Why Can’t the EP Just Stay Out of Ukraine?

Ukrainian Delegation Met with Patriarch Bartholomew

February 2, 2023

 Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmitry Lubinets, met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew:  “I had the honor to lead a delegation in Istanbul today together with Ukrainian heroes and heroines, in particular, military medic Maryana Mamonova, defender of Mariupol Ekaterina Polishchuk (Ptashka), serviceman of the Azov Regiment Vladislav Dutchak (pseudonym Associate Professor), border guard and defender of Mariupol Igor Kucher, border guards Valeriy Paditel, Vyacheslav Zavalny and relatives of the civilian hostages held by the Russian Federation since 2014. “

They spoke about humanitarian problems and issues related to the repatriation of the seriously wounded, the exchange of prisoners of war, the return of civilian hostages, and peace issues. 

Lubinets spoke about the problems of releasing civilians from the captivity of the Russian Federation.

Patriarch Bartholomew noted that a letter had already been sent to the metropolitans in Europe to take care of the Ukrainians who are now there. In addition, he recalled that in March 2022 he visited Poland, where he met Ukrainians. According to him, it was a very bitter experience to see people who were forcibly forced to leave the country.

Lubinets reacted to the Human Rights Watch report regarding the use of antipersonnel mines.  [A report that details “numerous cases” in which Ukrainian forces deployed banned anti-personnel mines.  Here   Antipersonnel landmines are weapons that cannot discriminate between a civilian or a soldier.  They are designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity, or contact of a person.  The 1997 Mine Ban Treaty comprehensively bans the use, production, stockpiling, and transfer of antipersonnel mines, and requires states to destroy their stockpiles and clear all mined areas as well as assist landmine survivors.  Here ]

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew noted that he was confident in the victory of Ukraine, and stressed that this would not be just a victory for Ukraine, but a victory for justice and truth.  

News from Perild.com in Telegram.  [Edited for clarity.]




  1. Joseph Lipper says

    Why can’t NATO and the Russian Federation stay out of Ukraine?

    Just last month, the Russian Federation’s permanent representative to the U.N., Vasily Nebenzia, spoke out against the Kiev government’s persecution against the UOC:


    Well, that certainly didn’t help Metropolitan Onuphry’s claim of being independent of Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate. It only made matters worse for him. In response, the UOC immediately sent out the message that “We have not authorized Russia to protect our rights”:


    It would seem the Russian Federation is using the UOC to fuel inner divisions within Ukraine and to win the war. So is Metropolitan Onuphry’s stated independence actually disingenuous, as he’s being held hostage with a gun to his head? Well, he was allowed to send his own appeal to the U.N. last week:

    “The Primate of the UOC, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine, sent an appeal to the leadership of the United Nations, in which he asked to pay attention to the gross violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion in Ukraine, which consists in the violation of the rights and discrimination of Orthodox Christians. This was reported by the Information and Educational Department of the UOC.

    “In the document, His Beatitude drew attention to the independent status of the UOC and to the fact that the Church, together with millions of Ukrainians of other faiths, from the first days of the war, began to protect the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, provides large-scale assistance to all those affected by the war, and many believers of the UOC defend their homeland with weapons in their hands.”


  2. So casual are the enemies of Christ!

    Well, fight God and find out.

  3. Perhaps this is an apt analogy to the present drama: https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Screwtape-Letters

    Perhaps Elpi would fit the bill of the title character due to his formal enunciation of the sine paribus heresy. Bartholomew is definitely Slobgob. Wormwood could be any credulous follower of the CP.

    Some of these communiques from the CP bear an uncanny resemblance to Lewis’s dynamic.

  4. Here’s a quick overview of our NATO allies:


    You’ll notice that in the case of every tier of European nation described (i.e. from Montenegro to Poland), wokeness and cultural Marxism (read: military attrition and degradation) reigns supreme in their respective armed forces.

    Fun fact: when the Empire State Building was erected in 1930, it took less than two years for it to be completed. Today, it would take 6 months for us to get our pronouns right and another year to do environmental impact studies if a snail darter was found anywhere near the site.