lady to do?

If you’re Mdme Zelenska, photo shoots for Vogue magazine are one thing but the optics can be dicey.   Especially now, with all the bombs going off and people having no electricity or running water. 

Nor should we forget that modelling is hard work (all the supermodels say so).  It’s tiresome to have to pose in different outfits, to say nothing about all the flash of lights constantly going off.  So, it’s vital to take some time off every now and then.   

So what better way to collect yourself than to go on a shopping spree in Paris?  After all, it is Christmas season and where better to go and stock up on all the essentials?  Given the urgency of the Ukrainian situation, Mdme Zelensky spent a record $40,ooo euros in an hour on a “ritzy Avenue Montaigne store” according to Le Monde

I’m sure the peasants back home would understand.  One may not be expected to look elegant in a capital city with spotty electricity and no running water, but a complete wardrobe change is essential for Miami Beach. 

And, of course, United States tax dollars should be used to finance her shopping sprees.  We may be having trouble buying food due to inflation, and the French may have to burn wood to stay warm, but why should she have to suffer by having to wear last year’s wardrobe?   Où se trouve le magasin Dior le plus proche ?!  

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  1. Anonymous II says

    Musk Asks Schiff If He Approved ‘State Censorship’; Advocates Modern ‘Church Commission’ To Investigate FBI Corruption

    TWITTER FILES: Twitter Assisted Pentagon’s “Psychological Influence Ops”

    There’s more, but this should wet your appetite.

  2. Forty grand of haute couture for her
    and a clean green t-shirt for him?
    Christmas is coming…!

  3. And if you believe that story I have a mint condition bridge in the Black Sea to sell you (sold as-is).

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Are you saying that Brigitte Macron did not take Olena shopping in Paris “to show France’s unwavering support for Kyiv and the ‘resilience’ of the Ukrainian people?”

      I’m can’t say it was with Zelensky’s money. The Macrons could have covered it. But that they went shopping was reported by store clerks.

      Women usually don’t make trans Atlantic trips to retrieve messages. That €40,000 was spent in a ritzy Paris store while her husband was banging his tin cup for money isn’t up for dispute.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Nate, you are aware that Zelensky is a billionaire/oligarch who has a 13,000 sq ft mansion in Miami, are you not?

  4. Z’s wife shops! Let them eat cake is her message!


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