How Now, Brown Cow?

How now brown cow?  My mother used to say that when she wanted to know what I was thinking. 

Right now, I’m wondering if it is worth it to continue to work so hard to “wake people up.”  I don’t know about you, but this has been an exhausting experience and I’m not sure we’ve even made a dent in the problem. 

People get mad when you tell them the truth unless it lines up with what they think is true.  An objective reality, that is true for everyone, doesn’t exist in their minds.   

Plus, those who choose to remain blind are very like the people they say they abhor.  They’re mean people.  The sort who make fun of other people and talk about the color of someone’s hair, or how much they weigh, or (often nonexistent) errors they’ve made.

Superficial distractions have prevented people from looking at the more important things.  They know every detail about the Kardashians, but talk about Trump as if he were their blind date; a temporary annoyance, as opposed to the President of the United States, under whom we benefited every year he was in office.

I could make a list of Trump’s accomplishments but what would be the point?  Those who know don’t need it and those that need it won’t read it.  Suffice it to say, we were a lot better off under Trump.            

The “fake” media has tried to discredit him in any way they can.  “He’s not our president,” they said!  It never occurred to them that the majority of our country (via our so-called democracy) put him in office.   Isn’t that why we are funding Ukraine?  To protect democracy

Why does one man’s hair bother people so much?  So much that they can’t respect the process?  Because that’s where we are with those who like to throw the word democracy around.  What they have in mind is anything but.  It’s a democracy only when it swings their way.    

Something else that may not have occurred to them: There will be repercussions.  Why?  Because the mean kids didn’t take the presidency away from Trump.  They took the election away from us!  And we’re not over it.  These ongoing witch hunts have done NOTHING to help this country.  If you’re a thinking, feeling person, surely you understand this.  It makes this country look like the clown car it’s turning into.    

We’re not stupid.  The United States of America voted for Trump.  The people who didn’t vote for Trump or bother to show him even a modicum of respect, are the stupid people.  The same people who wanted open borders and to bankrupt our country via Ukraine.  I am told we have more migrants now than babies born.  How smart is that?  All these migrants running away from a myriad of problems in their own countries to ours; A country that is fast becoming as screwed up as the place they left.  They know how to live in abject poverty.  We don’t.  Who do you think will make their way to the top of the food chain first?

And who do you think will be paying for it, as we watch our freedoms erode?  The United States, of course!  We’ll pay for all the damage that’s been done to us, and to them, and offer them our country to start over.  The whole thing was contrived by the UN and other NGOs who make policy no one ever asked them to make.  They have been planning this for decades.  At least as far back as 2012.  They are now trying to replace our populations with people who are a “little more brown” because the Northern Europeans are too smart to keep around.  

If you look at the early Agenda 2021 papers you’ll see they come right out and say it.  “Get rid of white people through mass migration of people of color.  The darker the better.  Homogenize the population.  Bring the population down to the lowest common denominator.”

And look what have they have done to Europe and the United States as a result.  Now they’re going directly to Plan B.  They’re unleashing every bad thing they’ve ever created on the world.  They tried to kill you with the vaccines, you know.  And you’re not dead so they’re not done.

They’re doing something called “synthetic biology” right under your nose.  They have “cell libraries” with various pieces of DNA which they mix and match with DNA from other sources.  In 2014, they made their first not-a-human-thing with human DNA, for lack of a better description.  It’s the first living organism with a completely engineered genome using ‘artificial’ expanded DNA code.  The team used E. coli that had its genome extracted and replaced with a chromosome with an expanded genetic code.  It looks like a bug that continues to live.  Presently, they are growing an embryo; one they created through misc. bits of DNA and the kicker is this:  Anyone with as little as $1200 can get this “junk” for their very own Frankensteins via overnight mail.

Biden’s response was to tell them to “be careful and take precautions,” but no one is policing this.  They are all to continue full speed ahead without defined safety parameters:  “Don’t go making any biological weapons, though,” he says.  How would anyone know unless a biological agent escaped?  People all over the world (doesn’t matter who they are) have access to this material.  They’re not in 3L or 4L labs.  They could be in someone’s kitchen or basement where the possibilities are limitless.  I suspect God is going to have something to say about all this.           

You’ve gotta respect the “democracy” you claim you want to protect, right?!  Your fellow citizens are not a basket of deplorables.  Quite the contrary, which we will be able to demonstrate.   Why?  Because we were right about Trump, we are still right about Trump, and you, well, you were wrong if you missed it.  It’s OK to be wrong.  Just don’t be stupid.  We don’t have time for stupid.  I have had it with these 30-something women who think they can talk over a former president at a Town Hall meeting.  The cringe factor is through the roof at this point.  Any natural beauty these women may have possessed “left the building” with Elvis.   Cruella de Vil comes to mind.     

Speaking of:  Hillary was trying to start a color revolution to divide the country right down the middle.  There are people out there who would just as soon see us disappear and Hillary is one of them.    

She sparked a controversy one Friday night after suggesting half of Donald Trump’s supporters belonged in “a basket of deplorables” which she described as consisting of “the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it.” 

She went on to note “some of those folks – they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America”.

In the remarks, at a New York fundraiser featuring Barbra Streisand, Clinton went further than she ever had in the past in suggesting that potentially half of Trump’s supporters were bigoted! 

She previously said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 “that you could put Trump’s supporters in two big baskets. They’re what I call the deplorables. The racists and the haters and the people who are drawn because they think he can somehow restore an America that no longer exists.” The Democratic nominee went on to suggest these voters represented “the paranoiac prejudicial element within our politics”.–bigoted-deplorables

You can’t say you stand for democracy and say things like this about your opponent who very well may replace you.  It undermines the democratic process but more important, it is an insult to the country you claim to want to represent.   This is not the “dog and Hillary” show.     

Too many people allow themselves to be distracted by the unimportant.  So distracted, they don’t recognize what to do with new information that’s right in front of their face.  Take the word COVFEFE, as an example.  It wasn’t a spelling error!  (Trump makes very few errors.)  They didn’t look it up.  They incorrectly assumed, “Trump is so dumb he can’t spell.”  Is that what you thought, too?

COVFEFE is an acronym for the  Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically For Engagement Act of 2017.

The COVFEFE Act is a bill that amends provisions governing presidential records to: (1) revise the definition of “documentary material” to include social media; (2) revise the definition of “presidential records” to include any personal and official social media account; and (3) define “social media” as any form of electronic communication (such as a website for social networking and microblogging) through which users create an online community to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).  The purpose was to amend section 2201 of title 44, United States Code, to require the preservation of Presidential social media accounts, and for other purposes.

Trump Tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press, covfefe.”  The “negative press” he was referring to was coming from the media but despite the barrage of insults, he was way ahead of them preserving the integrity of the office by making sure that what he actually said was preserved instead of the lies in the media. 

If you were one of those people, I hope you now see what a liability it is to focus on someone’s appearance to the distraction of everything else.  A president is not running for “the sexist man” in People magazine.  Biden may find this odd, but not a lot of people are hankering for him either!

There is, of course, nothing wrong with the way Trump looks.  I’m sure he turns some heads but the point is, he doesn’t have to.    

If Trump were black and you made fun of his hair you would rightly be called a racist.  But because he is white, it’s OK to make the same remarks along with Rachel Maddow and the girls on The View because, well, because he’s Trump.  They obviously think they have more brain power than he does!  But they look comical from a distance which is why he’s where he is and they’re where they are, which is on the wrong right side of the truth.  I’d love to be around when their own hearts confront this reality head on. I’m not optimistic that day will ever come.  If they’re really stupid, they won’t change their minds.  Reality isn’t one of the places stupid people like to visit, but it’s great place to look for the truth if you’re up to it.   

Can we unite the country while at the same time cleaning up this mess?  We are so far away from center, I’m not sure it’s possible unless people start looking at things differently.  Are you the person who stays up with current affairs?  Someone who will do the grunt work and write or talk about it?  Or are you more complacent?  –  There is nothing wrong with complacency if you allow someone you trust to tell what what you need to know.    

What we’re going through now is THE PEOPLE’S LAST STAND.  The last time we’re going to get an opportunity to protect our freedoms, even if they’re just on paper at the moment.  This is happening around the world so the momentum is there.  The question is what are you going to do?  Say, “it’s never going to be like it was,” as you sit by the side of the road and watch?

I have another question for you.  What are you going to tell your children and your children’s children?  Grandad didn’t know what was going on because he was playing video games.  Generation Z are the same people who have the most to lose when migrants organize and dictate policy.  You think they’re going to say, “Let’s take care of the Americans first, since they were so nice to let us invade their country?” 

They have plans for you, kid.  When Ukraine says “you will send your daughters and your sons to Ukraine” they’re talking about you!  And we’re not just fighting in Ukraine anymore.  We’re in the Red Sea crisis, the Israel–Hamas war, the Yemeni Civil War, Syria, taunting Iran and Iraq, and annoying the hell out of North Korea to the point where they’re firing missiles close to South Korea and Japan.

Lots of places to send you where you might not come back.   

They want you gone.  They want our country decimated as they intend to keep nothing.  They want a blank slate for themselves so they can start over.  They’ve created a New World Order “and you ain’t in it,” as George Carlin use to say.  Is this what you want?  To eat bugs and be happy?  Or take one more chance at the brass ring to find a way out. 

Trump has a plan.  He’s not the plan; he’s a part of a plan.  I don’t know how it’s going to play out but I’ve seen evidence that it exists.  This is a world-wide effort and it’s going to take everyone to tip the scales.   

Please, WAKE UP!  Even if it’s just to get out of the way.  I could respect that.  But don’t pretend this isn’t happening because you don’t want to think about it.  I imagine the people on the Titanic didn’t want to think about their ship capsizing either but that didn’t make it any less true.



Monday, January 01, 2024

Have a Questionably Happy New Year!


While I still have zero interest in making New Year’s Resolutions, if you’re one of the 67 percent of men, and 25 percent of women who’d rather give themselves painful electric shocks, than spend an uninterrupted 15 minutes of being alone with their own thoughts, without any distraction at all, I think you should not only resolve to fix that, but make sure that resolution isn’t one of the 81% – 92 % of New Year’s Resolutions that fail.

To help with that, I’ll again suggest that you begin the novel notion of getting comfortable with your own thoughts, by, wait for it: Thinking upon things worth thinking about, beginning with some old questions, newly asked. Not only will these resolutions not tie you to any membership fees if you fail to answer them, if you get in the habit of just asking them, you might also get to the point of preferring your own company, to that of a painful electric shock!

Start off with some basics:

“…Western Civilization didn’t catch on because of its answers… those are still being argued about more than 3,000 years on… but because of its questions, and its method of comparing your answers to reality, and pursuing the questions which those answers lead to. Questions such as:

  • What is real and how do we know it?
  • What is Good? Why should we care?
  • How can we recognize what is not Good?
  • What is a Good life?
  • What is Happiness?
  • Should what is Right and Wrong, guide our actions?
  • What is Beauty?…What is Truth?…What is Justice?
  • What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul?

Ask the right questions, and your listeners [even if that listener is you] will question their own answers, and reality will do the rest….”

Most of all, question what you assume to be true.

There is of course also another very practical, and very important reason, to get comfortable with asking yourself these questions, and for questioning what answers you might first come to, and that is that they are consequential to your life, and to the future of this nation in the year 2024, and for the coming decade of the 20’s. The immediate impact of considering such questions is in fact very likely to be far more compelling to our new present, than when I first suggested asking yourself them eight years ago:

“…As the old year slips out and the New Year opens up, it’s a particularly good time to ask questions that have to do with what is timeless… lest auld acquaintance with them should be forgot. And while it might not seem so, on the surface, these questions we’ve been asking most definitely involve issues that are timeless – see if you can see how. For instance: Where do you think you fit in, in today’s world, are you Pro-Progress, or Pro-Regress? Are you for the Rule of Law, or the Rule of Rules? Are the ‘Big Ideas’ of Western Civilization something you think much about, or do you mostly shrug them off and just kinda make a snap judgment on various news stories that happen to flit into your view, now and then… and then forget about ’em? Or are you one of the many of us who don’t see the point of considering such questions at all, especially not in the midst of the current events raging around us today – ”I’m not getting sucked into THAT mess!’? I hate to cast a pall upon the coming New Year, but I have a sad suspicion that what most people think doesn’t matter, isn’t going to matter much longer.

Can anyone really think that the precious snowflakes on our college campuses, or the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) brigades in our streets who are openly advocating to eliminate the Freedom of Speech, or ‘unbiased’ newscasters talking openly of how those they violently disagree with are ‘enemies of the state’, can anyone really think that these types are going to be tolerant towards those who say ‘Oh, I don’t pay attention to that stuff’ for much longer? How much longer? And when that vocal ‘majority’ refuses to allow others the choice to either disagree or evade deciding, what do you suppose is going to be the reaction of those who do disagree with them, and what options will they have to do so?

Will the one side have any option left open to them, but to take the other side at their own words, as being their enemies?

No, the time is coming where all will have to decide, one way or the other, where they stand on these issues, because they are what is driving our current events, and your place within them, and brushing them off cannot remain an option much longer. Each person is going to have to choose what they support, and what they will reject. But for those who haven’t been paying attention, those – Left, Right, Libertarian and the target rich Moderate center – who’ve been coasting along on the strength of their snap judgments on this and that – what are they going to base those decisions upon?…”

Again, don’t worry so much about whether the answers that come to your mind are correct, just focus on questioning them. Even questioning just one or two of those questions, is likely to carry you through at least fifteen minutes of time. And at the very least, the results are likely to be less shocking than being left alone with nothing to distract you from them.

And remember, as the ‘studies show‘ showed,

“Try to notice: Right before you reach for the habit you want to break, do you experience an uncomfortable feeling that you are trying to distract yourself from?

You won’t break a habit if you are not comfortable with being uncomfortable….”

Break the habit. Prefer the company of your thoughts for fifteen undistracted minutes, to getting an electric shock, for after all, the new year, not to mention the new decade, is going to be very much longer than 15 minutes!

Happy New Year! … and remember…


  1. Here is my suggestion for a new anthem
    for the new Republican Party:

    [Video – 02:29)

    “The head of the herd was calling…”

  2. Hilber Nelson says

    Boy, can I relate to Gail’s frustration: “Right now, I’m wondering if it is worth it to continue to work so hard to “wake people up.” I don’t know about you, but this has been an exhausting experience and I’m not sure we’ve even made a dent in the problem.”
    As a mental health therapist, laboring with others through the change process can be, well, down right exhausting. There are five elements in the change process I’d like to present that may help us here. Whether it is the Prodigal Son making his return or helping a client to heal from depression, and these elements also apply to waking people up. Getting stuck on just one of these can shut down the change process. Here goes.
    1) Acknowledging distress. Like the Prodigal, we have to admit we hurt before we can begin to heal. This also applies to comfy Christians who avoid admitting the Rainbow Elephant in their church or the woke mob now taking over our country. Comfy runs on denial and distractions. There’s a high price to pay for staying warm and snuggly. Perpetual pretending eventually leads to mental health issues, like self loathing for being gutless against bullies, not to mention what pretending does to gutting our faith of moral courage to act on the truth we know and have been charged by God to proclaim and defend.
    2) Take responsibility for the distress. It’s one thing to admit our pain; it’s quite another to stop pointing fingers and start working on ourselves. We can be awake and still remain in bed. Taking responsibility leads to true repentance, of course, and facing the arduous and sometimes courageous journey of faith back to our Father’s home. Courageous faith is sweaty work. Comfy faith avoids breaking a sweat. It’s also worthless to God.
    3) Confidence that the method to heal will work. The Prodigal Son’s confidence in his plan to return as a servant motivated him to take action. Clients and Christians can choose to stay asleep or in bed simply because they lack an action plan. Good counselors offer their clients tools and a plan that works. Ask yourself what tools and plan do our shepherds offer us against the attacks to our faith and families? Could it be they don’t have any, either? Eventually, something will force us Orthodox to act, like persecution, but by then we will be in a crisis of our own making because we slumbered too long. So having a plan now and confidence in that plan becomes crucial to heeding Gail’s many calls to “Wake up!”
    4) Support. Clients who have supportive families and friends do much much better in therapy. Imagine the transformation in our society if pastors and priests were to encourage the comfy faithful to wake up, rise up, repent and defend the faith, their families and what remains of our freedoms. The silence emitting from the clergy is the sound of fear and appeasement. Appeasement amounts to feeding the tiger and hoping he eats you last. If this is what passes for equipping laity, little wonder the Orthodox Church is missing in action. Tactful clergy support could come in many forms: prayer, retreats on civics, classes on an Orthodox understanding of trans, woke, and cultural Marxism.
    5) Able to envision a better future. Like the Prodigal, clients put themselves through therapy because they want back what they lost. Even awake Christians will remain in the (fake) safety net of their beds if they cannot see something worth getting out of bed for. So, why not just keep your head down, your mouth shut, go to church and keep your concerns to yourself? Everyone else at church is. Ironically, it is the Orthodox Church that boldly presents a courageous vision of faith under fire in its daily commemorations of the lives of the saints. When elements 1-4 are absent, though, their heroic examples fade into the misty sentimentality of “That was then. This is then.” How sad.
    I stopped waiting for clergy or fellow laity to take steps 1-5 some time ago, and formed a group with several Protestants in my hometown of Twin Falls, Idaho, Magic Valley Liberty Alliance ( In a nutshell, we help the awake take steps 1-5. Newly arrived refugees from neighboring blue states are the most active and dedicated. We are supported by one pastor, a baptist, in a town of about 80 churches. This Lent, please consider taking steps 1-5 as part of your almsgiving, fasting from apathy and fear, and praying for our shepherds to lead the Orthodox Church to the front lines. We are at war.

    • Thank you, Hilber. Also, very helpful, particularly at this juncture. Forming a group is something that never occurred to me. It’s a great idea! I would imagine people with thoughts and ideas running through their heads would be more prepared to act, if they received confirmation from a group with similar values.

      • Hilber Nelson says

        Thanks Gail,
        Our group, Magic Valley Liberty Alliance (, is thriving here in the Magic Valley since its inception in 2021. I attribute its growth to the vaccuum of leadership in our churches AND our calls to action: run for office, support legislators and candidates, network, develop legislation, I call it the ‘turn your angst into action’ factor that is providing a much needed battle plan that anyone can do on some level. I invite your readers wondering about forming a group in their community to contact me at

        • I think we can do better than that. Perhaps you’d allow us an opportunity to interview you so you can explain what you do in detail. George and I would love to explore this with you. We have a pretty tight community in Tulsa. Perhaps we could start something here. If you’re agreeable to doing an interview, please contact me.

  3. I think that there is a step for the person teaching, informing, whatever.

    There are many steps in a harvest. The tillers, the sowers of seed, the waterers, the weeders, the harvesters. Most of the time they are not the same..

    We do our job. And turn it over to the next in line.

    Jesus had many listeners. Some heeded him, other’s didn’t. But Jesus passed the baton to us.

    We have to learn to let go when our part of the system is finished.

    After all, it is Jesus who saves us. As a researcher and writer in a long chain, as you finish each article ask God to bless your work, open ears to hear, and give it to him.

    Your work is to glorify Him.

    • I’m not sure doing nothing “glorifies” God. Nor is the life God gave us a “baton” that can be passed to another.

      God gives each man talents according to his abilities. To be the “good and faithful servant,” our job is to multiply them.

      Who’s next in line isn’t up to us. (Frankly, there may not even be a line if we don’t act.) He has us here, in this space and time, and He has given us a voice. (In your case, He has also given you a pretty good brain!) I imagine He expects us to use these gifts for as long as we have them.

      We’re finished when God takes us and not a moment before.

  4. Terror Threat? NYC Mobilizing 1,000 National Guard Troops In Subways

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul is mobilizing 1,000 National Guard troops and State Police officers across New York City’s subway system in a show of force meant as a warning to criminals who have been terrorizing passengers.

    Gov. Hochul announced earlier today that 750 guardsmen and 250 law enforcement officers would be deployed across “the city’s busiest transit stations” amid out-of-control violent crime.

    “These brazen heinous attacks on our subway system will not be tolerated,” the governor said, adding the Guardsmen are part of a new five-point plan to crack down on the city’s crime wave.

    She continued: “No one heading to their job or to visit family or go to a doctor appointment should worry that the person sitting next to them possesses a deadly weapon. They shouldn’t worry about whether someone’s going to brandish a knife or gun. That’s what we’re going to do with these checkpoints.”

    What’s puzzling – is if the only threats were violent criminals and migrants, why deploy the National Guard? The NYPD is fully capable of increasing its presence and flooding subway stations with officers. This raises the possibility that the threat is more significant than just migrants, potentially hinting at terrorism-related concerns.

    It was only days ago when the Federal Bureau of Investigation released new information about a rogue Iranian intelligence officer planning assassination attempts on former and current US government officials.

    Calling in the National Guard for civil disturbance doesn’t make sense. This also suggests that whatever threat has spooked NY and NYC officials could be much greater than what the NYPD can handle.

    The threat could be related to Iran and a possible upsurge in attack vectors during the US presidential election.


    • She may not want Trump nationalizing her National Guard if he gets back in office. I think the State has the last word on how they will be used. Right?

    • Hilber Nelson says

      Wake up America! NYC’s police state is coming to your state. NYC is the beta test for justifying a perpetual police state to solve a problem THEY created. Watching the video of passive and compliant commuters suggests they have swallowed the woke Kool-aid. NYC has fallen.

  5. “What we’re going through now is THE PEOPLE’S LAST STAND. The last time we’re going to get an opportunity to protect our freedoms, even if they’re just on paper at the moment. This is happening around the world so the momentum is there. The question is what are you going to do? Say, “it’s never going to be like it was,” as you sit by the side of the road and watch?”

    👏 I hear and feel your heart and soul in this article.

    The word of truth is sharper than a knife.” Denial of the truth makes one ill spiritually. I know what hill I will die on. I am proactive every day doing what I can to push back on the demonic agendas.

  6. Michael Martin says

    Back in the 1990’s, I tried to “wake people up” by all the means you describe. I had no more success than you did. After the 9/11 attacks, and all of the obvious manipulation which followed, I gave up. I came to the conclusion that those who “don’t understand” don’t WANT to understand. They are not receptive. Screeching and bellowing at them will do no good at all.

    Fr. Hans Jacobse (who now concentrates on ministries for young men), had this to say at a ROCOR conference a few years ago:

    I used to be a culture warrior. Then through personal events in my own life, and changes in the culture, I realized – it’s not working anymore. The reason I was a culture warrior, [was] because I was convinced that if I could convince the uncommitted middle that the barbarians were indeed in the gate, then a movement could arise, and we could push them out.

    But then I came to the realization [that] the reason they were in the middle, is that they didn’t want to commit. They were not in the truth. They didn’t want the truth. Now [that] was a big realization, because then I came to the conclusion that ‘Why was I a culture warrior?’ It was because I didn’t want to admit how bad it really was. That’s why. And I just dropped out, not from my faith, but from cultural engagement, for about three or four years, and rethought everything.

    And it came to me, by the Word of God, that ‘you really need to be pulling the guys who are falling off the cliff, and don’t know where Life is, but they’re looking for it!’ And at that time, once the realization came in (it probably had a lot to do with my own maturity and growing up and all that), young men started entering my life. They just came!

    And they came with their problems. And what is the major problem (we’ve talked about it already)? It’s the sexual anarchy.

    As for me, I have spent the last 25 years focusing on my own spiritual development, and “walking the talk.” Guess what? It has been paying off in the past 3 years. The COVID madness has shaken a number of people (mostly young men) awake. Many have come to my church, and more than a few have been baptized. As a tonsured Reader, I have (with my priest’s blessing) catechised many of them.

    You cannot force people to accept the truth if they refuse to do so. God respects their free will, and so must we. What we can do (and what I have been doing) is to be ready to pull people out of the drink once they stretch out their hands for help.

    • Bill Kaligris says

      I was an orthopuppy in the 80s and 90s. I went to all the Serb rallies. The Serb and other OCA girls didn’t really take to swarthy Greeks (I had brown hair and was blond until ten). They threatened to break the legs of any communists who defended the Serbs at ralies. Anti-Semitism was what really broke my back. Jews supported the Serbs,esp Jews who were in nazi camps. Javits and Rosenthal embargoed Turkey over Cyprus but Biden voted against them. Moshe Dayan’s wife was Greek. Ben Gurion vacationed in Greece. My family’s bosses, my bosses and teachers were largely Jews, and were wonderful. Serbs didn’t want to testify against Ustashe because they feared they would be helping the Jewish cause. I thought Greeks were anti-Semites, but the whispers at St Vlad retreats were much worse. In fact I concluded anything pan-Orthodox would only encourage anti-Semitism and that the ONLY thing that united Orthodox was anti-Semitism. The Obolensky and Meyendorf books were rife with racism about Greeks, trying to claim that somehow all Greeks were Slavs. I went in trying to embrace these people but found out they didn’t deserve it.

      • Greeks are equal opportunists. They look down on anyone who is not Greek! Doesn’t matter who you are. It has nothing to do with the Church. If you are Greek, I’m surprised you don’t know that! George’s mother would put his girlfriend’s picture face down when she would clean so she wouldn’t have to see it. Poor girl was not Greek.

        I converted 20 years ago and NOT ONCE has anyone in the Church ever said anything about any group of people to me. I’ve been to more than a few parishes because I traveled, too. I was baptised by the Greeks, spent 10 years with the Antiochians, and am now in the OCA. No comments. Not one. Everyone very pleasant and that’s true even for the Greeks with a couple of exceptions. – However, in these specific instances, it’s more of a class issue (as in they don’t have any) than a religious one.

        Don’t know too much about the Obolensky and Meyendorf books, but if they were “rife” with racism, I’ve never heard it. Even if they said all Greeks were Slav, so what? You got a thing against the Slavs? In any case, what difference does it make what other people say when it comes to an opportunity for salvation?

        I can hear you say to God, “I was going to become Orthodox but some people in the Church are antisemitic.” I imagine He’d say, “So, what’s that got to do with you? I made you Greek!”

      • Ronda Wintheiser says

        This is also sort of in response to Gail; just a post script.

        I was chrismated in a Greek church on Christmas Day in 1991. By a non-Greek priest, who not much later was run out of the parish — because he wasn’t Greek. They sent him to another Greek parish where the same thing happened. He eventually asked the bishop for a release to the Antiochians, where he is now.

        I stayed for awhile. There were a number of Greeks in that parish who had no scruples about asking me why I wanted to be Greek, or once I was asked why did I want to be Orthodox since I am not Greek.

        I left for the OCA and spent decades there until 2021. I am now a Covid refugee at the only Antiochian parish in the state of Minnesota.

        In this parish, the ethnic folks are warm enough, but the parish exists for them. That isn’t immediately obvious. When I first started attending, seeing that they served a full meal as coffee hour, I brought a salad to share every Sunday morning. I was often met with stunned stares and a touch of umbrage. I kept it up anyway because I do not have the ability in my life circumstances to provide a full meal for 150-200 people on any given Sunday, much less bake the prosphora for that Sunday as well, which is how these folks do it, and I thought they’d just get used to it! (What harm could it do?, I thought)

        These folks can afford to do it. The only working poor families in the parish are like me — Rainbow White sliced bread types. And not only are they rich in resources but they know how to have big families as well. And kudos to them for that.

        I don’t mention those things to be disparaging; just to explain why it works that way in this parish. And that is, after all, what this country is famous for providing, and obviously these folks don’t get hung up on their ethnicity or see it as any kind of obstacle to their success.

        So as I say, I kept on bringing a salad each Sunday, and I also brought fistfuls of change that my daughter earned in tips from her job at Starbucks because it saved her the trouble of taking it to the bank. We just put her coin tips into the donation basket to help with kitchen supplies.

        Once in awhile, whoever had signed up for coffee hour was grateful for the salad, so I figured it was just something they would get used to. But as time went by I realized that the meals were often memorial meals that followed the brief panikhidas served after Liturgy on some Sundays. And those folks were never excited about my salads for some reason. I guess I understand. They wanted to be the ones providing the meal in memory of their own loved ones.

        So eventually I just stopped bringing them and tried, instead, to organize a group of other folks who would also find it impossible to provide coffee hour for the entire parish — to try to do it as a pot luck. Oddly enough, the Ladies in the parish kiboshed that idea, too, rather summarily. If a Sunday were left unsigned up for, they would take it over as the women in the parish are organized into “circles” — teams who each do one of the tasks required to provide such a large meal. I guess that’s how they have done it for aeons and they aren’t interested in variation.

        Also, during coffee hour, all of the folks who are Middle Eastern immigrant families pull tables together and sit together as families. Everyone knows whose table is whose. Those of us who are converts and are, as I said, Rainbow white sliced bread types, simply take the tables left over. We have one that is usually populated by the rather large group of what I call the “OrthoBros” — young men who have recently converted and want to talk about theology. There is one group that pulls tables together — all the young people, many of whom are related, high school AND college age, and some even a little beyond. The rest of the tables — probably 2 or 3 — are populated by those of us who are, what I call, the Leftovers. We have formed our own little social groups, whether we wanted to or not. The table I sit at happens to be populated primarily by my family and the two other families who, like ours, are Covid refugees from a particular OCA parish where the restrictions imposed were far stricter even than the Synod had imposed, which effectively shut our families out because each family has disabled members who were not able to mask.

        All this simply to say that until Covid, the most welcoming parishes I have attended were OCA. The Greeks were overtly hostile to my presence, and the Antiochians are just benignly indifferent. At this point, I have contented myself just to sing in the choir.

  7. Ronda Wintheiser says

    I thought this WAS the group. 🙂

  8. Dengue Vaccine Trial: More Vaccinated Kids Died Than Unvaccinated + More

    The vaccine worked — but the kids died

    ‘ Long-term efficacy and safety of a tetravalent dengue vaccine (TAK-003): 4·5-year results from a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial; The Lancet Global Health, February 2024.

    The good news: South American children now have a “safe, effective” vaccine for dengue, according to an international study group. The bad news? Nearly twice as many vaccinated as unvaccinated children died during their clinical study.

    Investigators enrolled 20,099 children, ages 4-16, 50.5% males, from 26 medical or research centers in “dengue territory” — Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

    Sick or highly allergic children were excluded.

    The researchers administered two doses, three months apart, of an experimental, live-attenuated dengue vaccine to 13,401 children. The vaccine, TAK-003, was developed by Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

    Takeda reported the vaccine was 61.2% effective in preventing dengue and 84.1% effective in preventing dengue-associated hospitalization.

    Slightly more unvaccinated subjects experienced side effects overall, but mild effects were more common among vaccinated subjects.

    TAK-003’s slightly superior side effect profile did not translate into the most significant safety signal of all — death — as 11 vaccinated children died during follow-up versus just 6 unvaccinated children.

    In July 2023, Takeda “voluntarily” withdrew its application to sell TAK-003 in the U.S. due to discrepancies in its data collection practices, according to a Takeda press release. … ‘

    The treatment was safe and effective.
    Unfortunately, the patient died…

    • This is what happened with mRNA in the one or two animal studies that were done years before the development of the vaccines. There were ferrets in one of the studies and I believe rats in another. In any case, the vaccines appeared to be working at first and the animals were fine but when the animals confronted the virus in their environment, they all died, leading one researcher to say that mRNA should not be used or even tested on human beings.

      Per the Lancet, findings suggest that COVID-19 is associated with an increased risk of developing various ADs and the risk could be attenuated by COVID-19 vaccination.

  9. Leo Fleming says

    This whole website is nothing but vanity and pride. It has convinced nobody anywhere of anything. Vanity of vanities. You know this is true.

  10. Michael McKay | Fraud Alert! The PCR Tests PRESUME A Virus

    ‘ Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist that worked with Christian Drosten,
    said that he never denied that his PCR test was based upon the presumed
    genetic code of a “virus” rather than isolated “virus.” ‘

    The Science Fraud by Prof. Christian Drosten

    [Professor Christian Drosten (The PCR Man):]

    “Prior to the announcement of public virus sequences from 2019-nCoV cases,
    we relied on reports in the social media announcing the detection of a SARS-like virus. Therefore, we assumed that a SARS-related CoV was involved in the outbreak.”

    “…we assumed”.
    In those two words,
    the lie is laid bare.

    • I just read that the WHO is considering making it mandatory for operators of the transportation agency will be required to take PCR tests to go to work. The PCR tests have very high false positive rates, but they’d decided to use it to look for evidence of the vaccine itself. They won’t be looking at whether or not you have a virus. You can be perfectly healthy but if the PCR shows you had the vaccine, they’ll make you take.

      This isn’t entirely without precedence. When I took a contract job in AZ, they made me take a quadruple dose (forgot what they called it) because people my age have had so many flu vaccines. The thing is, I have NEVER had a flu vaccine so I got major side effects. This was in 2018.

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