Why We Fight?

Why We Fight was the title of a of a propaganda film that the United States Department of War put out during the Second World War.*  It was directed by the legendary film director, Frank Capra (who would also go on to direct It’s a Wonderful Life).  

As a rule, propaganda films are done in order to instill in the populace of the rightness of the military action in progress.  We did them, so did the Germans, the Japanese, and the Soviets as well.  They were necessary because the twentieth century was a time of ideology.

Things were different in the “old days.” 

In centuries past, the reasons why armies marched off to war were fairly straightforward:  for land previously lost, for land that was coveted, or for reprisals against invasion, and that’s about it.  Sack, pillage, rapine and slaughter were the order of the day.  It was innate to the human condition:  Herodotus, the Father of History, said that “war is father to us all,” and it was Plato, the father of Philosophy, who said “only the dead have seen the end of war.”  Two bookends that adequately describe the fallen state of mankind.

With the twentieth century and the onset of ideology, the cause for war became more abstract.  Things like: “making the world safe for democracy,” or being “against terror.”  Because “democracy” or “terror” are abstractions, it’s fairly easy to invest them with something positive; after all, being “for democracy” or “against terror” are good things, all things being equal.

Unfortunately, the modern West has no such moral high ground in this present conflict.  The United States and our allies (Great Britain and France in particular) have interfered in the elections of dozens of governments and overthrown countless others for the better part of a century now.  Where we were not able to do so through internal coups, we’ve invaded some countries militarily, sometimes reducing them to rubble –or worse.  Think of Libya, which was the most prosperous, freest country on the African continent.  Now there are slave markets operating in the open air in the streets of its capital.  Our military has created hundreds of thousands of refugees who have flooded Europe.

As for the Ukraine, Zelensky presides over a regime that is undemocratic in all respects:  he has shut down opposition newspapers, jailed political opponents, and outlawed all political parties not in tune with his policies.  Even the regime over which he rules was put in place by a violent coup in 2014, against a legally-elected president.  His Azov Battalions have perpetrated summary executions of civilians and poorly-trained soldiers who have been picked up off the streets and dragooned into combat.

As for terror, Zelensky and his agents continue to badger the West for more resources by promising to unleash another wave of refugees into their countries.  (This is exactly the method used by Turkey to extract concessions from the EU.)  In addition, the blowing up the Kerch Bridge and the Nord Stream pipelines are acts of terror, plain and simple.  To put the terror of the Nord Stream pipeline explosion in context, it is the worst ecological catastrophe since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown of 1986.

If this is not terror, then nothing is.

So why exactly are the people of the West being dragooned into a conflict in support of a country that is corrupt beyond measure and terroristic in its methods?  A regime that committed atrocities against its own citizens in the Donbass; a government which has never sought diplomacy, not before war was thrust upon it, or now?

I for one, cannot give an adequate answer.  As stated, we don’t have the moral high ground.  Unless you think that preserving the Ukrainian cash cow for the oligarchs and their American hangers-on is moral.  

Perhaps there is a more abstract reason, one which is now the the cause celebre of the collective West?  Since it can’t be all the good things that used to define America:  stability, rule-of-law, normalcy, a decent education for your children, two-cars-in-every-garage/a chicken-in-every-pot, etc. (because they don’t exist anymore), what could those things be?  From the looks of it, they would be sodomy, pornography, abortion-on-demand, and sex-change operations.  

I can understand why the Kiev regime, in their desperation, would latch on to whatever reason is necessary to continue to receive aid from the West.  That doesn’t mean however that they will succeed in receiving such aid.  Already there are rumblings from many EU governments about whether they can continue to do so.  (Something to do with their people freezing their butts off this winter.)  The Republicans have already indicated that they will “revisit” further allocations to Kiev should they take over the House in November.  Israel for its part, has told Zelensky that they will not send any more resources as well.  (Ouch!  That one’s gotta hurt.)

Perhaps the more sober-minded of the Ukrainian leadership should look instead at all the “help” they have received from the West and ask themselves another question:  at what price should we welcome to the West into our midst?  How has the present  immoral paradigm which has crippled the West helped the West?  Has it ennobled their respective cultures?  Are their people stronger, more resolute, and more righteous?  Are their economies stronger than they were a mere two years ago?  The answer to all these questions, is a resounding  negative.

Are their cities any safer? 

This just in:  an “undocumented immigrant” just killed a young man in my old neighborhood by splitting his head open with an axe.  https://www.fox23.com/news/suspect-axe-attack-charged-with-murder-after-22-year-old-victim-dies/FRMA7GIY6ZC7VH3AX4Q55GWGB4/

The site of this horrendous crime was one block from the first house my wife and I bought and two blocks from our parish.  And right across the street from what used to be the daycare center that watched after our sons when they were little.  That’s a little too close for comfort if you ask me.  (Not that any of us should be inured to axe-murders wherever they take place, for that matter.)

It’s too bad we can’t spend a billion or so to defend our border.  I’m sure there are reasons.  Like, because Hitler.  

Is the United States military able to meet its basic recruiting standards?  Or are its soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines forced to undergo “sensitivity training,” regarding the use of correct pronouns?  Can anyone tell me which military outside of the West is busy designing flight suits to accommodate fighter pilots who are breastfeeding?  Or forcing their soldiers to march in high heels?  I won’t even go into the increasing number of sexual assaults that are taking place in our once-vaunted service academies. 

Regardless how the present conflict in the Ukraine plays out, the fact remains that by all metrics that define a successful nation, we are nowhere near where we should be; not just militarily but economically and socially as well.  The disparities between the rich and the poor in America are approaching Brazilian levels.  Tent cities are growing like weeds in our once-great cities.  Human waste dots the sidewalks.  Even the capital of our nation is beginning to resemble Calcutta in some neighborhoods.  The race war that was ginned up by the Democrats during the Summer of Floyd in order to drive President Trump from office has only gone into remission.  

As for the economy, Karine Jean-Pierre and Janet Yellen can tell you we’re not in a recession but you know they’re full of fecalmatter every time you go to the gas pump or the grocery store.

Simply stated, the future bodes ill for the West.  The way things are going, it’s not going to get any better for Ukraine.  Maybe this would be a good time to open up negotiations with Mother Russia? 

I dunno, it’s a thought.  Had the Ukrainians done so back in March, they would still have a country.  And Europe would have a cheap energy supply.  

But that would make too much sense.  


*Here it is for your perusal:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm3GsSWKyso


  1. Recent Speech from Patriarch Kirill:

    “Christians are invited to integrate themselves into the globalist reality, or else they will perish. In practice, this implies accepting the new trends – supporting all kinds of perversions, giving up family and children, and trivially betraying [our principles]. From the Christian point of view, we know what global universalism means, and we know that without global universalism there won’t be the one who shall claim global power and whose name is associated with the end of the world,”

    He also called the attention to the so-called ‘transhumanism,’ a doctrine, focused on
    “transferring the human mind from its biological body to a different material platform. This doctrine is dangerous and unacceptable, because it is aimed at producing a surrogate human, who would eventually be able to completely substitute for the real human …”


    The Vanguard Clan sits quietly in the back row of the movie house. Murder and mayhem is what they feast upon.

    “In his book ‘The Engineering of Consent‘, Bernays baldly stated that “The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process”. In other words, the essence of a democracy is that a few “invisible people” manipulate the bewildered herd into believing they are in control of a transparent system of government, by choosing one of two pre-selected candidates who are already bought and paid for by the same invisible people,” states Larry Romanoff, in his article, “Democracy, The Mist Dangerous Religion: Part One – Introduction.

    “Democracy, according to Huntington, consisted of the appearance but not the substance, a construct whereby the shrewd elites selected candidates for whom the people could pretend to vote, but who would be controlled by, and obey their masters. Having thus participated in ‘democracy’, the people would be expected to return to their normal state of apathy and noninvolvement.”

    ?. Yes, this IS the way it is in America. The bewildered herd are observers of government and live in a state of non involvement toward government. We believe we are voting. ? It’s all a controlled sham! We live quiet lives of desperation now as we watch our treasure – our future generation be mutilated physically, mentally, and spiritually.



    [Video – 09:06]

    “Christianity is the enemy”

    Love us they do not…

  3. Pray the imprecatory psalms. Psalm 24 isn’t imprecatory, but triumphant, and I’ve been inhabiting it.. Let God’s mercy reign. I think of all the secular nihilist nitwits hectoring us as either Ninevites.. or Sodomites, the truly impudent occulted ones as inhabitants of Gomorrah.

    I pray for them all, blessing them that they repent, unlike Jonah I will be very glad if they do.. But if they will not, I still bless them, praying they be bound and frustrated in their malice.

    I imagine we are like Moses before Pharaoh, or Elijah the prophets of Ba’al.. Some of us are like Lot and his family in Sodom, mixed up with them, partaking of their fleshpots, and should flee without looking back for the hills.. The wiser among us are like Abraham, never having entered their corrupt cities..

    The temptation is to defeatism and despair, but we ought resist it.

    Moses answered the people, ‘Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.’ Exodus 14:13-14.

    • Glory to God for that response, Charles. This is the faith that is the foundation of the world.

  4. Deacon John says


  5. Μολων Λαβε says

    Whom God would destroy, first he makes mad.
    This is what we are witnessing. There is no comprehending what current western leadership is doing (the leadership doesn’t know either – and the rowers keep on rowing, and we don’t know where we’re going – unless you’re Willy Wonka)
    We assume the Ukrainian “war” is a money laundering machine as well as a mechanism to poke/provoke the bear into reacting – which it has – but after much deliberation and patience which western minds cannot understand – because – madness.
    So, the western powers and their lickspittle lackies double down. If what is done is not working or the desired result is not achieved, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again – and every time the situation becomes worse and achieves blowback thus confirming the definition of – insanity (repeating the same action, expecting a different result)
    The only possible explanation, as most people have figured out, is globalism with a side-order of totalitarianism, and slavery.
    I find it interesting how in 60 some years, the image of west and east has flip-flopped – and we watched/allowed it to happen, yet we couldn’t foresee our current situation through a looking-glass darkly.
    Madness has a twisted logic all its own.
    Perhaps we are witnessing the demise of “western civilization” if you can call it that.
    The American Dream has morphed into the American Nightmare as we appeal to Heaven for God’s mercy, because we were asleep, fat, dumb and happy while evil prevailed.
    So now we are at the cusp.
    It’s like watching a slow-moving train wreck (ala Sam Peckinpah)
    The scenario (movie) has to get to the end, but we already know the plot and pray for happily-ever-after.

    Power is the most addictive drug, but one could argue that the current insanity is enhanced with nose-candy, hopium and all flavors of evil.

    Keep going to church, keep praying, keep enough oil for your lamps, keep your powder dry. The Lord has this, and He wins in the end.

    • ‘Perhaps we are witnessing the demise of
      “western civilization” if you can call it that.’

      Reporter: “Mr Gandhi, what do you think of western civilisation?”
      Gandhi: “I think that would be a very good idea.”

      • I have this feeling – call it a hunch – but I doubt the transition to Christian Nationalism will be peaceful. Reflect on the main difference between the American and French revolutions: In America, the local oligarchs were pro-revolution. In France, the local oligarchs were anti-revolution. In America today, the local oligarchs, with a few exceptions (Trump, Musk, etc.) are anti-revolution. That indicates to me that this will not be pretty. However, it is just as inevitable.

  6. Interesting, George. I have changed “we’s”. I.e., my “we” is no longer America or the West but the Eurasian coalition led by “Mother Russia”. As an aside, if DC is stupid enough to put substantial numbers of American soldiers in the Ukraine (violating Rule Number One of nuclear power relations) then I would likely cease commenting on the proceedings until the tawdry affair was over. I have no stomach for directly rooting against Americans in battle and think it would be unwise given the current imposition of a soft police state here.

    Nonetheless, you know whom I want and expect to win.

    America fights for economic power at this point – to preserve its hegemony. It has become so corrupt that the mafia families who run it have no higher objective than to defend and expand the rackets they have initiated and from which they have richly prospered.

    That’s it, they fight for Mammon.

    Russia, China, Iran, etc. are fighting for their independence from Western hegemony and in some cases for their very existence since it is the avowed aim of the West to, for example, conquer and dismember Russia. But the West has become an Evil Empire of Lies. They sell feminism, matriarchy and, most especially, LGBT. They can’t even be honest about it, for the most part, since it is so viscerally loathesome so they use euphemisms like “human rights”. The rest of the world does not wish to live under any such regime. Such an arrangement is seen as filthy, sick and evil to the 80%.

    Personally, I fight because it is my nature to do so. I was christened after St. Michael the Taxiarch for a reason. For me, in a fallen world, it is the only sane response to circumstances here in a perishable world of limited resources where justice is at best an unobserved ideal.

  7. I don’t see the West negotiating with Russia. The West, particularly the US, is largely about image. And with high gas prices, inflation, uproar over woke policies, etc painting the current administration in such bad colors,they can’t afford another failure, another Afghanistan. The only hope for us negotiating with Russia is to get a new administration in. Normally I try to refrain from generalizations like “If we just had a different president then everything would get better.” But in this case I think it’s true. It will only happen if we get someone new who has plausible deniability. Someone who can say, “This was Biden’s mess. I wouldn’t have done this. And now I’m going to clean it up.”

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I know one person who’s been saying, “I wouldn’t have done it!”

      • Trump? DeSantis?

        • George Michalopulos says

          It would be wise for cooler heads in the West to prevail & demand a negotiated end to this disaster. To realize that a multipolar world is not the worst possible outcome. In other words, to divide the world into two or three spheres of influence.

          However, they can’t, because that part of the world they’ll be left with –i.e. Europe– is itself imploding. That with these ridiculous sanctions they have “imposed” on Russia have backfired onto Europe.

          • The Biden administration’s… ahem…claim is that they cannot negotiate with Russia. The Ukrainian government has to initiate any negotiations because, well you know, the US doesn’t interfere with democracies.

            Which of course means that if/when the Ukraine is lost they will blame Zelinsky who, along with our European allies. is likely to discover the many “benefits” of being allied with the American Deep State.

            Oh well, at least he’ll have DeSantis as his governor.

            On to the next war!

        • George Michalopulos says

          Definitely Trump!

  8. Murray N. Rothbard: Messianic Communism
    in the Protestant Reformation


    ‘ … Thomas Müntzer and his allies proceeded to impose a communist regime on the city of Muhlhausen. The monasteries were seized, and all property was decreed to be in common, and the consequence, as a contemporary observer noted, was that “he so affected the folk that no one wanted to work.” The result was that the theory of communism and love quickly became in practice an alibi for systemic theft:

    …when anyone needed food or clothing he went to a rich man and demanded it of him in Christ’s name, for Christ had commanded that all should share with the needy. And what was not given freely was taken by force. Many acted thus … Thomas [Müntzer] instituted this brigandage and multiplied it every day ‘

    WEF: “You will own nothing and you will be happy”

    Ecclesiastes 1:9
    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
    and that which is done is that which shall be done:
    and there is no new thing under the sun.

  9. George Michalopulos says

    Another reason “why we fight”: a young woman, who used to be part of the Ukrainian rock group Femen (a knock-off of Pussy Riot), was acquitted of her “performance” in which she went topless in la Madeleine church in Paris, and simulated an abortion of the baby Jesus on the church’s altar.


    Do we in the West honestly think that we shall escape judgment?

    • Mark E. Fisus says

      The Europeans just need to rework their understanding of rights and liberties. The young woman should have a right to protest, but not to trespass. Generally, an exercise of a right should not burden the rights of others. If she had created a stage set of the altar and made a video of her performance and then set up a big screen outside the church and played it, that she should have every right to do. But if the church does not want her inside the church, that’s the church’s right too.

      Of course I personally disagree with her depiction of aborting Jesus.

  10. John Pantelis says

    For a while there I thought I was watching a Democrat Party information and training film. Remember the Obama songs? How they are trying to eliminate the rights of parents with respect to the education of their children? How they literally control a propaganda wing commonly known as the mainstream media (which is anything but mainstream)? I think this film from over 80 years ago reminds all of us what is at stake on November 8, 2022.

  11. SNP minister quits ahead of controversial
    gender recognition reform vote


    ‘ ONE of Nicola Sturgeon’s ministers has dramatically quit so that she can vote against plans to reform Scotland’s gender recognition law.

    In her resignation letter, Ash Regan said she had “considered the issue of Gender Recognition Reform very carefully over some time” and had “concluded that my conscience will not allow me to vote with the government at the Stage 1 of the Bill this afternoon.”

    The proposals aim to modernise the process for trans people to obtain a gender recognition certificate – removing the need for a gender dysphoria diagnosis and lowering the age limit from 18 to 16 years old.

    Critics of the law have long argued that it could impact on women’s rights and make it easier for sexual predators to abuse others by pretending to be transgender in order to access women’s safe spaces such as refuges and changing rooms.

    In her response, the First Minister said Ms Regan had never raised concerns over the legislation.

    She said: “As you are aware, a key requirement of the Ministerial Code is collective responsibility – a principle essential to effective governance, and which applies across all matters of government policy irrespective of the issue.

    “I note that at no stage have you approached me – or indeed the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice – to raise your concerns about the Gender Recognition Reform Bill or the vote this evening.

    “However, in circumstances in which a Minister is unable to support the government, it is the case that the only options available are resignation ahead of the vote or dismissal thereafter.

    “I therefore accept your resignation.

    “Thank you for your contribution to the Scottish Government.”

    Ms Regan has been a minister since 2018.

    Along with fellow frontbenchers, Kate Forbes and Ivan McKee, as well as 12 other parliamentarians, Ms Regan signed an open letter in 2019, warning Ms Sturgeon not to “rush” ahead with plans. ‘

    That there are still some with a conscience in Scotland is good…

  12. Mark E. Fisus says

    The US government disclosed at the beginning they were the one presenting the film. What part of the information they showed was false?

    Fascism is still not defeated. Just replace Germany and Japan with Russia and China in that film.

    • Or, better still,
      look in the mirror…

    • Anonymous II says

      True, Russia resists the depraved, satanic globalists. But Mark, are you suggesting Russia is fascist? And Communist China? How and why so?

      • Mark E. Fisus says

        In Ukraine, Russia has embarked on militaristic irredentist adventure on the basis of a manufactured nationalistic narrative nursing real or perceived historical slights — President Putin cited inept tsars and hapless Soviet grandees for “losing” what he perceives to be rightfully Russia’s.

        China has been veering closer to doing the same in Taiwan with its own nationalistic retelling of history. As powerful as they are now, they still seethe over the humiliations of the 19th and 20th centuries at the hands of European powers (never mind that Taiwan is governed by its own people, not Europeans). To the extent most Americans look like Europeans, we’re a target for their revenge too (so their seething has a racist bent too). In the ChiComs’ telling, the “rejuvenation” of the nation after the historical humiliation requires the annexation of Taiwan.

        German fascism utilized its own narrative of wounded nationalism, villifying the Treaty of Versailles, etc. to justify invading other countries which happened to have German speakers. Sort of like Putin’s “Russkiy mir” concept. China hasn’t demanded we cede San Francisco’s Chinatown to them, but if they are permitted to annex Taiwan, that would embolden them more.

        Nursing grudges for real and imagined historical insults isn’t the only resemblance to German fascism.

        There’s the glorification of the military, the control of the media, and the infiltration and use of religion. In neither Russia nor China could a blog exist which is as critical of their governments as this blog is of the US government. Regarding the use of religion, Patriarch Kirill has all but called the invasion a sort of Orthodox jihad. China has no dominant religion or church but they enforce “patriotism” by all religious groups.

    • Mark….hahahaha….what a total joke.
      The US is THE fascist nation on the globe.

  13. George Michalopulos says
  14. George Michalopulos says
  15. George Michalopulos says

    And if we’re gonna fight, fight like the Greeks did 80 years ago –and for something worthwhile, not the present crapulence which constitutes American “culture.”


    • Μολων Λαβε says

      Alas, very few of those Greeks are left any more. Those left, IMO inherited the gene to fight against wrong, evil, and oppression. Unfortunately, that gene is being washed out down-stream. What we have left are Greeks who think themselves more European than Greek.
      I don’t blame the people; I blame the politicians who were drooling with greed to dip their fingers into the EU honey pot and traded their heritage and culture for acceptance and “progress” promised by PASOK.
      At least there were a few Greeks left at the time who did not buy into the propaganda, but unfortunately, too few to make a difference.
      As they say in Greece “στερνη μου γνωση να σ’ειχα πρωτα”
      (my lacking knowledge, I wish I had beforehand)

      Do the Greeks ever learn? They would do well to remember their true history.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Very well said, ML.

        Stay tuned for Part II: in it, Fr Peck says something profound about the Greeks.

  16. Dr David Martin: Criminal prosecutions
    for murder and reckless homicide coming…

    [Video – 15:02]

    The Battle Continues…

  17. Russia Alleges Britain’s Royal Navy
    Blew Up Nord Stream Gas Pipelines


    ‘ Britain’s Royal Navy helped to execute the “terrorist attack” which damaged the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to the European Union, the Russian defence ministry has alleged.

    The Russian ministry levelled the allegation at Britain’s senior military service in a news bulletin centred primarily on what they claimed was an attempted “terrorist attack against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships” on Saturday morning by Ukrainian drones in the vicinity of Sevastopol, Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014.

    “The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of military personnel of 73rd Marine Special Operations Centre were carried out under supervision of British specialists in the city of Ochakov, Nikolayev region in Ukraine,” the Russian statement, posted on Telegram, asserted, without providing supporting evidence.

    “According to available information, representatives of this unit of the British Navy took part in the planning, provision and implementation of a terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea on September 26 this year — blowing up the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” they added — again, without providing supporting evidence. ‘

    Blame the over-enthusiastic dog
    but not the master thereof…?

  18. If anyone is interested , “Why We Fight” was not just a single film , but a series of 7 films overseen by Frank Capra (with animated segments contributed by the Walt Disney Studio).

    Anatoly Mikhailovich Litvak was Capra’s co-director on the series. He was known in the film industry as Anatole Litvak . He was born in Kiev, Ukraine and went on to a distinguished career as a filmmaker , writing, directing , and producing many films . He began his theatrical training at age 13 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Anatole Litvak directed the segment “The Battle of Russia” of the Why We Fight series.

    Why We Fight series (all 7 films) –

    The Battle of Russia –

    Anatole Litvak

  19. Why We Fight?

    1) Parents blocked from checking their child’s trans sex education lessons

    ‘ Parents have been forbidden from viewing the content of sex education lessons urging children to become transgender allies, the Information Commissioner has ruled.
    Material aimed at children aged 12 and above provided by The School of Sexuality Education (SoSE) includes links to Mermaids, the controversial transgender children’s charity, and a seven-minute video urging students to become “trans allies”.
    Last week, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ruled that parents at Haberdashers’ Hatcham College do not have the right to see the content of lessons taught by external providers. … ‘

    2) Age-appropriate sex education set to be enforced by Sunak administration

    ‘ Rishi Sunak plans to clamp down on inappropriate sex education classes in schools, The Telegraph understands.
    The Prime Minister wants to strengthen guidance for teachers on relationships and sex education (RSE) to make sure children are only taught lessons that are age-appropriate.
    It comes amid concerns that some schools are contracting sex education out to third-party companies which are exposing youngsters to explicit content and contentious ideas about gender.
    Parents would also be given greater rights to request sight of the materials, even if they are provided by a commercial organisation, under the plans. …

    Mr Sunak also intends to look to review the Equality Act to make it clear that sex means biological sex rather than gender.
    This would mean that biological males cannot compete in women’s sport and other single-sex facilities such as changing rooms and women’s refuges will be protected.
    It would also mean clarifying that self-identification for transgender people does not have legal force, meaning transgender women have no legal right to access women-only facilities.
    A Downing Street source said that protecting women and girls is a priority for Mr Sunak’s administration. ‘

    Unfortunately, the Scottish Government dances to a different tune…

  20. George Michalopulos says

    Also, I highly recommend you read the Jacob Dreizin Report:

    “In recent posts, I wrote that Uncle Sam and the Eurocrats have made clear, they CANNOT lose the Ukraine war.

    “When you can’t lose, and things are not going your way, you will eventually escalate (some of which we’ve seen already), and ultimately you will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

    “It’s like a chump who’s losing at the Vegas slots, but he can’t stop, he has to play all his quarters.

    Same with Taiwan.

    “As the sole “hyperpower”, Uncle Sam doesn’t negotiate with scum, full stop, he won’t stoop to make concessions to Russia or China, full stop.

    “He can’t lose face, or the Hegemony comes down.

    “It would be like a mob boss having a stroke, or “Akela missed his mark” from The Jungle Book.

    “Thus, at some point, unless something else brings down the house first, there will be a direct military confrontation between the USA and China and/or Russia…..

    “…..involving tactical nuclear weapons at a minimum…..

    “…..which WON’T go well, because the U.S. military DOES NOT want to fight…..

    “…..and the U.S. public (after Iraq) is NOT prepared for casualties…..

    “…..and is only superficially supportive, and is NOT willing to pay in ANY way.

    “Barring some other huge crisis that obviates the Ukraine and/or Taiwan…..

    “…..what I’ve just laid out is GUARANTEED to happen, just as World War One was guaranteed to happen.

    “Plan your life accordingly.”

    • George: What does “plan your life accordingly” look like for Orthodox Christians living out their day-to-day lives? I ask this as a serious question because ordinary people don’t seem to have many options while the “elite lefties” have all the money, power, etc.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Anna, that last line was not mine but Jacob Dreizin’s.

        In a thermonuclear war the only way to “plan your life accordingly” is to repent and pray.

  21. George Michalopulos says

    I’d say we are ruled by traitors:

    “Massive quantities of fentanyl, along with its precursors and analogs, are produced by Chinese Communist Party-controlled pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and shipped to illicit pill mills in Mexico. The product is then processed and smuggled by highly militarized and murderous drug cartels over America’s lightly defended southern border, much the same as the Brits used the East India Company.

    :”The result of this war on America is a trail of death and human suffering across the nation unmatched since World War II. In the most recent 12-month period, the CDC recorded more than 100,000 fentanyl overdose deaths. The year before it was 75,000, up from 56,000 the year before that. Fentanyl is now the No. 1 killer of Americans ages 18 to 45. The toll on the nation’s productivity and human costs to America’s families and communities are incalculable.

    “To put it in context, the most reliable estimates of the number of civilians and combatants killed, on both sides, in the Ukraine war appears to be approximately 50,000. Yet, America’s ruling elite have sent over $60 billion to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity, while refusing to spend another dime to complete Trump’s border barrier to slow the tsunami of fentanyl.

    “Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s Total War on the U.S., America continues to import hundreds of billions in Chinese goods, while Wall Street invests hundreds of billions in China’s economy—including the retirement funds of our federal and state employees. It’s utter madness and it supports the widely held belief that Joe Biden, as well as other high-ranking U.S. politicians, has been compromised by the CCP.”

    • 58,000 America dead, over about a DOZEN years, during the Vietnam War. During which , America loses it collective mind with civil unrest. Told we must fight Communist threats abroad, before they enter our borders, AND TURN US RED.

      Now in a ONE YEAR period 100,000 American dead, from drugs made in CCP. Crickets from left, and passive protests from right. So much for Communist threats entering our borders!

      Covid avoidable deaths(and DYING ALONE) millions and counting…
      Saint George Floyd destruction $billions and counting…
      Wholesale closure of Orthodox Churches endorsed by our Globohomo, leftist robed Imperial Margined Crowned heads.
      Left bailed from jail, right left to rot, and demonized.
      It seems the Federal Government wants certain people dead and or silenced. They want control of our children. They want American traditional culture destroyed, to Green globalism.

      AND NOW, THEY WANT US TO FORGET THE PAST TWO YEARS, and now move us over to the Green line, to rainbow hell.
      FU. . . YOU!!!

      • For the record I believe my profanity was justified as completely spelled out!
        But it is your blog and understandable. Not sorry to those who deserve to be offended.

  22. “…much the same as the Brits used the East India Company.”

    …and, of course, the Royal Navy!