Why Justin Amash is a Cuckservative*

*I realize of course that the term “cuckservative” is too abrasive for some of our readers and I have been taken to task for using it, but there is no amount of latitude I can extend such contemptuous individuals. They deserve all the obloquy that they get.

I’m sorry, but I have no use anymore for libertarians, the so-called devotees of the political ideology which most closely adheres to true Jeffersonian principles. (Or at least they did at one time.)

To be fair, classic liberalism is no longer possible in this country. Not after 1865; certainly not after 1913. I won’t bore you with the historical details since you probably know what I’m talking about. True anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, or classic liberalism is wonderful in the ideal but no longer practicable in reality. Mainly because the “non-aggression principle” which sustains limited government in the first place is not adhered to by the totalitarians who have pretty much taken over the public spaces of modern society. You know what I’m talking about: screaming cry-bullies yelling at pro-lifers; thugs who beat up old men who wear MAGA hats, homosexual provocateurs who show up at the church vestibule and demand to be “married”, and so on.

In my reading of history, it seems that nonaggression and minimal government was possible in times past. Think of Iceland and Anglo-Saxon Britain during the Medieval period. Read what Thomas Jefferson said about his Germanic ancestors and their ability to govern themselves in small tribal settings. Likewise, a case could be made for it in Ancient Greece, with each city-state being sovereign and each citizen being responsible for his, his family’s and his thralls (and their families) economic well-being. (I’m presently studying the Slavic commune that was propagated by Russian intellectuals in the nineteen century; more to follow in due time.)

There is a romance to all of this if you think about it. Just look at the massive popularity of Tolkien’s legendarium, with his free-born Hobbits living in their shires and genuinely governing themselves all the while leaving other kindreds alone. I’d say that the ideal lives on in the hearts of many, especially those of us who live in deracinated cities where we don’t even know who our neighbors are. You get the drift.

But as far as the professional libertarian/conservatives, I’m sorry, they’re all poseurs. All they care about is moral preening and being admired by glitterati within the hate-Trump media. Maybe a book deal or a nice contract on MSLSD. Hell, it beats getting a real job.

Exhibit A in this regard is Justin Amash (R-MI). An Orthodox Christian, I suppose that Amash comes by his libertarian beliefs honestly. However, in the case of Amash, there’s always more to his principles than just, well, you know, principles. Or maybe I should say that he has principle$.

In a stunning act of political suicide, Amash became the first and only Republican Congressman to demand the impeachment of President Trump. Within minutes he was put on notice that he would be primaried by a real Republican. And to rub further salt into the wound, not three days after his announcement, the GOP won a special election in Pennsylvania, thanks to Trump going to bat for the candidate. (I guess the people in PA didn’t get the memo that the President is massively unpopular.)

While Amash’s unwitting act of seppuku might have made Nicole Wallace and Shemp Smith weak in the knees, nobody in the mainstream media told you the rest of the story. I, along with Josh Bernstein, will do so below.







  1. Antiochene Son says

    The problem is, Amash lacks the pragmatism of Rand Paul, who has similar principles but understands that there is no overwhelming desire for a libertarian revolution in the US. Paul keeps his head down and does what he can, but only takes very bold action when there is something to gain. Maybe Amash is trying to emulate the elder Paul (Ron), yet even he was a bit more pragmatic in choosing his battles.

    I’ve been aware of Amash since he was in state government; I believe he is earnest in his libertarian beliefs. In his state career, he would post on Facebook a detailed constitutional explanation for every vote he made.

    Having represented his district for over a decade, his constituents must be well aware of his views and his propensity to buck his party. It will be interesting to see how and whether this affects his relationship with his constituents. He has overcome primary challenges before (the DeVoses largely own the Republican Party in Michigan and Amash was not always “their guy”), and he fought Boehner and won, so it will be interesting to watch.

    It is refreshing to have some Orthodox influence in Congress and on the right (as opposed to the handful of Democrat Greeks). It would be a shame to lose that witness.

    I am not sure what he thinks he stands to gain here, because the whole impeachment thing is simply not going to go anywhere. The Senate will never go for it, even if the House does bring Trump to trial. But Amash does represent the modus operandi of the Eternal Cuckservative: losing on strict principle. Better to win on as much principle as possible.

    • George Michalopulos says

      There are great libertarian principles that must and should be defended. Cucks unfortunately go for the low-hanging fruit.

      Rather than undo the Federal Reserve, it’s “always about the weed”.

      • Antiochene Son says

        (snort) Yes, indeed.

      • Michael Bauman says

        What Libertarian principles? The so-called “Libertarian Party is a collection of jokers. You can believe in anything as long as it is not Christian. At least that was my take away from watching the Libertarian national convention on TV a few years ago. It was disgusting.

        • George Michalopulos says

          True that. When push comes to shove, they always “punch right” and defend dirty magazines and drugs.

          Lemme riff: I despised Andrea Dworkin, a repulsive, ugly feminazi if there ever was one. But like the stopped clock, she was right every once in a awhile. Back during the days of the Meese Commission on Pornography, she joined forces with the Moral Majority and gave the best one-liner against the ACLU: “Don’t worry, we’re not going to take your dirty magazines away from you”.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Not to mention, abortion, homosexual marriage (can pedophilia be far behind). I will give Rand Paul some support. He had the sense to stand up and say that since the investigation into Trump was due to Federal overreach, then any conclusion should be rejected — on principle. Unlike Amash.

            In the right once in awhile, the AOC proposal to ban former members of Congress from taking lobbying positions is a damn good idea. Term limits next would be great. Three terms for House, two terms for Senate, no lobbying afterward.

            • George Michalopulos says

              That’s the second time that Occasional-Cortex has been right. Somebody is giving her some good talking points regarding how our economic system went from being a productive (agricultural/manufacturing) one to a financial one. Where we “create” wealth by the creation of ever-more clever financial instruments.

              As for the entire case against Trump, it is the result of what lawyer’s call “the fruit of the poisoned tree”. It is therefore completely illegitimate.

  2. Deep Steak says

    revel in the impotent rage of gm calling anybody who puts country over party or really country over trump a cuck

    amash tells some hard truths and all gm has in response is worn out name calling that lost its shock value a year ago

    not even abrasive just pathetic

    • George Michalopulos says

      Principle over party? What about all those atrocities performed by the govt I mentioned?


      • Deep Steak says

        you think a rich white guy who was convicted of multiple felonies getting arrested in his home is an atrocity by the government

        nuff said

        manafort had so much dirty money the mueller investigation made a profit to the us taxpayer

        • George Michalopulos says

          It’s called tactics DS. What exactly is the difference between how manafort was treated during his arrest and how the KGB acted when they arrested somebody?

          • Deep Steak says

            forgot manafort got bullet in the back of head in lubyanka basement

            manafort did not get unusual treatment you are mad because he did not get special kid glove treatment from being rich white and politically connected

            since manafort went on to witness tamper before trial seems like it was the right call to not give him special favors

            • George Michalopulos says

              Hey, DS, I’d cut the cucks some slack if they said something about Assange. Instead, crickets.

  3. Trump is amazing. I have known a few men like Trump. No matter their sins or lack of knowledge, coming into a business venture they always come out ahead, and smelling like a rose. The trick? They surround themselves with the best experts, that lack the charism to do what he can convey and sell. On the books he is a (R), but in reality he is neither (R) or (D) but like most of us American first, party second. Most Republicans have learned to respect him. Amash simply put, is a fool.

    Imagine, Trump has taken on the entire United States Government system, the deep state, plain as sight corrupt officials that no one before dare touch, and is not only surviving, but thriving. The economy is doing. The left has lost it’s collective mind, and has exposed it’s demonic values, and goals to the entire nation.

    Now at this point right before the election season is to begin, he has the Democrats right where he wants them. Inviting them to fall into the trap to impeach him, either way he wins. If the house proceeds, and fails to impeach, they will be seen as powerless, and even if they do impeach and the senate acquitted him, House Democrats will be seen as wasting more time on witch hunts, instead of doing the work of the people. One million people illegally crossing our border not a emergency or crisis? Not to mention another million coming in legally. Instead they continue with distractions so that they may continue with their corrupt ways, lining their personal pockets, cronies, and keeping their voting base happy. Makes no difference if one is of either party, get in his way, you will find slowly, but surely they will all be playing defense. The coup failed, and now investigations will begin into how far Obama, and the Deep State spied on candidates during the Presidential election. We should have looked into our own house before blaming the Russians. Pray that shots are not fired as we already witnessing a civil war without. What will trigger our “Fort Sumter”? This is what I fear and ponder.

  4. Amash is some what a pain. As for PA, it was a rural place not Philly or Pittsburgh. one reason why the Republican won. Trump is polling much better in a much bigger state called Florida which grew 2 million since 2010 and not PA which barely grew 100,000. Trump is polling better in Arizona than PA. In fact Trump can lose PA and Michigan and win the election by winning Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Iowa,  2nd district in Maine, Wisconsin. PA and Michigan not needed to reach 270.