What’s the Genesis behind the “Fake News” Meme?

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the Dissident Media has drawn some serious blood. Hence, in order to discredit these upstarts, we are told that they are peddling in something called Fake News. Despite the speciousness of this charge, the MSM is going to keep on using it for the simple reason that the old anti-dissident meme of “Conspiracy Theory” has lost all saliency. (Mainly because too many conspiracy “theories” turned out to be true.)

Truth be told, I myself used to believe that all that stuff about the Bilderburgers or Bohemian Grove or MK-Ultra were febrile fantasies of people who needed scapegoats to mitigate their own failures in life. Then I came to the realization that some of the more outrageous ones were purposely designed to make dissidents look stupid. Regardless, there really are some criminal conspiracies out there. There’s nothing “theoretical” about the Bilderburg Group or Bohemian Grove. Mk-Ultra is a real program. And so on.

Now mind you, this goes both ways. When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian Empire, they regularly castigated their enemies (both inside and outside of the Soviet Union) as being part of the “International Capitalist Conspiracy.” And for the most part, they were correct. There really was a Western-led conspiracy to take down the Soviet Union. There were other conspiracies as well. The Cosa Nostra, the Klu Klux Klan are two of the most famous. Winston Churchill for his part believed in the existence of the Illuminati. There’s nothing fabulous, specious or ludicrous about these historical phenomena. They all existed at one time or another. Some still do.

I guess when these organizations couldn’t be denied any longer, the Oligarchy had to come up with something new to disparage those who hold dissident views. Something new had to arise in order to discredit their critics: enter the “Fake News” meme.

Presently, this is being used as an epithet against those who are interested in the Pizzagate scandal. We are being told that there’s nothing there and that because of our interest in this matter, an innocent man, his business and his patrons have been threatened. I myself have been taken to task for inciting violence. I have also been accused of falling for Fake News.

It’s certainly possible that this may have been the case. If so, I apologize. (At no time however, did I ever advocate violence.) However, before my critics reach for their champagne bottles, a little caution is in order as this story is not going away anytime soon. Contrary to what Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, there really is something there, there.

One of the main critics of the Pizzagate scandalmongers comes from the Old Gray Lady herself —The New York Times. As most everyone knows, because of its reputation and resources, the Times sets the tone for all subsequent reporting from both the print media as well as broadcast news. It has been said that the overwhelming majority of news-stories originate with “the newspaper of record.”

Indeed, this is true. Hillary Clinton’s e-mail problems were first reported in the Times. As was Abu-Ghraib. It was that paper which picked up the story of the Iran-Contra hostages-for-arms deal from a little-known Lebanese paper and brought it to American people’s attention. The Pentagon Papers, Whitewater, et al were either broken by The New York Times or popularized by it. (The Washington Post did most of the legwork on Watergate.)

Therefore it is extremely curious that the Times‘s own reportage of the Pizzagate scandal has been removed from it’s own webpage:


Why would they do so? They don’t have to worry about a defamation lawsuit because they in turn picked it up from the Associated Press.

Now it’s certainly possible that the majority of the news coming out of Comet Ping Pong is just weird, creepy stuff that deviants and young, hip urbanites in general like to talk about. Sort of like middle-aged, middle-class professional women who go see The Vagina Monologues. You know, just something to get a rise out of the blue-noses or some such. Nothing like being a little outre every now and then.

On this level alone however there is much to criticize. Consider: when a no-account loser like Dylann Roof killed nine black church-goes in South Carolina, it was discovered that on his Facebook page there was a Confederate flag. Howls of outrage were generated by the media; it was insinuated that the flag itself came down from its pole and murdered those poor people. The governor or South Carolina called the Legislature into session and had the Stars and Bars removed from the public square.

And yet with Pizzagate, we see photos of artwork and statuary in the home and offices of John and Tony Podesta that is beyond disturbing. We read emails that insinuate bizarre fetishes. And nary a peep from the media. Unlike the Rebel flag, there was no castigation of homosexuality or paedophilia or deviancy in general. Whereas Roof was a marginal person living in a trailer park, the Podestas are at the very center of power and influence in Washington, DC. “Nothing to see here, move along!”

Why Roof? Why not the Podestas? For that answer, we look to Lenin: “who, whom?”

My gut on the other hand tells me that’s because Comet Ping Pong is the nexus of something truly bizarre. And that whatever it is, it’s deep and it’s explosive.

Now it’s possible that some nonsensical stories are being plied onto Pizzagate in order to discredit the story. In due time we’ll find out that it is the portal to another dimension or that reptilian beings reside in dungeons located beneath its basement. Or that Hitler’s original, handwritten recipes for vegetarian pizza are on file there. All designed to make those interested in it look ridiculous. Such plants make it easier for the Mainstream Media to look the other way. It may very well be nothing but a diversion. It’s possible.

That being said, the fact that The New York Times colluded to erase its own initial investigation of this story raises some red flags. At this point, that’s all I can say. So yeah, I stand by my assertion that this thing is not going away.

After all, the Sulzbergers’ don’t have clean hands when it comes to Fake News. (They never reported on the Holocaust during World War II for instance.) Ever since Carlos Slim, the Mexican gazillioner bailed them out, the Times became an advocate for illegal immigration. We were told how wonderful it was for America and if you didn’t believe so you were a bigot/racist/homo-Islamophobe. Talk about Fake News; tell that to Kate Steinle’s family.

They were part of the incessant hum that emanated from the proglib hive that assured us that one garrulous oaf by the name of Donald J Trump couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t be elected president. It was impossible. Because we said so. Don’t you believe the polls? Talk about Fake News.

Fake News is the new Conspiracy Theory. Don’t doubt it for a minute. Only this time, it won’t take as long for the concept of Fake News to be discredited.


  1. George Michalopulos says
  2. George Michalopulos wrote:
    Therefore it is extremely curious that the Times‘s own reportage of the Pizzagate scandal has been removed from it’s own webpage:

    That wasn’t a Times piece. And it had nothing to do with Pizzagate. That was an AP syndication piece on the Clinton Foundation which resulted in intense criticism. And the AP later withdrew it from circulation.

  3. Disinformation is an old, ancient practice. It always causes deceit to prosper, which is described in the Holy Scriptures as the antichrist’s forte. It is a refined skilled technique, highly treasured by people who always rely on lying false accusation to attain their goals. The eternal losers who wanted the Christ dead used it as their last resort, and were successful in getting Him crucified being counted among the criminals. Still, Truth is Truth and nothing the eternal losers do can change this fact. The Christ overcame the world, and guides us to fear not. The Command of God is Life Eternal, and nothing in creation can stop this. They have a time, times, and a half time, during the Millennial Reign. 3 shots to try and stop it. St. Jerome describes the first. The second was the release of the full power and hour of darkness, after St John the Baptist was murdered. The Christ faced this alone. and Rose again. The 3 is in the half time, when antichrist brings down ( foreign fire) in the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher where the Holy Fire is received on Pascha, where it ought not to be. This is abomination of desolation, the last one. The Millennial Reign passage tell how Satan will be released for a little while. Blessed is he who waits, and a number is our final guidance, during what we will face in our future.