Yep, She’s Running

This really isn’t my shocked face. I loved the meme though and I felt I had no choice but to use it someway, somehow.

Anyhoo, Madame Hillary is running for President in 2020. If there’s any doubt, just take a listen to the recent speech she gave in Europe regarding Brexit, the rise of the populist right and massive, uncontrolled immigration. It was markedly parallel with what The Golden Don has been saying since he first came down that escalator back in June of 2015.

See, I told you so. Events are spiraling out of the Globalists’ control. The old transnational order is no longer tenable. That Hillary Rodham Clinton sees it is further evidence of that. Though I’ve never been a fan, I’ll give her credit; someone on her staff at least knows which way the wind is blowing. Don’t believe me? Just look at Salvini in Italy, Orban in Hungary and Bolsonaro in Brazil. Credit Trump for pushing the Overton Window ever more to the right.

Then there’s also that interview in which she corrected the interviewer who confused Sen Cory “Spartacus” Booker with former Atty Gen Eric Holder. “They all look alike,” said She Whom Must Be Obeyed. That’s called “dog whistling”. The left accuses us on the right of always engaging in it, that’s why whenever someone on the left does it, it portends something momentous shifting in the body politic.

Think of it. If a Republican had said that (or anybody else for that matter), they would have been drummed out of polite society forever. And living in some skid-row tenement, drinking wood alcohol and waiting for death’s blessed release.

But not Hillary. No, not Hillary. She got away with it.

Why? Is it because she’s too powerful? Or is it because the winds are indeed shifting? And anyway, where are black people going to go? Oh sure, Trump is making significant inroads into the African-American population but no Republican will ever get more than 15, 20 percent tops. (That’s more than enough actually but you get the point.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah: she’s not going anywhere. And she is going to run again in 2020.

Now, please understand, nobody in the Democrat Party wants her to run again. They honestly wish she’d go away. She’s toxic. Nobody likes her (not even her husband). She was a horrible candidate. Think about it: she was on the road to the nomination in 2008 but this nobody from Chicago came out of nowhere and stole the nomination from her. The party faithful were so desperate for anybody but her that they latched on to this well-spoken but unknown entity named Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., who left her in the dust.

But that doesn’t matter. She is who she is and her sense of entitlement is astonishing. By gum, they owe her. And why not? After all, who else do the Democrats have?

President Trump has done wonders in destroying the reputations of all other potential challengers. Sen Elizabeth Warren? You mean Pocahontas? She’s become a laughing-stock: do the names Liawatha, Fakajewa, ring any bells? Joe Biden? I’m not saying he’s a pedophile but he sure does an amazing impression of one. (Then there are those stories about him prancing around naked in front of his Secret Service detail, some of which are women.)

Cory Booker? You mean Spartacus? Kamala Harris (whom I affectionately term Nurse Wratched)? Beto “Pretty Boy” O’Rourke? The idiot who stupidly ran as a national Democrat in a reddish state that was his for the taking. You get the picture. Trump –and events–have done much to destroy the reputations of most all of the potential challengers.

The list is endless. Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex? Bernie Sanders? You get the picture.

So why not Hillary? She’s not only staking out Trumpian positions on immigration, she no doubt realizes that she can run a Trumpian-like campaign in 2020. In other words, all of these above-named bozos will throw their hat in the ring which will make it extremely crowded. If there are say, eight candidates, she will go into the fray with a solid core of at least a 25 percent, with everyone else clocking in the single digits. Like Trump, however, she will have the greatest name recognition and she’s gambling that she will increase her share as each candidate drops out.

It’s plausible.

Now, this isn’t a slam-dunk. Time and events have a way of derailing the best-laid plans of mice and men. She could be indicted for instance. Or her health could take a turn for the worse. Anything could happen. But those are contingencies. What else has she got to lose? If nothing else, by constantly raising the specter of a potential run, she can suck up all the oxygen (read: money) in the room.

More to the point, there’s an unwritten rule that political opponents do not get indicted. It just isn’t done. In order to escape the wheels of justice, she may realize that she has no other choice but to run.

Now this is a risky strategy. If the Democrat poobahs get too nervous, they might try to sabotage her erstwhile campaign. If they feel that she is a real liability who will lose to Trump yet again, then be on the lookout for negative stories to be planted in the press from Democratic sources. I wouldn’t be surprised if they direct their agents in the Department of Justice to uncover a new piece of evidence of criminality. Maybe Anthony Wiener has another laptop. Maybe the Russians will finally release her emails.

Something along those lines.

Because believe me, they really don’t want her to run again. The question, however, is will somebody in the Democrat Party have the guts to take her out of the running? That’s the $64,000 question.

Ultimately, the job of taking her out resides in the Justice Department and they answer to Trump. He could do real damage to her. But then again, it might be in his interest to not do anything at all. Let her be just strong enough to win the nomination albeit in a weakened state.

Such a scenario would all but destroy the Democrat Party at the presidential level for the foreseeable future. It would also turn the House back over to the GOP.

We live in interesting times.


  1. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    How arch can you get, George?
    Nothing has boosted Mrs Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s popularity more than the obsessive attacks on them by President Trump and his disciples and constantly-being fired-or-quitting- apostles!. And George, we should wait and see whether or not Mr Trump will even run for President again before attempting armchair declarations about the next election! Who can state with any degree of certainty WHO it is that any Democrat will be running against?

  2. If she is running, she’ll be campaigning from the ICU at the rate her health is deteriorating.

  3. John Sakelaris says

    A few coughing spells of hers could end this talk.

  4. Who cares who’s on the Democratic ticket. Trump does not deserve to win in 2020, if the wall is not begun by the election. Without a secure border, all is lost for America.

    Republican Presidents will become extinct, if the wall is not built, but the lawyers who really see themselves Republicans, do not care, as they they will simply switch their “R” for a “D” and continue on.

    Just read, after all the shrills, left and right, over Kavanaugh, he voted with liberal judges on the Planned Parenthood case. Oops! I guess Trump picked the wrong “Republican”, and the left blew a fuse, and risked looking like the fascist they really are for no reason.

    Perhaps the Republicans will morph to the Democratic Party, and the new second party will become the Democratic Socialist Party. Socialism no longer carries any negative connotations with Dems, young citizens, and border jumpers in America. The pretty people on TV also say smart people are democrats and socialists.The rest of us are fly over hicks, and racists.

    Socialism is coming, brought to you by evil Democrats, for decades diluting conservative votes, and stupid, short sighted Republicans lining their constituents pockets, for their support. Now forget the chickens, the grown chicks are here, and they want it all for free.

    Hey anyone hear about some fires and riots in Paris? Reminds me of Greece.

    Adios America!

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Mostly agree, but we get the government we vote for in an election or are given the politician in a selection. Hmmmm?

      The illusion is gone!


    • M. Stankovich says

      Holy Cow! And for the 4th consecutive year, illegal border crossing into the US generally, and into California specifically has fallen significantly; some in CA law enforcement outright refer to it as nothing short of dramatic. We could argue that this is a leftist, liberal, blah, blah, blah twisting and conniving of the “data” – data being subject to “partisan malleability” and all – but the data is federal (e.g. Homeland Security, etc.), and I suspect you’d rather not go down that road again with me.

      I note that Mr. Mortiss made what I presumed to be a tongue-in-cheek comment about his “real world” experience of the use of evidence – frequently referred to as corroboration, the offering of objective data to support one’s conclusions, or beautifully expressed by the Ancient Greeks, ή ἀλήθεια, the truth. I will reiterate the point that I have made here several times times – with all due respect to UCSD Sociology Professor David P. Phillips* – in regard to the theory of “information cascades”:

      An information cascade is when an individual changes their behavior based on inferences they make by observing other people. The term implies that a person does something illogical that goes against facts that they know to be true due to a strong social urge to follow a crowd [or as some others suggest, simply intellectual laziness].

      Authoritative “voices” emerge in groups, bodies, and communities and their authority is such that many stop pursuing the objective “evidence” themselves and accept information within the context of the group or community without challenge; in turn, these secondary “believers” influence others, and so on. The most dangerous aspect of this phenomenon is that without this external check, without the continuous search for objective evidence, the threshhold for objective evidence continuously diminishes, and has been seen many times on this site, truth simply becomes insignificant. This, in turn, leads to many of the catalogued “cognitive biases” (e.g. a “negativity bias,” which is a tendency to seek or focus on negative information and see people’s faults above their character strengths; “acquiescence bias” which
      is a tendency for a person to agree that something is true when they are unsure; “cognitive inertia” which is a general tendency for beliefs to endure & be defended even in the face of mounting evidence that suggests they are wrong.

      And finally, I attempt to imagine the conclusion of a nation where ή ἀλήθεια is simply a variable among variables, necessary only as dictated by context. There was a time when I would have to examine what the CA correctional system refers to as an inmate’s “Central File,” a compilation of their warrants, arrest record, court proceedings, disposition, sentencing, etc. In assessing them, when I would sense something was “off,” I would say to them, “Do not lie to my face. I have the record of everything you said to the cops and the judge, even back in the day when somebody told you telling the truth would help you.” They would look me straight in the eyes and lie their ass off. For a while I was amused. Then I stopped laughing: “What is your controlling case (the charge that brought you to prison)?” “Defrauding an inkeeper.” WAT! “You got 8-years for not paying for dinner? Get your lying ass out of my office.” I open the file… BANG! PC290, “Lewd and Lascivious Behavior with a Child Under the Age of 14.”

      In the end, I am overly sensitive, but ignorance, closed-mindedness, arrogance, and dis-/misinformation to me is not only intolerable, it is dangerous, and it is shameful.

      *Prof. Phillips first identified the phenomenon that merely the reporting of suicide – positively (e.g. establishment of a new suicide prevention service) or negatively (a public figure takes their own life) – always results in a period of increased suicidality in the community. He termed this the Wurther Effect after Göethe’s novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther – a tale of unrequited love over which a young man took his own life – which upon publication, resulted in an astonishing number of “copy-cat” suicides in-kind.

      • Ahh my brother can be surrounded by Mariachi bands, and state, “What a wonderful Scottish bagpipe band!”

        One in four Californians are foreign born, much higher if all illegals were counted. Where did all the citizens go?

        Highest taxed state, lowest in state services, basics, such as roads, parks, and schools. 46th out 50 in state ranked schools in the nation.

        Over eighty percent of Cali representatives are Democrat. Diversity?

        Highest number of people on welfare, and below the poverty line in USA, is California

        California recently gave up $100 million in traffic fines. A blanket amnesty to illegal immigrants. Meanwhile if a citizen does not pay a ticket, and, or is found with false ID, warrants will be out for their arrest.

        Cali is Ponzi schemed government on the grandest of scales, in the past illegals replaced citizens for jobs, now illegals are replacing former illegals granted amnesty, many too old or worn down to work, so on to the welfare doles. No new blood and the Ponzi breaks down, plus votes, votes, votes, amigo!

        Cali might be the future of America, and this is why border security is the most import issue we face as a nation. Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, even Texas will soon go forever blue, this is not hysteria, this a fact based by the Cali example. As they go, so will the nation.

        Socialism is our future if we allow unchecked illegal immigration. It might be too late. To be be sure there is no time left to ignore the attitudes and info cascades of the past three decades.

        The wall must be built, and Sanctuary cities and states outlawed, even if their state and city politicians need be jailed.

        A Socialist America will be the most dangerous country the world have ever seen, and worse the most vulnerable. Will diversity, tolerance, and all the silly issue minded, defend America to much more serious countries such as China, and Russia.

        The superpower mantle will fall to China, with a soft America. Socialism will make us soft. The world will fall to Communist, fascists, and atheists. China, not Russians, yet all our focus is on Russians. Is it that leftists prefer Communists over Christian Russia. The romance once with Communist Soviets has evolved to Communist China.

        Your Professor Phillips speaks of info cascades. Well the cascade, false ideology has been flooded with leftist fooling us with just a few more illegals to pick the fruits and veggies. Forced feed diversity, acceptance, compassion and tolerance. Secular brainwashed media feed mush heads. Elitist leading us to new small enemies, while ignoring the Communist Gorilla in the room.

        Imagine our brightest progressives convinced all with this cascade info that if we befriend the Chinese, open our markets to them and them to us, they will come around to a more democratic, and tolerant nation. We looked the other way to their abuses of power. They are to be feared more than any nation and yet we helped make them the monster we witness today.

        Meanwhile a nation such as Russia, which leaves Communism, we first attempt to plunder and now vilify, and throw countless sanctions upon them, and whispers of war, but a blind eye to Communist China. The left’s cascading info romance must end.

        Time has come for a wall.

      • Apologies in advance. I should have been in bed sleeping, rather than feeding my ego, in my rush to reply. I’m sure my post is not written well, and may be a bit rude. I really do not remember the details, only my point, that is any attempt to save our nation from Socialism is righteous and in my opinion a Christian obligation.

        Leftist, Socialist, Communist, and the evil atheist that live among them, is the greatest threat to not only our nation, but most importantly, Christianity, past, present, and future. No attempt, by Christians to resist their movement is a sin, and a blind denial to what the demons have in store for us, via state controlled silence, and or extermination. It’s previous failed history still has living victims to this day, yet we seem hell bent to repeat history again so soon.

        May God grant us wisdom not to repeat the sins of the 20th century, and realize Socialism is the seed of Communism, and the Devil’s work horse.

        • M. Stankovich says

          It’s a funny thing – perhaps ironic, perhaps not – but I’m all over this county of nearly 2 million people, and you rarely, if ever, hear anyone speak a word about illegal immigrants. And I do not exaggerate in the least. I’m in hospitals, out-patient clinics, I live within walking distance to motor vehicles, I’ve said a number of times that my wife is a social work supervisor in a public program, blah, blah, blah. Your words ring hollow. If you quietly stood in front of Wal Mart and presented the sentiment you express above as a “public service,” I suspect most people would tell you that the Fox News “fears” you offer don’t break the plane of reality. Then they would walk you down to the existing wall, running due east, beginning in the Pacific Ocean, and extending continuously past the AZ border. Oh, you want a “better” wall… To keep the problem out.

          If you were to ask the people in San Diego whom they believe have “overrun” this county, you will not have finished the question before you hear the universal excuse for everything that is wrong is Southern California: the homeless. And since I’m a photographer of sorts, I walk around the “downtown” of San Diego day and night. There are thousands of homeless living downtown. WAT! In America’s Finest City? Thousands. The City of San Diego spent millions of dollars this year steam sanitizing the sidewalks of downtown to help control the largest Hepatitis A epidemic in CA history; 562 cases with 20 deaths. Deaths? Who dies from HAV. Those already debilitated from AIDS, addiction, and other chronic illness seen on the street. But the most fascinating epidemiological fact about these thousands? The percentage of “little brown people” is miniscule; these homeless are nearly 80% Caucasian, the rest predominately a mix of black, Asian, and Mexican/Hispanic. Further, nearly 80% of these thousands became homeless in CA, not elsewhere. Go to any hospital, clinic, or public service program and they are not “overrun” by illegal immigrants pouring over the border; they are overrun by homeless White people, families, and their children. Who is indiscriminately assaulting, robbing, burglarizing, destroying property, on and on in my county that abuts the US-Mexico border? Homeless White people. Such is the evolution of the poor and homeless into the pariah class, which in a very real sense has taken the “heat of focus,” figuratively and otherwise, off of the “little brown people.” “Illegal immigrants, yeah sure, but have you seen how those disgusting homeless are trashing Balboa Park?”

          Finally, my point here has been to demonstrate exactly what Professor Phillips has presented. You have fashioned a entire narrative out of cognitive bias. I keep pointing out facts – the rate of illegal immigrants entering the US has fallen for the 4th year in a row – and you are falling all over yourself to impeach the “messengers” rather than the data (which is the definition of ad hominem). Rather than learning from the warning of the consequences of information cascades, you immediately closed the door and determined it was better to mock, even incorporating the “language” of the theory of your mockery. You may wish to reconsider. On the other hand, I am fortunate to attend a morning meditation that concludes, “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.” It’s all good in CA.

          • Leave your bubble, go up and down highway 99, and visit the cities along that corridor. Not the same Cali as the coastal cities. Stockton has/had been the murder capital of our nation for years, my former spirit father of blessed memory was terrified driving at night when he served the Stockton parish. In fact half the time drove with his lights off, not to attract attention, and warned his children not to stare at the gang bangers, while they were driving, day or night.

            San Francisco has had homeless problem since I was a child, too bad money wasted on non-citizens is was not spent on homeless,mental institutions, good drug programs, and work programs co-op with large corps, and yes that blunder began with Gov. Reagan, but why didn’t Lefty Gov. Brown reverse all that? Nope cheap labor and votes, is all both sides could see for the golden state, and it really was, my generation was probably the last to enjoy it, up to the mid 80’s.

            Californians last straw was Prop 187, also known as Save our State Initiative, which prohibited illegals from using non-emergency medical facilities, public schools, and other state run facilities. Of course the majority of No’s came from the San Francisco Bay Area, and coastal urban cities. Regardless the bill passed by nearly 60% back in 1994. A 60% turnout, nearly 9 million voted, and yet ONE! ONE? YES ONE! “judge” overturned the vote of 5 million winning yes votes. I left California in 1997. I am glad it all works out for you. Good for you, that you will never have to worry about illegal aliens taking your livelihood nor their powerful lobby in Cali, reverse your vote, and lifestyle. Hope you deep pockets, your going need them.

            • M. Stankovich says

              Show me any reliable data that directly contradicts anything I’ve already posted based on law enforcement data – and you had plenty of opportunity to do so – then we’ll debate. I’m certainly not retrying your Fox News, Tucker Carlson BS. There are far to many real, existing issue I attempt to assist patient’s resolve without chasing Boogeymen. When you have something beyond platitude, anecdote, and nostalgia (you left here in 1997!), Let me know. I get of the bus here.

              • ‘An empty stomach has no ears’-(ancient Russian proverb’)

                The opposite must apply here, with our well fed.

                My brother wants data. Data from a corrupt system. A system where both Republicans and Democrats silently supporting immigrant lawlessness for decades. MSM, of course, all along, has been on the bandwagon.

                Let’s try this: 4 million babies are born in America ever year, a good percentage of which, legal, anchor, and illegal immigrants babies. Legal immigration accounts for about 1.5 million people entering America per year. Illegal entry any where from half to a million per year.

                All immigrants, and anchor babies account for at least half of our birth rate of which many are legal and illegal immigrants. Most immigrants are poor, most poor immigrants vote Democrat. The U.S. birth rate has been declining for years, immigration has not, nor birth rate of poor immigrants.

                As the demographics of America change, so will voting patterns, California is our prime example.

                America turning into a Socialist nation was my point. I don’t want America to become a Socialist nation. You may not care, one way or another, you may be a Socialist, that is your right, but some day you may not have the right, to a “wrong” opinion. No Boogeymen needed just simple numbers.

                “I would love to regulate the content of speech.”-Rep. Ted Lieu(D-CA) Of course he retracted his comments after a “little” backlash. Nothing could be more frightening than a honest look into the typical leftist’s politcos mind.

                • Michael Bauman says

                  Not to mention the Census Bureau report from 2014 that 60% of non-citizens counted are on public assistance.

                  • Seventy two percent in California!

                  • M. Stankovich says

                    There is a new report, released last week, from the Center for Immigration Studies of the US Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), and it emphatically shows “welfare use by households headed by non-citizens is very high.” wow. There you have it. I believe, however, there are fundamental things necessary to understanding this analysis.

                    If I had studied epidemiology – wait, I did – before I declared, “Aha!” I would want to know how the Census Bureau defines two things: “non-citizens” and “receives welfare/public assistance.” As it turns out, it is critical: “Non-citizens also include long-
                    term temporary visitors (e.g. guestworkers and foreign students) and permanent residents who have not naturalized (green card holders). Of non-citizens in Census Bureau data, roughly half are in the country illegally.” This would mean that when the 2018 SIPP report from the US Census Bureau say 58% (down from 63% in 2014) of “non-citizens,” only 29% receiving any public assistance are illegal immigrants. It is certainly a large number, but is certainly not staggering. First question answered.

                    Originally, SIPP was intended to be a longitudinal analysis of who was accessing the traditional public assistance system, under what circumstances, and for what reason(s). Since 2014, laws have changed making it increasingly difficult for non-citizens to qualify for assistance, the current administration’s twist is to consider you “on welfare” if your only service is that child meets the means test for a subsidized school lunch; and the threat that if you receive assistance, it may disqualify you from ever legally applying for citizenship. The sad irony is that the study found it was more likely to find that parents had only applied for benefits for their children.

                    The implication on this site has been that there is something unique about the State of California – on the precipice of Socialism, better have deep pockets for all the people rushing into the state for free healthcare, blah, blah, blah – but if you examine the data, there is little to distinguish the distribution of public assistance and welfare provided in California from Florida, New York, or Texas; literally a 2-3 percentage point difference.

                    Finally, this report contains a comprehensive examination of the Earned Income Tax Credit [EITC] “which like other welfare, the EITC is a means-tested, anti-poverty program, but unlike
                    other programs one has to work to receive it.” Having contributed to studies of male parolees without a high school diploma or a work history ever – and, obviously, crime don’t pay (pardonez…) – utilizing services already available in the community (e.g. adult GED, state job service) and our own computer lab for training, it is possible to assist people who want to work to find a meaningful job. This study – at least twice by my reading – implied that this administration proposes in the offing, in the process of applying for permanent residency, there may be an assessment of the likelihood an individual or their child(-ren) will need public assistance. Apparently if the ratio of need is higher than the prediction of future contribution, it is possible they may be refused admittance.

                    In that this project longitudinal, it has made many methodological changes and adjustments along the way to correct errors. It emerges as a comprehensive and reliable source of information that I believe will immediately go into the trash except for the headline of the press release: “63% of Non-Citizen Households Receive Welfare.”

                    • First question was poorly answered.

                      What does it matter if non-citizens are legal or not? Immigrants should be contributing to our nation, not draining it.

                      Assimilation, and additional contribution should be the goal when allowing in immigrants. Not special/free assistance, lawlessness, and ghettos. Our ghettos are all ready full, and homeless issues need funding for citizens, not immigrant adult, child, and elderly care.

                      You can blah blah blah me all you want, but it is California’s new Governor Pretty boy Gavin and other Cali legislators,(Lara/Arambula) who are proposing free medical care for illegal immigrants, thru Medi-Cal. Illegal immigrant children already receive free medical care, thru Medi-cal.

                      Yes I left Cali twenty years ago, but still have many relatives and friends there, and visit often. I know Cali much better than you. I used to travel the entire state in my line of work, but, most importantly, I knew what Cali was before it became what you live in now.

                      It will only get worse, now that all resistance is gone from the right.

                    • Maybe you can explain to me, as if I am a little child, why a wall would work Michael.

                      And while you are at it, explain to me how it affects the 20 million illegals already entrenched.

                      Then, can you tell me for whom they toil? Is it the rich liberal farmers across the nation? How about the rich liberal general contractors? Or perhaps the wealthier liberal hoteliers?

                      I dunno, I get so confused about things when Fox says the wall will fix it all.

                      Please help and explain it all for me.

                      Then tell me how the right will save us from the illegals.

                • Abraham Maslow must have borrowed “Empty stomach has no ears” when he enunciated the Hierarchy of Needs (food,shelter,family,neighborhood, democracy)

                  • Gail Sheppard says

                    Interesting perspective, Lon. It kind of explains why Trump was elected and will probably win in a re-election.

                    Maslow believed that 5 needs motivate our behavior: (#1) physiological, (#2) safety, (#3) love and belonging (social), (#4) esteem, and (#5) self-actualization.

                    Some people understand that they need a job to pay for food/shelter/healthcare, etc. (#1) and that tighter immigration policies will reduce the tax burden and keep us safe from potential terrorist attacks (#2). They also believe that #1 & #2 will help satisfy #3, the need for love and belonging through one’s ability to attract a spouse and support a family.

                    Others tend to assume their basic needs (#1 & #2) will be met by the government and, therefore, they are free to focus all their energy on love, respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Boy, do we see an abundance of “self-esteem” and “self-confidence” these days! Everyone is demanding “respect,” eg Black Lives Matter, LGBTIQ, #MeToo, etc.

                    • such garbage

                      reflect on the reasons we wanted so many illegals here in the first place Gail or have you forgotten?

                      Latino terrorist attacks sure are up lately.

                      No. The reality is all those immigrants could be handed an agriculture work permit as a matter of course when entering the US and the matter is mute.

                      The fact is immigration is still the great political ploy. Bill Clinton played it well, too.

                      …they don’t even speak our language !

                      duh, I had you for smarter

                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      What makes you think that only Latinos know how to cross a border? (Hey, George, the system is cutting off replies, again.)

                      I learned all I know about who crosses our borders from my cousin, Mike. He was something. Where did you get YOUR education? I know you went to a decent school because you write well. . . when you want to.


                    • Lon Gerakos says

                      Definitely. Democracy came to Latin America, South Korea, Taiwan, and Eastern Europe when they got prosperous. It declined the world over after the financial crisis.

                    • Zelas Fanacotsis says
                    • Gail Sheppard says

                      Zelas, this is very sobering.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Retired U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal railed against President Donald Trump, saying he believes he is “immoral,” self-serving and not representative of American values.
                      I’m pretty sure General McChrystal is not a libtard, globalist, etc. and needs no instructions from anyone on Monomakhos on what a military person may opine about the Commander-in-Chief!
                      McChrystal, the former commander of U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, urged Americans and Trump supporters to “stand in front of that mirror” and ask themselves how many concessions they’ll make to stand by the president. In a rare interview with ABC News, McChrystal said he would refuse a position in the Trump administration and said he doesn’t believe Trump is truthful. ETC.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      I for one, will make several concessions. Just like my grandfather did after Pearl Harbor, when he stopped publicly hating FDR and gave him his unequivocal support.

                      Does this mean I’m a toady? Let me ask my critics these series of questions: Obama, Bush 43, Bush 41, Carter were all decent, moral men. All self-described Christians. What good did their tenures do us? Endless war? Increased debt? Again, I look to the parable of the Two Brothers, one who said that he would do his Father’s will (and did not) and the other who said that he wouldn’t (and did). Then there was that evil Samaritan who bound the wounds of the victim while the Priest and the Levite crossed to the other side of the road.

                      Give me the Samaritan anytime; I will always heed the sage advice of Martin Luther: “It is better to be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian”.

                      As for McChrystal himself is no angel. Is he a moral man? Does he go faithfully to Church? If he did then he would no that he is in no position to “judge another man’s servant”. And lest we forget, he publicly berated Pres Obama and was immediately relieved of his command.

              • Bro these people never needed facts. Same as Brexit. Whose propagandists talked of seventy million turks turning up . Won’t be any one left in Turkey to turn the light of. Now i am greek so that is a little over whelming!! But pure lies. Not even in European Union.
                In fact most areas with large EU population ( and EUROPEANS in vast majority are white, even us Greeks ) , well they voted to remain. Areas with little immigrants voted to leave.
                I agree any country should control it’s borders and USA too. But who has screwed up central America with death squads and rest but good old USA!?
                I recall in 1920s. Factories in south had notices saying No DOGS,BLACKS OR.. Greeks.!!
                Does this not give us a clue in your land of immigrants,? that Wasp immigrants always welcome, others not. Nothing changes.

                • Lon Gerakos says

                  Indeed, the illegal caravan had Arabs and Chinese. How did you think there is such a growth in Orthodox Christians in Guatemala. Do you really believe Athenagoras Anestes converted so many? USA had net negative immigration during the Great Depression and the Great Recession. In fact, now that Mexicans have two instead of five kids, we need robots to pick our lettuce. Many Greeks went back to Greece during the Great Depression, only to be killed by Nazis or Communists for being American even if they had been here illegally.

                • Michael Bauman says

                  Nikos people are still tribal in nature. We like the people who seem to be like us and are suspicious of “the other”.

                  A nation, any nation has a duty to defend it’s borders and it’s culture including language.

                  Do not forget that Caesar Chavez, hardly a WASP was adamently against illegal immigrqtion.

                  You are correct in that greed was one of the reasons the illegsls were originally welcome. Cheap exploitable labor and all that

                  • Cesar Chavez was trying to create a fair union for the farmworkers, but his dream of livable wages and humane treatment was destroyed by the continual wave of illegal aliens never allowing the dream to succeed. So the government stepped in to provide the Gov. freebies and all parties are happy except us scmucks paying the taxes to foot the bill.

                    Both political parties are guilty of destroying the America workforce. Trump is the first President, to truly take on the issue, and force debate and legislation, but Tump can not do it alone. Forgive the pun but he has hit a REAL WALL!

                    NO! Not even FIVE BILLION for a wall that will last for maybe fifty years, create jobs here, and literally curb illegal migration. Yet all has hit the skids! But! Our government has no problem, passing and sending over TEN BILLION to Mexico, and Central America to “curb” migration. Wasted money, to corrupt governments.

                    Oh well, nothing to see here. Pour the coffee, put the kids in the car, and off to work, and don’t forget to pay those taxes, to support “Winning”!?

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Well said, Michael. Heterogeneous societies –like Syria or Lebanon–hardly are harmonious.

                  • Hi and yes I agree. There is a problem with illegal immigration and yes as me living here in Bulgaria, i like the fact that there is a prevailing, no matter how secular it seems,Balkan Orthodox Culture prevailing. This is not to tune out others. There is a university and many chinese students and others, and for instance I have good Muslim friends here and from the university camps, in which chapel is now being built. One can see the minaret in neighbourhood village, as well as church.

                    It may seem remote but I think relevant to recall that the barbarians invasions in 4/5c roman empire were actually more akin to Mass immigration, if whole tribes, wanting the better life and land that entering the Roman empire gave. Not 100km north of me is the Danube River where in 370s AD the goths crossed in multitudes. This led to 378 AD massive defeat and death of Valens, the westetn empire emperor and the imperial western army and eventually of Rome.
                    I think the two issues are uncontrolled migration and the host community feeling overwhelmed by the ” other’ . English were same in regard Irish and Welsh workers in 19th and 20th c. ( ‘Taffy is a welshman, Taffy is a theif, as the doggrel very went!!) and especially to Jews in victorious times and the jack the ripper murders were CLAIMED in heavy Jewish East end of London area to be ritualised. A Jewish dog whistle if ever there was one.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Slowing down the rate of entry is not enough. It needs to stop and RAPIDLY reverse. They all need to go back.

  5. Michael Bauman says

    Current cultural sentiments: everything bad is someone else’s fault; I am entitled to anything I want at someone else’s expense; deviant and immoral sex is neither deviant nor immoral; if you don’t like what someone else says, they have no right to say it or even think it; white people are evil and unredeamable especially white men; God is irrelevant, a coffee table book at best.

    Oh and the big one: everything can be fixed by voting for the correct person.

    What kind of government are we to expect with the attitudes I listed being the norm it seems.

    Even here the first attitude: “everything bad is someone else’s fault”, seems to prevail.

    After all everybody knows that if the EP and the Greek hierarchy would be thrown out, the Church would be better off or ROCOR or the OCA, right? Or, if the Democrats would disappear, or Trump disposed of and there would be nothing to worry about except the Russians and the Jews and the Christian Zionists, the Masons and Islam. Take you pick.

    That is the voice of fear and a denial of our Father’s Providence.

    …..and Dino? A Dios literally translated means “To God”. You are correct America and each of our hearts needs to be lifted up to God for in Him there is no fear–only life and hope.

    Lord have mercy on us all.

  6. Michael Bauman,
    Yes, on a personal level, God is all. I give all to Him, and thank Him for all he has given me, good and bad. I may question that which I perceive as bad, and to what reason. The answers take patience.

    On a grand scale, and political sphere, I believe society is on it’s own, and simply reaps what it has sown. It is not that God allows, or not, it is he does not prevent what we create and produce, good, evil, and bad.

    The previous two centuries has seen the best evil could produce. More in body than spirit in the beginning. Satan has been working overtime these last two centuries. Beginning with our own nation, brother against brother in the bloodiest war our nation have ever seen. The repercussions still affect us today, and shape much of our nations’s perceptions, and policies toward one another, even after our nation elected a black man not once, but twice. Yet, we are still perceived a racist nation by many.

    I truly believe Satan is doing his best to rid western society of God’s first and new covenant. Satan’s first puppets were the Communist/Soviets, killing the most Christians, history has ever witnessed. Later his Satan’s boy was Hitler, and the Nazis killing nearly all the Jews of Europe. His sites always on the largest, and most powerful of nations, China his next victim.

    World War One and Two the by-product, and results of both atrocities, affecting and shaping the entire planet.

    Now Satan has his sites on the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever had, except now he has learned from previous errors. Wholesale genocide is no longer his game. Now he playing the long game, and using God’s playbook. Love is the new game, except it is not God’s Agape, but the illusion of it. Tolerance, and diversity the new game.

    Love the planet, animals, sexualities, alternative genders, in a borderless and free society where anything goes, so long as it is consensual and does not hurt anyone. Religion taught to be reason to most wars, hate, anti-tolerance and sexual abuse in society. History books rewritten, statues remove, schools, and colleges indoctrinating as much as teaching.

    Satan has learned patience and goes after the mind, later to steal the soul’s. Death comes sooner or later, so he bypassing the shock and awe of wholesale murder, and waits out the poisoned minds of our nation, until it will be unrecognizable and more evil, than the Communist and Nazis ever dreamed. Not only that, but instead of society fleeing such evil, they will continue flock to us, still ignoring borders and laws. That is if we still have borders and laws.

    The trap is set, indeed! Lord have mercy!

  7. Dan Mitrokas says

    All of the Republican ideas are based on incentive because they believe in original sin, but Orthodox, like China’s Confucian Social Credit Counters, believe man is perfectable and incentives are corrupt. Take a look at the web site for Hillary’s and you will find it looks a lot more Orthodox than Trump’s The pope made Charlemagne emperor because St Irene was a woman, but George Demacopoulos tells us St Irene is the mother of the modern welfare state. So all you misogynists who could not countenance Hillary or Dora are the uniate carolingians! This is why Orthodox need to proclaim Hillary Clinton a living saint because of her wondrous miracles and examplary life.

  8. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Here’s a CLASSIC example of argumentum ad hominem: “As for McChrystal himself is no angel. Is he a moral man? Does he go faithfully to Church? If he did then he would no that he is in no position to ‘judge another man’s servant’. And lest we forget, he publicly berated Pres Obama and was immediately relieved of his command.” (And I find it humorous, very humorous, to read George Michalopoulos trying to discredit General McChrystal’s negative remarks about Trump on the basis of his having also been critical of Obama!!!)

    • Constantinos says

      Your Grace,
      I think we all understand by now that you hate President Trump, but he is the President after all. Is he perfect? No, but neither are you. How you can align yourself with the fruitcakes in the Democratic Party is beyond me. You may be many things, some good, some bad, but you are certainly no historian. This big mouth Alexandra Occasio Cortez dingbat wants the US to be a socialist swamp. I’ll bet she has Presidential aspirations. Talk about hubris.
      Okay, back to you. I’ve been spending what little spare time I have reading about the founding of our great country. It is true that the Founders favored a strong federal government, but they were also dyed in the wool free enterprise advocates. Socialism would be unthinkable to each and every one of them. George Washington( may his memory be eternal) was a very tolerant man. He openly welcomed Catholics, Jews, and even Muslims as citizens of our great nation. I really wish you would stop spitting on the graves of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Please read the Federalist Papers and the lives of these great men. Hopefully, you’ll learn something, and stop buying into this Democratic gibberish. Remember, President Trump saved us from the disaster that is Hillary Rodham Clinton- and we can all be grateful for that including you. This post is for your education and edification. Remember, Your Grace, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        “Constantinos”! I do not hate President Trump. so your post is in error from the very first sentence. I hate it that he is our president, and I think he’s what we used to call an industrial strength screw-up. I can hardly keep from crying when he makes our country look ridiculous. The poor man! He’s hoping to have a wall built as his personal memorial monument, but even if it’s built it will go down in history as Trump’s Folly. He doesn’t have even a clue as to what makes America great. He’s too old for special ed or remedial reading, and he’s totally unaware or in denial that he’s a laughing stock to everyone from the Saudi Crown Prince through V. Putin and the whole land of China, not to mention Great Britain, Ireland, Poland and so on. You should be praying for him, not worrying about what an old bishop opines! Just think—-a respected general. once widely treated like a hero for opening his mouth in disagreement with President Obama, suddenly got on Monomachos’s S.- List for opening his mouth in disagreement with President Trump! I’m surprised to hear you claim that our founding fathers even HEARD OF free enterprise! And you claim to have picked this up through research. “mind?’ “waste?”

        • Constantinos says

          Your Grace,
          As much as I respect your service to our country, and your position as a retired bishop, I feel the necessity to offer you some constructive criticism. Instead of squandering your prestige by praising Nancy Pelosii and Al Sharpton, you could be sharing your spiritual wisdom with us, but you don’t do that. You have not expressed your opinion on this kerfulle between the MP and the EP. You could offer some wisdom on hesychasm, should we have one autocephalous Orthodox Church in America, and how best to evangelize this great nation of ours. All we seem to get from you is liberal gobbledy gook. You align yourself with the un American Democratic Party- the party that supports abortion, the party that is assaulting our religious liberties, the party that commits treason against our country by not protecting our borders, and the party of liberal identity politics. I really think you need to step it up, and use your gifts more wisely. Would you agree with my assessment? By the way, why wouldn’t I care what a retired bishop of the Orthodox Church thinks? I believe that you are 86 years old. With age, don’t you have any wisdom to offer us? Please don’t take this as a personal affront to you; this is just some friendly advice I feel I compelled to offer. I believe the American Cincinattus would be rolling over in his grave if he heard some of your jive. I knew George Washington, George Washington was a friend of mine,and Your Grace, you are no George Washington!Thank you kindly, Your Grace.