Why a Woman Can’t Be More Like a Man

If only Rex Harrison had lived a few more years, he would have had his answer.  Thanks to “Lia” Thomas, the “biological male” who “identifies” as a woman, we too, have our answer.  

A woman can be “just like a man,” at least when it suits “her.”  For real women, however, those who want to compete honestly in sports with other (real) women, all I can say at this point is “it sucks to be you.”  So much for women’s rights.  (Is it possible that this is some massive psyop to get women back into the kitchen and forget about all those silly ideas about “liberation” and all?  I dunno, kinda makes sense.)

Now, it’s certifiably insane that we are reduced to viewing this spectacle through the prism of American progressivism (read:  nihilism), yet here we are.  I myself have fallen prisoner to it:  did you notice I used the words “biological male” and “real women”?  Why did I even have to go there?

This is insane.  There are only two sexes:  male and female.  You don’t have to be a Bible-thumper to believe that, it’s science:  one either has an XX chromosomal pair or an XY.  It’s that’s bloody simple. 

Of course, the entire Admiral “Rachel” Levine/”Lia” Thomas/”Caitlyn” Jenner circus has relegated those of us who believe in science to the status of bigots.  OK, if that’s what you mean by “bigot,” then I’m a bigot.  So I dare say, are the majority of people reading this blog.  And the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world.  I imagine this entire quadrant of the galaxy is on board with the science of nature as well.  Probably the entire universe for that matter.  

But not SCOTUS nominee Kenjati [sp?] Brown Jackson.  You see, even though she went to law school, even though she’s a mother, even though she’s birthed children out of her body, she’s not sure what exactly a “woman” is.  It’s because she’s “not a biologist.”  Is that the reason she couldn’t give a straight answer to this fundamental question when she was asked by Sen Marcia Blackburn?  

This is was what’s called a “knock-it-out-of-the-ballpark” question.  All she should have said was “of course, I know what a woman is.  How dare you insult me?”  Had she said that the entire audience would have erupted in applause.

Clearly, she has no idea how to play both sides of the room.   

But she didn’t say that.  Instead, she made a complete fool of herself.  Why?  Because she’s a liberal, that’s why.  If she admitted what every six-year-old knows, it would have upended our nation’s reigning ideology.  She would be hamstringing herself from adjudicating dozens of court cases.  And the Alphabet People would have come down on her like a ton of bricks. 

Like most proglibs, she’s fallen into a vicious cycle.  Worse for her, she can’t break out of it.  I’d say her party is in total captivity to this catch-22, but the GOP is not much better.  Ten years ago, the GOP was against gay “marriage.”  Now, they’re frothing at the mouth to go fight foreigners because they’re not enlightened, what with their  antiquated notions about marriage and all.  

Seraphim Rose predicted this decades ago when he wrote his epic book, Nihilism:  The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age.  I’ll cut right to the chase:  Progs and Libs are the twin handmaidens of this revolution.  I could discourse more about this but by now, you probably know the drill.  Repeat after me:  “ideology always leads to nihilism.”  Even if you don’t really believe the insane bromides of the Current YearTM, you can’t break out of the Matrix, otherwise you’re toast.

Discuss amongst yourselves.  

And so, here we are.  We live in a country which is dissolving right before our very eyes.  In a sane, reality-based society, there’s no way someone who is so manifestly unqualified to be nominated for dog-catcher, would be invited to sit before the Senate of the United States of America.  Yet we dare not say anything.  As Greek parents said when they admonished their children:  “outai hik, outai mik!”  (“not a peep out you, Buster!”)

But Ukraine!  We’ve got to preserve their sacrosanct borders,  even though our own Southern border is open to terrorists, gangsters and criminals, many of whom are murdering and raping Americans on a daily basis.  When the GOP controlled both Houses of the Congress, they could barely come up with $1 billion to build a wall to protect our people but we came up with $14 billion overnight to protect the Ukraine.  How sane is that? 

In the meantime, grab your M & Ms and enjoy the spectacle watching our civilization collapse before our very eyes.  And please enjoy this delightful scene from My Fair Lady:  

My Fair Lady – Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man – Rex Harrison – YouTube


  1. Well, China survived its cultural revolution and we will survive ours.

    • Joseph A. says

      Something will survive, but I fear that it won’t be a federal republic of 50 states. I become more convinced each month that this current generation will not pass away until seeing America’s (political) dissolution. It will surely follow the spiritual unraveling that we have witnessed.

  2. Christine says

    Lately the Babylon Bee has been having a field day with this and the Lia Thomas gender confusion stories. Very, very funny headlines.

  3. MY thoughts are not your thoughts , neither are your ways MY ways, saith the LORD. Some people just don’t get it.

  4. Joseph A. says

    I love Rex Harrison — he’s such a joy to watch.

    Seriously, though, do you think people like Jackson really believe such — or is it all a manipulative troll? I don’t know. I used to think they were simply actors (hypocrites, indeed), but I’m no longer confident. They seem so obviously possessed. The demons mock their flunkies.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Ask George what we saw today when we entered a restaurant to have some lunch. He was so shocked, he opened the door for the people ahead of us and let the door shut on me!

      • Oh come on Gail! Now you got me curious.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          About what? 🙂

        • George Michalopulos says

          It was shocking enough to turn my stomach. I didn’t mean to let go of the door but I walked in first and almost hurled.

          Let’s just say that a restauranteur should always put his best face forward for picking the hostess who will greet patrons. In this case, he failed miserably.

  5. It needs to be pointed out that WWIII is currently underway. We keep hearing people talk about avoiding WWIII and a nuclear exchange and resolving the Ukraine crisis through diplomacy. But the point that bears emphasis is that the only reason that the US and NATO are not in direct violent military conflict with Russia is because they are too cowardly to risk it, not because they are not in a war posture or willing to engage in all non-kinetic means of warfare.

    The Uniparty Establishment seems willing to go kinetic. But the Pentagon and the Fed won’t let them. So the US/NATO is waging as full a war as its present political composition will allow it. What happens if one side is willing to fight and the other is not?

    Well, the reason that I bring these things up is that the West is about to lose a World War against Russia – possibly within a matter of weeks. The Russians have now opened up phase two of their operation. They have taken Mariupol and are currently eviscerating the Ukrainian army in the Donbass. Very soon, Russia will simply dictate what happens in the Ukraine since there will be no military force there to oppose them.

    And the Russians have barely taken any retaliatory actions at all for the sanctions regime which failed to crush the ruble and the Russian economy. That is to say, the West has been fighting Russia through the Ukrainian army and the sanctions regime, but Russia has only really been fighting back in the Ukraine.

    So far.

    Now if you don’t think that WWIII is being decided as we speak, then kindly tell me under what conditions you think that the US/NATO would be willing to go to nuclear war with Russia? Because if they are simply not courageous enough to do that, then their best, usable weapons in WWIII are economic. And those weapons are failing.

    The aftermath of this war will be like that of a great war, sans the monstrous death toll. But the spoils go to the winner and woe to the vanquished.

    • Agreed on your first point. WW2 didn’t start in 1939; it was being fought in Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, and China long before Hitler whacked Poland.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    It’s going to be hard to win any war with nonsense such as this:


  7. I’m going to quit calling them “neoliberals” and call them “neofascists” from now on. The term “neoliberal” is problematic. When I studied political science in the late 1980’s, it was used to describe what are now liberal Democratic policies or “progressive” policies, i.e., the combination of public largesse with libertarian morality. “Neoconservatives” were Reagan conservatives who married libertarian economics to traditional morality. “Neocon” means something different now as does “neoliberal”, which is generally used to describe market centered economics in Europe and now in America.

    Neofascist is actually taxonomically correct. They marry big government to big business to enforce ideological purity. That is the essence of fascism. Yet they have learned new tricks, dividing people by race, sex and inclination to perversion.

    Anyway, they got to go.

  8. Lembit Replis says
    • FYI, the articles that you cited aren’t very good sources for asserting that Provocation used to be a defence for assault. Those articles talk about Provocation being a defence or partial defence for murder. The first article that you cited is Canadian, whereas Smith is in the US. In the US, it’s common for provocation to be a cause for lowering the degree of homocide in murder charges where the perpetrator was acting in the heat of passion. Homicide is different from battery, which Smith committed. In battery cases, provocation can be considered a mitigating factor in sentencing. The police have not charged Smith, but if they did and he was convicted, Smith could use this rule to lower his sentence, like to a fine instead of jail or something.

      I don’t agree with Smith’s action, and don’t consider this to be an issue of “feminization.” The speaker was offensive, but was joking, and this kind of joking is normal for Hollywood. Afterward Smith apologized, correctly.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        He wouldn’t have quit the Academy if it was just a “joke”. – If he was “joking” then he KNOWINGLY ruined a big night for many people in Hollywood. I can’t imagine him ever working again. The guy snapped and no one wants to deal with that.

        • If he apologised to his victim
          and his apology was accepted by his victim,
          who are we to deny repentance and redemption?

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I said he’d never work again. Repentance and redemption are way outside my pay grade!

            Speaking generally, however, repentance and redemption may take a very long time when it comes to Hollywood. Will Smith has barely gotten over his words about Trump. I remember a time when I refused to go see his movies because of some remarks he made about Trump supporters.

            It’s hard to get invested in someone’s role as a dad, as a hero, as a [fill in the blank] after he smacks a man in front of a crowd, yelling obscenities. But maybe that’s just me.

    • Christine says

      I once served on a jury for a father of three who was accused of assault, battery, and vandalism for putting a brick on someone’s car hood and reaching inside the driver’s seat to grasp the driver’s collar. According to the law of the state in which I live, we the jury had to find him guilty based on the way the laws are written. Sadly I learned later that his children were removed from him and put in foster care for six months due to the convictions. So I have very little sympathy for Hollywood Hypocrites like Will Smith.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I also served on a jury! The defendant in my case was a physician who was taking his wife and kids to Disneyland. He had a brand new Audi and didn’t want to park where the female attendant was pointing because the previous car had parked too close to the line. So, going all of 2 miles per hour, he pointed his car in the direction of the spot adjacent to the specific spot where the attendant was pointing. In a rage, she jumped on the hood of his car to prevent him from parking in the wrong spot and broke his hood ornament, scraping her knee, in the process.

        The court charged this poor guy with attempted murder and the craziest part is, it was a hung jury.

        One of the jurors could not get it through his head that attempted murder requires a person to have the intent to murder and was not the same as the intent to park in the wrong space. The prosecutors even had the nerve to ask me if I thought they should retry the case! I just looked at them in disbelief.

  9. Why a Woman Can’t Be More Like a Man

    Trans Jail in New Jersey Releases Pregnant Detainees

    The contact was consensual, according to the administration of the penitentiary

    ‘ Two inmates at New Jersey’s only all-female prison became pregnant after having sex with a transgender or restrained person, according to the penitentiary administration.

    According to an article in the Daily Mail, the announcement said that the sex was consensual in both cases. It is not clear whether the two inmates had sex with the same detainee, or with two separate transgender people.

    It is also unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the circumstances under which the two pregnancies occurred are being investigated by the competent authorities.

    Edna Mahan Prison houses 27 transgender inmates, out of a total of 800 women inmates. The penitentiary began accepting transgender women – including those who did not undergo gender reassignment surgery last year.

    The change in prison policy came as a result of an out-of-court settlement following a lawsuit filed against her by a transgender woman and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in New Jersey. The lawsuit was filed in 2019, by a trans woman who said she was forced to live in male prisons for a year and a half.

    Among the changes that came into force after the compromise between the two sides was the choice of the place of assessment of a person’s sentence based on the gender with which they identify themselves and not the one attributed to them at birth. Under the policy, the Daily Mail explains, detainees can provide their gender identity information at any time during their detention.

    Jeanne LoCicero, director of the ACLU’s legal department, defended the policy yesterday, saying it ensures the protection of trans food rights. “It is in line with strong anti-discrimination legislation in force in New Jersey to prevent gender-based harassment,” she told NJ.com.

    Transgender women who have not undergone gender reassignment can serve their sentences at Edna Mahan Prison. It is worth noting that in 2021, two inmates at this penitentiary had filed a lawsuit seeking the revocation of the aforementioned gender identity policy, claiming that they had been harassed by trans inmates. The complainants had also alleged that transgender people had sex with cisgender individuals in prison. ‘