Withholding Protection for RFK Jr.

So apparently it’s not enough to try to destroy Trump by hauling him into court every other day on bogus charges, Biden is now putting RFK Jr. in harm’s way by not giving him the protection he is entitled to receive as a presidential candidate in the upcoming election.

Because RFK Jr.  is a KENNEDY,  he should be in the front of the line when it comes to security.  All that money to Ukraine, literally bankrupting the country (not to mention our culture), and he can’t (or won’t) pony up the resources to protect a presidential candidate in his own party.  

No wonder Democrats are so disgusted with him. 

I received the following email today. . .  


You’ve probably heard the news…


Pres. Biden’s outrageous decision to deny Secret Service protection for his primary opponent, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reeks of blatant coercion.


I got a call from RFK Jr.s presidential campaign manager on Saturday.


Hearing first hand all the threats RFK Jr. has endured against him… I’m concerned how precarious his safety has become.


I know I’m not the only one who is worried.


Please read the letter below from Kennedy’s campaign manager to know how dangerous Biden’s decision is. We The People have to protect RFK, Jr.!


— Jeff


In what is a new low for the Biden Administration’s politics of fear and loathing, it has refused a request, supported by 67 pages of confidential documentation, to provide Secret Service protection for our presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Think about this: President Biden placed a bust of Robert F. Kennedy, Sr., in the Oval office. Now he is denying Mr. Kennedy’s namesake protection, while the Secret Service provides his own son, Hunter Biden, with protection.  


The Democratic Party is stirring up hate against Mr. Kennedy for running against President Biden, while President Biden denies  Mr. Kennedy protection. 


Biden will not provide protection for Mr. Kennedy, but you can:


Please go to Kennedy24.com now to provide funds to pay for Mr. Kennedy’s personal security team while he campaigns. 


Here is how Mr. Kennedy sees this: “The White House and the DNC are playing hardball. They are pitching hate. They are vilifying me in the press. They have uttered the most odious defamations which can create a climate of violence. Then, simultaneously, they deny me the security to which I’m entitled.”


Has the Biden Administration lust to hold onto power caused them to forfeit their humanity? Where are their hearts, their souls? Mr. Kennedy is totally fearless, but we must defend him. This won’t stop him. He has a security team, and now we must fund it.


At least one out of every three campaign dollars spent today goes for our candidate’s security. President Biden will campaign and have Secret Service protection, paid for by the taxpayers.


We can and we will make this right. If President Biden will not provide security for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., we the American people will. 


Please go to Kennedy24.com now.


Dennis Kucinich

Campaign Manager

Robert F. Kennedy Jr for President




With appreciation,

The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Team
























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  1. Apparently the 120 day limit comes from the US Code provision applicable to spouses and family of candidates, not candidates themselves:


    Obama was given protection well over 500 days before the election.

    As to Biden, yes, he is a thug and dictator and one should expect that in his police state he would withhold security. Par for the course.

    As to RFK, Jr., he is a Democrat and, in the end, would not drain the swamp any more than Bernie Sanders would because it would kill the Democratic Party. So I see no reason to assist him in any way inasmuch as if he succeeds, he would be running against Trump.

    I’m not at all happy with the reaction to RFK, Jr. on the right. He may be saying all the right things, or many of them, but he is playing for the devil.

    • I also doubt he could drain the swamp. But if it can’t be Trump (although I’m certain there is nothing that can stop the Trump Train at this point), I’d rather have him than anyone else who’s surfaced to date. He doesn’t appear to be a war monger and that’s a definite plus.

      • Either Trump drains the swamp or the Republic crumbles. Those are our choices.

        While I would prefer that Trump succeeds in doing so and thus, gives the Republic another burst of energy (and personally I think he is well on track to winning re-election), as an Orthodox Christian, I am content with the fact that nothing lasts forever, not even countries.

        I think we crossed a point of no return sometime in the mid-2010s, when homosexuality in the West became normalized. Once that threshold is crossed for any society, then it declines. (This is not to say that a return to normalcy can’t happen. It can, the horribly immoral Georgian Age in Great Britain was followed by the button-down Victorian Age.)

        Still, my gut feeling is that the Lord is not done with us, especially if we repent.

        • Antiochene Son says

          Trump had the opportunity to drain the swamp, and he filled his administration with swamp creatures. Javanka ran the show half the time, and Fauci-Pence the other half. Trump talked the talk beautifully in 16, but he didn’t walk the walk.

          • AS, what you write is true, “generally speaking”. The problem is that The Swamp can’t be drained, short of a societal collapse or a military takeover.

            For one thing, there’s the 1888 Pendleton Act which makes it nearly impossible to fire a civil servant. Then there’s the fact that the 16th Amendment established the Federal Income Tax, which generated the revenues necessary to fund the permanent war machine.

            Then there’s the Federal Reserve Act, which made the Republic dependent on foreign banking families to fund its expenditures.

            Add in all the alphabet agencies and that’s where we are and have been since 1913. (Some would place the demise of the Republic to 1871.)

            So, should we take the black pill? Not at all. Once Trump gets in, and provided he has at least 40% of the people loudly behind him, he can govern by Executive Order. Where would he get the money? How about telling Zelensky “game over, Pal!”

            Even without Trump, I see the various Red States (and Red counties in Blue States), exercising more autonomy even as I write these words. The Federal Leviathan and its ideological minions (Hollywood, universities, mega-corporations, etc) aren’t as all-powerful as we think they are.

            • Antiochene Son says

              All of that is true, and I don’t expect one man to do the impossible. We are just delaying the inevitable.

              But he did far less than he could have, and he filled his administration with truly awful people. He didn’t pardon the Jan 6 protestors. He didn’t do what was fully in his power to do. That is on him, and shows he has terrible judgement. Why would a second term be different?

      • Here is a two-hour comprehensive interview with Kennedy.
        He even talks at length about his addictions and recovery.
        The story of his spiritual awakening is delightful. See:



        I don’t get to vote, but I think
        he is an impressive candidate.

      • Christine says

        My thoughts exactly too, Gail. I met RFK, Jr., at a Children’s Health Defense event during the covid pandemic. If we don’t get Trump, he and Tulsi Gabbard are in line for my vote. It’s still early to tell and maybe I’ll eat my words, but at least I know his position on things. Most Republicans are two faced and don’t act on their conscience. RFK, Jr. does.

  2. Anonymous II says

    Speaking of plots deepening around the current coup in America and WWIII, the future doesn’t bode well for American citizen and journalist Gonzalo Lira.

    The Rainbow Marxists, in a video press release, announced via a tranny American named Sara Ashton-Cirillo (who signed up to fight with the Ukrainian military) claimed Zelensky’s henchmen caught Lira this week before he was able to make an “escape” into Hungary where he was going to seek political asylum.

    See: https://www.infowars.com/posts/american-tranny-working-for-ukrainian-military-says-theyve-re-captured-u-s-citizen-journalist-who-exposed-war-crimes/

    Satanic clowns.

  3. It’s worse than a disgrace! The entire three branches of government are worse than a disgrace. I have been following RFK Jr. closely. Here is the RFK substack! I was shocked that the turds in power refusal to supply security for him.


  4. George Michalopulos says

    I am not a Democrat and haven’t been for 34 years. I am under no illusions that RFK Jr is a saint (nor were his father and uncle), however withholding him the Secret Service protection that he is entitled to is simply unconscionable.

    Kennedy should take stock of the situation: it is his party which is doing this to him. Perhaps he should let it be known that should he not get protection immediately, he will seriously consider running as a third-party candidate. In the meantime, he should hire his own private firm to provide him security.

    • I am not an Democrat either. The entire three branches of government have been corrupted deeply. I agree with you.

    • As Ross Perot may have been the spoiler that ultimately cost George H. W. Bush reëlection in 1992, so also may Bobby Kennedy, jr. be the spoiler that will win the nomination next year or, failing that, run as a third party candidate and draw off votes that would have gone to Brandon. Either way, it may very well cost that thug, Brandon reëlection next year.

      For those of us who remember the two Kennedy assassinations in the ’60s, it is astonishing that Brandon won’t offer state protection to Bobby, jr.. Are they hoping that someone will take a shot at Bobby so they can blame the lock-and-load Republicans for it and so garner sympathy for their party? God forbid, are they actually planning an assassination? Is that why they’re withholding protection? I wouldn’t put anything past this passive-aggressive administration.

      The young socialists in the Democrat party truly wanted Bernie Sanders to win the nomination in 2016, but the establishment sabotaged his campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton’s. The Democrats may actually have a winner in RFK, jr., but so far it appears as though they will run Old Gelding Brandon again just as they ran Old Mare Hillary in ’16.

      Speaking for myself, I dearly hope for a match-up between Donald Trump and Bobby Kennedy in 2024. If that is to be the horse race, then either way we can count on a degree of “change we can believe in” after this present dark term.

      • Oh, no. I never thought of that. The Deep State has a growing track record when it comes to untimely deaths.