Wonders Never Cease

I wasn’t expecting to write this.  Mainly because it’s good news.  Scratch that —great news.  Given the crapitutude that we’ve been forced to undergo these past few years, it’s even more surprising.

What am I talking about?  Only this:  the Greek government, led by the “conservative” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, decided to not go forward with the whole skittles marriage thing after all.

The fact that Mitsotakis had an overwhelming parliamentary majority in favor of this is nothing less than astounding.  Besides his own party, the leftist opposition was completely in favor as well.  Based on the Greek media, it seemed to be a slam dunk.  As far as the majority was concerned, it was only a few retrograde hillbillies who were against it.

Imagine the surprise that Stefanos Kasselakis, the main opposition leader must feel.  He was wanting this to pass so he could “marry” his male companion.  No doubt, this will derail his own future political plans.  

If you ask me, I’d caution about whatever the elites tell us is what’s best for us.  Because you, see, several bishops from the Church of Greece spoke against the proposed new law.  Then Mt Athos unanimously –and thunderously–condemned it.  All twenty monasteries did so.  (Even the seven monasteries who four years ago went along with Bartholomew’s recognition of the schismatic Ukrainian cult.) 

Not only that, they wrote a sternly worded letter to Patriarch Bartholomew telling him to rescind his invitation to Archbishop Elpidophoros.  (He is expected to make a pilgrimage to Athos in the near future.)  This is unprecedented, mainly because Bartholomew is the “abbott-in-chief” of Mt Athos:  all the abbots report directly to him.  https://www.helleniscope.com/2024/01/04/mt-athos-letter-to-bartholomew-keep-elpidophoros-out-of-athos/

Many thanks to our friend Nick Stamatakis over at Helleniscope who has been on this story from day one.  

So, why did the Greek government cave, if in fact, the Greek people are for skittles marriage?  Well, two reasons spring to mind:  first, the majority may not be in favor of it, or second, they may be indifferent to it.  

There is another possibility however:  regardless of how the people feel about it, the Church is still a force to be reckoned with.  In other words, there really is such a thing as “prophetic witness.”  And we cannot discount it.  Maybe the majority are for it.  So what?  People throughout history have been for many popular things, some of which are evil.  Think of slavery or genocide.  Child sacrifice springs to mind, so do gladiatorial contests.  The list is a long one. 

We don’t do those things now.  Why?  Because the Church has condemned them. 

Nor can we discount the furor that Pope Francis was met with when he released Fiducia Supplicans.  This ill-timed and scandalous document (which blessed same-sex unions), did not play out as the progressives wanted.  In fact, quite the opposite.

Before Christianity there was no such thing as “universal values.”  Julius Caesar  bragged about killing a million Gauls —and he was celebrated for it.  Haman met no resistance when he announced his plan to wipe out the Jewish population of Persia.  It was only because Queen Esther used her feminine wiles on the Great King Xerxes that his plans were foiled at the last minute. 

So, kudos to the Church of Greece and kudos to the monks of Mt Athos. 

To them, we can all say:  AXIOI!!!

P.S. Sadly, Patriarch Bartholomew has not issued a statement one way or the other.  His silence continues to be thunderous.  


Update:  So far, the Fordhamites have not responded to this pushback.  However, Mrs Eleni Bousis (of the Big Fat Gay Greek Baptism debacle of July 2022) has issued a bitter response.  In it, she not only castigates the Holy Mountain, she defends Archbishop Elpidophoros.  My gut tells me that the fissures within the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese are getting bigger, with Mrs Bousis and other well-heeled liberal bigwigs on one side and ordinary, more traditional types on the other side.    


  1. Athanasius says

    The silence of all of the GOARCH clergy is thunderous.

    • I think it may be their HIGH price salary that they don’t want to give up.

      • Would be cautious to not be too judgmental of them……

        The vast majority are Christ-loving pastors who’d end up abandoning an untold number of parishioners if they were “fired” or “reassigned” by the Archdiocese for speaking out.

        There are various considerations at play…. but just like we don’t want people judging our daily actions and behaviors, I don’t think we should judge any clergy who doesn’t scream loudly through a megaphone about the bizarre behavior of his bishop.

        God will take care of it, in His time.

    • There are some who hold the line.

      The voice in the wilderness of the GOA epicenter (Yonkers, NY) – this priest is one I’ve been following for a time now and hits the nail on the head – the “over sexualized” society which blindly accepts sexuality as a “primary identity” – he turns it towards the welcoming silence around pornography, but it’s really all one in the same – starts out around 36:36 – also an Addictions Ministry – Anyone know more about this?https://www.youtube.com/live/SsUQP7keleM?si=2vtNcMSvOS7EPQtv

  2. In addition to having babies…

    Men Can Now Legally Punch Women


    ‘If they are transgender boxers.’

    USA Boxing Codifies Rule Allowing
    Male Participation in Women’s Division


    ‘ The national governing body for amateur/Olympic-style boxing recently codified a rule permitting male participation in the women’s division in its 2024 rulebook.

    USA Boxing added a ‘Transgender Policy,” written in August 2022, into its 2024 rulebook, declaring that male boxers who transition to female are eligible to compete in the female category under certain conditions. To qualify for the female division, a man must declare his gender identity as female, have undergone gender reassignment surgery, have done hormone testing for a minimum of four years after such procedures, and have met testosterone limits set by USA Boxing.

    “The athlete’s total testosterone level in serum must remain below 5 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category,” the 2022 rule said. Male boxers must demonstrate a total testosterone level in serum that is below 5 nmol/L for at least 48 months before first competition.

    Minor boxers under the age of 18 must compete in the category aligned with their biological sex, but adult boxers can switch to the category of their preferred gender if they meet the requirements.

    “The purpose of this policy is to provide fairness and safety for all boxers,” the organization told the Daily Mail in announcing the rule addition Friday. … ‘

    Coming to the Circus next:

    The Mob howl: “The Christians to the lion!”
    Tertullian: “What, all of them, to a single lion?”

  3. However, Mrs Eleni Bousis (of the Big Fat Gay Greek Baptism debacle of July 2022) has issued a bitter response. In it, she not only castigates the Holy Mountain

    Imagine being so prideful and arrogant that you castigate the spiritual center of Orthodoxy for being…Orthodox…

    The fact that Mitsotakis had an overwhelming parliamentary majority in favor of this is nothing less than astounding. Besides his own party, the leftist opposition was completely in favor as well.

    Not everyone in ND is pro-skittles marriage. Much like our Republicans. Not to mention that there is now a rather sizable “far right” opposition in the Hellenic parliament thanks to the growth in those parties (I believe SYRIZA is actually shrinking).

    I would also suggest being cautious against any polls that show the majority of Greeks being pro-skittles marriage. Remember, they do the same thing here and all over the place when they want to pass something; show majority support when it’s actually not that.

    P.S. Sadly, Patriarch Bartholomew has not issued a statement one way or the other. His silence continues to be thunderous.

    Nor do I expect him to. If he does then I will be pleasantly shocked. He can’t please Athos and the Church of Greece while at the same time please the State Department and the Boussis family (and whoever else is giving him $$)

    It will be interesting to see if this builds enmity between him, the Church of Greece and Cyprus, etc., and they decide to reneg on the OCU.

    The skittles wind is blowing through the world, it’s already taken down the Roman Catholics, and let’s not fool ourselves it’s been that way for a very long time. It’s good to see that Orthodoxy is a bulwark against it.

    • P.S. Sadly, Patriarch Bartholomew has not issued a statement one way or the other. His silence continues to be thunderous.

      Of course not:
      He is firstly waiting to see which side is winning…..
      and then he will decide….
      Popularity and power is the name of the game….

  4. Thanks for the update. It’s sickening. It’s corruption.

  5. Fr Nicholas Young says

    Let us pray that this result will hold. The Canadian parliament voted to uphold the traditional Christian definition of marriage in the late 80s, I think it was, but a few years later… God grant us to be steadfast in our faith.

    • Good point Fr. Nicholas. But I believe their state church, the Anglican Church of Canada, had been softening on this since the late 80’s.

  6. Write your congressman guys! I just did!


  7. Pope Francis calls for universal ban on ‘despicable’ surrogate motherhood: ‘Object of trafficking’
    How then can does he expect gay couples to become families? Aren’t families with children the aim of Roman Catholic marriage which they are inching towards for Gays?

  8. Pope Francis calls for universal ban on ‘despicable’ surrogate motherhood: ‘Object of trafficking’
    How then can does he expect gay couples to become families? Aren’t families with children the aim of Roman Catholic marriage which they are edging towards for Gays?

    • CS, I’d file this one under “even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

      Snark off, I must compliment Pope Francis for saying the right thing. Surrogate motherhood is wrong on so many levels. (Maybe I should write about it someday?) Your point however is spot on: how are homosexual couples going to be able to “have” children if surrogacy is outlawed (as it should be)?

      • For a Jesuit, Francis don’t do logic too good.
        Perhaps he missed the classes on Aristotle.

  9. Mitsotakis decided to go forward with it according to the Greek paper.

  10. A Antiochian priest I follow on Insta had a Q&A in his story and someone asked the following question that I thought was pretty interesting (I’m paraphrasing so apologies):

    Question: Is the OCU schismatic and does that now make the EP, Church of Greece, etc., schismatic?

    Priests Answer: The OCU might have started out as schismatic but I would now describe them as uncanonical since they were received by the EP and have been accepted by the Churches of Greece, Cyprus and Alexandria. There are still problems with their ordination status but if you use the same logic that those Churches are now schismatic then ALL Churches in communion with them including the Antiochians, Serbians, Jerusalem, etc., are all schismatic now. Even the Church of Russia.

  11. This is good news… for now.

    It’s important to remember the statement of Mitsotakis’ rep, who said that Greek society “is more mature” now than in the past re: gay marriage. So this is likely to be presented as “let’s just wait a bit longer until we line it all up”.

    The EU’s social justice warriors are not going to let this one go, and they always know how to hit the purse strings so it hurts the right people.

    The problem is once again Greece’s heavy financial and political alignment with the EU. Whenever you are in effect under someone’s suzerainty it gets very challenging to maneuver without having negotiating leverage.

    To me the only hope is a strong right wing opposition that emerges in Greece that forms a united front with the likes of Orban and pushes ultimately for non-alignment. Even if that doesn’t end up in a majority in the parliament, but a solid plurality. I hope we get there. When (and I do say when) Russia achieves a final victory in Ukraine and BRICS solidifies this will become a more politically tangible option. As Mr. Mercouris says “we shall see…”

  12. Col Douglas Macgregor: “It’s OVER!
    There is no coming back from this!..”


    [Video – 25:43]

    Col Macgregor tells it like it is…
    in a brilliant, sobering, analysis.

  13. The Demise Of the British Maritime Tradition….

    ‘ EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): A few days ago, we saw something that would have been almost unthinkable a couple of decades ago: Two British warships collided in Bahrein, marking a shameful day in the long British maritime tradition (video below)… But we were not surprised. For years, we have been monitoring the news that one of the two – and finally both – British Aircraft carriers were decommissioned, and there were enough parts to repair them… The same goes for the British nuclear submarines. Then, just a month ago, our jaw dropped when we saw an ad, yes an ad in a paper, of the British Navy looking for a commander for a nuclear submarine – as if they were looking for a secretary!… Finally, last week, it was the icing on the cake – and as always, it has to do with the greatest vice – arrogance: For about 70 years, the Russians allowed the British fishing boats to fish on the northern shores of Russia. And fish they did – over 48,000 tons of cod and whitefish!! Russians took their time – they are known not to be vindictive but rather peaceful giants… But finally, they realized that they have to respond in kind to the West’s sanctions… Goodbye, affordable “fish and chips”!! ‘

    1) Footage of the collision of British ships at a base in Bahrain

    [Video – 01:02]

    ‘ Two minehunter warships belonging to the British Royal Navy have collided at a base in Bahrain, UK Defense Journal reported. HMS Chiddingfold has reversed and hit HMS Bangor, causing a hole in Bangor’s hull. No casualties have been reported during the incident. Footage has been released, showing collision of the ships. ‘

    2) Help Wanted: Royal Navy Uses LinkedIn to Find New Head of Nuclear Subs

    ‘ The Royal Navy’s submarine service has a long and proud history, including decades of experience operating nuclear-armed subs – the stealthiest, most dangerous vessels at sea. It does not, however, appear to have a clear line of succession for its next top officer: the service has come in for scathing criticism after turning to LinkedIn to recruit a new manager for the UK’s underwater nuclear arsenal. … ‘

    3) Russia Ends Decades Old UK Fisheries Agreement for Barents Sea

    ‘ In a move signalling a shift in international relations, the Russian Government has given its approval to a draft law denouncing the long-standing fisheries agreement with the United Kingdom.

    The decision comes in response to the termination of Russia’s most favoured nation trade status by the UK in March 2022. … ‘

    Married to a Mermaid [Rule Britannia]


    [Video – 01:34]