Will Fort Sill Be Another Fort Sumter?

For those who may not know, the Pentagon announced the other day that up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers are going to be sent to Ft Sill, which is near Lawton, Oklahoma, for training on the Patriot missile system.  

Needless to say, this isn’t setting well with many in the Sooner state.  If a stray missile can wind up in Poland, what’s to say that can’t happened here in Tulsa.  Just saying. . .

Senator Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Arrow) has filed a resolution prohibiting the Pentagon from sending the Ukrainians to Oklahoma.   https://ktul.com/news/local/sen-dahm-files-resolution-rejecting-ukrainian-troops-in-oklahoma

According to my contacts in the State Legislature, opposition is growing to this hair-brained and unconstitutional idea.  

Tactically speaking, this won’t make a difference as far as the present conflict is concerned.  The one Patriot missile battery that was promised to the Zelensky regime is not scheduled to delivered to the Ukrainian army for another year which begs the question why are they they here?  Are these really for Zelensky?  He needed them yesterday.  In addition, the Pentagon has sent a formal letter to the Kremlin that no American or NATO troops will be operating it (hence the necessity for training Ukrainian troops). 

The question, ardent States-rights’ man that I am, is whether this could be another Fort Sumter?  For those who may not be up on their American history, Fort Sumter was the site in South Carolina where the first shot was fired in the War Between the States.

A little history.

On December 20, 1860, six weeks after the election of Abraham Lincoln as President, South Carolina declared its independence.  The South Carolinians demanded that the United States Army abandon Charleston Harbor, including both of its forts (Sumter and Moultrie).  Six days later, on the 26th, the South Carolina militia immediately set up a siege on Charleston Harbor.  Shortly thereafter, the battalion under Major Robert Anderson (which was stationed at Moultrie), abandoned it, choosing to relocate to Sumter, which was more defendable. 

As in most sieges, the condition of the men stationed there was deteriorating rapidly.  In order to relieve the embattled garrison, President James Buchanan tried sending supplies to Major Anderson by using a merchant ship. However, the ship was discovered by South Carolina soldiers and seized by the authorities after being fired upon.  They also seized all Federal property in that area.  The only place left under US command was Fort Sumter.

The first shots that were fired on Ft Sumter took place on April 12, 1861.  Both sides exchanged fire, but Anderson’s battalion was heavily outgunned, and the men were near starvation.  The actual bombardment lasted another 34 hours, and the very next day, on April 13, the garrison surrendered to Brig Gen P G T Beauregard.  There were no casualties on either side.  

And the rest, as they say, is history. 


  1. Solidarity Priest says

    You mean the War of Northern Agression, of course. As a nod to Dissident Mama, since learning that Thanksgiving is a Yankee holiday, I no longer observe it. That way, since I’m obligated to follow the new calendar, no breaking of the fast for me. But seriously, Harry Turtledove could have written an alternate history about Ukrainian troops training in Oklahoma to put down any future Johnny Rebs. One hopes that scenario doesn’t become a reality..

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Now that they’re training Somalia here, as well, you’ve got to wonder. Plus all the migrants (young men) being flown all over the U.S.

      Right before they thought Hillary would be president, Obama initiated Jade Helm 15 over flyover country with all 4 branches of the military participating. It was the largest training exercise ever. Though seven states were included in the exercise, Texas, Utah, and pockets of California were labeled as “hostile” territories on their map. They said it was because each possessed a “unique terrain” that soldiers might find themselves operating in overseas.

      And guess who they blamed for promoting what they called a “conspiracy theory” that upset TX? The Russians. They started pushing that “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative a very long time ago.

      Then Trump came into power instead of Hillary and probably messed up whatever plans they had for the time being. It would make sense bringing in troops from other countries like Ukraine, (where 100 has now become hundreds) and Somalia, to train them on our weapons to use on us in preparation for 2021 which has now been pushed out to 2030.

      I’d be worried if I didn’t know all their plans will come to naught. I hope people start waking up to the fact that we are NOT in a good place right now. You can’t stop what you can’t see.

      But it can and will be stopped.

  2. The current public estimates on deployment of the US provided Patriot battery is mid-spring. The long pole is training the Ukrainians, they’re getting an existing system. The Germans are also providing an existing battery, but I haven’t heard a timeline. It’s subject to similar constraints on minimum training time.

    While certainly an opportunity for ‘more MAGA than thou’ chest thumping for local political figures trying to break out from the pack, I think Betteridge’s law applies. Unless a half dozen members of Meal Teal Six, complete will ill-fitting plate carriers, protesting outside the gate some random weekend counts as the new Fort Sumter.

  3. Michael Bauman says

    All we need is John Reese and Finch and the Machine

  4. Austin Martin says

    The question, ardent States-rights’ man that I am, is whether this could be another Fort Sumter?

    No. Americans aren’t going to do anything. Give them Cheetos and porn, and they’ll settle for ranting on the internet.

    • Unfortunately, I agree with Austen, here.
      The American people are broken and demoralized. From the two-pronged assault on families via the Sexual Revolution and second-wave feminism, to the mass importation of incompatible peoples starting with the Hart-Cellar act of 1965, to the assassinations of MLK and the Kennedy’s, American society has been “defeated in detail” on every conceivable front.

      Therefore, ordinary Americans have developed “learned helplessness,” and will submit to any outrage their rulers impose on them.

      The only way forward, is through systemic societal collapse, with all the misery that entails.


      • Given that we’re the most obese nation on earth, we have become feminized. That said, all it takes for a people to rise up is missing 3 meals in a day or 9 meals in a week.

        Nothing lasts forever, even captivity.

  5. Thank you for putting this into words! I really appreciate Monomakhos. I hear these things on the news “100 Ukrainian soldiers “, etc.. and I wonder, “ Surely I’m not the only person that can see the ramifications!”
    It is true that generally folks don’t hear what you’re saying in mainstream news, so thank you for giving the word to spread !

    • Gail Sheppard says

      And thank you for speaking out. Remember that Ukrainian missile that landed in Poland? It was blamed on a lack of training. An accident, they said.

      I don’t want to be anywhere near where Ukrainians are participating in an accelerated program in how to launch our missiles. Think about it. Their brightest and their best have been processed through this war. Who could be left?

      If it takes a disciplined army 6 months to learn how to do this, how could men from a war torn country that have no training operate this? Learning how to operate a Patriot Missile won’t help them anyway. They’re not that easy to move around. They actually call them lemons. https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/03/28/patriot-missiles-are-made-in-america-and-fail-everywhere/

      These missiles were not made for a war like in Ukraine. I have this sinking feeling that the Ukrainians who come here were never intended to operate them. They’re planning to send in our own troops. They’ll be operating them. They’ll just say it’s the Ukrainians. This is the U.S.’s way of escalating the war into a nuclear one.

      The people behind this war are positively evil. They will not rest until most of us are dead.

      • There are people in the USA who think they
        can wage nuclear war against Russia and win.

        These are, of course, the same people who thought they
        could wage conventional war against Russia and win;
        and wage economic war against Russia and win,
        while simultaneously squaring up to China…

        Should this inspire confidence in their judgement?

  6. Please take the time to watch this short interview by Clayton Morris with Mike Krupa. It describes the situation in Poland as far as the Ukraine is concerned:


    • Fascinating. So we’re looking at the Polification of the Ukraine war. When u run out of Ukies, tap the Poles. Run out of Poles, tap the Romanians, etc.

      Just really confirms for me the necessity of Russia pushing at least to Galicia and then imposing a DMZ and freezing the conflict. Can’t really call it peace.

  7. Gonzalo’s got it! Who, why, and how the Deep State is going to remove Resident Biden:


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