When Are Knights Not Real Men?

Not a Knight, But Most Definitely a Real Man

Answer:  When they are the Knights of St Andrew. 

A few days ago, on May 29th, the five hundred sixty-seventh anniversary of the Fall of Constantinople, the Archons put out an alarmingly-written letter entitled, “Multiple Communion Spoons is the Only Sensible Choice”.  In it, the author (a medical doctor) explains why the Church needs to abandon the our Church’s tradition regarding the reception of the Eucharist.   Read it for yourself: https://www.archons.org/-/communion-spoons 

Now, I have no intention of wasting any more time writing about such fearful missives and the mediocrities who publish them.  Last week’s post, “A Lost Generation”, which was written by an Orthodox mother, lays waste to the fearful tone struck by these “Knights”.  In ways that put them to shame if you ask me.

Now, to be honest with you, I’ve had some thoughts of my own but so much has fallen into Yours Truly’s lap that I can’t process it all.  I will say this however:  I’ve known several very old priests.  And as a former altar boy, I can tell you, without a doubt, that we were the last to receive Communion.   Many times.  For years.  And me and my compadres are still alive.  I realize that this is anecdotal but there you have it. 

Cards on the table:  Like many of you, I am concerned about where this will all lead.  Let’s just say that the light at the end of the tunnel I see is probably an oncoming train.  Especially, if we give even the slightest bit of credence to the Archons’ exhortation.  Already Patriarch Bartholomew’s “request” to meet with the other patriarchs gives me pause.  There’s quite a lot of room in there for Elpidophorean wiggle-room.  And then of course, just as he “listened” and “coordinated discussions” with the other patriarchs regarding the Ukrainian situation, he went ahead and did it anyway.  Because, you know, Shoes of the Other Fisherman and whatnot.  

So, rather than put my own pen to paper, I will instead, direct your attention to two thoughtful polemics that were recently sent to me; one by an Orthodox layman who wishes to be known as Nicholas, and another by an anonymous Greek Orthodox priest.  They’re both quite good and worth a read.  

Here is Nicholas’ piece:  Returning Orthodox Parishes to Normal Life

And here is the GOA priest’s essay, which is entitled “A Response to ‘Administering Holy Communion in a Time of Plague'” (courtesy Byzantine Texas):  http://byztex.blogspot.com/2020/05/a-response-to-on-administering-holy.html

Anyways, it’s breaking down along these lines:  One Spoon = evil fundies.





  1. Can’t get Nicholas’s piece without joining gmail – which I won’t.

  2. The link you posted to the piece by Nicholas doesn’t seem to work . Please check and fix the link. Thanks.

  3. This article might be related to why Archons and his Eminence Bishop Elpidoforos want to get rid of the spoon.
    Patriarch Bartholomew strength comes from US and his neopapist plans are unfolding here.

  4. Austin Martin says

    This is the Vatican II mentality of “we haven’t always done it this way, so we can just chuck the whole thing.”
    The early Church practiced confession in front of the whole congregation. It was not a private thing. Therefore, according to this logic, the idea of a priest’s bond to not rat out the confessor doesn’t actual exist and isn’t really something sacred. Wait a couple years and you’ll see bishops directing priests to take notes during confession and alert the police if something illegal comes up. 

    • Antiochene Son says

      Or if someone does a racism, the sin that only the SPLC can forgive.
      Whether something needs to be confessed is also a matter of opinion. Something could be illegal but not sinful. Exceeding the speed limit by 1 mph, or going to church without wearing a mask, or somehow causing an abortion clinic to no longer be functional, for example. 

      • Archpriest Paisius McGrath says

        “Does a racism”?

        • Yes, doing a racism. It’s the worst sin you can do and the only one in which guilt is inherited – EVEN IF YOUR ANCESTORS DIDN’T COMMIT IT. Joy!
          By questioning it, you too have done a racism and you need to report to your local SPLC/ADL/BLM office for public penance and corrective training.

        • If you don’t know what doing a racism is then you’re probably doing a racism.

        • Austin Martin says

          There is no greater sin that racism. It’s right there all through the Church Fathers. What this word means, I don’t know, because they change the definition every couple years, but I’m certain it’s the greatest evil ever. Worse than murder.
          The only thing worse than racism is not believing women.

          • George Michalopulos says

            One good thing about the Creepy Joe candidacy is that it has put the final nail in the coffin of the #metoo movement. I say this more out of sorrow than in joy, because allegations of sexual assault should always be treated with the utmost seriousness.

            No doubt it started out that way but as in all things bright and beautiful, it was taken over by the Left to serve as a cudgel against conservatives.

            While we’re at it, we can thank Gov Northam of Virginia for giving blackface and Klan hoods a dispensation. No longer are allegations of sexual assault, insulting racial stereotypes and racist regalia career-destroying.

            • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says


              George, your post prompted me to remind folks here about the current governor of my adopted state (since mid-1988). The Commonwealth of Virginia has sunk quite low under the recent Democrat stranglehold on the governor’s mansion and both houses of the state legislature. In northern Virginia, I am now living “behind enemy lines.”

              I do have one question for Governor Ralph Northam: “Would the KKK hood you wore ‘in jest’ when you were in medical school in 1984 count toward the state-mandated ‘face covering’ during the COVID-19 crisis?”

              (For the shocking photo of Northam appearing in either blackface or a KKK hood in his medical school yearbook, see this article–despite the morally repugnant block ad for the so-called Planned Parenthood organization at the top of the page that you may have to endure on the WP website:

              To the hardcore Democrats on this blog, please note the source of that article and photo: The Washington Post. And explain to me, if you will, why Northam is still in the governor’s mansion in Richmond more than a year later and, apparently, will complete his four-year term in office without resigning in disgrace.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Thank you, Fr.  For what it’s worth, I’m somewhat glad that Northam didn’t resign.  Just like Biden’s candidacy destroyed the #metoo movement, so too did Northam’s political career (and Justin Trudeau’s for that matter) prove that black-face and/or Klan robes will destroy a political career. 

          • “The only thing worse than racism is not believing women.”
            Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit…?

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Oh, yeah, well there’s that. You know, the one unforgivable one! LOL

          • No. The worst sin is not believing a man when he tells you he’s a woman…or a woman whe she tells you she’s a man.

  5. Antiochene Son says

    As usual, David hits it out if the park:

    • CS Louis says

      It all seems like stealth ecumenism.  Is it a grand plan or have our shepherds abandoned the sheep? When they have erased everything that makes Orthodoxy unique – the sacred traditions that have been preserved through the ages – then why not just be Protestant or Roman Catholic.

  6. Sage-Girl says

    Please, please everyone write letter to Archbishop Elpidoforos + express outrage over his foolishness at Brooklyn March as well as Everything else? What will he do next?!

    • I think he would not care to read, he knows exactly what he is doing. They want us who don’t approve out of the new Church he is working on.

    • AB Elpi will ignore our letters…why should he care…he has the mighty Archons!!!

      • Knights of 300 pounds but they have thick wallets. They have important opinions about spoon to share with us which is different from Patriarch Bartholomew’s but is same with our Bishops. Isn’t that amazing?

      • Nicholas Chancy says

        Not everyone is GOA. And while he has the Archons, the fact is that the Metropolitans live off the donations of the faithful, so do local parishes. The OCA and other jurisdictions don’t have the Archons. The donations of the faithful and the attendance of the faithful are required. We don’t have a democratic structure, but the bishops need to hear from us what the current fiasco is doing to us. 

  7. Sage-Girl says

    Antiochene Son:
    thanks kindly for sending that video – it’s amazing the insights + information we all get via Monomakhos  ? It’s a blessing y’all 

    • rjklancko says

      If the brass or silver chalice is first pre warmed with boiling water and boiling water is put into it along with high ethanol wine and a brass or silver spoon is used,,,,,all as it is supposed to be ,,, and the communicant knows not to lick the spoon,,,do we have a problem,,,,brass and silver are anti biocides, as is hot water and alcohol,,ethanol,,,

      • rjklancko, ‘high ethanol wine’? What are you doing—some kind of a weird lab experiment?! And, why do you love commas, so much?!

  8. Sage-Girl says

    I was just sent a YouTube video of fellow Trump supporter, the Conservative Black commentator + politically involved,
    Candace Owens – she’s exposing long criminal history of George Floyd, who’s been elevated to Martyrdom due to mass hysteria on the Left.
    Among his list of Evil – he put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach; her screams alerted neighbor + he went to jail …
    ?Sorry, can’t cut/paste here, so go to YouTube + you’ll find!

    • Sage-Girl says

      Mikhail thanks, ?
      that’s hilarious about Elpi having mighty Archons!  Haha – I actually know one Archon who got chewed out real loud by someone, let’s just say, he’s a high roller in Orthodox world, for telling me something he shouldn’t have; to me it was funny, but that Archon was rattled, they’re very obedient like soldiers!

  9. As the Lord asked, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” With the hierarchs of “official” orthodoxy continuously pandering to the fears and passions of fallen humanity, the answer is clearly Not So Much. It’s sad, but the only thing these guys care about is numbers and money. The only hope is if the faithful will stand strong and refuse to participate in or donate to “churches” with such a worldly opinion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Excellent words. It is simple dont give money and/or go to to the Church that wants to be run by Archons and Mammon. OCA Church has to get the hell out from Episcopal Council and get fruits from its own autochepaly and do not trade in with State and businesses and lawyers and insurance companies this gift from God.