Is the Dollar Gold Backed?

24 karat gold bars are seen at the United States West Point Mint facility in West Point, New York, June 5, 2013.

If you Google it, you’ll find the United States dollar is not backed by gold or any other precious metal.   

However, all this may have changed. 

According to a woman named Anna von Reitz, the dollar is gold backed due to a “very fortunate collaboration with someone who has helped open up resources that have been locked away. . .”

Could this be Trump?  If it is, she hasn’t named him.

Anna von Reitz is the one who spearheaded the American States Assembly movement to restore the original Republic of the United States of America and help Americans “become the Americans they always thought they were by returning to the land and soil”. 

If this information is true, we’re not dealing in “funny money” anymore nor are we connected to the Federal Reserve.  

According to the following report, the Federation of the States has been rebuilt, State assemblies have been called back into session, and the States have brought back The United States of America, which is unincorporated. 

You can’t be sovereign if you’re under the constraints of a corporation.  

The UNITED STATES (Corp) is foreign to the union and its geographic boundaries are restricted to the land area of the District of Columbia. This distinction has been recognized in numerous court cases before the U.S. Supreme court. 

Trump effectively closed up Washington DC on January 7 when he federalized the military, which included the National Guard who normally serve in their own states.  There were 26,000 of them surrounding the Capitol and they weren’t there to protect Washington DC. 

Washington DC has their own National Guard consisting of 2,700 soldiers and airmen.

Trump said he had “immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders.”  He also cited the “emergency conditions” surrounding Biden’s inauguration.

People thought he was talking about the “intruders” who broke into the capitol building on January 6, but he may have been talking about the occupants of the capitol building who are the intruders who need to be expelled.     

He also didn’t explain the “emergency conditions” surrounding Biden’s inauguration.  People thought he was talking about protecting Biden.  I suspect what he was really talking about was the threat Biden’s inauguration posed to the country, as our elections are the very core of who we are as Americans.   

Trump clearly knew the elections would be an issue and set the expectation years earlier that any evidence of tampering with the elections would be construed as a threat to the United States. 

Notice the words he used in an executive order he signed on September 12, 2018.  ” I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.”    

Executive Order 13818

Regarding corruption, the executive order refers to “corruption,” rather than the act’s reference to
“acts of significant corruption,” though the order enumerates the same examples of corrupt acts. It
additionally broadens the scope of relevant possible targets from foreign government officials or
their senior associates to “current or former officials or a person acting on their behalf.”

E.O. 13818 also allows for the sanctioning of persons determined to have attempted to engage in
serious human rights abuse or corruption. It further lays out additional categories of potential
sanctions targets, including broader networks of associated individuals or entities. Additional or
expanded categories of potential targets include the following:

1. Any foreign person determined to be or to have been a leader or official of an
entity that has engaged in serious human rights abuse or corruption or whose
property or interests in property are blocked under the executive order.

2. Any person determined to have “materially assisted, sponsored, or provided
financial, material, or technology support for, or goods or services to or in
support of” (a) serious human rights abuse or corruption, (b) a person whose
property or interests in property are blocked under the executive order, or (c) any
entity that has engaged in, or whose members have engaged in, serious human
rights abuse or corruption.

3. Any person determined to be “owned or controlled by, or to have acted or
purported to act for or on behalf of, directly or indirectly” any person whose
property and interests in property are blocked under the executive order. 

[Like Washington DC?]

4. Any person determined to have attempted to engage in relevant
activities described in items 2 or 3 above.

In its broadest interpretation, the “materially assisted” criteria could leave individuals and entities
vulnerable to so-called “secondary sanctions,” whereby third parties engaged in activities with a
primary sanctions target are themselves subject to sanctions.19 In addition, while the Global
Magnitsky Act authorizes sanctions against foreign persons, the executive order, as illustrated
above, in some cases refers more broadly to any person. (For a discussion of congressional
considerations regarding the scope of sanctionable targets in the context of a potential Global
Magnitsky Act reauthorization, see “Scope of Possible Sanction Targets”)

The rules around terminating an emergency order are as follows: “Not later than six months after a national emergency is declared, and not later than the end of each six-month period thereafter that such emergency continues, each house of Congress shall meet to consider a vote on a joint resolution to determine whether that emergency shall be terminated.”   

It hasn’t been terminated because Biden has been extending it.  

As recently as 9/7/22, Biden extended the emergency order again, saying:  “I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13848 with respect to the threat of foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in United States elections.”  He also stated it continued to be a  “. . . national emergency”  

As we’ve discussed, when President Trump declared a national emergency, he had the emergency powers to stay in office until the order is terminated.

But it hasn’t been terminated.

Not only did Biden acknowledge the threat still exists, he also said the order must must continue beyond September 2022.  

It’s almost seems as if we have two governments operating here with two different presidents. 

If Biden is over the (potentially defunct) corporation, has Trump been running the country? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if we find Trump’s name on the ballot just to demonstrate how the country is still behind him, as he takes office.  Yes, I said that!  I have heard SCOTUS has determined there was extensive fraud in the elections.  Whether or not this is true, I don’t know, as they have obviously been meeting in secret.   If true, we won’t have to wait too long to hear about it.    

The fact that Trump may still be in office would explain why they’re so desperate to impeach him even though his tenure in office is over, which is weird.  I can’t name any other president who has been hounded like he has after the fact.     

We can’t confirm the gold back thing.  If you all know something, please share.  

[Edited 10/24/22  Biden extended Trump’s executive order 13818 through Sept. 22, 2022 and beyond.]


American Government Backed the US Dollar with Gold | Global Banking and Economic Collapse Averted | US and Australian Debt Paid Off

World-rocking news, shared in a first interview on this subject, Report 298, and two recent State Assembly webinars by Anna von Reitz, Fiduciary for The United States of America:

“The American government has stepped forward to provide the gold to back the US dollar, a global banking and economic collapse has been averted, and US debt and Australian debt has been bought out.“Actual money is always asset-backed or an asset in and of itself. The US dollar-–linked to oil as the petro-dollar—has now been linked to gold.” —Anna von Reitz

In her American States Assembly webinar on the 10th of October, Anna von Reitz made the bombshell announcement about the US dollar being backed with gold through a “very fortunate collaboration with someone who has helped open up resources that have been locked away, that belong to us, and that we can apply to our own benefit.” The resources meaning American gold, silver, precious metals.

“The US dollar is now asset-backed– by us. We’ve been able to negotiate and then to bring forward the amounts of gold necessary to back it. And so we’re not looking at a wholesale bank collapse. We’re not looking at a gross devaluation of the dollar through hyperinflation. We’re not looking at a bail-in. And we are not looking at a long-term loss of the dollar in the world market. And we’re no longer looking at our reputation shredded because of the actions of some of our employees, (and trustees).”

The decision to insert fluidity into the world economy through backing the US dollar—the world’s reserve currency—with gold, offsetting the US debt with the credit of physical assets and getting the world economy moving again, was made, she reports, despite the “wild rodeo” run by those who have created the “economic drama” currently evident worldwide, because of the need to strike a balance to avert financial disaster for the everyday American and all else dependent on the US dollar. “A lot of the commodity rigging will go by the wayside.”

In her report, Anna von Reitz and a colleague assured the world:

“This evening I am able to positively assure everyone that we have avoided a banking and insurance industry collapse. We have not been able to keep the real estate bubble from bursting and the related fall-out from that, which could mean that up to 30% of the workforce in the United States and Europe will be out of work for some time.

Let us next turn our attention to how best to soften the collapse of the real estate speculation bubble, remove illegal mortgages, and retrain millions of workers for more satisfying and productive occupations.”

The full article addresses the cordial American-Russian Alliance of 1858

“It is also uncertain whether or not we will be able to prevent another illegal and immoral
‘Mercenary Conflict’ that certain Parties are attempting to mount against Russia, but we
will keep you all posted in hopes that our combined objection and intercession will put a
stop to it.

The American and Russian Alliance of 1858 is a Treaty between the Russian people and the American people, guaranteeing peace and mutual aid between us. This important Treaty between our two nations has never been broken, and we do not intend that it ever shall be.

The so-called Biden Administration has no permission to act against Russia so long as
the Russians honor our 1858 Alliance, and any actions taken by Biden or by Perpetrators
acting under his orders as the “Commander in Chief” of a commercial corporation are to
be recognized as private, unauthorized, and illegal activities.

It disturbs us that so many people have forgotten the fact that Mercenary Wars are illegal
by nature, and that the Perpetrators of Mercenary Conflicts lack the standing to declare
war (which is why such :’wars’ are never formally declared).”

In her webinar on the 17th of October, Anna also expanded on how the Australian debt has been bought out as well as the US debt[OK, this was a surprise.]

In Report 298, “Anna describes in detail what exactly it means when the debt note—the US dollar– which so far has been the Federal Reserve promissory note, or a debt note, an IOU, a promise to pay and not actual money—is backed by gold; essentially it means that now the debt note has been given physical value, and, being linked to the gold exchange rate, now accrues value based on the rise or fall of that exchange rate, and becomes representative of that actual physical asset, which can be used for trade or to forgive debt.”

“For example, we took a bunch of gold and we paid off the debt of Australia. Why did we do that? Because otherwise their economy would have imploded, millions of people would have suffered needlessly, and it would have had a domino effect on a bunch of other nations–they would have all been in the same boat. So we redeemed the Australian currency on the same basis, using the Dollar as the reserve currency, the standard—so you’ve got Australian debt-notes that were redeemed by the US Dollar that were redeemed by US gold—that is, USAmerica Unincorporated gold—the unincorporated people who owned the actual physical assets, and are in fact the only people who can own the physical assets.

It doesn’t really hurt anyone to do this—it’s just balancing the teeter totter (playground seesaw) so everything is not all concentrated in commerce and commercial script and everything is not sequestered away as far as assets go—you can start that interchange, that flow of both commerce and trade, and people can benefit from that, because the devaluation of this (the US dollar) means the revaluation of the asset that this is based on—and you own both (the credit and the asset).”

Anna confirms “because the debt is reduced; every time we redeem these (dollar notes) the debt goes away and the credit returns to the issuer.”

And Who Exactly is the American Government?

Report 298: 

“The United States of America”refers to the original and unincorporated American government on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, a restoration of the original States of the Union, with the fifty restored sovereign State Republics contributing to a rebuilt Federation of States—a venture of restoration Anna von Reitz and Head of State Clinton James Belcher have spearheaded, and that has become an actuality as all the state assemblies have been put together and are now standing on Land and Soil.

The American government therefore is not the same as the United States Government, a British Territorial incorporated government, nor the municipal United States government, a Papist incorporated government, both operating in the Jurisdiction of the Sea or Maritime/Admiralty Jurisdiction.”

“The American government stands outside and apart from the US government” …

What are the Implications for Americans and People Worldwide?

“American state nationals who have understood this crucial difference between jurisdictions and governments and are working with Anna and their state assemblies to bring freedom and positive change to their states on the land (which all Americans can do)—while stepping out of the Sea Jurisdiction of the US Government, using the process of declaring oneself living and a state national which was discussed recently in a podcast with Michelle Ford, Co-coordinator for the California State Assembly:


Report 295 | Michelle Ford, California State Assembly on Restoring Your American Status on Land and Soil Jurisdiction

“What it means,” says Anna, “is the employers are taking control of the employees again, we are interacting with them, we are telling them what we want done and how we want it done.”

Americans on the land have therefore been recognized quite openly with this momentous move–as they are also recognized each time an American State National interacts with or Notices them.

Does the US government recognize the American government then, and American State Nationals?

What Anna suggests is that a transition is in the process of taking place although it may take a while, years or decades to fully see it through—but a Great Shift is upon us:

“They have to work with us—we’re their employers, we’re the source of their money, we’re the source of their credit.”

A Few Concepts: The Constitution, Credit, and Gold and Silver

Notions of debt, credit, and actual money (gold, silver, precious stones/anything of commonly recognized value) usage in the USA go back to the time of the drafting of the US Constitution.

Anna explains that the US Constitution requires that the government—meaning the government service contractors or the US Govt/British Territorial government and Municipal Government—act on Credit, while requiring the States—the unincorporated states, not the current State government corporations—to pay with gold and silver. But for a century and several decades, the States have not been in session and although land-and-soil Americans have always been here, the governments, through “unlawful conversion” of all into US citizens—a presumption and impersonation—have been ignoring them.

“We have not been functioning on that system for a very long time because the Constitution requires the Government to act on credit, and requires the States to pay with gold or silver. Well, if the States haven’t been in session, there’s no responsible parties able to pay in gold and silver—or oil or anything else. So everything gets rolled over into a trust.”

“The assets of Americans therefore have been held in trust in various banks—much of this gold confiscated from American families in the 1930s but also earlier, as Anna has described in recent articles at her website.

These American assets are considerable in value, Anna notes. The momentous act of literally saving not just the American economy from plunging into a debt crash but the entire world economy, similarly burdened, by being linked to the US petro-dollar was made possible, Anna explains, by the fact that Americans do have huge amounts of physical assets—not just land and mineral assets like other countries but riches in gold, silver, metals above and beyond the holdings of other countries such as China.

American assets had historically “been left adrift out there”—banks were beginning to say our assets were abandoned. The situation is we were declared missing, ‘we don’t know where they went.’” As in the case of Robinson Crusoe or anyone who goes missing: Anna explains that after 7 years, if someone is still missing their estate is taken into the public venue, a probate court distributes those assets to whoever, their public interests are ceded, their private interests are distributed to their next of kin.

Part of the research and disclosure Anna has been providing in writings at her site over the years includes discovery of these American assets.”

“We have the receipts and deposit slips, we have records. We raised our hand and claimed those assets.” “Our government was missing since 1865…so here we come back on stage and we are the richest nation on earth. ….we exercised only 3 accounts—and those 3 contain 150,000 metric tons of gold.”

In contrast she notes that decades of accumulation had left China with only “28,000 tons of gold total.

“These astronomical amounts of gold and other assets therefore—locked inside trusts (as well as hidden in caves, such as in the Philippines)–are being freed by the claiming-of-assets, which is being used by the Federation to facilitate international trade.

What has happened now is that an international trade bank dealing in physical assets—gold and silver—has been set up, over and above the current commercial banking system, which brings the commercial banking system as subsidiaries under public law just as the international trade bank is operating under public law, and the US dollar, which has been in actuality a debt note or Federal Reserve promissory note, is now linked to the credit of actual physical assets and the gold exchange rate.

Additionally, the American States Assembly is now minting coins. “We are ordering the minting of some of our gold into American Eagles—and those will be available for international trade purposes.”

Again how that works will be through the Treasury and Mint: “We go to the Treasury with our gold and ask them to take it to the Mint and have them mint our coins.” Further explaining “it’s not the gold standard, it’s the gold exchange rate,” Anna notes that through it all the part played by the American people is central.

Snapshot, Report 298

Holding up a dollar note she states:

“We give value to this, we extend our credit through this, when we redeem this, it not only lowers the debt of the issuer, it also then accrues as a credit to whoever is holding the debt—the value of it depends on the exchange rate. 22 of these to one ounce of silver, and 2,000 of these to one ounce of gold. So when we strike those coins, they will have a value—and will be traded internationally according to what that value is on the exchange rate—it just gives us a means to trade internationally and we have credit to trade in the commercial realm, as required by the Constitution. When the states manage their gold and silver assets they own both the gold and silver and the credit generated by the gold and silver—for you as the ultimate asset owner it’s a win-win situation—you own both sides of the teeter totter—you’re in the catbird seat because you own both sides.”

By using asset-backed currency from now on, she says “We’re trying to transition from the status quo where everything is based on credit to a mixed system where there is both credit and what is behind it” permitting an “ebb and flow” to vivify and catalyze the economy into dynamic motion.

Dollar Notes Based on Actual Money/Gold Rather than Debt Collateralizing People and Labor

“Inevitably this move to back the dollar with gold will lead to freedom from historic enslavement, of the kind pulled off by those who sought to register and securitize everyone from birth, not to mention create Legal-Fiction “persons” as corporations from names.

In Report 298, Anna discusses anew the semantic deceits in language used by those who collateralized people and labor while aiming to keep the truth of those frauds hidden. Long term practices of incorporating governments led to further deception. Notions of Civil War continuing on to the present day relate to mercenary conflicts run by the British and Papists since 1865 – they are still at war with each other, she says.

Report 298 is a richly informative and meandering discussion, addressing many aspects of what we all face and hopefully will rise from as these ancient frauds and unseasonal crimes are addressed by one and all.

Baby-boomers and older Americans as also all age groups and genders are exhorted by Anna to “get off the couch” and help to clean out the corruption. The route forward to medical freedom, health freedom, clean air and rejection of bad ideas such as transhumanism and social credit schemes lies just ahead, but people will have to rise to make sure we and all our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren are on it.”


Ramola D Reports 


  1. Μολων Λαβε says

    What ?
    Show me when the gold-backed dollar was reinstated since Nixon.
    What gold ? Where ? Ft. Knox? FRB in New York ?
    How about the difference between “The United States of America” and “These United States”
    Is the flag displayed with a gold sash and why ? Are we still under British Admiralty Law ?
    Are “citizens” of The USA sovereign, or a commodity subject to interstate commerce ?

    More BS to obfuscate the truth IMO

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Lots of things for you to research! Let us know what you find out.

      • Molon Labe says

        I have researched these matters and the findings are more nebulous and obscured than the questions. There does not appear to be any lineage of ownership, therefore open to speculation. The US has been playing Three-card-Monti with the gold.
        Perhaps these questions are hypothetical, considering inconclusive verification. I think we have more substantial information on extra-terrestrials
        These are the questions in the closet along with the rest of the skeletons, bodies and revised history. Point of debate being, we may never find out as evidence about JFK’s assassination released sometime after 2034 will be heavily redacted – if anyone will be around to really care or be alive.
        Many questions are never answered. Too many rabbit holes.

      • I researched all of this stuff back in the 1990’s. What I found was a lot of theorizing, speculation and unfounded extrapolations. Anytime I tried to look for actual evidence of any of these things (e.g., “Admiralty Law,” “capital letters on birth certificates, etc.), I could find nothing. I looked for actual court cases which would nail these things down.

        In other words, I looked for actual court cases, where a judge said to a plaintiff “You are a commodity, not a natural person, because your name on your birth certificate was printed in capital letters,” or “The Constitution does not apply, because the United States is a British Corporation.” I never, ever found any of these things.

        It was all woolly theorizing, based upon no solid evidence, which I was expected to either blindly accept or blindly reject.

        Therefore, I regard all these legal theories as bogus, for lack of court cases to back them up.

        Furthermore, I do not, for a moment, believe that a nation can lose its liberty and independence just because a bunch of Philadelphia lawyers conjure up clever legal language. The causes of our plight are spiritual, not legal, political or even cultural. Laws are downstream of politics. Politics is downstream of culture. Culture is downstream of religious faith, or lack thereof.

        If the U.S. were a Christian nation (which I do not believe it ever was – look at the Founders, Freemasons to a man), then such legal cobwebs would have been blown away from the start.

        Words are not power.
        Propaganda is not power.
        Lies and spin are not power.
        Money is not power.

        Power is power.

        At the end of the day, iron rules gold, and faith determines the direction in which iron is wielded.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          So you’re arguing what exactly? That an Executive Order isn’t valid unless it comes up as a case in front of the court? Executive orders date back to George Washington. They’re valid.

          How could you have “researched this stuff” when you have no idea what’s being discussed?

          I provided solid evidence. I provided Anna von Reitz’s credentials, her exact statement pretty much verbatim, and the source where I got the information. I also told you that beyond that I couldn’t vouch for the veracity of her statement but because I found it interesting, I wanted to share it.

          Yes, I get to post what I find interesting on my blog. No one expects you to do anything with it.

          The statements I make like, “you can’t be sovereign if you’re under the constraints of a corporation” are just facts that everybody knows or should know. If you don’t know anything about our government, I can see where you might be confused. You can certainly look it up, though. The same is true for events. They happened and if you’re not sure it’s true, prove me wrong. Tell me there weren’t 26,000 National Guard troops surrounding the Capitol from all over the country. If you think it makes sense that they would be there in lieu of DC’s National Guard, tell me why.

          I’m clearly pulling at straws here because I don’t really know what you’re problem is.

          It’s not my fault that “anytime you tried to look for actual evidence of any of these things” you can’t managed. Presumably one of your issues is that you’re not even on the same page, as nothing was said about “Admiralty Law,” “capital letters on birth certificates, etc.” or anything close to that.

          If you want to challenge me on something, at least read the material. No one said anything about how a nation can “lose its liberty and independence just because a bunch of Philadelphia lawyers conjure up clever legal language.” Seriously? Where did you get that?

          You’ve parsed so many disparate statements together (insults really), that it’s hard to follow your train of thought. I’m going to stop publishing comments like this. It’s a waste of space, frankly.

          And yes, I got your other comment. I hate when people do this, i.e. pretending to be multiple people so they can look like there is support for an argument they haven’t yet made.

          My advice to you is don’t read my blog.

        • “Words are not power.”
          Lies are made of words.
          Many people believe them
          and act upon them.

          “Propaganda is not power.”
          Propaganda is lies writ large
          See above.

          “Lies and spin are not power.”
          See above.

          “Money is not power.”
          Money buys many lies.
          See above.

    • It all depends upon the people.
      If they think Anna Reiz is correct
      and act accordingly,
      the globalists are screwed.
      If not, they are screwed.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I imagine there is pressure on the States to wait until after the elections to announce this news, if true. Anna Reiz may have jumped the gun a bit. She doesn’t seem like a crazy person and she is known in the right circles. This is a huge story, if true, and I think I know where the gold is coming from.

        • Anna von Reitz.
          My mistake…

        • Shenanigans. There’s no way the dollar is backed by gold, and you know this by observing the price of goods. Had the dollar at some point returned to gold, prices and salaries would have all gone down significantly.

          Also, if Trump is “still running the country,” he’s doing a terrible job, letting the oil reserves dwindle, allowing trillions in (gold-backed) dollars to flow to Ukraine…etc.

          Not buying.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    FWIW, they’ve located a gold mine in Uganda worth $12 trillion dollars.

    Just sayin’.

    • And why, do tell, doesn’t that belong to Uganda?
      Oh that’s right, I keep forgetting…we’re the US, it’s part of our God given heritage to screw over every nation on the face of the Earth. Sigh…..

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I think all George said was “Uganda found it”. Not that the United States is claiming it. The point being that if Uganda can find $X it is also possible for the U.S. to find $X. (Apparently, it was also buried in the Philippines.)

      • The key to George’s comment is FWIW:
        For What It’s Worth which is,
        of course, negotiable…

      • George Michalopulos says

        If verified, I imagine that we’ll be hearing about “human rights abuses” in Uganda soon…

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Clearly, there is something significant going on behind the scenes.

    As for myself, the reason that this story must be given some credence is very simple: the present regime is doing everything in its power to discredit Trump. Fear of him has caused them to commit unforced errors (including raiding Mar-a-Lago). Their desperation is such that they have destroyed the present “rules-based” international economic system. Now, the mask of their rectitude is pulled back. Every country in the world now views the US as a brigand, a regime which can confiscate their foreign reserves (or failing that, overthrowing their governments).

    Getting back to Trump: Why? Because they fear him. It’s as obvious as the day is long. And it’s not merely because he’s “tanned, rested and ready” (as they used to say about Dick Nixon in 1968) but because when he comes back, he’s going to kick some major ass.

    He knows who the traitors are (John Bolton, H R McMaster, Elaine Chao, etc.). I have to believe that he won’t make the same mistakes twice.

    (Not that it matters in retrospect: even when he was surrounded by traitors, he had one of the most successful presidencies ever.)

    • Well, let’s hope the crazies in the State Department
      and their unthink tank associates (Nuland, Bolton et al)
      don’t start a nuclear war first…

    • Has anyone ever asked why Trump hasn’t been assassinated yet – the act being blamed on someone from, say, antifa – and has a good answer ever been given?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I have read there have been several attempts.

        Some are saying that the person we’re seeing at the rallies isn’t Trump. Could he be doing these rallies with CGI? I don’t know.

  4. Rishi Sunak: “My grandparents emigrated here, not to England;
    they emigrated to the United Kingdom.”

    The Rise Of Rishi Sunak: The First Indian-Origin
    & Hindu British PM | Rishi Sunak Biography

    [Video – 03:25]

    The nations of Britain don’t seem to matter to Rishi.
    But the State does. This may not end well…

  5. Anonymous II says

    30 House Dems Urge Dramatic Shift In Biden’s Ukraine Policy: ‘Get Serious About Diplomacy Or Risk Nuclear Miscalculation’

    In a wholly unexpected development, given that until just yesterday any prominent person wishing to talk Ukraine peace plan possibilities or who expressed hope for a negotiated end to the war was denounced and shouted down as a ‘Kremlin agent’, a group of 30 House Democrats is now urging the Biden administration to pursue a diplomatic track with Moscow.

    The Washington Post, which detailed the contents of a letter sent to President Biden by the Congressional Dems, underscored they are calling for the US to “dramatically shift” its strategy on the Ukraine war for the first time, with the grinding conflict now reaching the eight-month mark.

    “The longer the war in Ukraine goes on, the greater the risk of escalation — to widespread, devastating effect,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), who is leading the efforts for a comprehensive strategy shift, told the Washington Post. “We should have no illusions about the challenge ahead of us, but … my colleagues and I are urging the Administration to engage in a proactive diplomatic push in an effort to seek a realistic framework for a ceasefire.”


    • George Michalopulos says

      This was an unexpected but welcome development, especially given the fact that this was proposed by the House Progressive Caucus. If we can dare hope, this may be the off-ramp that the US needs to dial back this neocon/globalist disaster-in-the-making.

      Perhaps the 57 Republicans that voted against the $57 billion package to the Ukraine last July can hop on board?

      My fear however is that in order to derail this growing antiwar movement, the Deep State will engineer a major false flag.

    • This was insincere political cover from the blowback of their leftist constituency. Nothing more. Certainly nothing of substance or consequence, and the signatories know it.

      • Anonymous II says

        Update: House Democrats Formally RETRACT Call For Biden To Negotiate With Russia To End Ukraine Conflict

        Update (Oct. 25 1:14PM CST): After just 24 hours, 30 House Democrats have RETRACTED their letter to the Biden administration calling for a reversal of its current war hawk policy in Ukraine in favor of encouraging diplomatic talks with Russia to end the conflict.

        In a statement Tuesday announcing their retraction, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) blamed the release of the letter on a staffer, and claimed that diplomacy with Russia can only be achieved with “Ukrainian victory.”


        • Gail Sheppard says

          This is because the federal government is no longer accountable to the country. It explains why the states are walking in lock step away from their control. Trump shut them down January 7, 2021. For real. Did you see the docket of the Supreme Court for 12/7/22? Hillary has been reacting to it. Not only has Texas taken back their gold and the rest of the states decided to go gold backed, the states are now saying the want to go back to Article 1 of the Constitution that allows them to ensure the elections are valid through their own courts.

          We are witnessing a revolution in our country and nobody is paying attention because Ukraine has been the perfect diversion. One day soon, we’re going to wake up to a Republic.

        • Yeah sure. That “retraction” is so very credible. Uh huh, it was writtem months ago, and a staffer inadvertently released it. Never mind that the now retracted letter is clearly dated October 24th, and all your signatures are on it.

          “How dare you question your party at such a time!
          Get back on the ship now while gunwhales are still a few inches above the water line.”

  6. Molon Labe says

    When was the last time the gold in Ft. Knox or any FRB holdings were audited ?
    Fiat money was created for exactly this reason. Gold is more fungible than paper and no reason for currency conversion or other manipulations.
    Why does the IMF value one ounce of gold at $42.44 whereas the spot market rate today is at $1654 ?

    • The market rate is what people are willing to pay.
      The IMF rate artificially over-values the dollar.
      I expect a crash might align the rates more closely.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Molon, forget about auditing it, not even POTUS is allowed to go to Ft Knox!

      I know I’m going to get into trouble for saying this, but only if 100,000+ people march on Ft Knox or the Federal Reserve are we ever going to get to audit these institutions.

  7. Totally off-topic here, and you don’t need to publish this, but the “Save James” case gets more and more crazy. The short of it is that the judge ruled that the twins’ mother could move out of Texas, so she’s shutting down her pediatric practice as of October 31st, and planning to move to California with the kids, considering the insanity that’s going on there. However, it does look like the judge is now being looked into for ethics violations regarding donations and campaign help to the judge’s campaign. Jeff Younger has vowed to take this to the Supreme Court, if necessary. At the same time, more and more people are realizing the horror that is underage transition surgery and all that. They could use prayers, but the Facebook site also requested prayers for the boys’ mother, as she could use prayers to be freed from “spiritual oppression”.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      This is fine to post here this way. We’re glad to have the update. Thank you!

      I hope he does (can) take this to the Supreme Court. What a cross to bear. This situation must be unbearable for him. He certainly has our prayers.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Katja, I agree with Gail. Please keep us posted on this atrocious action.

        To all: If anyone has information that you consider newsworthy that concerns the Church, don’t hesitate to either send it as an email, or post it as a comment.

    • Holy Mother of God, protect this child!
      Lord, restore his mother to sanity.

  8. This is the cutest line I’ve heard in a while. Brian Berletic is commenting on Western media stories regarding Hu Jintao being “dragged” from the CCP meeting in Beijing. It’s at about 0:35-0:42:

    “This is what the Western media does. They lie about absolutely everything. China is not the first thing they’re telling the truth about.

  9. not telling the truth about?

    • What he means is that we all know they lie constantly, so there is no reason to assume that out of the blue, for once, they have decided to break precedent and tell the truth. It’s a clever little quip.

  10. Mark E. Fisus says

    The Internet says lots of things.

    I wouldn’t count on the dollar being gold-backed. If having a gold-backed asset is that important to someone, I would recommend they just obtain physical gold.

  11. Johnny’s Cash and The Smart Money Nightmare

    [Video – 15:07]

    Not so smart money…

  12. This really didn’t fit anywhere but I thought it was worth mentioning. Tucker had a nice little piece regarding diesel fuel the other night. It is interesting for two reasons.

    First, Jamie Raskin more or less admitted that the Ukraine war is a religious/ideological war against Orthodox Christianity. That’s noteworthy in and of itself. However, the bigger story is the diesel fuel which Tucker seems to think will simply run out in less than twenty-five days.

    I’m skeptical of this. My hunch is that everyone would be buzzing about a solution to this if it were that bad. However, it is possible.

    And if it is true . . . that is significant.

    Because diesel makes much of the country run. Oil is the life blood of an industrial economy and diesel is a major type of that blood. If this is true, it may end the sanctions and the Ukraine war. That would be the quickest way to restore the supply. However, we may already be beyond the point that a restoration would avert at least a temporary disaster of sizeable proportions.