Who Says White People Can’t Dance?

Do you know what’s the difference between a Russian pessimist and a Russian optimist?  The former says “things can’t get any worse”.  The latter says, “Yes they can”.  

So, just when I think that things can’t get any worse, they do. At least for our brothers on the other side of the Adriatic.

Our friend Taylor Marshall, in his indefatigable research, has found this precious clip of a Catholic priest and altar boys (and girls!) entertaining the congregation. I don’t know what offends me more: the dancing? the masquerade? the coeducational Altar-servers? the pews?

It’s a veritable perfect storm of apostasy! The only thing that’s missing is a drag queen dressed as Baphomet reading the Lectionary!

In times like this, I miss the Inquisition.


  1. Where does one begin? The Pachamama pagan worship in the Vatican two years ago was much worse. That was truly a violation of the 1st commandment. There are many more liturgical abuses from guitar masses to priests on a hoverboard during the Mass. Too many scandalizing moments: Wojtyla kissing the Koran, Buddhist monks chanting in Assisi in front of a statue of Buddha during an “ecumenical” service.

    • Pachamama was two years ago? Time really moves quickly. I thought it only took place last year. The antichrist will be here before you know it.

  2. CS Louis says

    Bread and circuses! and masks. Trained seals.

  3. LonelyDn says

    What anyone find appealing, good, truthful and right in Roman Catholicism that can’t be found, in its fullness, within Orthodoxy?

  4. You haven’t seen nothing until you’ve been to a mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe in Texas…it comes complete with people dressed as Mayans and with a mariachi band playing for Mass! Truly a spectacle……and also the reason I am no longer roman catholic lol

    Seriously, the above liturgical abuse (and the on in the post) are not at all uncommon in roman catholicism.

  5. Chris Banescu says

    “Alas, it is a demonstrable fact that the people of God, when they fall, often enough do not fall to the level of good paganism, but much lower. They sink down so far that even the law-abiding pagan is bewildered.” ~ Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

    When People of God Fall, They Behave Worse Than Pagans

  6. Seraphim says

    I’m definitely a Russian pessimist. So it’s starting to get to the point where I’m not surprised by much anymore. The Latins have been on a downward slope for about a thousand years. And now we’re even seeing the Orthodox Church compromising with the world. All we can do is keep praying and ask God to allow us to be counted among that small faithful remnant who endures to the end.

  7. George Michalopulos says

    As usual, the insights of Fr Patrick are spot-on.

  8. George Michalopulos says

    As for real Russian propaganda, file this one under “all great art is propaganda”:


  9. Austin Martin says

    I don’t know why these traditionalist Catholics are complaining. They’re in communion with pope, and that’s all that matters.

  10. Austin Martin says
  11. James Connrat says

    So serious…

    Let’s welcome youthful endeavors otherwise the youth may never get involved.

    Remember Jesus was a revolutionary.

  12. “Remember Jesus was a revolutionary.”

    No offense, James, but your assertion is sheer nonsense.

    • Yes, this “Jesus was a revolutionary” garbage is most certainly sheer nonsense. I thought that it died out with the hippie movement from the 1970s.

      If Jesus were a revolutionary, he would not have died on the Cross. He would have led his people (the Jews) in an uprising to conquer their Roman rulers. (i.e., Christ would have been pursuing earthly power, which is what most of His people thought and wanted Him to do after His Entry into Jerusalem.)

      In fact, that’s why the same ones who honored Christ with “Hosanna” upon His Entry into Jerusalem then turned on him a few days later to crucify Him. Their much-hoped-for earthly leader allowed Himself to be led to the slaughter and to be killed! Most of His people were, to put it bluntly, pissed. That’s not what they wanted.

      God, however, had other plans. Christ conquered and destroyed death. This is a much greater victory, but conquering death is not what “revolutionaries” do. To compare Christ with “revolutionaries” is beyond insulting in my opinion, both to the revolutionaries and to Christ.

      This is how God works: He chooses a man who denied Him 3 times (St Peter) to lead His Apostles after His resurrection; He chooses a man who mercilessly persecuted the Church and who participated in the killing of the first Christian martyr Stephen (St Paul) to be the chief Apostle to the Gentiles; He chooses a thief and burglar to be the first one to be with Him in the Paradise; and He chooses a previously highly troubled, emotionally unstable woman in the context of a culture that is run by men (St Mary Magdalene) to be the first to find His empty tomb.

      All of these happenings are totally nonsensical by any standard.

      Yet this is how God works — not according to our human fallen “logic.” And this is one of the ways that we know that the Bible is not just some made up story — if one were crafting this story, none of this would make “logical” sense at all.

      Christ is risen!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yeah, I gotta agree. Not a revolutionary in the secular sense anyway.

  13. Girl Banned From Wearing “Jesus Loves Me” Mask
    to School Inspiring Other Children to Follow Christ


    [Video – 04:35]

    ‘One typically thinks of mask requirements for school children and religious liberty amid a pandemic as two separate issues but one family recently found out that their local school might be discriminating against Christians in their policy on which masks, precisely, students are allowed to wear.

    The Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of young Lydia Booth, who was told she was not allowed to wear a mask at school that read “Jesus loves me.”

    School officials told Lydia, who is in the third grade, that masks with religious or political messages were not allowed at her Simpson County, Mississippi school, but her mother, Jennifer, was unable to find any such guidelines in the school handbook or dress code.

    Meanwhile, she told the ADF, as reported by CBN, that masks with messages like “Black Lives Matter” were allowed. …

    One of Lydia’s peers heard about the conflict and decided she wanted a “Jesus loves me” mask as well. An older sibling of one of Lydia’s friends, meanwhile, was inspired in response to set a goal to read the whole Bible.

    Two sisters sent her sweet notes expressing their love, support, and mutual faith in Christ. … ‘

    Christ’s Kirk is not beaten yet. Not by a long way… 🙂

  14. Dustin Broadbery:
    “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, No Unvaxxed”


    ‘ … This government has polarised the nation on a scale never before attempted, legitimising a particular brand of prejudice and enmity not seen in Europe since the days of the Third Reich. And once the NHS App becomes your ticket to freedom on Monday, they will finally have means to weed out and punish dissidence while rewarding blind faith in authority. No matter how injurious their compliance is to society at large, the silent majority have lost their moral compass.

    But it must be understood – this principle of divide and rule is as old as the hills. It was not so long ago that signs hung in the windows of establishments in Britain that read: ‘No dogs, No Irish, No blacks’. The difference today is that it won’t be the colour of your skin, your class, gender or sexual orientation that will condemn you, it will be something far more virulent – your ideology. …

    Meanwhile, in the US, Sloppy Joe has made it clear: ‘get vaccinated or wear a mask indefinitely’.

    If none of this strikes the fear of God into you, then perhaps this will:

    The Pentagon have developed a microchip that will detect asymptomatic COVID. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9460389/Pentagon-scientists-invent-microchip-senses-COVID-19-body-symptoms.html
    The chip would be inserted below the skin and trigger a sensor if COVID infects the body. This is despite the internet being flooded with factchekers and MSM pundits debunking what the so-called “tin foil hat brigade” has been warning of all along.

    In plain sight, they hide their motives and by small degrees, we continue to surrender ancient rights and protections to an unthinkable dystopia that is now within sniffing distance. ‘

    When I was a boy, there were signs on which the Irish were listed last.
    There are parts of the West of Scotland where that would still be the case
    if the inhabitants thought they could get away with it.