When Ideologies Collide

Political cartoon from 1860 shows the four candidates, from left, Lincoln, Douglas, Breckenridge, and Bell tearing apart the United States. Library of Congress

Are we seeing the beginnings of a civil war in the making?  Given the increasing fragility of our nation, I think it’s entirely possible.  Not desirable, mind you, but possible. 

A few years ago, I wrote that we were in the midst of a “Long, Cold Civil War.”

You can access Part I of III here:  https://www.monomakhos.com/the-long-cold-civil-war/  

A cold civil war is not a kinetic conflict, but that’s where we may be heading. 

I say this because we just witnessed something along the lines of a seismic shift in the GOP, albeit a political one.  Its climax was the battle for the Speakership.  The patriot  MAGA wing of the GOP won and decisively so.

I won’t go into the details about what we America-firsters got out of this other than to say that in order to succeed to the Speakership, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave the Trumpistas everything they wanted and then some.  

What the Trumpistas gave McCarthy was the “Crazy Boss” card.  

Yes, we know that McCarthy was part of The Swamp.  We also know how he and Cocaine Mitch personally sabotaged the elections in order to prevent a Red Tsunami.  However, unlike McConnell, McCarthy was able to gain a majority, thereby becoming a major player in the Federal government, even if it was by accident.

Still, I guess it’s possible that given his Swampish proclivities, he could throw his power away and enjoy his impotency, as have many a Republican before him. 

But I have a feeling he won’t.  In fact, I think he’s beginning to like the idea of being powerful.  A long, bruising, electoral fight has a way of doing that to a man.  Think of it as a spinal transplant; a slinky McCarthy becoming an over night erector set. 

To get the Speakership he had to take the ultimate poison pill from the GOP conference:  If he steps out of line, all it takes is one Republican to call for a vote of no confidence.  McCarthy would then be forced to call for his reelection and get 218 votes in order to block this call.  This could take several days and could imperil his chances to remain as Speaker. 

Several years ago when Anthony Kennedy was the swing vote on the Supreme Court, I took to thinking of him as the “King of America;” that is to say the man with the “whip hand.”  That’s because the Court was evenly divided with four conservatives and four liberals, and even though he voted with the Right 60% of the time (give or take), when he saw an opportunity to grandstand and make a historic, culture-changing, vote like Obergefell, he invariably went with the liberals.  Everything hinged upon his vote.  He was a constant worry to the conservative movement and I think he enjoyed every second of it. 

Upon Kennedy’s retirement, Joe Manchin III, a fairly newly-elected Senator from West Virginia, stepped into this role.  By dint of the fact that the Senate was evenly divided, he single-handedly prevented most of Biden’s legislative agenda from being enacted.  For two years, it was Manchin who was the “King of America” and the Democrats who were worried he’d stab in them in the back.  Now, by virtue of the fact that Manchin is no longer in the pole position, McCarthy has the whip hand.  My hunch is that he’s going to enjoy holding the whip, even more if that makes him the turd in the punch bowl as far as his buddies in the corporate media are concerned.  

 The “Crazy Boss” scenario, can best be explained by example.  If you’re meeting with Chuck Schumer to hammer out some deal, he can always say, “Look, I wish I could help you but I got this crazy boss who won’t let me.”  In his case, he’s got several crazy bosses.  Not just the 35 who make up the Freedom Caucus but every Republican in his conference. 

That’s a lot of “crazy bosses.”

You would think all this would be maddening to the GOP and the Democrats would be licking their chops.  Believe it or not, it’s rather liberating and it’s upsetting to the Democrats; specifically, to the progressive wing of that party.

Why?  Let me explain.

Four years ago, when the newly elected “Squad” of uberliberals won their seats in Congress, they had the same opportunity to force concessions from Nancy Pelosi, who needed their support to get elected Speaker.  They also had lists of demands like the $15/hour minimum wage, Medicare-for-all, a decrease in defense spending, and student-loan forgiveness, among other things. 

And all they wanted were floor votes for these items.  That’s it.  But because the Democrat Party is a corporatist institution, masquerading as a populist one, Pelosi and other leaders somehow got the uberliberals to cave.  Oh sure, they promised to respect them in the morning but that didn’t happen.  

The Squad fell for it and got nothing. 

According to liberal websites, they are seething with anger.  Not only are they jealous of what the conservatives have accomplished, they are dang-sure-positive that if they ever get back in power again, they aren’t going to be bamboozled by donor-class Democrats ever again. 

They will pull a Matt Gaetz and do it gladly.

So now that one civil war in the political arena has come to pass, is another ready to commence?  And where does this leave your average Republican?  Is it too early to pop the champagne bottle?  

Yes and no. 

Yes, because the Republican House will not be able to enact any positive legislation.  No, because throwing spanners in the works of the criminals who run the Deep State is a positive good.  I imagine that the rogues who run the FBI are sweating bullets right now.  As for the 87,000 armed IRS agents who were anxiously awaiting military training, they can go work for H & R Block. Since the Democrats set the precedent, maybe the Republicans should ask for Pelosi’s and/or Biden’s tax records.  Maybe even go whole hog and ask for Chief Justice John Roberts’ tax returns, too.  Might as well, since we’re asking for everybody else’s. 

I’m giddy with delight.  

There are other silver linings, too.  I understand that Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz got McCarthy to put the kybosh on the Ukraine gravy train.  For what it’s worth, the Patriot missile battery that we promised Zelensky is due to arrive in Kiev –in early 2024.  

Because of the perfidy of Mitch McConnell, who purposely sabotaged the GOP’s chance for a three (possibly four) seat majority in the Senate, we now know who the traitors are.  This is tactically advantageous.  It is also financially advantageous in that we don’t have to give one thin dime to anybody associated with the Senate GOP.  It’s now a spent force.  What are they going to do?  Block some wild-eyed, liberal woman who doesn’t know what a woman is from getting on the Supreme Court?

Been there, failed that.

Instead, we can engage in targeted giving; that is give our hard-earned dollars to anyone but the Senate.  $10 will do more good going to Rep Kevin Hern, our local Congressman, than $100 to McConnell, where it will all be pissed away.  He can’t help himself.  It’s his nature.  

And we now know where to navigate and who to avoid.  McConnell openly shot himself in both feet.  But because he did so in such a brazen manner, we also know that he holds us in utter contempt.  We don’t owe him or his ilk, any loyalty at all.  Not Jack-diddly-squat.  Worse for them, they are all on their way to political oblivion.  There is no way any Republican is going to go back to the good old days of spending $250 a plate for rubber chicken to listen to the likes of Mitt Romney talk about “conservatism,” with the hope of getting a picture with him.  Simply put, the RINO wing of the GOP is a wasting asset.

And we ain’t going back.  

This opens the way for Trumpistas to take the place of the Mitts in the Senate.  As there are several RINOs in the Senate, it’s going to take a few years to cycle through them.   Still, the fact that all spending bills originate in the House increases the importance of the House and its majority.  

Now all we have to do is sit back, enjoy our power, and watch the fireworks on the other side.  Buckle up, politics just got fun again.  



  1. George Michalopulos says

    A story from Davy Crockett, during his time in the Congress:


  2. Alexander II says
    • Absolutely!

    • Saw this story this morning… Ivan Provorov is the man! Definitely a role model for all American Orthodox young (and older) men. I hope my boys grow up to be like him!

      Hope our American Orthodox leaders are paying attention…. these cultural forces are our reality in America. Those Orthodox Christians of national prominence who show up in the crosshairs need to be prepared to be shamed and derided for their faith. Our faith, courage, and moral strength are sure to be tested.

      The only reasons that we’ve flown under the radar for so long are:
      (a) we’re such a tiny number and typically forgotten about in this country, and
      (b) the leadership of the largest Orthodox Christian group in the USA (the Greek Archdiocese) has sadly too often been willing to capitulate to these cultural forces (“let’s walk with BLM!”) to try to get them to not hate us (this approach doesn’t work….. they still hate us)

      It’s no longer the 1970s when the American Orthodox goal is to be liked by the wealthy Episcopalians who ran American culture at that time. The Davos/WEF/corporatist culture that now runs Western culture/media/politics despises us. Ivan Provorov is a role model for all of us. May God protect him.

      I only pray that our American Orthodox leaders are not blind to these cultural forces. However few ever talk about it publicly to the faithful. I fear that most find it too painful to see the reality that’s staring us in the face. But I want to be prepared.

    • Alexander II says

      I’m a klutz with the link function.

      This is a story of Russian Orthodox player with the Philadelphia Flyers who refused to participate in some Alphabet People Pride BS, citing his Orthodox faith. It’s on the ESPN website. Now the sodomites are out for blood.

    • Those who run the culture don’t want to allow any breathing room to anyone who stands apart from their agenda:
      NHL activism partner: Ivan Provorov ‘negatively impacted’ Pride Night

      A blessed Theophany to Mr. Provorov and all who are on the Julian Calendar. Christ is baptized in the waters to cleanse the whole creation!

  3. Konstantin Kisin at the Oxford Union

    [Video – 09:19]

    ‘ The debate motion was “This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far” ‘

    Apart from the obligatory dig at Putin, it’s solid stuff.

  4. CAUGHT HIM! Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO
    with questions at World Economic Forum


    [Video – 06:03]

    Walking with Albert or Bearding Bourla

  5. What is the effect of inviting the West to dump as much military hardware into the Ukraine as it can spare and then some? I think someone in DC needs to ask that question of themselves and answer it as if this is a premeditated tactic on the part of the RF. And they need to do it yesterday. Because Moscow is behaving as if it has no concern whatsoever about what the West can or will do, short of a nuclear exchange, of course.

    From the beginning, the West has been schooling Russia methodically on how the RF can defeat it. Be assured, the Russian security council has been paying attention.

    When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

    • …unless your business is in making holes
      through which you can extract other people’s resources.
      The longer this goes on, the bigger the contracts for the MIC.

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