When All Lives Matter

In November, things are going to be changing again for Americans.  Misha put it best when he said: You may be witnessing the beginning of the end of an entire ideology.  That is a very traumatic event for the true believers.  They are truly convinced, somehow, that their ideas are better and that they are the ‘end of history’.   They are not going to take the self destruction of that Glorious Vision without much weeping and gnashing of teeth and they will likely have to be dragged, kicking and scratching, into the light.”


As I was drinking my coffee this morning and I happened to see this on Facebook.  It’s about 9/11, the day our world changed forever.  It was written by Peter Jordan, one of those people you can’t forget once you meet him.  He said:

“Whatever you think about the reasons, 09/11/2001 brought all Americans together. We embraced our enemies and called ‘friend’ ones we hardly knew. We forgave what never mattered.

Many were judged because some had unreasonable fear of the “other”. Most of us shed our judgements of one another. Elephants & donkeys became bosom buddies. We gained a newfound respect for firefighters, EMTs, medical professionals, and the police.

The world changed on this day, 19 years ago, and somehow we all spontaneously knew, at the same time, that life would never again be the same. The matrix was cracking, as fear & freedom mingled.

On that day, All lives mattered.

Remember all who suffered, died, and are still dying from the deadly effects of that terrible day. Never forget.”


It got me to thinking about when this election is over.  Like what happened on 9/11, we’re going to have to find a way to drop our fears, shed our judgements and get over our anger if we have any hope of getting through it together.  Most importantly, we are going to have to find a way to forgive those who didn’t start this war but may have gotten caught up in it.  I’m not saying there won’t be or shouldn’t be justice.  I’m just saying when the other side drops the banner of hate, we need to respond in kind.  If we don’t, like 9/11, we will suffer the consequences for years to come.  

May God bless those who were directly impacted by 9/11:  Those who lost their loved ones, those who served and those who continue to suffer with ongoing health issues.  You are not forgotten.

Forgot to sign this . . .

Mrs. Monomakhos   

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  1. George Michalopulos says
    • Truly, and utterly pathetic. I really feel sorry for those people. They’re clueless.

    • cynthia curran says

      I agree, Black Lives Matter only deals with police violence against blacks not black violence against black violence. In fact, the left has always felt that minorities can’t make it without a lot of government intervention. This doesn’t explain why Asian groups have higher incomes than whites on average. The violence more in black areas compared to Asian ones is probably why whites view Asians as a model minority, but the left never wants to lower violence in black areas.

  2. cynthia curran says

    The biggest shocked is if the Latinos and Blacks vote less in favor of the Democrats. It might tell people that their is other issues besides discrimination like jobs or in the case of the Venezuelan foreign policy. Trump is up in Florida more so than last week.

  3. George,
    I would be happy to forgive, or just forget, offences of those who have repented; i.e., “thought again” about an issue and come to a better conclusion than their previous erroneous (and in some cases malicious) ones.
    However, we will likely wait in vain for contrition or mea culpas from most of the other side.  Most are dead enders who would do it all again if they could.  That’s what makes them dangerous.  We saw this little drama in 1968 and 1972.  Then it went dormant for awhile.  
    Much as I hate to admit it, bridges probably need to be burned after the events of the last four years, especially the last year.  The level of malice from the other side has been appalling.  Neither truth, nor law, nor morals, nor the Constitution, nor the Social Contract even caused a pause in their rush to destroy a duly elected political opponent by any means necessary.  
    There is a certain level of escalation from which you can’t turn back or be acquitted, only defeated and deposed.  You don’t invite Napoleon back into the political process.  You exile him unless you want a groundhog’s day.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      It was me, Misha. Forgot to sign it.

      • Ah, then I will leave you with a story you’ve probably heard:
        An elderly lady was walking one day and came across an injured snake laying by the side of the way.  She felt sorry for it and picked it up to take it home.  Once she got it home, she doctored it and bandaged it up.  She let it rest and then she began to feed it and get it healthy again.
        When she thought it was strong enough to survive again in the wild, she set it down and opened the door for it to leave.  Just as it crossed the door, it turned around and bit her.  It was poisonous and as she lay there dying she appealed to the snake:
        “Dear snake, I saw you injured and left for dead and I took you in, nursed you and got you back to health.  How could you do this to me?”
        To which the snake replied:
        “Look b*tch, you knew I was a snake . . .”

      • I’d posted another comment which I later realized could be taken out of context.  The point of the snake story was to caution people like Gail at being too forgiving of the political opposition since there is little real contrition to be found there now or in the future.  

        • Christopher McAvoy says

          In revolutions that come to fruition, those who finish on the loosing side eventually end as being imprisoned, executed or exiled. Except through divine intervention, this is what awaits the losing side in the future of the USA; martyrdom, imprisonment, exile or execution. Good vs evil. A battle to the end. If you’ve already lived through communist revolution in other lands you learn the rules that guide them. Many north americans are naive, living with creature comforts in technocratic illusion. Even many antifa are not true marxists but are pretending. Even General Mathis and Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland with their pictures taken with CCP government officials and generals are perhaps unaware of the full darkness of the heart, they are on the path toward it but may not have fully arrived. To know they are on the path is enough. There is in fact a black and white to this situation.

        • The question is, what is too forgiving? Are we talking about forgiving 70 times 70 or using discernment when dealing with those who have wronged us in the past. I forgive the thief who stole my purse. Simple. But, he says he is sorry and needs a place to stay and asks me for hospitality. Not as easy to do.
          Someone takes your robe, give him also your cloak. Much discernment needed in all of this.

        • Misha, amen about being “Wise as a serpent“ about the true malice.

          For our Orthodox “gentle as a dove” reaction to the malice of those deluded by the evil one, this radiant Romanian priest helps me with “those who hate us”: Orthodox Teaching of the Elders video: https://youtu.be/M8awIn-wEOM. Less than 5 minutes.

  4. cynthia curran says

    I was reading about a liberal that supports one billion americans. Think India where the average Joe has a lot less due to a very high population. The problem with this is this person doesn’t understand that outside of Africa. Birth rates are dropping below replacement level. In fact, if the left is defeated on energy. Africa could developed more instead of heading to western europe or the US. Africa burns wood for fuel not natural gas, but if they could burn natural gas, a lot of manufacturing would leave China. Africa would become more urbanized and birth rates would dropped  from 6 to 7 kids per family to 2 to 3 that you have more in cities. The left is living in the past not understanding that outside of Africa you could not have immigration that would produce a billion Americans.

  5. cynthia curran says

    Outside of young people the Democrats doing racial politics and yes that is what it is since we don’t work in a perfect world. The Democrats are pretending that blacks are kick out of jobs like its 1940 which actually happen. Blacks like whites suffer high poverty rates if they live in very rural areas like the black belt of the south or Appalachia for whites. In fact, the way Democrats handled the George Floyd didn’t help him back up in Florida or Arizona. The polls show in most parts of the US Texas is still more Repubican than Minnesota.

  6. Lovely piece Gail, thank you.

    • Amen, Gail.  If we drop ours now and show our loving concern for the ones well-intentioned but fooled by BLM as we disagree,  that will be quite a Christian witness.  Especially when they are now spewing irrational hate toward the most loving people.  First time in the US we have had to do this so a good test.  Perhaps that is why God is allowing it.   

  7. cynthia curran says

    The most successful minority group Asians advance the least through affirmative action. Blacks have qualify the most for Affirmative action and sill have a higher poverty rate than both Latinos and Asians. In fact, the left is wrong affirmative action didn’t advance groups to the middle class. The more affirmative action the least likely you advance. In fact outside of large companies most companies do not use affirmative action. In fact, blacks are held back the most in tech fields which are dominated in the US by immigrant Asians from India.

  8. Ummmmm …. With all respect to Mrs. Monomakhos, isn’t it a bit early to be speculating about being gracious winners? You know, counting chickens before they hatch? These possessed (Dostoevsky) people have NOT yet been defeated, and frankly I don’t think it’s at all clear they will be, even if Trump wins (in a context in which the concept of “winning” is highly debatable. Even if he wins a clear, convincing electoral victory, who expects that to settle the matter?) The other side will never “drop the banner of hate,” it’s existential to them. There’s no “getting through this together.” That ship has sailed. IMO it sailed a long time ago….

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Actually, I was talking about both sides. Regardless of who wins, there is going to be gnawing and gnashing of teeth.

      A long time ago I stopped seeing this election as an “American” thing. There’s no Left. They have been completely overtaken by GLOBALISTS who want to destroy this country. I think people sense this even if they can’t explain it. For every proud Trump supporter, there are probably 10 who will vote for Trump because they’re scared of the other side.

      • George Michalopulos says

        In my opinion, we are beyond he foolishness of the Dem/GOP paradigm.  Gail is right:  it’s patriots vs cosmopolites.   In the Book of Joshua, Joshua is making plans to lay siege to Jericho when he came across a warrior “standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand.  Joshua went up to him and asked, ‘are you for us or our enemies?’ ‘Neither,’ he replied, ‘but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come’.”  (5:13-14).

        According to the Rabbinic sages and Church fathers, this mighty warrior was none other than the Archangel Michael himself.  In any event, he was fearsome enough that Joshua felt he might have been a threat.  Basically, what this warrior says is:  you can join me, try and fight me or simply get out of the way.  I’m here to inflict a world of hurt on the Lord’s enemies.

        The purpose of this passage is that we Christians should not be caught up in any secular dialectic but go forward boldly. 

        Discernment is key.  Neither the Israelites nor the people of Jericho were perfect.  But one side wasn’t on the side of Yahweh.  We are beyond that point where (unlike during the American Civil War) “both sides prayed to the same God” (as Lincoln stated), we are clearly not there now. 

        I cannot discern the hearts of the other side but I can see their fruits.  And looking into the face of that Reinoal character who shot Jay Danielson, I can recognize demonic rage.  Whatever side he is on –and George Floyd, Jacob Blake Jr, and the demoniacs who ambushed the two deputies yesterday in Compton and the savages who tried to impede the first responders from saving their lives–I most definitely don’t want to be on their side.  

        • The opposition is composed mostly of atheistic materialists. Their problem is that they have chosen to see reality through a nihilistic prism – vanity of vanities. The emotional satisfaction they derive from their passions as reinforced by their ideology is the main pleasure they get from life. No transcendence.

          The only alternative they see is a maliciously constructed caricature of monotheism which they reject as puerile sophistry. That’s why a hard rain’s gonna fall when it all collapses.

          No net.

          The vicious rage you see in the rioters may be the tip of this iceberg.

  9. cynthia curran says
    • George Michalopulos says

      But wait! All is not lost in The Golden State! Now adults can have sex with children!

      I imagine the pedophilia chic of Cuties was released just in time to exonerate all the pedophiles who are going to be exposed.

  10. cynthia curran says

    We have leftist here that are anti-racist but Karl Marx put down his son in law for having some black ancestry since he was Cubian. Mark very anti-Jewish even though he was Jewish and Marx love the Devil in his poetry.https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=paul+kengor&&view=detail&mid=D5A95DF9A621C5E83616D5A95DF9A621C5E83616&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpaul%2Bkengor%26FORM%3DHDRSC3 Dennis Prager show with Paul Kengor, historian of Grove City College book, Marx and the Devil.

  11. Archpriest Paisius McGrath says

    In the spirit of all lives matter, asking for prayers especially for those of us on the north Gulf Coast in LA, MS, AL and FL as we brace for landfall of Hurricane Sally. Estimated now to be Category 3 by landfall tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning Biloxi -where I’m pastor at Holy Trinity GOC- and Gautier where I live look to likely to be right in the worst of it! Protect us O Lord through the intercessions of the Holy Theotokos and all the Saints!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Prayers for you and yours, Father.

      • Archpriest Paisius McGrath says

        Thanks for prayers! Storm moved slightly east and so didn’t impact us as forecast on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We continue to pray for all those impacted by the destruction of this Hurricane brought in Alabama and Florida. We are seeing the most active Hurricane season in the Gulf since 2005 I’m told and still time to go. Now that my sabbatical is finished and now reside on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and serve the wonderful parish community of Holy Trinity GOC in Biloxi, MS, sure to experience these storms in season. But happy God has brought me to where He wants me to live and serve!

    • Absolutely Father! May God be with you!!! Please keep us posted!

  12. 70 × 7 was about being rebuked in a not too harsh manner customary at the time between Judeans.
    I have nothing against forgiveness. But you can’t forgive someone into ceasing and desisting from their heinous activities. Forgive away. But expect them to continue unless they repent. You see, the Left is losing it. The democratic socialism which was in fashion in Europe and in an attenuated form here does not seem to be able to withstand the collapse of globalism, to which it hitched its cart. Bear in mind, ideologically, this is the psychological operational software of the elite class here and in Europe. And it’s proving outdated, even antiquated, and they’re melting down. That’s not an election battle gone mean from which we can retreat and sing Kumbaya. They cannot fathom why their superior ideology is losing substantial ground when it is supposed to be the end state phronema of mankind. That’s the magnitude of the shock. That’s why they’re going crazy.  For us it would be like recovering Jesus’ dead body. They can’t say it that way.  Educationally, they’re so dumbed down it’s amazing they can find their way to work. But be that as it may, their worldview is dying and they can’t see any way this could happen except cheating, corruption and betrayal, much like Hitler in the bunker. They will be emotionally unhinged until they find another idol, or are evangelized.
    Do I feel for them? Given the impact of feminism on my life and the lives of countless unborn, no, I can’t say I sympathize at all:

  13. cynthia curran says

    What the left ignores economic gain. Blacks in 2019 had their lowest poverty rate at 18.6. Blacks usually don’t live in the high price states like Califonia or New York, but in the south which means their poverty rate might be lower. Blacks gain 7 percent in income at 45,000 still low but as mention blacks live in southern states like Louisiana where incomes are lower on average. Latinos move up to 57,000 a year I think and Latinos now have lower poverty than West Virginia if they don’t live in high cost of living California. Latinos poverty is down to 15.7 much better than the Obama years where they were at 22 percent. Yes, all lives matter and there are other issues for blacks or latinos than white cops not liking them.

  14. George Michalopulos says

    If you’re wondering why BLM (Bigots Love Marx) love Marx, perhaps this will explain things a little more clearly:


  15. RBG died.  Get out your popcorn.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      So what do you think Trump will do?

      • He’ll nominate someone asap, probably Amy Coney Barrett, Britt Grant, Joan Larsen or another conservative woman.  I don’t see how a confirmation battle prior to the election hurts him if he nominates a woman.  The philanderer card is off the table so it’s an all win situation.
        I was going to say that this is something that we really don’t need at this point in terms of more rancor and the possibility of inciting widespread violence.  However, after some reflection, I say bring it on.  Because whatever else may be true, this IS the last thing that the Democrats need at this point inasmuch as it is like feeding them chili laced with gunpowder – guaranteed to make them appear mean and out of control.
        I would prefer that Trump nominate someone with a thin track record in terms of appellate opinions.  But the three listed above probably qualify and are on the short list for that reason.  You don’t want someone who has a significant history of going on the record either in holdings or in dicta (non-binding remarks in an opinion) as an originalist on issues surrounding abortion.
        The only caveat and downside to this is that this election was not postured to be decided on abortion.  Now, abortion will be front and center for some part of the period leading up to the vote since this will affect the balance of power on the Court.  Roberts has been unreliable and has taken on the role Anthony Kennedy served before, the foil against “extremism”.  That has to be shut down if we want to get rid of abortion on demand.
        Ideally, they get someone nominated and confirmed by a razor thin margin just prior to the election.  That way, abortion is not on the ballot and it doesn’t affect voter turnout on the Democrat side as much. In fact, a “loss” just before the election in the form of confirmation of a pro-life justice could depress Democratic turnout.

      • I should add though that it would be very difficult to bring it to a vote before the election.  The Republicans will not have Murkowski (who won’t vote to confirm before the election) and would likely lose Snowe and Romney so they would need Pence to break the tie.

        * * *

        “Bear in mind,” Blackburn said, “John Paul Stevens was confirmed in 19 days. Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed in 33 days. Justice Ginsburg was confirmed in 42 days. So that gives you an idea that even though it typically takes about 60 days to confirm a justice, there is precedent for doing it in a shorter period of time.” – https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2020/09/19/marsha-blackburn-there-precedent-short-confirmation-process/

        However, all bets are off. Lindsay Graham has recanted his opposition in light of the Kavanaugh spectacle.

        • Romney’s on board and Murkowski seems to be coming around.  They have the votes and will likely do it.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    Always, always, always read Taki for a refresher course on civilization and what it takes to make it and destroy it.


  17. Michael Bauman says

    UNSEEN WARFARE ALERT!  I was talking to my brother who is an Orthodox priest in the Bulgarian Archdiocese in Indianapolis.  He just took Emeritas status just before COVID hit.  He said the new young priest was doing quite well but he was surprised to notice a “thought” attack him. A thought he did not entertain for a second and was obviously not his: with all the changes and challenges of COVID it was better to protect himself and withdraw from participation. It would not be handled correctly. 
    With that experience he noted how easy it would be to react that way.  We should be on our guard not to entertain such thoughts.  

  18. Michael Bauman says

    As a final addendum to our conversation on marriage several months ago Fredrick Loewe did it up beautifully decades ago in his song from Camelot “How to Handle a Woman”.   The final lines:
    ” How to handle a woman? Mark me well I will tell you sir. The way to handle woman is to love her, simply love her, merely love her, love her, love her. ”
    The secret lies in the original fit and consistency of execution.  

  19. Since (even) Pope Francis says he agrees with the US Catholic Bishops that Pro-Life is foundational and to be prioritized even over other important issues such as racism, environmentalism, might Patriarch Bartholomew and the GOA hierarchs feel the need to agree?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Bartholomew won’t.

      Here is a direct quotation from a July 20, 1990, article, “SF Shows Off Its Ecumenical Spirit,” in the San Francisco Chronicle:

      Asked the Orthodox church’s position on abortion, Bartholomais described a stand more liberal than that of the Roman Catholic Church, which condemns abortion in all cases and whose clergy have, in some cities, excommunicated leading pro-choice Catholics.

      Although the Orthodox church believes the soul enters the body at conception and, ”generally speaking, respects human life and the continuation of pregnancy,” Bartholomais said, the church also ”respects the liberty and freedom of all human persons and all Christian couples.”

      ”We are not allowed to enter the bedrooms of the Christian couples,” he said. ”We cannot generalize. There are many reasons for a couple to go toward abortion.”


    • George Michalopulos says

      We could only wish.

    • When will the Orthodox bishops follow the lead of Rome on this topic?  A merger of like-minded Orthodox and Catholic bishops on the topic of abortion would be helpful.  This kind of union would be good ecumenism.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Until the wanna be pope of the East is onboard, why would they? To my knowledge, he has never taken a strong stance on the issue.

        • Proof that he is a politician first and a spiritual leader second (if at all).
          His beloved Greek ‘Orthodox’ nation has the highest abortion rate in all of Europe.  As a politician first, he can hardly call further attention to his (and their) unfaithfulness, lest “the precedence that our Ecumenical Patriarchate has, and, consequently, our race [το γένος μας] [has] in worldwide Orthodoxy” be even further exposed for the obvious sham that it is.
          I honestly fear for him.  May the Lord have mercy and grant him repentance.

      • My guess is that if Pope Francis were truly a staunch Pro-Lifer and traditionalist, PB would probably be right in line behind him.  However,  PF is liberal and political and employs doublespeak and obfuscation  quite a bit…as my devout RC friends aver.  

        Having been RC for 20 years before converting, I can testify that there is quite a liberal/traditionalist split playing out, as in the OC.    Depends on how the wind is blowing for liberals but not for traditionalists.  If Trump wins and packs the court and the populace awakens so Christianity is popular again and if we can convince him about PB and the Ukraine, then maybe?  Oh never mind, silly me for predicting/hoping!  God’s in charge and undoubtedly has a far better transforming option in mind.   As it seems good to the Lord.  

  20. All Lives Matter: Dignified ex NFL star Benjamin Watson and wife have produced a beautiful documentary “Divided Hearts” on abortion as the true human justice issue it is. For the trailer and explanation see https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/former-football-star-tackles-abortion/
    Their family website gives one a glimpse of how this family with 7 children helps women and thinks of all as creations of God. I’m not sure pro-abortion folks will pay to see this documentary but hope Churches will sponsor it at a minimum.