Reds under the Bed, or Why Does the Western Establishment Hate Russia?

As a conservative (and unrepentant) Cold Warrior of long provenance, I well remember how the West was unalterably opposed to the Soviet Union and Communism. In my opinion, justifiably so.

Oh sure, in the Orwellian sense we could change on a dime, as we did during World War II, when we bent over backwards to give money and materiel to Hitler’s former ally. You know, “Oceania is at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia”, one moment then “Oceania is at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia”. That sort of thing.

What we are witnessing here is nothing less than a moral panic very much akin to the Salem Witch Trials. That unfortunate incident was set in motion when Tituba, a Caribbean slave girl was caught in some misdemeanor by her mistress and she literally yelled “Witches!” Because of this juvenile attempt to avoid punishment, the town of Salem became embroiled in the grip of a hysteria that is famous to this day. All told, nineteen innocent people were executed by hanging because of Tituba’s prank. In time, the panic subsided but not without recriminations all the way around.

We are witnessing the same type of moral panic today and it was set in motion with the unexpected loss of Felonia Millhouse von Pantsuit to the egregious boor Donald Trump. And like Salem, there is no thought or sobriety to be found anywhere. Liberals who used to appease the Soviet Union on a whim are now thoughtlessly accusing Russia of unleashing nothing less than a Holocaust on America.

I’d like to call this a new McCarthyism but that would be an insult to Sen Joe McCarthy. Admittedly a boor, drunkard and all-around lout, “Tail-gunner Joe” was 100 percent correct: there actually were Communist spies in the State Department. Even in the run-up to the Second World War, Communist agents and Soviet stooges had actually directed American foreign policy to the benefit of the Soviet Union. (See Harry Dexter White for example).

To be sure, McCarthy’s crusade resulted in an attendant hysteria that seeped over into other areas of American life, especially Hollywood and Academia. Countless lives were destroyed. But even here, thanks to the Venona decrypts from the late 80s, we now know that Communist infiltration of many aspects of America life were widespread and pervasive. The Rosenbergs were just the tip of that iceberg.

What is different about this hysteria is that while there was possible Russian meddling into the election of 2016, it was not effective. Pace Mueller,not one vote was changed by said interference. Nor is America or its institutions being subverted by Russian Orthodoxy. (Darn it! I’d love to see us start building beautiful Orthodox churches sans pews anywhere and everywhere.)

Sarcasm aside, I am hopeful that when this moral frenzy subsides (and it will) many more Americans will start to question our obeisance to the great goddess Democracy. Perhaps a little infidelity to Lady Liberty is in order; such as why must we sacrifice our blood and treasure so that Syrians or Ukrainians or whoever must have Iowa caucuses? Why should Moslem nations be forced to bend the knee to feminism and faggotry for that matter?

I for one, would welcome a little heresy in this matter. Let me repeat: why should Red-state farm boys be sacrificed on the altar of the goddess Democracy?

Rather than comment on the absurdity of this, I’d like to direct your attention to this wonderful column by Jim Jatras. It’s quite good and it gets right to the point. Which is: Russia has rediscovered its Orthodox Christian roots. We on the other hand, are praising parents who stuff their little boys with female hormones so they can have micro-penises which can’t evacuate urine properly. We also have drag-queens dressed as Baphomet reading bedtime stories to kindergartners.

That sort of thing.

Anyway, below is a vlog in which I concentrate on some of Jatras’ points, particularly from the intramural Greco-Russian rivalry which is unfortunately at play here. Personally, I’m gratified to see that Jartras has identified part of the problem: our friends at Fordham, who have found a safe-haven in a Jesuit institution from which they can pontificate on how wascally those Wussians weally are.

P.S. This will be my last blog posting for several weeks (or possibly longer) as I am going on pilgrimage to Russia in a few days. My brother-in-law/roomie and I are going to be backpacking it so I’m not taking my laptop. Although I don’t intend to post anything, I will continue to publish comments. Do svidaniya!



  1. Here is another leftist irony at best, but really just lunacy, that always makes me scratch my head. Leftist, the majority of which are staunch feminists, went crazy when Trump tried to enforce a immigration ban on a few Muslim majority countries. The usual protests and riots by the leftist occurred. Question is why would feminists want ANY Muslims in our country?

    Most Muslim immigrants are very devout and strictly follow Islam. Yet they fight and protest to bring them in. Most know that Islam considers a woman’s worth is half of that of a man, and all the other discriminations applied towards women ,yet the welcome banners at the airports. My only conclusion to this and all the other Orwellian confusion is the left will eat it’s own to promote their cause. A cause that becomes more and more blurry, even to them. All I witness is nihilism, on their part.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yes, the Left always eats its own but when it comes to the pussy-hat battalions, there’s another reason they fight for untrameled Islamic immigration and that is they unconsciously desire virile young men who aren’t too particular about he looks of most of these women.

      Don’t forget the vast majority of males these unattractive women know are effete soy-boys. And they repulse even purple-haired, hairy-legged women.

      Yes, there I’ve said it. But the primal impulses of humans, especially younger ones cannot be overlooked.

      • Linda Albert, says

        Do you imagine the Old Testament mothers shaved their legs? Do you think the most holy Theotokos naturally had smooth, hairless legs? Do you teach that the women disciples, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, Lydia, Priscilla, et alia, used Nair? I’m getting a little tired of the presently natural state (I don’t know, it might have been different in Paradise before the fall, maybe Adam was created regardless as well) of the adult human female, i.e. axial and lower leg hair being synonymous or a signal of feminist beliefs and attitudes. I see the demand that the bodies of adult women resemble young girls to be totally hairless a marker of fallen-ness in men.

    • Eleni Phufas-Jousma says

      It’s long past time for historians and policy makers to reevaluate the definition of “west”. In fact the classic Marxist Leninist Trotskyite ideologies are firmly rooted in the geographical and ideological west both materially and philisophically. The present day animus in the secular world against Russia stems from Russia’s gradual return to Christian Orthodox values and its discard of “western” liberal cesspool values. Just recently the “European Court of Human Rights” ordered the Russian govt to pay enormous sums of money to the pussy riot gala. Sweet.

      • You’re right. Today’s Russia is too Christian for Western Progressives.

        • Ironic the old establishment Republicans and Democrats didn’t and don’t seem to mind a true and literal invasion of our southern border, by the Latino Roman Catholics Christians, one million on average, the past twenty odd years. Those Christians are cool with Western Progressives, as they may enslave them and empower themselves. Educated white Orthodox Christians cannot be enslaved for the right, nor counted on as a voting block for Dems. So Russia’s only current value is to demonize it.

          Now they scream, “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!! We care and will protect you!!!” Meanwhile 20 million have already invaded our borders. Thankfully hard working Americans have finally realized the three card monty game the Gov played on us. So they voted for “whatcha got to lose,Trump the barbarian” to clean up the mess, the establishment/swamp created.

          • Constantinos says

            It’s ironic to see you write about “hard working Americans” because, if I’m not mistaken, you don’t seem to have a job. You post at all hours of the day. When do you find time to work? Perhaps you could take some of that energy you apply to constant posting, and find a job. Just a friendly suggestion. Please stop posting so much, and be a better steward of your time by working,

  2. George Michalopulos says

    P.S. although I’ll be gone and not planning to blog, you’ll notice every now and then a new posting. Those will be from my backlog.

    • Kalo taxidi! O Theos mazi su Yiorgo!

    • M. Stankovich says

      Mr. M.,

      If you are excepting such requests, I would kindly and humbly request an occasional prayer on my behalf and on behalf of my family during your journey to the churches in Russia. May our Lord watch over you and return you safely home, by the intercessions of St. Tikhon, Metropolitan of Moscow, and Enlightener of All-America!

    • Billy Jack Sunday says

      George Michalopulos

      George, while backpacking, be sure to watch out for Sviper

      If you see Sviper, you have to say: “Sviper, sviping nyet!!

  3. George Michalopulos says

    This is an example of “crapitalism”:

  4. Take care of my androuli! Have a wonderful time. You all are in my prayers!

  5. George, praying for traveling blessings — please pray for all of us blog readers. Can’t wait to hear your impressions, the good and the bad!

  6. Loscanis Cotonikos says

    Like any ferral child the Russians and their supporters distort the facts to excuse themselves. During the Revolution Mennonite Catherine was seen as a fellow masonic reformer but with Anna of Courland’s rejection of masonic Galitsine’s Magna Carta, relations soured. The USA enever saw Russia as a friend. Lincoln repeatedly saw Russian serfdom as worse than Amerian slavery. Central Europeans fleeing the 1848 oppression freed Americas slaves, built American industry and tamed the vast farmland of the midwest. Former president Ulysses Grant was one of the main initiators of a rally in New York in 1882 protesting anti-Jewish atrocities in Russia. The Crimean War was seen as a Crusade against the Heresy of Photius, during which the predecessor Prometheus Plan neutralized Greece. Americans always loved Turks, following Gibbon. The American Indian language is two thirds Turkish. Ireand and Englang have Turkish lineage through the Vikings via Lapps and Finss. And Germans via Huns. America was always a Turkish nation. During the winter of 1861–1862, the Imperial Russian Navy sent two fleets to American waters to avoid their getting trapped if a war broke out with Britain and France. Many Americans at the time viewed this as an intervention on behalf of the Union, though historians deny this. Thomas A. Bailey, “The Russian Fleet Myth Re-Examined,” Mississippi Valley Historical Review, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Jun., 1951), pp. 81–90

    • Estonian Slovak says

      Please, the Lapps and Finns are not Turks. The Hungarian people were ruled by the Turks. It used to be believed that Finns, Estonians, and other Fenno-Ugric peoples belonged to one super family which also included Turks, Mongols, even Koreans and Japanese. Few experts buy into this theory today. The late Professor Miller of the University of Chicago wrote a book, “Japanese and the other Altaic languages.” Altaic would include Turkish, Mongolian, and many lesser known tongues. Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian are Uralic, not Altaic. Perhaps George may cross paths with some experts over in Russia who can shed more light on this.

  7. John Sakelaris says

    Best wishes George!

    “Blessed are the peacemakers…”

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